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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki : now at 11. the search is on--- for a man accussed of fatally shooting a follow passenger on a crowded bart train this weekend. the shooting caused panic among riders. and closed down the station for hours. good evening everyone i'm vicki liviakis. the incident happened around eight last night. at a west oakland station. kron four's philippe djegal explains what led up to the deadly shooting. >> phillipe :shots fired as the san francisco bound neared the station witnesses state did not appear a with--an argument
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preceded the shooting witnesses say that a man just stood up open fire to kill a man and then ran out the neighborhood a day later the passengers are beat an easy--bit uneasy " it's scary because everybody can have a gun now they are not taking chances >> phillipe :this man was released after police determined he was not the gunman but the officials described the shooter as an african-american man wearing a gray hooded jacket bluejeans and red and black boxer shorts with 10 military style boots and a backpack--tan military style boots >>:i'd prefer was a targeted thing than just ran the because that's carrier >> phillipe :it is unclear if one was installed with the shooting happened a security camera but some passengers lot
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more police on the trains--want more police >>:we can't have police be on every single car in every single train >> phillipe :of the station was closed overnight until opening early morning has been on a regular schedule ever since >> vicki : new at 11. a 22-year-old vallejo man is dead this evening after a shooting in vallejo. police received several calls at 7 p.m. reporting the shooting at maple and reis avenues. officers responded and found the man on the ground. he was declared dead at the scene. no other information has been released at this time. but we will continue to keep you updated. online at kron-four- dot-com and on air. starting at 4 a-m tomorrow. police are searching for a women who allegedly injured an officer with her vehicle in daly city. the officer was attempting to
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arrest 25-year-old denise davis for an incident in which she assaulted another person with her vehicle. while trying to take davis into custody, she struck the officer, got out, and ran away from him. the officer suffered minor injuries but was unable to track davis down. anyone with information on davis' whereabouts. is asked to call police. gilroy police arrested a woman who was sitting inside a stolen car at a milpitas gas station. on christmas. an officer was patrolling the parking lot of a cheveron gas station near the great mall. when the officer noticed a parked toyota camry. the officer ran the license plate and the car was reported stolen out of gilroy. 20-year-old samantha chavez was arrested on suspicion of auto theft and possession of stolen property. the search continues for the missing student who was last seen early thursday morning near point reyes. 22-year-old shu-qin zhang left her car and some belongings near the point reys light house.where multiple agencies are currently searching. zhang may have left for bodega bay around 4 a-m the day of her disappearance.
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zhang was scheduled to fly to china on friday morning but did not make her flight. police say she's believed to be at risk. rain off and on thru-out the weekend. gearing up for a wet work week, brian? >> brian :wins a it looks to be the real what date for the upcoming week but tomorrow is not as much all that is a storm system coming and. they're only a couple of drops out there today here is on the satellite view but the second part of this is going to roll through for tomorrow morning and it will bring us some spotty light rain showers and a few of those showers will take off as to both of the rest--taper off for the rest of the morning there is a chance for some spotty sprinkles in the evening will not be a big deal for the next morning with scattered showers and partial clearing even by noon and an increasing
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sunshine by the afternoon as the showers come to an end we have another storm system on wednesday which is more impresses possibly up to three- quarters of an inch by the pay and maybe even higher amounts for the north bay into the hills and will have your forecast for the week coming up >> vicki : the powerball jackpot is now in world record territory as it continues to soar above a billion dollars. while no one hit the jackpot last night.a fremont store sold a ticket with "five out of six" numbers. kron 4's kate cagle spoke to the owner about the big payout. > >kate: he says he will expect more lottery officials to be out putting up signs to make more affiliates it is now $1.3 billion jacke. p
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ot--jackpot the customer got the the first five numbers but mr. the power ball--missed the who ever the winner is they have 180 this to claim the 78 there was already a steady stream of customers here yesterday and no more locals are spending even more cash hoping to make it big >>:i hope to convene me
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> >kate: the reduced the chances of winning by adding 10 more possible numbers which means bigger jackpots and more publicity >> vicki : getting around may make less of a dent in your pocketbook. we'll show you how uber is cutting prices to ride. and if you drive yourself - prices at the pump may just please you. plus - the winners and losers on screen and on the red carpet- tonight at the golden globes.
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>> vicki : you can get a cheaper uber ride around the bay area now. the company cut their prices over the weekend. in the north bay and san francisco prices fell 10- percent for uber-x.and 20- percent for uber-xl. for the east bay and south bay.uber-x dropped 20- percent.and uber-xl dropped by
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40-percent. the service company says the cuts are to benefit drivers as well. the lower the prices.the higher number of rides requested.they say. if driver's earnings fall though.the price cuts may be reversed. uber cut prices saturday in the san francisco bay area, uber keep an eye on gas prices to see be how low they can go. triple-a has estimated todays national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas to be a dollar-96.but they could get even lower than that in the near future. ten states in the south are already paying low prices of a dollar-75 or less. some are reportedly paying just a dollar-42. tumbling gas prices combined with strong refinery capacity has expectations of gas prices reaching as low as one dollar in some areas. that hasn't happened since 19- 99. >> brian :we will bring your rain forecast coming oup
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>> vicki : breaking news we are receiving this several reports that musician david bowie has died after a secret battle with cancer a page on his facebook has co
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nfirmed, we have more info on you don't have to smoke to feel the effects. some alarming trends for teens, their friends and cigarettes. a new study finds that even though fewer u.s. teens are smoking, secondhand smoke remains a big problem for them. researchers say nearly half of nonsmoking kids in middle school and high school encountered secondhand tobacco smoke in 2013. these findings are concerning because the u.s. surgeon general has concluded that there is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure. there have been links to several illnesses in children, including breathing problems, ear infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. researchers say the study results show efforts are needed to expand smoke-free zones. ac transit is looking for volunteers that can help make
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transit services accessible to all members of the public. the accessibility advisory committee has asked for people to step forward to help address concerns about transit's programs for seniors and people with disabilities. those who volunteer will be appointed to the committee for a term of one year and are need to maintain a diverse panel of representatives. volunteers will help make decisions about various programs and services used by transit riders. >> brian :we have a lot of clouds over the bay area with not a lot of rain with some spotty showers the shower activity is isolated we might see some sunshine
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most of that is going to pass to the north the we can get a little bit of light rain and adding up all three of those we could be getting as much as 2 in. of rain for the north bay and san francisco and oakland as well at this and the tail engine and half the high clouds will thicken for tuesday evening and rain starts early wednesday morning thursday is a dry day with
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clouds coming in for the evening and some passing like in just spotty rain for friday and then the chance for heavier rain on saturday >> vicki : before a single award is handed out, winners and losers are being judged.on the red carpet! here's a look at the fashions from this year's golden globe awards. >> : you look beautiful! you mentioned the dress: who are you wearing?" "zac posen, who i love. thank you so much. i just, i feel like a princess, i feel. like a woman, which is a really good feeling sometimes, you know?" "i do like the hat. it's a very nice touch.""rylance "this is an old favorite. it's been through some wars with me." "we got our nails done together, and. "in my trailer." "in his trailer." "in
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the trailer park." "yeah, it was really nice -- his aunt did it." "who are you wearing tonight?" "christian siriano. this is my favorite dress i've ever had on. it feels like a second wedding. >> vicki : now onto some of tonights winners. the 73rd annual golden globe awards. at the beverly hilton hotel in beverly hills. we wanted to bring you up to speed with some of tonight's winners.
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the martian. a science fiction thriller. is the winner of the best comedy film. matt damon who plays an astronaut marooned on mars. was also recognized. earning a best actor in a comedy statue. "the revenant" is the winner of the best drama golden globe. some other noteable winners. lady gaga. won her first golden globe for best actress in a limited t=v series or movie. for her role in the show "american horror story:hotel." and jennifer lawrence beat out her pal. amy schumer for the golden globe for best actress in a film comedy. in sports. the road teams continued to win the the n-f-l wild card playoffs. . and the 49ers could be closing in on their new head coach. that's if he doesn't go somewhere else first. j.r. has that story. and all the sports. that's if he doesn't go somewhere else first. j.r. has that story. and all the sports. it's time to get into the new with ford ♪ come and get it if you really want it... ♪ new is ecoboost technology. new is a foot-activated liftgate. new is tougher, stronger and lighter. new is ford. america's best-selling brand. now get into a new focus, fusion, or escape with 0% financing for 60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash.
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>> j.r. :we leadoff our coverage with some 49ers coacher news they met in cincinnati for a reported five hours the niners could be offering had the job as soon as tonight--im the job scheduled for another interview on monday this was the third coldest game of all ttime for the vikings incredible one-handed catch struggling, intercepted minessota will convert the
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turnover not ready for the snap, picks it up, throws it down for a long drive 2nd and goal former stanford receiver for the 3 yard touchdown got the first down stripped fumbles recovered by finds kyle rudolph, 24 yards 26 xseconds remaining kicker 27 yard field goal wide to the left, no good seattle wins 10-9
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now for the otehr game of the day, in maryland last game of wildcard round connects for the 24 yard touchdown, no extra point later in 2nd he's in the pocket fires to randall for a 12 yard touchdown 2nd and goal packers at it again 10 yrd touchdown 17-11
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little later packers running game finds a big hole 30 yard drive next play takes the pitch to the right and gets a touchdown 24-18 2 yd touchdown packers win 35-18 in green bay pga tour in hawaii today guy plays golf and he surfs finished at 30 under 262 being the youngest player to finish a 72 hole event at 30 under, he
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beats out tiger woods >> vicki : legendary musician david bowie has died with several sources confirmed his death in a statement also released on his official facebook saying that " he died peacefully today surrounded by his family after a courageous battle with family" he was 69 and due to come up with a new album will have more news on our morning broadcast at kron 4 news >> brian :i think he might give your commute tonight without any rain but then we have a more significant system on wednesday night and there's a much better chance of that making of a commute a little more difficult >> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow
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>> the uncider from hollywood. your 24/7 conversation. >> was there a moment you woke up and said to yourself, i'm going to change? >> it was on that flight back from new york. >> dr. oz at home with charlie sheen. has the doc secretly been helping him rebuild his life and career? >> i actually gave him a blood test to make sure his lover is okay. >> that's part of good week/bad week. >> i love her. >> bieber's jealousy over salina and will chemile cosby testify against bill? >> i'm here today to set the record straight. >> i'm upsbet this article in the


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