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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:officials with altamont corridor express say, there have been two previous 17-year history. >> pam:in 1999. a train derailed while switching tracks near stockton. >> pam:then in 2008, a slow moving train with no passengers. derailed in the
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rail yard. >> pam:there were no injuries in >> pam: >> reporter: the tracks are clear now the inspection of that track can begin. this is the mean--the scene monday night searching monday night. another on the track above creek the derailment came into focus. one car remained coincide with the tent in the creek and the other all right but still off the track. >> we do not know if it was the versing the tracks. >> reporter: an
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investigation is being conducted and will be looking at other factors in addition to mother nature's rank of hill slides. >> all the different factors will come into play when we finalize what was exactly the cause of the incident. >> reporter: for much of the day. cruzan used chains sauce took lead a path. this will be a bit more tricky. going up right and then up the hillside and putting it back on the track. at 3:00 p.m. it was almost accomplished. >> reporter: and we are back live, here on canyon road. you can see behind me no more trains for the real
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trained left. just a few minutes before 5:00 before the last train was moved out. the inspection will begin and minor repair to do for the track which will take about two to three hours. they'll open up the check if that is all they will find. >> reporter: lives,dan kerman kron4news >> pam: and 2008, and slow- moving train with no passengers direct and the rail yard. there were no injuries in either incident. >> pam:weather - related issues. like mud slides and downed trees, are a constant worry for rail systems across northern california. in san jose this morning. crews like this one. were out inspecting the tracks of the south bay's light rail system. they discovered and disposed of some tree limbs
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near the tracks, where the light rail passes beneath some tall eucalyptus trees along the southwest expressway. >> pam:the inspections are said to been stepped with the on-set of el nino. they generally occur before and after storms. >> pam: >> we are always looking for any potential problems. most of bart tracks run through the streets so we are not necessarily subject to mud slides. but we have crews going on diligently every week, to make sure that there are no potential hazards near the tracks. >> pam:v-t-a says, the track inspections are similar to those conducted following an >> pam:a live look at the san mateo bridge tonight. the bay area got a break clouds across the bay area today >> pam:but more rain is on the way.meterologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast.
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>> brittany: that is right creek some spots are already seeing rainshowers. storm trucker for shows the next system pushing its way. rain returns tonight and continues all the way through the weekend >> brittany: at a light red are showing the motion of the rainshowers headed to the south right now creek very light rainfall but the pattern is starting for us and wanted stars tonight it will continue straight through the weekend. painting a picture of all of the moisture that will move into the region. and that will be the trend that we are watching with more mr. pushing hand. >> brittany: as we get into our 9:00 or 10:00 hour and will continue to move and it also occurs in the '50s, so it will be eight or was a chilly day. changing weather and with all but pattering
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returning and have a full look at this forecast. pam? >> pam:for up to the minute weather forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron-4 mobile app. >> pam:it's free to download for apple and android devices. >> pam:new details emerging in the aftermath of a fatal officer involved shooting in san jose. >> pam:grant lodes is here with the latest. grant? >> grant:the chief says the shooting was justified. an investigation will examine the matter in more detail. the shooting was last night just after 6:00. at the corner of south 3rd street and martha avenue near san jose state university. >> grant:an officer confronted a guy with a knife, who had already allegedly stabbed two people, one of whom is his estranged wife. police say it was only after the man ignored repeated commands to drop the knife, that the officer opened fire, killing him. >> grant:at a news conference today, chief eddie garcia defended the
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officer's actions. . >> demanding the suspect to put down the weapon. he did not and then continue to what, to the house. another female individuals coming out of that home. sold with every one that was in that area plus the fact that the suspect to have any time have gone back into the residence that is why the officer did what he did. >> grant:the identity of the man with the knife has not been made available as yet. one of the two people he allegedly stabbed is in critical condition. >> grant:police say that guy knows the suspect's estranged wife. she was also hospitalized. but has been released.
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meantime. molly franquemont. >> pam:a bullet hole in the window of an east bay restaurant. is just part of the evidence left behind.from a violent night in a busypolice say, there was gunfire on the street near the claim jumper restaurant >> pam:police tell us. there was a shootout between people in two cars. suprisingly no one was injured. as kron 4's jackie sissel reports. they do not have any suspects. >> reporter: right now the concord police do not have either prevent it are asking for the public's help. if you were in the area and saw anything to please contact them. in concord, jackie
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cicero, kron4 news. -- sissel >> pam:heavy -duty pick-up trucks have become a favorite target of theives here in the bay area. according to police. in fact. there have been dozens of these vehicles stolen already this year. in contra costa county alone. >> pam:investigators show kron4's reasons why criminals are attracted to fords. >> reporter:auto thefts involving the are on the rise in central contra costa county. ford's e-series vans are being targeted as well. we are not even 2 and half months into the new year and the city of martinez has already seen 13 of these vehicles stolen. but over in the neighboring city of concord. >>"in concord alone we've had 30 since january 1st" >> reporter:concord police corporal christopher blakely says one of the reasons for the rise in these auto thefts are easy it is to steal these vehicles >>"hey youtube, lord alex here, and i'm going to show
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you how to steal a truck" >>"that's disturbing, i mean you're basically showing someone how to steal a truck in a matter of two minutes that you see online. they're stealing these trucks because they are easy to steal" >> reporter:he says these tool containers attached to the pick up trucks are often what the theives are after >>"what they're trying to do is steal it, bring it to a location, break into whatever storage who have on the truck, steal those tools and sell them on the black market. there's ways that you can kind of prevent these thefts" >> reporter:on of the best deterrents is using one of these clubs to lock down your steering wheel police agree this is not a new hi-tech product. but it works. >>"he sees that club on the steering wheel, it is kind of a little bit more for him to try to steal that car, and he moves on to the next one. it's a very good crime deterrent" >> reporter:concord police also suggest that ford vehicle owners invest in after market alarm systems to prevent their trucks and vans from being stolen. in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:it is another 'super tuesday' in the 2016 presidential race. with voters in 4 -states going to the polls today.
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>> pam:catherine heenan is here with more on the day that could help clarify who will be the likely nominees. >> catherine: voters today will help shape and maybe narrow the race. democrats are voting in two states - michigan and mississippi. >> catherine:republicans are also voting in those two states -- along with idaho and hawaii. >> catherine:among the questions - will today be a test of donald trump's staying power? >> catherine:and will hillary clinton do well enough to send a message to bernie sanders? >> catherine:new polls show the race tightening - with front-runners trump and clinton still holding strong leads.but those leads are getting smaller. >> catherine:polls closed a short time ago in mississippi. >> catherine:democrats clinton and sanders have both focused on securing the black vote here.which accounts for nearly 34% of the population. >> catherine:clinton - even trotting out her husband bill on the campaign trail here.
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>> catherine:mississippi is an open primary state - meaning voters can choose either party. >> catherine:on the republican side. >> catherine:donald trump has swept much of the south so he's likely expecting a win here. >> catherine:mississippi has the highest unemployment rate in the nation - which could also bode well >> catherine:for a populist candidate like trump. >> catherine:but the biggest delegate jackpot of the day -- is michigan. for both parties. >> catherine:130 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats. 59 for the republicans. >> catherine:michigan is also an open primary state. the polls haven't closed yet. >> catherine:trump and clinton have led in the polls. >> catherine:but some see it as a chance for sanders to do well. michigan is the first industrial state to hold a primary this season. >> catherine:it could also be a test of trump's durability with white,
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working class voters. >> catherine:in idaho and hawaii today -- only the republicans are voting. hawaii is a caucus state without much polling. >> catherine:ted cruz has generally done well in caucus states so far. it's also a less white state - which could hurt trump. >> catherine:as for idaho - it's a rural and largely white state. both characteristics that have favored trump. still - cruz has been campaigning here - and could make a dent. >> catherine:the delegate count. >> catherine:going into the day.donald trump had 389 delegates. ted cruz - 302. >> catherine:marco rubio - 149. john kasich - 37. >> catherine:1237 delegates are needed to win the republican nomination. >> catherine:the delegate count for the democrats. hillary clinton went into this super tuesday with 1147 delegates. >> catherine:bernie sanders - 498. >> catherine:23-hundred-83 delegates are needed to win the democratic nomination. >> catherine:the stakes are high.but they're about to get a lot higher.
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>> catherine:next tuesday - the campaign moves into a pivotal 'winner take all' phase. >> catherine:voters in five states - including florida, illinois and ohio - will turn out. >> catherine:the republican and democratic winners on the 15th will get 'all' of the delegates. >> catherine:no sharing. >> catherine:there is much more ahead at five. should seat hogs on bart. face a fine? >> catherine:coming up.the proposal that could have some passengers who like to spread out. pay up big. >> catherine:plus, another emotional day in pacifica. as people prepare to watch their long time homes. come down. >> catherine:and depsite some controversy. steph curry gets a hero's welcome at an elementary school. >> pam:his talk with the students. is coming up.
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>> pam: if you have ever been on a bart train you have promising someone hauled be the seat. they are calling to make the seahawks pay. -- seat hogs >> reporter: bart is this year than ever if you can't see people boarding the train spirit now they want to make illegal to individuals who are her
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holding the seat started-- hogging seats. this will mickey legal for individuals are taking up more than one seat when there is someone standee and like to sit down bart police, right now can i do anything right now if a writer is taking up more than one seed if this does become part of the law or a new law it would be able to do more. you would have to remove your belongings of the second seat if you have someone that needs a seat in regards to be pregnant or health conditions. --rider >> not everyone is perfect. not everyone was taught manners. sir >> my bag should not take
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precedence over some human being. >> reporter: the first reading of this new ordinance. at the bart board meeting. need to pass that time and then a second time in order to become legal. you are welcome to come to the meeting to provide more conversation or your thoughts on what is your take on this topic.. >> reporter: coming out tonight at 6 we will talk about what the fis will actually be a pyrrhic if it does become a law how much will it cost you if you get caught. and the police will give you a ticket. -- how much will the fines be? >> pam: it is a very
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difficult time for many pacifica residents. >> pam: thirty- apartment homes. will soon be destroyed - and more could be coming. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, one long- time resident says. sadly. he sees many other problems in his adopted home town. >> pam: >> brittany: >> pam: >> reporter:for long time pacifica resident ian butler - watching crews prepare to tear down this now vacant red tagged apartment bittersweet. >> reporter:for months he has been picking up litter out of the ocean - items from homes on the bluffs. >> butler/pacifica. what we have been finding mostly deck items. >>and now with this buliding about to be gone. butler says need to learn from it and keep going - >>-- i think we need to do this sooner rather than later. >> reporter:butler though says at the those who have lost their homes due to what has perhaps may happen to >>-- we have a refuge crisis
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right here in our backyards. it is difficult and we need to find housing for these people unf. these places have to be condemned. >> reporter:on this day - crews are scheduled to remove asbestos from this complex on wednesday, then bulldozers were be here on thursday. >>-- our poor city is shrinking, but unfor there is no way to stop it all we can do is get out of the way. >> reporter:in pacifica, te >> pam:grant lodes is here with an east bay crime alert. a burglar. caught on surveillance video. >> pam: grant? >> grant:the house in el cerrito was ransacked. police there want people to take a good look at this guy.who broke into a place on liberty streey near gladys avenue. >> grant:this was thursday february 18th.three in the afternoon. >> grant:the guy knocked at the front door before heading around back where he busted his way in.stealing cash, jewelry and other things. >> grant:police say he's about 5-10.180 pouunds.looks
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to be in his 30's. >> brittany: you can see the gray clouds behind me. but our streets are still dry. tonight storm trackers for shows a little bit of rain depending on where you are accurate scattered showers are trying to move into the peninsula. but mainly in the north bay are where we are dry. you see this was just trying to come into our area. >> brittany: stars tonight and even into the weekend. our temperatures on the colossi was 49 degrees in santa rosa, as we head into tomato temperatures will bump up a little bit above average with 68 degrees and oakland, 67 degrees in fremont carried our forecast
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shows going straight into the weekend with a few chance of rain showers. i will get down hour by hour and a 7 day for tests coming up and about 50 minutes. stay with us because you are watching kron4 news.
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>> pam:the golden state warriors were just as busy in the community. >> pam:stephen curry gave hundreds of young fans a major highlight this afternoon. with a visit to a downtown oakland elementary school. >> pam:mark carpenter was there too. he joins us with the sights and sounds -- and a ton of smiles out there. mark >> mark:it wasn't quite the kind of at oracle arena, but the excitement was just as high.even though it was a sponsored appearance for the
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water purifying company-- brita, >> mark:the reigning mvp paid a visit to the students of martin luther king elementary school. and as you can expect-- the entrance to the new king of (cheers & applause) nats of curry entrance >> mark:welcome to the best assembly a bay area student could dream of. stephen curry-- trading in the hardwood for a day to serve as a special guest at mlk elementary. >> mark:as a spokesperson for brita, about the importance of drinking water. >>"i wasn't the best eater as a kid growing up and i had important that was, so it's nice to be able to share about it." >> mark:whether the h2o message sunk who knows? what was clear is the elation of meeting a childhood idol.
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>>"exciting and happy because i got to see stephen curry for the 3rd time." >>"it's really cool to see somebody give back to the school. tell the kids how they feel about life and live up to. we enjoyed our school to teach our students about water." >> mark:curry met with the students for about 45- minutes. and it ended with their version of a victory bath. >>nats of curry getting doused >> mark:draymond green also met with the students earlier in the day at acorn woodland elementary. the champs are back on the court tomorrow against the utah jazz. >> mark:pam? >> pam:another big tuesday in the race for the white house. coming up at 5:30. the latest from the campaign trail. as the candidates look to lock up more delegates. >> pam:plus. new troubling news in the battle to contain the fast spreading zika
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at 5:30. >> pam:call it super tuesday "two". as four states hold primary elections. and a lot of delegates are on the line. >> pam:for the candidates right now, it is all about the numbers and how they add up. and who can secure enough delegates to lock up their nomination.
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>> pam:c-n-n's diane gallagher is live in washington dc tonight. monitoring the race for the white house. >> reporter: polls and mississippi coast. projecting hillary clinton the winter there giving her her 12 when to rid dominance in the south. we have now projected just yet on the gop side appeared--we have not >> this is a crazy year. this is unlike any election ever. >> reporter: tonight, 150 republican delegates are at stake and idaho. >> >> reporter: donald trump a strong performance could reflect cam pulling away from the field. but a new
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washington post and paul says dick approves is closing the gap by 9 percent nationally. >> we are seen passion and energy. from the grass roots. that is why we are surging at nationwide. >> reporter: both have indicated how important those states art >> need you on the 15th. we need you on the 15th. >> reporter: for the democrats, mississippi and michigan are up. today. the big win in michigan will silence that claim.
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the poll >> reporter: still not officially closed in this again for another half hour creek so we will have some early sort of resorts, with about 12% reporting donald trump at 37%, and tipped cruise at 20%. these are very very preliminary results creek we have and half an hour to go in michigan. before those polls close. --ted cruse >> pam: does it get or do you get a sense that they are chipping away at donald trump's lead across the country? when >> have not been able to call the gop states yet. i'm
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not so sure. he does have the lead. you can look at the result that is still being split up pretty evenly here in michigan right now with 12 percent reporting creek there has to be some kind of impact. he was winning the states by these outstanding margins seem to have plateaued at this point. last super tuesday, he ended up with more delegates and that is what matters. accruals and gang up on him. case sick even if he does not win, john will be at a second place he wants to win to collect those delegates and moved that momentum. just >> reporter: in my ear right now, my producer is saying that they are calling mississippi for donald trump. >> brittany: a closer look
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at our storm trecker 4. it is the steadiest and san mateo with a light shower starting to pop up. mainly in the fourth bay to the south of livermore creek " we can't expect, it is a light rain showers movie and grit scattered rain showers on when and off as we approach thursday and friday. >> brittany: concede this system popping and a lot of moisture this will be the trd over the next couple of days. it will not just the showers tonight, but a good chance as we go into the next few days pretty you will notice on and off rain showers as you read out to work. as we get into the overnight hours and into wednesday early morning hours another round of rainshowers a >> brittany: i will have
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your 7 day forecast coming up and about 15 minutes. >> pam: using, and there is an news from the world health organization on the virus which is already considered a global emergency. that threat is here with the latest developments. >> catherine:using new reports from several countries -- the health agency says that cases of zika being spread by sexual contact -- is more common than first thought. >> catherine:zika is mostly spread directly by mosquito bites.but there 'are' cases of people getting sick after having sex with an infected person. health experts now admit >> catherine: it's happening more often than anyone realized.and they call it "alarming." >> catherine:the u.s. is
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investigating more than a dozen possible cases of zika in people who might have been infected through sex. also - while they've been saying for some time that zika is believed to be tied disturbing birth defects -- they continue to pile up more evidence that it's true. >> catherine: him?--pam? >> pam:the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan. will be held friday at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley. among those who plan to attend the private service. are first lady michelle obama, former first ladies laura bush, rosalynn carter and hillary clinton. and former president george w. bush. >> pam:today michlle obama remembered mrs. reagan on international women's day. >>"mrs. reagan was a woman of incredible strength and grace and she was a passionate advocate for so many important issues. through the example she set both during her time in the white house and beyond, mrs. reagan reminded us of the importance of women's leadership at every level of society." >> pam:public viewings at the reagan presidential library. will be held tomorrow and thursday. >> pam:the library's executive director says mrs. reagan's burial site. has
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been configured to honor her most adamant request: that her casket will be placed just inches from that of her husband, who died in 2004. >> pam: next, the new condition more and more therapists are treating this election season.
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>> pam: well, this is something differenthave you heard of "trump anxiety?" >> pam:it's a real thing - being treated by therapists - and making national headlines. >> pam:kron 4's national correspondent chance seales, talked to the psychologist behind the article, >> pam:and people who seeking treatment. >>if trump occupies this white house, any anxiety about that? i'm moving to australia. fight or flight, the fear is real in many parts, when people hear the words "president trump." >> reporter:we've all had expereince with people like him - either in our parents or friends or bullies. >> reporter:dr. alison howard is a d.c. psychologist - who's treated so-called "trump anxiety" in her own patients. >> reporter:the washington post wrote it up. >>i think it's a mistake to think that people in therapy are reacting differently to donald trump than anybody else. >> reporter:so we went to find out. >> reporter:do you have any sort of trump anxiety?
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>>yes, i don't think he's prepared to be president. >>yes, because i don't think anyone is taking us serious now. and it took so long to build relationships. >> reporter: >>if that's the case, i'm absolutely getting out. i've already told my parents that. i've already told my >> reporter:you can hear the trump anxiety is real and palpable here outside the white house. but not everyone we talked to are worried about the billionaire moving in excited. >> reporter:do you have any trump anxiety? >>no, not at all. >> reporter:this portland couple says trump - is america's ticket forward. and his opponents have it all wrong. >>when i hear that, it's like people are kind of fearful of the change. >>they want the status quo, and they'll do anything to keep it. >> reporter:at the white house, i'm national correspondent chance seales. >> pam: still ahead. new rules for gift cards that could make getting them more difficult.
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>> pam:a popular blog claims it acquired screen shots showing that uber has had thousands of customer service complaints that include the word "rape" or "sexual assualt". >> pam:and it brings up a bigger concern for uber riders is the ride sharing service safe? >> pam:our tech trends reporter gabe slate heard from both sides and breaks down this controversy. >> grant:"buzzfeed news claims a former person who was a customer service rep for uber shared with them screen shots they took while logged into uber's customer service system that appear to reveal some shocking data >> grant:but uber says the way they came up with this data makes it look a lot worse than it actually is." buzzfeed news claims this is a screen shot from uber's zendesk customer support platform where the word "rape" was searched from december 2012 through august 2015. >> grant:so this was supposedly searching all of uber's customer complaints or word "rape". >> grant:5,827 individual tickets pop up that include that word. and in this screen shot a search with the words "sexual assualt" returned
5:47 pm
6,160 customer support tickets. >> grant:this seems shocking. it's not hard to understand why this article is sitting at the top of the buzzfeed >> gabe:and it's being passed around all over the internet and >> gabe:uber confirms those screen shots are real. but says it does not mean that there have been that many complaints about sexual assault. >> gabe:they say you can not interpret the search results in that way. uber says they have had five customer tickets that allege an actual rape occurred and 170 tickets with a legitimate claim of sexual assault, in the three years, in question, from december 2012 to august 2015. >> gabe:they say their analysis of these results would conclude that 1 in every 3.3 million uber rides has resulted in a complaint of rape or sexual assualt. >> gabe: ifnow. keep in mind
5:48 pm
we are talking about people emailing in or calling in customer service complaints. >> gabe:when serious incidents occur, people often report them directly to law enforcement. therefore, those incidents may not be reflected in these numbers. >> gabe:uber says search results for the word "rape" will include any tickets created that have words that start with the letters r,a,p,e they say there are a lot of last names and email addresses out there that contain those letters like raper, rapeopore, rapeowitz, names like that. >> gabe:also any street names in the tickets that start with r,a,p,e will show up as a result. like 1324 raper avenue. >> gabe:uber said riders that create these customer service tickets also often misspell which falsely boosts the search results as well. and uber points out anytime a customer uses the word out of context of sexual assault it could pop up an example given was a comment like this "that uber ride raped my wallet". >> gabe:comments like that will show up in the search result. uber also said a lot of customers will contact their customer support system asking about alleged rapes or sexual assaults they heard about in the news. those types of inquires
5:49 pm
will also pop up the results because they contain the words in question. >> gabe:to see buzzfeed's full report and uber's full statement regarding this issue look for my tech page on kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. >> gabe:with your tech trends gabe >> brittany:rain returns tonight and continues all the way >> brittany: we are still going to see and to recommend for the most as we go into the rest of tonight we will see some widespread rain showers. 54, and sunnyvale with livermore 54 degrees. >> brittany: in to see the monster coming into the region. and will help with the rain showers for the next couple of days. we will break it down for you for future tests for as we go into the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning dealing
5:50 pm
with raging showers. we will all the same warm and wet roads. and it will clear up as we go into the afternoon but another round is also coming and to the region. in part of snap but, santa rosa and cellar filled slowly transitioning creek into friday. another wet command for you. as we are in the middle of an unsettled weather in pattern. starting with the rain showers moving again and continue into the weekend. friday, we will see another system moving in. with two degrees warmer than what we saw today. a lot of the areas will stay in the 50 degree temperatures. >> brittany: 7 day forecast shows pretty much a chance of rain showers for the next week or so with the temperatures dropping down to fifties and low sixties for the weekend. pam? >> pam: stocks fell broadly
5:51 pm
today as investors around the world fled risky bets on worrisome trade data out of china and a slump in the price of crude oil. >> pam: the dow fell 109 points. >> pam: the s and p dropped 22 points >> pam: and the nasdaq gave up 59 points. >> pam: kron 4's financial expert rob black has tonight's winners and losers. >> reporter: facebook has a live video and people tend to stick around for that other than to see recorded video. >> reporter: 39 games, as soon as possible. they are in talks about screening thursday night football spirit the ball games. i think we all know that facebook would do better than yahoo. >> reporter: so and credit
5:52 pm
card law has come into place where facebook says if the retailer does not put in the chip technology will have to plug into it and it takes a second instead of a once a dense white then they will not be responsible creek so this is hurting the gift card business. spending billions of dollars last year grossed 57% within the last six years trip but these new laws are slowing down retail. and there will be ramifications. what side effects that will hurt people as well. >> reporter: they are trying to do this special. it was to value items for $2 but now they're making it premium items but is $5 creek has not caught on. so they are trimming estimates, with that said the breakfast all day is rocking and rolling and the stocks are
5:53 pm
at all-time high. but for all of the flak that we give macdonalds they are rock- and-roll and in the stock market right now. >> pam: next.the big trouble tennis star maria sharapova finds herself in the middle of.
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>> pam:tennis star maria sharapova testing positive
5:56 pm
for a banned substance. the insider's louis aguirre is in hollywood with more on this story. >> i did fill the task and i take full responsibility for it agreed i made a huge mistake and ... i face consequences. and >> reporter:, those consequences are costly. two of her biggest sponsors have grand slam to the 28 your old. nike first are working with her at 11 years old releasing the statement that we are saddened and surprised by the news and we have decided to suspend our relationship with her until investigation has been completed.
5:57 pm
>> i think over the next couple of years she stands to lose between 24 and $40 million. >> reporter: we were with the most highest-paid athlete in july, when she was trained for the former no. 1 in the world is facing a ban on professional tennis which will and her professional career in tennis. >> reporter: have so much more on this story with the insider. back to you! >> pam: how will voters in michigan and the night? the winners in mississippi are trompe and hillary clinton. >> pam: what are they doing in the south bay, and the name of safety with the
5:58 pm
tracks? the news as six is up next!
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at six. >> pam:it is super tuesday - the sequel. and the presidential front- runners on both sides are eyeing the chance to build on their momentum and pad their leads in the race. >> pam:good evening everyone, i'm pam moore. >> pam:voters are heading to the polls in what's being dubbed super tuesday- two. >> pam:on the republican side. idaho are holding primaries, while hawaii is
6:00 pm
holding caucuses. a total of 150 delegates are up for grabs on the g-o-p side. >> pam:it is also a big day for mississippi. >> pam:voters are choosing between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. with 166 - delegates at stake. >> pam:tonight. we have team coverage on super tuesday heenan who is covering the g-o-p results. >> pam:on the republican side.we could be looking at the race tonight. >> catherine:at the very least - a much 'tighter' race. >> catherine:new national polls today cut into donald trump's lead. but we'll see how that plays out tonight. >> catherine:let's look at mississippi - where the polls closed about an hour ago. >> catherine:a short time ago -- donald trump was projected as the winner of the republican primary there. >> catherine:he has mostly swept the south - and had been expecting another win. >> catherine:40 delegates are up fortrump has mostly swept the expecting another win.
6:01 pm
>> catherine:but the big prize tonight - is michigan.where polls just closed at 6. >> catherine:59 delegates at stake. >> catherine:this contest could tell us a lot about trump's staying power. >> catherine:he's hoping to show that he can appeal to voters in states in the industrial midwest >> catherine:that generally lean democratic. >> catherine:but ohio governor john kasich has poured a lot of time and money into the state. >> pam:and he's counting on some love from fellow midwesterners. he wants and needs a strong showing to get some momentum. >> catherine: chaos within the republicanwith some conservative factions hoping
6:02 pm
to make trump disappear. but time is running out for his opponents to turn things around before the winner takes-all states begin to vote. >> catherine:and before the gop front runner racks up enough delegates to lock up the >> catherine:on the democratic side. two states up for grabs. michigan and mississippi. >> pam:grant lodes is monitoring results. and joins us with an update. >> grant:everyone knew clinton would win missiisippi.and she did. but michigan in the big prize today for the two democratic candidates. >> grant:the other big story of the night. we are following the progress of the train >> grant: only the small percent of the boat has been counted. but clinton is the wind and mississippi. but
6:03 pm
not in michigan. clinton and sanders are neck and neck with just a two-point lead over clinton the clinton could win this would 70% has been voted. >> grant: michigan has 130 delegates at hand. mississippi just 36 creek and a legitimate run at the democratic nomination, barney sanders would need michigan. calls and michigan just closed at 6:00 hour--at the 6:00 hour. that is a big one in michigan! we'll have more and had always >> pam: the other big story
6:04 pm
of tonight we are following the progress of the train removal in alameda county. >> pam:the train derailed last night. as it was en route from san jose to stockton. the train plugged into a creek. >> pam:a mudslide is being blamed for the derailment. >> pam:nine people were injured. and more than 200 people had to be rescued. the last of the two train cars were rolled out about an hour ago now minor repairs to the track are underway. >> pam:kron 4's dan kerman is monitoring it all. he he joins us live from the scene. dan? >> reporter: there are repair crews right there on the track and deceive them behind the meat. we have been told by dan the pacific that only minor repairs are expected to take about two to three hours and then try shall resume tomorrow morning. although, it was a long day to get those to the real cars on of here. -- derailed trains out of here
6:05 pm
>> reporter: >> there are many factors that need to be taking into account as in regards to what actually occurred. this crew have to is that the tracks and the real cars. so the real factors come into play and all we find exactly what happened. >> reporter: the early indications suggest a mud slide is to blame for the derailment >> half of the wheel cars were filled with mud. the real cars were filled with mud. we had cruised out last night to try to clear the area, of mud. to pull the local most out. the mudslide was involved clearly. -- to pull th eloc-- the
6:06 pm
locomotive out >> reporter: with several pulleys and a crane and was pulled up side and flipped up break grid we set up this video to get seats it had been committed by 3:00 p.m., the car was almost off the track and i find it was gone. >> reporter: dan, as we mentioned union pacific are investigating the tracks is to take about two to three hours. and trains should began in the morning. >> pam: as we have heard, the weather and a mud slide may derailment. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, inspectors were out looking for weather-related issues along the light rail tracks in san jose. >> pam: chainsaws at the ready, vta--
6:07 pm
>> reporter: crews like this one made short work of some tree limbs that likely came down over the wet and windy weekend, landing near the light rail tracks here along southwest expressway. >>stacy hendler/vta -- correct. we had a storm over the weekend so we will be looking specifically for that. there was a man they said doubt over the weekend to go out and look for specific things. >> reporter:a few tree limbs might not seem like much of a threat, but vta says trees near the tracks, like these, as we see in this video from kron 4's helicopter partnership with abc 7, are indeed considered a potential hazard to passing trains and the only way to deal with those hazards is through vigilance and regular inspections. >> stacy hendler/vta -- we do regular inspections and within the last six months we have been preparing for an annual by going regular inspections to make sure there are no hazard and potential dangers for trees and power lines.
6:08 pm
>> reporter:the mostly urban light rail is by no means prone to mud slides, like the one that may have contributed to the ace train derailment, >> reporter:but vta says such state mandated inspections can include watching for erosion, drainage and other weather- related issues. >> we are taking every precaution to make sure the roads are clear and safe. >> reporter: in san jose, rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam:light rain returns tonight. kron four meteorologist brittney is here to tell us about another wet pattern? >> brittany: it will start right now. continuing into the weekend and possibly into next week. storm trecker 4, showing us where the rainfall is accurate is closer to the south bay in hayward and call out toll. there are all seen some rain showers. --palo alto
6:09 pm
>> brittany: rain is moving again. also with a pool of moisture our way that will turn into a rain showers for the rest of the evening. so temperatures highly start the high 50s. but atm, low to mid '50's. but everyone for everyone at 9:00 widespread. coming up! i will attract more of the pattern for you and the 7 day forecasts coming up and about 10 minutes. >> catherine: for up-to-the minute weather alerts and forecasts in your neighborhood. download the kron 4 mobile app. >> pam: it's your number one source for news and weather in the bay area. >>in the south bay. >> pam: new details are emerging after a fatal officer involved shooting. last night in san jose.
6:10 pm
>> pam: the incident happened just after six. at the corner of south 3rd street and martha avenue near san jose state university. >> pam: an arriving officer confronted a stabbing suspect. the suspect, allegedly, stabbed two people. including his estranged wife. >> pam: police say it was only after the man ignored repeated commands to drop the knife that the of ficer opened fire, killing him. >> with everyone in that area, plus the suspect to have any time when back into the residence that is why the officer did what he did. >> pam:one of the two people he allegedly stabbed. is in critical condition. hospitalized but treated and released. >> pam:the identity of the man with the knife has not yet been made available. >> pam: a bullet hole in the window of an east bay restaurant. is just part of the evidence left behind.from a violent night in a busy intersection. >> pam: police say.the shooting took place on the corner of diamond boulevard
6:11 pm
and willow way in concord.which happens to be very close to the popular willow shopping center.and part of the gun fire struck the claim jumper restaurant nearby. >> pam: police say shots were fired between people in two car was abandoned.the other fled the scene.and suprisingly no one was injured. the shooting took place here.on the corner of diamond boulevard and willow way.and it's very close to the popular willow shopping center here in concord. >> why it is dangerous and reckless spirit we are lucky that innocent person was not struck by the bullets. and we will reply follow up. we will be doing a follow up. >> pam:and according to the concord police say at around 8:30 last night, they started receiving calls of gun fire in the area. >> pam: the scene they found an abandoned vehicle in the intersection that had been shot up. >> pam:now through further determined there was a second car that was
6:12 pm
involvedthat car fled the scene. >> pam:as far as suspects.or victims in this case.right now the concord police don't have either.and are asking for the public's help. >> pam:they say if you are in the area and saw or heard anything to contact them. >> pam:a bullet hole in the window of an east bay restaurant. is just part of the evidence left behind.from a violent night in a busy intersection. >> pam:police say, there was gunfire on the street near the claim jumper restaurant in concord last night. police tell us. there was a shootout between people in two cars. suprisingly no one was injured. >> pam:so far.concord police have this case.and they are information to contact them. the shooting took place here.on the corner of diamond boulevard and willow way.and it's very close to center here in concord.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> pam: >> pam:do you have a bart horror story? if so kron four wants to hear from you. >> pam:bart fines that could be coming! justine? >> justine: if you do not give up your seat, and you can get fined? we want to
6:16 pm
see how kron it was during rush hour. people did have a few things in their seats but not to vote plant where someone wanted to sit down the could not because it was taken. there are some exceptions, when a person inside a medical condition may require them to take up more than one secret right now, they cannot do anything if a person is taking up more than one seat. but if they make a law, bart police can't take action by handing out fines. >> that is up to them creek that is their choice. >> i still like this disrespectful if your not
6:17 pm
penitentiary as someone deserves to sit down. >> i'm a suretyship find someone if they do not know any better. --i'm not sure if you should fine >> justine: if you do go to the meeting thursday bart is welcoming public, want to know what you think about this terrific it possible to my facebook page. so there are fines if this does get approved. bart police can give you a ticket for $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense at $500 for repeat offenders. in san francisco, justine waldman kron 4 news
6:18 pm
>> pam: do you have a bart horse story? if so, kron 4 will like to hear from you. >> pam:you can log onto our website kron-4-dot-com. and on our home page click the report tab. >> pam:or you can send it in using the kron-4 mobile app using >> pam: let's listen in to what mr. trump is saying. >> where is crisp? he is around here somewhere. creek prosecutor. and he has been really you know when he called he sees fit the movement. it is amazing thing. --where is chris? like
6:19 pm
>> i said before, the people want to be involved. you know when joe calls of arizona that trump is tough on the border. and i do not want to be tough, but i want to be fair. we will have a wall and we will have borders and people come to the country and they will be very happy but they are coming in illegally. they have to come and illegally. --legally. (cheers & applause) >> meant romney made a speech the other day. noll. no. mitt romney >> when you get to the final gate and did not get over it. i know it's a hard thing. >> i have very successful
6:20 pm
companies. let me just say that. i have filed with the federal elections at 100 pages that many of the press have gone down to see and they were all very impressed. i built a great, great company. i have very low debt. i have great assets 100% pi meet with no debt. you have seen marla gold brick that is 100 percent by me with no debt. i have trump international, where you were last week with no debt. if you look at where we just had a major championship i have had several things in florida with partners and things on the beach. massive buildings. no one ever talks about that stuff. and many, many jobs. from 7 second to hudson river creek most of the successful project to
6:21 pm
build an real-estate. with the bank of america a huge chunk of it. many, many things. >> romney get up and he should not have talked about. is not becoming. it is the water company we still water, it is upright. small private water company. >>--we sell water. >> pam: we are still awaiting a vote tally in idaho and hawaii. >> pam: else a real police are looking for a man seen in this video at a home on the 1500 block of liberty street. the man knocked on the front door and when no
6:22 pm
one answers he goes for around the back. the police said the suspect forced entry and stole money would jury items as well. >> pam: lee said the suspect is an african- american male in his 30's. he is about 5 ft. 10, went around 180 t. anyone with information is at the content a post a real police. >> pam:el cerrito police >> pam: crudes are taking the final steps before tearing down an entire apartment complex. a building that was once home to more than a dozen residents. today, workers in protective gear remove items from the apartment building on 320 as of monday creek that contained asbestos. the complex was re tech recently
6:23 pm
after it was deemed un safe by the city. the complex is right on the bluff and pacifica. the fear is that it could fall into the ocean at any time. as far as the asbestos this is what they found. >> pam: to prevent this from getting in the air, several monitors have been set up to test the air. rules will be back out there at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. the demolition has been set up a thursday. >> pam: we will be that in a few minutes!
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> brittany: we are tracking graeme moving into the bay area and with a wet pattern and that will last. -- rain >> brittany: you are near
6:26 pm
san francisco, or the east that you are not releasing any rainfall. as we go into the rest of tonight showers will move in and with the heaviest on thursday night and into early friday morning showing a clue of moisture pumping into our region as we go >> brittany: that is the weather pattern that is setting up for us. straight to the end of the weekend. futurecast 4 shows what we can't expect. will be thrilled to the overnight hours. 7:00 a.m., you will wake up to wet roads once again as we approach thursday morning, heavier rain shower spirit stretching out to santa rosa, transitioning and enduring and to thursday and
6:27 pm
friday morning with another round of widespread rainfall. to purchase right now dropping into the 44 santa rosa and the city. we have a chilly evening all had for us. >> brittany: lee would drop down to the low 50s and 60s. >> brittany: pam? >> pam: thank you, brittany! >> pam: these are targeting for pickup trucks and vans and the city of concord. there have been 30 of these vehicles stolen so far in 2016. investigators say the contents of cargo containers and two boxes are
6:28 pm
with these are after. and response concord police are using high tech license plate reads to catch the criminals.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: here at canyon road that railroad track was a scene of a train derailment is now clear. rules are on treks make some minor repairs print train
6:31 pm
should be resuming tomorrow morning. to close much of the day to get them out of here. >> reporter: in san francisco, and may become a legal if you ride bart and picked up more than one seed when someone else want to sit down creek this is an order is that goes before the board on thursday. it passed to * if you are called with either your feet or luggage or even food taking of room and someone want to sit down for at least will have to come in and shoot to move nicely, you could be fined $100 the first time, second time 200 and the third time at $500. there is a meeting scheduled this thursday. >> reporter: 22,013 and 15
6:32 pm
that would be a 10% increase and the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle incident to rid that is a 7 percent increase over the previous year and the most for any state and the nation. with a fatal-judge with the increase in fail accidents more people are driving as some people are using cell phones by walking. >> pam: a chance to cool a way creek michigan is considered a battle ground for donald trump, democrat hillary clinton hopes to register a when in michigan to snuff out rival bernie sanders creek fire after three weekend caucus winds. and results are in.
6:33 pm
kapernick it's your with the results and the gop side. >> catherine: republican candidate, donald trump is ahead. what tom-judge would tip proves cutting into his lead. but let's look at, the specifics. with polls closing 5:00. donald trump is clearly the winner for the gop. trump is way ahead. he had been sweeping the south and he wanted to win here at a big margin. we heard 10 thanking his supporters for their support the delegates the prize is michigan with 59 delegates at stake. donald trump is the projected winner of the republican primary. this is the second big win for tonight and are looking at numbers with
6:34 pm
cruelest. actually not in second place. is ohio gov. john k. 6 the governor of nearby state ohio. spend >> catherine: a lot of money and the midwest. and, and john spending a lot of time. if you want to point out with a donald trump speaking in florida, where his hit is that tonight because that is where he is cured like his rivals the all looking ahead, as the winner takes all face of the race next week. five states are voting including florida, ohio and more accurate no sharing. >> pam: and there is a tight battle going on at a key state of michigan.
6:35 pm
>> gabe: is still too close. >> grant: michigan is very important compared to the 36 delegates in mississippi. hillary did when mississippi and we will get to the numbers bear creek check out on michigander or the eyes are focused right now. bernie sanders has a five plant week over hillary clinton right now creek with 32 percent of the votes that have been counted and still have a long way to go. but certainly, hillary clinton would have liked to have a more decisive lead. she has the black vote but she wants to prove that she can when in the midwest. the rest of those state and the upper space. there was a hot debate to this weekend. a lot of people thought that clinton having a low blow on standards relative to the model bill. so a very tight
6:36 pm
race right now in michigan. --relative to being auto bail out >> grant: michigan is a key state because if she does not get mission she cannot go on to drumroll both print which she and her campaign will love to do. --is hillary does not get michigander >> grant: he was to lose michigan creek but now it validates what he is doing with the wind. -- with the win >> pam: time to shift gears
6:37 pm
.. (laughter) >> pam: trying to be funny. >> catherine: yes, we are shifting gears. >> catherine: more than one dozen people have been killed. a happens when people leave their cars running and they did not realize is still turned on. one woman left a car running all night long and the crotch and the family members became sick with cardiac side. four officers responded also bet sick and taken to hospital. but no one died. new rules had been proposed to minimize this type of risk. nothing at this point has been decided. >> pam: making changes to their product? have you
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: good evening everyone we have a bay area team that you are very familiar with regard to their coach. a stamford, all-american player is now coaching the u. s f. it hit were the underdogs during the last post conference. >> gary: last conference >> gary: you as f has just knocked off the why're you.
6:47 pm
>> gary:--usf has just knocked out byu >> gary: quite an achievemnet pulling that off! >> gary: not a day goes by where some think and bobbing warriors. there is a water company involved with curried. here we go (cheers & applause) >> gary: talking to the kids
6:48 pm
about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. that is curry doing his business. >> gary: soccer season is upon us. there is a beautiful new facility down in san jose creek and one of the start of the tank is a guy named dawkins. simon balkans. , back in 2012 will remember him coming in here and blowing the root of this place. -- the roof off this place. -- simon dawkins
6:49 pm
>> gary: most important, if you came here along. and now you have your lady with you. >> gary: that was the last tally had on here. will the team make some noise? >> yes. it is about performing well.
6:50 pm
>> is league is growing so much patrick they aren't getting better. >> gary: since you've been away with has changed? >> players. the coaches. it will only get better. >> they pay well. they pay ok. i am doing ok. (laughter) >> gary: want to bring up the best pr man west of the mississippi. >> we have yoli--we have a lovely stadium. it was a lovely place. and when the
6:51 pm
crowd is there is fantastic. it is brilliant >> pam: >> gary: you have a pr man we want to introduce them. >> yes, mike. at one >> gary: and, i want to bring up this assignment. how are you doing here? -- i want to bring up mrs. simon yes >>, i like soccer. >> gary: is he a pretty good guy? >> yes security is a pretty good guy. (laughter)
6:52 pm
>> pam: coming up. a rainy day with brittany just ahead >> pam: coming up. a rainy day with brittany just
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: the company removes artificial for server tools
6:55 pm
and dies from the recipe last year. the company has sold more than 50 million boxes of the new macaroni and cheese so far. craft launched a marketing campaign monday, starring former daily show at late show host craig to born. -- craig kilborn. >> pam: hope to see you again. thanks for staying with us will be back at kron 4 news at 8.
6:56 pm
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"the insider" counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, kim kardashian and midler's fud gets ugly. >> i'm such a stubborn, hard-headed person. >> why the two diva
6:59 pm
trashing each other on twitter as the divine m's unfiltered mouth puts her in the spotlight again. >> there's nothing i can say that w sound like sour grapes. maria sharapova's drug controversy. >> i did fail the test, and i take full responsibility for it. >> how much could it cos her $195 million empire. >> she stands to lose a large chunk of th and number three, "dancing's" new cast is revealed, but why did miley cyrus harass jodie sweetin with this r photo? >> not going to stop me. >> plus our "insider" bonus. "the talk's" cheryl un opens up on her hidden heartache. >> done straight. >> sexual abuse. her hu suicide. she's telling me how she survived her darkest moments. >> i will not let the peop violated me threaten my spirit. i'm a survivor. >> now, hollywood from the inside-out. it's "the insider" together with ya
7:00 pm
it is an option fit for a comedy queen. inside the late joan ri private collection up for auction to the highest bidder. >> can we talk? over 300 persona items from designer jewels to dresses, art from inside joan's manhattan penthouse are up for sale. and wait until you which item could fetch up to $300,000. >> we'll get to that. first another new york legend, bette midler. her tweet abou kardashian's new selfie set kim of but it's not the first time she put kim onblast. >> because when it comes to young hollywood and the divine miss m, all bets ar twitter war between kim kardashian and bette midler. bear with me now. >> she doesn't do anything else bu things on her instagram and twitter and looks at the feeds. all day long. >> did you tthat, you know, it's too much being expressed in the industry? >> we think i


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