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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 2, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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last month, they said the parthenos especially those in the east bay have been the site of a least a dozen catalytic converter past. >>dan k: these two richmond man and michael tellus all were taken into custody for grand theft police say is all because of what an alert station agent did to the morning of the union city station police said the suspect got into another vehicle and drove from the lot but not before the station agent pass on a suspect in the vehicle description and license plate number to police this is one of
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those catalytic converters bar police don't know if these two suspects are responsible for the fax at the of the bart parking lot but i'd way it should serve as notice and bird is watching-- bart. >>dan k: we can tell you that the police are telling the they believe the teleconverter can get anywhere from hundred $250 that is on the open market but they hope is to put a bite out of the will give me some tips about high kicker carnesecca is possible if you have to leave the and lock all day.
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>>pam m: the torso found in fremont is missing brisbane mother we have been covering the story very closely tonight. >>reporter: police just told us that hikers found additional evidence near the dumbarton appear on sunday and now is taken a few days but they have confirmed that a palm print was found in that evidence comparing that to the records they're saying now that that body is of shelley to china she was reported missing by her husband paul on february 13th when we spoke about a week later he told the the hope that his wife would come home because she was spotted by a friend at a nordstrom and san mateo on the 15th we have learned today the police have now looked at the
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surveillance video from the store the data she was supposedly there and they do not see her on and police told there are still remains a shelly that need to be found again not saying what and they're no longer any plans to search the bank by the pier in the longer. >>reporter: with it what to do is collect all the information off of the phone taps computers for all that taken during searches of the home and brisbane and also his office in brisbane police are trying to come up with the timeline they're now looking at credit card statements banking records even license plates readers to all across the bay area to see what can have traveled they want to know when she died when she
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was the we do not have a crime scene. >>pam m: the coroner's office is investigating a body from this morning and golden gate park the body was found floating in the pond at chain of like about 8:00 this morning there was no immediate indication of the decade of the victim police said late today that the homicide has not been ruled out.
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>>reporter: if you're closer to the north they yielded a first to see the rain fall close to the to the sullen red-shows the rain started to push on sure this is a minute to the north of the area but is still intensely slide down over the next couple of hours the temperatures right now and 56 degrees the night and showed as a going to the rest of tonight the temperature drops of a drop down into the fifth is the tech look the rain fall. >>reporter: coming up will attract more about this but pattern is start tonight how
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long will last and how much rain will see. >>pam m: the driver is warrant for turned toward teenager into his vehicle. >>terisa e: the teenager says- she was walking to school here on l street right next to long the football field the man was inside a minivan parked right along else tree and he motioned for to get her to come to his vehicle she made her way to school at antioch high school when she told authorities about what happened he said the to
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school spring into action including dispatching its private security force the zero men on surveillance cameras in the area as well police a not releasing the pictures of the van yet but they said that as the gold color minivan he says in addition to working with the security and the police that also this past even as all parents all this happened early tuesday morning on wednesday
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there are no reports of the van returning police continued to surge to community and elsewhere for any leads. >>pam m: super tuesday has come and gone hillary clinton has solidified her standing at the democratic front runner on donald trump has widened his lead for the republican president to nomination is one of his gop rivals had decided to about. grant l: the field is getting smaller support to the has a way of doing that and dr. ben carson has announced today that he does not seek a political past forward to winning the nomination he suspended his campaign that went into town at the bay and then there were four republicans left and makes the
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rest of the field looks like a two-person race. >>reporter: from by donald trump and henry clinton won the most they/night with delegates of what really matter the republicans need 1237 to get the nomination while more real did
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fine in the when the state last night he system third delicate. >>reporter: suggesting that while sanders talk about leading a revolution trout may be the one after doing so. >>pam m: bay area health
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officials confirmed the first case of the mosquitoes spread a virus coming of where it was discovered when the patient contracted this illness will is causing them to this problem to cities and high marks when it comes to the best place to live in the united states it was behind the wrecking coming up.
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>>pam m: the city of the since the cut is done with more
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problems along the coastline because of el nino. >>maureen k: here is not chapter shows and oppression and sidewalk of the beach before, that was called to the city department of public works on saturday it is right in front of the pacifica pier the whole has been filled in and patched over this the third san called the city has had to deal with their to more and peach employment (days agenda in february and back in january there was a sea wall that had been prepared,
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they said they're not sure what can be done about and the city said they're looking for contractor who can use it to some are better technology to try and find weaknesses in the runway before the opening up. >>pam m: an attempted jail break in southern california and almost as soon as it started and in making transported to the
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correct howe to courthouse managed to free himself from the handcuffs he then got behind the wheel to block the doors and took off with six other prisoners still shackled in the back before the end of the gate prison employees block the exit with a personal vehicles police will make a presentation on the investigation they're also asking people will live on arlington boulevard to share any surveillance footage that may have from last wednesday.
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grant l: a train could not stop and turn the man is ok the dole for safety with little charlie was a standout has been donated it is being given to help of a homeless dogs and it and they're not really sure what they're doing with the access and listless child is born to be released to his regional owner
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to have to get from a previously but cannot accommodate him. >>pam m: san francisco was consistently does well and such evaluations is ninth on a list. >>rob f: downtown businessmen marcus buchanan is not the least the supplies in san jose on the list for the top 10 most desirable large american cities in which to live u.s. news and
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world report describes san jose as the diversity in spite of the problem of the magazine said san jose and retained his character and innovative spirit is as real estate photographer black cargoes of.
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>>rob f: that also give san jose and the proximity ocean to the sierra nevada and to california distending wine country there's nothing in the 300 + sunny days in gear here. >>pam m: with a lot of rain-- sun >>reporter: this is one to
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continue into the overnight hours as it had to tomorrow morning was to have chance to shower activity the wanted to see how close some of the rainfall was getting rid just a few hours away into the south into the east bay this link into your third the morning commute may be in a little extra time to get to work showers expected on and off a lot the day off on thursday with even see a few pockets of heavy rain to to the south of not off close to 2:00 p.m.. >>reporter: another round of rain again as we head into saturday this is like white polka for the three pms begin to
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saturday night and into sound we do expect the right to start picking up. >>pam m: his next when the effects zero gravity has had on his buying class war police busted some bandits who stole millions south and gold bars.
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>>pam m: we have details on comes return. catherine h: he spent nearly an
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entire year on the international space station this to the scene today he's been gently remove from space capsule excess spending 11 months on the space station was not easing catherine h: scientists have
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been comparing results on his twin brother. >>pam m: real crib and anthem of the seas made back to us home port in new jersey this morning the ship was on the of the trip to the eastern caribbean turned rom because of the severe weather. >>pam m: then rented home in
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miami suburb of o'clock the two people were arrested they're accused of robbing a tractor trailer carrying precious metals and n.c. you're all there may be additional suspects.
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>>pam m: officials and not counting has confirmed the first test of the virus. >>charles c: miss etta pregnant woman who would travel to central america returned here about a month ago has been confirmed of having zika , the commerce confirm our the state department helped confirm the she indeed has contracted the virus.
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>>charles c: and deal with people that really addressed to anyone who may have traveled to problem areas in central and southern america of taft they
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said they're actively testing pregnant women who have traveled to problem areas and they do expect some form probably see more cases of this virus. >>pam m: catherine h: lawmakers in capital hill they're getting no update from the virus to a the cdc director acknowledged that it is scary part because it is no also because of the spreading so fast concerned areas for the
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nation by more than 80 take have been reported in 21 states.
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>>reporter: with to kron 4 transition to the north into widespread buying it is is 62 degrees in san the tail low 60s and san francisco 64 santa rosa is another attempt to start to drop and the cost average coming up for the seventh forecast and a close look at the we cannot look. >>pam m: taxes are being invited to try and break into the military's network to test involved a better look the other but not as unhappy and if
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any half does want to participate have to submit to a background check once that has happened to have limited access to some of the military networks to program kicks off next month of u.s. special operations force had attained their first suspect that i since fighting in iraq is part of a new mission to kill or capture militants. >>reporter: the pentagon to try and force commandos with orders to capture or kill top ice is personnel carrier now he is
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talking to you is intent is official same and has unique information about ices personnel and that works, but officials would not reveal whether the interrogation reveal the specific intelligence about the operation or tap what.
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>>pam m: oriole star back on the court one day after sitting out with an ankle injury would of they are when he will be back in action that is tonight at 545 and next the controversial case the u.s. supreme court to cook today the decision will have a big affect on abortion rights.
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>>pam m: according to white house source the fbi is now suing a background check on the 51 year-old mike kelly nor the white house have commented on this report but three years ago she did receive the unanimous vote from the u.s. senate for her current position on the court of appeal president obama has been looking for a new justice ever since the death of justice last month's. >>pam m: we're back now with more on the court to biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter-century. catherine h: protesters both
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sides of the issue right out in the death of the supreme court today this is getting a great deal of attention the case in question is do with taxes regulations took supporters say the law is making it safer for women to get them and as you can imagine the gall and left for watching the justice very carefully that result will lead to regulations in place that would not resolve the issue
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nationally kennedy could also side with his mother wrote colleagues in will to the regulations to be will back.
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♪ we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare
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if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up their sleeves. book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding >>pam m: her husband paul is considered a suspect in her killing new at 6:00 what new information emerged a have police more confident in their suspicion.
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>>reporter: he did all he could to get to the restaurants to to think of stocks that a short- term bond on city came to town tomorrow night there was a good sign no. 30 will be on the court this is video from the facility this morning.
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>>reporter: there also without final in the peace andre iguodala hold them in with a hamstring injury that steve kerr says steph curry is further along and is recovering.
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>>reporter: the golden gate bridge once be a cloud the drive from the least one to be a dry drive over expecting changes that go to the attack aha. >>reporter: the handsome,
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>>reporter: when not track in 7 is the temperature is a cooling down they will stay cool and to go to the weekend in release notice a difference as it pushed into sunday with temperatures expected to drop into the fifties have been expected
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saturnine to sound and strong winds is looking trees power lines power outages and even the possibility even much stronger system. >>reporter: addenda's through sunday when you add up all the rain fall chances as to go into the weekend. grant l: a suspicious package and this of the mark in their blood and san francisco has
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forced the road closure to third and howard in san francisco. catherine h: this is that exactly encouraging the study says credulous is catching only about half the scam rental listings that people post on the side more than 2 million rental listings will analyze over five months researcher and the york university they found 29,000
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thank listings and 20 major cities including san francisco >>pam m: it has cleared this weekend but is it too wild for children we're some of the experts next.
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>>reporter: and we assembled a panel of experts to discuss here is unsatisfied to zucchetto p.m.--zootopia.
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it opens up the conversation with your kids to say what is the boiling they're asking the question is it too wild for your children. >>reporter: the main character is standing up for her friend and is a really good lesson to
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the problem with the mascot of one east of the high school by the principle was to get rid of the rubble on campus. ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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>>pam m: a mother of two murdered her husband who killed himself is no suspect and on the new evidence we learned today on the fillets with new questions about the show this killer.
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>>reporter: police just told the have officially named paul her husband as suspect and this murder case but they're determined now with their non back the loan and killing her police told us today that a hike the found additional evidence near the dunbarton appear this sunday but it took a few days
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and an able to use all right thumb print that was found and compare that to dmv records and now have positive that identified those remains and shelling now police are trying to figure out if they're more remained the need to be found in said the have not collected everything they do not plan a touching the bay again the police and not giving a lot of information to date as to why he
6:01 pm
was not even consider suspicious in this case how he went from a personal interest to announce today a suspect. >>reporter: he jumped off the bay bridge last week when we spoke the day that he died he told that he hoped to his wife would come home because she the spotted by franz they're now looking at credit card information banking statement
6:02 pm
also pelican that license plate reading from all across the road in the bay area time to see it where and when he the call or them use their car during the time she was reported missing. grant l: the night before valentine's day where he says his wife left their home of the home in the normally quiet small city of brisbane just south of san francisco of the developments in this case have not stop and peninsula after reported his wife missing two days after she left their home to dismember torso was found sunday for a 21st and
6:03 pm
marshlands on the dumbarton bridge and fremont nothing connected the missing woman with the torso until last to the eight days ago when he jumped off the bay bridge killing himself about four hours after he spoke with the stand about his wife's disappearance. >>reporter: the senate is to go
6:04 pm
to third the afternoon we even have the chance of rain on friday more rain on saturday and heavy rain on saturday night system and a bottle 57 1/2 on bay 61 in san jose 59 degrees and the more the temperatures and fairfield 60 decrease steadily brighter shot showing us where some of the rain is right now.
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>>pam m: is been a tough any of the city a pacifica this week's city crews have passed over the courtesy call and have many months and they're now bracing for the next on the storm. >>reporter:.
6:06 pm
right now the city said they're keeping their eyes on the doppler radar of like the one we have on our web application they said they're trying to schedule their staff based on information they see their time to time to the crews are ready when the strong as rain are predicted to hit.
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>>pam m: you can down load the mobile applications to get to no. 1 source for news and weather in the bay area. a dozen people parking and barred station alive with a union city station we have the latest details. >>dan k: at this point in said they don't know bird police a sudden these catalytic converters have become so profitable in is becoming more common for thieves to rip them
6:08 pm
off cars sometimes and lasted 60 seconds in the last month about a dozen cars in the east of a parking lot has been hit police said the station agents are someone working under a bid to the morning and the bart parking lot in union city policeman vehicle stops and found tree catalytic converters including this one inside and now these two richman said the stress and michael tellus have been taken into custody for grand theft the police don't know is if these two are responsible for all the
6:09 pm
similar thefts and are park and on. >>pam m: 01 to pass in the east bay police saw looking for a man who has tried to lure a team door into his van.
6:10 pm
catherine h: it was right next to the antioch high school football field and teenage girl hopefully the man in the gold color minivan was parked along the street commotion her to come over to the van she said no and she immediately called 911 and told authorities and to school the principal says that he sent out the schools private security force and then began looking a survey and skills in that area the girl was also able to the umpire to notre the van's license plate so that would help in investigating and the command question he mills also said not to of the parents at the school letting them know what happened. >>pam m: this and the reply and
6:11 pm
the mascot of the cinema as a high-school the school district
6:12 pm
has made no estimate how much money it would cost to remove all traces of the mascot of the virus is reached to bay area details on the pregnant woman stricken with the disease + will attack along with the bay area company on a mission to stop out the bucks and back to warrant the remarkable journey for astronauts got kelly after a year in space.
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>>pam m: men confirmed a pregnant woman has contracted the virus which is linked to birth defects. >>charles c: this afternoon helped officials and napa from the pregnant woman who traveled to central america has been diagnosed was become chief the turn into not about a month ago and developed a rash when to testing and to that extent, helped confirm the she does indeed have the virus health official are trying to get the word out that is unlikely
6:16 pm
there's possible the disease was spread here in the county primarily because it is not an airborne illness. >>charles c: unfortunate they said they do expect some point there will probably find additional cases. >>pam m: there has been a major
6:17 pm
increase in bed bug infestation here in the bay area of the problem appears to be getting worse however one pass control company shows the four of the help this some thought the problem. >>haaziq m: however there is no hiding place when these guys are armed sale low to move the snicking the close to passing trained to find these little people he's been doing this have were for the past two years for
6:18 pm
a rump caucus control. grant l: a suspicious package has a recall of a very busy
6:19 pm
intersection of san francisco office of the market never been inconceivable and the flashing lights the first responders this is third and howard south of market ride in a nearby garden and mosconi center right now police and not saying what exactly it is suspicious tech ran roldan tonight and is expected to stay with us for while. >>reporter: his a series of storms as when to move to the area was slowly start to see in
6:20 pm
this rain will again from the south this is or to be here as we into the late-night hours and 8:00 p.m. this outside of santa rosa and by 19:00 you will notice that most of the rainfall will continue to move closer to us and it will last all the way until tomorrow morning we will still be doubled what rose even by thursday evening drive times
6:21 pm
technicals looking for a 6:00 p.m. another round of rainfall stand high fifties for tomorrow will be pretty close to average in this is the '60s and '70s on the map the weekend rain break down like this heavy rain expected saturday night into sunday. . >>reporter: even some of like santa cruz mountain concede 3 4 in. of rain the seven
6:22 pm
forecastles as a chance of relief for the next week and the temperatures drop down into high fifties between saturday and sunday. >>pam m: u.s. national scott kelley is back home on harvests --on earth. catherine h: he said a new record and his mission has given scientists onto national information on what humans can endure they're trying to find out what happens to the human body and mind how long duration space flight one thing that already reporting scott is actually grown 2 in. kelly said
6:23 pm
he would absolutely consider flying in space again some shocking news coming out of the sports world tonight part owner of the investigators believe he may have committed suicide and later the dust settles from cooper tuesday now the gop is
6:24 pm
announcing all out assault to take down the front runner, trump.
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>>pam m: and energy company executives and part owner of an nba team has died we're here with details on the case that is pointing to suicide. grant l: not only because of the timing of the legal issue but should was driving the as you read this morning in oklahoma to concede not wearing a seatbelt and police said pick until time to correct myself after crossing double yellow lines eventually to slam into the base of the wall police say he was speeding
6:27 pm
in the fifties home and was alone and has estivate the medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death. >>pam m: the issue has been booming since chain where one company disclosed that had missed a $20 million debt payment that would take place over the next three months the bankruptcy filing will allow the company to break leases for its money-losing stores this was the door was once the largest sporting goods retailer in the nation but has struggled with high debt load associated with the leveraged-buyout the former presidential candidate on a mission to make sure the dock, is not to nominate for his party.
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>>reporter: also police cannot confirm today than she was ever seen at a nordstrom and san mateo what she was reported missing because they look at the surveillance images from the store they did not see how on it finally flees have made her husband a suspect in this case as we know he took his own life last week. >>reporter: the whole has been filled in and patched over this a third signal that the city has had to deal with their two more at the to plumb the opened within days of back in january there was a breach of the sea wall that had to be repaired what's behind all the strong
6:32 pm
waves being produced by this season. >>reporter: after a station agent sold one of them underneath the vehicle and took something cut into another vehicle and drove away when police spotted them they found three catalytic converters and side of the car and the men were arrested for grand theft they will not say if they believe these two men are responsible for all the catalytic converter caps and all the various stations and parking lots eye the way they say it shows that it will reduce the total number of deaths and go long on. >>terisa e: a man and a minivan tried to lure her into the vehicle at happened here on l
6:33 pm
street hot right behind the football field the teenager immediately called 91 she also learned authority in antioch high school they check the surveillance and that image of the vehicle they handed over to police the team is also in the to the partial plate and they're looking into that as well. >>reporter: a pregnant woman who recently traveled to central america has contracted the virus they say she returned here to now about month low and the the the rest went to testing and tuesday math and the public today that is impossible to catch the disease because it is not airborne. >>pam m: hillary clinton is
6:34 pm
halfway to the delicate time that she needs to secure the president's nomination and the gop side donald trump has widened his lead. >>reporter: doubt some with the wide he then decides medley of locking down the republican nomination the establishment is
6:35 pm
not having it republican leaders are still hoping someone can mount a challenge veteran tom cruise and the delicate site they insist that it is time for come back to your 2012
6:36 pm
republican presidential candidate mitt romney plan to address this year's race and a source close to rom said he plans to go after a panel truck and may praise both senators ted crews and more or real. >>pam m: 70 is one to be heavier than others. >>reporter: the future cash for
6:37 pm
shows us all when a breakdown to go to the rest of tonight will start of the most crowded skies and then will start to see the grain moving. >>pam m: if remember when your parish toilet to eke your vegetables (the americans are still not listening some tips to help you need help the next.
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>>pam m: honda's according to
6:41 pm
the cdc when we explain some simple ways to get healthy foods into your diet. >>reporter: adult she the couple have offered in 2 c. of vegetable the day that the recommended serving size from 9 percent of americans don't eat the cave of vegetables and that the problem eating more fruits and vegetables, we risk of heart disease stroking and some cancers not to mention that helps to maintain health convict and kicker kevin check the matter your excuse for simple ways to change your diet.
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. >>gary: yet they pulled them will talk about him and his availability to our night would
6:46 pm
to efficient team does when you're missing your star everyone except a little bit more he came through when coupled buchan's but the golden state still on pace to beat the bulls all-time record. they did
6:47 pm
it last night and we do here whenever you saying i need a break. >>gary: it looks like he will be
6:48 pm
in a minor for golden state. does it the practice games in
6:49 pm
milliken ad, and the giants and the isn't doing well.
6:50 pm
>>gary: sale of the first base coach should they for the detroit tigers hughes were flat of the first base coach of the tigers discovered on mtv as you well know who course he pointed
6:51 pm
at the owner and told the fan to half of for reform. >>pam m: we will have details
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>>pam m: for their part to the parents of twins the one that was to break off his birth every year and the other every four years choose and labor of every 28 have two minutes before midnight give birth to miles and
6:55 pm
then 11 minutes later came walter. >>reporter: the to is coming up at 8:00 we hope to see you then. nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world.
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the "insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, are blake and gwen planning a wedding? >> gw when are you getting married? >> we go inside the love story everyone is talking about. >> can see it lasting a long time. >> and mr. grabl first onset photoes from 50 shades darker finding dakota and jamie hot and heavy. >> number three, carrie underwood battles an on-line bully, attacking a trainer, at her son's soccergame.
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>> happy thatcarrie wanted to support me onthis. >> and we're with the long island medium on her undercover mission. >> your grandmother is departed. did she speak anolanguage? >> why teresa kaputo is hiding herself to in a now, "insider" with yahoo!. >> on lifetime last night, in case you didn't see it, six reality stars and their moms hashing it all out oncamera. a lot of people calling this mess tv. heidi mon tag showed up drunk. we talked to heidi after the show and we go beyond the theatrics to go on real about the drinking, plastic surgery, and reason they didn't speak for years. >> we call this sizzling shelton and stefany. this couple became


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