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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 16, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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powerful tributes and even a swift pay back. >> there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. >> taylor blasted kanye fours after the rapper insulted swift with the controversial lyric, i made that b famous, she had a message to her >> someday when you get to where you're going, you're'll look around and you'll know it was you and the people who lov you who put you there, and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. ♪ >> it was an epic night for taylor. >> taylor swift. >> after her 1989 win for album of the year, she helped with win out the grammys her team backstage. and after the show, she changed
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into another crop top and skirt and hit the after party. she looked for her boyfriend here's b. watched selena's face when we mentioned kanye. >> you shoul have stormed that stage kanye style. >> and selena was there when swift wo in the pregrammy show for "bad blood." >> it's the first grammy that was won for a music video. >> swift shared the "bad blood" grammy with kendricklamar, he made a bold statement on prison set and taking the stage in chains. >> what do you hope the audience
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takes home from your perform tonight. >> a feeling of hope. >> lamar won five grammys and how about record of the area. that went bruno mars. he was backstage with his collaborator. the singer's post was candid about adele who told us about her technical difficulties during the show. the piano mike fell on to the piano strings, she wrote, adding blank happens. but i'm treating myself to an in and out. >> and lady gaga and that dazzling tribute to the late david bowie. gaga covered ten of the legend's biggest hits and used some cutting edge technology. >> can it go in lesser way and
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then sort of like spin around. >> this is behind the scenes video of the creation of gaga's dancing piano. but david bowie's son didn't seem impressed with gaga. >> mentally confused, what is that word? it turns out that word is the dictionary definition for the term gaga. >> one of our favorite moments was hamilton creator star emanuel miranda after hiswin. our senior news editor was the only one on stage when he won. >> it's amazing to get to do it
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on our home turf. >> the hip-hop musical about our founding fathers on our sound stage back in l.a. the performance crashed hamilton's website, tickets are sold out until january 2017 and many fina to see why this multiracial cast has drawn so many a-listers to see their show. >> what do you think everybody wants to see this? >> because we put whole hearts into it. >> the biggest night in music is family night. julie chan and her husband, president and ceo leslie brought their son charlie. >> it a few years, i don't want to go to that thing. >> you have more style infllence than him. >> you know moms do the shopping for the family. >> ed sheeran's parents watche him win his first two grammys
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ever including song of the year. >> my parents been wanting to go to the grammys every single year, and every ye i lose. >> christy teagan and her husband are expecting their daughter this spring. >> you where a song for christy, how about song for your beautiful daughter to come. >> we have to find out her attitude first, she mooiright b nightmare. >> and john won for glory. john was part of an all-star salute to lione ritchie. >> have you had a chance to meet her yet. >> i have not had a to meet her yet. my opening line is hello, it's me. and going to say, is it me you're looking for? >> we did catch them finally
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meeting during a break in the show. ♪ hello ♪ is it meyou're looking for. >> demi lovato as well as meghan trainor. >> you're now at the beginning of the rest of your life if you're starting out like this, sky to th is the limit. >> and the tribute meant so mu to meghan, she cried. coming up later, we're talk grammy fashion with our style guru joe zee. so what does he think of the big looks? and he finally has a grammy. by the way, he was able to get a
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smile out of his little broth >> and we go behind the scenes stefani's music video. it's all grammys all weekend long, from the red carpet events to the after party. dunkin' donuts helped them p through. and james corden is all about doing double >> i'm not even thinking about the grammys. we have to leave go back to the sheeran show. >> it's a real tough life. >> it is tough. >> i'm not digging up rows. >> on crazy days like grammys, what keeps you running throughout a day like t >> coffee. coffee, normally alcohol, but i'm not drinking today which is a good thing. >> i have some kind energy for some reason during the day. >> i just being grateful to be here and be a part of the
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process, you know? awesome.
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>> this awards seasons runs on dunkin'. actor elizabeth olson is 27.
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♪ >> okay, we'll just sayit, gwen stefani is fearless. she debuted her live music video during thegrammys. and let me remind you, this all happened live. the video was shot on a 32,000 square feet sound stage and gwen made seven costume changes. blake did stop the set. and check out this switch when gwen actually swapped her heel for roller skates, but that is actually a body double taking the fall, which we found
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out was actually planned. did it pay off? there's a look of sheer joy when it was over. she rocked this mullet and tuxedo suit as a tribute to the late david bowie. and carly steel talked to her the look. >> hair was actually out of the blue type hair. and we're like you know what, i want to do the blond, but i want to do a mullet. >> totally bowie. >> you your own makeup. >> it's true, i think me i know what i like the best, so i might as well do it myself. >> the 19-year-old signed on as the new face of covergirl last month and they wanted us tell you all about it. >> queen latifa is opening up to the doors to what beautiful is and i love to be part of that. >> and just before hitting the grammys red carpet, she gave her
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fans a of her look peri scope >> her go to for soft lashes is covergirls smoky eyes. >> and crest white strip for our favorite ca ready moments from the gr how did the stars shine on the carpet? and still ahead tonight, our fashion e joe zee's grammys, dos, don'ts and start overs. >> i would actually move the slit of the skirt over to the side. plus we're getting the story behind carry underwood's valentine's day necklace. and bieber with his little brother, why so serious? it's all coming up.
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this is a nightmare, i'm supposed to be talking to kevin and nancy on the red carpet. >> can you just come up with a grammy category for car pool karaoke, because it's the best in la night. it was a big night for the biebs, because he won his first grammy and afterwards he was a little pumped up. right after grabbing his gold, justin flexed his muscle backstage. after five years of trying, he tweeted, belieberr, we finally did it. >> tried to get a smile out of his minime. another great familymoment,
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meghan trainor and her dad goar. >> you hav handsome date tonight. >> it took a couple of hours but i clean up face. >> meghan trainor. >> my dad whispered you made it before i walked up and i lost it. we always meghan made it. we knew when the song "all about the base" won thegrammy, she called him to tell him the news. >> you made it, baby. >> i made it, dad. sometimes things go full circle. >> thank you for the grammys. i love you so much. thank you. >> kudos for meghan's dad for holding it together like she did. meghan said presales for her follow-up album will begin on march.
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and joe zee breaks down the dos, don'ts of the grammys. >> when she showed up in that strapless dress, i mean the legs, it was amazing. the day before she was showing off her guns and it paid off on that rcarpet. >> thank you, it was a value less th value-valentine's present. >> i remember thinking that carrie's husband mik scored some points when she told me he had given it to her. >> what did you think of taylor swift? >> i'm calling this the most debated look of the night. there's a whole g who love it and a whole group who hates it. it's a versaci, in another life, that's a beac cover-up. >> but some people were -- also
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to emma jones dress from the 2014 net gala. >> some people were calling her "dora the explorer." >> can i tell you what the biggest compare son online was editor and chief of "vogue." so love it or hate it, i can tell you that one thing we don't debate, was she actually had the hottest of the night. >> gomez. >> i wanted to feel like a blue backfire. >> she changed into another cutout dress. and let me tell you, this is the power of selena. that dress was on the new york fashion week friday, it flown out on friday and was on red carpet on monday. >> beyonce wore what looked like wedding dress. >> a genuine real wedding dress made by an italia designer.
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now i'm thinking, here comes the bride or it is beyonce? i actually thought somebody was going to take out some rice and throw it at her. >> maybe we can move on to sierra. >> she was wearing alexanbote dress. >> she couldn't even wear underwear under that dress. it was two pieces of briric tid together. >> how do your waear this dress? >> kind of like this and if i want to show attitude, i just -- >> what stars will get a fashi do over? >> let me tell you, first of all, let me say i love you, adele. and she can do no wrong, i to say i love her and i love the black dr i would have just tweaked it a little bit. i would ha made the collar and
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making it into a boat deck. but the collarbone the most fabulous part on anyone's body. >> can we about demi lovato now? >> first of all, i would turn the sleeves into a vest. i want to see some skin. and seco i would actually move the slit of the skirt over to the side because i like that bit of myst it also helps to trick the eye into feeling the body is a lot more stretched. and again, i would drop the vest a little bit longer, because in doing that, it also makes you look taller tha are. >> and we can't let you go without naming the worst dress. >> she actually walked the red carpet in a hello kitty hot pink o
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onsie, that's a fashion no.
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alarming report 60 percent of californians may have had their data stolen over the last year the latest dirt disturbing details ahead. behind-the-scenes look at san quentin said death row revealing report you only see and hear from inmates staff for the toughest places in eattle seahawks
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quarterback. take a look, bye, everybody. >> this is your annual party. now russell's with you. >> you know, russell is a g i believe in, i've been watching his career, he's all about being the best, working hard, he represents all of the values that i, you know, believe in and aspire to be. the stars toasted with 130-year-old hennessy russell got a super bowl ring and i wanted to know l.o. could make it in the nfl. >> maybe years ago, but not now. right no needs to
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stunning new details. californians have been hit by some of data breach in the past four years. that's 49 million people. to use the sleeping with yourself and pictures much in mind. part two of the exclusive look at life on death row. >> pam:


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