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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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stunning new details. californians have been hit by some of data breach in the past four years. that's 49 million people. to use the sleeping with yourself and pictures much in mind. part two of the exclusive look at life on death row. >> pam: stunning new details
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reveal 60 percent of californians have been hit by some kind of data breach over the past four years. that's 49 million people. state attorney general kamala harris has issued a data breach report in hopes of inspiring business and government to do more to protect you. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live tonight. j.r. some startling numbers. two-point >> j.r.: 2 6 million people were affected. and that rose to 24 million people or the 800 percent increase. social security numbers payment data and medical information top three types of data breaches the last four years. california
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attorney general spoke about the data breach report tuesday to a small group of stanford students. in fact her office's findings show three in five californians may have been the victim of a debt reached last year. as the so the solutions recommended for companies consumers. and pasteur's highlighted this problem with the security tech groups. this to say there so long way to go when it comes to it designing save systems. now as for the
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largest bridge in the last four years. effective 1.4 million people in california and target breach targeted 7.5 million in california. >> pam:apple is being ordered to help the f-b-i. break into the cell phone of the san bernardino gunman. but to get into the locked i- phone belonging to syed farook. now apple is being told to help federal police to cripple the security encryption on the phone. that encryption erases data, after too many unsuccessful unlocking attempts. farook and his wife murdered 14 people in san bernardino they later died in a shootout with police. tonight.a campus is on high alert.after a u-c berkeley was the crime was last thursday
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>> grant: the campus for here memorial stadium took place on his street near telegraph avenue night.around 9:20.on haste street.the yound lady was walking on the sidewalk just south of campus. kron4's jeff bush is live in berkeley tonight.with information on the investigation and the suspect.jeff. them out of the closet. >> reporter: according to the university female student walking alone on pastry last thursday 930 when the attack occurred. most people agree it
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is not a safe place. "i never walked by myself across
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the street immediately we never. walk by never >> reporter: officials do say that people park read and has a reputation of being displaced consumers are being told to walk in groups. >> pam: beautiful weather all along the bay area video shows have francisco hayward emeryville today. all before scenes what it looks like people taking advantage of the lovely weather in the things will change long while since we've needed are umbrellas >> britteny: see if the light showers tomorrow the rained picks up and we also see when space picking up a closer look at the san francisco airport temperatures push a 72 beating the old record to 79 oakland will warm all the way 82
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degrees. a record 75 oakland airport 76. and then on and use 70 as we head into the rest of tonight mild evening ahead low sixties for inland locations clauses with pushing tort overnight hours increasing and temperatures in the high 50s we're in the mid '50s and we will see cloudy skies and then rain moves in chars 7:09 a.m. and then when speeds in the afternoon heading home when deconditions cooler for us we see a cold front associated with this next system and is just down low 60s when does up the 50 mi. per hour from the day and tracking another round of serous no winter storm warning in effect over more details and we expect coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes.
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>> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight in the newsroom. with a look at what's happening in the sierra. charles.... >> reporter: california has an average minus no. we are on track to beat average snowpack. this recent dry spell slowing things down and they are saying we could see some more big storms in the mountains because of that all milhaud. >> reporter:until this month, california's snowpack was on track to be one of the largest in years. on february 2nd, there was 114% percent of the normal amount of snow across the sierra. but due to a lack of recent storms there hasn't been significant new snowfall in weeks. warm temperatures have also melted some of the snow that's already 16th, the average snowpack statewide has dropped to about 92 percent of normal. the northern sierra is in the best shape at 99 percent. the central sierra, including the
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lake tahoe, has 91 percent of average for mid february and the the question now is will ocean is still going strong and probably will be for months meaning that we could still get hit with big storms. noaa are predicting that from february through april temperatures all along the west coast will remain warmer than normal but they also believe that california will see above average amounts of moisture. southern california, in particular, has the greatest chance of seeing extra rain and they have updated two month outlook thursdayin the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam:we are tracking el nino at kron-4 dot com. there you can find a special section about how the weather phenonmenon is impacting the bay prepared for heavy rains now to the latest on that double
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- murder at one of san francisco's most majestic spots. a famoustourist destination - twin peaks. about the accused killer's criminal past. and grant is back. with something eye- opening. left at the crime scene. >> grant:we told you about the homicide arrest at 6-52 this morning with a push alert. bedstands for a street gang in that area of sonoma county of shooting victims are young man from san jose serra sought and officials have not said if they have gang ties news tonight we are also getting mug shot of the suspect 26 year-old now facing possible charges two counts of murder one of attempted murder. the surviving suspect recovering after sf and general homicide investigators wedding and his condition to approve before
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asking what he knows breaking news by downloading our >> grant: 75 several have resulted in convictions stealing cars hit-and-run concealed weapons and did make the news once in 22014 please looking for him after he left the scene of an accident resulted in the stolen car driving ac transit bus in richmond. that boss smashing into a home entering injuring the people inside. and despite having a long criminal history still unclear if they have any game affiliation.
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>> pam:in national news. new fuel for the fiery debate over a successor for the late supreme justice scalia died 342 days before the president is due to leave office. and some republicans say he should let the next president make the nomination. today in his first news conference since scalia's death, categorically. "we have more than enough time to go through regular order, regular processes. i intend to nominate somebody, to present them to the american people, present them to the senate. i expect them to hold hearings i expect there to be a vote." "not a recess." "full stop." has voted on eight supreme court nominations made by presidents in their final years in office. six were confirmed, two were rejected. at no time has a president vacant for his successor.
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>> pam: players on an east bay basketball team walked out in a surprise protest now facing discipline. did you have sex in junior high school monopoly of the questions supreme court nominees may have that answer coming up. unusually high number of teen suicides in the city getting national attention and effort to stop the crisis to save lives. pet moments are beautiful,
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complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. >> reporter: members from the center for disease control arrive todaythe center's for disease control arrived tuesday to do an and they will be here for two they will be talking with the county and city all to figure out why kids from this affluent community keep taking their own lives. pkg in palo alto alone, almost a since 2009 the pain is not something the community wants to go through again. sot how can we better understand this health issue not just our city but others
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>> reporter:mary gloner with project safety net tells me the county asked the members from the cdc sucide prevention team to come investigate the crisis here sot "they are doing this work because we want to understand better what is happening in our community and really address youth wellbeing many of the kids took their own lives on caltrain tracks. the cdc will evaluate the current suicide prevention programs, watch media coverage of the deaths. the cdc did a similar investigation like this in fairfax county, virgina. and found that peer pressure, bullying, high expectations. and denial of mental health issues all played a part in the deaths. santa clara county wants the cdc to uncover the risk factors here. sot so it can better help us support our youth and help them stay resitl and really address this health issue here tag it will take a few weeks for the
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cdc to complete its report. from there, the county hopes it can stop the crisis of teen suicides. which are five times greater here than the rest of the nation. in palo alto justine waldman kron 4 news >> grant: >> pam:several players on an east bay high school basketball team. have been suspended for the rest of the season. after launching a surprise protest during last weeks game. it happened last thursday at deer valley high school in antioch. the girls varsity basketball team conducted a surprise protest. aimed at their head coach. the schools principal says the reasoning behind the protest was about playing time for a couple girls on the team. it only ended. when the head coach left the gym.
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prinicpal gardner says an internal investigation into the matter revealed no misconduct on the part of the girls basketball coach. the 8 protesters were suspended for the final two games of the season. >> britteny: revenue inched up for half-inch and some locations get more it is a drastic change from " lucia in the last couple days record warmth, conditions now wind gusts up to 60 mi. per hour to our region tomorrow and on snow in the sierra. if you head home from work tomorrow alive leucocyte seen quite
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conditions and the will increase some locations hayward 70 degrees and 57 in richmond 51 in nevada los 63 said rosa and then have monday we break it down for you hour by hour limbering closer to 9 10:00 i was clocked week deal with what widespread light rain and then cluster 56 and a clock hayward and san mateo or by fremont on and off rainfall expected to continue tonight. there is a 2:00 a.m. dealing with a few light showers and a possibility throughout the day on thursday. the heaviest rain heading home wednesday. and if you plan on
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traveling to the sierra be could rework your plan. winter storm warnings 2 ft. above 6,000 ft. and then wednesday night because we expect release strong wind speeds a possibility as well be very careful and then tomorrow we notice a big drop temperatures down the '60s and '70s and '80s we stay in the '60s for the rest of the week by the weekend's 67 and then try by next monday we are back in the six fifties. >> grant: within the past five minutes we have learned a triple shooting in the city of berkeley right now police say the shooting happened on parker
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street near the intersection of san pablo ave the bank of america in that intersection. three injuries and three people injured and taken the local hospital no word on a gunman are now shorter in berkeley police investigating a crew heading to the scene we bring you more information as soon as and get it. >> pam: all before a marriage of supervisor is, proclaiming the we long celebration began this year to its closest service your i of among. enforcement outside the event. inside the prison and some of
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the most despised killers we talk
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a stark warning from america's top intelligence official. c-i-a director john brennan there are no specific credible threats right now. but u-s officials are on high alert since the southern california san bernardino attack. and the brutal isis assault in paris- which woke up the intelligence and law enforcement communities - to what isis is capable of. why hasn't isis launched a paris-style attack, so far, >> reporter: distance between here and syria and iraq, the fact that you have a very small number of americans who are a part of isis, while in europe you have thousands of individuals. here you just have a few-hundred. you have heightened attention from the fbi and the intelligence community." analysts say a more realistic scenario is for isis to instigate a lone-wolf attack from afar. similar to what happened in garland, texas, last
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who led the f-b-i on a nationwide manhunt. was in a federal court today. two- counts of possessing a biological toxin. and having a gun with the serial number as part of the plea bargain, beat prosecutors dropped four- other counts he was facing. including. possession of a homemade bomb. the materials were allegedly found in chamerlain's san francisco apartment. in 2014. he is scheduled to be sentenced in april. >> pam: major breakthrough in cancer research and a set is to sleep with yourself honest are falling you might change her mind after he sees pictures presser employee disturbing discovery and seven california a baby left in toilet. be
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>> pam:a subway employee discovers a newborn baby in the toilet around eight-thirty this morning in a southern california restaurant. employees heard cries from the bathroom. they then entered to find the baby in the toilet... and the placenta in the garbage. police say the suspected mother trinidad. wanted on narcotics charges. she was arrested nearby for investigation of attempted murder and child abandonment.
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police say the mother gave birth be to the baby... and then walked out of the sandwich as for the baby....he was described as being in critical condition because the cold toilet water lowered his body temperature. he is alive and being cared for at the hospital. the suspected mother also remains hospitalized. a major breakthrough in the researchers at seattle's fred hutchinson cancer research center announced a potential new treatment this week. the treatment is based on what's that helps a person's immune system fight off cancer cells in a way that's similar to fighting a virus. white blood cells called t- cells from cancer patients and genetically modify them. the cells are then put back in the patient to multiply. researchers say the genetically- published, nor has it been
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reviewed by other scientists. of dust bowl player. uncourtly camera. the tunes cited the walls of california's san quentin prison. antarctic condemned men cn death row we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam:life on that dangerous cell block can obviously take its toll. kron 4's alecia reid went behind the prison walls at san quentin. she was granted access the media hasn't been granted for years. look at the conditions inside one of the world's notorious prisons. >> reporter:i thought i had prepared myself for going to san quentin's death row but i was wrong. there's nothing that can prepare you for going into a maximum security prison, housing some of the worst offenders in the securityis tight, and it has to be. the guards, took every precaution to keep me safe. nats - playing harmonica - exteriors of prison life on death row looks like this. 23 hours locked in a 4 by 10
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foot cell. natsot - i'm waiting to be murdered the routinethe same, every single day. nats for these hardened inmateskeeping their sanity is the challenge natsot - i can't see myself going crazy this is the yard. not a patch of grass in site, instead, a row of cages to allow these inmates to get some fresh air. a total of ten hours a week it's called hard time some here won' t admit or deny their guilt sot - i don't know if there's an amount of time that one can do for the crime that i'm accused of, that can satisfy everyone others like sunset killer doug clark insist they're innocent. he's pinning his murderous rampage on his girlfriend, who was also convicted and sentenced to life. he says she acted alone.
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00:58:14:15 - 00:58:22:09 sot - this place is a fortress guards armed with automatic rifles keep watch. ready to react at a moment's notice. nat's the east block is home for most death row inmates. 520 cellspacked 5 stories high. armed guards. every turn of the head. nats - door closing the worst of the worst reside in the adjustment center. security is even tighter here guards tell me these security measures simply come with the territory. they risk their lives everyday. while maintaining order here.. they are likely the first to be attacked by inmates. as they've seen in the past. sot - there is one individual here on death row that is responsible for retiring 4 of our officers due to assaults the north building is for privelidged death row inmates.
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that's where we find scott peterson. he and other inmates here have access to this roof because of good behavior. this is also the original condemned row of san quentin. they get outside every day. their view of the bay, blocked by 20 foot fences and sniper posts. natsot - make friends in here that realize this is a long journey as i prepared for this unique look inside this notorious prison, i thought these inmates would be disrespectful and shouting obscenities. but i found it was the exact opposite. they were quite respectful to me and seemed to simply be doing their time
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effort >> reporter: nursed their interest enlist nothing for me to be intimidated the officers kept safe and all the dust were concerned pleading their case then doing anything disrespectful. >> reporter: thought it'd be may be a blocker so but talking about over 600 men sitting waiting to be executed in so many of them the buildings almost at capacity
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>> pam: the 21 year-old man was involved in a fight in a par across streets from the hall a graph the man who they believe was response will for a tax official said double person in whose whole the part out this not a, on their street.
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>> pam: did you have sex and high-school junior high without many of for people any better friends any of you ever buy or sell pornography these are some of the questions supreme court nominees have had to answer compiled from congressional report said. and the kennetts taxes writing childhood medical history love lives all scrutinized for potential red flags in the process. >> grant: a triple shooting in berkeley. jeff arrive at this.
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>> reporter: grandstanding three people transported to the hospital unclear what the circumstances were surrounding the shooting leading up to the shooting we do know the three people have been transported as a result of being shot down the street parker street from our location here in san pablo ave receiving a whole lot more information on the story and more details of the available. >> britteny: all this record warmth we experienced is about to leave. a live look outside right now been cleared my leaving as we had still
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tomorrow record-breaking temperatures out of here in we continue to see cooling conditions back a bit closer to where we should be this time of year. several later shot shows how to ease already noticing all the clouds moving in and a larger system that we're tracking area of low pressure you see the drugs with a cold front and that's what it will drop temperatures kick up when speeds. looking ahead trekking rainshowers if your home from work eat most of the rainfall gossip of 50 m.p.h. when the bosnian effect for this year of college restore morning goes into effect 4:00 p.m. until thursday evening a closer look at what we can expect one to 2 ft. of snow fort elevations above 6,000 ft.. we expect snow-
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covered roads decrease in mobility. be very careful out there to the left and hides we stay in the '60s that called for a halt drop temperatures down 52 degrees and 64 in san jose 64 in fremont and 61 and had been de and a 74 cassette then the show stay with us
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stunning news out of the sports world. / >> pam: on the thought about suicide and she told ellen
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after she had knocked out in a fight and took her title. sports illustration susu ball says one key thing help third recover starting a family with significant other. 14 year-old basketball player recovering after a freak accident during a game. video of the incident its. career running down the court when she slid on the ground stopped suddenly and the board split in the middle impaled the young player. in the hospital none of her internal organs were hit by that would. we bring >> pam: down the warriors historic free all-star game season and sharks try to live up to the record one the best of both teams and the nhl gary has pilots all the sports coming up.
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>> pam: new york police want to get out to the public the players sofa and the parallel you sleep. these pictures near to please renew the word out to people to be careful don't do it essentially hazard sleeping with the phone. the phone is not often them but can start fires. badly charred mattress pillowcase ec the phone no word tonight was specifically cause this the start the fire.
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>> gary: the sharks and tampa bay in the warriors enjoyed its the sharks into to one lead more than two minutes later and they're about to turn on the red light. sharks a great on the road and then on a road is where they are dynamite. did the sharks 32 lead and then one more san jose and tampa bay afford to jones between the pipe and 28 days.
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despite >> reporter: sitting out 15 fourth quarters this season and he already made to a record 45 lead porter's it did hit a single one for the rest of the year still the seven best
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all-time and then the shooting 40 percent from three-point less. the warriors will on pace to win the chicago bulls best 22 and 10 mark and then if there'll to another title it will surely be remembered. >> gary: 5:00 p.m. while making dinner time watching then diesel was on. he took his five year- old to meet staff.seth. >> gary: person being drafted not a positive one. northern
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california. according to the u.s. geography survey many wonder the same thing is just a myth about california going into the ocean $82 million if she does a rich man sums to shore. roger a number of folks what does he do. makes sure all the billionaires are happy. jim keeps on rolling. in the bay area a lot dillon mccaffrey
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brother ed mccaffrey with a heisman trophy and a favorite next year stanford dillon will play his final year in colorado one more year of high school band will play for jim and right now that the fifth best in the nation.
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>> gary: before we get out of here jesper straight out of the head or norway at the slopes here go all over the rule slopes norway cal jesper he's more risky there he is if your and annals come to the right place westminster dog stand jet ski cap.
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>> pam: and drive like double 07 it will cost you after the break.
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>> pam: this is critical is bomb bond film. $3.1 million and they say the car could hit a top
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speed of 190 mi. an hour the top speed of six of our. promoters ongoing right now should in may.
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