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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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killed stacy and his car one a m and february 14th year this hayward home or the to attend a party also attending the party this man harassed charged with helping the jaws of dispose of the body. the court documents say that he heard gunshots in found him holding a gun. that's what pitch was admitted to killing the woman. the police he and other man role the body in fremont where they ruled the ball will body die hillside. the document sippers admitted to helping dispose of the personal belongings including an id card credit card so fun. also told police he helped washed the blood off the vehicle at a car wash. they got that statement with surveillance video. the
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suspects to get to a great job cleaning up the blood. on february 16th place on it blood in the vehicle and arrested for domestic violence. the murder charge came later after the body was found in the canyon. . >> reporter: when the police came to get the body, a hughes and bedroll custody. will happen in court today no pleas from either suspect nobel set for the murder suspect and for prez bill set at $500,000 paul will be back in court monday morning in the san public defenders at this point enter pleas. an estimated six we talked to a cousin of says that their family is in shock he could be accused of a vicious crime tonight coming up at 6:00.
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>> pam:police are still searching the bay near fremont for additional titchener case. the brisbane woman was reported committed suicide. just days before his death. a torso was discovered in the bay- and police are linking that to shelly titchner. kron four's terisa estacio has learned. police conducted a number of searches, including one at the husband's brisbane office. >> reporter:drawers are open, contents left tossed aside this is a look inside paul titcheners' office here in brisbane - kron four news has learned police had a search warrant and removed several items from the business - breaking a glass window trying to get to some contents. sot/tc: 16 jeared dugish/worked close to titchener i work with a lot of women and gentlemen and we are all shooken up about it it. jeard dugish says paul titchener was reserved, but always sot/tc: he loved to pet bandit.
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now dugish and his other co- workers say they are trying to comprehend the facts surfacing about the case especially concerning how a torso in fremont may be that of shelly titchener. mia irwin says just the other day she saw paul and saw his poster of his missing wife on his door. sot/tc: 45 mia irwin/worked close by titchener we saw it on his door then we put on our door, then we found out what happened and we took it down. it is just errie. sott/c: tes - police won't say what they took, or if there was
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any type of suicide note left titchener ran an audio enhancement software company out of the brisbane office, and he worked alone. when asked if police planned to return to the business for more items, they the grim discovery of what is >> pam: presumed to be the body of shelley titchener, and the subsequent suicide of her for the small town of brisbane. here you can see the growing memorial outside the family home on san bruno avenue. the titcheners were well known in the community. made up of a little more than 4-thousand residents. there have only been two- ha "very sad about what i saw on the news. "
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>> pam:residents tell us. that a memorial for the titcheners is being planned for sunday night. at the gazebo at the brisane community park. developments in this case evolved very quickly through the week. and kron 4 news has been on top of the story from the start. beginning with the disappearance of shelley titchner on february 13th. then, the discovery of a pier. we talked with the husband paul before he committed suicide. count on kron 4 news for continuing coverage on air and online. and be sure to download our mobile app for alerts on this big story. a pair of investigations are underway. following the arrest jose. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports. the teacher is accused of having an inappropriate >> reporter: here at summit tahoma charter school was launched
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after a concerned parent called the authorities attention to a rumor that a teacher and a student had a sexual relationship sometime last year. on wednesday, this man, 29-year old english teacher zachary drew was arrested and charged with having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old female student enrolled at summit tahoma. in a statement, the school said it has launched it's own internal investigation and is cooperating fully with the police. "information was brought to us in weight looked into it immediately in maritime professionally. the police were brought in and when they interrogated new evidence came to light we acted on that immediately again. firefighters
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had quite a challenge as they battled a 4- alarm house fire south of downtown san jose. this is video from our noon at a two -story home on the 400 - block of auzerais avenue when fire crews arrived they also found heavy smoke and flames. coming from a single story home which prompted a second -alarm response the fire the blaze was later upgraded to four - alarms at around 1 pm. the residence is west of state highway 87 and north of interstate highway 280. a fire station is the fire no one was trapped inside but a number of people are now
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>> pam: will it damage and the state of the residents affected people were hurt on a san francisco muni bus this morning, after the bus was rear= ended by an s=u=v. police arrested the s-u-v driver influence the accident happened around nine o'clock on bayshorethe fire department says, three people suffered moderate minor injuries. there has been a rash. of catalytic converter thefts. at a bay. kron 4's haaziq madyun shows you where the thefts are taking place. and what bart is doing to put a stop to them. >> reporter:4 catalytic converter thefts within a span of 12 hours in this parking lot at the north berkeley bart station. in each case vehicles made by honda were targeted. bart officials say two thefts were reported on monday followed
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by reports of another pair of stolen catalytic converters on tuesday. investigators say all of the vehicles were parked at the morning an when the drivers returned 8 hours later they noticed the auto parts missing "that's crazy that they have the time to do that much, it's not like it's a simple thing to take a catalytic converter off" however bart police say during that time frame the parking lot is full of vehicles. the theives are using that as cover while they are on the ground between parked cars disconnecting the converter from the vehicle's there are surveillance cameras here at the north berkeley bart station, like this one you see up there behind me. however it is pointed at the elevator door behind my camera, not at the parking lot where the catalytic converters are being stolen. bart officials say there are other surveillance cameras on this property but declined to say exactly where for security reasons. "while they are 8 or 9 hours at work who is going to defend their vehicles except for the bart police? if they can't defend from someone taking catalytic converters, then why should we park here? on friday bart police were
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patrolling the parking lot, in their vehicles, and on foot in response to these crimes. it has been a tough month for bart in terms of catalytic converter thefts. counting these 4.bart officials confirm there has been 23 vehicles targted in their parking lots across the bay area. in north berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:police in milpitas are giving credit to an alert citizen. for the arrest of two people on suspicion of stealing copper wire. the two men were arrested after a 9-1-1 caller reported seeing two suspicious men. taking something out of a p-g&e box in ben rodgers park. police surrounded the area and found the two suspects. plus a bundle of freshly cut wire. the two have been booked on charges of grand theft and felony vandalism, as well as drug charges. fremont police are hoping for the public's help. in identifying a pair of burglars who robbed several local businesses early tuesday morning.
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this surveillance video shows dollars worth of cigarettes. from a service station on south grimmer boulevard. the same two burglars are suspected of breaking into three nearby businesses. the two used a white lexus four -door sedan with beige trim. >> pam:in the ongoing dispute between apple and the federal government. apple's attorney is publicly blasting the demands being made on the company. catherine heenan is here with the latest. >> catherine:the federal government is demanding that apple unlock a cell phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. the company refuses - and it's turned into a huge argument involving privacy rights and public safety. today apple's attorney told cnn that he considers the demands being made by the f-b-i to be unconstitutional. he says that while he's on board with the f-b-i goals to learn more about the shooting --- the ends do "not" justify the means.
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olson wouldn't say how far apple plans to go in this court battle, but hinted meantime - at an apple stockholders meeting today - the audience gave ceo tim cook a standing ovation. apple has formally challenged a court order that it help the fbi unlock the encrypted i-phone. >> pam:there is much more ahead at five. police launch an investigation into two u-c berkeley fraternities. what some women say happened at frat parties. next at five. plus. a deadline looms tonight
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to shutdown a busy homeless encampment in san francisco. and it was not your usual c-h-p chase. coming up. how officers tracked down a runaway unicorn.
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berkeley police say, several women were drugged at fraternity parties last week. and they want to know if there are more victims. this is not the first time deal with problems at fraternity house near the u.c. berkeley campus. story >> reporter: investigating for incidents possibly by two different from spouses. a top distance about those are like. . officials notified of for possible assault. and to to place at the fraternity. others sexual assault happened cy young adults the known as fiji. and students talked about they felt safe f repartees if they think that the university's response is enough.
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i could"to danger a single bartender handing out drinks is the possibility of something bad happening. for the most part a front the frets affiliated are safe once. >> pam:there are still tents standing along san francisco's division street.
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despite the fact the city is trying to clear the area of the homeless who have been camping there. catherine heenan is here with the latest on the deadline. >> catherine:the homeless were given until the end of today to leave what had become a rambling tent city along that busy streets. but it now sounds like the city won't do anything drastic until sunday. the area has been declared a health hazard because of things like human waste and hypodermic needles. this was the area today -- about the time san francisco officials said the number of tents had dropped to about 40 --- from a high of about 140. the health department posted notices tuesday night - calling the encampment one man - who says he's been in the area since may -- was asked "swore oaths. san francisco
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officials sent out an updated memo today -- saying if that doesn't happen - city workers may take people'sthem forcefully. city representatives have been with other options. >> pam:san francisco could become the first city in the country to make solar panels mandatory on all new buildings. supervisor scott wiener has introduced a measure requiring solar panels to be installed in every new construction project, including homes, office buildings and other businesses. he says he plans to offer a follow=up plan that would give developers the alternative of installing "living roofs" covered with vegetation like the one over the california academy >> britteny: rain is transitioning south of the north bay toward the golden
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gate bridge. good thing as it won't mess up friday night plans. we want good rainfall and good chance into next rate but not tonight white chores continuing to move through and see how heavy the clouds are read clause as well. . and chance of light rain starting to move in parts of our area satellite radar shows for the rainfall is pushing right over san francisco airports moving in the golden gate bridge and also it is moving quickly to the east as we head into the rest of tonight around 9:00 p.m. we will be done with most of march our chances and temperatures took a hit yesterday a cold front moving in as well in the '50s santa rosa 56 and san francisco 53 daly city wal-mart in sunnyvale and then tonight it shows temperatures will stay in the low 60s by 7:00 p.m. we drop
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down and mid-50s at the coast by 8:00 p.m. 60 degrees at 58 for the bay 55 all on the coast highs around the region tomorrow a little closer to average. lower 70's and late 60's on the map here 63 in san francisco. 62 daily city coming up a closer look where you can expect to go for the week and.california highway patrol officers go on a magical quest to find a missing unicorn. we'll explain next at 5. and later. why former top model cheryl tiegs is blasting sports illustrated for putting a plus size model on the swimsuit
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couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what they thought was a tiny unicorn roaming the area. the pony wasn't quite what people thought. but she did lead police on a chase they won't patrick nelson with our c-n-n partnership has the story. this is juliette-- she looks more like something you'd find in a fairytale-- than on a farm.she belongs to five year old tatum boos."i love my pony./butted to/"she likes apples and carrots."the horn on juliette's head makes a child's dreams come true-- she appears to be a real life unicorn that makes a living posing for pictures.but wednesday she had other ideas."she got afraid and then she pulled it out of the guys hand and then she runned away."people driving down avenue 12 in madera ranchos called 9-1-1 with an unlikely story--"the calls were coming in as a unicorn running around out there on the roadway."unicorns are mythical creatures-- people don't see them-- juliette lived up to the legend.leading the califonia highway patrol and area residents on a chase that lasted more than three hours."she was running a muck in a couple of orchards with some white blooms so she kind of
5:25 pm
blended in with the scenery as well and she's not real tall so she turned out to be stealthier than we imagined."a bizarre scene-- and heartbreaking for juliette's best friend. "i was afraid and then we had to catch her in the dark."with the c-h-p helicopter shining its spotlight-- renee pardy rode in on her horse, shady.they are old friends of juliette's."they had met before and i kind of just walked off with my horse and she followed and luckily we had another ranchos resident to help get us on the property and get her into a closed spot.""the call came out "the unicorn was god.'with nobody hurt it's a fairytale ending for this pony-- but according to tatum she has some explaining to do."she gotted a time out because she was being a bad pony."
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and according to the chp this headstrong pony escaped that >> pam: so the second time the headstrong party escaped in that day. donald trump gets a major endorsement as his gop rivals the latest from the campaign trail is coming up at 5:30. plus. we are learning new details tonight about the gunman in the deadly shooting rampage officer who's being hailed as a
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>> pam:in the race for the white house today. donald trump picked up a major endorsement. as new jersey governor chris christie threw his support behind the gop frontrunner. this comes after last night's fierce debate where trump faced relentless attacks from marco rubio and ted cruz. those those attacks continued on the campaign trial today.
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new jersey: "there is no better fighter than donald trump." the billionaire frontrunner received a major boost on friday in the form of an endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie. in what could be a presidential candidate: this was an endorsement that really meant a lot. in christie, a former gop contender in the race. trump gets a ready attack dog who says new jersey: "turn away from the amateur acts from washington, strong leader. that's who this man is." christie's relentless attacks on marco rubio are largely credited as among the reasons for the florida senator's poor performance in new hampshire. presidential candidate: "i christie's endorsement comes just one day after trump butted heads with rubio and senator ted houston. presidential candidate "anyone who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants" presidential candidate "now he's repeating himself" presidential candidate "no, i'm back on the campaign trail on friday. cruz tried once again to tie trump to democrats.
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presidential candidate "donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal" while rubio got personal. presidential candidate "he asks for a full length mirror - i don't know why, cause the podium goes up to here - but he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet." trump fired back at the florida senator. presidential candidate "i watched a part of his little act. he's a desperate guy. and he's a desperate guy. i've been watching him over the past couple of weeks -- he is not presidential material" the republican candidates not from from super tuesday. a group of iowa high school students have taken backlash for using republican candidate donald during a boy's basketball game. the chant occurred during a playoff game between dallas
5:32 pm
center - grimes, a largely white school , and perry high, a more roughly a dozen students out of the 120 in attendance chanted after their team lost to perry. the chant was uttered three or four times before administrators stopped the students. trump has drawn fire for saying that illegela immigration from mexico brings danger into the u.s >> britteny: are expected for tonight polska i surf advisory mild weekend on tap. outside and see gray clouds a few isolated showers over the golden gate bridge other parts of our area also seeing visibility outside of fairfield concord and the shores of the satellite radar shows the showers moving and off the coast and pushing to the east and these light showers continue the next few hours really just at the tail end of the system to the north of us as a cold front moves and cooler temperatures this evening as well. tracking lessons store and the sunday of forecast and 15
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minutes. >> pam:a gunman killed four people in a home in rural washington state before fatally shooting himself after an hourslong standoff today.authorities say. according to the mason county a girl who survived.was taken to the hospital. authorities say officers negotiated with the man for about three hours before they entered the home and found the people dead.the gunman shot and killed himself. authorities say a gunman killed four people in a home in rural washington state before fatally shooting himself after an hourslong standoff. mason county sheriff's chief deputy ryan spurling says the gunman had called 911 on friday to say he shot and killed his family. a girl who survived has authorities say officers negotiated with the man for about three hours before they spurling says the gunman shot we're learning more about rampage in kansas. the shooter - who was killed at the scene - has been the latest. >> catherine:we now know that cedric ford had including convictions in florida for burglary, grand theft, and carrying a concealed weapon.
5:34 pm
a girlfriend claimed in a recent court filing that he had choked her. and some colleagues at the factory where he worked - say ford had mental problems. people" police have confirmed that the gunman was cedric ford. they say three people were killed and at least 14 wounded "we have 14 people in various hospitals. those conditions range from stable to critical we speak." the local sheriff detailed the timeline of the shootings.
5:35 pm
he says it all began when ford children. and later shot a second person industries, the lawn care company where he building, and at that point shoots 14 more people. three of those were fatalities. sheriff walton says ford was served a "protection from abuse" order at his job. just 90 minutes before the shooting spree. which he believes triggered the attacks. matt jarrell works at excel industries and saw the attack. imagined his friend doing something like this.. shots. i saw the shell casings mean, that vivid, i can still see it." tonight police are crediting the hesston police chief as being the person who single-handedly chased and undoubtedly saved many lives. this is the chief who's now being hailed as a hero. colleagues say doug schroeder didn't even wait for back-up -- and as the kansas governor puts it, "seized the situation." there were as many as 300 people inside the factory at the time of the shooting. >> pam: about the two shootings this past week. one that happened last saturday people were killed.
5:36 pm
the other from thursday night in hesston, kansas. three people were killed and 14-wounded. at a plant in jacksonville, "we cannot become numb to this. anybody who says they want to keep the american people safe has to care about this because it's happening in far too many towns and effecting far too many innocent americans. and there are some things we can do about it." the driver accused of the shooting rampage in kalamazoo was taken into police custody. police say the man behind thursday's shooting in kansas was shot and killed by an officer. the tech industry is entering a slow down. how will it affect jobs in the bay area? coming up at 5:45. our tech trends reporter investigates. and next. troubling new developments about the zika virus spreading to pregnant women. on wall street. the nasdaq gained 8. and the s and p fell 3 and a half points.
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disturbing new reports in the u.s. on the zika virus -- tied to serious birth defects. catherine heenan is here with >> catherine: infections have now been three babies have since beenand the c-d-c says it's also investigating 10 'more' reports of pregnant travelers with zika.
5:40 pm
of the u.s. pregnancies - two of them ended in miscarriages and two in abortions. two of the pregnancies are complications. the zika virus is mostly spread by mosquito bites. it's epidemic caribbean.
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>> pam: that at six scott will
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show us the damage want what is gone close to worry confusion for the residents now scrambling to find a new place to live at the top the hour on news at 6:00. >> pam:former sports illustrated swimsuit model, cheryl tiegs not holding anything back when it comes to plus-size model ashley graham's si-cover milestone! the insider's debbie matenopoulos is in hollywood pam, all i have to say is: tell 00:00:11 cheryl: i don't like it that we're talking about full- figured women because it's glamourizing them and your waist should be smaller than 35 vo #1 the 68 year old former supermodel - slamming 'sports
5:45 pm
illustrated' to a cable outlet it's new cover models. 00:00:27 cheryl: that's what dr. oz said and i'm sticking to it no i don't think it's healthy cheryl: her face is beautiful beautiful but i don't think it's 00:01:13 working for sports illustrated over the years has been instrumental in my career / literally laugh the 's-i' veteran' feeling the social media backlash today with shamer!!! but cheryl was quick to defend herself on twitter - saying quote: "to clarify re bodyweight. being want all to be as healthy as 05:08:47 cheryl: i was always thin and fit for my own good health i didn't do it for my modeling 12:55:19 i know i'm thick i know i'm curvy i know i have things that society says is ugly and fat / but i have so much self assurance of who i am that i feel like my confident radiates thru every photo
5:46 pm
we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the >> britteny: hame cloud preconditions continue to see a chance of light showers in to the next few hours and three things to note showers 9:00 p.m. was a cloudy skies, a high surprise treat saturday 3:00 p.m.. binges recurrence. starting today we will stage right saturday sunday in the total rainfall celebrate our shot showing showers moving across the bay area had been quickly into the east of our area and also we will get the hell and of this larger system that's why we're seeing a a few light showers and to the north where seat seeing steady rain.
5:47 pm
as a going to leak and legal in the mix of sun and clouds and a few passing clouds by the afternoon the car out in the sunday night and saturday ... stay dry most of our area we could see little bit of this shower activity in parts of santa rosa a.m. and it will be really short-lived the entire area will stage right into the rest of sunday monday and tuesday tuesday tracking a slight chance of showers parts of the area. and right now i 58 vallejo 64 concord 60 degrees and hayward 70 in sunnyvale 66 the height in san jose. >> britteny: interest maker is expected so be very careful into water. sunday forecast shows we will see pretty close average a few degrees above for this time
5:48 pm
of year we see mostly sunny skies in a week and a few passing cloud saturday afternoon sunday stays dry monday nice start to work week delicate tuesday a chance of rain by thursday right back to mid-70s. >> pam:so how will this affect tech jobs in the bay area. our tech trends reporter gabe slate got some answers. >> gabe:i went to the source to seek answers in the heart of silicon valley in sunnyvale is the nova job center. this is where people who have been laid off from a tech job go for help. or people looking to get a tech job go for help. "the hiring isn't roaring the way it was last year, but it's still pretty good" kris is the director of the job she said the slow down has not " we are still seeing people go back to work, oddly enough there are still a lot of layoffs, but that is typical churn for silicon valley, that is natural market"
5:49 pm
that i found surprising. usually when we here layoffs we think doom and gloom. this story is because of all the recent layoffs and all the layoffs that are expected this year in the tech sector. but as kris breaks down. a lot of layoffs doesn't nesseccarliy mean a bubble burst. center silicon valley " for us large layoffs are not uncommon, and infact the companies having layoffs are often hiring at the very same time. and that is simply because the churn, it's mergers, it's new products, old ones going away, it's new coding languages, old ones becoming obsolete. that the demands for skills from employers are changing rapidly and that has been happening, companies layoff those with obsolete skills and go search in the market place to scoop up those with the most up to date skills.
5:50 pm
so bottom line kris and other experts i talked to said for tech workers that are highly they will still find it easy to get a job here during this tech to break into the tech scene here job than it did last year. "one thing people can do to is sort of anticipate what is while you're still employed, skills get very obsolete very quickly around here. jobs are here very fast." "what is not such great news is if your young your unexperienced you don't have contacts, it's going to be harder in the future than it was in the past. if you're job seeking in the tech industry right now it's time to step back a little bit from the start ups the dicey companies with no product, or kind of a hazy product, who are not turning a profit yet, personally i would go toward a more established company and turning a profit"
5:51 pm
check gabe's tech page on kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. coming up there is one ticket a pedestrian can get that actually puts a point on your driving record i'm other issues in the next edition
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so many times we hear about delays with cal-train because of a collision and often we think the worst. like a car stopped on the tracks causing the crash.
5:55 pm
however, everyday there are hazards on the rails. which have nothing to do with cars. as our stanley roberts shows us, it has to do with people behaving badly. there is a difference between trying to catch a train and risking your life nats: ambiance this is risking your life and it happen every day at train stations up and down the peninsula nats ambiance many of these people hear the bells and just start running trying to beat the arms as they come down often when they train that's approaching is from the opposite direction. it's a bullet train and it's traveling at its top speed close yo 80 miles per hour nats: ambiance i'm at the sunnyvale caltrain station in santa clara county, and i have to tell you this, this act is so dangerous that it's the one and only violation that could net you a point on your driving record but if you don't have a driver's license well you cant fet the point but you still get the 490 dollar ticket . even if you do what this person does, she has her hand on the gate waiting for the train to pass then opens the gates and walks throught.
5:56 pm
i know for a fact that the san mateo county sheriffs office which overseas security for caltrains issues tickets and will show up at court to testify nats: ambiance there are a couple of other issues, see this sign it reads warning look before crossing, because even with the arms they can and do malfunction, so walking across tracks watching a vidoe on your smart phone is not very smart when a train that travel at 79 mph you could approaching that is training for disaster nats: ambiance also to all the bicylist you are required to walk your bikes on any caltrains platform but you will see people riding across the track and on the platform let's go back to a previous video, this this guy walking he is walking in a restricted area and could be ticketed for tresspassing i plan on returning with san mateo county sheriffs office shortly and if you get caught don't try to tell me you didn't know what i showed you wasn't safe in sunnyvale stanley roberts kron 4 news
5:57 pm
>> pam: the news continues in 70 seconds on news x 6.
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>> pam: night the red cross is hoping 12 people find shelter. . these kurds live hookup a partnership with abc seven tonight that the investigators are trying to figure out how the fire started. the flames spread to two neighboring homes. >> reporter: out here firefighters here are the houses that burned. some of the damage and then all want to show you this like to mention directly across the street here is the aerostation and let's get this
6:00 pm
video very dramatic smart phone video shop on the flames ripping through these three houses the fire starting after noon pickens see just how bad it was escalating three alarms to four alarms at a very fast rate. firefighters had the fire fight this until the data under control in see the aftermath there at one of the units and nothing left everything chart out. unit. firefighters were able to save the bird dog out here from the fire was injured more accurate mote miraculously. a lot of people read those homes a couple lives in there say they feel very fortunate their pets and no one else was hurt.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: higgins see right there when house with a lot of damage but the other to a kentucky you definitely total loss there across has stepped in to help those people without home and also the exact cause a fire is under investigation. . >> pam:close to 80 thousand current and former students and staff at u-c berkeley are being alerted of a criminal cyber- attack. berkeley officials say an unauthorized person or persons gained access to some of the schools computers that contained financial information in december of 20-15. the criminals accessed social security and banking information through a security flaw in the system. officials say there is no evidence that any of the personal information has been used.
6:02 pm
local law enforcement and the f- b-i has been been notified. now to the death investigation.that has rocked the community of brisbane. police are still combing through evidence.into the disapperance of shelly titchener and the suicide of her husband. today kron 4 learned police paul titchener's office in brisbane and seized several no word on whether there was a suicide note left behind. a torso found in fremont has been linked to paul's wife, shelly.but has not been positively identified. on tuesday, paul jumped off the bay bridge committing suicide.just hours after speaking with our justine at his office complex, people are shocked that something like community. "i can't put words to it. my
6:03 pm
heart goes out to anyone that has to deal with this involved with this is almost not like realityfremont police plan to continue conducting dna testing on the the events of the last few days town of brisbane, where the peace has been shattered. outside the titchener home on san bruno avuene.a small memorial of flowers and candles one note reads shelley you deserved better. here's another that reads you were a wonderful person we will miss you. you will never be forgotten.
6:04 pm
the missing person flyers are still hanging up on their street.even though law enforcement says they are confident the remains found in the bay near the dumbarton fishing pier eariler this week are hers. neighbors are say that grim discovery.and the subsequent suicide of her husband paul.has left them shaken. little town. >> reporter:there are just a little over 4 thousand people living in this tight knit community. shopkeepers in the very small downtown strip say both of the titcheners were very well known. frequenting the businesses here. they were very friendly very respectful both are described as very devoted parents. especially paul.who coached his sons' basketball team in middle school. i was shocked when i found out the news.and it think its very very sad people who live, work or just frequent the area.drawn in by it's charm.say the the recent events have smashed their illusions about a place that one man said seems like it's stuck in the 1950's. it's mellow and quaint.uncertain about the place, uncertain about anywhere i can't make heads or tails of
6:05 pm
it it just blows me away. residents say a vigil for the titchner's is going to be held here at the brisbane community park gazebo. this sunday night at 6 clock. maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:from the beginning, we have been on top of all the developments in this case on air and online. and sending out breaking news alerts as new details are released. stay with our continuing coverage by downloading our mobile app for your phone or tablet. today.the man accused of shooting stacey aguilar nearly two weeks ago.made his first court appearance. esmid perdraza is being held without bail tonight. now prosecutors allege pedraza had help in his attempt to cover up the murder. kron 4's dan kerman is live outside the alameda county
6:06 pm
>> reporter: a friend of his also that the party went with him and tried the world body down a hillside in hopes of getting rid of the evidence. as it draws a was solely responsible for the murder. and it he had help from this man when trying to hide the evidence. both made it first quarter appearance friday afternoon. on it in his hand a gun. admitted to killing at a regular. and he then drove to the morrison canyon in fremont role of the body down a hillside investigators say pres
6:07 pm
also admitted helping dispose of the personal belongings including an id card credit card cellphone. told police he helped washed the blood of the vehicle back car wash. they have surveillance video cooperating that statement. two days later please find blood in the the vehicle and arrested for domestic violence. and eventually taken and a federal custody on an immigration hold. taken by hayward police charged with murder february 24, 2004 days after the body was found in morrison canyon. the cousin says he and the rest of the family are in shock over the charges.
6:08 pm
when the charge with murder and nobel set for him. after the fact and set at $5,000 also back in court. >> pam:agiular's family and friends will be holding a car wash this sunday in hopes to raise money for her funeral. it will start at 8 a-m outside of agave sports bar and grill on west alma avenue in san jose. the family says they are still trying to reach their goal in the funeral. aguilar's funeral will be held on monday feburary 29th at 6 p- m on bascom avenue.
6:09 pm
in the north bay. tracking nice >> britteny: here's a short " but you can barely make of the golden gate bridge low hanging clouds. and then a few little spotty showers and then as a going to the rest of tonight you. could see a few more showers lingering and most of the rainfall now off closer to the east bay to. temperatures at 57 in santa rosa of 59 of auto 53 in daly city 15 half moon bay. still warm in sunnyvale
6:10 pm
six. the to concord 69 and closing 10. temperatures were cooler today than yesterday and will stay closer to average heading in the weekend we have low 60s mid-50s on the coast and then by 8:00 p.m. los the cloudy skies and by 9:00 p.m. those inland locations drop down 56 degrees. we are tracking the details coming up for tomorrow and then all the details on that in the full forecast come not. >> pam:for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron it's your number one source for news and weather in the bay area. a popular south bay charter school is under some scrutiny tonight following the arrest of a teacher. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, he is accused of having sex with an under age student. >> reporter:the teacher, 29- year-old zachary drew, is accused of having sex with a 17- year old female student. drew is an english teacher here at summit tahoma charter school here on blossom hill road. the arrest coming after a concerned
6:11 pm
parent passed along a rumor about an inappropriate relationship between a teacher and a student. "currently an ongoing investigation" "the thing we can't do any of the to do
6:12 pm
a stint social safety at the front of our mindszachary drew was arraigned on three felony counts of sexual minor and three felony counts of lewd acts on a minor and is now free on bail as the
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
new at six. being evicted - is now filing ain an effort to stay in her the latest on the case which has a lot of emotions in the with marie hatch trying desperately to stay in the burlingame cottage she's lived >> catherine: she's trying to uphold the verbal contract she made with a friend who'd promised she could end her days in the house.
6:16 pm
trouble began after that person handled by a new landlord. an estranged spouse of that friend's granddaughter. the lawsuit is also claiming this is all causing the 97-year-old -- who's suffering from cancer. but that person died - and there's a newabout 40 tents are still division street despite the city clear out by today. >> catherine: the landlord has not responded to requests for comment. >> pam: 40¢ on san francisco division street.officials sent
6:17 pm
out a memo tuesday giving those still there residing there 72 hours to leave until officials start forcefully city representatives are trying to help campers find other living alternatives. theives are targeting catalytic converters on cars parked at area. almost two dozen thefts in the past month alone. kron4's haaziq madyun explains it's all about money. >> reporter:the casing surrounding a catalytic converter can be sold as scrap metal for around $200bucks, but the precious metal found inside can fetch a far greater price on the black market "i hear they are getting a price anywhere between 500 to 1000, i'm not really sure on that but that is what i hear on the street" that appears to be the reason behind rash of catalytic converter thefts at the north berkeley bart station.4 stolen will likely turn up at a bay
6:18 pm
area recycling center but michael anthony of berkeley recycles says don't bother bringing them here so if someone brought a catalytic converter to berkeley recycling? "no! you can't do that here. there has been a rash of thefts lately, uh times are hard, people are stealing them for the precious metals, i understand, that's inside of them, so we wouldn't accept that here, no" however that is not stopping theives from targeting hondas and toyotas parked for hours on end at bart stations across the bay area. there have been 23 catalytic converter thefts from bart parking lots this month alone. in north berkelely bart police have stepped up patrols. in response to these crimes. in north berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news >> britteny: and effective date
6:19 pm
until tomorrow afternoon attempting with above average temperature is 72 be very careful and golden gate bridge will continue to see a slight chance of showers and the rest of tonight and in the next hour or so we of a chance for a few stray showers brought the bay area. the expected see dry conditions as if advisory in effect holes saturday temperatures dropped into the '60s on the. holes saturday in the. and sunday. satellite read our short stroll like short activity moves right through the bay and now heading off to the east bay even to the east of the east bay. as we start the day
6:20 pm
tomorrow dry conditions of lots of sunshine and few passing clouds in the afternoon clear it up nicely saturday night. . another round of dry weather. although shares of showers and week weather disturbance to the north of santa rosa possible could stretch to the south. the see mostly cloudy skies and clout to increase about again week they will decrease into sunday night by monday and i searched the workweek temperatures close to average a few degrees above we stay nice and dry tuesday we track good chance of rain as well. 57 degrees in santa rosa 54 daly city to succeed hayward and then 67 tail highest moral 68 annapolis '68 to in daly city the high surf advisory in effect of 3:00 p.m.. careful by the water the sunday forecast shows
6:21 pm
another warming trend into next week to chances of showers tuesday thursday into next week. >> reporter: dollars tromps stepping up his most it prominent endorsement yet. trying to shift the momentum back in his corner with mark read a crawl after thursday night cnn republican debate.
6:22 pm
poking fun at the debate performance. they're ready banding together to take down a
6:23 pm
mutual fellow taking aim at the debate performance. >> pam: coming up build a bigger sign would you
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
four people are dead after they were shot in a home in rural washington state today.authorities say. according to the mason county sheriff's department.the gunman had called 911 to say he shot and killed his family before an hourslong standoff. a girl who survived.was taken to the hospital. authorities say officers negotiated with the man for about three hours before they people dead.the gunman shot and authorities say the man who killed three people and injured 14 others in kansas yesterday - had a history of domestic catherine heenan is here with the latest on the shooting stopped. >> catherine:cedric ford has been confirmed as the shooter. a man authorities say had a criminal record including an arrest for felony battery. and another for driving drunk. we also know he'd just been served with court papers 90
6:27 pm
minutes before the shooting. at keeping him away from a former girlfriend who claims he tried to choke her. ford worked at the excel factory where part of the shooting rampage happened.
6:28 pm
while some co-workers are saying man says he considered him a friend and is astonished by what happened. that friend 'saw' part of the shooting rampage. the hesston police chief who for back-up - and is being 645 years have one more game to go and carries here with sports stay with
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
to a >> reporter: of people without a home tonight and see what looked like. cribbings 33 for holders mirror my out and house say and firefighters can answer quickly. right across the street firehouses directly across cut here quickly and both the bird.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: will collaborate on what items were removed and it will not answer questions. and the suicide questions people who work can believe what has happened in this case it sounds like something out of movie. >> reporter: and the subsequent suicide of her husband. and the residents of the town of brisbane shaken. a few more than 4000 people live here shop keepers in this downtown area say that they were well known. residents say that the visual will be held here at the community park gazebo this sunday night at 6:00. >> reporter: is a murdering his
6:33 pm
curt girlfriend after the to attend a party at hayward. according to court documents a friend is also there charged with being an accomplice in helping dispose of of the body. after hearing gunshots they thought it got in his hands then says. the jaws that drove morrison canyon in fremont the two world body downhill side assistance and deplete and fill your 29th there is no bail set the bail set for another is a 5000. >> pam: >> britteny: showers are teetering dry conditions, mild week ahead and then a little closer the average as the shores clear up a nice night i had high
6:34 pm
surf advisories days it affects till tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. and temperatures stay miles it conditions stay dry satellite read our shops showing up the zero shores the move to peninsula parts of the north bay moving in the east bay. and transition to the east river area pc drier conditions and at the tail end of this weather disturbance centered to the north of our region adult fuel showers a lot of rain fall. the feature cast shows temperatures in the 9:00 hour starting to drop out and the mid fifties 75 degrees in oakland. 57 santa rosa by 958 san mateo. then and a low 50s by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we start off a low 50s mainly organized and to the '60s and a lot '70s on the map with the exception of fairfield morrow and sunshine expected to start a few more clout and
6:35 pm
another look at the 70 forecast at the and the show. >> pam: two more days of 88 academy awardsthat's when we'll learn which of entertainment's finest will take home an oscar. cnn's stephanie elam gives us a preview. a mother and son trapped in captivity. an irish immigrant finding love and independence. a frontiersman seeking revenge. "room", "brooklyn" and "the revenant" are just three of the films nominated for best picture at the 88th academy awards. the leo dicaprio-led drama is at the top of the heap with 12 nominations. other films in the hunt for best picture include "the big short," "bridge of spies," "mad max: fury road," "the martian," and "spotlight" in one of the tightest races in oscar history. "there are legitimately 3, maybe 4, potential best picture winners, so it's very rare you come down to that last envelope,
6:36 pm
and people don't know what's going to happen." the best actor category is full of a-list talent like bryan cranston for "trumbo," matt damon for "the martian," michael fassbender for "steve jobs," and redmayne - girl." but the focus is on dicaprio and whether this role will get the six-time nominee his first oscar win. "i think the academy recognizes the fact that he has not had one and has had so many close calls, he's had so many great performances and nominations, this will be the year that he takes it." the best actress race has for "carol" and jennifer lawrence for "joy" going up "brooklyn," and first time nominees charlotte rampling for "45 years" and brie larson for "room." "it feels like i am part of some tribe. it feels so good." having already snagged a golden globe and a sag award for her momentum heading into hollywood's biggest night. and returning for his second
6:37 pm
chris rock. known for his in- your-face comedy, many are wondering how the comedian will deal with the elephant in the room. "the one thing everyone is expecting is how he will handle the all white nominees and will he be merciless with the academy? a congratulatory ceremony filled with lots of controversy? it must be hollywood! a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news still ahead. u-c berkeley police on alert after four female students claim they were drugged in separate incidents.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> pam: university officials say that they had notified of possible drug and sexual assault. it to 24-line bus. the gatt and a sexual assault happened at a leisurely and by
6:41 pm
gamma delta they ask anyone else and if they've been a victim of a crime to come forwardthree people suffered moderate just ahead. his wife respond to your e-mail so i here on the set. sen warriors then be booked. the response to
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: and in less purple gang review one more time a record-setting performance. last night >> gary: the champions go 52 and 5. curry hit so 10 three-
6:45 pm
pointers passing the record of 127 consecutive games with at least one three-pointer the warriors missed the past the bulls and the mid-90s in 72 game season. kirb "all it's a long time and hopefully continue that. . set the bar >> gary: clade thompson before
6:46 pm
the team left orlando. asked to appear on the golf channel diffuse wings on their virtual simulator. thompson and the whole game go for the 53rd win tomorrow against the oklahoma city vendor. . "comparing staff to joe montana how shallow you are. >> gary: montana was the first look around here but this guy
6:47 pm
basketball's world wide. . the other china any place that might not know joe montana or tom but conoco be and curry. what makes it really find as a good guy. his popularity has proven the country has gone down. >> gary: and you watch a game. at the end of the date relax a lot of people trump vs. clinton
6:48 pm
but don't vote. all i can tell you to me and watch television to relax and be entertained this guy in the whole deal is entertaining. >> gary: 01 to
6:49 pm
three years ago the new. again have. "hard for dollar, i suppose our route to the baseball guys? >> gary: are used to it.
6:50 pm
it the"55 a.m. broadway your show began nine banks. >> gary: one thing it 55 on broadway yet be nice to someone.
6:51 pm
if you're nice to everyone in the ticket 20 years to come back around. >> pam: 10 this year britain has a forecast.
6:52 pm
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"the insider," counting down biggest stories tracking toda number one, kelly clarkson's tears for her father. ♪ >> inside her live musical therapy and how her marriage and children helped her heal. >> for a lot of people, this can go to the a very self-destructive place. then the og of supermodels cheryl tooegs teagues taats "s.i. "s.i.'s" first plus sized model. and fuller house is finally here. >> i was really caught off guard how big it was. >> but does the reboot live up to 20 years of hype?
7:00 pm
>> it wasn't a particularly good show. and yo's on the set of the voice for christina aguilera's return. can she break men's winning streak. >> it's a boys' club. >> you don't run the show, blake. >> which of the guys would she boot? >> i would start from scratch. now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. hello, everybody and welcome to "the insider." >> we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood. is james carden's car car yough karaoke officially over? we talk him last night after the show. let's dive into the number one story everybody's talking about. kelley clarkson's emotional are return to her idol ro unleashing a powerful ballad about the father who abandoned her and the husband what saved her. let's go inside kelly's heart break and healing.


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