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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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bay as well we hope--we will see heavy rain showers. this flash flood watch goes into effect thursday at 4:00 a.m. all the way into the weekend. there could be mud slides. with creeks bloody and flash floods are a possibility. you want to be very safe. you want to drive all round it did not try to drive through it. because we will be seeing a lot of rain. we will be saturated with a lot of plane coming down in such a short time. --we will be saturated with a lot of rain showers coming down in such a short time. >> brittany: transitioning to the south by nine or 10:00. and the rain showers will be in parts of san
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francisco stretching into san mateo. i will have more details coming up when i see you again. catherine? >> catherine:work crews in the east bay the next rain storm. >> catherine:and that includes checking on trees in danger of falling. a caltrans crew was removing a pine tree that looked likeit was in danger of toppling over. this is along highway 13 in oakland. >> catherine:workers want to remove it down during upcoming stormy weather. >> catherine:for up to the minute forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron-4 mobile app. >> catherine:it's free to download for apple and android devices. >> catherine: a san jose man has reached out to kron4 news. asking for people to be on alarm. outside his home in germany drive, he said he was unloading
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groceries from his cart and the driveway when the man jumped come from behind. he managed to escape to his rise but not before getting a cut behind on one fourier and some bombs on his head and bruised standards. --bruised fingers >> this man was yelling at me and i try to protect myself he was hitting me with a baseball bat. i ran into my grudge. the rush door was open. he tried to hit me one more time. -- my garage door was open >> i am yelling and calling my son did at the same time i am walking towards my house.
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>> catherine: he think this may have been an attempted carjacking as he does not have any enemies. >> catherine:new at 5 tonight. police later canvassed the neighborhood - but didn't find his attacker. >> catherine:two men are behind bars tonight... accused of stealing a vehicle - and possession of narcotics. >> catherine:carlos gonzalez-nunez and richard vallejo...both of san jose... were arrested in milpitas last week. around eight-p-m last tuesday - a milpitas police officer found a stolen dodge ram with both men inside. >> catherine:police say they found narcotics - and a gun. >> catherine:a 23-year old los gatos man has filed a civil lawsuit against his adoptive parents. he's accusing them of years of sexual abuse. when he was a child. >> catherine:kron 4's dan kerman is live this disturbing case. dan .
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>> reporter: born in russia, after his mother died he stayed in an orphanage. he was then adopted by these two creek and garden to the united states. >> i was giving a few months to enjoy my new life. and after that they invited me into the bedroom and dining from the beginning it was wrong. but fear took over. >> reporter: listen that his adoptive parents have brought him to the united states and with intent to make him this make him their sex slave. >> reporter: alleging that the abuse against for nine years of his childhood. >> at age 9, he became a sex slave. and then, at age 15 the female july and then
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creek it is totally outrageous. >> reporter: dennis hallstatt coming for it will inspire other six victims. --dennis says >> you will begin to tell your story and begin to tell your troops hopefully this will inspire others to come for it. >> reporter: as far as the criminal matter, both of the parents are back in the court april 13th. >> catherine:in the east bay. >> catherine:19-dogs found in terrible conditions inside a u-haul truck -- are now in the care of contra costa county animal services. >> catherine:in february, sheriff's the custody of two
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bay point transients. >> catherine:they were arrested for animal cruelty. the dogs were found living in their own filth in the back of that truck. >> the kennels were in pretty bad shape. in times of species and mange that was apparent on the animals. >> catherine: 10 of the animals were adopted and the remaining seven have been treated by that spirit that are ready for adoptions and you can contact the contra costa county services and you will like to take one home. =---if you >> catherine: there's much more ahead at five. >> >> reporter: happened here
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at his craft store in concord on a mother noticed a man with a self fan taking pictures of her torture that is what police say she sprang into action. and listen to what she did next. >> she ecstasy his phone and he showed her the display where her 12 year old daughter was on there and she deleted those boesky and steadily. she would not want anyone to get pictures of her children creek. >> reporter: demanded that he give her his name he did. and then he stated that he was an undercover cop. >> he said that he actually did take the photos and that he uses it and compares them to celebrities and other famous people on line for his on my website. >> reporter: concord police said they could not rest come because there is no
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crime. is not illegal to take a total of a child in a public place. >> just in case there is something like this in the future that comes up, it is disturbing. but we did contact a specific department to do with this. >> way to go tom!--mom! >> reporter: the stated that this man is not a registered sex offender but they will keep an eye on this case. >> catherine:ace commuter trains are back after a derailment innext at five. we'll hear from passangers who are getting back onboard. >> catherine:also -- new video tonight of the google self driving car that sideswiped a silicon valley bus.
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>> catherine:and remembering nancy reagan. >> catherine:how thousands are turning out to pay their respects to the former first lady.
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>> catherine: kron 47 races in oakland with the new video. >> reporter: they are hoping that this new release video will help track down the man responsible for murdering a man on that platform that in july. this is what the bill looks like. newly released on by bart. you can see that
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it's kind of hard to see but the suspect is there were the police is looking for him. >> reporter: are hoping that someone will recognize the mannerisms. hoping that he is caught sight. they are hoping that it would track down the suspect. >> we want to make sure that we bring justice to this case. that the writers can feel confident that when they are riding the train nothing will happen. -- when riders >> reporter: they are offering a $10,000 ransom that will lead to the rest of the suspect. >> catherine:the ace train
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is back on line. but ridership on the commuter service between stockton and the silicon valley was down significantly this morning. >> catherine:operators say about 19-hundred passengers were on board. >> catherine:on a normal morning - there are more than 24-hundred people. >> catherine:monday night. the ace train. packed with passengers. derailed near sunol but operators won't say the accident affected today's ridership. >> catherine:kron 4's will tran was there when the train pulled into the east bay this morning. >> catherine:he talked to passengers who survived the crash and are back onboard. >> sorry, it is tough to describe it. >> reporter: back on the a train today but that does not mean that he is not thinking of what happened monday night when the train derailed and went down the water. >> as we went down the hill. the doors open and there started calling in creek the woman down the aisle from me was trapped, her legs were
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trapped underneath the bench she was sitting on. and she started screaming in pain. >> we felt like it was and a slow motion. >> reporter: lee into the plaza 10 station at 533 when many passengers were happy to see it running. especially, after yesterday morning when authorities say could take several days to clear the scene. instead, it took one day. >> reporter: to think that you would not make it? >> yes, for a moment but when i was standing at the o.k. but then i looked down and saw water and passengers down at the other hand that were struggling. >> reporter: dan hopping on and try as faster and more comfortable, and even safer than driving on the road. but, he hopped on the train but instead of sitting in
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the front trained he went right to the that. reporting from pleasanton, will trend kron 4 news. --will tran >> catherine:thousands of people are reagan library in simi valley -- to pay final respects to one of the most influential first ladies of the 20th century, nancy reagan. >> grant: you the seat passengers reacting to the driver. also saying, whoa! >> grant: flat tire right there in the french electorate here is the perspective of the whole park. the public records request made this video public and for the first time in a google self driving a car crash creek the driver--the company has
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accepted partial responsibility. nicosia the bus and the car. the v t a spokeswoman says the driver of the bus was not a blanket and no injuries. catherine? >> catherine: thousands of people are expected to pay their final respects to one of the most influential first ladies in the 20th century, and nancy reagan. >> catherine:cnn's paul vercammen joinsus live from the reagan library tonight with more. paul? >> reporter: people are saying that they remember her for her red dress. they are coming up here to pay their respects and per cent. >> reporter:a motorcade carrying the body of former first lady nancy reagan arrived at the reagan library in simi valley wednesday. she passed away on sunday at her los angeles home. >> reporter:eight secret service agents who served the reagans acted as pallbearers. >> reporter:a small ceremony was held for family and friends prior to the public
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viewing. the former first lady will lay in repose at the reagan library until thursday evening. >> reporter:she will be laid to rest on friday. next to her husband, reagan. first lady michelle obama will be attending the funeral. along with democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> reporter:nancy reagan died sunday in her home in los angeles of congestive heart failure. she was revered in republican politics. and known as a fierce protector of her husband, both personally and politically. >> reporter:she also launched the "just say no" anti-drugs campaign and advocated for stem-cell research later in life. >> reporter:nancy regan was 94 years old. could california soon have a more >> reporter: celebrities are joining in. back to you now catherine. paul >> catherine:, and has been a while since we've seen several first ladies in one place.
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there >> reporter: is a lot of firepower here and that perspective. a lot of things will be done outside and we will see all of the first lady's gathering. they will have a military band and choir on like this understated service for betty ford. >> catherine: think you, very much. --thank you >> catherine: are talking about heavy storms headed our way and we have brought me here to tell us more. -- brittany here >> brittany: will stay dry with a succession of a few passing showers. and we will also see the wind speed
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picking up. tomorrow, and expect a welcoming rid our heaviest rain showers will be between one and 11:00 p.m.. headed into friday, flash floods are possible with heaviest rain showers between three and 6:00. all of the moisture streaming in, get to see how unsettled the pacific is. with the storms will began wrapping it around the low pressure and pushing through >> brittany: it will be the north bay that would hit the hardest. and we will slowly start to see the rain showers position towards san francisco, the south bay and we will not seek a whole lot range but by 6:00 p.m. that is when the have your pockets will begin. >> brittany: continuing to transition to the south and to the east. i expect wet roads and then we would do
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it all over again for friday with a heavy round of rainshowers spirit will start to see some of the heavier pockets of rain showers moving on shore. doubt that the san mateo, and san jose we will see some clearing a little bit of a break but then we have another system will began saturday and into sunday. flash flooding is a possibility. with temperatures at 59 degrees and 67 in sunnyvale, and 66 degrees in concord. cat gerine? >> catherine: state wide tax on sugary drinks? the proposal that could have you paying more -- next. >> catherine:and later. new rumors about quarterback. colin kaepernick.
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>> pam: >> catherine:california's legislature is once again debating the idea of a tax on sugary drinks. >> catherine:the soda industry has already successfully blocked more than a half dozen earlier proposals to put warning labels or extra charges on them. >> catherine:a southern california legislator says he wants to try again - with a 2-cent-an-ounce charge to benefit clinics that deal with obesity, diabetes and oral health. >> catherine:opponents argue such proposals aren't likely to change behavior and would unfairly affect the poor. berkeley passed the nation's first local soda fee two years ago. >> catherine:women who breast feed their babies in public places. can get mixed reactions. kron 4's vicki liviakis shows us a brand new addition to oakland's airport - which means comfort and privacy for mothers and babies. >> vicki:breast feeding baby is a natural thing. but - not easy in public. >> vicki: babies and mom's
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can breast feed in peace. quiet time. and a liquid lunch. >> this is the first mom lactation station creek. >> vicki:4 month old maya and her mom maren are trying it out for the first time. >> vicki:right now - these lactation suites are in both terminal >> california. and so far a big hit. >> better than being stuck in the corner of a bathroom. very clean and nice to read --very clean and nice. >>thank you!
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>> vicki:in oakland vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> catherine: as the republican candidatested cruz gets an unlikely endorsement. the latest on the race for the white house -- next. and we're keeping a close eye on the forecast. >> catherine:as several big storms are heading our way. brittney has a look at the forecast next.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:millions of votes have been cast in the race for president. >> catherine:but so far, neither republicans nor democrats are fully behind their front-runners. >> catherine:the picture could become much clearer next week when voters in five states, including florida and ohio, cast their ballots.
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>> catherine:cnn's ryan nobles is live in miami with a preview. ryan? >> reporter:hey, catherine. >> reporter: good evening to you. >> reporter: next tuesday, the results could go a long way in regard to who get the nomination for november. >> reporter:in michigan's democratic primary-- bernie sanders scored a major upset. >>presidential candidate "the political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country." >> reporter:he edged out hillary clinton despite polls showing him behind. he still trails in the delegate count. and he did lose mississippi on super tuesday "2". but sanders believes his best days are still to come. >>presidential candidate "we're going to do very, very well on the west coast and other parts of this country. >> reporter:the upset in
5:30 pm
michigan may have been fueled by sanders' performance in sunday night's debate in flint, michigan -- making the stakes in tonight's debate in miami even greater. >> reporter:and if florida isimportant for democrats in florida. republicans *not named donald trump have even more to lose. >> reporter:marco rubio's campaign is struggling. and his rival ted cruz has picked up a key -- unexpected -- endorsement. >>"i walked into the ballot box and i looked at the ballot and saw my name on it, but then i checked the box for ted cruz and i'm here to tell you why" >> reporter:carly fiorina's support gives cruz more momentum to take trump on one on one.and putting additional pressure on rubio and ohio governor john kasich who are both trailing the front-runner in states. >>presidential candidate "i actually think it's the biggest story in politics today. and i hope that the republicans will embrace it." >> reporter:so tonight-- it is the democrats who debate right here in miami.
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>> reporter:tomorrow night it will be the republicans. just a few many floridians will be tuned in. >> catherine:q1: the republicans have been hitting hillary clinton for years over her use of a private email server while secretary of state. today, they took legal action. explain that for us. >> reporter: well, it is a good question. a lot of people are changing how they are rethinking about this race based on burning sanders. just his lead in mission san that similar to what the situation isn't in and florida. sanders, are telling supporters not to worry about polls. they think they can make an impact creek. it may be
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other states in the midwest like ohio and illinois were he to potentially do better toward some a lot is riding sunders off just yet. they do feel that they have a little bit of momentum after that big shot in michigan. >> catherine:q2: you mentioned carly fiorina is supporting tedname former candidate who has yet to endorse and that's jeb bush. any word on whether he will throw his support behind anyone? >> reporter: i think if bush want to make impact on this race he has to do something some credit but, we do know that he is on to meet with every candidate in this race with the exception of donald trump card--there is still an argument that maybe bush would not have that much of
5:33 pm
the impact creek he was actually calling very poorly here in florida. so, we know someone like ruby all made wellcome the endorsement of bush. --rubio >> reporter: right now they show him trailing donald trump as much as 20 points. >> brittany: here is a closer look at the sundance and second are tracking as we go into the next couple of days. with flash flooding and a flash flood watch for tomorrow and all the way until sunday. also concerned with mud slides. the hills and the north bay up to 5 in. and possibly, more than that what went speed up to 45 mi. per hour. >> brittany: up to 5 in. for
5:34 pm
north bay hills, 3 to 4 in the north today and two to three bay side and on to two and the mountains. this is mainly the bull's-eye of this storm to rid the father east we goal is less rain. >> brittany: we have a few areas of low pressure that will continue tracking and interacting with this moisture and that is when the rain will be produced-- all of the rain showers we will see with the heaviest amount of precipitation. >> brittany: the sea temperatures and rain pretty much consisted. we will have more later in this broadcast. >> catherine:grant lodes is here with a ground troops have accomplished in iraq. >> catherine:grant? >> grant:we are talking
5:35 pm
about a special operations group called the expeditionarymembers of delta force have reportedly captured a high ranking isis official who told them about chemical weapons being manufactured here in mosul, a city near the territory controlled by iraq's kurds. >> vicki: >> grant:cnn says they were able to target the facility where the weapons, mainly muistard gas, was being manufactured.warplanes bombed the site, but it's not known if the attack succeeded in destroying the stockpiles. >> grant:american intelligence officials told cnn they have confirmed 12 cases of isis using the mustard agent. >> catherine:vice president joe biden is criticizing palestinian leaders for failing to condemn the murder of an american tourist. >> catherine:the attack happened less than a mile from where biden officials in tel aviv. >> catherine:vanderbilt university graduate student taylor force was stabbed to death by a palestinian man who wounded 12 other people before being killed by israeli security forces, >> catherine:palestinian leader mahmoud abbas offered
5:36 pm
condolences, but no condemnation his political party posted a statement online praising the attacker as a hero and a martyr". >> catherine:also suggesting such attacks as israel does not believe in the two-state solution and ending its occupation." >> catherine:police say the man arrested outside the white house yesterday after allegedly shooting a pastor in idaho had a list of intended targets in the capital. >> catherine:kyle odom was the subject of a national manhunt. he's suspected of gunning down pastor tim remington outside his church sunday. >>coeur d'alene poce chief lee white "we took measures to try to locate him, and once we were unable to, we put a warrant in the system in our national database. how someone with a felony warrant could board an airplane, i'm not the person to answer that question."
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>> catherine:police in idaho say he left behind a manifesto listing the pastor and names of dozens of senators and representatives. also members of the israeli government. >> catherine:pastor remington had spoken at an event for ted cruz just a day before the shooting. >> catherine:in seattle, nine firefighters were injured when a building exploded just north of the downtown area. >> catherine:investigators say they were gas leak when the blast leveled a convenience store, and two adjoining shops. >> catherine:it happened in the early buildings were empty. 70 firefighters responded to the alarm >> catherine:eight men and one woman were treated for injuries, none of them serious. >> catherine:still ahead at five. >> catherine:could 49er's quarterback colin kaepernick be headed to denver? the latest rumor on his future -- coming up at 5:45. >> catherine:and next. >> catherine:the key to keeping your work-out from burning you out. >> catherine:on wall street stocks edged higher today on the seventh anniversary of the bull market. the dow climbed 36 points to 17,000. the s and p gained 10 points >> catherine: points.
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>> catherine:working up a sweat is great.but over- training can lead to burnout. cnn's mary moloney explains why it's important to give your body time to recover. >> reporter:whether you're looking to shed a few pounds or getting that beach body ready. your workout schedule should incorporate some recovery time. >> reporter:here are a few signs your body is calling out for a rest day. you're always sore >> reporter:feeling some muscle soreness following a workout is pretty normal, especially if you're a newbie. but not if you exercise regularly. give your muscles 1 to 2 days to recover between training sessions. >> reporter:you're constantly tired >> reporter:fatigue is also an indication that you might be overtraining. the rush of endorphins during a workout can block the sensation of pain. but stress produces a hormone called cortisol. >> reporter:when cortisol levels are elevated, they can take a toll on your mental health. you're dehydrated >> reporter:and while we all know staying hydrated during workouts is important, it's just as critical to *start your workout that way. >> reporter:for the body to
5:42 pm
recover from even mild dehydration it can take about an hour. a little 'r-n-r' in between workout routines can go a long way. >> reporter:for today's health minute, i'm mary moloney. >> brittany: a flash flood watch is already in effect and i will have more details when we come back!
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>> grant:nfl media insider ian rapoport reported wednesday that denver is expected to come after 49ers passer colin kaepernick if forced to start over under center, per a source informed of the team's thinking. >> grant: to the texans. expect the attention to kaepernick, to the 49ers," rapoport said on nfl network's free agency
5:46 pm
frenzy. "there have been around kaepernick the last several days, but it is obvious that osweiler is the big domino to fall here." >> grant: last month the gm says no. 7 will be on the roster, and a first career when his 20 million selling becomes guaranteed. >> catherine:the warriors are back in action tonight. as they take on the utah jazz at oracle arena. >> catherine:kron 4's mark carpenter is live in oracle tonight. with >> mark:thank you, catherine. >> mark: 10 tonight here and on throughout the season we are talking about the quest for the best record and the
5:47 pm
regular season of the national basketball association. >> mark: just a handful of players out here. the most of them were present and accounted for in this morning's shoot a round her at this seekers coming-- steve kerr, curry. >> mark: one of the narrative to developing with this team is the consistency with loss. and on monday, against the orlando magic's they had a double-digit lead only to take it down to the wire at the barry and accurate we ask the players about that today and they said, it is not about boredom or fatigue. it has
5:48 pm
to do with working out the bad habits during director season. >> our focus is on the big picture. and what it will take to get to the playoffs. that is the goal that we have separat >> know how good we are and it is not just a turn toward but we have to stay focused on the game occurred at a deadly break free playoffs. >> mark: if the warriors went, that will be 46 straight wins on this floor creek and, no clear is questionable. the only one he is is suffering from a
5:49 pm
hamstring incident. >> mark: catherine? >> catherine:thank you, mark. >> catherine: now with brittany ship. >> brittany: the national weather service has already issued a flash flood watch going into sunday starting tomorrow. we are going to keep a close eye on their river right of around seven in the morning creek because the forecast shows a complete blood stayed at flash flooding is a possibility as some of your local streets. if you arrive
5:50 pm
at an intersection and it is flooded, please talk around and do not go through it. >> brittany: we are seeing a few gray clouds here living and a bit. with the wind speed picking up as we go into the rest of tonight. a mailing to the north of us is where the rain showers are at right now. this the hell i settled the weather is and all of this will transition closer to us as we go into the next couple of days. >> brittany: delivering us all of this heavy rain showers. as we go into the rest of tonight, the trustee at 6 in the morning thursday of this is the movie and and to napa up. and to the east. , as you head and from work there's heavy rain showers for both comice. we will see
5:51 pm
another system as we go into friday morning. and this will linger until 3:00 p.m. with a great friday night. another round is expected friday night and to saturday creek but when the stock look as strong as thursday and friday creek--the storms the public as strong as thursday and friday. >> brittany: as we head into your 7 day forecast you will notice the temperatures are going to drop a little bit. i will have that in just a little bit! now back to you, catherine. >> catherine:amazon is continuing its push into the entertainment sector on its website - it just launched its first live called "style- code live". >> catherine:tech trends reporter gabe premeire.and says it could be a glimpse into the future of digital entertainment.
5:52 pm
>> gabe:"i'm watching it right now. this style code live show is free. >> gabe:it airs monday through friday on amazon's website at 6pm. it's just like a tv's 30 minutes long. >> gabe:it's not on demand. it airs every night at the same time. it's just on the web instead of the tv and being on the web allows it to do some cool things you can't do with tv shows. >>nats - the show >> gabe:style code live is a talk show focused on fashion and beuaty. it will feature tips and advice from celebrities, experts and viewers. >> gabe:all things style. clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, latest trends in fashion you will be able to shop for the products being featured in the show in real time >> gabe:you click on links and can buy the items right then and there. >> gabe:there are a lot of other interactive features to this show as well like you can ask questions in real time to the hosts. the hosts respond to viewer comments and questions in
5:53 pm
the live chat, giving the show a community feel. >> everyone will love to know where your jacket is from? >> gabe:another interactive feature bag, which offers a way to send virtual feedback. viewers can "applaud" the various segments and products by clicking on the bag, which then fills with confetti. >> gabe:the bag will release the confetti when it gets full on the home page of this show you can see the schedule for week.
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>> catherine:the custody battle between madonna and ex-husband guy ritchie over their son is apparently taking a toll on madonna. >> catherine:the insider's debbie matenopoulos is in hollywood with more. >> reporter:catherine, tonight we go inside the new report that claims the material mom is on the verge of a meltdown! >>madonna we love you! thank you everyone. >> reporter:with her head down and her mouth silent- madonna, in melbourne australia remains publicly focused on work- while behind closed doors, custody battle rages on. >>mxvid_madonna american life 1;01:09 intercut w/ news >>american life- i live the american dream the judge denied madonna's request that rocco be brought back to nyc >> reporter:a devastating blow to madona last week as rocco's wish to remain with his father in england was granted by a new york judge. our insider- showbusiness editor at the daily mail, natalie trombetta says the exes are hoping to privately resolve the matter before the next court hearing on
5:57 pm
june 1st. >>at this point madonna has really resolved herself to the fact that she is fighting a losing battle. >>madonna: there is no love stronger than a mother for her son >> reporter:saturday in new zealand tmz posted video of madonna breaking down on stage yet again. she dedicated "la vie en rose' to rocco. >>madonna: i hope he hears this somewhere, >>madonna: lets hold hands for support >> reporter:now, it's claimed 19 year old daughter lourdes is doing just that. >>madonna: people think i'm like a superficial person and i'm not. >> reporter:sat intv dailymail natilie trombetta re madonnawe understand that lourdes is finding it really tough to see her mother go through this difficult time and she's trying to act like a mediator between the two of them >> reporter:we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos back to you, catherine
5:58 pm
>> catherine: tonight, a debate in florida will watched this unfold at 6. >> catherine: a new study, you would want to know about it before your next meal. news at 6 next
5:59 pm
>> catherine:now at six and only on kron 4. >> catherine:a brutal attack
6:00 pm
in the south bay. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:a man was hit by a masked assailant wielding a baseball bat -- and it happened right outside his front door. >> catherine:tonight. the victim is asking how something like this could happen. >> catherine:kron four's rob fladeboe has more on this chilling story tonight from san jose. >> reporter:davar khales had just pulled into the driveway of his home here on jeremie drive in the almaden valley home made mask appeared out of the darkness and attacked >>davar khales -- this man started yelling at us want a baseball bat at me. bloodied by the attack, khales has a nasty cut behind one ear and several lumps on his head. he used >> reporter: his now bruised hands to ward off the blows as he backed into his garage, calling out for
6:01 pm
help. >>davar khales -- i fought him back and he thought i would not give him anything. i was calling for my son. and said okay, and enough is enough let me run. >> reporter:khales told police, who did not locate the masked man, suspects he is the victim of but he is troubled by recent postings on a neighborhood watch group about someone else encountering a man in a mask and another neighbor reporting a stolen car. >>davar khales -- and neighbors are kind of wondering what is going on here. i have no enemies. it just could be a random thing. so i do not know to be honest? >> reporter:work crews in the east bay are hoping to get ahead of the next round of rain storms. >> catherine:this caltrans
6:02 pm
crew was removing a pine tree that had been leaning at a dangerous angle. >> catherine:workers are concerned about safely removing trees before they're blown over in upcoming stormy weather. >> catherine:here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. >> catherine:3 more powerful el nino-fueled storms are heading towards the bay area. >> catherine:a flash flood warning is in morning through sunday. >> catherine:kron 4 meteorologist brittany shipp is tracking the forecast. brittany, how much rain can we expect tomorrow? >> brittany: as we head into tomorrow close to an image but is more we would get about 5 in. in some other location spirit that is a whole lot of rain showers in such a short amount of time and it does depend on where you live your we will break it down for you prick with the radar showing in the system to the north of the spring and scattered showers. as we had out
6:03 pm
tomorrow and saturday creek with the heaviest amount of rain showers. >> brittany: with scattered showers being brought into our region and extra moisture being grant and the system will become organized with a flash flood watch in effect for tomorrow morning lasting, until sunday. the main concern is mud slides. flash flood streets please give rise not to drive through please turn around and find a different way. >> brittany: sulcus the up to 5 in. of rainfall this could be the bulls eye of the rainstorm. not everyone will receive 5 in. of rain showers. >> brittany: with heavy wind as well. we have a flash flood watch that will go into the areas heights lake,
6:04 pm
mainly the north bay. flash flooding is a possibility in certain parts of the south bay. i will go over more details at exactly what you get expect in the forecast and just a few minutes. catherine? >> catherine:a reminder. >> catherine:for up to the minute weather area news. be sure to download the kron-4 mobile app. >> catherine:it's free to download for apple and android devices. >> catherine:a pacifica apartment building is scheduled to be demolished tomorrow. however -- tonight's a postponement of the demoliition until next week. >> catherine:the building at 320 esplanade is teetering on the edge of a cliff. it was recently red-tagged by the city. workers removed items from inside the building yesterday. >> catherine:new surveillance video shows shooting in the east bay. it happened months ago at the west oakland bart station. police are hoping that someone will recognize him. >> catherine:kron 4's scott rates shows us the new video.
6:05 pm
>> reporter: here at bart headquarters, felice is hoping that the new video just released today will help them solve a murder mystery. here is that newly released a video, not you can see the police that then--you see the suspect that the police are looking for career and what this guy looks like, searching for this man in connection with a murder of 19 year old carlos ramirez creek shot and killed at the west oakland bart station back on january 9th. police say, he was at a stop bart train when he was shot several times in bart released still photos of the man that they were looking for but hoping by releasing this video someone will know this man. >> the deal shows more that a skilled poker at this see how he walks, the matter is somehow he carried himself.
6:06 pm
attack the clothing he is wearing they may think they know who he is. >> reporter: are offering more that eight $10,000 reward with any information that could lead to an hour rest period reporting in oakland, scott rates kron 4 news. >> catherine: new at six. >> catherine: in just the last hour. we have learned that san leandro police now has a suspect in custody in connection with hate filled graffiti at a school >> catherine: racial slurs were spray painted on the san leandro school district office doors. >> catherine: the vandalism happened sometime between friday and early monday morning. >> catherine: the supsect's name has not yet been released. >> catherine: also new at six. >> catherine: the dean of u- c berkeley's law school. sujit choudhry. is taking an indefinite leave of absence. >> catherine: this comes after his executive assistant sued him over accusations of sexual harrassment. >> catherine: the lawsuit says the dean acknowledged kissing and touching her repeatedly. buthe got only a
6:07 pm
temporary pay cut - after a campus investigation. >> catherine: provost claude steele says faculty member. while an interim dean takes his place. >> catherine: coming up. monterey. >> reporter: the attorney representing the alleged victim says he will like to wipe this family out and take all their money in damages. >> reporter: assembled lawsuit has been filed in regard to adopting an nine year old boy from brush it with an tent to make him their sexual slaves. >> reporter: 23 year-old dennis flynn says his adoptive parents started to
6:08 pm
abuse some we are bryant at the age of nine, he not realize it lasted until he was 18. >> started about two or three times a month until almost every day. they get to the point that it was every morning and every afternoon, every afternoon every evening. >> reporter: he is still trying to heal for the years of abuse accurate. >> they told me that i did this-they told me that they did this out of love creek i have had to learn what love truly is. >> there is no way that she should call these people parents and when the courts get to look don't we are glad to make sure that they'll have anything left eckerd we going to take away everything that they own. >> reporter: are facing similar charges in criminal
6:09 pm
court with a father's day in jail and his mother and adoptive mother out on bail. >> reporter: they will return with a criminal case on april 13th. >> catherine: grant lotus is here with the story. >> reporter: >> grant: noticing some guy snapping pictures of her daughter. she made him turn over the phone to act for pictures and then deleted those pictures from the guy's fault. she acts then why he was being creepy and taking photos of her daughter. he stated the he was an undercover cop creek if she got into contact with the police and police stated
6:10 pm
that he was not a cop. >> we always encourage people to call. she did the right thing. she felt that he was suspicious and she did not know who this person was and had never seen him before. we were able to follow up with these details and she did absolutely the right thing. if you are being photographed it is suspicious or call us and let us, and subjected out. >> >> grant: shoppers today gave that mom a big thumbs up for what she did. catherine? >> catherine: there could be an increase campus security as san jose university. after a woman says she was assaulted in the school library last night. the
6:11 pm
woman says it happened and the dr. martin luther king jr. library in the second floor restroom grid >> catherine: she says the man was already inside and wrapped her throat. the woman bought time off and he ran away creek in the first the police who had been guarding the library pagàn and arrested the man. the school says the incident appears to be isolated incident. >> pam: >> catherine: police are looking for two men who robbed several people outside a concord restaurant. it happened just before 9, last night in the parking lot of el rancho along monument boulevard. police say the two victims were walking back to their car when they barack at gunpoint. >> catherine: the men stole car keys wallet and phones. of suspect and are described
6:12 pm
as hispanic men in their 20s.
6:13 pm
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6:17 pm
>> reporter: multiple dates
6:18 pm
again, to bring out spectators. >> it is really good. it is >> really good for the fish. i do a lot of fishing myself. >> reporter: the food may be good for the fish but emergency crews are nervous. >> reporter: >> does of the water levels they brought the boat out because they needed it right now. >> reporter: off the homeless people, that were caught by the rising water. >> was tough. water levels will be coming up so we have been working with the police
6:19 pm
department and try to get people out there and let people know that the water will be coming up high we need to get them out of the way. >> reporter: to rising water, believe it or not- >>audio difficulties >> stay clear of the waterways. >> catherine: taking a live look at the embarcadero creek has been a wet day in the bay area. but a lot more rain showers is on the way. we are talking about a lot of rain showers and a short period. >> brittany: that will lead to a flash flood advisory
6:20 pm
spirit lasting all the way until sunday starting tomorrow. we will see a lot of rain fall. >> brittany: was staying mainly dry tonight. but the wind speed will pick up, we will see what rose out there and we do state for you to have a lot of time starting off heading to work. anywhere, from 6 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. creek we are expecting a lot of rain showers and a short amount of time. we have unsettled weather systems and the best way to illustrate that is the radar shot. >> brittany: we do have an area of low pressure that is mainly situated to the north of us with fattal and causing a few showers and behind me, i could see the system and how unsettled is
6:21 pm
out in the pacific. >> brittany: triggering a heavy rainfall as we go into the next few days to receive future cash shows as you go into the rest of tonight will have clear skies and then the system will increase creek we will have heavier rain showers. and to enact but an san rafael. what parts of the east bay creek-- and napa >> brittany: have the pockets of rain showers expected friday evening. the third storm system will all rise as the girl into the weekend. but would not be as strong as what we bulls sea within the next two days. >> brittany: temperatures will be similar as we head into the 7 day forecast tomorrow, we would drop in temperatures but may take a
6:22 pm
chance for rain showers for the next five days or so. catherine? you are looking at video of the scene with our helicopter partnership with abc seven newsprint you can see this is near some old. the tracks were not badly damaged but the were some repairs. >> as we went down the hill, the doors can open and there started calling enteric and the lady down the aisle from me, her legs were trapped underneath the bench. as she started screaming in pain. and what did not know how long it was going to be in just felt like slow motion.
6:23 pm
>> am aware of the risk that to take part but is more risk and driving a car. i know that they are glad to be slow and i trust the real road. >> catherine: cruised spent much of yesterday moving to commuter cars off the hill and back onto the tracks. all of which was preparation for the train being open to commuters. >> catherine: still ahead. the scientists' finding a link between certain foods and cancer. which foods you should avoid eating plus, former first lady nancy reagan is said to be laid to rest.
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine: nancy reagan struggle is set for tomorrow. the former first lady died sunday in the home and lost and delays of congestive heart failure.
6:26 pm
grant is here with today solemn procession to her final resting place. >> catherine: grant? >> grant: and carried the body of former first lady nancy reagan to reagan library and the valley today at the procession may is from the from a home in santa monica. spectators gathered on freeway overpasses. the pallbearers included members of the secret service detail had been assigned to her. >> grant: the former first lady will late in repose at the reagan library until thursday evening. she will be laid to rest on friday. and next to her husband, former president ronald reagan. first lady michelle obama will be attending the from all along with a
6:27 pm
democratic president at it every clinton.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> reporter: tuesday evening outside his home, a
6:30 pm
man wore a homemade maps and was possibly trying to steal his car. police searched the area but the assailant escaped. and now he is learning his neighbors to be on guard creek and san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> reporter: is releasing video of the man that they are looking for in a murder investigation. there are trying to find this man, because the a walking right there with connection up murder of 19 your old carlos ramirez creek shot and killed at the west oakland bart station back on january 9th. we checked with bart and they are offering a $10,000 reward with any information leading to a rest cure it scott rates, kron 4 news --leading to an arrest
6:31 pm
>> environment was stocks worst deck and there can also-- the environment was dogs were stacked and there can most accurate-- stacked in their kennels. they're some that are avial for adoption. >> reporter: adopted at the age of nine from russia and the abuse started shortly after he read in this country and went on until he was 18. indictments half of 44 counts and $6 million in damages and also facing similar charges in criminal court. in san jose, dan
6:32 pm
kerman kron 4 news >> reporter: the first train pulled up in the pleasanton station at 533. if you think that or if you thought that most people would be fearful, you would be wrong. you see a large amount of people ready to get on the train. the big reason why people said it would rather be on the train that on or behind the wheel creek they hated that one day where they were forced to drive and roadways were miserable. will tran, kron4news >> catherine: state-owned. a lot more rain even flooding. -- stay tuned >> brittany: quite a few
6:33 pm
days of flash flooding from tomorrow until sunday with a flash flood advisory. pretty close to flood stage is so we will watch this over the next couple of days. and the possibility as some of the intersections and railways to put the want to be careful as you find yourself driving pretty closely to a flooded road way creek make sure you turn around and do not go through it. >> brittany: will see how cloudy conditions tonight. rainfall will start with prediction street the began because the up to 5 in. of rain showers and closer to a bayside, to the 3 in.. with temperatures at 65 degrees and 61 and sent francisco. --61 degrees in san
6:34 pm
francisco. >> catherine: happening now, hillary clinton and bystanders are face-to-face with a one day after they fought each other to a virtual draw in michigan. grant is here with more on thought on tonight spot from the democratic debate. >> grant: under surprise in michigan, as narrow as it was show secant man with a big states what sizable diversified audience-- voters. look >>, i have won one of the contest and lost another close one. i am continuing to work hard every single vote creek >> think we will continue to do extremely well in the
6:35 pm
recent weeks third and superdelegates, convincing them that we are the strongest. of the candidates. >> grant: as for the republican, donald trump and lighting his lead over to it proves accurate bluebills choice looks worse as he did not pick up any delegates and trebling trump and the poll. >> catherine: new essex, and new study shows start eating certain cars will increase receiving blood cancer by 49 percent. eat a lot of starchy food really does spike the rest. localize simic fools such as whole milk costa can reduce your chances of developing lung cancer.
6:36 pm
>> catherine: 40 states will tax the product not necessities, states that are debating that this is against rights. for taxing tampons. >> catherine: will have more with the daily wrap in hollywood.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> catherine: queen latifah is beginning to start a family. >> reporter: this is the
6:40 pm
daily bread. kim kardashian once everyone, especially bette midler to move on from her nude self feet. --sefie >> >> reporter: 26 teen at would not live by your issues with the my seality. i am allowed to be sexy. >> reporter: and queen latifah become the queen mother creek she reported at 45 she feels like a procrastinator but she is ready to begin a family. whether that is giving birth or adopting? that is still explains that she isshe exploring to be a mother. >> reporter: she would be a cool mother commit--
6:41 pm
>> reporter: yes. >> reporter: that concludes hollywood daily bread. -- hollywood daily wrap
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary: kapernick has hit the jackpot york for the surprise of many, starting from the middle of the season to the key to the meant we're peyton manning was injured. the denver broncos, with the super bowl
6:45 pm
today the houston texans have signed now former denver broncos quarterback brock osweiler to a four yea deal for 72 million. leaving the super bowl champikns without a starter under center with the retirement of peyton mannng >> gary:now multiple reports have colin kaepernick possibly bronocs are also supposedly interested in robert griffin iii. when asked about kaepernick today. broncos general manager john elway said he's "always liked colin" >> gary:broncos head coach gary kubiak also shares similar thoughts regarding kaepernick. who is under contract through the 20-20 season >> gary:more bad news for the niners and their stuggles at offensive line. two-time pro bowl guard alex boone signed a four year deal with minnesota vikings for $26.8 million. >> gary:the six foot eight 3oo pounder was ranked second amongst guards available in the market boone spent the last five a starter >> gary:and after practice steph curry met the number one women's golfer in the world >> gary:the 18 year-old and
6:46 pm
the current m-v-p had a putting competition on the warriors practice facility ko is the youngest player ever to win 10 titles on the lpga tour >> gary:they both signed balls for her each other >> gary:thompson... >> we have a great mix of veterans and young guys creek--that may be an issue down blind. but how did us a fatigue is. -- but how big is fatigue now? >> gary: here is the no. 1
6:47 pm
golfer in the world with getting to hang with curry. >> sister sent me tech said she wants to have autographs signed from curry. --text >> >> gary: what is you about this is that it was on the date of the game. normally, players and not talk. and this guy yesterday, we have one report on him. today, it would be funny if the warriors announced korea doing nothing but playing basketball. -- announced
6:48 pm
curry >> gary: a axillar would he wear out?- asked when will he wear out? >> grant: don't say that... don't say that >> gary: can you hear me sir? >> reporter: i can barely hear you. >> reporter: curry is the rainy m v p and three. cain. he broke records a couple of weeks ago. his own record
6:49 pm
against oklahoma city with 2883 points this season for it he is calling at 320 games left he could receive a week to 400 some think, never done in nba history. he could be a joke the maggio type of market he was asked today about what that means? if he ever got to 403 spirit >> this sounds ludicrous is what i was saying when i was at about 300. i will keep the same focus. if that happens that will be amazing. i am not going out checking to get to 400. that is not on my mind in regards to be focused on at all. >> reporter: not want to shore still hampered he's
6:50 pm
technically at 301 right now. we will see if he did to 3993 >> reporter: at the warriors plant has 46 straight on that floor right there. the ticket 73! >> gary: just give me one playfellow spirit--fellaws >> gary: that is the doctorate they got killed today by washington for it 91-68. a record eight seasons, he did not win enough creek >> catherine: may have even asked that.
6:51 pm
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>> catherine: doctors are listed at the top with an average salary of a hundred and $80,000. --180,000
6:54 pm
>> catherine: not surprisingly, the senate report says seven and 10 people say celery and compensation of course top factors on job hunting. the cost all will is still going up with the strike last year up 20%. blank on the drought and crop disease. >> catherine: causing the worst harvest in 20 years. a lot of shoppers are prompted to switch their oil spirit- their choic of oils. >> catherine: global old oil
6:55 pm
consumption dropped 7% in 2015. >> catherine: remain with the weather. >> brittany: >> catherine: stay safe everyone.
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the "insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, madonna's melt down over son rocco. [ inaudible ] >> is her daughter, lourdes, now coming to maj's rescue. >> she is acting as a mediator. >> then on the war path. kim sla body shamers and defends her sexuality. >> and number three. farewell to a mus legend. >> she's a very, very good producer. ♪ yesterday ♪ >> how the death of george martin cause mass conf >> he's gone. >> and holy mother of dragons, just how game of thrones is
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connected. >> what you are about to see -- >> plus our "insider" bonus. what caused dolly parton's superstar speechless moment? we hit the road with a country legend. >> and saying i do we're inside her fountain of youth formula. >> good with make-up, lighting and doctors. >> hollywood from inside out. the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> a divorced, love triangle, shocking who's the father pregnancy. top chef opens up about everything including the debilitating health crisis today go through for 23 years. >> we're going to get through all that but let's dive right in to the number one story tracking today. madonna versus guy ritchie custody battle over son rocco appears to be taking a toll. as reports claim the material mom is on the verge


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