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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  February 9, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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tren >> tran: this happen with the park side terrace. police officers are still on scene. this happened around 1:00 in the morning. is it to people who were in the '20s they're not saying it's domestic violence shut. the man has been taken
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into custody for this. we have a chance to live interview below but earlier today hears what he had said it. >>: we've we've received a call to a complex that shots were fired. officers found a female victim with gunshot wounds and she was taken to hospital i'm not sure about her condition. we are still missing. >> tran: tickets to the police officer there he was investigating and is far from over they are investigating. the focus of the investigation is right now and attempted murder. she is now on the hospital and
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she is alive pronounced. it now she dies then it could be a homicide. homicide detectives with and arrive. mahler police are arriving at the scene to see what happened. >> darya: you can download push alerts from our web site for more updates. >> mark: here that here's a view from the sfo. >> james: it is clear out there right now. this afternoon we're looking at a very warm
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afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid-70s today. and 8:00 we are still cause a expecting 4050. by lunchtime be around 65 degrees. as we get around 3:00 in the afternoon we will be in the mid-70s. in the south bay we could be looking at upper 70's. it is going to be an unseasonably warm today. >> robin: the traffic is not getting any better at the bay bridge toll plaza. of the
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connectors are slowing to going into the freeway. the drive time in the downtown is the 32 minutes. later i will be have a report on south bay and. >> mark: f. decision 2016 the new hampshire primary is happening today. votes have been tallied in this town. nine votes cast. experts say that the town is good at predicting the republican nominee. casey also
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won in the town of heart. sanders won the democratic nomination. tickers one of nine votes. most other police stations and hampshire just opening. here the poll numbers donald trump is currently had. that is double his double support of rubio. bernie sanders is still as a wide lead over clinton. this according to polls. the rice at the race has tightened at. >> darya: there has been a deadly train wreck in germany. >> anny: the death toll right
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now is the ninth but hundred 50 people were injured. you can see the mergers responders their and the trains hit at 7:00 a.m. local time. it's about 45 mi. south of munich. 50 are seriously injured 09 dead. it happened at a curve in a row with. the trains and not have time to break when they hit each other. the design of the trade is to automatically stop to stop brecht's like this. the investigation will be going through to fear of what happened. emerges responders hard also getting with the wreckage site to help those who
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were the crash. but i >> darya: traffic is just hard and be back to normal in san francisco. the at the mosconi centered has reopened. they will be working from dawn to dusk to get everything put away for that the super bowl. they think it teardown might be finished by thursday. 1.1 million people came to san francisco during the super bowl week. people are happy to get see everything back to normal. when this witness
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>>: i'm so whether it's over. what have peace. >> darya: at restaurants as of friday and saturday was the busiest and. >> mark: in the three weeks before the big game some 42 victims of of human trafficking . men were third arrested for this. one of the players for the denver broncos practice squad was also questioned. >> darya: a sex offender was what tobacconist 7 and neighbors
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are not happy about. the company is not happy about it nor is the neighborhood. the community had a meeting to talk about it. they are afraid to the offender may be too close to the schools. >>: people believe it's the break should be applied. and this should be explored before the open. >> darya: the company says the offenders have a low rate of refunding.
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>> mark: the singer was center stage. one person was giving the black power salute to during the. the and they form the next when they didn't. it was highly criticized by many people including former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. this was captured on video. and they were protesting the marie williams that shooting. >> darya: there been several
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high-profile cases about this. this person was a windows cases . the gun was used was taken out of federal agents are. the gun was used to kill tourists. there should be a law saying that people have to have their guns when they carry them in a locked car trunk. >> mark: the bay area's and joins and warm temperatures for february. we'll have more details for that i had. for people on the scene of the game post-game was a typical. we'll
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have more news after
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>> mark: we're tracking the weather right now. the storm is going on in southern massachusetts. among the top
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right that's another town in massachusetts. on the bottom right that some have sure that in the primary. knowing a good 48 in. of snow by tomorrow. new hampshire and also ryeland could get up to 9 in.. >> darya: it would be difficult to show up the primary factor in the south. good chance could >> james: they have snowy conditions all up in the area in knowing what. right there he the temperature is 20 degrees below the amount normally as. we have and singly warm weather here.
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today will look very good. nicosia airport there in the background. you could not ask for better weather right now. it is still a little chilly in spots. we have the upper 40's to mid 50's. mid-40s in oakland and 55 in san francisco. >> james: here is a feature cast. we're still expecting '60s. by noon thymic to be looking at '70s. at 3:00 it will be in the '70s also. it might
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even get close to a decrease in some areas. here's a look at a wider view and for at antioch and concord it will be getting close the '80s. will have a mild temperatures in the mid-70s in san francisco. going fiat afford for the wheat tenders will cool . it will be in the mid-60s by thursday. i will show you in the extended forecast later. >> robin: traffic impact on the san mateo bridge. coming from a word it will be slow. there relenting problems on the bridge right now. it will just be slow .. you concede the back appear
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and harbor through the soles it is jammed packed. and continue up to 11 it is still busy. coming at a south bay we had a crash it is gone by now. the drive time is 25 minutes here. it is a little bit heavier than normal. right now there's some stoppable traffic here at the santa cruz mountains. this is attracting a lot of attention and it is jammed in going into los gatos. i'm also saccharide one-on-one been dry time is 32
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minutes renan. >> mark: police are investigating the got a call about a man chasing women. he ended up in a backyard of room. the high school was closed down. >> darya: after the several there were plenty of logistical problems. employees had to wait hours to get home after a long day. they were stranded. they need the child back to their cars.
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>>: they're like five buses and 10,000 place. >> darya: it took their employees to three hours to get back to their cars. the management has not commented on the set. they do apologize for making its employes were delayed. >> mark: mayor massey is having a press conference. he will be
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stepping down during a second term. he won again on a high note since the super bowl was so successful. >> darya: university campuses are preparing for friday's strike. union leaders voted for a walkout. the slap on april 18th and 19th. the issue is pay raises. the faculty wants a 5 percent raise. >> mark: the satellite those fired by north korea. south
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korean officials are recovering and the debris from the satellite that did not last long. there was a wave of anti- condemnation for the launch. the security council condemned it. right at the satellite was launched into orbit in may to pass over san francisco. >> darya: a ruefully gas station as crashed down. we'll show you the video next to show you what happened. we also look more lanes on this fat tuesday in borland's.
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>> mark: this is a video gas station thought there were only to people who've suffered minor injuries. witnesses knows cracks and a roof and a collapsed. one person had minor injuries and a person. >> darya: a plane crashed in santa barbara. it was a small
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plane was leaving the santa barbara airport. the pilot was able to get it to a swampy land . he was taken to minor injuries for the hospital. >> mark: people across orleans are silvery mardi gras. it could see them having a parade down st. charles avenue. mardi gras is the city's biggest tourist attraction. in new orleans they'll be having the lapper parade. >> mark: this pastry is flying off the shelves in orleans. it is to celebrate just before lent the catholic holiday.
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>> darya: eight states had a drop in the number of people that do not have the health insurance. florida saw a decrease. the other cover group is subsidized private insurance. the uninsured rates drop down to 9.1%. republicans want to repeal the obama care but they given a notice in the committee. >> mark: there have been a record of shark attacks here. shark attacks are expected to keep three increasing. six
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people were killed last year. >> mark: this person was shot discovery was pregnant. the exercisers plant was showing a higher than normal artery. during pregnancy a woman's part reiterate does increase. >> james: i'm tracking some very warm temperatures. it will open up to 74 degrees letter today. i'll have your entire bay
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area forecast. trans trans >> reporter: the police department is investigating in fremont and i will have a live report about
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>> robin: traffic is at a crawl right now. it is backed up. >> james: we do have some sunshine. here is the sfo camera
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location. it is blue skies and they're nice and clear. at the 8:00 hour were looking at temperatures in the '40's and 50's. along the coast it will build more manageable. later today you 98 jack of all. is it in old lunchtime all be in the '60s. but if they will be loaded mid-70s. south bay you looking upper '70's. we're looking into tying and may be breaking some record temperatures today. >> james: i will have a
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complete check later in the broadcast. >> robin: those are using the bay bridge is all jammed up. it doesn't take much to add to the already heavy traffic. it has never recovered from the accidents. the drive time is 36 minutes here. at the lori schiller freeway spasms low spots. there was a wreck and some people were injured. the east shore freeway's path because of this. the crashes are
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adding to the drive *. for a merger is a maze. >> mark: there's been a rash of burglaries in fremont. >> reporter: here at the fremont police department they are investigating a burglary. this happened over five days. . this is all happened last week. the first one happened on four of you have some block. the first victim found out their front door was opened in the soft wood and stone. a television and some money was stolen. the
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surveillance camera captures something of the immature that was the fee for. over the we 710 burglaries. another play saved per somebody came home to find a man standing in their. he said he was looking for is done and then ran off. the suspect was scrapped as a black male in his 20s and during the heady. or not sure if all these bursaries arctic are connected anyway. if you hear anything please call the fremont police department. >> darya: the search is on for a
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gunman. there's been a lot of shootings lely and the most recent one a 30 year-old man was hurt was injured. he was driving along i lady in richmond. there's been six shootings on interstate 80. richmond's mayor says that he is also worried about this. >>: with the problems with this for years. it is been substantial loss 10 years. they're not leaving gangs their rivalries and people paying old
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debts. >> darya: the police of trying to figure out how to stop this. >> mark: this operation center is on in a plant that is on the highest alert because of the zeke a virus. when this witness >>: it can be very hard to control mosquito because it is very aggressive. during >> darya: the call is happening in brazil this week. people are partying in real and other cities. people are being advised
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to avoid. the obama and mr. asian is trying to get money to prevent spread of the zepa virus. >> mark: present a bottle will be in the bay area this week. the boeing 3 city-state's and highways. but aren't >> darya: the denver broncos will have their parade today. let's look at and hit the video . they received a hero's welcome. this is after they defeated the panthers' last sunday. the parade is in
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downtown denver. players coaches and the mayor of denver will be there. >> mark: meier matthews is going to retire and is holding a press conference later today. the mayor wants to go on high out. >> darya: san jose police are looking at the use of toeholds and its. this as in relation to the what happened in new york with the 2014 incident. the policy allows use deadly force
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if necessary. >> darya: we're not sure where obama will be going when he is in town. the golan are mobile apps to get more news. >> mark: the dow closed at under german points today. we'll let you know about the losses later . >> darya: having at designated drivers always a good idea. look
7:38 am
walden is looking into a coaching job after leading the warriors.
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>> mark: and mother is interested they saw a a white pickup trucks were in and arrested for driving drunk with
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her boyfriend and the nine heroes in the car. the baby was also in the car seat. they said that the liberals practicing her driving skills. >> darya: this person is on trial for stocking quinnett paul drove. he has finally been put in the court. what is paul trope spent time on these court and said she was afraid of them. he sent her very many letters with all sort of research of harassments. the client source of the right-wing to palter according to his lawyer was not a threat. >> darya: today is the day it
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you are supposed to give up that on many do on fitness resolutions. the amex and got down to a date. this is the day that most and is clubs see a drop off. a lot of people make resolutions to the jam and then on this day say that they will not going. >> mark: r. >> james: here's a look of the bay area forecast. it is well above average for the stormier. lb fantastic today also in the sierras. here the current
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conditions up in the mounds. a lesser opened here. they're still playing this no to enjoy.
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the very >> darya: lone palm is being searched after the coach. there's going to be one for the team's first coach openings also the knicks are looking for coach. walton is somebody who they might look for. jackson is going on what somebody he is familiar with. rodman said he
7:46 am
wanted to coach. the city had a good resonate. >> radnich: he may be looking panetta's and their. >> darya: law and says he is not entered teeny thing italia's done with the year. >> radnich: he is smart and avoiding a bad situation. >> darya: i could happily the crowd that arrived here. >> radnich: he showed up about an hour late. >> darya: i couldn't believe
7:47 am
that many people were there to have clark that a lot day for them. the line was probably slow. >> radnich: i guess somebody how blocked a was and did the matter because it was clark who was giving them the coffee. >> darya: you could see pictures of fiance and she put it that she is posting she was staying at this place. they rented out the room for $10,000. they saw
7:48 am
these pictures and said that was our house. >> radnich: both the jasey ambience there were there renting the home. that is her right there at this guy's house that she rented out. she was there for the weekend and so that's $10,000 per night.
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>> darya: i know you do now leave the game. >> radnich: other people did not like it. >> darya: this was tramontana foot in the coin. to like this version better. which the ec is in taiwan. wait till the savant miller's trips back. they make a more exciting. deal like that? redneck
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>> radnich: i can see why some people might like that. people i see are enjoying this at this moment. >> darya: the johnny mandel thing has gotten at hand. the girlfriend is trying to get a protective order. there was all sorts of types of searches for him. in the combine's shearer they are not allowing people like mandela to get. not people with the criminal records. >> radnich: you will let a guy
7:51 am
like him run your football team . it is not worked out. cleveland got enough of them to give a high draft pick. i never give up on somebody. i think he could be ok. his girlfriend was seriously injured? >> darya: the roll was that the player has to be convicted of the crime that is alleged. if you are convicted cannot be it, . >> radnich: the only ski stick
7:52 am
you have to be physical and to make it in football. some of these people are idiots. >> darya: i do not by the defense of all. >> radnich: i would imagine some of that extends from being a football player. >> darya: it is a step to try to weed them out and get better people play. >> radnich: it might be good to keep people out. >> darya: watch this ucla gymnast, this guy is working
7:53 am
the seven. she got a 9.9 and she was doing is what's. i'm not sure if we will see those moves in the olympics i am not sure if they are legal. we will keep going than. thanks we will see you tomorrow.
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>> mark: we can't pass up and the video. he is not quite six months old. we exit rent the pandas from china. good art
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>> darya: this is a new and from the barbie company. this is where name muslim garb. it's the work of a nigerian four modest files. we'll be tracking much warmer weather this week. here's a live look at sfo. at luby's also speaking about the new hampshire primaries. there's also a commuter train collision
7:58 am
in germany that we'll have more details
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>> mark: breaking news about a san as a shooting. trent >> tran: this happen in the apartment complex mining. that's the good the video here. this happened about 1:00 this morning. they have arrested a man in conjunction with a shooting. he is in his 20s they heard multiple shots at the complex. the victim is in surgery and she is alive. we
8:01 am
spoke with the san jose police department. >>: we've got a call that shots had been fired in this complex. officers found a female victim in the room. she was transported to an area hospital. the suspect is in custody. we're still investigating what happened. >> tran: we do not know the condition now but she happens to die then there might be an investigation for murder. it would be a homicide investigation and homicide investigators would be on the scene. the victim's name has not been released yet. it seems to
8:02 am
be a dispute between the man and woman. a lot of people are very fearful about this. this is a little sliver of the apartment complex for the most part this is not happen much year. >> mark: you could find out more news on our mobile apps. >> darya: >> james: today will be fantastic as we look for today. you could see this picture right here. the view were used in
8:03 am
mobile lap to get the picture and. nancy thank you for doing that. we have fantastic conditions out today. yet if you hilo clubs also. throughout the day will have warm temperatures . right now we have 40's and '50's as today will get up to the mid to upper 60s and lunchtime. south bay could be pushing up to the upper seventies today. more the forecast coming. >> robin: givens right is very busy into san francisco. he
8:04 am
could see something out there. at the car pool lanes right there and another line. time is down a few minutes now it's only 20 minutes. it still is crowded and but there are no major problems on the bridge. >> darya: we've been following the trend at the train crash in southern germany. >> anny: least nine people were dead and 50 people injured. here's some new video of the of the aftermath. the trains hit each other during the morning commute. the crash site is about 40 mi. south of munich. the death toll right now still stands and nine. transportation
8:05 am
minister says there is a curve in the rain and the engineers to not have time to apply the brakes. the track had been fitted. they're not sure why the break did not work this time. that is found on the train on the track itself to prevent this type. will it give you more reformation as you find out more. >> mark: traffic is starting to back to normal in the city. our street by the moscow center is open it was open around 5:00 this morning. they are trying to tear down the saurel city this afternoon and they are taking
8:06 am
down the elaborate setups. the teardown could be done as soon as thursday. 1.1 million people came to san francisco during the super bowl week. people are glad to see the city getting back to normal. when this witness >>: next time they need to do in the desert. it was fun but it's nice to get back to normal. >> mark: restaurants also saw a boom in business is that it was our busiest weekend ever. >> darya: nichols for founded santa clara county. debbie's
8:07 am
have 42 potential victims of human trafficking. men were cited for slothful soliciting and also trafficking. a member of the denver broncos practice team was questioned but not cited. >> mark: people and severed his core not happy about a deal that was made to make it so the sex offenders could move into the neighborhood. the company says that the offenders are required to attend meetings. this happened a market street last night at committee meeting was held. they did not want have those people moved to their
8:08 am
neighbor. >>: cruelly we have niner's supporters who believe these people should not build a move. we do not and have a high-risk sex offenders moving in. >> mark: the company says that the offenders are not likely to offend and you have a call monitors. >> darya: will have some results for the new hampshire primary when things come back. there's also a massive earthquake in taiwan will have more details about that
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you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. >> mark: in a year-old girl has been pulled from the building in taiwan's. this happened after the earthquake. more than 5 per people are still missing. authorities it ordered an investigation of the walls that were built in some buildings. >> james: i will have complete coverage of your bay area
8:12 am
forecast. the temperatures should be high today. it on the map adding in the case will have 70 degree weather. i'll have your forecast coming ÷h,z/
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to market with >> mark: we're tracking winter
8:15 am
weather in the northeast. it is happening in southern massachusetts said they have strong winds and snow. there is of snow which in boston. the spill may begin in the way of the polls today in new hampshire. philadelphia and new jersey are also getting at. >> james: they have about an hour happily for the icing of the area i just checked. if you're flying out today and going out east there are delays
8:16 am
. you can see the big storm system over there. they're expecting more snow and inclement weather. >> james: river few high clouds and that's about that. we will have sunshine for today and unseasonable warmth. we'll have fantastic size and as good weather. we've made match or even break some record for high temperatures today. sandoz a career record is 74. we could match many records.
8:17 am
>> james: this morning it is a little cold we're still the 40's and '50's. is much milder along the bay shore. later date things will get warmer. some places will be pushing the 80 degree mark. upper seventies here. that is the forecast for today. it lacks the cooler each day of the week. >> robin: i'm watching the traffic on west on 82. here on the flat section you can get through it. it's quiet of the
8:18 am
bridge and the peninsula. the drive time is about 25 minutes. i'm also tracking the center for a bridge and the error is not much of an improvement. there's no slowdown that was down 580. here the after the bridge the traffic as pickup. here at the berkeley cited the wreck is gone. 60 is crawling issues will. it's a 41 minute drive from spot to conquer the san ramon. there's a lot of heavy traffic today. >> mark: the first primary for
8:19 am
the presidential election is today in new hampshire. the polls are now open. >> reporter: they're finally voting in the first primaries. there's some people devoted hours ago. here in bernie sanders got four votes. sanders encases both won this town and also of middletown's and the state. this is a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of votes that will be voting in the primary. they're people who want donald trump to win.
8:20 am
>>: trump is up in the polls and he needs a big victory here. his campaign has been working hard. >> reporter: somebody might be giving up if they have a lackluster performance. >> mark: trump holds a growing lead in new hampshire. there's some people that are backing him. on the democratic side bernie sanders is leading. he is ahead of clinton.
8:21 am
>> darya: a shooting is being investigated. this happened before 1:00 in san jose. this is just awful 11. a man with a knife was chasing women and he was injured in the backyard of a home. jefferson unionize was put under lockdown during the incident. >> mark: after suitable 50 there were logistical problems for the employees to get home. the people were told 14 hours had to wait three hours to be able to get to their cars. deadweight to get shovel to their cars. when
8:22 am
this witness with this it took seven women more than three hours to get back to their cars . the management has not commented on the incident. they have apologized to the employees and looking into why this happened. >> darya: the mayor is officially announcing his retirement. this will happen later today. is serving his second term. a spokesperson for
8:23 am
the mayor says the mayor wants to get out on a hideout and wants to also spent time with his family. >> mark: there is a live look at the bay bridge and there's still a little bit of a backup we also have the weather forecast after we get back
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> darya: workers at the 23 college california campuses are going on strike, the union leaders voted to go on strike. they want a better contract offer and a pay raise the faculty was a 5% rise. >> mark: years of it had a southern california. to people in the distance suffered minor injuries. the nose and cracks and the worker and checking out and the entire roof collapsed.
8:27 am
another worker fell with the roof. >> darya: a separate plane crashed and landed. got up about three and feet the pilot was able to guide it down and was taken to hospital for minor injuries. >> mark: here is another each card car shooting at the spade. we'll have more about the details. >> reporter: there is a investigation of a string of burglaries happening in one neighborhood in fremont. we've had many robberies in just one week will have more details only come back.
8:28 am
again! again! again! again! again! again! again! no artificial flavors. no artificial colors. why? so you can love our cereal. again!
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>> darya: will look to traffic out.
8:30 am
>> robin: traffic is normal. times are listed- >> james: here's a look of the golden gate bridge. it is fantastic. this is a sunrise shot from of your and nancy to give it to. you consented to an honor website. here's a look at the golden bridge. if you're going out the door right now make sure you grab a jacket. by noon time yet. by the time we get the 3:00 this afternoon will be in the
8:31 am
'70s. in the south bay will be even warmer will be pushing a peace. will have on more forecasts later. >> robin: tracking the right and that san francisco. you will have to sit in the back up if you're driving up here. there are delays all over. the trip trump and all through the maze and december discotheques about an hour. you could see a package here at the toll plaza. i'll have information coming up and it. >> mark: there has been a rash
8:32 am
of home burglaries in fremont this week. >> reporter: hear the police department in fremont. the least 10 residential burglaries of happened in the last few days. police are asking for citizens to give them help to figure out what's happening. the steadily homes and also pack stuff is being stolen. this set started on february 2nd. that was the first time sunday and had run from scrimmage. there were two more incidents on that
8:33 am
day alone. there's also an attempted burglary that occur on thursday. a resident came home to see a man in the house and when he was confronted. he ran and plater police arrived. believe the person was attempting to reconcile. they are not sure if they are related. if you see anything please let the police know if have any surveillance also. we will have more from davis that have beset.
8:34 am
>> darya: a search is also under way for another card car shooting along the freeway. nippon oil. stan was critically injured when he was fired upon. there are worried because this is the sixth shooting. this is happening in richmond san paulo and kamal. >>: these of the same kind of incidents we had all of last tuesday's. it has diminished a bit over the last 10 years we have often have these problems. they are rivalries people trying to pay off old debts as to the
8:35 am
shooters are. >> mark: sat as a police are banning the use of toeholds. they stopped the policy they do not want them to use toeholds but they have to. >> darya: the cdc and the plan has put centers on the highest reward for the sake of virus. it will be hard to stop the spread because it is transmitted through this year's. the cdc is
8:36 am
also working on a sunday to fight it back to take years. >> mark: the virus has spread to lose 29 countries. president obama will be in the bay area tomorrow. thursday he'll be going to two democratic party meetings. they're not saying where he will be. >> darya: there's a new budget
8:37 am
and they'd want to see about the building gutted by the republicans. >> mark: the dow was down over four points yesterday but at the and was only down 200. >> darya: to jack and has been diagnosed a skin cancer. how would you like this guy he and your work place? today's fat tuesday in new orleans is celebrating mardi gras.
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. >> mark: happy fat tuesday we have a live look from orleans. hundreds of thousands of people ascends and send it down into the city. there's a great celebration and a big party.
8:41 am
this pastry as fly off shelves in the city. >> darya: the denver broncos will be having a party today. that is the first time they've won the super bowl since 1999. they ride back in denver yesterday and received a hero's welcome. this is their third nfl championship. there'll be a parade in downtown denver and also rallied.
8:42 am
>> robin: here's a live look at san the table bridge. from your down to the peninsula if you have to lose it use a. will have more details coming back after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
good gems >> james: you'll enjoy this whether all-day. the weather will be fantastic throughout the bay area. you're looking up for seventies in the south bay. here were in our attempt to try now.
8:45 am
things will warm up pretty quickly even the right area are in the '40's and 50's. south bay and also along the bay shoreline we're warming up nicely he. here are how temperature will be this afternoon. temperatures here warming up to the upper seventies. it will feel like may more than february. by 8:00 tonight we're only going to be cooling down to the '60s. we're expecting seventies across the board here. we getting to the upper '70's. it all gets cooler throughout the week.
8:46 am
>> james: todd bridges will continue their slow and gradual slide throughout the week. aside from sunshine and friday at the north bay you might catch a sprinkle. for the next seven days will have almost like spring weather. >> robin: the traffic isn't so bad today. here to go and get a bridge is getting a look crowded. it is that the golden gate bridge going to san francisco. that stretch to 11 south is packed. it's a pretty good right here. hear this and
8:47 am
referral bridge. it will be a breeze here. there are no major problems right here at the bridge from the toll plaza. it would take about ted 20 minutes to get through. the drive time is not about. we've had no major problems today. to 38 to 37 and looking at a long drive. >> mark: we now know this names of the three people were killed in the car chase and severed his co in san francisco. the car crashed into a taxi in person the flames. the carbon during
8:48 am
donuts in a crowded street and when the cops try to stop the drop-off in initial crash into the taxi. the taxi driver suffered minor injuries. >> darya: planned parenthood clinic in colorado and has reopened it was where three people were killed. the incident last several hours. schools and hospitals had been locked down during the incident also. the alleged shooter is facing onerous and nine felony counts. >> mark: this suspect is now back behind bars after escaping
8:49 am
. detectors when they might be simpler city. he was taken because to without incident. he had been released from jail because of a clerical error. >> darya: did been information about 20,000 at the irish workers. the average waiting said the information was pulled and had phone numbers enol dresses and private information . >> mark: 2015 at a large number shark attacks worldwide. the cruiser was 88 experts suspect
8:50 am
charkha tax to increase. the u.s.-led the world and the number shark attacks. >> darya: actor hugh jackson has a skin cancer once again. you could see a bandage over his nose in the picture. he said this is what happens when you do not wear sunscreen. he has been treated at least three times. >> mark: a man who was accused of stalking with paul trove is on trial. with all trows on the stand for several hours and she
8:51 am
cried when she described his intentions. the defense lawyer says the key to and was simply writing to her. good air >> darya: this is a muslim army undertake. it is a work of a nigerian medical student and it is for appealing to muslim girls. >> mark: this man who's using it is wise fit that was shocked to find that his wife was pregnant . she met he noticed that his wife had hired the regular heartbeat. the party always
8:52 am
increases when women are pregnant. he then broke the stillness chat rooms says wife is pregnant. >> darya: deleting fitness chain says this is the day the people break resolutions for fitness. at the beginning of the year ec #spike for people going and then it today is the data must acquit. after that most people decide not to do anymore. >> mark: wendy's restaurants in florida had an unwelcome guest at the drive-in. the man was
8:53 am
charge of aggravated assault and unlawful possession. none of the employes as funny that brought an alligator. >> darya: you can adopt the puppies from the possible. well the puppies are for adoption. the performance of the couples prove that these dogs to be great for adoption. when this tape played very well. the noncallable puppies are half- price. pit bull mixes are free
8:54 am
but yet have a background check to maturity to handle the dog. >> mark: with a slip from orleans of fat tuesday and the party that is going on. again! again!
8:55 am
again! again! again! again! again! no artificial flavors. no artificial colors. why? so you can love our cereal. again!
8:56 am
>> mark: here that had the cubs in washington d.c.. panda cub is 6 months old. the u.s. government pays about half million dollars to rent the panda. the money back goes back to conservation. there are loans to us. good are >> darya: fiancee rented this luxury home for $10,000. it was 30 minutes away from levi stadium. she took pictures inside. sheet posted these
8:57 am
photos of her at the residence. >> mark: will have more formation of the warm weather and also about wall street not doing so well. breaking news of the south bay woman was shot multiple times will more of a commission for the news. we also have information about the train crash in germany that left least nine people dead and at the least 50 people injured.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> mark: we're following a report on the san jose shooting . >> tran: i just learned of the women is that surgery at this point they believe she will survive. let's go to the video
9:00 am
around 4:00 the morning the police arrived. they're not sure what the relationship between the man and woman is. the man shot her and has been arrested. the police officers are continuing to arrive the same. it does not appear was hard to find the man. we had a chance to speak with police about the and we root were left be on the property. when this witness with this court rap >> reporter: i am not aware the
9:01 am
condition right now we did find her in an varoomed be having been shot. >> tran: many people were fearful this is axiom massive apartment complex. it is happening with in the back in a very small part of the complex. the message was not been released yet. >> darya: we first told about breaking news before 5:00 this morning. you could also find more from asian and wrap you can download and that is free. >> mark: we have unusually warm weather today.
9:02 am
>> anny: it's hard to complain about the weather right now. it will be a little cooler tomorrow. the temperature should be around records today. our forecast thai is for the upper 70's. this will happen throughout the bay area. right now is warming up all their pride at temperatures are still and '50s the issue lady around this time we're in the '60s so as not quite as warm as was just in. it's 55 and severed his curly. we'll talk more about
9:03 am
this when i come back. we will look to the storm track for 7 day also. >> robin: the approach of the open side has been backed up to one through the maze. it is starting to break up the traffic. the most attractive to be here no major hot spots are now. this part is still slow and all the way to sunbelt. the time the draft * 30 minutes.
9:04 am
>> darya: we have breaking news that a southern germany about the train crash. nine people dead at least 57 seriously injured. the two trains hit head-on. the death toll could climb. emerges to responders respond to the scene this happen the 7:00 in the morning local time. it's about 40 mi. away from munich helicopters coming in to survey the damage and figure out what happened. how they collided is still unknown. >> mark: local citizens are trying to get back to normal from the super bowl weekend.
9:05 am
super bowl city crews are still trying to terracing down the senate. roads and desirable city are not supposed to open until friday. >> darya: or the 42 victims of sex of human trafficking profounds this week. more than 20 work and social service cuts in. some men were arrested for this. there is actually a member of the denver broncos practice squad ryan murphy it was questioned about this bill he was not arrested. >> mark: a rehab clinic for sexual offenders is coming into a neighborhood and the local
9:06 am
residents are not happy about it. the company has moved from its current location to go to the corner of church and the boat. people say that this company should not be allowed to go to their neighborhoods. when this witness with this >> reporter: we do not want the sex offenders in our neighborhood. >> mark: the company says the offenders will be wearing ankle monitors and are not likely to offend again. godard
9:07 am
>> darya: there been several high-profile shootings of people still indenture cars and so there's an ordinance were there trying to make it so people when they have guns in their cars and to lock it in the back of their car wherever is locked. supervisors voted in favor of the ordinance. >> darya: the first primary in new hampshire as are restarted. we'll have more details. there was also of logistics problems with the employees at super bowl. they had made headway
9:08 am
three hours to be able to go. >> mark: wilson of a pitcher of beer market drop where people are having a party at mardi gras.
9:09 am
drummond >> robin: hear the sad tale bridge was crowded. the drive time is decreasing. >> mark: after suitable 50 there were logistical problems with employees getting back to their cars. they had to wait for three hours before they get shuttle back to their cars. they had been left stranded. employees
9:10 am
security guards against workers had to get back to the cars which were parked 6 mi. away. >>: my feet were swollen after waiting. the mark >> mark: some had to get taxis because it did want to wait that long. the nfl has released a statement saying the apologize that the workers had to wait for that. it is not know why there was an insufficient number of buses to get them back to their cars. >> anny: we are tracking some
9:11 am
want conditions once again in the bay area. we will be in the low seventies and mid-70s to date. when i come back we'll have more details about the weather
9:12 am
9:13 am
>> robin: it's quiet in san francisco. there is stop and go at the toll plaza and through the maze. it will stay with you all the way down to west downside. the drive time is up around 27 minutes. we have no major problems today. also the
9:14 am
right to the richmond center fell bridge i do not see major problems there either. it still is heavy from castro. track times is still pretty high. here it is heavy at five lady in nimitz. the nimitz freeway is just under 40 minutes. stop and go traffic through palo alto and no. 11. it's about a 50 minute drive on no. 11. >> anny: we're tracking also was going on batiste and where the
9:15 am
snow is affecting. top right shows you the high winds you could see the drive and the boston. they'll look like a winter wonderland. they expect to have 8 in. of snow. new york philadelphia and new jersey can also get. some areas could have up to 9 in. of snow. we're still going to see more some zero and those areas. we're is bluey that is where the snow has been falling. >> anny: here's our next shuttle
9:16 am
travel forecast there a more snow in chicago. that philly they have 37. here in texas that have sunny and dry conditions. the high loss sandals will be 82. witting of the high clouds and a weak offshore flow temperatures will be down loaded today for what was yesterday. right now the temperatures are currently in the '50s. it will warm up later this afternoon quite nicely and you'll see a lot of sixties and seventies also. at 3:00 p.m. highs will
9:17 am
generally be in the seventh. and maybe up almost to the 80s in the south bay this afternoon. >> anny: to consider it sounds a you have warm days. " seven seasons and the tail. 71 in san francisco. 75 a santa rosa. enjoy the warmth and will continue for the next couple days gradually cooling. it is a sunny and dry for the next couple days for the forecast. what more about that we come back. one of a seven day
9:18 am
forecast. >> mark: will look into the winners and losers a wall street. >> reporter: if i disapprove dollar trumka, dumb and stupid. it's easy for politicians to say that it's a big bubble. it's 20 percent down the ball because and then of the sixth 79 months ago. trump's company has been bankrupt for *. he is saying everything a right wing hard- core republican issing to be nominated. a lot of people are
9:19 am
taking a time to take off or even of the employer rate is 4.9% a lot of people have given up and stay home. >> mark: overall the employee are the economy is good. >> reporter: corrections are normal in an economy of recessions are also normal the can have your body when. oil companies also fear that out to
9:20 am
get well as the crown of a lower-cost. all buyers are rising and because of that stocks are reasonably priced. twelvemonth return things might get worse. let corrections' happen is its normal part of the economy. they are very short- term. >> mark: fiance's mentioned a lyric tenor who of our for red lobster. because of that strength lobster benefited.
9:21 am
>> reporter: there is a lyric that says furman performs directly correctly in the bedroom she gets to go to red lobster. red lobster is been embracing a because of the publicity. fiancee is promoting this. >> mark: white is falling oil prices bad for the stock market's? >> reporter: oil prices falling
9:22 am
right now we're too much supply . energy companies account for about 7% of its peak 500 and they are not doing well because of the supplies of high. >> mark: if ever a question for robert newton asset owner faced a page and we will try to answer.
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> darya: the first primary for nomination kicked off today in new hampshire. >> reporter: they're finally voting in the first primary.
9:25 am
tiny polling stations the party had the votes go through. the city says that bernie sanders gets for votes while john case it be that donald trump. ted crews and clinton came out on top and another small town. there'll be hundreds of thousands of votes cast. the republican canonists are all facing donald trump. >>: he has been up in the polls since july. >> reporter: clinton is looking
9:26 am
into denying reports that she is looking into shaking up her campaign. >>: they're getting clobbered by a seven year-old ex socialist who was and a democrat to recently. >> mark: in the pulp donald trump owns 80 lead. the democratic side bernese sanders is ahead. he is well ahead of clinton in the state. but eric >> darya: doctors are trying to prevent the disease virus from spreading california. another shooting at interstate 80 and
9:27 am
will police are trying to do about. here's a look of the golden gate bridge and we will be right back. i've been bld ', and ay ake ding e day. len about non-24 by cling44-8-2424. vis frustrated with your overactive can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking,
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9:29 am
>> robin: traffic is appearing at. >> anny: the weather today has been very sunny and warm. it will be a nice afternoon if you liked what. the pollen count is high and made and has been making sneakers. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. piercing for reason 53 now. by
9:30 am
last time it will be mild. by 3:00 p.m. at temperatures to go up. some spots will be getting up into the upper seventies. these have occurred temperatures. our future cash shows some locations will either be flirting with setting records or breaking records for temperatures it will be above average in several locations regardless. i will have more about that coming up later. >> robin: here this the community to. this is still packed coming here. the drive time is going down and is now 18
9:31 am
minutes. this is moving very sluggish as you consider right about here is crowded. the traffic is starting to thin out here. >> mark: there's a crime alert for a series of robberies that taken place in fremont. >> reporter: i am in one of those neighborhoods were these robberies of happened. you concede the neighborhood watch sign here. thieves broke again the order came to see the door open and a man inside the house . he saw that the home had been
9:32 am
burglarized. i spoke with that fremont police about this about to raise. they see 506 under burger's per year. the genesee won the two of these berkeley's and a day. what people been putting in home security systems. they easily happen during the day when people are not home. bullard burglaries are happening and people are told to make sure the doors are locked.
9:33 am
they do not believe that any of the current robberies are connected. >> darya: there is the search for another shot shooting instigator. he fired into the car and injured a man. people in this area are worried about this. there been six shootings about this in november. the rich and mares also very concerned. >>: we've had problems in richmond for years with this. all right a lot of the shootings have to do with rivalries of
9:34 am
people trying to get even with each other. >> darya: the mayor said they'd met with the highway patrol and they're looking to put a stop to this. >> mark: cdc is now putting its command center on highest alert for the sake of buyers. will be hard to stop the spread because spread by mosquitoes. >>: the misdeal was an aggressive daytime biter. >> mark: they're also working in a vaccine that could take years to develop it. >> darya: blood bank are going to have some donors to stop donating. they want to make sure
9:35 am
that the blood gets their safe. >>: we have to ensure that the blood of patients is safe. >> darya: lessors' needs to be inspected and there were about to seek a buyer is being spread through transfusions. present obama is asking for one. billion dollars. against the and this against disease virus and other things. >> mark: the president will be
9:36 am
in the bay area tomorrow. he will be joined to democratic party events in san jose. you'll be lucy the motorcade on streets and freeways but they have not indicated where exactly they will be. there mathews has announced that he will retire. he was first noted offers in 2010 he is. uh stepping down two years before his term ends. he wants to spend more time as family according to a spokesperson. >> darya: the denver broncos are having a party today to celebrate their when. team pulled off a win against all odds. it is their third nfl
9:37 am
championship the coaches and players will be at the parade. >> darya: how about an alligator with her when these? we will talk about how this guy manage to get an and where happened. we'll have more news after the brick.
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> mark: the host for review saigon for another year. >> reporter: this is the tail did iraq. fiancee released heard
9:40 am
single during the super bowl halftime show. she also announced third world tyrannosaur and made a black power side. >> reporter: their nine episodes left of the good life. cbs announced its. >> reporter: another view host will be residing with a view. we are not sure if it will be bold or will be back and. >> darya: this person rented a
9:41 am
room out to be on stage during the super bowl week. cheapos these pictures and put a runner instead rampage. the house took cost $10,000 a night to rent. >> mark: we have a look outside denver colorado of the fans gathering for the parade.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
adding any >> anny: we have fled warm temperatures today and the call pollen count is high. currently we're mid-60s. due to the temperature is right here. there's a lot of sunshine in the forecasted and. there's a week seabury's to the timber is our little lower than it were yesterday. we're looking upper
9:46 am
'70's and some places or perhaps even low 80s. at the peninsula we're looking at 73 degrees. 71 in downtown san francisco. there's a lot of sunshine today . 74 in oakland. in oakland the low 80s yesterday. any >> anny: we are looking for gradually temperatures falling. we will enjoy the cool down will bet. there's nothing to drastic temperature wise over the next couple days. for north we may
9:47 am
still will be arraigned. the week and looks dry. the next chance for rain is possibly on tuesday. you might want to take advantage of this great weather and do some spring cleaning. >> robin: we got to the commune without any hotspots almost. at daly city at ocean avenue the three left lanes are blocked this happen because of a crash. after you get through the crash the bride is great dress alike. there is some heavier than
9:48 am
normal traffic here. there's a lake crash a camino pablo. this is keeping your drive come by here at 60 they are at the scene of the crash. this syria's backing up all but at the foot of the mace. there's still plenty of time at west valley. >> darya: there's some big releases come to commuters. >> reporter: there'll be a very
9:49 am
important as asian for commuters. how this impact commuters? when this witness >> reporter: we're adding three express lanes which will make a better for commuters. the sole driver you can use money to pay for the use of a light. >> reporter: this show that makes a difference? >> reporter: these really do make a win a difference. it is
9:50 am
help out another city is quiet and made a big difference. there's a video online if you wanna know more about,. >> reporter: we will be attending a news conference on kron 4 and you could look on our website for this. we'll have some great video. gore >> reporter: this will help you on your cute. >> mark: insensate they are looking a lot of policy about chokehold. people are concerned
9:51 am
that police are using deadly force to much. >> mark: we now know the name the three people there were killed in the crash and severed his goal. they died is pleased that the return and get away. they hit a taxi and the car took fire and the driver was okay of the taxi. the car had run several lights after writing down its in the busy street and then they ran to the taxi. >> darya: q jackman posted a photo asking people to wear
9:52 am
sunscreen to prevent skin cancer. this is the australians third at the time with the problem. >> mark: a wendy's restaurant in the florida had an unwelcome guest he brought in an alligator in the drive-in. it went through the server went. he was arrested for unlawful session of an alligator. he could face a year in jail. none of the employes found a funny even though he thought was a joke. >> darya: a passenger on an airplane is in jail right now after urinating and another
9:53 am
passenger. the city as if it's smoke and when he was told no he got upset took off his clothes and urinated on the other passenger. they wrestled him to the ground. they then landed in sierra leone and had him arrested. after that the plan appears. >> darya: the golden state warriors did not have a game last night but they do have one today. people waited c. green trama and poured coffee off for charity event. he was doing
9:54 am
quite well as a warriors player but the proceeds will help charity. it was a one shot deal only. >> mark: will help the top stories we come back from the break.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> darya: with news that the south bay where shooting took place. police got there and found a woman had been shot she is in the hospital right now a man was taken because the. >> mark: nine people were killed and more than 50 people were injured at the train crash in germany. two trains crashed into
9:57 am
each other. but eric >> darya: new hampshire primaries kicked off today. candace doff their campaigns there and were looking for additional support last. >> mark: here's a live look from denver for the celebration is happening for the super bowl victory. you have a rally at the state capital. >> darya: they have a nice sunny day there and we also have a state capital. >> darya: they have a nice sunny day there and we also have a nice sunny day here
9:58 am
am tallylind. i st my sighin ahanian. ifou're tallylind, u maalso be ruggng wh no24. llin844-4-2424. orisit my2. ifou're tallylind, wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena
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