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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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mercedes that led to the arrests of the two suspects wanted in connection to the armed robbery cases at the >>mall >>"investigators went out there and they looked at video and they saw the honda pilot that was used in our robbery was also seen during a carjacking where the stole the day at our robbery, the suspects were seen driving the silver mercedes and that was the getaway vehicle" >> reporter:this vehicle was spotted by san leandro police. they took the two juveniles into custody and turned them over to pleasanton investigators, who say there is one more person connected to this case still out there >>"there is a current manhunt suspect" >> reporter:investigators say they have some good leads and that they are working with in the bay area trying to track down that 3rd pleasanton haaziq madyun kron4news. >> catherine: >> pam:what happened in pleasanton. might be a clue into other crimes in the east bay. kron 4's maureen kelly reports on why investigators are looking for possible connections. >> reporter:bart police say they are looking at the suspects arrested in the mall robberies in connection
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with similar recent crimes under their juristiction.they were not specific as to which crimes.but a look at their police log shows that a woman was robbed on sunday afternoon here in the orinda bart parking lot. >> reporter:in that incident the victim says she was accosted by one suspect as she stood by her open car door.two other suspects stood by .one of men holding either a shotgun or rifle.after one of the men grabbed her purse.the trio took off in a pearl colored mercedes. >> reporter:nearly two weeks ago on feburay 10th, there was a carjacking at the lafayette station in that incident there was only one suspect involved. >> reporter:acording to orinda pd the exact same thing happened at orinda bart parking lot.just two hours beforeon that same night. >> when he approached the vehicle, he was easily approach but a suspect who opened the door and demanded the driver to but said his vehicle.
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>> reporter:people i talked to in the bart parking lot are distrubed by these recent crimes. >> it makes me concerned for my wife and my daughter. >> this seems to be that people are starting to get the idea to do this that it is not a presence of police. >> reporter:the riders i talked to hope these recent arrests put an end to this crime spree. but so far, no one has been arrest for any of these bart related attacks. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:what started as a carpool violation. turned into a high speed chase on the bay bridge. during the morning rush. grant lodes is here to explain what happened. and the traffic impact. >> grant:an already rough
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morning commute got way worse this morning. traffic was backed up well past the bay bridge toll plaza. after a chp officer tired to pull a guy over near the toll plaza for a carpool violation. >> grant: >> grant: >> grant:the chevy took off.speeding across the new eastern span.the car spun out near the yerba buena tunnel.driver.takes off running. a taser was used to eventually get the 36-year- old suspect.identigfied as marvin gross of oakland. >> grant:he was arrested for driving with a suspended license, evading an officer.and that carpool violation. gross allegedly told officers he didn't pull over because he did not want his car to be towed. return to >> pam:a dump truck overturns... spilling gravel onto several vehicles in san francisco's richmond district just hours ago. the san francisco fire department was notified at around one -thirty this afternoon. >> pam:it happened near forty -fifth avenue and balboa street. the driver says that the truck was facing down hill... as he attempted loading the gravel as part of a construction project. >> pam:the load shifted...
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causing gravel to pour onto four vehicles. officials were eventually able to flip the the truck back over. >> pam:no injuries were reported. >> pam:10 people are displaced tonight. after a fire in oakland destorys a temple. and a home. the fire broke out early this morning around 4-30. this is video of the incident. >> pam:hundreds of candles left burning. are being considered as the cause of the massive blaze. kron four's terisa estacio spoke with the one of the victims. who lost everything. >> everything is gone. >> reporter:a smokey house fire in fremont proved to be a challenge for firefighters this morning. the fire on hughes place. was reported just after six o'clock. >> reporter: the blaze that destroyed her home started at the buddhist temple next door. >> reporter: because of the fire is still under official investigation. they have some burning by the home,.
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>> 100 to 1000 unattended candles were burning for the annual celebration. >> reporter: some of the candles you see at the base of the blood some that were set out for the ceremony. they are not trying to figure out what the secret of the suns the home being gutted there is that-just the other at a complete loss. >> everything that was lost in the fire. my keys, my credit cards. >> so in my father last night, he was so worried. i should have told you to be careful. but i am glad that you got out ok. >> pam:kron 4's tran
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reports. getting the resident out of the burning structure, took some work because the man weighs more than 600 -pounds. >> i say between five and 600. >> reporter: the firefighters saved his life. because there was no way he could have walked out of his home. >> they grabbed the mattress and all, and lifted and pulling it out. they get close enough to the gut to the gurney and he meet up again and put me up on the gurney. >> reporter: seeing flames coming from the rush to rid a call for backup. if not for the fines, to help lift
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up and get him some help. >> the company continued to fight the fire and it took to additional companies to get the german out. --the gentleman out >> i received a call saying that the house blew up and i am in a.m. lands right now. >> reporter: he was not injured by the falling for the smoke. this is not a permanent move. and in best sellers have to find out what is because of the fire and the utilities were cut off. so, no one can say in the house prepared--so no one can stay in the house. >> reporter: will tram, kron 4 news.
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>> pam:the festering controversy surrounding the re-instatement of a san jose fired for posting offensive tweets, appears to be drawing city hall into the fray. >> pam:san jose mayor sam liccardo is exploring a possible legal challenge. to an arbitrator's decision to reinstate officer phil white. white was fired over tweets which were seen by some, as threatening and racist. >> pam:the mayor says, the arbitrator's decision undermines the police department's >> pam:authority to discipline officers. and it casts other police in a bad light. >> it does not help our department to have the office of the instigation and this type of communication. coming back into the force and have people believe what ever they might believe about what this says about the rest of that department. i do know officers that are better than that. >> catherine:the mayor says, the focus of the city's superior court challenge. will be to find out if the arbitrator exceeded his authority, or violated any of the tenets of public policy. with regard to the reinstatement of officer white.
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>> catherine:police in sonoma county are investigating an animal cruelty case. after one woman reported, that two of her pets died. after they were poisoned. >> pam:the woman says, two of her horses and her dog. were poisoned. only one horse survived. >> pam:veterinarians believe the animals ate homemade cookies. which were tainted with a plant that is highly poisonous to animals. >> pam:the incident occurred in an unincorporated area of sebastopol. along kennedy road. police say, they have indentified a person of interest. but have not released any other details. >> pam:there is much more ahead at five. >> pam:tonight, there is growing disgust over the eviction of a 97-year-old grandmother. what is behind her dilemna. next. >> pam:plus. an east bay jail, the target of a lawsuit. what one family says happened behind bars. coming up. >> pam:and microsoft founder bill gates. weighs in on apple's standoff with the federal government. >> brittany: and, there was
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another hit a full day. we are tracking warmer weather on the way and i will let you know how long would it coming up in my forecast. nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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>> pam: there is growing outrage in burlingame tonight. about the eviction of a 97- year-old grandmother. we first told you about the case last night, on kron 4 news at 8. >> pam: kron 4's kate cagle explains. today's dilemna dates back to promises made years ago.
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>> reporter:a white picket fence and green ivy surround this quiet cottage in burlingame. the tenant here has nutured this garden for more than sixty years. >>"oh you should have seen it when it was beautiful. i used to work my tail end digging and planting flowers. >> reporter:but this might be marie hatch's last season here. >>"i don't do much out there anymore i can't do it." >> reporter:at 97-years- oldmarie thought she would live out her final days in this home. >>"look at all this stuff i got. where would i go. i don't have anybody to go to." >> reporter:but eviction notices don't care about your age. .or income. >> reporter:she received one earlier this year saying she had 60 days to move. >>"that's why i'm shaking. i don't know what to do" >> reporter:but marie's new attorneybelieves this grandmother have some hope. nanci nishimura/attorney >>"she had a promise. an oral agreement with the
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original land-lady that she could live the rest of her life here." >> reporter:the home has been passed down through three generations since that first promise.from daughterto granddaughter.and is now in the hands of her widower. >> reporter:he says a trust requires him to sell the home this year. and in a press release to reporters promised to help marie move. >>"i wish he'd put his pen back in his pocket. he doesn't have to sign any papers. leave it as it is!" >> reporter:marie - who is fighting cancer - just wants to stay put. >>"i've had many happy hours. many sad hours. like everybody else." >> reporter:and her wishis to live out as many seasons as she can. in the place she's spent most of her life. >> reporter:reporting in burlingame. kate cagle. kron 4 news. >> pam:alameda county is now facing a federal civil rights lawsuit. accused in the wrongful death of a jail inmate. grant is back now with details on the charge.
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>> grant:mario martinez was here in the santa rita jail last summer when he died. the family says it should not have happened. at a news conference today. martinez's family says the 29 year old murder suspect suffered from asthma and nasal polyps. >> grant:the family's attorney says martinez was having difficulty breathing. and what guards did was not enough. >>in out view the failed to take adequate medical care and provide the necessary medical treatment that was needed in order to prevent his condition from deteriorating. this was a preventable death. >> reporter: >> grant:in addition to naming the sheirff's office in the lawsuit, the family is also pointing out corizon heath. the jail system's health care provider. >> grant:the family seeks unspecified damages and changes at the jail that will prevent similar incidents. >> grant:mario martinez was twenty nine years old and the father of three children vallejo police have arrested a teenage suspect. for a fatal shooting earlier this month.
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>> pam:18-year old jacob rodriguez of vallejo, is in the solano county jail.on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. >> pam:police believe he was involved in a car chase and shooting. that killed 18-year old eric reyes of vallejo, and wounded a woman riding in the car with reyes. the shooting happened february 6th near heartwood avenue and springs road. >> pam:authorities in sacramento have recovered the body of a man from india, who went missing hours after his daughter's wedding. >> pam:this is the picture taken at the wedding february 6th. grove. at the historic grand island mansion. the body of 55 -year old prasad moparti was found in the sacramento delta slough, disappeared during his daughter's wedding reception at the delta resort. sometime after the wedding photographs were taken. >> pam:an air, land, and water search lasted three days.
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>> pam:relatives say, moparti arrived in california from and was unfamiliar with the area. >> pam:spring like temperatures today. brittney is here. >> brittany: there was another above average day. we will warm up even more into the mid '70s. and 80 degrees by thursday. looking at the largest satellite, the flag is barely slowing. it is really comfortable in regards to temperatures. to a >> brittany: purchase will continue to climb as we head into the rest of the work week. our conditions, closer to an average. we have a web advisor in the will say until 9:00 p.m. on thursday with sneak aways. tracking a
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light rain shower. >> brittany: 74 degrees on pleasanton and '60s and livermore so still another every day for us. we did see an increase in the cloudiness as we go to time. as we go into when say, we will barely see any clout. it will be blocked by an area of high pressure. the only thing that we are watching is toward the end of the work week, on friday with a chance of showers. the look like we will merely say that the parts of the north bay, only santa rosa may have a chance to see some of that rainfall. >> brittany: 70 in daly
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city. and coming up we will take a closer look at what to expect in your forecast. pam? >> pam:next. a big night in the race for the white house, as another caucus is held. while bernie sanders and hillary clinton prepare to face off in a townhall. >> pam:the latest from the campaign trail is next. >> pam:and later. it is the new fitness fad. that has been viewed millions of times. we will introduce you to the creator of the wine workout.
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>> pam:it is another big election night for the republicans. as the nevada caucus is taking place right now. meantime. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are set to make their pitch to voters in south carolina. >> pam:c-n-n's ryan nobles joins us live from columbia, south carolina. ryan, what shoud we be watching for tonight?
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>> reporter: it is an interesting dynamic. right now, hillary clinton has a very large lead in the south carolina. where burning does not tend to the pan attention to carolina. he did not even mention south carolina. he only talked about the big super tuesday vote. he is on to use his national television appearance to show the differences between he had gilroy clinton. --hillary clinton. >> i am very happy to release my paid speeches to
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wall street. i do not do that. and i did not hit speaker fees from goldman said split so but am happy to do my best. >> reporter: this is borne by the state discussion where sanders has called on phillip clinton to lease the speech transcriptions that she gave. not given to private citizens but the wall street firms for it seemed the sheik is to tie the end to wall street. the clinton campaign says they are considering releasing the speeches and they will release some and every other release every pay speech that they have done. >> pam: before we switch to the gop what is this class system is bypassing south
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carolina?--what is his plan. >> reporter: a bit of a more blue-collar and middle-class voters, so he is looking at different areas. where his clinton should do better in the seventh phase. the reason why she should do better here on saturday in south carolina because of the african-american vote. and a >> reporter: some stage you have a winner take all. but right now be sanders campaign since they can come out on super tuesday collecting a fair number of delegates to keep the process moving forward. >> pam:silver state republicans will be picking their presidential candidate in tonight's nevada caucuses
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but -- will they give donald trump his third consecutive win -- >> pam:or select one of his two closest rivals -- senators marco rubio >> reporter: the one thing about a call this is that you have to keep his thymine is historical difficult to pull off. we have seen this in iowa. we were surprised when it hit cruz won over trump in iowa. --ted cruze won >> reporter: however, may be the margin may not be as big as some of these polls are telling us. the rate for second and third is really important here because will deal is making the case to the republican boehner and the establishment class say he is the best candidate to take the drop on 101. one on
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one >> reporter: that is a long shot to save the very least because its socket with but a large margin and there would be one candidate clearly that head the lane to publicly oppose him. but not at this point. says he's closing the gap >> pam: president obama is making one last effort at closing gitmo. that's the detention center at guantanamo bay in cuba. which is holding detainees suspected of affiliating with terrorist groups such as the taliban and al qaeda. >> pam: the plan calls for transferring most of the detainees to other countries.
5:27 pm
the rest. deemed too dangerous to be shipped abroad. would be moved from cuba to a detention center in the u-s. >>in outlining his plan today to congress today. president obama alluded to the fact that. only some detainess have actually been charged with crimes. >> pam: he says, gitmo does not advance our national security. >>" "keeping this facility open is contrary to our values. it undermines our standing in the world. it is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law." >> pam: the president's plan identifies 13- possible u-s- transfer sites. including a military prison in leavenworth and the federal "supermax" prison in colorado. >> pam: congress has rebuffed the closing of gitmo for seven- years. >> pam: caught on camera. a small plane comes crashing down in a california small plane comes crashing down in a california neighborhood. how far will you go?
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♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:the battle over cell phone encryption. moved into the streets today, with rallies outside apple stores in san francisco and across the country.
5:31 pm
apple is resisting a government order to unlock an encrypted i=phone. >> pam:the fbi says, the phone belonged to terrorist syed farook, farook and his wife shot and killed 14 -people last december in san bernardino. >> pam:the government is asking apple to create a custom version of its i-o-s operating system.which bypasses security features on the i-phone. >> pam:but apple says, the privacy of millions of i- phone users is at stake. and it will fight the order all the way to the supreme court. charles clifford is at the apple store in san francisco. where a crowd has been gathering. charles? >> reporter: i m outside the apple store. 530 this evening there will be a rally. about 50 or 60 people showing up so far several months fastest several non-profit are here this evening. they are here to show their support for apple. they say that they are doing the right thing by resisting the government ordered for providing back door access. beckham be
5:32 pm
doing something very dangerous. mainly opening people privacy to the wrong people. >> this could be dangerous in the wrong hands. and no one can protect us. >> reporter: back live pirelli is just starting threat in downtown san francisco. we have another life support that such hubble another live report coming up. >> pam:apple has won the support of most of the tech industry, with one major exception. microsoft co=founder bill gates says, he thinks the courts should decide the issue. >>"apple has access to the information. there is not -- they are just refusing to provide the access and the courts will tell them whether to provide the access or not. you couldn't call the access some special thing. it is no different
5:33 pm
than should if anybody ever been able to tell the phone company to get information. difference between information. the government's come asking for a specific set of information." >> reporter:apple has until friday to comply with the f- b-i order. >> pam:a court hearing on the issue is set for march 22nd. >> brittany: take a look at this beautiful sunset behind me. temperatures were still above average with the increase in clouds. especially as we get into the next couple of days creek >> brittany: 5 pressure will stay in control so he will continue to see temperatures climb as we head into the next few days. futurecast shows of corn into wednesday mostly sunny skies and the clause will stay off shore--clouds.
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>> brittany: the one the state of the week will be thursday. --the warmest day of the week will be thursday. >> pam: a happy ending to what could have been a tragedy in southern california: grant is here with an amazing survival story. >> grant:here's where it ended. a light plane with its wings sheared off sitting in the middle of a suburban intersection. the pilot crash=landed in the middle of traffic. and the whole thing caught on a surveillance camera. >>"shook the ground. it shook the ground. it was pretty loud, pretty intense. you know?" >> grant:watch in this video as the single-engine mooney m-20-j slams into a car and skids to a stop. >>"first time i ever heard that, it was terrifying,
5:35 pm
because there's a moment where, 'what do we do?' we don't know what to do." >> grant:later in the video, you can see the pilot emerge from the plane. the l-a-p-d says he was alone in the four-seater and wasn't injured when it crashed into an intersection in the san fernando valley town of pacoima monday >>"i mean, he did a great job. i give him a lot of credit for what he did here." >> grant:news helicopter pilot tim lynn says he was at a nearby airport when he heard the plane's engine sputtering and watched it at a low altitude with gear down before the pilot dodged homes, train tracks, and then crashed. >>"he picked the most. the best spot he could possibly pick." >> grant:police say there were no other injuries, even though five cars were damaged in the crash. >>".but thank god everyone is okay." >> grant:moments after the crash, witnesses say they scrambled to the scene to make sure the pilot was safe. >>".so we figured there was definitely going to be a fire or something like that, and we all just ran out there with extinguishers and everything, but luckily everything was fine. you
5:36 pm
know? >> grant:the plane went down about a mile from pacoima's whiteman airport. the pilot told a los angeles daily news photographer that he was his on his landing approach when a strong gust of wind blew him off course. >> pam:authorities have identified a woman. whose body was found at the bottom of a laundry chute. at the tallest hotel- casino in downtown las vegas. she has been indentified as 26- year- old kalli medina- brown, of citrus heights, california. which is outside sacramento. >> pam:this incident happened on sunday, at the 34-story las vegas hotel. police are still trying to determine how the woman died. >> pam:the case is being investigated as a suspicious death. no word yet on whether she was an employee at the hotel, or a guest. >> pam:the colorado woman, n whose baby was cut from her womb. says, she doesn't hate the woman who attacked her, but is angry about all the pain she caused. >> pam: commodities prices pulled down the energy and material stuck. the price of
5:37 pm
a low-fat almost 5 percent and just at $32 a barrel. the dow dropped and the nasdaq gave up 67 points today.
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>> pam:the zika outbreak may
5:40 pm
be spreading to north america. the virus is usually transmitted through mosquito bites. but u-s- health officials are investigating 14- new cases of possible zika infections. spread through sex. the 14- cases all involve men who visited areas with zika outbreaks. like brazil. they may have infected their female sex partners, who had not traveled outside of the u.s. >> pam:furthur tests are pending. in brazil, the zika virus has been linked to a rare birth defect, in which babies are born with abnormally tiny heads. >> pam:and remarkably, this little boy in egypt was facing life in prision. the three- year old was at the center of an extreme case of mistaken identity. he had been sentenced to life in prison last week, for crimes he alledgedly committed at an anti- government protest in 2014. >> pam:the boy was only 16 months old at the time. it took an uproar from his authorities to back off. now he will not be going to jail. >> pam:the toddler and his father. who had been hiding out for 18 -months. are now back at their home in the southern egyptian province
5:41 pm
of fayyoum. >> pam: next at five. >> pam: the new wine workout. that has people raising a glass. >> brittany: we have a few changes on the way and i will let you know what to expect in my forecasts coming up next explanation
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>> pam: a popular online video. is creating smiles for people who are normally frustrated by exercise. a northern california woman has created the "wine workout". and posted it on her facebook page. >> pam: reporter evan schreiber, with our coverage partners at c-n-n. met the woman behind the viral sensation. >> reporter:as a mother to a toddler, 24-year-old april storey knows her time is limited. and like many mothers know. healthy living can be a struggle.
5:45 pm
>> reporter:home with her daughter brielle and her husband levi on monday. the busy life was on display. but what resulted. has now been seen by roughly 25- million people worldwide. >> reporter:the 15-second video posted in january now dubbed "the wine workout." >>"i was getting ready to do a workout, and i saw the wine there and i'm like, 'you know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.'" >> reporter:storey tells me this is her life. simple. every-day home exercises. >> reporter:not necessarily always the wine that was just one of the dozens of non-alcohol included workout videos she's posted. >>"so that's what facebook is for, right? just sharing all the things that we're doing every day." >> reporter:that sharing spread worldwide. one post from former star trek actor "george takei" saying "quit wine-ing and work out" to his nine
5:46 pm
million followers. >> reporter:posting the video with a slightly different music variation. >>"most of the comments have been positive. there have been a few negative reactions about her hurting herself - falling on the wine. but most of the people have been doing like what i'm doing, and sending back their own videos and pictures." >>"they were making their own videos. they were doing different things with it." >> reporter:no matter the number of re-creations. or comments -- both positive and negative -- storey is hoping they all get the message. >>"what i want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere, and you can use anything." >> reporter:in this case. just don't forget the corkscrew. return >> pam:the hashtag. "free kesha" . continues to generate plenty of heat. the insider's debbie matenopoulos is in hollywood with more. return pam, tonight we go inside the connections of all the women speaking out as the man at the center of the controversy, producer >> reporter:dr. luke,
5:47 pm
finally breaks his silence! >>willie: now to a heated case pitting kesha against a popular music producer >> get a little bit risky >> reporter:you see all these celebrities and they're saying free kesha and they're very sympathetic to her / the court of public opinion is certainly in full swing >>prod: how does it feel to have all your fans support you? >>kesha: i love them. >> reporter:its being called trial by producer, dr. luke, dubbed the beatles of our generation for his vast hitmaking abilities used his feed to break his silence regarding kesha's allegations of rape and sexual abuse. quote >>i didn't rape kesha and i have never had sex with her. kesha and i were friends for many years and she was like my little sister. >> reporter:but honoring kesha's wish to cut ties with dr. luke are pop superstars taylor swift, demi lovato, lady gaga, and ariana grande. >> reporter:with 37 top 10 hits. some who have worked directly with dr. luke are split in their support. >>miley party in the usa 1:00
5:48 pm
>>yeahhh its a party in the usa mxvid_kelly clarkson since youve been gone 1:04:20 >>since you've been gone >>miley cyrus and kelly clarkson are on team kesha with kelly tweeting quote trying 2 not say anything since i can't say anything nice about a person. so this is me not talking about dr. luke >> reporter:we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos back to you, pam. return to >> pam:later this year, the nation will elect the next president of the united states. presidential portrait. >> pam:the painting, featuring actor kevin spacey in his role as president frank underwood in "house of cards". will go on display at the smithsonian national portrait gallery in washington dc. through october. >> pam:"house of cards" was the first original series produced by netflix. >> pam:season four premiers next friday. march 4th. return tonats: ambiance
5:49 pm
>> brittany: a live look outside, with an increase in the clouds to that. we are still above average. three things to know as we go into the rest of today, we will continue to see mild conditions, warm temperatures for the rest of the week, dry. and we are tracking a chance of rain showers on friday. >> brittany: 67 degrees in san jose in daly city. we did see a chance of increase and our close yesterday. and we will see mostly clear skies for the rest of tonight. for future cash shows us the golden time we do say that that says we to say nice and dry. only, on friday if we have a chance of rain showers.
5:50 pm
>> brittany: your highs all round the region and peninsula 69 degrees, 68 in san bruno, 70 and dec. te'o. 72, and 73 enact tough. --in napa >> brittany: for most location sunnyside. with the height of 73 degrees. and it hit into friday, because we are seeing a weather disturbance moving on friday that will start to affect the temperatures thrift closer to the north bay we will see more clout increasing with a chance of rain showers moving again. >> brittany: taken this saturday sunday, we can see clear conditions and as we
5:51 pm
pushed into next week the average price was dark to climb back into 70 >> brittany: ice conditions as we go into the weekend with the snow from the report. mount rose, open at the base with 119 in.. sugar bowl, 12 (base at 140 in.. we will have another look at the weather more into the broadcasts. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:we take a look at the spanking brand new interstate 580 express lanes and give you some do's and don't to avoid ending up california highway patrol, in the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> pam:the new 580- express lanes are now open in alameda >> pam:for a short time - the c-h-p is offering a breaking -in period. so drivers can get accustomed to the changes. stanley roberts takes a look at the new express lanes. tips. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:so you get to drive on the brand spanking new 580 express lanes, however before you undertake this new adventure there are a few thing you need to know first off white is the new yellow . that's right to comply with federal guidelines for hov lane caltrans are using double white lines stand for high-occupancy vehicle lane but we call them carpool lanes in california >> stanley:these lanes east and west bound are in effect 5am to 8 pm monday thru friday and you can enter and exit at will except where there are double white lines >> stanley:in fact there is a sign that reads do not cross double white lines next two miles and of course you will see drivers crossing the double white lines the fine for crossing over the double white line if caught could set you back 490 dollars and a point on your driver's license and the additional 64 dollars if you are permitted to attend traffic court
5:56 pm
>> stanley:carpool lanes in northern california are slightly southern california the lanes there are 24 hours 7 days a week . but in the bay they are usually during rush hour however the express lanes on this corridor are in effect all day . so in order to use them you must possess a fastrak transponder there are two types, the old fashion ones and the ones that have switches >> stanley:if you are carpooling it's always free .you only have occupant now here is where it gets a little tricky. if you don't have a transponder you are basically a carpool cheat during the hours the lanes are in effect >> stanley:so how can the chp tell. well these lights up above see how the first light is on. this means the driver is the only one if the lights don't turn on it could mean that you do not have a transponder and i'll say it again the fasttrack transpoinder is required. not having or not displaying youor transponder cames with a 238 dollar ticket . and being a carpool cheat could net you an additional ticket in the range of 460 dollars but it doesn't come with a point so basically its like parking ticket on the highway >> stanley:also the express lanes don't mean you get to exceed the posted speed limit it simply means you get to pay not to be stuck in traffic in alameda county stanley roberts kron 4 news
5:57 pm
>> pam:a demonstration of support for tech giant apple. the rally going on right now against the federal government. in the name of privacy. then, a move to keep dogs confined to some areas on some federal public lands. it has pet owners crying foul. >> pam:the news continues in 70 seconds. on kron 4 news at six.
5:58 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam:breaking news out of the east bay. >> pam:we just got word that a body found near fremont over the weekend. is now considered a suspicious death. people fishing in the area found a woman's torso, just
5:59 pm
after 8:00-oclock- sunday night, near marshlands road. >> pam:that's where kron 4's dan kerman is live tonight. dan- we understand that area is now being considered a crime scene? >> reporter: you will see the light behind me just below the bridge that is where all of the police activity is going on. legal rose some video to show you what else is going on. human remains were found by fishermen at a 15 at night on monday. officers did go back out and found a torso of a one-man not the lakes, not the arms and not the kid that all remains missing. -- not the legs, the arms or head
6:00 pm
>> is this the first time but this has ever happened. this is crazy. i have been coming here for years. oakland or substances go, the stuff happens over there. >> reporter: we are on marshaling votes at basf old wildlife refuge where human remains were found. all they have found his they are still missing other parts of the body. the police has not given us no additional details to this case. we hope as it unfolds we will have more information to give you. dan kerman- kron4 news. >> pam:hayward police still have not filed charges in
6:01 pm
connection with the death of 22-year-old stacey aguilar. police do have a suspect in custody. but will not say who. >> pam:aguilar's body was found on saturday. with multiple gunshot wounds along a rural road in fremont. she was last seen alive at a party two weeks ago in hayward. >> pam:her family reported her missing last tuesday. the same day her boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence. police say that charge was related to aguilar, but they have not said if he was involved in her death. >> pam:a sense of relief after the quick action of police who arrested two of three suspects involved in robberies in an eastbay mall parking lot, but there is still a suspect on the loose. >> pam:kron 4's haaziq madyun reports suspects are juveniles now facing several charges. >>"there were 3 suspects so there is one still outstanding that we are currently on a manhunt trying to locate" >> reporter:two juveniles are now in custody for a pair of violent armed robberies over stoneridge mall in pleasanton. police lt. kurt schlehuber says a vehicle the suspects used at the mall was carjacked a
6:02 pm
day spotted monday across the bay in that same city leading to their arrests >>this turned out to be the key in this case, right? >>"yeah it actually was the key, they were still driving the vehicle a few days later. two 17-year-old violent crimes. we don't get a lot of these types of crimes here in pleasanton especially at the stoneridge mall" >> reporter:it was here that two women were physically assaulted, one saturday, another on sunday, both robbed of their purses at gunpoint according to investigators >>"we believe this crew, these suspects are responsible for far more crimes than we had just here in pleasanton" >> reporter:now with two of the suspects in custody he says there is an all out search for a 3rd person involved in these crimes >>"we have some good leads, we have an idea of where he may be located so that's currently what is going on right now" >> reporter:pleasanton police say agencies across the bay area are working together trying to track down that 3rd pleasanton haaziq madyun kron4news
6:03 pm
>> pam:bart police are also looking at the suspect's arrested in the pleasanton mall robberies as possibly being connected with recent similar crimes. while they were not specific as to which crimes but we do know there have been several riders victimized at the orinda and lafayette stations in the past few weeks. >> pam:back on february 10th there were two attempted carjackings that happened within hours of each other at both of those stations' parking lots. >> pam:and just this past sunday afternoon a woman at the orinda parking lot was robbed at gunpoint by three suspects as she stood at her car. >> pam:bart patrons we spoke to say it's unfortunate that it seems commuters are being targeted. >>the bad guys know where to go, it's usually where the money is, towns like this orinda, moraga you just need to be aware of your surroundings, that's what i tell my wife all the time
6:04 pm
>> pam:so far no arrests have been made in these incidents at the lafayette and orinda stations. >> pam:a contra coasta county substitute teacher. facing child pornography charges. pleads not guilty. 60-year-old david prashker made his first courthe faces possessing and distributing child pornography charges, as well as attempting to destroy evidence. >> pam:prashker was a substitute teacher at two private schools in the central area of the county. police say there is no evidence, currently, that students. >> pam:he's back in court next month. >> pam:hundreds of candles.left burning overnight.appear to have started a huge fire in east oakland. grant lodes is here with the incredible video, the destruction.and the injuries. >> pam:grant?
6:05 pm
>> grant: spectacular flames in the dark sky and oakland are around 2:00 a.m. this morning. and 50 second ave. the temple, hill for months that had gone to sleep with the candles still burning for a holiday ceremony. --4 monks >> grant: the fire just burned through the temple and pretty much levelled it. and also burned next door for a family of six who now needs a place to live. >> grant:the fire destroyed the temple it also burned severely damaged the house next doora family of 6 people live there and they are now all displaced. as many as 6 cars were also a loss.
6:06 pm
>> we believe the cause was candles that were left unattended, bernie overnight. --burning overn ight. >> grant: working smoke alarms that alerted their cell phones is possibly the reason why these people are still alive. >> grant:and in fremont this morning.a garage fire.and someone was trapped inside. complicating things.the guy who needed to be rescued couldn't move.had been confined to a bed in the living room for years. >> grant:the 64-year0old resident was more than 600 pounds. his fiance and dog also got out safely. it took five or six firefighters to get the man out of the home.which was filling with smoke. >> grant:the cause of the
6:07 pm
fire is currently under investigation. it caused more than a quarter million dollars in damage. >> grant:the red cross is working with the residents on temporary housing. >> pam: a live look at our embarcadero cam this tuesday evening. another day of above normal area. >> pam: and it's expected to be even warmer tomorrow. britnney shipp is tracking the forecast.just how hot will it get? >> brittany:another round of warm weather for us. this will continue through thursday! >> brittany: some locations will get pretty close to 80 degrees. taking a look right now with a beautiful sunset and increasing cloudiness tomorrow, leslie his son skies tomorrow as well creek--mostly sunny skies to marleau. --tomorrow.
6:08 pm
>> brittany: we are definitely ahead or above average as we move into tonight. >> brittany: we will keep dropping down as we go into tonight. later this evening, we will be in the low 50s and tomorrow they will be a coup starred but we will push back up above average. tracking warmer conditions with a dangerous high surf advisories. that will say in effect until tomorrow, around eight or 9:00 p.m. through a lot more for the extended forecast coming up! >> pam:for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam:your number one source for news and weather in the bay area.
6:09 pm
>> pam: today the city ordered the test to be gone over the next seven to zero hours for the city hopes that those that are homeless will move to a shelter that is provided at pier 80. --ordered the tents to be gone >> pam:happening now. >> pam:dozens of protesters converge on the apple store in san francisco's union square over tech giant's battle with the fbi over hacking into an iphone used by a san bernardino shooter. >> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is live in san francisco tonight.
6:10 pm
>> pam:charles.we understand these protesters are supporting apple? return to index of >> reporter:in a major change in tactics. apple reportedly will ask that congress decide the dispute with the fbi. apple ceo tim cook is resisting an fbi effort to get apple to unlock encrytion on the i-phone of the san bernardino terrorist, who killed 14 people. >> reporter:the associated press is reporting tonight that lawyers for cook will tell a california judge in legal papers this week that the dispute should be left to congress. rather than decided by the courts. >> reporter:lawyers for the cupertino tech-giant will also argue that the court case is improper. that it goes against an 18th century law that has been recently used to make phone and tech companies assist in hacking into the phones and devices of criminal suspects. >> reporter:google, facebook and twitter support apple. saying that creating a back door to access ecrypted information and phone numers is a bad idea. and violates personal privacy. >> reporter:new report tonight may buttresses that concern about possible privacy violations. "usa today" discloses that federal marshals have secretly tracked six- thousand cellphones to hunt for suspected terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. >> reporter:the newspaper
6:11 pm
reports the marshal service uses powerful cellphone surveillance tools, commonly known as stingrays. >> >> reporter: a talk to some people and they say that they do sympathize with the victims. but this a different situation they do not believe that the government will be able to guarantee that the alert the only ones that would be able to access this information. that this could cause harm first to happen to people phones and faxes the privacy and turn it against a regular people.
6:12 pm
>> pam: coming up tonight at 6. san jose's mayor is now weighing again with the comfort--in regards to the controversial tweets from a police officer. >> pam: and the water crisis, in flint have people wondering how safe is there water?
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> pam: now to the south bay where the flap over a cop who got his badge back after being fired over some provocative tweets may be headed to court. >> pam: as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, community activists aren't the only ones critical of an arbitrator's decision to reinstate officer phil white. return >> reporter:admitting it's a long shot at best, san jose mayor sam liccardo says the focus of a superior court challenge will be to find out if the arbitrator over stepped his authority in reinstating officer white. >>sot sam liccardo
6:16 pm
we might be able to shed light for the decision as well as to the fed will was given by the police chief. >> reporter:officer white was fired last october after he wrote on twitter. '.threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you.' >> reporter:and '.if anyone feels their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun.' >> reporter:the mayor says the tweets and white's reinstatement reflect poorly on the police department. >>sot sam liccardo/san jose mayor it does not help this department. to have a police officer come back into our precinct. with that type of belief. or communications. >> reporter:
6:17 pm
>> pam: in san francisco's richmond district, crews are still working to clean up gravel. that spilled onto several cars. after a dump truck overturns. >> pam: the incident happened around 1:30 this afternoon. near forty-fifth avenue and balboa street. gravel poured onto at least three nearby vechiles. >> pam: san francisco fire officials have not said. what caused the truck to overturn. >> pam: no injuries were reported. >> pam: if you have made a duplicate payment or overpaid on any citations the bonds will be applied to any open citations on your account or you can submit a claim for a refund. any of
6:18 pm
client money will go to the city. >> pam:happening tonight. the san francisco unified school district. will continue their discussion. about distributing condoms at middle schools. >> pam: the student-- >> pam: this is a heated discussion for shore. grant is back. >> grant:national park service officials are preparing to impose new restrictions on dogs in the golden gate national recreation area and dog owners are already howling.
6:19 pm
>> grant:the proposed new rules for dog management designate 22 locations for dog walking within the ggnra, seven of which would allow off-leash dogs. >> grant:park officials say dog walking would be allowed on almost one-third of the park's beaches, mostly off- leash, and one-third of park trails, although specific areas would be designated for commercial dog walkers. >> grant:park officials say the rules are intended to balance the needs of different groups of users, protect natural and cultural resources and provide a safer experience for everyone. >> grant:"under the proposed rule, the ggnra would remain the most dog-friendly national park in the united states," ggnra superintendent >> grant:christine lehnertz said in a statement. dog owners, however, say the plan represents a massive reduction from the current amount of access and ignores the input from both bay area residents and elected officials. >> grant:"this federal bureaucracy is imposing its will onto the local
6:20 pm
community and completely ignoring the needs of the people who live nearby and frequently use these areas -- the very reason the ggnra was created," said andrea buffa of the group save our recreation. "the ggnra is an urban recreation area, and the national park service shouldn't insist on managing >> grant:it like a remote, back country wilderness." >> pam:another round of warm weather for us. this will continue through thursday! >> brittany: we do have a high surf advisories that
6:21 pm
will stay in effect until tomorrow between 8 and 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. please be very careful and were also passes and four around the water. we do have high pressure and control. as we head into wednesday and even thursday but clouds will not make it on shore. a high- pressure is blocking most of the cloudiness and making great fall. here is a closer look to what we would get near friday. >> brittany: stay to the north, near santa rosa of but not spreading all the way down and two san francisco or the south bay. we do have a chance to see rainshowers and the north bay. 67 degrees and half moon bay and 71 in hayward. as we go into tomorrow most 78 temperatures and mid-70s on thursday. getting close
6:22 pm
to 80 degrees on thursday and later in the week. >> brittany: we will see whether the service that will help regulate temperatures and possibly break a chance of rain fall for the north bay. >> pam:the zika virus outbreak.spread by mosquitos up to now. may be spreading through sex. federal health officials are reporting 14 new possible cases of sexually transmitted zika in this country. >> pam:in two of the cases, zika virus has been confirmed in pregnant women who had sexual contact with male partners who had recently returned from infected tropical areas. the zika concentrated in places like brazil.has been linked to serious birth defects. including babies born with abnormally tiny heads. >> pam:nba stars are stepping up to help people dealing with the water crisis in flint michigan. lebron james, carmelo anthony and chris paul are donating water and organic food to the city through their foundations >> pam:hall of famer magic
6:23 pm
johnson is also chipping. the lansing native is joining forces with the owner of the detroit pistons to launch the "flint-now" campaign aimed at education intitiatives to benefit schools, children and families. >> pam:the water crisis in flint began after the city left the detroit water system in a cost-cutting move in 2013. >> pam:water officials didn't properly treat water from the flint river, causing lead to leach from pipes and into drinking water. return >> pam:the situation with the water supply in flint may have you wondering how safe the water is from your own faucet at home? seth kovar has some tips for how you can safeguard you and your family. return to >> reporter:the water crisis in flint, michigan may have you wondering -- are there dangerous levels of lead in my water at home? experts say there are things you can do to empower yourself: >> reporter:start by calling
6:24 pm
your local water supplier and asking for their latest consumer confidence report -- if you get your water from a private well look for information on the e-p-a's website. if you see lead levels above 15 parts per billion -- call the supplier and demand action. >> reporter:if you want to test your water yourself -- your supplier may come out and do it for free. >> reporter:if that's not an option you can get a testing kit from a home improvement store. >> reporter:if you do that -- make sure to use "first draw water" -- the very first water to come out of your pipes after sitting overnight. you'll then send samples off to a certified lab -- you can find a list on the e-p- a's website. while you wait the c-d-c has instructions on how to protect yourself from potentially dangerous levels of lead. >> reporter:for health minute i'm seth kovar.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> reporter:president obama is calling for the closure of what, mo bay. >> pam:seven years after he vowed to shutter the facility. the announcement was made today... as the obama administration delivered its plan to congress. >> pam:the blueprint involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. >> pam:the rest -- deemed too dangerous to be moved abroad -- would be relocated to a detention facility in the united states. the plan identifies 13 possible u-s transfer sites -- >> pam:including a military prison in leavenworth and the federal supermax prison in, ronald-- florence colorado
6:28 pm
>> pam:before any transfers to u-s soil could take place, legal obstacles would likely need to be overcome. administration officials say they are planning conversations with lawmakers, but the outcome remains hazy. return to arrests-sot
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> reporter: carjacking in san leandro with to an hour rest of one of two individuals committing
6:32 pm
crimes. what >> do not get a lot of these types of crimes. there were three suspects. and there is one still outstanding that we are trying to get into custody. >> reporter: continuing our coverage after it bars the state are again at the suspect arrested at the we recent robbery. and several people were but the-at the bart parking lot and both are run that at lafayette and the last few weeks. there were two carjackings that happened within hours of each other. and both bart stations. sunday afternoon, a bomb in our run the parking lot was rocked at gunpoint by three suspects. why the--whenin the orinde
6:33 pm
whenparking lot >> pam: >> reporter: of the women that live be inside the home since her dog started barking. she had to jump out of her home to safety. the cost of the fire is under investigation. if not hundreds or thousands of candles were left burning in the temple for a ceremony or celebration. >> reporter: city hall is about to be thrown into the fray in regards to reinstating a police officer with unprofessional tweets. he was fired for tweets that were seen by some as threatening. the day after the watch dog lives
6:34 pm
denied the reinstatement. the city council is an to decide on the decision. rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> reporter: rte. 50 to 60 people have showed up outside the apple store through in regards to the decision to deny the government's request of being given a process to access the iphone security and privacy back doors. they are not sure that they could keep the limited to just that one case and if it was to get out to the public oppose it very serious-this security to regular people.
6:35 pm
>> brittany: we are going to stay in the '50s for later tonight. it will be staying in the '50s for us but by the time you wake upper temperatures will start climbing out from the mid 40's. which means above average temperatures for us. spain to the north of the spirit and clouds moving entered we did not see the cloud affecting our temperatures today. >> brittany: pushing into thursday and friday, with a slight chance of rain showers for the north bay. at 9:00 hour, most precipitation will drop. as we wake up a lot of forties
6:36 pm
will be on the map but by time we get to the afternoon there will be another round of above average temperatures. >> brittany: pretty close to 70 degrees for san francisco and we will have another look at the forecast at the end of the shah newscasts.
6:37 pm
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6:41 pm
>> i would like to see more people step up. >> pam: and for all of entertainment news is on the way as 7:00 the insider and following entertainment tonight as 730 and then we are back with kron4 news at 8:00. >> brittany: >> pam: gilroy will be back with the sports! >> pam: geary
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary:goodevening! >> gary:the warriors practiced in miami today they pay the heat tomorrow night anderson varejao signed a couple days ago practiced for the first time as a warriors today with festus eleli out another month and andrew bogut aways an injury concern varejao was signed the middle >> gary:he spoke after his first game as a warrior last night about joining the nba champs >>a fine group and great
6:46 pm
team. >>and, they had fun out there. >> gary:bottom line ... why did cleavland --cleveland let him go? >> gary:miami heat center hassan whiteside who spent time in the developmental league before blossoming last season caught draymond green's eye wuth a couple of tweets aimed at the warriors
6:47 pm
including this one >> gary:" two dribbles in the post they going to cry for a double team" hashtag- "don't flop" >> gary:draymond responded >> gary:"82 million reasons to flop and the d-league ain't never been one!!!!" >> gary: his $82 million contract and whiteside's d- league past. >> gary:larry the 11:00 producer. comedienne at news. --commie and at the 12:00 news. >> gary: this new format has larry just jumping.
6:48 pm
>> gary: he asked if i will like to join him. and i said i've not know yet. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: larry was dressed with a scarf. >> grant: 31 for a scarf?-- pretty warm for a scarf? >> pam: (laughter) >> gary:memphis grizzlies center marc gasol will miss the rest of this season after having surgery to repair his broken right foot. >> gary:a two-time all-star gasol was averaging 16.6 points and 7 rebounds for the grizzlies >> gary:they are currently are 32-23 and fifth in the western conference they could meet the warriors in the playoffs for the 2nd straight year although just getting there will be tough
6:49 pm
without gasol. (laughter) >> gary: they are making $11 million. you have to sugar coat it. >> i am on board 100 percent i am here to do what i need to do for the team. hopefully, i can remember what i did in 2010 and contribute defensively and office of quaker it--and offensive lee >> gary: bouncing back sonny a minor league contract. --
6:50 pm
sining a >> gary: there is no guarantee. divvy it one more chance that hopefully it works for him in detroit. --giving it one more chance >> gary: the video release today standing by the other appears to encourage this fight between two women reportedly to be his girlfriend and mother of his child. the an f l is investigating. --the nfl >> gary: throw his butt out for a couple of years prepared.
6:51 pm
>> gary:pam, look at those wheels! >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: he just signed a 3,000,007 $5 deal. >> gary:thank you, larry. we wouldn't have had this video. (laughter) >> gary:larry is taking care of larry. (laughter)
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6:54 pm
>> brittany: it is going to
6:55 pm
get warmer as we head into the week. thursday will be built woman say and the entire week. with a slight chance of rain showers for friday. --thursday will be the warmest day of the entire week. >> brittany: looks like we've will warm up even more. as we progress into the week. >> pam: stay in touch we will see you at 8.
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number one, kesha versus dr. luke, picking up steam and splitting music's biggest pop divas. >> they're free kesha. >> leaisa dunham puts them on glass. danumber three, hillary's scandal. is mrs. clinton about to become a prime time gladiator? >> this is what they want to know. plus our "insider" bonus. snooki's torn up the jersey shore and nowshe's flipping it
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with her husband. if they d kill each other first. >> it's like you're annoying get away from me. >> and is apprentice boss arnold schwarzenegger better than the donald? >> it's t"the insider" together with yahoo! >> people versus o.j. simpson miniseries puts him back into the spotlight. we're goi to go into who was kardashian. let's get into our number one story day. the #freekesha continues to trend. the man speaking out at the center of the controversy, producer dr. luke, finally breaks his silence. >> now to a heated case pitting pop star kesha versus her music producer. >> you see all these celebrities


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