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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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this is the bay area news station. the latest incident in a string of shootings on i-$.80 november. good morning, everybody. the suspect remains at large. that shooting happened earlier this morning on hilltop drive. and unknown vehicle drove alongside a jeep and fired several rounds. >> reporter: the road was closed for hours out here this morning causing a major. but it's the frequency for which the shootings seem to be happening and everybody is very
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worried. >> reporter: she drives the stretch pretty much every day. and it seems to be getting even more dangerous. on saturday morning, gunshots rang out on 80 near hilltop drive. someone pulled alongside this mangled suv and shot several times hitting and killing the man driving. once shot, the driver drifted across all lanes of traffic and the vehicle rolled down this embankment ejecting the man. >> also the debris on the highway. and i thought, that's not good. bumpers and -- "sigh" >> reporter: since november, all of the shootings have either wounded or killed someone. rosa says from now on, she will
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be extra careful. >> it makes you not even want to go out. >> reporter: chp says they do believe the man was targeted and they are also looking into the possibility that the shooting was gang related. reporting in richmond. in valley help, police say the woman found dead yesterday was murdered work this marks the sixth homicide in that city. cagle talks to neighbors about the violent start to this year.>> police hope -- police say they do not anticipate releasing this woman's name. and they are waiting for more witnesses to come forward. >> reporter: a tiny -- police tape surrounds the home where the lady was found yesterday. >> horrible news. >> reporter: it is a feeling known all too well this year.
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six homicides in 2016 in the month of february including the death of a richmond police officer. on central avenue, the entire street was blocked off when he came home yesterday. the cops have been here since 2:30 in the afternoon. detectives say a woman was found dead in a pool of blood but won't say much more. not her name or how she was killed or who tipped them off to the crime scene. >> her dad lives there, too. he has handicapped.>> reporter: he says the woman had a baby and he has seen police at the home before. in fact, a few months ago, he broke up a fight doing a woman and a man. >> we heard a bunch of screaming, the lady screaming for her life. i ran around the corner and checked it out. and sent him on his way.>> reporter: before yesterday, most people say this neighborhood has been mostly quiet.
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the site of the yellow tape ails them with dread work tonight, -- with dread. kron 4 news . more than $3000 worth of makeup stolen from a store in -- from a store. remembering ronnie diaz, the 20-year-old man who was killed last week by a hit-and- run driver while crossing the freeway and today, his friends and family gather for a fundraiser. >> we are just trying to carry on. >> reporter: it has been a week since the crash claimed the life of ronnie diaz, the
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passenger of an suv that overturned on the northbound interstate connector. the california highway patrol says the woman behind the wheel was intoxicated at the time. chp says all seven people ran off sharply after but were eventually caught. the driver arrested. chp says ronnie was killed by another car when he tried running across one lane of the freeway. >> he was like one of my own kids. >> the person who hit him, i just don't understand how you can carry on and not look back and see what you've just done. to live someone for dead. is unimaginable. >> reporter: saturday afternoon, her loved ones joined at the park selling food, t-shirts and posters with his picture, raising funds for his funeral next week.
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friends and family say he was an avid skater, happiest on his board. >> wherever he could use a skateboard, that is where he was at. >> reporter: what do you hope happens to the person who actually hit him? >> i just want that person brought to justice. if you know somebody that done something, just come forward.>> reporter: in san jose, kron 4 news . a san jose mother and an undocumented immigrant is charged in the crime. the victim is the girlfriend, stacy aguilar. she disappeared and was later found shot to death in fremont. paramus, and accused accomplish , the prosecution says helps control the body down and cover up the killing. they are both due back in court early monday morning. now to the death investigation which has rocked the community.
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police are still combing through evidence in the disappearance of shelley and the suicide of her husband. police seized several items but there's no word on exactly what investigators took. a dismembered body is believed to be the body of the missing wife. he was looked at as a possible person of interest before he took his own life. a beautiful day all around the area today. we have a similar day on the way tomorrow. temperatures are about the same and we will have a mixture of clouds and sunshine work that weather system bring rain just to the north. we start out monday -- we start out sunday in the low 50s. and mild way to start the second to last day of february.
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we have an extra day in february this month. leap year. let's get a look at the storm system bringing us a few showers north of the bay. this will swing through to -- tomorrow. all of that wet weather staying to the north. is alive you. mostly clear skies now and a few high clouds for tomorrow. a mixture of sun and clouds. rain around eureka. and after that storm system goes by, the winds are going to shift and we will get an offshore pattern helping to warm us up. by wednesday, a little bit of rain for the evening commute. i will tell you more about that coming up. it could happen if a new california bill ](rjr
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explicitq state law is not very npclear about ve!ether schools 1pcan fih students about the gdangers of sexting. ,:ú÷+#o%( a hoverboad":hcatc fire. the homeown÷. says the video shows the >y11-year-old greg an -- grabbing xwher soccer back a before the 6zfire ignited on february 16. yp authorities believe the fire h
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that has them smiling. he and the warriors just stepped it up a notch. just so you know, kevin just said hey listen, you jerk, do as i tell you, read it as i tell you are you won't be held to do anymore shows here.
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hillary clinton posted a big win in south carolina but ernie sanders says the democratic campaign is not over yet. a look at the numbers and what it means heading into the super tuesday contest. >> reporter: not just a win. >> we have gone through four early states and i want to congratulate better standards on running a great race.>> [ cheering & applause ] >> and tomorrow, this campaign goes national! >> reporter: the results are an indicator of how she made it across multiple [ indiscernible
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] on tuesday. exit polls indicated african- american voters accounted for 6 to 10 here in carolina. and also states like georgia, arkansas, alabama and georgia your -- like donald trump in the republican field. sanders is not yielding yet your p and primary date away from the palmetto state first in texas and then minnesota. >> i congratulate secretary clinton on a very strong victory . over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to amend -- we intend to win many of them. a dry february is putting
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the brakes u
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and low clouds developing as we get closer. there could be some low visibility but otherwise, through the day, look for sunshine mixed in with high, thin clouds. not completely great. mostly clear. 6 am, there is a big develop high cloudiness that will stretch over the area. all of this is to the north and even on the north coast, it pretty much falls apart as this pushes on sure. this is a weak system and as a goes out for monday and tuesday, offshore winds and that will mean more weather. mid to upper 60s and low 70s. about 5 degrees warmer for monday with lots of sunshine all the way up to 73.
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that is above average for the end of february. for tomorrow, the 28, we have scattered showers in the morning and high clouds in the afternoon. lots of sunshine for monday and warming up. tuesday starts out funny but we will have high clouds for the afternoon as a weak weather system flows through. for wednesday, a slightly stronger system is here for the evening. a better chance for showers and father to the south, dry thursday and friday and perhaps a developing storm system for saturday. more than 130 children made their way to san francisco today for free dental cleanings part of a kids smile event sponsored by the children's
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dental health month. >> reporter: he is seeing the dentist for the first time. >> the arch development, the salt tears. >> reporter: -- >> having this event, it makes it easier on them so they are not afraid.
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-- >> reporter: martinez cannot remember the last time she had heard teeth cleaned. >> one or two others, i just need to get fixed a little bit.>> reporter: the most chronic illness school-aged 153q >>?y,÷ services we prdéide for our kids.luvj=e yet.pfythe is -- a playoff spot -- the
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warriors klatch a playoff spot. the bulldogs on the tennis court. >> sports night live here on kron 4 .
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golden state improving 253 and five. the best start in league history. and that is not the only record broken tonight. core with his 12 3-pointer tying the nba single-game record. the reigning mvp also broke his own record. what a game. >> here's a story that gives new meaning to the truck -- term , retriever. retrieving out of found balls on the tennis court.
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take a look at this. 4 shelter dogs trained as bulldogs for the tournament. their job, to retrieve tennis balls. a local shelter hopes to raise awareness. if that isn't enough, a photo of a police deputy and his canine capture the hearts of the internet this week showing them in getting a hug from his partner. there love perfectly captured in a single selfie. a five year old chocolate lab
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and the two have worked together for the past three years. we say it's going to rain cats and dogs but it's not. >> dry as a bone. [ laughter ] >> exactly. i would say that's about right - wno carrierringringconnect 38400
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>> the donald trump tapes. could his racy interviews with howard stern come back to haunt him? >> every time i do your show i get in trouble. >> then, the american war hero from this famous photo. they immortalized him into a statue. brutally attacked. >> and, bizarre noises, from nowhere. it is a real life x-files. where the heck are they coming from? then ... charge! he's chasing a u.s. senator. >> were you scared for your life? >> plus ... the amazing levitating kid. how did he do


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