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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 31, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PST

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: and new year's celebration already on the way around the room video from new zealand for a shot fire works to bring in the new year about an hour ago and will show you live near yes the aggression from all rom world all morning long thing you for joining us.
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>>anny hong: it is still cold once again we're still seeing some areas of fog primarily in the north bank here is a lot of the outside of the golden gate bridge modesty's temperatures in the north and they are right at the freezing mark and we're also cent fall in these locations otherwise oakland sfo san jose
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visibility looks really good checking out the satellite and radar pictures clearer skies this morning will have clear conditions could morning hours and plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. >>anny hong: 57 and oakland here is how the new year's eve forecast bricks down for tonight at 8:00 clear sky as it will be cold mid-40s to the back of the '30's and and from midnight as they're already in the new year's.
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>>will tran: this morning san francisco detective will try to identify or robbery suspect he held with the employees captive. >>jeff bush: several employees at this restaurant on the 54 on the block and mission streets or in the back the shift was almost over there were about to go home or robber broke into the front door she was not sure she had a
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gun under a not but cannot take that chance she gets the money in the left most criminals even when they successfully commit a crime they like to talk to their friends they like to tell the what they did that like to share they were able to get away with an infield confident.
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>>will tran: released pictures of the suspect the man and a silver dodge ram pickup truck he pulled up and destructive home on by leading the man into the backyard that is when a woman and two kids got out of the truck into the victim's home through an open broad door.
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>>reporter: all looted of authority to men who robbed a wells fargo bank and campbell in november or the suspects are in the down and to the bank and demanded everyone to get on the floor he was arrested a los angeles in june he was accused of taking money from banks and san francisco and san and san rafael that at the better for tighter measures have possibly deterred to track criminals.
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>>will tran: sometimes even the tiniest details can help them crack the case.
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>>reporter: he stumbled on his way into a pennsylvania court house inside standing room only cosby was guided to the defense table after his arraignment the 70 grow has mug shot taken these charges stem from a central saw the to place he is charged with assaulting and andrea at the time to the university employee he made to sexual advances at her that were rejected on the evening and questioned mr. crosby heirs to take pills and he provided despite her impaired
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physical and mental condition the victim was aware that he was on land her breast put his hands in her pants and penetrated her when directly as if he ever had sexual intercourse with the victim cause we gave the unusual answer never asleep or awake we
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expect that mr. carr is being will be is tolerated by order of law.
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>>will tran: we will be right back.
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>>charles clifford: already this holiday season thousands of flights across a country have been canceled or delayed due to bad weather and to the running of the recent troubles could be just the beginning of the
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national weather service is predicting that from january through march large parts of the country and the south could see above average amounts of moisture that mean storms an increase in what weather inevitably the flight delays and cancellations which in turn phrase long lines of the airport luckily she was able to find a flight home wednesday evening. >>will tran: let's stay with the national weather is not too bad but sfo it now for today's much left if you foster ran national weather. >>anny hong: is they're heading over to parts of the midwest and south and the ohio valley look at all the flood watches and
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warnings in green stretching from illinois to down to lower mississippi river respecting flooding for parts of illinois ohio tennessee and you can see is, to get even worse over the next couple of weeks as the water flows from the south of lower. >>anny hong: in this dry in these locations where they have the flood watches and warnings the water will continue to rise over the next several days and are with your man january concede the rain has ruled off into parts of the land area and also along the eastern seaboard better than that some areas of scattered snow showers but nothing too extreme as the weather is happening right now and fat traveling today the most part looks ok for a lot of cities this morning. >>anny hong: said chicago cold
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at 30 degrees but dry on the partly cloudy conditions cycles also partly cloudy a high of 39 for the west coast of the pentagon to denver solid city hires only in the low to mid-20s and a partly cloudy conditions the bay bridge looking at a clear conditions off the thursday morning on this last day of 2015 here is what to expect for today cool conditions out there and the low 30's by is o'clock this morning and learned of the '30's to the bay in a coast petaluma center rosa down
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to three tents to zero visibility freezing fog definitely in the strong possibility of those cold temperatures but again high pressures and control until sunshine will be a cold night to lie. >>anny hong: more details on a change in the weather pattern were talking more significant storms will talk more broth that during the storm track your 7 day around the bay forecast. >>will tran: he made this statement at a rally in south carolina on wednesday and now he is declaring war on has so- called enemies.
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>>reporter: 26 team is going to be a battle on his last day of campaigning before the new year trump is coming out swinging she when asked tuesday about on personal life he told reporters will be fair for the media with
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the rest of the filter into each other and in 2015 with a party
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of pleat voters better not let him down. >>reporter: they need to turn out for him next year they also says he is getting ready to spend a lot of money in this early nominating states and the different tactic aware same from florida governor his campaign says is pulling back on a three million-dollar reservations instead is pumping the resources in the staff on the ground particularly in new hampshire. >>will tran: the cattle are in hot all images and references to donald trump the pregnant
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elephant seal the cab trying to cross highway 37 has been settling down and home said she was moved to the and i have to bid tranquilize a said to be recovering well this morning she is named to lay not far from where she was found this is not part of an elephant seal breeding colony she had refused to get off the road after being spotted on monday she might have been moving inland to have her baby but they say smith was found in a piece of fish that now have health officials
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investigating northern california costco here is a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza.
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>>will tran: after customer support live from parasites in seafood this as there were one is big enough for them to see with the naked eye. >>reporter: life parricides crawling out of the packet they bought from the store just two
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days ago the family was so disturbing grab the cell from a record of videos that no sign that says this is polluter with parasites the only thing they say if you do the research is to cook it thoroughly the health official said paris is are not uncommon to find and fetch she says contamination can occur so
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officials suspect the store is the bison consumers to cook the fish into the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees fahrenheit for 15 seconds and is not willing to take into the problem did sorted out. >>will tran: they charge the friend of one of the san bernardino should is with conspiring to get material to support terrorist he bought rifles used by the gunman and the mass shooting that left 14 people dead early this month the killer there were killed in a shootout with police officers surely after they're being held without bail what police in san
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francisco are doing to make sure everyone has a selfs--6 celebration.
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>>will tran: as we count down to
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new year's eve a lot of people plan to celebrate on san francisco's embarcadero. >>vicki liviakis: they're taking no chances both federal and local authorities are tightening security and times square and at the rose parade because san
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francisco is such a high- profile said it and that they're taking extra precautions.
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>>anny hong: at endicott skies are born to be clear that is the great news no-fault getting in the when the fire work but is going to be cold in mid night temperatures to drop to lower '40's and around mid '30's for the inland location where once we wrapped around freezing endicott and land is spicy enough that we have some
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pettifog look at the numbers for the north to them. >>anny hong: low 30's and now the upper 20s and fairfield 36 some pleasanton's the richter in concord 38 degrees and oakland and we are seeing a little fault with a lot of a petaluma down to 0 mi. visibility here is how the forecast to shipping a for the next couple of days to conceive by tomorrow >>anny hong: and looks like we may have simply no inspired storm's coming tour right now
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and as fairly significant will keep our eye on that and enough power looks during the storm track four 7 day around the bay forecast. >>will tran: a man and woman got out of the car to others stayed inside the car which had a motorcycle officer it happened while 51 year-old and there's a picture in was watching her three grandchildren on tuesday police a while surely before
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11:00 that morning at the receiving several 91 calls the boy was some unresponsive in the bathtub and for not dead a short time later they're arrested the grandmothers to place hours after that after intensive questioning. >>: look around the house as well as talk to the people present format a incident did not add up to what was being told to them as well as how the house appeared and how the drama had taken place and the bathtub and she will make her first court appearance a little bit later today to the mother of the so-called after was a teenager that in the united states as she arrived at lax early this war he was wearing handcuffs and a complete by u.s. marshals this is video of her arrival she
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could face up to 10 years behind bars if convicted of 18 your was on probation for killing four people and drive diving accident back in 2013 many were operated the judge sentenced to probation instead of jail time after that did the crash during the trial psychologist testified that he suffered from after the winds of many that he was the product of what a privilege parents will never set limits for him so he did not know any better what he calls those murders./ >>will tran: enjoying some sam pain does not have to be painful the next day how to avoid a new year's day hangover
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>>gabe slate: they unveiled the first the war will be apple what a lot of apple fans have been waiting years or less a flop this old town of the illness but it did not quite have the luster that most of apple magistracies have also released a pink
4:40 am
looking from the success a lot of analysts said no once a foam it was sold off over a month after the release wireless products up is if they released the giant to i had this made a big impression they introduce an interesting new type of gadget it plugs into any speaker or receiving a half it is coming
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out and early 2016 and is amazing we tried it and was mindblower is like the inside of a movie or video game is completely mercer of. >>anny hong: know some prizes.
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>>grant lodes: last april when sierra snow is really at this peak there is nothing to measure this note echoes some and highway 50 is more than 5 ft. deep is water content
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>>anny hong: over the next couple of days they'll be sunny really cold temperatures are not down into the single digits but in the site for next week or after going to say a series of storms come through not adjust to bay area before the amount of bringing up feet of snow
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>>anny hong: san jose and not as cold were sent temperatures in the 40's at this hour low 40's and san francisco but not the they had some fog 0 mob visibility and paddle half a mile and santa rosa and because of the fog and the temperature is right and freezing freezing fog definitely a strong possibility tim to be generally
4:47 am
in the '50s by 3:00 and 8:00 tonight new year's eve is happening we have clear conditions out there. >>anny hong: 54 in san jose 52 in san francisco and the the mid-50s are our friends and the northland checking out the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast to the sea temperatures of one to a jelly in the fifties over the next couple of days sunny skies were
4:48 am
today friday new year and saturday sunday a chance for something to arrive later on sunday in the type of it around sounded like on monday more showers and within tuesday and wednesday right now we have models indicated more rain and wind conditions. shh >>anny hong:. >>scott rates: it was just hit by category five hurricane ever on record the anticipation the drama of the motion involved in
4:49 am
a store was really compelling and this was my favorite story of the year or the biggest hurricanes never in the western hemisphere had everyone frightened especially those what friends and family and for tobira to listen to the trip or starting to come home and for the people who were waiting for them of was to arrive here it was really just a matter of time as the minutes ticked away the way is excruciating said as she wished he cannot help but the thing about what might have happened to them when hurricane
4:50 am
for trisha slammed into the coast of mexico said that more than a hundred and 60 mi. an hour as triple off the first flight out of the batteries and their plan to oppose and stories to go round hist 6 and nowhere does like that the waiting game was over not by the power of one of the strongest storms in history rather the overwhelming power of emotion owners.
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>>will tran: this morning the showy and there's a way to enjoy no pain champagne. >>vicki liviakis: is that possible we put the question to export less list of broccoli is because a had balboa was as a mecca champagne in with a global scandal tear had it all amounts of water can help naturally he
4:52 am
blames your hangover on lack of good food pairing leslie like to these the ultimate hangover helper if he hits the champagne bottle maybe it will hit back in san francisco victory. >>will tran: the wanted one if you're having into san francisco
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from the east bay this morning so many people off this morning a customer traffic very light normally we would say lines of cars getting ready to cross the soap was the bride-to see plenty of space in between the cars scold clear and clear in the skies clear on the roadways not just the bay bridge all over the bay area.
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>>will tran: it does lend three northbound and three southbound lanes will be open the current plan with four more from plants and to stop bob myers will remain in place on thursday and
4:56 am
friday if during the evening commute a highlight of the group percent of four-star track stamps honoring their rich the tv show 50th anniversary the stamp shows classic i can't the u.s. and apprise the stars like insignia the crew member being beamed up an old balkan salute is one of the biggest parade of the year decanted right here is a 127 and a rose parade in pasadena include flour covered floats marching bands and a lot of fun. >>will tran: again this tomorrow morning and to nail right here on the kron 4 morning news coming up on the next hour we're getting you're ready for the big
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new year's in celebration in san francisco real live in san francisco with more what you need to know order to stay safe during tonight's festivities + were watching the celebrations all across the globe each particular live look at the opera house in sydney australia where there but just moments away from bringing in the new year will be live at the top of the hour with celebrations and australia and other places all across the " and is just a few mestranol set. you see a lot of interesting things on the job. but i'll never forget the day we tried rescuing a man... ...who was rescuing a kite. we tried everything. then jack came to the rescue. with a chipotle chicken club combo for $4.99. that combo was the real hero that day.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>will tran: here is a live look
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from the opera house,.
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>>reporter: yearlong embarcadero thousand are expected to gather the preparations for here task this of department study of dark hair looks is best for to live there some barricades to out here to kick people were police will like the also there's some parking signs no parking along the embarcadero this evening police here in san francisco all working overtime to make sure this event is safe >>reporter: much as security of that there but officers on foot in vehicles and on bikes mauna turn the event we did talk to the police about the tech looks set to listen to what that some.
5:02 am
>>: 11 to remain safe for everyone come to san francisco to celebrate the new year's eve this is want to miss a few that one of the to report any suspicious activity to the police and of course the best is mayors of the public so have a safe holiday and report any suspicious activity. >>reporter: you concede people here are still working to make sure that embarcadero looks to this for to-festivities' thousand people expected to gather for the fire was told detective is part of the fair building stock. >>will tran: keep the here the new year's eve live show begins
5:03 am
at and study at night is all local and live suppression in the bay area for tsk tsk. >>reporter: in los angeles and to security will be on hand for the rose bowl parade and the game itself on is that tonight the american people are expected to be in times square and they
5:04 am
arrested two people are planning a bomb attack on the country's capital. >>anny hong: here is a live look outside on this last day of 2015 chipping at the bay bridge clear skies the office thursday morning he was a quick check of the forecast for today in a clock still cold patch of fog and frost temperatures around freezing and one of the fetish
5:05 am
for the bay shoreline line lunchtime for some fifties sunny and cool conditions are expected for the rest of the day to day temperatures right now were still red and freezing for santa rosa and about a 32 degrees not for now you called on the couple agreed to the upper 20s. >>anny hong: san jose where action not as cold this morning compared to yesterday this time of the air at 42 degrees visibility only in the north there were signs of fog is for parliament web 0 mob visibility down the pretense of santa rosa with the fog and freezing temperatures freezing fog is probably a strong likelihood for your at this morning in the north the fish.
5:06 am
>>anny hong: things are looking right so far no major hot spots all across the bay area that includes the san mateo bridge here's a look at 92 will consider very light traffic for both directions no fault here to look up to go vaporish commit a very light traffic conditions this morning we met, some fog right now were always sing it out toward parliament and santa rosa but we may see some fog had to the golden gate bridge..
5:07 am
>>will tran: the mother of the affluence a teenager mother hovers back in the lightest since this is the video of tonya of arriving at lax earlier this one she was wearing handcuffs and accompanied by u.s. marshals she is accused of helping her son to mexico earlier this month they sent to violetta deprivation he was serving an approbation for that of john cabot accident he avoided jail time after the lawyer argued that he did not understand consequences of his actions because of this affluent upbringing she could face up to 10 years in jail.
5:08 am
>>reporter: we explain the whole incident was caught on camera. >>jeff bush: 30 in the morning on november 8th several employees at this restaurant on the fifth for the block of mission street and the backed the shift was almost over and there were about to go home but are robber broke in the front door is stuck to the back of the restaurant and that the drop on everyone he ordered everyone to the ground except for one female employee and she was ordered to open the safe and get from the money which she did and then he took her away from the other employees to the front register for her to give him the money from that tell she was not sure if really had a gun under his black cloth but cannot take that chance to get from the morning and he left police say he could
5:09 am
be involved and other crimes and need to be caught before. >>will tran: police are issuing a warning for people will live in castro valley and saw the have received several reports of home burglaries involving two children police released pictures of the bird was officer said one incident a man and a silver dollar traffic a truck pulled up in front of the home and distracted home on by leaving the home on a to back eric this morning there's still
5:10 am
no arrest in this case. >>reporter: the please also investigating a string of home burglaries 715 this month of loan and disadvantaged if one of the incidence police said bird lovers have been reported in several that happened during the day is not clear there are related. >>will tran: we're tracking severe weather across the u.s. including the massive flooding and missouri in and daniel is threatening more ran stress in the west coast what it could mean for air travel this winter.
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>>reporter: edition 9 home crashing into a bridge and fenton the soaring this that has been slammed by heavy rains and flooding and aggressive sandbagging operation is on the etiquette a major interstate opened in the state's flood water from the mississippi river spilled over nine levees and the st. louis area the recent storms across the country have made things tougher hauler travelers thousands of fis had been delayed and canceled across the united states. >>charles clifford: thousands of flights across the country have
5:15 am
been canceled or delayed due to bad weather that main storage an increase of what weather inevitably reached the flight delays and cancellations which in turn creates long lines of the airport luckily she was able to find a flight home wednesday evening.
5:16 am
. >>anny hong: they're drawing adequacy here they're still looking at the water's to head for the south and downstream which recalls problem historical and for many locations the travel forecast a shovel and some scattered showers and parcel of land to and the carolinas but there's no extreme weather and today's tendency forecast you can have travel plans for a lot of locations and is pretty good.
5:17 am
>>anny hong: today's highs low 50s and sunny skies mid-80s in miami today and still nicely warm and florida 28 and have but 31 of fairfield low '30's for concord third victory in antioch and but there is a pleasanton and livermore.
5:18 am
>>anny hong: that some of a bottle of the few want to be heading outdoors twice the fireworks show a high today ultimate '50s including 52 of san francisco and 57 oakland.
5:19 am
>>reporter: his bill was set at $1 million on the intercom since he was the first woman to publicly call for an accused of a sexual assault wednesday charged a from a 2005 civil suit filed by constant some 55 +
5:20 am
women have the lead six will solve over. for decades they've already representing many of those women they're released a statement saying the charges come as no surprise that aren't justified the and stricken
5:21 am
santas say if the need to pull the show some subscribers can choose whether of not to watch to the competitors and amazon no longer restrain the show but offer of a ways to watch and. >>will tran: he bore rifles used the the the id math shooting and the 14 people dead earlier this month the killers the pregnant alphonse hill the kept trying to cross highway 37 has been selling down her new home their point rest. >>reporter: she has since
5:22 am
refused to get off throw after first being spotted on monday and is believed she might have been moving and to have her child but with the danger spot on for harbour for drivers she. >>will tran: a little bit busier than a was 30 minutes ago but still it is nothing compared to our regular day this thing missing if.
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>>reporter: 26 team might be your year in paris wide one drop of more stress on whether interest rates are going up and that is one to make new home loans more expensive 2016 could be a great chance to lock in the wreck of a lifetime if rates keep rising expect home prices to rise more slowly prices and soaring in the past two years the realistic trackers session can expect home price tax to rise just about 3 1/2% there might be more homes available to buy in 2016 bring a to reason number three more new homes on the market next year the final
5:27 am
and perhaps best reason to buy home sewing or prices 2016 can mean more options and if you're bidding wars for prospective home buyers. >>will tran: affair for a woman accused of driving her grandson is back in court today the latest on the investigation to us if you're heading off and does it make sure you have a safe ride home.
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>>anny hong: will see some catafalque some talk that that will continue is far sunny skies are concerned the temperatures topping got in the low to mid '50's right now and as cold below freezing and a bottle at 30 degrees 20 and not a 32 on
5:31 am
santa rosa and look what is unfair feel--fairfield. >>anny hong: with that in the freezing temperatures and below freezing temperatures are promising some freezing fog op- ed in the north bank once the falcon surface it would just freeze on contact you as a very
5:32 am
light traffic conditions and would not be surprised if there were not even turned on so the san mateo also looked great on 92 berrylike track of both directions all along very smooth ride all morning we expected to stay very light throughout the morning hours. >>reporter: in light of the recent terror attacks in paris san bernardino police are
5:33 am
stepping up security but also by emphasizing that there have been no credible threats to san francisco. >>will tran: if you plan on driving however there once again offering the tipsy talk program you can get your car towed and get a ride home of the same time for free the service start to 6:00 tonight and last until 6:00 tomorrow morning it is good for
5:34 am
up to 10 mi. it is the only station where you can catch the hundred 27 annual rose parade in pasadena the follow covered floats and marching band coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. to keep and filed for the saratoga high school marching band and color guard.
5:35 am
>>will tran: all four suspects are in custody this morning. >>reporter: it happened while the 51 year-old dawn was watching her three grandchildren on tuesday police to seize several mine would calls on the right at home just before 11:00 a.m. and from the young boy and responsive and he was pronounced dead a short time later.
5:36 am
>>will tran: this incident as faldo that a call around 435 yesterday morning about a robbery at of the liberal gas station he's also suspect in recent robberies in redwood city and san leandro.
5:37 am
>>reporter: pounding waves have battered the pier and a section of the concrete rally broke off last week the contest asking all home the service agencies open one facilities to make more of its available cold blows it should when temperatures dipped so low on of the conditions could solve that that could be dangerous for people who don't have shelter pennington on the
5:38 am
sierra is good news for the state water supply and of course the drought continues but it might not be enough will explain why.
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>>will tran: there will be prizes that is all in the difficult their three balloon drops had six to 12 years old.
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>>grant lodes: governor brown using that as a follow-up to a massive emergency drought restrictions this year a very different scene and neil winters
5:46 am
are not using what one's but not always. >>anny hong: netscape will probably have some snow once again in the sierra nevada and i'll leave the measuring it is
5:47 am
probably happening in your neighborhood and the high for today low to mid '50's all across the bay area.
5:48 am
>>anny hong: of the '30's and and then tonight as you bring in the new year at midnight will have clear skies temperatures fall will not in a way of doing all those fireworks.
5:49 am
>>reporter: as 2015 comes on and we're selecting of some of our favorite stories to. >>maureen kelly: on the san francisco fire department program what the telescope up to the evacuation center were all those residents from account to let them burn out of their homes were staying there rated the choice that's for christmas and brought gifts for dad says he
5:50 am
the three other siblings lost their home in the fire but early this year the family lost a lot more the matt
5:51 am
>>reporter: a similar product with only applies to the unincorporated part of the counting the county is the first
5:52 am
the white to pass an ordinance raising the minimum purchasing age from 18 to 21 a study released in march but the institute of medicine shows an estimated 90% leap in the space postal service unveiled its 2016 lineup of stamps to the one of the highlands and to settle for star trucks have gone on the original tv shows to its fifth anniversary..50th. >>reporter: the have and the on the some of the republican presidential hopefuls might find amusing that adam blocks all images and references to donald trump is called the trump
5:53 am
filter is being billed as an antidote for his " talk to candidacy >>reporter: >>will tran: san jose for two fremont 39 read what city and one half on sale the but warmer 45 degrees clear and cold you would not need the umbrella at least for today. i've smoked a lot
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>>reporter: accretions involve thousands of icicles the ricard and sculpted by hand the structure with more than 27,000 t of stretches over an acre of snow visitors can call and psychic tunnels ride down social science and if forceful decays at night the ellen the lies in bed and a thick estimate the castle " the castle of the open until about police in san
5:57 am
francisco during to keep people said tonight + the mother of the aft once a teenager back of the united states that happen overnight after the flight to mexico to escape was in store for both.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>anny hong: where not surprising is black eyes and not the because we have fog in temperatures below freezing it is the rest of the four black eyes out there on a road from the freezing fog at the surface it will freeze on contact sunny skies pettifog frost to rock the lunch hour and the afternoon until sunshine and temperatures will be in the fifties right now where some 20 degrees and not of
6:01 am
30 and a bottle started to santa rosa and one and for fm also met started from pleasanton and livermore. >>anny hong: of course also flock has more details on that. >>george: it is here and in what they write off highway 11 and novato and is them iraqis the off ramp for the reports of glass have come from according to the chp was at the off ramp and a number of vehicle that reported spinning out there is
6:02 am
to rent this elevated the cold air this underneath the and can really bring the temperature is down so driving in the area overpass bridges the sort of thing exercise caution here at the bay bridge looking at extremely light traffic. >>will tran: the bombs it was better to the second story as police departments follow the
6:03 am
country is the pope's security same but are not taking any chances. >>reporter: a lot of people are planning to come down to midnight on san francisco's embarcadero that is refined averi. >>reporter: were standing in front of the share build and where thousands of people are expected to gather this evening for the new year's festivities no police here are making preparations are ready to concede that there is already out here there's some work out had earlier working to clean up this area but police said they're working to make sure that this living goes off without a hitch we did talk to
6:04 am
police about the tech listen to what they had to say.
6:05 am
>>will tran: he was ordered to stay away from out almost was not drink it could be mirrored he was convicted in 2013 of a deadly drunk driving accidents were killed four people he avoided jail time after the lawyer argued it did not
6:06 am
understand the consequences of his actions because of test affluent upbringing. >>jeff bush: several employes of this restaurant on the 5400 block of mission street on the backed the shift was almost over there but to go home but abroad are broken in the front door to door and onto the ground
6:07 am
except for one female employee she was ordered to open the safe and different money which she did and then he took her away from the other employees to the front registered for her to give them the money from that until she was not sure she really had a gun under the black cloth or not but could not take that chance to get in the morning and left police say he could be involved other crimes in need to be caught before someone content a dublin police officer
6:08 am
in the hospital this morning with major injuries after high- speed chase on 580 the chase started yesterday morning between pleasanton and livermore he was following card had been reported stolen. >>will tran: police sought issuing a warning for people who live in castro valley alameda county's trash office received seven reports of home burglaries and often to children. >>reporter: officer said in one incident on man and the silver dart rampant a pulled up in front of the home distractive homeowner by leading the into the backyard that is when a woman and two children and out of the track and what inspire the home of the crash door there
6:09 am
rescinded was seven install new items and master list this morning. hist. >>will tran: come police a still asking for your help in some of the cases that have not been solved. >>reporter: the fbi wants to catch a notorious gang of robbers of the bank areas including the defaced the vendor suspected of robbing banks starting back in 2007 mostly in asian communities he
6:10 am
was accused of taking money from banks in san francisco antioch in san rafael according to the fbi in 2015 there were 102 bank robberies in northern california compare that to 15212014 and 229 in 2013 the fbi post the numbers to keep dropping in 2016 and catch some of the area's most wanted.
6:11 am
. >>reporter: what toxicology report reveals web looking back at the favor storage of the year would commit for air travel this winter.
6:12 am
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>>will tran: live in the today's napa weeks of torrential rain the state has been slammed by heavy rainfall the wide missouri alabama 18 people in part to that country have already died because of the severe storms sandbagging on the way to keep a major interstate opened and the state's flood waters to the mississippi river has spilled over nine states in the st. louis area
6:15 am
>>charles clifford: to the evening at the have a ticket to fly from sfo to pittsburgh the national weather service predicting that from january to march march across the country discussing in the south could see above average loss of one share in the coalition was able
6:16 am
to find a flight home wednesday evening. >>anny hong: even know they're
6:17 am
trying not to concede track conditions stretching from illinois down through st. louis and to missouri and also often is a parcel of land to still looking at showers their talent and and out of atlanta best chance it can be encountering delays this morning but right now no major delays have been reported harris look at the travel forecast new york city the back part happening and times are bad tonight with the backed waterford crystal drops in of but that isn't an attack
6:18 am
and six and of a morning low 40's in san jose 36 in oakland keep in mind of temperatures will continue to drop over the next couple of hours close to sun alliance a freezing fog is happening out there which means the fault the freezing 54 in san
6:19 am
jose and 57 and oakland. >>george: it was in the north they hear highway one of them iraqis to pick off from the sea its feet early this morning had reports of icing conditions as a hatter save with a low temperatures and fog those of the conditions that would set of black life into sit during
6:20 am
showing on the rocks whence sensors and manes like traffic conditions >>reporter: the king shall lose the rest of after the democrats on december 20th of the
6:21 am
prosecutors say howe had marijuana in her system that nine they say she did that really drove to a crowd the sidewalk and ran over dozens of people when the and died and 37 others were hurt and faces a murder charge in connection with that death that could also face multiple to of the murder charges.
6:22 am
>>will tran: 01 to reflect on some of the fifth storage from the reporters here is >>haaziq madyun:. >>haaziq madyun: preparing for opening a was one of the big stores in 2015 the message you want to get to the kids today it is to step down and stay alive inspired by contra costa county
6:23 am
flood control systems creek internal safety awareness program stay out and stay alive another important reason is tutors are risen to the awareness is the fact that the flood channel actually runs right through the middle of the school the user pear or bridges to cross over every day.
6:24 am
>>will tran: still had a bill cosby is officially charged with three counts of sexual assault with his lawyer said about the allegations after the break in johnson champagne does not have to be a painful day tomorrow how to avoid a million the handover sphene.
6:25 am
every morning these men ate a tired breakfast and had a tired day. they weren't lumberjacks, they were slumberjacks.
6:26 am
then one day jack showed up with a breakfast burrito powered by jalapeños. it didn't just change their morning. it changed everything! turning these tree loggers... into tree lovers. spicy jalapeños, chipotle sauce with grilled bacon, eggs and cheese. the jalapeño bacon breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box. >>vicki liviakis: which put the question to exporters less to block off fast in tv's jack lee
6:27 am
either way the bubbles can go to your head equal amounts of water and hope this luxury drink as much as to do mine and lecturer back to having food naturally they planned to hang on like a good food pairing och
6:28 am
the ultimate hangover hopper if you had that maybe it won't head back. >>reporter: if track heading out from this museum manager you have a safe ride home will take a look of some of the public transit options for you and watching the weather will have the expectation is to bring in 2016.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>will tran: allowed = in
6:31 am
shifting i'm sad to see it go. >>george: bass said it is not a problem but as we've been talking about the weather factor this morning low temperatures and fall main black eye to the possibility from the bank >>anny hong: is trusted by and talk about a whole lot one expected that the freezing mark could punish of the bay and the coast patched fog and frost the possibility once again but i'd
6:32 am
much time to the afternoon in the full lost sunshine tim just been a low to mid 50's will have have more visibility for santa rosa and now down to three tenths of have a normal temperatures and basically below freezing the clear skies of the
6:33 am
cold for lease and then out to the bank of the 30's and the night we all bring in and the yen clear skies once again called temperatures will cool down to low forties for the bay and around their mid-30s and and. >>george: this is a fact and servers on the edge of a church line they said the shuttle buses to bridge around that problem to the likely means inbound outbound service effective this
6:34 am
morning if you do have an opponent to keep is beset by traffic on the bed looking at the ride here to bay bridge is like traffic the metering lights were not activated and 530 which is one that would normally have been turned on about one hour of the san mateo bridge run the script with no delays yesterday it was the absence of the couple told acres. >>reporter: this headed by 2015 and hollow to 26 in a locket our planet to come down to the new year san francisco embarcadero police are stepping up security but off to the emphasizing that there been no credible threats to san francisco.
6:35 am
>>will tran: distance service until 3:00 new year's day there will be a normal weekday schedule before midnight and trains run every 20 minutes after midnight the free tows cup of this amount regardless if.
6:36 am
you are triple a member. >>reporter: it is the only station we can catch the hundred 27th annual rose parade in pasadena dozens of women have accused the committee of central seoul where even flat rate verify that the first trimester and. >>reporter: his belt was set a
6:37 am
$1 million and hear with for some to pull back from 4% and a cute of sexual assault the charge to income to of five civil suit filed he said any role as a central he commit aggravated indecent assault upon her some 50 trust women have the lead similar sexual assaults over a period of four decades they represented many of those women for many of my 29 clients who less their victims seen him
6:38 am
criminally charged in having to face a trial is the greatest gift they've never received the charges come as no surprise and are unjustified the preliminary hearing is set for january 14th. >>reporter: she is the one quarter happen while 51 year- old was watching heart three grandchildren and tutors that police receive 791 calls the attack at home just before 11:00 a.m. they found some unresponsive and his response that a short time later.
6:39 am
>>will tran: will take a look at the conditions happening right now we come back in just a few minutes. ok, we're here.
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>>will tran: the customer received a year's worth of free rides in the driver gets a free vacation
6:43 am
>>anny hong: 31 in concord in 36 of the more.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>>anny hong: 40 of the next
6:47 am
couple of days flights of sunshine and a fresh public expected that would change come next week >>anny hong: once
6:48 am
the freezing fog his the service then and will freeze on contact and create the basic conditions temperatures by endicott will be in the mid '40's of the far east and in an ammonite down to a low for this in the fifties will not want to see any fog in a way of the fireworks show not a single cloud in the sky affected to what doctors do the fire
6:49 am
marshal. cans with enough to get to religious and layers it will feel cold and shearson not the way for the show to get under way. >>george: and accident resulted from the icing conditions on the roadway that is the opinion of the california highway patrol there is a backlog as lines are affected this is well protected
6:50 am
it described as a noncombatant direction there is a much of a commit again this morning is the eastbound ride rather than westbound we have emergency vehicles on the scene and evidence and if there was earlier this morning that i supported here at the marin keys. >>george: for the richmond bridge interstate 580 out of problem free as we are here at the golden gate bridge for the 1 01 northbound and southbound arrived today that lasted into the season before to configuration to mar the rich will be setup for midday traffic from a early in the morning because.
6:51 am
>>reporter: the current plan with his having four northbound lanes to softball wines listed as on thursdays and fridays that includes the east of our products but only applies to the and a corporate card to the counting just 17 stores santa clara county will be impacted a study released in march by the institute of medicine showed an estimated 90 percent of people used to back all started when
6:52 am
they were 19. >>gabe slate: and 2015 that unveiled the first world will the couple walked the lot of fans have been waiting years for this the also released a pink from a lot of anderson know wants japan from but it was the rose bowl and a lot of people wanted it was sold off over a
6:53 am
month after the release is great for watching videos for playing games is the ultimate the introduced an interesting new type of gadget called the comcast audio and which is transmitted from your from to the speaker wireless 3 is a bridge from the farm to speakers a quick lesson to music and it is cheap in 2015 to develop the most have had said it comes out of early 2016 and is amazing is
6:54 am
want to change the way we watch tv shows and movies and with video games and our homes for ever. >>will tran: before the to the store still alive but from fremont camera beautiful cold clear morning,
6:55 am
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