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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> pam : we are less than six- hours away from the re-opening of the train tracks which connect the stockton area to the south bay. this-- after an ace commuter train with more than 200- people on board derailed last night near sunol. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b- c - 7. good evening, i'm pam moore. workers are still on the tracks this evening. those with union pacific say, they are working on minor repairs. but will be finished in the overnight hours. officials believe a mudslide caused the train to derail. sending it down a bluff and into a creek.
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crews spent most of today pulling two of the cars off of the hill. and back onto the tracks. everyone survived. but nine people were hurt. >>:there are several concrete ties that will need to be changed and some other small work that needs to be done to the tracks >> pam :the trains will be on a normal schedule tomorrow. the first train leaves stockton at four- twenty in the morning. the landslide that caused the derailment of that ace train. could be the first of several incidents to occur. as a result of the el nino driven storms we have been having this season. kron four's jeff bush talked to a soil expert. who explains what is going on under the soil. >> jeff :the images are striking and dramaticthe ace train crash that was caused by a mudslide on the hill above the train tracks. geotechnical engineer, alan kropp says the reason for the slide is simpletoo much water
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and weak soil and other ground materialsplus gravityand, you have a slide. >>:when we have the el nino kind of conditions we expect to have lots worse mudslides could just pieces he is surprised that there has not been more mudslides and said that the train crash is one example of how the conditions of the ground can change based on the web >>:there really no areas that are immune, but there are areas that are more prone or less prone the weaker materials are going to be more influenced by the range of--rainfall >> jeff :he says he would not be surprised if more landslides
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were to come >> pam :our coverage continues online on our website. there we have more pictures of the crash. and reaction from passengers who were onboard the train. it's all on kron-4-dot-com. weather conditions that cause mud slides and fallen trees.... continue to be an issue for rail systems across northern california. crews this morning in san jose....inspected tracks on the south bay's rail system. they threw away tree limbs near the tracks... where tall eucalyptus trees stood. the inspections are said to be routine, but they have been altered with the on-set of el nino. now crews generally come before and after storms... to check for any possible issues or setbacks to the trains. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. a dry night here in the bay area. but more wet weather is on the way. kron 4 meteorologist brittany shipp is tracking the forecast. brittany. how much rain can we expect?
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>> brittney : we're going to see another round of rain here is our storm trecker-- tracker we will continue to see more moisture streaming into our region and as we go into the overnight hours in to tomorrow morning we will see another round of light rainfall that will be quite widespread for out the morning hours and then as we get into the afternoon some sunshine will be shining through the clouds i will have your full forecast coming up in about 15 minutes >> pam :in the race for president. in a surprise victory on the democratic side. bernie sanders wins the critical battleground state of michigan. it is a sharp blow to hillary clinton.
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sources say, her campaign is shaken by the close democratic race there. donald trump is another big winner tonight -- taking the republican primaries in mississippi and michigan. and ted cruz is the winner of idaho. from our partners at c-n-n. mary moloney has reactions from super tuesday part two. >> mary : in a stunning upset -- bernie sanders winning the michigan primary. >> : i just want to take this opportunity to thank the people of michigan, who kind of repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago. who repudiated the pundits who a few days ago and said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere. >> mary : while hillary clinton still holds the lead in the delegate race -- it represents an embarrassing speed bump in her efforts to pull away from the sanders campaign. >> : we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. we're going to do very, very well on the west coast and other parts of this country. >> mary : clinton winning
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mississippi. crowds cheered at her headquarters as supporters heard the news. >> : this campaign is about building a future where every american can live up to his or her full potential. no matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you love. >> : thank you very much everyone, this is an amazing evening. >> mary : donald trump winning crucial victories in mississippi and delegate rich michigan. >> : one of the things i'm most happy about, the turnout has been just massive. >> mary : performing strong -- despite a barrage of attacks from opponents. >> : i don't think i've ever had so many horrible horrible things said about me. >> mary : trump not the only republican winner of the night. ted cruz -- winning idaho. now -- the focus is on next tuesday. with contests in marco rubio's home state of florida. >> : i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the
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nominee of the republican party. >> mary : and john kasich's home state of ohio. >> : we are now moving into a position where the people of america are getting to hear this message. and it's going to get stronger. >> mary : i'm mary moloney reporting. >> pam :republicans also held caucuses in hawaii. however. final results have not yet been released. police in the east bay are looking for a man who hit a little boy walking to school.they say he was driving a stolen car. officials are looking for this man. 29-year-old daniel morris. they say, he was driving a stolen ford fusion on meadowview drive. when he lost control and hit the six- year- old boy. the boy and his grandmother were walking to school at the time. police say, the car morris was driving was stolen overnight. from a ford dealership in livermore. the boy remains in the hospital recovering from his injuries. meanwhile. there is mounting evidence that the number of
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pedestrians killed each year by cars. is on the rise. a new report releaed today says, california is the deadliest state in the country for pedestrians and cyclists. researchers say, nearly 350 pedestrians were killed in california during the first 6 - months of 20-15. that's 7 -percent more than the previous year. researchers say, more people are driving. possibly because of lower gas prices. the total number of sex offenses in berkeley so far this year is 17 and 4 of them happened on or around the u-c berkeley campus. police believe the same suspect is behind the last 4 incidents. they say they are doing everything they can to catch him. berkeley police chief michael meehan sat in front of the city council this evening. detailing the annual crime report. homicides are down, but rape, roberry and aggravated assaults. all increased from 2014 to 2015. the recent sex assaults on the
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u-c berkeley campus started in february. the victims all describe the suspect as a hispanic man in his 20's or 30's. >> : i'm alarmed by his boldness. he has to know that we're looking for him. have video of him yet the instances keep happening. we're very interested in catching him. >> pam :there is fear that this predator may attack again officers were on campus last night, focusing patrols in the south campus area. they believe the suspect may live nearby. new at 11. a dramatic helicopter rescue in the north bay. a marin county man spent last night. trapped on the side of a cliff at rodeo beach. officials say, the man was walking along the beach. when he decided to take a shortcut up the side of the cliff to reach his car. instead. he got stuck 30- feet up the cliff when he could not find a route to the top. and the
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hikers found the man the next morning. crews were then able to hoist him into a helicopter. fortunately. he did not suffer any injuries. crews are taking the final steps. before tearing down an entire apartment complex in pacifica. today. workers removed items from the apartment building on 3-20 esplanade. which contain asbestos. the complex was red- tagged recently. after it was deemed unsafe by the city. the building is situated dangerously along a bluff. the fear is that it could fall into the ocean at any time. crews will be back out at 8- tomorrow morning. demolition has been set for thursday. deliberation by a federal jury. is set to begin tomorrow afternoon. against four san francisco police officers... in a wrongful death lawsuit. the parents of alex nieto filed the lawsuit... after 28-year- old nieto was fatally shot by the officers two years ago in san francisco. it happened the night of march
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21st, 2014. in bernal heights park. officers fired as many as 59- bullets within 30 seconds. the officers... who responded to a report of a man with a gun... testified that nieto pointed it at them... and they felt that their lives were in danger. it turned out what they thought was a gun. was in fact in taser. the trial began march 1st. just ahead. nearly 20 dogs. found abandoned and neglected in the east bay. we'll tell you where and what happened to the owners. a school police officer in trouble. seen on camera striking a student. bart riders who hog seats while others are left to stand. are in for a rude awakening. there's a new plan where they will face fines. >> gary :later in the broadcast we have your sports highlights and talk about steph curry
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who gets dumped on by a young kid with water--dunked on
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> pam :one bart board member wants to make it against bart's laws for a person to take up more than one seat. the so -called "seat hogs". are those people who put their feet, bags or other items on seats... when people trains are full and others need seats. the board member wants to put fines in place. to force seat
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hogs to move their items or pay. the law...would fine one- hundred dollars the first time. the second time... would be two- hundred. and a third infraction... and the rate could be up to five- hundred dollars. this thursday the new ordinance will be brought before the bart board meeting. . to become a law it will need to pass then... and a second time.. new at 11. a disturbing discovery in the east bay. nineteen dogs were found severely neglected. in the back of a u-haul trailer in unincorporated contra costa county. these are pictures of two of the dogs. they were in such bad shape that two had to be euthanized. many of the animals had suffered abrasions. dehydration. and other serious issues. ten dogs have since found new homes. however. seven more dogs are currently waiting for adoption. the dog's former owners were arrested and charged with animal cruelty.
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>> brittney : as we did to the rest of the night will continue to see rain moving in our rainfall will increase by tomorrow morning and right around 7 ion--7:00 a.m. will be experiencing a light rain and heavy rain as we headed to friday satellite radar here is showing of this moisture continued to stream in and will continue to see these weather disturbances along with moisture which will help trigger the rain disturbances by 7:00 a.m. we will see widespread rain along the coast in san mateo and parts of san francisco but most of this will clear up the tiny head out for lunch and we could even see more sunshine but then the rain will return with overnight winds and your thursday morning commute will be affected as the showers swing into thursday night with
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another round on friday at 7:00 a.m. on saturday and sunday we have a chance of rain as well but here are the temperatures right now the highs around the region will actually be a few degrees warmer of what we saw today but then the temperatures will drop back down here's your seven day forecast showing a drop in temperatures back into thursday with heavy rain expected in the morning and in the evening and friday another round of heavy rain as the temperatures stay a little bit below average >> gary :it is time for the kron 4 news sports report
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2nd half st. mary's down four. joe rahon knocks down a big three 66-65 gonzaga 2nd half gonzaga up five. eric mcclellan buries a three 75-67 gonzaga less than a minute to go gonzaga up seven. mcclellan on the break throws down the east dunk 81-72 gonzaga randy bennett not happy final: 85-75 gonzaga the gaels at 26-7 figure to still be a good bet to make the tourney wcc womens championship. jennifer azzi with a win with get usf into the ncaa tournament 4th quarter/ 68-64 byu taylor proctor strong to the hoop for the and-one 68-66 byu
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20 seconds left byu up 1 with the ball proctor with the block zhane dikes with the steal and she is fouled dikes makes both free throws 69- 68 usf 5 seconds left 70-68 usf dikes with the steal to win it for usf azzi gets the dons into the ncaa tournament for the 1st time in 19 years! final: 70-68 usf the warriors had the day off, but their leader was busy out in the community. steph curry getting a dousing from the students of martin luther king elementary in downtown oakland. the reigning mvp visited the school as part of a sponsorship appearance with brita-- the water purifying company.
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he talked to kids about the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. it looks like he really enjoyed himself with the kids today he is on the scene today and just to be fair he was representing a water purification company but you can tell the he looked like he wanted to be there warriors are back in action tomorrow against utah. the sharks. almost unbeatable on the road. tonight in edmonton 1st period logan couture cleans up the rebound for the goal 1-0 sharks still 1st period couture this time scores on the wrister 2-0 sharks 2nd period joe pavelski tips in his 31st goal 3-0 sharks final: 3-0 sharks
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25-9-3 road record best in the nhl 3 oints back in the pacific division madison bumgarner his 2nd outing of the spring not a good one top 1st scott schebler 2-run home run bumgarner gave up 3 runs in the first 5 hits over three innings bottom 7th/ 9-7 giants christian arroyo the 20-tear-old top prospect for the giants way out to left final: 16-7 giants the a's lost to the rangers 10-3 >> pam :still ahead. shocking video of a school police officer slapping a student. what the officer is saying tonight. what the officer is saying tonight. everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars.
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no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
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>> pam :new at 11. it is disturbing video showing a scene many people say. they just cannot understand. a school police officer seen slapping and kicking a 10th - grade student. it happened at a school in baltimore last week. the police chief for baltimore schools. as well as both officers seen in the video. have been placed on administrative leave. a lawyer for the officer seen striking the teenager. said, he his client was responding to a report of an intruder on school grounds. he says, the student became belligerent and angry. after the officer repeatedly asked him to leave. school officials orginally said they were unsure the teen was enrolled at the school. just ahead. this little piggy didn't make it to the market. instead she was found roaming the busy streets of san francisco. we'll tell you what happened next.
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>> pam :a runaway piglet causes quite a stir in san francisco's mission district. the animal was running through traffic near 19th and dolores streets this morning. by the time animal control officers arrived on scene. a crowd had gathered to try and catch her. finally. a man from the society of saint francis. caught the little piglet. she has since been named "janice." tonight. she is doing well and resting comfortably. if no one comes forward to claim
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janice within the next five days. she will likely be turned over to a rescue group. >> brittney : the careful in the morning commute with the rain >> brittney : the careful in the morning commute with the rain >> pam :good night everybody we will see you tomorrow >> pam :good night everybody we thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.
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it's official. >> marla maples. >> donald trump's ex-wife joins the cast of "dancing with the stars." >> speaking of voting -- >> what is up with those trump rallies. >> raise your right hand, everybody. >> mr. trump, that evokes images of nazi germany. >> i think that is a big, big stretch. >> and the jurors in the erin andrews trial speak out. >> several members of the jury approached her. she hugged them and thanked them with tears streaming down her cheeks. >> her testimony for all of us was extremely powerful. >> and hulk hogan on the hot seat at his sex tape trial over this. >>


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