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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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showers in the overnight hours. tuesday until early morning hours on wednesday. if. the today wednesday we see on and off rainfall expected and drive wednesday night thursday worry are tracking another round of potentially heavy rain. we keep you updated on what you expect and more details on the high surf advisory what is in store in a three day forecast coming up.happening now. the clean-up
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mountains after >> reporter: kirby says that the flooded here twice never this bad. stay. a to newly formed a snag in the river trip before it made matters worse this time. and every and found its way through her house inside her two cars back in the driveway.
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>> catherine:new tonight. the city of plans to demolish another dangerously close to falling off a cliff. kron four's charles clifford is live in pacifica with an updates. chuck--- so why now? >> reporter: road behind me the erosion and has done to bet that the erosion whether tearing away at the cliff and feel it is time to the building down ticklish of video just a little while ago. all they ignored what the order for years since 2010 trying to get him to tear down. has not worked a few months ago approved a $40,000 to demolish it themselves and the work would cut its path of that to started today putting up fences around the building and next couple of days it will do some blood in this building was constructed in the '60s on thursday it will serve as a quid tearing it down.
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today the pacifica city manager says that this cannot always afford any longer. >> reporter: concern the building and on the beach below. itself kossel lot more to demolish and potentially hurt someone on the beach and the asbestos lead would be exposed to the environment.
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>> grant: big news in the east bay.where was bent over.looking atand this afternoon we're control and hit the boy.was stolen overnight from livermorethe ford fusion in this incident the child had surgery today.that left leg.badly injured. preliminary. he got pinned car came out of no where driver had lost control. a chp spokesperson says they not the right person - the the man hit and killed. in a been identified. >> grant: a net six year-old badly injured left leg is year- old brother was also there and hit but not hurt nearly as badly since attended a nearby elementary school in the chp
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says that the a hundred 59 brown hair blew allies suspect you know where he might be investigated like to note where he as. >> catherine: it happened around 3 a-m. in the area of camden and leigh avenues. police arrive to find a dodge s- u-v and nissan truck with major damage. the truck driver, identified as 57-year-old mark gonzales. was pronounced dead at the scene. police initially couldn't find identified 21-year-old xavier villaruel.who was arrested later that day. and a man who died when his car went off the road and hit several trees in san ramon over the weekend. has also been it was a solo crash on bollinger canyon road near harcourt way. police say 32-year-old eissa no one else was in the car. police believe speeding and a wet road might have been factors.
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happening today. two former and current san charged with forcing inmates at the county jail to fight each other. appeared in court today. and clifford chiba. along with announced the charges last week. with the alleged jailhouse "fightclub" incidents which occurred in march of 2015. all three deputies pleaded not guilty today. they're due back in court later this month. an older man accused of attacking a woman who had accidentally climbed into the wrong car. police say the 22-year old thought it was a ride she'd ordered on her smart-phone. the driver took her two blocks, and then attacked her before she managed to kick him and get away. her name was not released. the driver is described only as a 60-year-old man. last month a someone stole a pick-up truck from a non profit
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organization dedicated to helping the poor. early today -- it was found abandoned not far from where it was stolen. kron4's haaziq madyun gives us a closer look. >> reporter:the lock on the driver's side door busted, the runningboard on the passenger's side destroyed, several dents along the exterior and take a look at the interior.completely trashed. that is the condition that this ford f-350 pick up truck was found in early monday morning. it was abandonded close to the parking lot of the willows shopping center in concord. "they found it less than a mile the pick up was reported stolen a few weeks ago from the monument crisis center. sandra scherer is the exective director of the non profit organization dedicated to helping families get back on there feet here in the east bay "we feel great! we are so
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thankful to the concord pd and other law enforcement agencies who were really trying to recover that truck for us and to the media because without all of the media there was no way that truck was going to be found" she says it has been a difficult meeting the needs of the five thousands of familes in the program without the crisis"it was terrible and has been terrible because every day we are out in the community picking up food donation, picking up our barrels from different businesses, churches and schools, and not having that truck which can handle that heavy load put a huge dent in what our outreach can be" a passerby saw the truck and called it in to concord police. these are still photos of pick truck at willows shopping center. investigators say from the looks of it, whoever stole the vehicle appeared to be living inside of it. there are food items on the floor and all kinds of filthy clothing behind the seats and it smells really bad in here. concord police say they are checking surveilance
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cameras on the property to see if the thief can be spotted abandoning the the number of cases of zika
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virus in the bay area remains at 5 tonight. zika has been tied to birth defects and has so far mostly affected latin america doctors gathered at ucsf today to talk about its possible effects locally and what those who travel abroad need to know. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live in the studio with more on >> reporter: think there is a low-risk of transmission in this area and believe if you are can avoid travelling to one area where the seek a virus exists now would be the time to avoid that. the prevalence of
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mosquitoes that carry the virus with the climate lack of mosquito abatement makes those areas ripe for an epidemic. doctors say there may eventually be some cases locally people are affected directly by mosquitoes was the cases we see will be people who were infected overseas through sexual contact
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with someone infected overseas. one question many talked about is the blood supply talking about what happens in terms of that at 6:00. >> catherine:library fines can clearly pilesan jose's library system in fact - says it has unpaid fines of around 6-point- eight million dollars across its 23 branches. they're trying to figure out how to close the gap. and are considering things like reduced fines, and even amnesty. san jose's fines are the highest the 6-point-million dollars is reportedly five times higher than unpaid fines once owed in chicago -- which has a library system three times bigger than san jose. tomorrow's primaries are shaping up to give further momentum to the republican and democratic front-runners. grant is here with a look at
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where everyone stands at this >> grant:last weekend's score. louisiana and kentucky for donald trump, kansas and maine for ted cruz. for the democrats hillary clinton won louisiana, while bernie sanders took kansas, nebraska and maine. sanders is hoping to do well "i'm very happy that over the last weekend we won 3 out of 4 primaries. i believe tomorrow if there is a large voter turn out in michigan we are going to do very, very well. that means non-traditional, working class, young voters will be coming out to vote. " where democrats vote tomorrow. clinton's popularity with large leads in the polls. both states award their delegates proportionally, meaning a second place finish will still bring sanders votes. right now, clinton has roughly one=third of the delegates needed to win the democratic nomination. sanders will have a hard time catching up. for the republicans, donald trump is 30 percent of the way to the magic number,
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ted cruz closed some of the gap last weekend. in addition to michigan and
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mississippi, republicans are caucusing in idaho and hawaii. michigan will provide more than obama praises nancy reagan as a source of comfort, strength washington - president barack obama says he once had the opportunity to meet with former obama says it's well documented simi valley, calif. - the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will be held on friday at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. the ronald announced today that nancy reagan will lie in repose for and thursday. friday's funeral to her husband at the library. she died of congestive heart failure yesterday at her los
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>> britteny:: a bridge will be dry commute home which is nice seeing a little bit a sunshine and a few isolated thin clouds after a lot of rainfall in snow we still have a winter weather advisory lake tahoe sierra through 8:00 p.m. and dealing with a few bands of snow showers moving through. right now we are pretty much clear with the exception of the los scattered showers concord into fairfield and outside of livermore. satellite radar shot shows even today we softy more scattered showers through this morning a lingering snow shower and lake tahoe higher elevations in fact a elevations above 7,000 ft. we could see two to four more inches of snowfall it was a
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pretty enjoyable up there getting home will be different story. heading home today from like tahoe love one is taking easy at least until the advisory is expired. celery are shot shows that we're dealing with unsettled weather on the pacific as we go into the tuesday wednesday that only tracker x system pushing on shore. can the jurors are below average before change. mid-50s right now san francisco 58 sandro's a 53 daily city 57 san jose 53 in livermore. into this and night temperatures stay on the chilly side and low fifties for the most part by 8:00 p.m. and low 50's as a drop in the '40's and windy conditions specially close to the coast and day. tracking your 3 day forecast alicea again.
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>> catherine:a day after a puzzling upset against the lakers, the warriors are back in the bay area they're trying to set the record kron 4's mark carpenter met with us live from the floor of oracle >> reporter: 14 have tried 44 teams have failed to try and stop the warriors on the score right now. the charge get away history in stunned defending champs. at work lisa the players warming up harrison down in the distance. what you do not see his staff he was at this morning's shoot rounds to take a look at the video. taken ferries at the warriors facility this morning after an awkward a bizarre performance yesterday it down in l.a. he went 1 for 10 the team as a whole for for 30
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considered the biggest upset in nba history regular-season. but did not throw the warriors of track. on pace for the best regular-season record in the nba and poland tonight at oracle 45 straight regular- season home wins most ever. curry harrison barnes talked- about the record and what happened in l.a.. but oracle
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want to mention that the warriors have had problems with injuries the last few games last eight cream tonight dream on unquestionable not at this morning's issue around and have to wait his status as he addresses the media at 545 6:00. >> catherine: quits -- after 18 n-f-l seasons.
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today - after a record five m- v-p awards. and finally - his second super bowl trophy. for much of the 2015 season he was either injured orbut manning still led the denver broncos to their third super director gary radnich chimes in
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>> catherine:the bay area is getting more even if commuters aren't how do they look? >> britteny: this is a pretty impressive start seeing a few snow showers moving in parts of the sierra winter weather advisory until 8:00 p.m. a
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closer look at what we can expect into tonight. trying out with a few isolated showers with preconditions continuing even when be closer to our base locations along the coast taro dry cooler side pretty cold closed average and back above average in the next couple days in addition to wednesday rain returned so we are tracking another system alive look outside breezy conditions expected even sunshine and a few clouds right now partly sunny conditions into the rest of tonight. we're pretty much clear with the exception of some higher elevations and scattered showers. all we are definitely tracking another round. we will not dry out until the rest leak in temperatures on the cooler side 53 daly city. and 53 in sunnyvale and 52 in pleasanton. some scattered snow showers
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lingering near lake tahoe with that staying until the next several hours anyone traveling in some higher elevations and tell them to be careful on the roads to most of the scattered showers throughout the san francisco area continue to taper off we see little activity later on. and in the rest of your work week tracking what you expect from the next system details coming up in the full forecast. >> catherine: make it easy for commuters. in the east bay. c-h-p says a mercedes lost control on kicker pass road in concord. and flipped his car. it happened around 7 a-m. the driver was taken to the described as moderate injuries. traffic was backup for miles. c-h-p is investigating the
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rain caused some major flooding in san jose this morning.during >> reporter: caltrans crews part next tell me the north on a 80 because of flooding that actually started around 8:00 sunday night. the cruise ship on the exit and into the makeshift pond x the freeway. it was the water move from the roadway. flooding not only cause traffic problems could of been deadly for caltrans crews here is the reason why there is the exit to the alameda there were commonplace and a large gaps in between the towns chp says that cause some drivers to be confused with awesome trip through the flooding of the exit at route 620 in the morning a couple of another new come out here and they did just
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that the park the car right on the edge to its shattered concrete >> grant: 4 ft. of snow the
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video we're seeing from monmouth. in the second bill this video from the three dead to three hours ago caltrans and cameras helping showing the conditions there and live officer pete with chp truck or the conditions like currently. 59 changes as of this morning in
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same for 48 hours definitely busy earning money sunday is a clearing called a cult called throughout the night. we expect him back to work next today is definitely pick a speed up for review and take a breather. "we spent big crowds and we get toward the end of winter. mar. apr. always a big focus snowfall for us. barry for the next
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round will appear for reason we really like to ski in snowboard as well. the see a fall like that officer pete think you for your time on this monday we will be talking to you maybe later this week. problems. emergency after it was exposed to unsafe levels of lead and the fall-out is reallythe median home price in flint. is now 14-thousand-dollars. --- the huge amount of time on their phones and tablets. our tech trends reporter gabe
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>> grant: thises and south carolina recently the girls
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pants or not quite up to waste she couldn't get them up the deputy came and helped the literal picked up the phone call 911 the deputy, showed up martha is her name a help to draw the front door and your pants up to appropriable and then ask the deputy to pick her up never hugged. that was the best part of her shift that day greenville county sheriff's department who showed up there was a family member, the time if you're wondering if this little girl was a loan but the two year-old thought she needed the help of an expert and it meant for 91 on call. >> catherine: the recall the
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tell you about listeria concerns about certain breakfast sandwich at starbucks.
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>> britteny: wednesday more changes once again they will last the rest of a week in the weekend. at the live look right now and sfo and then dry windy conditions through the rest of tonight. and trying out sfo lower activity develops new concord and also outside of fairfield. opinion the peninsula toward the south bay. and dry conditions right now on the cooler side + breezy windy
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conditions of to the coast chilly evening out for us. 57 and san jose 53 daily city currently and then settle aerator shot in lake tahoe in higher elevations and then also winter weather advisory in effect to 8:00 p.m.. and then out in the area thinking the heading home it be very careful trebling of the next couple hours and then a few more hours passing small bands. and then travel delays expected anywhere between 20 to the 4 in. of snow above 7,000 ft.. and then on settle whether in the pacific lot more moisture pushing and as we go into your tuesday night when state and the rest of your work week. as for the rest of tonight is concerned and then tuesday we see close increasing towards tuesday night by midnight heading in the early
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morning hours only serve to see the light spread rain moving and on and off through the morning hours in the afternoon. and wednesday night to clear option and has begun thursday morning also closer to noon on thursday. heavy rain developing in the north bay and slowly transitioning toward san francisco and even out east to east bay near fairfield concord and then high from the region and below average. temperatures from 58 san francisco daily city 597 tel and sunday forecast shows and to the rest of your work week will be dry tamara temperatures will rebound wednesday thursday and we expect grain to move an ankle down with a chance of rain continuing even into a week and. >> catherine: a 6 oz package of sausage and eggs and cheddar cheese on english muffin.
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>> catherine: of the act of multitasking the conspiracy out but also the consequences. >> reporter: failing to perform
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at work can lead to self-esteem issues even depression. multitasking even affect how much you eat well distracted means he may eat too much too quickly. and then you will fully remember eating or being fall. because of that each task requires a specific mindset and then went to get started you should commit to the end.
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nissan leaf... what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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>> reporter: even if you do what
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this person does winning for the trend passed. open up to get north through an of perfect that the kind shares office oversees security issues tickets and will show what the court to testify. a couple other issues that need to be addressed pc this sign reads warning look before crossing. even honest cannon to malfunction. walking across the tracks and a smart phone not very smart at 79 m.p.h. could be approaching. this training for
5:57 pm
disaster. card walker by 20 caltrans platform. friday by a cross and on the platform. the physical locking, and a restricted area could be ticketed for trespassing will return to the thai chefs office get caught was unsafe.
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the apartment building is still standing - but not for long. it's battered and barely handing on as the oceanside cliff continues to erode. the building is now scheduled to come down on thursday. good evening. i'm catherine
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following this story from the he's live in pacifica with >> reporter: he chose to get him to tear down the building not worked out succulence ago approve forward thousand dollars to turn on themselves and starts today miller is filing for bankruptcy year ago and acquiesce the city manager he thought that the city and be able to recover any of the money list and on the selection demolition. >> reporter: so at the 20 it will be torn down this week 330 torn down a couple weeks ago unresolved issue at the bit of a
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tree 10 pescara. back in january it was celotex. residents as to move out since then owner also wrote miller property managers and other residents have appealed the decision to put yellow tags on the building and 310 its fate undecided. >> catherine:the skies opened up last night heavy rain stretched from the north bay - east bay - and into in pleasant hill. and the santa cruz mountains. we're getting a break in the action at the moment -- but there's more to come. with the latest on the
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forecast. when >> britteny: stand desolate into a week and we tracked more weather. that on subtle pattern is not done yet a live shot outside. we see if you towering clouds and closer to the east bay a few more lingering rainshowers we show you what that looks like on the storm tracker. we going to the rest of tonight continue to see a few isolated showers. for the most part we try aubrey's conditions continue and the next couple hours until tomorrow dry cul and a bit below average in a cover for temperatures wednesday. anheuser-busch advisory in effect until tuesday as well. " close to the storm tracker. right the peninsula south bay cay more showers moderate, poorest
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creek and at the berkeley. we still sees no shortly whether advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. and between additional eight 12 in. above 7,000 ft.. and another system. >> catherine:
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heavy rain and high winds took a santa cruz mountains. us some of the damage. >> reporter:it's been coming down like this off and on since friday night here in the santa cruz mountains. the rain accompanied by high winds that downed scores of trees including a huge made a mess of 26th avenue and the home of connie and tonysot connie aikin the san lorenzo river rose above flood stage and severely damaged a home in paradise park. high surf battered the
6:05 pm
esplanade in capitola and this tree narrowly missed a home in aptos. there were at least 20 road closures that made for some region. p,g, e crews worked through the rain to restore power amid dozens of downed power lines. some of those trees felled by in the santa cruz mountains rob >> catherine:late this afternoon. the c-h-p identified a driver they say was responsible for a hit and run accident in castro valley this
6:06 pm
morning. they say 29 year old daniel him. "his distracted apparel at the
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same time the car lost control. and neighbors say they saw the driver take off immediately authorities gave chase still look and a car reportedly stolen from oliver not more car dealership they have told it and now searching for evidence of dna confiscating two items inside. boy lives here with parents and grandmother. he attends nearby marshall elementary. boy not children's hospital oakland officials only say he is serious injuries.
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sheriff's deputies in 'fighttwo former and current san charged fight each other last year are arraignment this afternoon. current deputy eugene jones are scheduled for arraignment at 1:30 p.m. in department 9 on the the hall of justice, a story is emerging out of san francisco. about a woman who was attcked who jumped into the wrong car. thinking it was the one she had grant lodes joins me now. with the free >> grant: currency and lift other applications this incident happened early morning and sunday said late saturday night onwoman attacked after getting insan francisco - authorities say a 22-year-old woman was weekend when she unknowingly got into a stranger's car that she mistook for one she ordered on her smartphone. the san francisco chronicle
6:09 pm
reports monday that the woman got into the back seat of a car shortly after 1 a.m. sunday in the tenderloin district of san francisco after leaving a nightclub. her name was not released. her condition was not immediately available monday. the driver, a man described only as roughly 60 years old, drove two blocks, stopped the car, turned around and punched the then attempted to climb into the back seat but she kicked him and arrests have been made. you at a red light got her car and summits and and a woman in this case mistaking it for follow-on supposed to pick up potential confusion main thing
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don't get in a car for confirming the driver is talking to outside as the one that's supposed to get you. if you're driving around keep your doors locked so someone can mistakenly get in the backseat. and then if that happens, don't freak out >> grant:police in el cerrito and petaluma are joining forces to try to catch a crew of gun-
6:11 pm
store the public's help. take a look at these images from el cerrito policetaken saturday. the surveillance video shows four suspects fleeing the "old west gun room"on carlson boulevard after tripping a in petaluma, just two hours armory" gun store in petaluma.
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undisclosed amount of weapons. the crimes appear to have beena pick up truck found overnight shopping center in concord center in that same city. called police. the interior was filled withthe non-profit organization says concord police say thieves are targeting the f-350 truck. and a new.and some might break spar camelot corp. pulled ups and a number of sports stations. this watchtower. it to move around will locate from one parking lot to in other paid for with: security money. growing concern about the virus in the bay areastill ahead. the growing concern about the zika virus in the bay area. and the push now to protect the natioin's blood then. the latest twist in a hate crime case on the san jose state campus. the prosecutor's decision that will bring this case to a close arena where steff curry and the warriors could mark a milestone tonight. we'll be right back
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>> catherine: this is the miscue drawing concern all of the world only mosquito that can spread zika virus the patients contracted here but overseas or
6:16 pm
broad. and then widespread transmission special debate areas of light. while there is mosquitos and transmission of the virus most in the u.s.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: the risk of transmission is very low in the bay area not true for the latest san diego fresno all likely to have greater transmission of the virus it did kleiman and prevalence of those species of mosquito fda cdc are working on steps to safeguard the blood supply blood centers will screen donors the open to an area active transmission as we go and hold off on donating an addition companies developing a test to determine if blood donated contaminated with the zikr virus they say will likely be ready to be deployed in pr and a mother to.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: test will come later and possible that the before that some type of screening matter most at risk in those areas in southern florida and texas >> britteny: into wednesday if you spot the broader area lake tahoe dealing with all little activity. in see some great clouds dry conditions roads are dry mostly everyone's come you closer to the east bay dealing with activity. and into tonight we continue drying out by tomorrow and into wednesday
6:19 pm
satellite and radar showed snow showers in parts of lake tahoe and have your banns were you are. and friends driving in that area had several wind chill weather advisory until 8:00 p.m. and delays are expected and to 4 in. expecting for all patients over 7,000 ft.. look at storm trackers shows a little rain activity outside berkeley and oakland. and then to the south of one muckrake even moderate downpours in that area of the peninsula north space south bay looks to be clear. the track this next system as it will continue it to organize itself and a lot of moisture associated.
6:20 pm
>> catherine: eyes on the warriors. pressure home in the correct of a consent home mark at court size. he's driving >> reporter: really tragic of performance that was
6:21 pm
an anomaly for an and one for time three-point land and not considered the biggest regular- season in nba history. thankfully he didn't uriel the warriors. still on pace for the best regular-season and 73 wins and also win tonight. also mark in the '90s. and curry to talk but lessons to learn yesterday and applying it tonight.
6:22 pm
>> reporter: couple pregame notes into tonight the warriors deal with injury same thing tonight looking at kiva likely won't play. also at to dream on can number the big three battling in all this right now was. at the morning should around waiting for a status report and it will be here tonight. . >> catherine:gary radnich will be keeping an eye on the warriors. he's coming up at 6:45.
6:23 pm
he'll talk about the future - not only for peyton manning. but a jury verdict in the case of camera naked. in a hotel room. why the jury didn't give herand. getting ready for another round in the battle for the minutes.
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>> grant: free.
6:26 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton tomorrow's vote. republicans are voting in michigan and mississippi anda total of 150 delegates are at after winning maine and kansas over the weekend ted cruz is presenting himself as the alternative to trump.
6:27 pm
even though he won three out of higher, with winner take all
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>> reporter: the city says that they have allotted $400,000 for the work they expect an apology was half that and to add some point recover from the order currently in bankruptcy.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: trucker reported last month overnight near the parking lot of the willow shopping center. missing in restricting surveillance video to see if there's any sign of the person who abandoned the vehicle.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: pg&e trying to sell a fixed power outages across the region. ticklish this video from a partnership with abc seven news piquancy the vehicle officials say at the driver lost control came around and then the boy against a utility pole. he is serious injury taken the hospital school officials say there are on constant contact with officials.
6:33 pm
>> britteny: scattered snow showers in the south of south lake tahoe. on and off showers
6:34 pm
and into wednesday and then another round of rain expected thursday can rainfall in to the rest of your week and then low 60s a lot closer to average and and the rest of your work week pushed back up on average wednesday thursday attract more unsettled weather into the weekend and cool temperatures and store.
6:35 pm
>> catherine: the deal was seen by millions of people publicly humiliating and then and see it done over the weekend and seven california. she was a devoted wife to president ronald reagan. a federal building across the country all flying at half staff. paul reports on her legacy. >> reporter:the funeral for former first >> reporter: out the glamour of hollywood to let house died of congestive heart failure at her
6:36 pm
home in los angeles and nine. before years old. mourners leaving flowers outside the presidential library. .
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>> gabe: heirs have had of incidents report is not accurate. the bottom of this emmy filly win tonight on news at 8:00 p.m.. >> catherine: senate clara d.a. will not retry the university students in a hate crime case involving african american roommate. the three men living on and on campus week prosecutors say that for the forced by clock on around donald williams and then two occasions barricading himself a master bedroom posted a confederate flag on a shared walt convicted
6:41 pm
last month of misdemeanor charges and they want him to carry out community service and communities. . >> catherine: the airport serving record 15 people and now & trees and then travels. in the u.s last year. the airport experienced a 9sfo achieved a new milestone by sfo's airport director credits improved facilities and keen eye on the passenger's experience. the warriors can make history tonight but they suffered their most shocking loss of the season
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>> gary: just for fun the
6:45 pm
biggest upset in the nba regular-season history one more time from yesterday and said the stable center. over eight and splashed others combine one per
6:46 pm
eight team in orlando will get it tonight despite the loss set the all-time consecutive game winning streak at home has the magic of 730 tonight after that before wires the big star how'd you feel. 82 games most
6:47 pm
millionaires feel bad but you move on to the next thing. five shows a leak to many times do you walk out in tears after a bad show.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: a dinner in which has a history still on pace to match surpass the chicago bulls 72 win season and a win tonight against orlando as a losing record give them 45 straight wins in this arena during regular season. a couple game
6:49 pm
notes into tonight just came out a few minutes ago warriors made official. despite missing-around unquestionable because of the ls will play tonight however that this one out in the third straight men game due to a hamstring injury the. warriors going for 45 straight wins and assure you they are not in shambles. payton >> gary: retired from football. and if a record for passing yards touchdown passes
6:50 pm
regular season, maybe the greatest of all time emotional as standby. dyce put usf ahead
6:51 pm
and one more time usf advances 67 to 6511 away from the terminal. and senate clara head coach the one kathryn taylor but the daughter but simon and senate clara their season at 8767 byu came back. the great temporary could not be set senate clara their season at 8767 byu came back. the great temporary could not be set stopped. but
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>> catherine: you and might help reduce way, the cayuga from eating just a for sleeping. this advice comes from the for our body on common diet to rapid loss. and the contents if you enjoy all aligned more likely to feel full less likely to a
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snack. >> britteny: during showers as we own the rest of tonight drying out tomorrow cry in cool warming backup wednesday thursday with another chance of rain a for most of the week into the weekend.
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"theinsider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, kelly clarkson dr. luke's blackmail claim. >> he's just not a good guy and he's kind of difficult to work with. kind of demeaning. >> why kelly said she was intimidated into working with the mega pr ♪ ♪ >> and her take on court case with kesha. >> when you have that poor a character like so many artists don't like you, that's not normal. ♪ >> then kim kardashian gets slammed on social media after posting a nude and why did the confrontation alcan ye just thank the paparazzi. and the royal family's adorable holiday, and details of
7:00 pm
the prince and princess's first snowy ski trip. plus for our bonus, we discover jennifer garner's hidden talent. >> are you talking about the e-flat saxophone. >> the inside story behind her secret. ♪ ♪ >> now, hollywood f inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo. ♪ ♪ not jackie kennedy has a first lady brought hollywood glamour to the white house than nancy reagan did in the'80s. tonight we remember her flotus fashion sens why there's controversy surrounding it. >> let's dive into the number one story we'retracking. kelly clarkson alin before keshaa allegations against dr. luke she was blackmailed into working with him. >> target is the man behind her greatest hit. >> he's not a good person to me, so


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