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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki : now at 11. wet weather and gusty winds continue to pound the bay area. while the sierra is seeing a fresh blanket of snow. a live look at our storm tracker radar. as another round of storms moves in. good evening everyone, i'm vicki liviakis. heavy rains. are bringing some relief to drought-stricken california. but the winds. are causing many problems for people. take a look at some video sent into the kron four newsroom by our viewers.
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one viewer. who was stuck on highway-80 heading towards tahoe. shows us how they are making the most out of the weather. closer to the bay. we have been battling the waves of rain that have been keeping most of us indoors. and speaking of tahoe. many northern california ski resorts seeing up to 3-feet of snow this weekend. heavenly mountain resort. saw a foot of snow today. while northstar received 20-inches. and sugar bowl ski resort is reporting a fresh. 33-inches of snow. just this weekend. we've been tracking this storm all week. as kron four's dave sparh joins us now. dave, this has been a pretty powerful storm? >> dave : it is just so we need for another fall--what we need for another thaw here in the south bay and east bay shoreline we have been getting amounts over the tenths of an inch of rain per hour and we go to the south bay with no
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surprises there with heavy rain pounding this continues up to the east bay as well a strong weather system will produce gusty winds.widespread showers.and isolated thunderstorms from this evening through tonight. rain could be heavy at times and renewed flooding is possible. showers will taper off by late monday. we are continuing a flash flood watch until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow our wind advisory is in effect until for a and as well--4 am as well saw >> vicki : us. if it is the
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same story tonight. >> scott :a wind advisory and a flash flood advisory and a high tide advisory all mean that here at the beach is been pretty testy at times so take a look here earlier you could see people with umbrellas and just before sunset you could see those waves out there and how best to boeotian his right now--how nasty the ocean is right now the great highway was flooded out yesterday by today so far it has not been a concern here is the-camera--dashcam the flood advisory is expected
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to expire at 8:00 in the morning tomorrow >> vicki : our team coverage on the weather continues in the north bay. kron four's philippe djegal reports from rohnert park. where a flash flood watch and wind advisory are in effect. >> phillipe :only the unfortunate few who had no choice but to walk the streets and get to work sunday braved the elements in rohnert park. the rain started coming down by mid-afternoon, forcing drivers to pass through carefully near flood-prone areas. these two chose to walk to their destination. >> : i've seen some people with bad driving skills -- i don't know how they got their license. >> phillipe :public works crews making sand available to whomever needs help with flood control. a flash flood watch is in effect for the area until four o'clock monday morning. >> : i've seen a couple trees hit some cars and some alarms go off. >> phillipe :on saturday, more than an inch and a half of rain fell in rohnert park. the streets are saturated with water.
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and, keeping neighbors like sione misi indoors. >> : it sucks. you can't play basketball, can't do sports, go for a jog. gotta stay indoors and watch television. >> phillipe :and, with wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour expected through the night sunday. staying indoors might not be such a bad idea. >> : everyone staying home and gaining a few pounds. >> phillipe :in rohnert park, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki : dangerous apartments on the demolished this week. leveling begins on tuesday. as kron 4's alecia reid reports, the city has taken charge of tearing the building down. as it has become a matter of public safety. >> alecia :this street took a beating during saturday night's storm. concrete slabs couldn't keep this fence downand parts of a roof went flying. this building's roof might be gone, but the rest of it is about to go down. >> : the building contains lead, asbestos and other hazardous materials that would
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endanger the residents and the environment >> alecia :320 esplanade avenue was red-tagged after a major storm back in 2010. >> : the property owner had the opportunity to protect the cliff edge but he did not do so. and he's also failed to take responsibility for the building >> alecia :the city manager says the privately owned building is a threat to public safety, so the city is taking charge and tearing it down. demolishing it is the only way to prevent it from falling on the beach below. >> : there will be an excavator that will take the building down very carefully to avoid vibration or extra vibration >> alecia :criminal misdemeanor charges were filed against the property owner, millard tong for neglectling his buildings. tong is now on 3 years probation in order to cooperate in the demolition on 320 esplanade. he also owns the adjacent building which was yellow tagged in january. the city continues to monitor the cliff edge there. a building once sat in this empty lot. the owner there paid
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to have it demolished last month. in the long run, all three buildings could be a thing of the past. esplanade avenue carries utilities for the entire area, so the city has to protect the street as well. the plan is to one day turn the stretch into green space. >> : it's not a place that anyone will be able to build again. it's just too hazardous. >> : we have the green space over there, so it'd be real nice if it all connected over here. felicia-- >> alecia :current estimates to level this building run about 200-thousand dollars. the city is covering the cost, but there's hope a reimbursment from the property owner will come once his bankruptcy proceedings are complete. >> vicki : tonight funeral plans are in the works former first lady nancy reagan. she died from congestive heart failure today at age 94. kron 4's kate cagle joins us
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live in the studio with reaction from a close friend of the reagan family. > >kate:tonight i spoke to the former secretary of state who served during ronald reagan's presidency. those who hope to be the next president of the united states are also weighing in tonight. tonight nancy reagan is remembered for her legendary romance. the wife of president ronald reagantheir marriage went beyond power and politics a hollywood romance that turned into political powerhousewhen she begame first lady of california in 1966and then first lady of the country. former secretary of state george shultz remembers this dance at a state dinner. and a meeting with a soviet foreign ministerwho asked the first lady if her husband really wanted peace. >> : he said well whisper in his ear every night before bed 'peace peace.' and she pulled
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him down so he had to bend his knees and she said 'i'll whisper it in your ear.peace! >> reporter :nancy taught a generation to just say no - a simple phrase taught to millions of children in the 1980s and 90s. she taught us that enduring love could also be heartbreaking. as she lived through the "long goodbye" slowly losing her other half to alzeihmers. >>:it is sad to see somebody loves--somebody you love and have been married to for so long and you cannot share memories >> reporter :she has feircly guarded his legacy since his death in 2004. one of her last public appearances celebrated 100 years since ronald reagan's birth. >> : i know that ronnie would be thrilled and is thrilled >> reporter :and tonight frontrunners for the future presidency are weighing in on nancy's passing.
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donald trump tweeting: "the wife of an amazing president was an amazing woman. and hillary clinton wrote: "nancy's strength of character was legedary." she will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley. in lieu of flowersadmirers can contribute to their foundation >> vicki : still ahead. both bart and caltrains are experiecing major delays tonight. plus. how peanuts can help you loose weight. and. upset city in los angeles. the faces of defeat. j-r stone shows how the lakers took down the historic warriors.
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>> vicki : it's been a rough night for riders taking public transit. bart and caltrain are experiencing delays from earlier problems this evening.
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bart officials said trains are stopping in downtown oakland tonight after a train struck a person between the ashby and macarthur stations in the northbound direction. and but did you say that the report was false--they did say a southbound caltrain struck and killed a pedestrian this evening in santa clara, caltrain officials said. investigators are holding the train until they complete a brief investigation. point, fremont, richmond and san the bay area pummeled over the weekend. the question is - will it be a wet week as well, dave? dave : most of the heaviest rain
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is in itself. and it is spreading into the east bay communities here is the seventh day and much of the peninsula including downtown san francisco and here is the satellite picture still some colder air off this looks like it will be sweeping out of the south bay before dawn we have a little dose your of scattered under showers and you can see the badge year of scattered showers early morning for your commute and then some thundershowers and a
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be hill and localize wins--maybe hail and localized winds there may be a few stray showers and here is the future cast 4 then we see in proving happening tomorrow--improving and we are back up to the 20's again and this is 5:00 p.m. tomorrow so your trip you might be having some strong winds coming in from the northwest on the backside of this system here is the east bay shoreline with temperatures in the upper 50s or lower 60s will return it to rein in the weekend--rain >> j.r. : obesity. we'll
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explain. --you see steph curry going against kobe bryant early first quarter he scores finishing with 12 points and he's taking it down as laker's lead 22-21 russell makes the 3 pointer before it goes in he turns around andrew bogut is there and misses the dunk the whole game went this way for the warriors 20 turnovers 60-49 lakers at the half
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3rd quarter kobe no look pass for the dunk lone warrior highlight is curry's airball put back 4th quarter just gets worse and worse jack nicholson shaking his fist as steve kurr can't bare to watch laker's win this game, warriors shot 4/4--4/30 behind the arch bronco's peyton manning will officialy announce his retirement most passing career yars and
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touchdowns also has 2 superbowl wins cactus league action great outing, struck out gave up just one run home--brandon crawford giants lose to the dodgers 5-2 andrew lambo 2-0 lead we go to the top of the 5th
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and donald drumpf--trump rides in and had a chance to talk to mackleroy not every day you see a politician make it to a game recovers after being 6 strokes behind and wins for the 2nd week in a row san jose earthquakes playing a season opener against the colorado rapids that's his 110th mls career goal
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quakes win 1-0 that's sports >> vicki : cannot stand a better may hold the key to preventing obesity--peanuts and peanut butter we'll expl;ain
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>> vicki : many studies have shown the benefits of including nuts and peanut butter in your diet. those who do so are less likely
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to develop type-two diabetes and heart disease. recent study results out of the university of houston suggest peanuts and peanut butter may hold the key to preventing obesity, too. a study followed latino middle school children who swapped out peanuts for unhealthy snacks. after 12 weeks, the children who ate the nuts had a lower body mass index than those who did not. and they continued to lower their b-m-i for 12 weeks beyond the study. a quick check of the bay area forecast to start your week - next.
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>> vicki : a wild sea otter in monterey took shelter in a tide pool and gave birth to her pup yesterday. the birth took place as visitors and staff of monterey bay aquarium looked on. you can see the two here.the pup being cleaned off and getting used to the outside world. throughout the morning, both mom and her baby stayed protected from the storm in the pool. in december, another sea otter entered the same area and gave birth. the location is making for the perfect spot for mothers and their babies to be safe. >> dave : we are getting some of that air mass moving in and here's your seven day forecast reflecting rain returning late wednesday
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>> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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"the weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. sometimes tragedy can absorb it, and you can turn it into something beautiful. >> are blake and gwen planning a wedding? >> all signs point to their relationship lasting a long time. >> that's part of our good week. >> bad week. >> everybody thought i was doing it for publicity. >> with erin andrews testimony in tears. >> have you been able to forget? >> no. then, our oscar roundup, starting with the night's


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