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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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move across the east coast. good evening, everybody. i'm vicky libiakis, and this is the scene across the u.s. today. massive waves pounding the coasts in pacifica, triggering a local state of emergency. meanwhile, snow is blanketing baltimore and washington d.c. we start our coverage tonight our kron four reporter live from pacifica, where officials declared a local state of emergency. scott, erosion continues to threaten homes there, right? >> reporter: it sure does, vicky. it's not letting up here. the tied still very, very strong at the pacifica pier, continuing to slam the shoreline all up and down pacifica. you have the backhoes out there, the boulders they have been bringing in. we showed you this area first yesterday with those three home there is that were threatening to fall into the ocean. i am told by crews on the scene that that has been stabilized
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for the time being. at least for now, that area has been somewhat stabilized. there's no immediate threat for those three houses there. but back onshore view drive, there is some more of a problem. they've been putting in focusing their efforts on the sea wall on shoreview drive, the erosion on those apartments has been just eating away, and the sea wall has been just kind of disintegrating in that area. the apartments again precariously hanging over the cliff and it is something that everybody will be watching out here all up and down the coastline. and again, about right -- just about .3 miles from where i'm standing, there was that sinkhole that opened up, and that sea wall was damaged. that is still a problem and an issue for crews. they will be looking at that,
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and of course the city has declared that local state of emergency so they will be reaching out for both federal and state aid to try to get some more resources and try to seal some of this stuff up because it is very long, stormy season ahead so the city really has their work to do. neighbors really going to be keeping a very close eye on things. reporting in pacifica, kron 4. >> and scott you'll want to watch your back because that high surf advisory is no joke. those waves are reaching sea walls elsewhere in pacifica. check it out, at rockaway beach, this is one of those massive waves hitting the windshield of a parking lot. this is video from outside the car. this is not advisable. watch this chlt -- watch this. luckily, all i got was soaked
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and not swept out to sea. it was a really frightening situation. you know it's extreme when even the surfers have the good sense to stay out of the water, right? things are calming down out there a little bit, right? when the waves peaked this afternoon, when you were out there, vicky, and fortunately, it's not like he took a gulp of water there. >> not good for the hair. >> salt and hair, bad combination. >> and we are seeing those waves subside for tonight. the high surf advisory will be cancelled at 10 p.m. look how big the waves were today. these are buoy reports for 10 to 20 miles offshore. waves 16 to 18 feet. these waves around two this afternoon and they've been dropping ever since. as we go into tomorrow, it's still going to be dangerous just not as bad as what we had today. the storm produced some showers, those have now departed to the south and east. we have another weather system out in the pacific and this one is going to approach us for
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tomorrow with some clouds and maybe even a little bit of light rain but at this point, it looks like it's going to stay to the north. this last system has produced rainfall amounts since thursday about a quarter inch to a full inch of rain around much of the bay area and a bunch of places in the santa cruz mountains up and over three inches of rain. this has been a pretty wet system. for tonight, partly cloudy skies and we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds for tomorrow. i'll have the rest of the forecast coming up. >> and weather forecasts and all of your bay area news, download the kron four mobile app, it's free for apple and android devices. well the winter weather blasting the east coast is breaking records. that storm is the third largest snowfall the city of new york has ever seen. the snow still falling apparently and it's dangerous killing at least 18 people that we know of. from our partners at cnn chris welch is in washington which is one of the hardest-hit areas
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with the latest. >> reporter: an epic and slow-moving storm knocked out power for tens of thousands and shut down cities, emptied airports and grounded out flights. drivers in several states stranded on the road. even emergency vehicles having trouble in central kentucky. some drivers stuck on the interstate for as many as 19 hours having to decide whether to stay warm and keep their cars running or conserve gas, and the governor implemented a curfew. odd broadway shows cancelled, bridges and tunnels leading into and out of the city have closed. >> the reason we're doing that is to protect people. >> looking at the blizzard from outer space, you can see just how massive this storm is. and it will continue churching throughout the weekend with more people in its path. reporting in washington, i'm chris welch. >> as a result of the snow
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storms in the east coast, flight cancellations are in the thousands. airlines are keeping more than 63,000 flights to the ground nationwide, and this weekend's expected blizzard conditions will continue to have an effect at the airports and the bay area, as 74 flights, two from oakland international, and none from san jose were affected. conditions are expected to get worse in the next few days so it's a good idea to change travel plans to avoid the airport congestion or call ahead. later tonight, our own alicia reed joins us from new york city. she'll bring us more details on the snowy conditions and travel bans in place at 8:30. the transformation into super bowl is beginning. kron 4's jeff pierce shows us some of the construction going on. >> reporter: san francisco is in the middle of a transformation as it prepares for super bowl 50 and is it morning crews began
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building a city within the city. >> it's a milestone day. welcome to the future home of super bowl city. >> reporter: a small army of technicians descended on the plaza and will celebrate a half century of super bowls. >> you'll start to see that build out over the coming days and by this friday it will pretty much look completed because it opens saturday mornings. >> reporter: super bowl city will be open for nine days and organizers envision will be for bay area residents before the out of towers arrive in the week. >> the first weekend will be hometown weekend for the locals to get a taste of the super bowl, they can enjoy the fan energy zone, interacting with technology, social media, fans will be able to become players. it's what the bay area is known
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for. >> reporter: it's also known for gridlock and streets are already closed. >> it's not a place you want to drive or use your car. >> reporter: public transportation has been super sized to get people to super bowl city. >> the train's coming, bart, extra buses, muni, ferries from the port. everyone is stepping up to allow people to take public transportation. >> reporter: in the next two weeks every is starting to get excited about a week of super bowl celebration. >> you don't get this opportunity very often so it's coming here and we plan to be here. >> reporter: well, almost everyone. >> they're building a whole city, what do you think? >> i'm going to hawaii. >> super bowl city will open each day at 11:00 in the morning n. san francisco, jeff pierce, kron four -- in san francisco, jeff pierce kron 4. >> starting today, major road closures are in effect, impacting thousands of people in san francisco. we talked to several people who
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were pretty upset over these closures. >> reporter: super bowl 50 is coming to san francisco and with it is coming lots of street closures. i spoke to a lot of people who live and work in the area and they're not too excited about it. major thoroughfares are closed to traffic, ahead of super bowl 50. closed streets will undoubtedly cause traffic around the ferry building and the center where super bowl events will be held. many people who live here call street closures an event they've been dreading. >> all of my neighbors are saying stuff between, you know, super bowl mageddon, and we're going to be an island. >> i think it's going to be major imposition and a huge in convention to the res
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inconvenience to the residents of san francisco. >> i think initially, it will be a bit confusing. since it's going to be here for a while, people will probably adapt. >> now, the streets that we mentioned before will not reopen until well after the super bowl is over on february 11th. in san francisco, avery harper, kron 4. and cal tran found gaps between road and guardrails to cause water to corrode the cables. industrial walking is used to fix the gaps, and that seems to be holding up. leaks in the bridges' steal support structures have been cause for concern since construction. the simple solution comes after spending $1.4 million to try and plug up those leaks. wet weather may have played a part in a head on collision that split a truck in half and
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injured two people in alameda county. emergency crews responding to the crash on highway 84 just east of 680 around 10:30 this morning. i u-haul truck tore a toyota tundra in half and the u-haul ended up on its side. one driver was taken to the hospital by helicopter. the other was taken away by ambulance. a sigalert was cancelled this afternoon. coming up, a deadly blizzard bearing down on the east coast, thousands of flights cancelled. we'll show you how people are hunkering down and for how long. a teen charged with first-degree murder after a killing spree at one school. locals still stun what'd police say may have made him -- stunned what police say may have made him open fire, and what the super bowl has to do with sex trafficking. >> and we are done with one weather system and now another one getting closer to the bay area. i'll let you know what this one's going to do coming up next.
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next. as super bowl approaches, the fight against human trafficking is gearing up area. we spoke with -- up in the area. we spoke with tips on how to avoid being victims at hotels. >> reporter: this doesn't matter where the room costs, where the hotels or motels are located. >> we have seen trafficking cases in high-end and low end. >> reporter: antitrafficking advocates say victims can be exploited for sex anywhere. ahead of the big game supporters of trafficking survivors and victims 0ing in on the hospitality 0, coordinators with no traffic ahead, helped train people how to recognize red flags. >> the bell boy might notice someone checking in who appears very young, taking on adult roles, the housekeeping staff
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play a huge role. they notice things on a daily basis. >> you need to trust your gus. >> reporter: shawn is with the national women's political caucus invested in this issue because of the high percentage of female trafficking victims. >> people who might look afraid, people who might have a lot of people going in and out of their rooms or that same person going in and the on of other rooms. >> reporter: as levi stadium is being transformed, it reminds us it's not an issue once a year, not only big events but 365 days a year. >> we're talking about all over the bay area. every neighborhood is at risk for this. >> reporter: advocates say the hope is that public takes action if something or someone looks out of place. >> there's no harm in reporting. you don't have to investigate further. it's really about noticing things that just don't seem right and okay making that call. >> reporter: in santa clara, kron 4. we've had a wet couple days
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around here in the bay area. the showers are finally clearing out as of tonight, and we are headed into a completely different weather pattern. coming up for the next several days going into next week, all of the wet weather that we've been having this month is going to be a thing of the past and we're going to enjoy some more sunshine and warmer temperatures all the way through friday. but we are still have one system out there over the pacific and that one is going to affect us for tomorrow. but mainly the north. for tonight, scattered clouds and look for some fog to develop by morning. the best chance, east bay valley. there could be some low vision ability, hard time seeing starting out but otherwise a mixture of sun and clouds, mainly dry, but there could be a few sprinkles over the north bay and then we have a chance for light rain sunday night and into early monday before mainly sunrise on monday. light rain possible, sonoma, marin county, and could reach as
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far south as the peninsula. so far, for the month of january, totals ranging from about 3-inches to 10 and a half inches towards santa rosa. these are good numbers for the month. we are about 1 to 200% of normal for january, and we're closing in on 100% for the season so the numbers are good. but compared to el niño of 97-98, we're falling behind that. san francisco had about 12-inches of rain, and the el niño january '98. and this month, about 6 inches so we're half that. midnight tonight we have some scattered clouds over the bay area with some clearing and low clouds developing towards the morning. through the day tomorrow, we're going to have intervals of sunshine and some passing mid-and high level clouds through the day. so sunshine will disappear briefly at times but look there's some more sun for the afternoon. and then the wet weather with this system arrives late tomorrow night, mainly to the north of the bay area. there it is at 11:00, but some
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of this rain works its way down into marin and sonoma counties and places around the bay. i'll talk more about the forecast for next week, which includes warmer weather, vicky. the fbi is looking for help in the bay area robber known as the hefty heister. he's wanted in eight robberies since december 3rd. he's followed a pattern where he gives tellers a demond note, and makes threats -- demand note and makes threats of having a weapon. he's being described as 25 and 45 years old, 5'7" with a stocky build. he may have blue eyes, as well. a search is underway in petaluma for a mid-sized suv
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that was reportedly stolen and had $15,000 of worth tools. it was stolen from the 1,500-block of montero way. the owner parked it around 7 p.m. thursday night and discovered the car was stolen. anyone with information is being asked to contact petaluma police. next up a food giant recalling its salads, which bagged greens you should avoid eating. >> coming up. >> you recorded me as came by, i don't know you. there was nobody coming. did you not hear the new bicycle law. >> reporter: there's new law in the books. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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. since san francisco mayor ed lee vetoed the bicycle proposal, i guess bicyclists will go back
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to following state law. i said go back to following state law. oh, never mind. i'm at the intersection of pearce and hate, it's a very busy intersection with bus stops, seniors trying to cross the street -- well, you get what i'm trying to say. it's also a four-way stop. the keyword here is "stop." it's not it looks safe, then slide through, however, many cyclists say they roll through slowly, so how is that a problem? many were far from rolling through slowly in 3, 2, 1. >> i have a question. you didn't stop at the stop sign. you just kind of blew right through it at 20, 30 miles an hour. >> reporter: i didn't see any traffic coming at me. that's why you didn't stop? >> reporter: let's freeze frame the video. that looks like traffic to me. >> i didn't give you consent either. >> i don't have to have your consent. >> this is what you do, you put the camera in people's face and start recording? >> reporter: you came over to
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me. >> recorded me as i came by. i don't know even know you. >> you didn't stop at the stop sign. did you not hear the new bicycle law? >> it didn't pass. >> reporter: the proposed bicycle law did not pass. i repeat. did not pass. not wearing dual earbuds or head phones, that passed. but i'm sure bicyclists will follow that law. there wasn't a near miss but i missed it. my dashcam didn't. pay attention to the white suv. it almost takes out a rider who ran the stop sign. now i'm hearing that since the bike yield sign was vetoed, there's program called san francisco living. stanley roberts, kron 4. >> if you have a comment or
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story idea for stanley, just e-mail us at and move over, donald, plus, students causing controversy at one high school campus.
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. still ahead, they may be hunkering down because of the snow back east, but we'll show you one fellow who apparently didn't get the memo. plus, the football fan beaten up for wearing the wrong team's mat, and the deadly blizzard
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causing -- team's hat, and everything cloeszing closing in the big apple. we'll have reports from there next. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours?
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it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage, get two breakfast croissants for four bucks. . announcer: this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 continues now. the wicked weather across the united states is affecting millions of people and one of them is our very eyewitness alicia reed. her flight home from new york was cancelled because of the blizzard. she has been tracking snow totals and tells us how they are affecting the people living there. >> reporter: good evening. there's mandatory travel ban for cars on the streets and that's expect for emergency vehicles. snow totals could get up to about 30-inches and they need those plows to get around and clear the streets. >> it wouldn't be new york if we
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didn't get a blizzard. >> plow trucks are making rounds on the streets of new york. snow blowers are also in high demand. >> i'm shovels trying on make sure nobody sues me for my property, but i actually love the snow. >> there's a lot of fresh powder on the ground piled high against cars, this blizzard is on its way to being the biggest snow storm in new york city history. the current ban on vehicular traffic is in order to keep people safe during this torrepresential storm, cars getting stuck left and right -- torrential storms left and right. >> you have to stay home, if they tell to you stay home. you can't go against it. >> reporter: a lot of folks had to leave work early in order to make it home. with car restrictions, overhead trains out of service and minimal masked transit, people
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found themselves walking miles into below freezing temperatures. >> there was a shuttle bus. >> double, triple layers if you have to. we had 60 degrees in december. it's time for the storm. i'm ready! >> reporter: the travel ban will be lifted tomorrow at 7 a.m., so businesses can reopen and people can get back to work. people are being urged to stay inside unless there is an emergency but like typical new yorkers, there are people on the streets walking and driving. reporting in new york, alicia reed, kron 4. a storage well that poured natural gas into the area and driven thousands of people from their homes will be closed and sealed personal permanently by the california gas company. today a hearing by the south coast air quality management issued the order and has been issued to fund a health study
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for residents in the area, to prevent future leaks. residents say that leak that happened back in october caused headaches, nosebleeds and other illnesses. a 17-year-old has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder in a mass shooting at a school in western canada. the suspect cannot be named under canada law. a spokesman is speaking out about the shooting. >> canada's heart is breaking for the people of saskatchewan. five people were killed, two others are in critical condition. >> two brothers, 17-year-old dane montane, and 13-year-old draden were shot dead before the gunman headed to the community school. the suspect was arrested outside of the school yesterday
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afternoon. former new york mayor mikel bloomburg is strong -- michael bloombeck is stronglyberg is strongly running for president. he'll make serious moves by a march deadline -- michael bloomberg -- they say he won't rule out a bid if hillary clinton is ahead of the times. meanwhile, hillary clinton and marco rubio clenched endorsements that des moines register represents them today, nine days before the iowa caucuses, and means the paper supports those two to be their party's nominees. rubio has an up lifting message and wants to hold a ref roundum on the nation's identity -- referendum for the nation's identity. for clinton, is a thoughtful public servant that has followers around the world. >> i'm very pleased obviously,
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it means a lot to me. >> reporter: the endorsements could influence the ians who are not set for a -- iowans who are not set for a president party yet. the supported candidates who lost the caucuses. a recall on dole-brand bagged salads after possible links to a listeria outbreak. several products are being pulled. 12 people in six states have come down with the illness, one person has died. >> it's so scary. you could die? of course it's scary. >> quality control is always on the top of everyone's list, but sometimes things slip through. >> reporter: shoppers reacting to packageded salad found to have listeria, now the spring -- packaged salad found to have listeria, now the ohio plant, pulling back all brands including dole, fresh selections
8:35 pm
and simple truth, kroger generic brands, market side, aldi's brand. >> i'm not a fan of unpasteurized food if you don't wash them yourself. >> reporter: and that's problem number one. another problem is listeria is an unusual bacteria. >> it can grow in slightly cooler temperatures. even though something is refrigerated, listeria unlike other bacteria can still grow. >> reporter: listeria hits pregnant women, older dates and people with weak immune systems hardest with symptoms similar to the flu. >> listeria symptoms can take weeks and months to occur. the number of cases may not have multiplied immediately so it might have taken a little bit of time for investigators to figure out the source to trace everyone down. >> dole is recalling all products from the infected plant in ohio. if you'd like information, visit kron a photo taken at a high
8:36 pm
school in arizona causing an uproar among parents and administrators with a racial sure written across their t-shirt many administrators and students saw the n-word clearly displaced. this is the tough discussion on campus on race and discrimination. the superintendent for the high schools that she's unsure what punishment the girls will receive but there will be conveniences. >> this out range, disgust -- outrage, disappoint. we will be addressing the need for sensitivity training, and there will be disciplined. this will not be tolerated. >> administrators still deciding the punishment, but two of the girls were not dressed for their match tonight. students at the school are saying all six are facing at least a five-day suspension. well, l some people are panicking because of the snow, we'll show you the panda who is frolicking in it. >> oh, yeah, more hoverboard drama. you know it's coming, gabe slate
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here, i'll fill you in on the latest hoverboard news next kron. >> and the wet weather is coming to an end. we have temperatures in the mid-to-lower 40s. i'll tell you what sunday will bring coming up next.
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there's been widespread pandemonium. >> you went there. >> any way, back here in the bay area. lots of sunshine coming up. we're going from a wet weather pattern that's been in place this whole month. between monday and friday we could see temperatures making it up into the 70s in parts of the bay area. that's certainly different than what we've been experiencing most of the month of january. live view from the bay bridge and we have partly cloudy skies for tonight. this weather system has been in place the past couple days begins to move on out of town and here are some of the highest rainfall totals around the bay area. we've seen widespread numbers that have been between a quarter inch and an inch lower elevations. but higher elevations especially the santa cruz mountains, a ton of rain between 3 and 4-inches,
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the highest peaks of the santa cruz mountains. in sonoma county, and mount diablo, getting two and a half inches from the system. for tomorrow, we're going to start out with some low clouds early on, clouds at times, sunshine at times, it's going to be one of those days where it's sunny, and then turns cloudy and sunny again. temperatures generally mid-to-lower 50s for the afternoon. there go the showers that came through today. here's the next system offshore. we're seeing a change in the weather pattern, the storm track instead of coming right at us, it's going to lift up into the pacific northwest, that's going to send these next couple storms north of us. we'll catch the tail end of that into monday morning. it's just some light rain and it looks like almost all of it will be north of the golden gate bridge there could be some light rain on the fence early monday morning the first sunrise. so tomorrow, mixed clouds, some sunshine, could be some dense fog early on for monday there could be a few drops just before the sun comes up. otherwise increasing sunshine for the day, a pretty foggy
8:42 pm
morning, i think for tuesday, with low clouds taking a while to clear, but sunshine eventually for the afternoon, notice these highs starting to climb by the mid-of the week. by wednesday and thursday, looking at widespread mid-to-upper 60s with possibly low 70s in the warmest places, rain does return friday and into saturday, vicky. >> green bay fan beaten black and blue. coming up, what happens when one football team rooted for the wrong team in.
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-- hundreds of colonoscopy patients in massachusetts are at risk after being possibly exposed to a deadly disease. close to 300 procedures between 2012 and 2013 could have brought patients in contact with hiv, as well as hepatitis b and c. improperly disinfected tools are causing the scare, and there's very little chance the parents were infected but they've notified those who need to come in and have screenings done for those diseases. an oregon football fan was badly beaten for rooting for the wrong team.
8:48 pm
he was injured after three men assaulted him a last weekend. his mom said they made fun of him because he wore a green bay packers hat, but other fans want to show that's not what the sport is about. here's our cnn partnership report. >> reporter: joshua is a lifelong 49ers fan and loves buying the latest gear. he's got a niners hat and scarf, but never dreamed he'd buy anything with green and yellow on it. >> does it feel weird buying a packers jersey? >> you know, it does, but i lost a cowboys bet and had to wear the jersey. that was a lot harder. >> reporter: in this case he's more than willing to make an exception. he saw the story about sam whitehorn, who's family said he was beat up for wearing a packer's bean. >> it's horrifying and disgusting him and his family have to deal with that because he's having a good time watching some football. i mean, come on. it's ridiculous. >> so he knew right away he
8:49 pm
wanted to help. joshua belongs to the nfl fan group niners empire of portland and even though he and sam root for different teams, he says the game was never meant to be taken this seriously. >> i explained our club a little bit and said we like to make a gesture and get him a jersey and show everybody that we support him, and we support you know really standing together against violence in the support. it has become a problem. >> reporter: and joshua's gesture is rubbing off on people. the sports shop fans wanted to help, too. >> i got the new fifth anniversary, and a laniard, and decal. >> i appreciate it. >> reporter: a simple gesture joshua and noah goes a long way. >> it would cheer me up. i know. that i can't say what he's going to feel about it but it would cheer me up. >> reporter: police have isolated three people in that
8:50 pm
attack and investigators are asking public's help to identify them from a surveillance video. kevin heart and leonardo dicaprio will have to make room at the top of the box office. david daniel has a look at the new movies in theaters this weekend. >> reporter: robert deniro and zach ephr ashgs nshgsan head to florida for spring break. and "ride along 2," and the" "rev nant" are still in top two. >> you can't trust anyone anymore. >> the others took my brother and i'm going to go get him. >> reporter: chloe battles alien
8:51 pm
invasion. the movie is expected to battle for fifth place with the low budget horror flick "the boy," who discovers her now client is a life sized doll who may be alive. >> you will be good to him won't you? in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >> we've been hearing all about the upcoming super bowl, now get ready for the super bowl of food. coming up, a special edition of dine in dish nfl style.
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8:54 pm
. do you want shut out of all the super bowl celebrity parties? >> tonight in din on dish we have the inside track on -- dine on dish we have tips on how to rub elbows with super stars and party with a purpose. >> reporter: if you love football and food, here's a taste of the nfl. >> step up to kick hunger. >> reporter: the party with a purpose, with chefs and players from are each nfl city. >> it's the greatest restaurant you will ever eat in, in the country on one night. >> reporter: this is not just tailgate cuisine, a sheriff from san francisco is whipping up his official dish for the 49ers. >> this is my version of the super bowl. >> my super bowl. >> tongue and cheek, you know,
8:55 pm
49ers supporters with eating depose cheese and white wine, so i did a -- eating goat cheese. >> it's a taste of the anniversary kicked off by this guy, wayne. >> you'll meet all the current alumni, and a whole slew of celebrities. it's food, fun, and football. it's the party with a purpose. >> reporter: besides hobnobbing with some football greats and nibbling on some great food, you're feeding the bay area hungry, and feeding st. anthony's dining room. kron 4, san francisco. >> and the good news is there's still time to grab a ticket happening saturday night february 6th super bowl weekend at the cal palace. go to for ticket information or go to their web
8:56 pm
site to order taste of the all right. i know you're invited to all of those super bowl parties. >> oh, yeah. >> occasionally you'll have a little bit of time to look at the weather. >> oh, yeah. i don't know what the weather will be like. that will be good are to figure out at some point. >> would you do that for us? >> it's still two weeks. >> it doesn't matter. if the weather's bad, you're going to sit home and watch it on the tube. >> i'm thinking about the players and the fans. >> oh, yes. i can tell you the next seven days looks like we're going into a dry weather pattern here for monday through thursday, we're going to see sunny afternoons after some low clouds and fog in the morning. temperatures going up into the mid-to-lower 60s by mid-week. i think there might be some places like into the south bay where we'll get up into the low 70s wednesday into thursday to we're exiting this wet weather pattern for a brief time. but by friday and saturday, rain is back. >> all right. we're taking a little rest.
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but we can always use that. >> that is it for kron 4. stay connected and get the latest developments at or download one of our mobile apps. see you at 11:00, everybody.
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male announcer: in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. >> i just want to talk to one of the guests. >> then i suggest you call him. >> i'm not gonna eat anyone's shrimp cocktail. >> this is a private event. if you don't have an invitation, you can't-- >> they're a bunch of crooks. you do realize that, don't you? >> oh, i'm sure they are. but you still can't go in. >> the debt's triple-a rated. solid gold. >> poor bastard's peeing his pants just because they laid off half the state. >> like the one thing's connected to the other, right? >> so he's asking fifty cents on the dollar. >> and you got it for what, 40? >> 25. and he threw in the headquarters at hartford.


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