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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ it's super bowl weekend, and we're with coldplay, just before their half team blow out. >> where will they be watching it from? >> we look back at the game's biggest musical moments ever. and we reunite stars with the best super bowl commercials of all time. mean joe green and the coca-cola kid. >> plus megyn kelly's hot night out with her hot husband. what does she have in store for her next debate? >> and also celine dion fighting back tears at her husband's las vegas tribute. >> i love you so much.
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>> her emotional speech and the story behind the gold cast she made of her husband's hand. >> celine would hold his hand for a few minutes every night before she went out. >> then all hail the clooneys. inside george and amal's old hollywood date night, arriving in style. >> a victim of fashion. >> and zoo lander two. our behind the scenes exclusive, and a star's outrageous transformation. can you tell who this is? >> bleached and pulled and injected. [ laughter ] now, in our 36th season, this is entertainment tonight. >> thanks for joining us, everyone. this weekend, e.t. is on top of everything super bowl. >> oh, yeah. kevin frasier has been in and around the san francisco bay area with our two special correspondents, destiny's child singer, michelle williams and
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cassidy gifford, daughter of kathie lee and the late football great frank gifford. >> and how's hollywood invaded super bowl 50. >> you're having a party tonight. what time do you expect that party to end? >> we're not going to end. we're going to party all the way to halftime of the super bowl. >> who are you rooting for in the big game? >> you know, i'd like to see cam and the panthers do it. >> how excited are you for game day? >> super bowl 50, i'm excited. >> one of the couple times in my life that i will go to the game. >> lady gaga says sunday will be a dream come true. >> i've always wanted to sing the national anthem at a major sporting event. >> next, coldplay, beyonce and exclusive footage before the super bowl spectacular. >> coldplay, bruno mars, beyonce, this is commemorative.
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>> coldplay made their first appearance at a press conference. and one question was about chris martin's kids with begin gwynet. >> i hope they'll watch, i don't know what else is on that day. >> will they be there with you? >> i hope so. >> my son designed my shoes. could you make me some super bowl shoes, and he made two pairs. one is this and the other is for the super bowl. yeah, they've been lovely about the whole thing. >> how about watching beyonce? >> are you excited for that? because there's a surprise she has for everybody. >> what? >> i can't tell you. i can't tell you. >> is she pregnant again? like she did on the mtv video awards? >> an apocalypse, and she's part of the pre-super bowl super sell, with something to promote.
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>> something about jerry mcguire when i come into this room. i want to see him just walking through somewhere. >> go team, go. >> jenny mccarthy and wahlberg dressed as cheerleaders to get the word out for her show, dirty, funny, sexy on xm radio. super model adrianna. >> will you sit with your family and watch peyton? >> definite limit i'll be sitting with my mom, my dad, my wife, and my brother cooper. we'll all be rooting hard for him. we want the broncos to win. this weekend i'm a huge broncos fan. >> one of the wildest scenes, is media day where cassidy got to experience the mayhem. >> cassidy, welcome to media day! hee, hee, hee, hee. >> it was my very first super
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bowl media day. there was a guy in a dress. >> you know, we're from germany, and in germany, we say we only get interviews from footballers if we look like you. >> there were puppets, and i can't understand why there were puppets, nor do they speak english. what does this have to do with super bowl? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> when cam newton entered, it was a spectacle. >> amichelle and kevin played a little round of the newly wed game. >> most romantic thing you've ever done. >> i proposed in the grand canyon. >> yay! >> where did you first kiss your wife? >> on the lips. >> where were you? >> in a condo, we were in a friend's condo. am i right? >> i told you. >> where was your first kiss? >> first kiss was in
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philadelphia, after we ate at a restaurant. on the way back in the cab. >> ah! >> does your fiance prefer you in spandex like your football uniform, or your birthday suit. >> birthday suit. >> gave x box one to the players with the most right answer. >> what flower best describes your wife in the morning? >> a dead one. she's not a very morning person. >> who's going home? >> and we have a lot more with cassidy giffordgifford. we have guys sitting down talking about memories of frank. one of the best things about the super bowl, the big-budget commercials, right? >> i love those. >> i do. that's when i tune in. this year a 30-second spot costs as much as $5 million. we went behind the scenes with some of the celebs taking part in 2016's ads, plus we caught up
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with some stars from super bowl commercials past. >> hey, that was uncalled for. >> i've always loved super bowl ads. i'm not a sports fan. so the commercials are the highlight for me. >> do you remember michael jordan? jerry seinfeld and kim kardashian? >> it's always this rush that you get, because the commercials are such a big deal during the super bowl, and i'm so proud to be a part of it. >> welcome, e.t., welcome to the set of my first super bowl commercial. >> this year, serena williams and abbey waum back are teaming up for their moments of glory. >> really, to be part of the super bowl is a dream come true. >> another ad we are excited about is for bud light starring amy schumer. and how's this for a throwback? mean joe green's coca-cola
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classic. part of the super bowl greatest commercials all-star count down. we caught up with mean joe green and the kid. >> look at you. i don't have to look down there anymore. >> do you need any help? >> why do people connect with this commercial? >> he was magic. >> i don't know about that. i think the people that created it wrote a great commercial that really tells a story. >> he's the best ever. ♪ have a coke and a -- >> that's mean joe. ♪ smile >> that was special, wasn't it? and you can't find beautiful moments like that to change people's lives, can you? >> not really. >> our coverage of everything surrounding the big game continues in moments. you have to see what happened when james corden sent his parents up to the stadium. >> but up next, everything you
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may have missed from the sag awards. then channing tatum singing. ♪ a crying shame >> where did he learn his dance moves? >> he's fashioned magic mike after me. >> tequila, and dollars flying. >> plus, george spills his big birthday plans for amal. >> i'm going to surprise her with this amazing thing. >> that is ahead. >> but first, kevin frazier caught up with rob gronkowski, a-k-a gronk. and they took over the lounge. >> what's experience like for you being here, not playing in the super bowl? >> it's always a better experience playing, but at the same time, just doing all activities, appearances, it's a blast. >> there's one guy you want to go out to a party with, it's this man right here. >> yeah. when i'm on fire, this party's turned up. ♪ i really like it >> look out, channing, the gronk
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has some serious moves. ♪ >> okay, rob is also in san francisco working to spread the word about the multiple ways you can pay for all that super bowl 50 swag at places like the nfl shop, and they wanted us to tell but it. >> it makes it easy wherever i'm going, use the card, use it right off my phone to get whatever i want to get. >> i know you wear a helmet a lot of times, so i figured wildlife rescue workers open up a lot of dawn. tough on grease...yet gentle. dawn helps open... something even bigger. go to, dawn saves wildlife.
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i am the butler. these dogs shed like crazy. it's like being inside of a snow globe. it takes an awful lot of time to keep the house clean. i don't know what to do. (doorbell) what's this? swiffer sweeper and dusters. this is nice and easy boys. it really sticks to it. it fits in all the tight spaces. this is really great. does that look familiar to you? i'm no longer the butler, i am just one of the guys. welcome back, everyone. last weekend, nancy and i were all over the sag awards as leonardo dicaprio continues his winning streak to the oscars. >> this is the award show where actors from film and television voted for the best of the best of their peers. we both voted. and e.t. covers it. >> big stories, e.t. went big at
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the sag awards. here it is in case you missed it. >> leo! >> you're sitting with mr. leonardo dicaprio. >> leonardo dicaprio. >> he hugged kate before accepting his very first sag award for the role in the rev nents and picked up the statuette. >> very cool. >> leo was clearly at ease and palled along with jacob tremblay. he stepped on january jones dress. the actor hit the red carpet solo, but there were a lot of couples making news. newlyweds sofia vergara and joe manganiello. and nicole kidman and keith urban the most affectional couple. >> ten years for you guys.
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what's the secret? >> as much as we love each other, we really like each other. i'm speaking for myself. but that is a huge side of being married, and i always, the first person i want to share anything with is him. it's true. >> and this had to be the sweetest couple. brie larson. >> he's my best friend. >> i love you, too. >> yeah. we love each other. as it turns out, yeah. >> "game of thrones," kit harington was caught kissing rose leslie. >> he's one of my best friends, so yeah, it's good. >> and the pre-sag awards party, another co-star gave us dish on season six. >> everyone's kind of spreading out and going their own direction. this season it feels like people are meeting up and coming back together. >> this is my beautiful
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daughter, she's my date today. she's 14. >> his daughter must have been so proud. >> idris elba. >> and for "luther." >> a welcome triumph in the oscar's so white controversy. >> "orange is the new black." >> diversity is the conversation people are having. but jeffrey tremblay won. "the danish girl." it seems like the acceptance reach is broadening. >> i love you. i love you guys so much. >> at the afterparty, nominees claire danes and susan sarandon hit the dance floor. and demi moore posed with marissa tomei. >> we just had to ask how to get away with murder's viola davis about that intense new trailer.
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we've seen you coming out with a baby. that was your baby, that was your idea that you pitched, is that accurate? >> i did pitch it to them, because i have ideas. because i'm an artist. >> and another artist, carol burnett, a tv legend walked the red carpet in her fuzz eye slippers. >> the point is, carol is better than all of us. we're going to give us a prize for it. >> thank you. i miss all my children so much. i miss you. >> can i just, you're telling me, that is so -- >> that's an honor, cameron. >> it's such a great actor, isn't he? >> and the nicest guy. >> i wish you could do more acting. >> let's talk more about me tonight. [ laughter ] >> we're joined by co-host, josie to break down the dos and don'ts of all the sag award fashion. >> the fashion at the sag awards
7:17 pm
was brie larson. that versace dress was on the runway, five days before the awards. i know this for a fact, so many actresses were vying for that dress. >> i didn't have a dress until i got in at 6:00 this morning. >> did styou have to get it altered? >> i kind of wanted to close the blueberry a little bit. >> i love sofia vergara. and the best thing about her in this custom vera wang dress is, she knows exactly what works for her. when you talk about a red carpet do, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. probably not that matching clutch. it makes it a little too barbie for me. >> what about eva longoria? >> i thought it was a hello and good-bye dress. it's hello in the front, but
7:18 pm
it's like good-bye! >> it has all these beads. do you hear this? >> you've got to have fun with fashion. kaley cuoko, >> can you talk about a revenge body? and demi moore, a lot of people loved that dress, but it was a zack posen dress from the back of her closet, 2002. >> i love she recycles. >> shopping her closet. >> nicole kidman is getting mixed reviews. >> when nicole, this is how i would have done it. it was a lot of color and ruffles and jewelry. i would have made it a little more sophisticated by putting her hair up and it would have changed the entire look of the dress. we could simplify by removing some of the ruffles in the front and keeping it simple. and of course, if we didn't like the stripes we would ombre the color and make it a lot more softer in that tway. >> you just made a whole
7:19 pm
different dress. >> and she could be wearing the big color of the evening, emerald green, and it would take on a completely different look. >> you are doing stylin' on the side. >> call me. >> what are some of the take aways? >> we saw a lot of textures, a lot of prints, a lot of shine, a lot of shimmers. i think the oscars will be anyone's game. >> so little time for all the style analysis. >> did amal clooney recycle her wedding look for george's big movie premiere? >> and
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♪ we'll be searching high and low ♪ ♪ on the deck and down below ♪ but it's a cryin' shame >> you know i have something for guys who can sing, and chang definitely gets to show off his voice in the comedy "hail caesar." and he impressed george clooney, but what about his own 2-year-old daughter? we sat down with both boys and discussed their very chilly red carpet premiere. >> how much more fun is it for you to have amal at these events, to walk the carpet and have that company. >> it was fun for me. i don't know how much fun it was for her. but it's fun for her. >> probably freezing right now. >> yeah, freezing with the fashion. >> who are you wearing?
7:23 pm
>> ralph. >> wearing channing tatum. >> george and amal, channing and jenna. which couple is hotter? jenna, with those pockets and this guy? but amal can drop the fashion mike. she recreated the fashion she wore in italy after the wedding with this red custom. and can we talk about her hair? loose curls on one side. >> very graceful. >> hard to do. >> but, do we have breaking news that channing will star in "dirt eye dancing live"? maybe. and the online campaign to take on the role of johnny. >> like how "grease." >> i don't know if she wants me to do anything live. anything live, she's like, i'm not sure. i'm going to the second take,
7:24 pm
third take kind of guy. but i would do anything with you, because i'm a fan. >> there's an online campaign for channing tatum to be in the online production of "dirty dancing ". >> i'll play baby. i'll totally play baby. i'm really good at being ticklish right here. [ laughter ] >> hit his ticklish spot. >> that happens. that's going to be out in the world now. >> yep, and we even made it into a gift. sorry, not sorry. anything to help promote the comedy "hail caesar". since it's out super bowl weekend, we asked if the tatums want a second chance at this, with beyonce. >> we still can't wait to meet
7:25 pm
her. it's like a normal meeting. >> if i have to dress up like her to make it normal, hey, it's kind of weird. >> earlier during our sit-down interview, channing thanked his wife for helping him practice these gene kelly moves. >> jenna helped you out with that a little bit. >> she did. she was really, really gracious about that. she's amazing tap, she's been doing it since she was about 8. >> jenna loaned him the sailor suit, which i thought was nice. >> were you there for channing tatum's tap dance scene? >> i was. >> josh brolin tries to get to the bottom of his brother's kidnapping and he is a big channing fan. >> i can stare in his eyes and still be okay with myself. >> even when he's tap dancing on the table. >> i don't care, even though he had the guy's crotch and holding his butt and all that, i'm like,
7:26 pm
dude, i'm still a big fan. >> clooney joked, he shares the feeling. >> a young man in a sarl suilor, what do you do? once we saw him in a skirt it was all over. >> i've planned it all out. should i tell you everything and ruin it? i'm going to surprise her with this amazing thing. >> you could have channing tap dance out of a cake, that would be cool. >> really dangerous with all the icing and -- >> i know. i don't want to know if she wants to see that. >> speaking of which, if magic mike three from to happen, where do you think george would fit in? >> he fashioned magic mike after me. >> with tequila in me, next thing you know, dollars flying. i'm footin' him everywhere. >> that george is always a good sport. we're counting down this
7:27 pm
week's biggest headlines. >> plus our super bowl coverage continues with special correspondent cassidy gifford. she sits down with the guys calling the big game. >> do you know the story with me and frank? >> then e.t. is there as celine dion remembers husband renee inside the las vegas venue. but first, architectural die jess on stands february 9 takes us inside khloe's closet. >> it used to be two bedroom suites, and it's been knocked into this astronomical closet. >> the decorator showed e.t. how he made each spacesuited suite each kardashian. >> it's a single girl's house. light and bright and sexy. >> one, two, three. thank you.
7:28 pm
>> meanwhile, moms of three, kourtney more relaxed. but here's where mom gets her me time. her art-filled office and outside by this luxurious pool. >> it's so pretty out here. >> closed captioning provided by many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep.
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7:32 pm
she is the baby mama of tiga. >> number three, a ruling reached in bill cosby's sexual assault case. a ruling promised years ago by a pennsylvania d.a. is not binding. meaning the assault case will go forward. number two, a megyn kelly rematch with trump? >> do we know if donald trump's coming to this one? >> i hasnhe haechbts committed. >> with or without donald trump, she will co-moderate. and she has another reason to smile, she had signed a book deal reportedly worth up to $10 million. >> and the number one story this week, giant ratings for the o.j. minui series. >> watching it happen again on television is enormously
7:33 pm
painful. >> cuba gooding junior talked about getting next week's bronco chase episode right. >> there was actual audio from o.j. talking to the negotiator. >> as for cato? >> it made you look like a bit of a stoner. >> i agree with how it made me look. that is celine dion's new soc song "him." s she honors her late husband. >> i was there when she said her final fair wirewelfarewell. and i was there where celine and her husband were on the minds of many at las vegas's coliseum. >> right now, how strong i feel.
7:34 pm
renee protected me from day one for the rest of my life. i am pretty sure of that. >> during the almost three-hour ceremony, she held her son's hand, cried during the musical tribute and for 18 minutes shared the personal man she loved since she was a teen. >> this was his greatest gift. his dream. to treat everyone with respect and warmth and so much love. >> so emotional, and yet, this is the image that stands out. celine, renee charles, all of them holding the gold cast mold of celine's husband's hand. he would be back stage shaking hands, and she would hold his hands before she wechnt out. when he got sick, she had a gold
7:35 pm
cast of his hand so she could touch his hand every time. >> the hand is so symbolic, because his hand guarded her. his hand guided her, and that hand will watch over her for the years to come. even the fingerprints are exactly his. >> robin leach was one of the night's speakers. >> we sat on monday and blocked the whole evening out, and then they took it to her yesterday and ran it by her, and she tweaked some introductions and fulfilled his wish that the program that you have has the two photographs. that was his choice. >> and from the program, there was this take away, pointing out that it's not about the years, the beginning and the end of life, it's about the dash, the journey in the middle. >> so it matters not how much we own, the house, the cars, the cash. what matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash. >> he loved life.
7:36 pm
so very much. and life loved him. and renee, i love you. so much. >> now celine is scheduled to resume her residency later this month on the 23rd. >> i'm sure fans can't wait for that. and bravely putting herself out there after losing a loved one, cassidy gifford. she is our special super bowl correspondent this year. >> her dad broadcast the very first super bowl, so it was a full-circle moment when cassidy got to sit down with the guys from cbs who were broadcasting the game. >> it's exciting, great to be here with you. you look just like your mother. >> thank you. >> i love your mother, love her show, see her around new york
7:37 pm
every once in a while. i have a lot of fun with her. >> thank you so much. i normally get my dad. so it's nice to get a mix of both sometimes. >> your dad was a great man. you don't look like him. >> you saw my brother. they're like the spitting image if you saw a picture of them. >> phil, like frank, transitioned from the field to the broadcast booth. >> when he would prepare back in the day, he would say something like kind of like preparing for an exam when he would equate it for me. for you, how is it? >> i think it's a little bit of it. i love the fact to prepare and making sure i know everything i can about the players, as far as what they do on the field. >> of course. >> cbs analyst, tony gonzales and boomer esiason also followed the path. >> so many people came up to me and talked to me about my dad. >> this was built on the back of people like your dad. if it weren't for people like frank gifford, i don't know if we would be doing what we are doing. >> the last couple years of my
7:38 pm
dad's life, he was sitting there watching and saying i'm so glad those guys are up there, they're doing so much better than i could have done. >> this game has everyone talking about the matchup between peyton manning and 26-year-old cam newton of the panthers. >> peyton manning. cam newton is jv. >> it was his versace pants that made headlines. >> what would you say about these pants and the zebra? it's just different. >> what is that? it's part zebra, part tiger. >> if i had a body like that, i'd be wearing them too. >> and cassidy got to the sports chairman to break news. >> we announced that we are renewing thursday night football on cbs. >> people might not know sean's father was jim mckay who worked with frank gifford for decades. >> it's ironic that his
7:39 pm
offspring and frank's offspring get to sit here and do an interview. >> fascinating. still ahead, we are with rebel wilson at the new york still ahead, we are with rebel wilson at the new york prem ♪
7:40 pm
7:41 pm
♪ ah, that rebel wilson, she goes off the rails in her newcombdy "how to be single", opening up next weekend just in time for valentine's day. we talked to rebel and the cast at their big premiere in new york. >> i think i like being single a little bit too much. >> it's ladies night here in new york city. just the way we like it. >> totally zesexy and silly at e same time. leslie mann getting a little chummy with rebel wilson, and rebel was playing cupid for
7:42 pm
carly. >> that's the kind of guys that she likes. she's still available. >> and you look -- >> you look awesome. >> so. i think you could get lucky. >> i don't know. i'll talk to him again if you want. i'm like a really good wing woman. sometimes i'm too candid. >> rebel could be a dating expert. she is a fan of the bachelor. >> if you had to give him advice for winning the heart of one man, what would it be, rebel? >> i would watch you in a situation where you're up 25-1. if you were a racehorse, you'd probably be going to a pet food factory. >> leslie was more than candid with us the last time we saw her and wanted to set the record straight on advice she's given her daughter. >> it made me sound like the worst mother ever. >> she has like the cutest body, and i tell her that she should -- >> it came out wrong. that's not what i meant.
7:43 pm
but i kind of did. >> why don't we do a reboot. >> the comedy stars dakota johnson who had the best strategy ever. >> your hair. how nice is that for you? >> it's really special. >> i need to see this film. there's nothing knotnaughty? >> it won't be awkward. >> it is out valentine's day along with another crazy comedy. >> and that would be zoolander 2. and we have a look behind the scenes of this really, really good-looking sequel. >> big hair, huge lips. that's kristen wiig, unrecognizable as a fashion mogul. >> so much of it is the face and the nails. she has a lot of claw gestures. >> it seems like kristin's going full donna tell la. >> one of these fashion women
7:44 pm
who have a crazy look, bleached and pulled and injected and tanned. >> with the face and the wigs and the costume you can't help it. >> director ben seller also brought on penelope cruz for sex appeal. another way to top the original? celeb cameos. 21 of them, including -- but the biggest way to slay the first zoolander? >> you don't want to let down the fans of the first movie. >> enter will ferrell. >> i watched the first movie again just to try to make sure i was doing it right. >> hey, handsome. >> ben stiller and owen wilson have done some pretty amazing promotions for this movie. they took over a store window.
7:45 pm
still to come. see what happened when james corden sent his parents to the stadium ahead of this weekend's big game. plus, our most memorable moment covering the super bowl. >> that's ahead. but first this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which celebrity was the first to reach 1 million twitter followers. is it justin bieber, kim followers. is it justin bieber, kim kardashian or can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. announcement: thisbiggest of the decade.the with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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there they are. james corden's adorable parents. malcolm and margaret. last year they acted as his correspondents at a buffalo bills/jacksonville jaguar game. he septembnt them ahead this ye. >> what do you make of american football? >> i just don't understand it. we went to watch one in london. and i went to the locker room at the end, that was the most exciting part for me. it was a bit lovely. [ laughter ] >> who can we send as a representative. and we thought, well, let's send two people who know nothing about the nfl. ♪ >> got to be the clueless parents ever. dad malcolm can belt out coldplay on the sax.
7:49 pm
and mom marg, is no frills. >> they didn't send you with a big glam team or anything? >> no makeup. >> they didn't give you makeup? >> no. nothing. >> they drop by a special edition of corden's late, late show after the super bowl on cbs, along with a carpool karaoke guest. >> elton john, right? >> come on. come on. >> yeah. it might be one of my favorites. it really is. you just forget how many incredible songs he's got, because you could do two hours, and you'd still be playing hits. >> well, james isn't on site for the main event, he will be during this tony award. the tony winner is hosting this year's show june 12 on cbs. it is their 70th anniversary. >> 70th anniversary. that's pretty amazing. this year is the 50th anniversary for the super bowl. and for many of those 50 years, e.t. has been covering the game. here's a look at some of our
7:50 pm
most memorable moments. >> a lot of fun, a lot of fun. great time. great crowd. woo! >> my hands are still shaking. >> amazing. it's america. football! >> my heart is actually right there. i'm reliving every dream i ever had. >> best feeling in the world. >> how was if? >> great! loved it. great crowd, great event. >> just about every big star has become part of the big game's history. >> a great occasion, great americana. >> even icons get a little intimidated over the thought that over 1 billion worldwide will see their performance live. >> i have to say in the over 25 years of performing that i have, that i've done, i have never worked so hard or been so scrupulous or detail oriented or freaked out. >> it's an honor for a star to be asked to perform at the game,
7:51 pm
even if they don't have a favorite team. >> i see you're wearing red and blue, does that mean you're rooting for the patriots? >> no, in is just really slung on, honey. >> year after year, e.t.'s cameras have been back stage and in the crowd as hollywood turned out for the game. >> these tickets for the championship, let' see what happens. >> even jennifer aniston was awe struck when she got to meet jerry jones. >> the owner of the building rolls up and gives you a super bowl ring. >> it's crazy, absolutely surreal. >> we've seen just about everything behind the scenes. in 2010, when kim kardashian was dating reggie bush. they were overjoyed when they won his first super bowl ring. >> this is what we've been waiting for. i'm so excited for the guys, for the team. they deserve to be here. >> we've seen couples like brad
7:52 pm
and angelina and former couples like ashton and demi and blake and miranda. but one with gisele standing with her man tom brady. we have to give her a win for that one. ♪ >> and from mariah to vanessa williams to the backstreet boys, we've been there to see some of the biggest stars perform the national anthem. in '99, it was cher's turn. ♪ and the home of the brave >> honey, did you get my message? i went, no, mom, i'm at the super bowl. >> the halftime show has always been a huge undertaking, with just moments to convert the field into a concert stage. in 1994, it was a country music themed show with clint black,
7:53 pm
tanya tucker and the judds. >> i am more nervous than troy acheman. >> diana ross headlined in '96, but it wasn't her show with lots of costume changes that made it memorable. it was her exit. a helicopter landed and scooped her off and flew away. one of our favorite shows was in 2001. britney spears took the stage along with justin timbtimberlak. they performed for one crazy show. >> they called me up and asked me, and i was like, yeah. >> and we all wish we could be on the field or back stage at the game, and it's fun to see how getting that chance can bring out the kid inside anyone. >> i'm eon the football field a the super bowl. >> that's love. that's love. >> and this year we're going to have a full wrap of all the action from levi stadium.
7:54 pm
>> see tha
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
considerations provided by look at all those stars with birthday this weekend.
7:57 pm
chris rock, james spader is turning 56. which celebrity was the first to reach 1 million followers on twitter? that is ashton kutcher who is celebrating turning 38 this weekend. monday, it's e.t. at the big game. coldplay and beyonce's halftime secrets that only we know. >> plus, where kevin found all the stars celebrating. >> don't worry, it's time to get your party on. >> plus, theresa giudice's first post prison sit down. what's inside the diary she kept behind bars. and our love to leo and all the or oscar nominees. >> for all the late breaking news, go to our website. >> but before we go, check out the new video for the song "daylight" to the new nicolas sparks movie "the choice." >> and thisballad.
7:58 pm
♪ ♪ when you end up holding mine ♪ ♪ when you're no longer --
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
super bowl has reached maximum capacity, forcing them to close all of the entrances. you can't get in. free concert by alicia keys. it's one of the dozens of super bowl events happening around the area. we bring you coverage around the city. metal ica is getting ready to take the stage. we are live where alicia keys is


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