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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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laying there he was screaming. by a stolen car in the east bay we have pictures of the hit and run suspect and surveillance video of the theft in progress whoosh new at eight. dramatic pictures of a hero in action. a chp officer rescuing women and children from a burning car/ el nino's toll. pacifica's being readied for the wreckingand kron four's vicki liviakisthe woman jumped in the back of this is a full hour of your >> catherine: off.after a deadly officer involved shooting. this story is still unfolding. the first reports began coming in, just after 6:00 tonight. kron 4's jeff bush just got to the scene.he's live with the very latest.jeff?
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>> gabe: >> gabe: stick place at their north vacancy there is a huge police presence officers were coming here to this location 615 earlier this evening. investigating a reported stabbing victim and then for some reason or another in officer was forced to fire their weapons. and we are hearing the suspect has a died as a result of this officer involved shooting. the office there is ok. it will give you more information as this develops and in san jose. >> catherine:tonight. this man. daniel morris highway patrol officers believe year-old boy with a stolen car and then took off running this morning. kron four's kate cagle spoke hough
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she joins us live in castro valley. kate, any developments new tonight at 8. >> reporter: we talk to lead investigator on this case saying they really want to get this guy as for the six year-old boy he was in surgery all day today it is not clear at this point if he will ever fully recover from today's crash. the law enforcement are standing out looking for daniel morris suspected in the hit and run crash that badly hit her 06 year-old boy. items found in the stolen for fusion led them to the castro valley man with a rap sheet. the little boy on his way to marshall elementary school with his grandmother never say that the driver lost control just as the six year-old boy leaned over to look at some worms on the ground. the car veered to the child suddenly
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pains to this post. a year-old brother also hurt and the driver took off running. the car was stolen last night when this ford dealership in livermore. this surveillance video camera did meant to be seen breaking a lock box of car keys and a clear exactly how many people involved but they managed to drive five cars off the lot without setting off a single alarm. this is the first time something like this has ever happened. at this point is too early to say if morris was one of those or if the stolen car had already changed hands at 8:00 a.m.. what is known is supposed to be safe.
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their release the mouse mug shot of the suspect before 5:00 this evening immediately their phones started ringing they came into this chp station. it will be tips from the public like that that will eventually lead to an arrest in this case. vallejo
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police announce that they've arrested a man.for the23 year old devon ervin, is accused of shooting 26 year-old her body was found february 26th inside a home on central avenue. police say the two knew each other.but a motive for the killing is still under investigation. ervin is being held without scheduled for march 14th. still no sign of the brazen this is surveillance video of the incident. it shows men smasshing the rear- end of a green honda accord righ through the front of thetoday we talked to the owner of he says the thieves took off >> reporter: eventually he runs up another camera captures all four of them hopping the fence to get back out. and the alarm sounded police and but it is derived the suspects for well on their way two hours later there was a burglary at the independence armory in petaluma the thieves rammed the car into the from
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the shop and gain entry ceiling in number weapons. police believe these are the same for individuals that trading in the shop on carlton boulevard except as it proved to be a bit more challenge. in the >> grant: stream at
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derailment we do not know the terms of how derailed or potential injuries we do know is that it is in single fremont pleasanton at east bay a strain base stands for all talk or express san jose to start in very popular commuter train for folks in the bay area and cal fire all need a county fire right now responding we keep posted breaking news on the east bay
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>> britteny: the high surf advisory that was in effect tonight into tomorrow morning as well expecting less served more erosion. the extent we can see into the rest of this evening and windy conditions into tomorrow dry cooler than average and then went to research recover then tracking another round of rain and other live look right now i concede the flag is blowing their windy conditions at least the next couple hours. storm trackers shows quite conditions finally for us. we did see a good on rainfall over the weekend even note this morning so far so moving through parts of lake tahoe and carry elevations temperatures right now are dropping quickly and already some spots in the '40's the same thing in san jose and then temperatures in san francisco 53 it will still chilly out if you plan on going out tonight. today
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forecast a grain into tomorrow temperatures of 60 degrees try cooled by wednesday and then ran back in the forecast same thing thursday and then temperatures up close to the week and another round of rain and also cool temperatures more details and 70 forecast of take an hour by hour look at the rate expected to move in. >> catherine: coastline.where an apartment is set for demolition. building was red tagged back in >> reporter: so rhoden and undermine the stability of 320. it's too dangerous to leave it standing. .
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>> reporter: it's no longer safe for 320 to remain standing. 2010 and the city says they can no longer wait for the owner to take care of the problem. bankruptcy last year. so once that is settled and he comes out of that and perhaps he comes out of that a few years line to be reimbursed, but it won't happen soon.
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>> reporter: at the 20 it should be demolished by this time next week of 330 was demolished three weeks ago unresolved issue dapper 310 behind me to attack back in january and most residents have moved out some residents an owner who is also willard have file an appeal of that yellow its had a hearing later this month to decide that issue.
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>> grant: two women to young children in the car one-year-old boy to year-old girl strapped into their car seats the adults appear to be paralyzed by fear the officer jumping into action our heroic act of four people and the car were checked out for smoke as a precaution.
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>> catherine: the warriors hoping to make history like that oracle with indigo for five straight home win. tonight at oracle will heat the record for consecutive home wins. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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kron 4's j-r stone is live at underway.jr? >> j.r.: called when you can see in the distance some stragglers making their way inside and then making their way inside to see this guy. this was shot last hour-and-a-half warming up preparing for tonight's game at this point they are up 11 at
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last check this is the team can win 45th straight home game a record surpassing the 95 home streak. talking with fans all day they say even though they had a loss over the weekend still excited about the warriors because our warriors will get this record. some of the
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stragglers trying to get down in the arena and watching this game. they want to see a 45th wind and i lasted a six. game so talking about excitement inside or chlorine up. >> catherine:our warriors coverage isn't over just yet. coming up at 8:45.gary will join us with an update on tonight's game, and the emotional farewell from football for peyton >> britteny: j.r. was rubbing it
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in we are in the warm studio definitely cold outside can the jurors dropping but also because we are seeing some strong wind speeds which will subside and the next couple hours. wive look outside its at least a dry and it pretty much it done with all the rain showers even the snow showers. moving through lake tahoe winter weather advisory. and then temperatures right now 48 degrees and vallejo low 50s and concord in an 51 fremont the '50s and daly city to he agrees with it feels like to the jurors a little bit cooler than that to do to our when speeds in latin satellite read our shot shows their cars tapering off in the more moisture is starting to develop here and it will organize itself into an area of low pressure swinging through as we had in the over nine hours tuesday and wednesday in time
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out for you in the tuesday we stayed dry throat the entire day and overnight hours until early morning hours wednesday to attract another chance of rain fall moving through that will be affecting your morning commute in the north bay. in another round in the thursday afternoon this will linger throughout the day and 15 evening commute another chance of rain on friday even until weekend and then entering into another unsettled weather pattern. and highs in the region tomorrow 60 degrees and santa rosa only 58 and definitely need some vigor coats with you tomorrow. wednesday thursday 67 degrees on both days at the high 50s in the daytime highs by the weekend. >> catherine: pitiful scenes all
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over. >> grant: far ec this border in the basque country good for them. this new video we got from kirkwood the seats of snow from saturday in to this morning in then the slopes are awesome as well sugar bowl got the most in the tahoe area during the three day span 59 in. basically 5 ft. of snow. in this is coming in the week bringing more storms.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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happening today.u-c-s-f held a symposium to discuss the spread there are five confirmed cases of the virus here in the bay but there are concerns that the as kron 4's dan kerman trying to ease those fears. the day long symposium on the zika virus focused on both basic science and prevention doctors say the zika virus has been linked to birth defects and can unborn child unfortunatelyzika virus presents a pregnant womans worst nightmare , she might not be able to avoid infection and if there is an impact on her fetus it may not be diagnosed until the late still doctors say the risk of transmission in the continental or going on vacation to latin america or the caribbean. doctors say the prevalence of
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mosquitos that carry the virus, coupled with the climate, and the lack of mosquito abatement make those areas ripe for an if you are pregnant or all sexual partner of a woman who is pregnant or is going to become pregnant you should avoid areas where the virus is being transmitted. while doctors say there may eventually be some cases locally where people are infected directly by mosquito, most of the cases we see in the bay area will be people who have been infected overseas, or through sexual contact with someone infected overseas. our coverage continues online on our website.
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on zika. including tips on how to avoid getting the virus. it's all at kron-4-dot-com.
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bart riders.brace yourselves for from march through june. resuming work to replace aging track and equipment. tracks will be closed and buses will bridge the distance between san leandro and bay fair stops. the first weekend track closing will be march 26th and 27th. s-f-o continues to get busier. it had the highest growth rate of international travelers last year than any other us airport. deadly officer of all shooting deadly officer of all shooting in san jose live at the scene with the latest. in san jose live at the scene
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>> pam: did police shooting in san jose gramm has been tracking a train derailment in alicante. try >> grant: off the tracks we do note niles canyon road is not
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closed and talk more commuter train and a strain here in one train car carrying nine people went off the tracks into a creek no word on the extent of the injuries officials not confirming the nine people on board the multiple agencies have been sent out and tell me the county firefighters there at the scene and hellfire crews. >> catherine: jeff is live on the scene at please involve shooting technical problems with him. >> reporter: police officers and detectives here on the scene. they are investigating this shooting getting to the video you can see there are a lot of
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officers here investigating this all this around 615 this evening police were responding to reports of a person who had been stabbed upon the inspection and conducting the investigation. >> catherine: woman is recovering tonight after being beaten in the back of a car she thought was from a ride-sharing app. kron 4's vicki liviakis reports after a night out clubbing on woman thought she did the smart thing. pulled out her cellphone and booked a ride. shaken but recovering. patrons at the nearby bar say they heard about the incident
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and would have warned her. sounds sensible - but how do you know. besides the decal or mustache. police say the phoney driver is still on the streets. he's described as white about 60 years old.
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also new at 8. a popular blog claims it acquired screen shots showing that uber has had thousands of include the word "rape" or safe?
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slate heard from both sides and "buzzfeed news claims a former service rep for uber shared with them screen shots they took while logged into uber's customer service system that appear to reveal some shocking data a lot worse than it actually screen shot from uber's zendesk the word "rape" was searched from december 2012 through hit so this was supposedly searching all of uber's customer5,827 individual tickets pop upand in this screen shot a search with the words "sexual assualt" tickets. this article is sitting at the top of the buzzfeed news webpage. and it's being passed around all over the internet and social media. uber confirms those screen shots mean that there have been that they say you can not interpret the search results in that way.
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uber says they have had five customer tickets that allege an tickets with a legitimate claim of sexual assault, in the three they say their analysis of these results would conclude that 1 in every 3.3 million uber rides has resulted in a complaint of rape now. keep in mind we are talking about people emailing in or people often report themuber says search results for the tickets created that have words they say there are a lot of last names and email addresses out there that contain those letters like raper, rapeopore, rapeowitz, names like that. also any street names in the tickets that start with r,a,p,e like 1324 raper avenue. these customer service tickets also often misspell the word "rate" as "rape" which falsely boosts the search results as well. and uber points out anytime a customer uses the word out of context of sexual assault it could pop up like this "that uber ride raped my wallet". comments like that will show up in the search result. uber also said a lot of customers will contact their customer support system asking about alleged rapes or sexual assaults they heard about in
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the those types of inquires will also pop up the results because they contain the words in question. and uber's full statement tech page on kron 4 dot com or with your tech trends gabe slate we've had some wild weather. with only lingering showers to show for it tonight. but britney is here with the latest on what we can expect. >> britteny: another storm we are attracting and to your early morning hours wednesday tore will be dry here's what everything looks like satellite rates are showing some scattered snow showers and a pre much tapering off same thing for the most the rainshowers lingering threat the day in the east bay and a couple of hours. in temperatures selena had 51 in santa rosa. it's been well above
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average last couple weeks this will be little bit of a shock to the system temperatures at 58 and 59 center fell. 60 in richmond low 60s and san jose and they will continue to see it cool temperatures tomorrow and start to see warming conditions into wednesday thursday 70 forecast at the end of the show. >> catherine: authorities on the scene of a train derailment grant is back and with new video. . >> grant: accrue heading to the
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scene in key posts and
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developments of this out of the east bay as a derailment with a trained and will be back with more news after
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the race for the white house is heating up. parties.hurling more insultsand tragic news for one of the hillary clinton and donald trump respective party's delegate presidential candidate are all of you going to be voting tomorrow? senator bernie sanders in michigan contrasting his populist views with hillary clinton's "she has received very large
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speaking fees from wall street companies. she gaves speeches before goldman sachs, $225 thousand a speech gave a few clinton accusing him of putting principles before jobs. presidential candidate "i voted for the auto bailout. he voted against it because it also helped some other groups like the banks, but sometimes you don't get perfect choices in life or politics." both candidates are campaigning hard in michigan. one of two states where democrats will be voting tomorrow. clinton has a commanding lead in the polls in both that state and up for grabs right now she has more than one third of the votes needed for donald trump has slightly less uncomfortably close. divided, donald wins and if likelihood, hillary wins and so we have to come together. marco rubio agrees. but his solution is different. presidential candidate if you the republican nominee, you have to vote for marco rubio. pressure is mounting on rubio ahead of next week's primary in his home state of florida. where of the state's 99 delegates. this guy couldnt get elected
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dog-catcher in the state of florida. another corrupt all talk no action politician trump opponents have their own ad. using his own bleeped out words. tomorrow, republicans make their choice in four states ,. primaries in michigan and mississippi, caucuses in idah >> catherine: the check in with the warriors to a request for nba record 45 straight home win. in st. mary's men making good with the title game a possible n.c.a.a. tournament pilots and all the sports coming up.
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mystery machine. but authorities say this is noin a tragic turn of events. one of the survivors of the boston kiilled in a car crash overseas with another college student. victoria mcgrath and priscilla perez torres -- both undergrad students at northeastern accident in dubai. injuries in the 2013 act of finish line when two bombs went off. there are no details of the car crash. the university says
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>> catherine: was originally released in 2012 order of the web site claims that that website owns the rights to the video. and andrews awarded $55,000 and secretly videotaped new video. she'd ask for 75 million from her stalker and the haute tell chain that allowed him to get into our room next to hers and pulley is complied with the request from a man the state in the room next to her. without questioning him and then film andrews through people hosted the video online the jury of seven women five men found both the hotel and the stalker guilty. right now the golden
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state 5946 at intermission verses orlando magic. seminaries on their way to an ncaa and a thinking good for its randy bennett and loss of vegas against pepperdine they did another one of the australians always seemed to refer to 16.9 rebounds the when i wrote run closing the gap. paul gale and 8166 they have the winner of the y yo with automatic ncaa tournament bid tomorrow night. tonight hurt struggling for collier's has st. mary's down the three-pointer to put usf has 6169 seconds left with a steel and steel for usf 5765
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there now one win away from making ncaa tournament wcc finals meanwhile sackler with j.r. paint a head coach highlight these broncos against byu tilbury the daughter of tangleberries is a great basketball player trying to keep the broncos and it but just not enough public open in the fourth quarter and sackler the 44208767 byu place usf for the wcc title and ncaa tournament tomorrow night. sharks in flames just over 19 seconds into overtime here a joke to belsky 30 of coal the season. the sharks win in overtime by final of 21 martin jones had 47 saves and the sharks victory tonight. payton
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made official today after 18 nfl seasons he will retire and the grays regular-season quarterback paul time he holds records of passing yards touchdown passes five time league mvp 14 time for the four pro bowlers he may try to play another season but after looking around denver has us while we're young player taking his place of no room for pain in the nfl their promotional today his final game was here at levi stadium. and he said omaha that was one of the play calls the
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famous for everyone picked up in the media or the times can snap the ball.
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robert griffin officially even with the 49ers may take a look at him he was a great rookie quarterback in washington people loved him but they got injured in the rest of the way they had to let him go to avoid paying 16 million in guaranteed might money. marie one of the great tennis stars of the world failed
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a drug test at the australian open five time champion in a news conference she tested positive for substance and she's been taking for 10 years for health issues. it is banned this particular year and wait this see with the tennis folks say about that. and that type of suspension coming she got ahead of story by announcing a first.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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a four >> catherine: is on the scene on a train derailment. the edges of the scene live in all accounts he and what have we learned so far.
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>> reporter: a trail derailment here along niles canyon road the good news and no one was killed. when train did go to the trick creek 10 people are able to walk away minor injuries from this crash and what really became a water rescue. the the alicea but the crews are literally cut it cutting their way through the branches trying to get into the creek and here half an hour for some minutes ago were able to rescue everyone and all the commuters out of this train able to get them into ambulances and hospitals and also again able to make sure there were no fatalities we are told at this point that the train derailed because of a fallen tree on the tracks. and we have had a lot of rainy stormy windy weather over the last 48 hours. and just now we're about to get another
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press update we will continue to update you on this story in the evening into it and at 11:00 tonight we of more pictures information there.
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