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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 6, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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super bowl has reached maximum capacity, forcing them to close all of the entrances. you can't get in. free concert by alicia keys. it's one of the dozens of super bowl events happening around the area. we bring you coverage around the city. metal ica is getting ready to take the stage. we are live where alicia keys is getting ready to perform.
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what about the folks window can't get in? >> reporter: it's been a long, crazy night for a lot of people. i mean rgs thousandoffs people came out tonight, thinking they were going to walk into a free concert. they found themselves locked out. i'm here at the front entrance to assumer bowl city. as you can see behind me, a lot of police officers at this point, people trying to sweet talk their way in. i have not seen anyone have much lung. instead the entire place is shut down. people are crowding so that they can at least hear alicia keys. we can show you what the stage looks like earlier this afternoon. this was about 5 o'clock. as you can see, it was pretty packed around the main stage. those people knew that they were good. some of them showed up early this morning to make sure they were able to get in. super bowl city closed last night at
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capacity attate p.m. vm i think people thought they would have a lot mere reway. the doors shut down between 3 and 5:00 o'clock. they turned people away, saying they couldn't take anymore. that left a lot of fans disappointed. >> i thought that traffic would be really bad and everything real crowded and congested, but it's been really smooth, awesome time. this is a great time and i'm ready to see alicia do her thing. >> it's dishearterning because so many people we talked to in the crowd have come from different states, washingten state and the east coast and they won't be able to get in. >> reporter: this is a cell phone video that was sent to me from a fan that was inside.
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you can hear disappointed fans, trying to get in to the concert. police tell us that was one of thf reasons they decided to completely shut off all the gates. several people still want to get in. they feel like even if they let people trickle in, that the crowd would just be overwhelming. the police present has successfully kept things quiet. so far people are patiently waiting. they know they will at least get to hear the multigrammy beening artist when she takes the stage tonight at 8:30 p.m. porting live. -- reporting live. >> alicia keys puts on one heck of a cotsert. she isn't the only one to e ready to take the stage. metallica ready to rock out. the group is getting ready to
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rock out in about 30 minutes. scott? >> reporter: yeah, maybe even less than that. expected to take the stage at 830 ment they are playing the guitar in there. let's look at a video from inside. night before concert. night before the big game, the soup were bowl. there was one that was just on for a few minutes now metallic aushg getting ready to take the stage again fl thousands of people coming out here, paging the stadium to watch the area. they have roots right here in the bay area. i've talked to people, we talked to metallica and talked about some of their favorite songs. here is what they had to say. >> i was just listening to the
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album coming out here. >> i know them frommaties. i got so in to it. >> this cotsert is like the stuff that changes your life. that's what it is. >> we're going in. the spring it system from san fran and you know what -- the favorite band is metallica and ragers. >> reporter: i got a contact buzz interviewing that guy. that's what it's like out here, everyone cutting lose and having a lot of fun. metallica set to take stage here. security has been tight all around the stadium tonight. i've seen many different security personnel with all kinds of departments out here, keeping people safe. there can be so many people in there, raushging out tlchlt just one of many cotserts. reporting live. all right scott. it will be like a sardine can in
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there. going all out for the big game, our crews will be all across the yairia. coverage beginps at 7:00 a.m. until tomorrow morning and then at 8:00 p.m. right after the big game, live reports from the soup were bowl champs on sports night live. the night before the big game, the annual nfl award ceremony, nfl honors was hosted toonts. at this year's haul of combam class is being announced as well as many individual awards including mvp. we were there as the biggest names hit the red carpet. >> reporter: another special evening for the nfl. the night before super bowl 50 kicks off, the red carpet fills with one of the biggest names to ever fill this game. >> it's been good, i tell you that. not going to complain about it. >> reporter: a mix of some of
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your favorite hollywood stars take agstroll down the red carpet with some of the best ever hit the gridiron. how has it been so far as a host city cephal. >> terrific. rirt easy. i think it's trif snook i'm very excited to be here. >> reporter:wer you a football fan before this? >> now i am. >> reporter: fommer raiders quarterback, one of this year's 15 hall of fame nominees. current raiders are rooting for him. >> he's a legend. i would love to see him in the hall of fame. >> reporter: for the raiders, looking to get kenny stabler indothed. >> he kuvs it. >> reporter: the 49ers family are rooting for former owner to be inducted in to the hall as well. >> the hard bear is one thing.
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>> the impact he's had on the league. to stay long term on top, it's just --. >> reporter: and how fitting would it be for both stabler to be indothed with super bowl 50 here. k rshg on four news. >> the complete list of winners are brad, stabler, green, pace, and tony have all been elected in to the pro football. it also included junior . preliminary count of writers who safely took bart show the
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service more than 5 26000 passengers. that's the third straight increase in rietdership. >> today's numbers will be record braking as well. before the big game we were hearing el nino was going to wash it out but it will probably be one of the nicest days ever. >> i don't know where it is but it went be in the bay area for tomorrow. we will have temperatures that might even break records tomorrow afternoon. looking at temperatures in the low 70s in santa clara and at game time,
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sunny and wills should be light. it will be clear through the night. temperatures in the 60s still at 6:00 p.m. all in all, looks like a beautiful day. not just for santa clara bit all around the bay area. there are storms out tlchlt one of them has been sending us a few high clouds out tlchlt makes for a beautiful sunset. this is a pattern that's growing to stay cold here for, looks like, much of this coming week and in to the next weekend. very little, if any, rain is in the forecast. we're talking about lots of sunshine for tomorrow, a warm day and even warmer still for monday and tuesday. we're talking about readings in the mid- to upper 70s, possibly even some low 80s and record highs also a possibly. more in your forecast, coming up. and in other news, another
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debate to significantly reduce republican central field taking the stage in new hampshire. the political landscape has changed since their last debate. donald trump is still polling well but knows cruz is nipping at his heels. rubio is coming up fast. >> reporter: the gloves were off in new hampshire on saturday. trump doubled down. >> i hit immigration. i hit it very hard. i talked about muslims. we have a problem. nobody else wanted to mention the problem. >> this is a president who in the wake of paris is san bernardino will not even use the words raddic islamest terrorism, much less focus on defeating the enemy. >> you have to replace it with something that makes sense. it doesn't make sense. >> the next president of the united states is going to have to get the united states back in
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the game. if a preemptive strike is necessary, we should do it. >> that's what i worry about the most. people who don't have a uniform or country. >> reporter: there were heated exchanged. >> it's a fine job. it does not prepare you for president of the united states. you didn't even want to go back. they had to shame you in to going scombak then you stay there for 36 hours and you left and came back to campaign. >> reporter: donald trump got booed as well during an exchange with jeb bush. >> a lot of times -- quiet. -- a lot of times --. >> reporter: in joous a few days we'll find out which kanldz dt made the most com pelling case. -- compelling case. it's known as the hottest party. we managed to sneak in. we'll take you in to the maxim bash.
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stay clear of the coast. a warning tonight and tomorrow about hazardous conditions at bay area. all the super bowl stuff you would ever want to do right in to kickoff. video and live newscast anyway. download the news today. switch for
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as you come in here, this is what it looks like. you can see all of the spot lights coming up
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in to the air. the main headline here is little wayne. the talk all over social media is justin bieber. there is talk that he will be at this party as well. we'll be on the red carpet. we'll bring you interviews and also on the morning news. back to you. meantime conditions at the beach are hazardous. they will remain that way until tomorrow afternoon. national weather service is expecting ten -- 7 to 10-foot wave. along the peninsula bay, ripped current and long show breaks likely to increase through monterey county. it's not a good day to go to the beachuric ges? >> i think the thing is we'll be having? really nice weather the next couple of days. a lot of folks
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might be inspired to go to the beach. it's still dangerous out there. here is a time lapse from the tower looking north to the golden gate bring and the beautiful sunset there with the high clouds streaming in across the evening sky. mostly clear for tonight on the night before the super bowl here in the bay area. what a super forecast we have for tomorrow. you like sunshine and warm temperatures, we are going to be sunny all over the place, starting out in the upper 40s, lower 50s right around sunrise. by noon already in the bid 60s and going in to the low to mid-70 the afternoon. we are entering -- at least prolonging the stretch of dry weather that everyone seen. been going for about 2 to 3 weeks now that we haven't seen
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a sig sform system. dausz storm system. the extjs of norm sul v beginning to drop now that we've been in this pattern with dry weather, a lot of places will continue to drop because the -- allthex week through next weekend looks like and the week off the bat looks like as well. so despite the el nino pattern we're in, dry weather sticking around for a couple weeks. low to midsunshine for the south bay tomorrow afternoon. in to the east bay. same for the north bay. santa rosa, if the off shore winds kick in, could be close toaty degrees. even warmer still on monday. san jose, mid- to upper 70 said. might even be some low 80s. we'll talk about how long this
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warm weather will stick around. 24 hours until game day. we'll take you to the prep, coming up.
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misman is smoke agcigarette in the park does count. yes, buddy, you are beivhaingbedly. the nfl has across the board no smoking policy. but since people do not bother to read signs, how would they know. if you alert them you get the same response. >> i see no sign. >> reporter: the interesting sign is i didn't see anybody in the event hitting the ganja which was a strang thing soosee, since this is still san francisco. i asked people if it was illegal or legal to smoke marijuana on
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the streets sniets rr legal, pretty much. i never get harassed by much snoochltia can't be close to a school, i think and public parks i think are pretty much legal. >> reporter: is it legal or illegal to smoke weed in public? >> it's illegal but in san francisco nobody gives a --. >> reporter: you cannot smoke weed in any no smoke feet, within a thousand feet of school or youth center. if you're heading to assumer bowl city, it is a 100 percent no smoking zone. in san francisco, kron four news. coming up, bodies still being pulled out of the rubble are church and rescue crews are finding in a big quake. a killer crane that fell from the sky. mystery unfolding tonight about how it dropped down below.
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♪ police are asking for help to identify a man window robbed gas station. the man you see here went into the store and handled the clerk a note saying he had a weapon and wanted cash. the employee gave him the money in the register and then he took off in an older black sedan with tinled windows. anyone window roiks him is asked to call the police. show you some of the
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warriors are playing the thunder. fans showed up to see their favorite teams play and also spotting super stars. >> reporter: it's a very exciting night here. it's packed with super pumped fan whose have been celebrating the super bowl all week.
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the energy from tonight's became is kind of like an aptize er fortomorrow's super bowl. they have been on fire since the furz quarter. fans came out in huge numbers. as you can imagine, tickets were pricey for tonight's game against the oklahoma thunder. paying thousands of dollars for front row seats. >> yeah, we embrace the moment. we embrace the moment. every time, every opportunity we can. that's what -- that's why we're here to embrace this moment. >> we had a long super bowl week. we're here now. came to relax, enjoy the game. i got to say god is good and we're blessed to be here. >> reporter: such an amazing tile to be in the bay area right now with so many things happening. there have been a ton of celebrity sightens, including here. just to name a few, j-z
8:31 pm
and biauns a. reporting in oakland, aliza read. >> before tomorrow's big game the broncos and panthers took the feel today for game photo day. the teams posed for pictures, took sh sempies and tested out the field. crews have been preparing the feel for the game since the 49ers season ended. pitting the finishing touches on the stadium. we the story. >> reporter: you can feel the excitement in the air. streets are already blocked off but fans from all over are coming down here to get as close as they can to all the super bowl hype. >> i think it's a chance of a lifetime to be out here in our own backyard. i mean, our eyes are on the bay area and i think it's great to see, you know -- like i said, it's in our own backyard and
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when is it time -- when is this ever going to happen again. >> saturday morn, fans who i thought weret radioing for the panthers. >> this is what we call super camp. come to do business tomorrow p. go panthers. we got to pound tomorrow. >> i know there is a lot of broncos fans out there but no panthers. >> reporter: security at levi stadium reached unpresidented levels. there are members of law enforce. federal and local all making sure things go smoothly. boy, do peerpal like to eat on super bowl sunday, especially junk food. americans spelled 21 million bucks on chip. assessments of barbecue increased this year. expected to eat 2 hundred 78 million avocados this weekend alone.
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super bowl parties will consume 1 .3 billion wins. that's according to the national chicken counsel. pizza hut pizzas will be detoured. 15 point $15.5 billion will be spent this weekend alone. fans for each super bowl team are now taking over san francisco. we watch as they transformed super bowl city snoochlt for those of us who live here, the bay area had super bowl city for most of the week. saturday afternoon those fans from denver and carolina arrived to proclaim their allegiance. >> i travelled cross country to see the panthers win the super bowl. . >> reporter: those fan who have cheered the teamess all season long took over super bowl city with rallies for each team on
8:34 pm
the same stage. there were dueling cheerleaders. >> reporter: dually mascots. competing dance groups. and shout-outs from each city's mayors. >> you guys are awesome. we are going to win the super bowl. >> reporter: panther fans expesz -- >> we bring it. we are bringing it on. . >> reporter: bronco fans spoke with cautious optimism. >> hopefully we can make it out. >> we have a long ways to go to
8:35 pm
try to get this thing through. >> reporter: super bowl city. >> you can't go without choosing porta -- it come along with a big sporting evej of the country. go and voice your opinion on who you think the next champions will be. sorry no 49ers or raiders in this poll. check out panthers or broncos on our poll. say your last good-byes to the old bay bridge, coming up when and where the final demo kicks off. price the big game drops significantly on the day
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of the events. we'll show you what can help you get tickets for a reasonable price.
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san jose, forecast high 76. monday and tuesday might be thin rord as the big area of high pressure. down to the pacific is being dregged up north. british columbia. we are going to be in a prolonged dry pattern and the forecast models are showing very little rainfall for this entire month. in 1998 that el nino year, february, was the wettest on record in a lot of places. so this is not shaping up to be like the el nino of 1997, 1998. sainta clara 73 degrees.
8:41 pm
south bay, we could beafully close to the altys. south and west of san jose. going to be the case for tuesday. look for temperatures pritdy warm through the week. for wednesday, there is a wetter system that tries tew proach us. as it bumps in to our area of warm and fair weather, going to get shredded apart. still warm temperatures not as warm for wednesday and thursday. another system, friday night has a better chance, just a little bit of slight rain. >> a portion of the old eastern span of the bridge began coming down this week by day. caltrans removed one. it has yet to be transported to the port of oakland where the steal will eventually get recycled. upward of 25 tons.
8:42 pm
they started that on thursday. they have been stream rg video on the website for anyone who want to watch the demolition online. sam laes from flint get some visitors. why lawmakers are make agvisit. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone.
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3000 theres for the super bowl are about the cheapest prices. lowest ones get you a seat far in the upper corner or upper end zone. average price tickets are about $4,500. the most expensive are soaring in do the ten thousands for suite levels and lower side line. people hoping to get their hands on cheap super bowl tickets, believe it or not, there is
8:45 pm
still hope. we sat down with stub hope to find out how to score those cheap seats. >> if you want to go to the big game but can't afford these high prices, there is still a chance. son the mole app yoshgs you can request to be notified when a ticket falls in to your price range. >> if you are looking at super bowl tickets skwt have a certain price you are willing to pay you can set thulurt on your phone and we'll set you a push alert when it hits the price. >> reporter: these out rains prices will see now, come game day. >> once you get closer to the events, you will start dropping the price because you want to sell that ticket. we recommend if you're just waiting, trying to get into the stadium, don't care about when you sit. wait until the last possible second. there are people who will go to our super bowl party where we start giving away the tickets, where buyers pick up their tick skwts they will watch on i-pads
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and computers and start to see the price drop. they will wait until the last moment before the game and buy tickets then. they can get deals that way. more times than not, sellers will drop prices. >> reporter: we know living here, the weather changes day by day. if it does rain, that will really make the prices of the tickets drop. >> if game day is a cold, rainy day, that could mean ticket prices are going to jump people will see that and say maybe i will hang out, sit on my couch and watch the game instead. >> most power fal man in football weighing in on the radar' future today. what the commissioner said and how oakland's mayor responded. >> reporter: during a pres conference friday, roger goodell was asked what the potential was
8:47 pm
for oakolog and san diego to keep their teams. he implied relocating an nfl fran dhies is a difficult process that he would prefer to avoid. >> my pledge to the mayor of oakland and san diego is to do everything possible we can to support them, to try to get the right kind of facilities in both of those markets. over the past year we have changed -- each of those communities have ex-preced they don't have facilities long term for those teams. they have indicated they have not come up with the solution. >> reporter: we asked if any progress had been made to keep the raiders in oakland. >> do you have anything else on today? >> reporter: no. >> goodell says he is hoping for a solution that works for
8:48 pm
everyone. >> we are working very hard with not only the teams but the communities to try to final a solution that works for aeshg. this has to work for the community and the team. crews are making sure everything on public transportation is safe. dogs like these will make sure all are cleared for the demonstration. the canines will continuously beez sniffing the area to help out with the scute taking riders to the game on sunday and another security measure, only people with a vta mobile pass and soup were bowl ticket will be allowed to board the trains. bart announced the decision to install security cameras on all trains. cameras have been put in to cover the interior of the train cars. 1 point 40-0000 dollaricize the
8:49 pm
cost of that added security. that's after ac shooting at the station on january 9th fl they will replace these with the real thing, using money of the system pfgs operating budget. meeting with families effected by the dirty water problem in flint. in april 2014, flint's water supply was switched to the flint river in a cost-cutting move. it didn't take long for residents to notice something was wrong. we report. >> i know we are all moved and maybe a little shaken by what we just heard. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers doing what governor is accused of not doing. meeting with fm -- meeting with families affected by the crisis. >> whether it's a personal relationship or a public office
8:50 pm
you earn trust by your action. you cannot earn trust with a precaller brochure. >> reporter: he met with families in private. also there were others. >> some people saying this is becoming politics. no, this is moral. this is a human rights issue. >> reporter: legislation would replace the pipes and monitor the health of those exposed to the lead filled water. it would be a 75 $75 million request. >> if the out rage we are hearing on both sides of the a lot of is matched in any way with action, this is exactly what we need to have. >> flint is a failure on all levels of government.
8:51 pm
he hopes the democrats who visited today will do their part in washington to get some federal assistance he's already requested and put it to work in flint. the earthquake claimed many lives. rescues saved almost 340 people and found some still alive but trapped inside the rubble. the centsriment newsancy is reporting nearly 500 people have been injured in the quake that struck early yesterday morning. operate rsz of the high speed rail say the service will fully resume starting at noon. damage to the major power lines had caused major disruption since the quake. it may be weeks until new york officials figure out why a huge construction plane came crashing down, crushing a row of parked cars. investigators are reviewing surveillance video from nearby millions and poring over the
8:52 pm
crumpled steal. crews will be slicing up the crane. and will remove and study them. they will cover the crane movement with a computer. it will take time. table for one, please. coming up we'll show you the seal pup who showed up to dine in a restaurant.
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little cub crawled into a booth and took a nap. unfortunately the pup was malnourished and looking for food. impacts could be the unusual warm waters and decreasing food sources. this one lucked out so sea world is taking care of her and hoping to run her back to the wild. they're going to see who predicts the win of the game. it's called the zoopel bowl.
8:56 pm
the acs between a black rhino representing the broncos and a lion cup representing the panthers. the first to reach the football sign would show which one would win the super bowl. the rhino finished the job and the lion was ignoring the whole thing. that's when the motor lion took over securing the victory for the panthers. >> it was a team efforts. >> it comes from behind victory. i think everyone will become a winner when it comes to weather. weather looks spectacular. levi stadium, 70s all around the bay area for the next several days -- monday and tuesday, even warmer. could be record highs with the readings mid- to upper 70s might be even be lowaties in -- low 80s in the south bay.
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that's it. stay connected and get the latest developments. download one of or mobile apps. see you then. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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