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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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morning and expecting a lot of rain fall possibility that it could reach a pass flood state. oliver north their rivers main concern as to where we are seeing the most rainfall coming down. flood warning for navarro river flood stage is at 23 ft. and expect to be a blood above flood stage tomorrow morning. as legal into the rest of this evening we will see lighter rainfall this model is suggesting. we are tracking a possibility of rain continuing our after our. i 10:00 p.m. we are still dealing with pockets near santa rosa. also up in san francisco be very careful for your commute home tonight and even tomorrow tracking how long
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this rain will stick around all the details coming up in the next forecast in about 15 minutes. rohnert park tonight. dan how are the conditions there? >> reporter: since mid-we have seen it all and a lot heavier rain than we are seeing right now. the rain has been falling in the north bay for much of the day and covers had their hands full navigating through a heavy storm drenched roads. in sebastopol couple had to be rescued after their toyota stalled out after dropping through floodwaters. rescuers are able to walk out to the couple and help them navigate back to safety. west of one a one broker expressway was closed between redwood drive and sony.
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road due to flooding. some cars attempted to attack the floodwaters but when a closer look of a turnaround and went back the way they came in. in suffolk kalmuck creeks started filling of after former plant creating pent-up potential for spill over. this intersection at stony point road in panama boulevard north. and the past floodwaters have reached the sidewalk even the grass so far this intersection has steered clear of that. we can't tell you that the roots are very wet it does not seem like people are driving slow enough at least not in my estimation also to if you are coming upon one of the signs that say roads closed best not to navigate through because he never just how deep the water will be when you get past the sign. >> catherine: the morning commute.
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one of the spots hard hit -- petaluma. there were gray skies and lots of rain from this latest by 7 a-m - commuters were sloshing through puddles and the c-h-p is reminding everyone to beware of slick conditions. a close call today in santa rosa part of a store's awning collapsed -- and the heavy rain is being blamed in part. kron four's terisa estacio shows us what happened and how shoppers were taken off guard. with a thunderous roar - this back section of this kmart store in santa rosa came tumbling down thursday sot/tc: /shopper i couldn't believe it. fire officials say they received the call early in the morning, a steady hard rain had already sot/tc: 20 paul lowenthal/asst. fire marshall/santa rosa fire
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dept.. the kmart had a building inspector out earlier this week, they had found dry rot and with the rain, well it was too much and it came down. this part of kmart is where the garden center and electronics are located in the large store. sot/tc: it is a very big store. the inspectors checked and the collapse is still open for business. nonetheless - shoppers say this collapse with the lights hanging on the ground, nails protruding and wood sticking up in the air is certainly scary. sot/tc: tim wall/shopper 1:23 got hurt. as you can see, this whole section is roped off preventing anyone from coming to close. there are a lot of hazards out here building inspectors so far have said this other part of the awn ing is safe for now. in santa rosa te in the east bay. the heavy rain has created a waterfall in the berkeley and oakland hills. kron 4's scott rates joins us live. with the conditions there. scott?
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>> reporter: working across a street and called 911. but the
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suspect in after they fled into the home begins the long standoff. >> catherine: death of shelley titcheneer, the found near the dumbarton bridge up a beholding.
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learning more about the plan investigation the dow of shell were in the sport so was on to near the dump gray last month. and grant is here with details that they are revealing in new court documents. the possibility that other a detailed timeline showing exactly what police knew and when. the first thing that stands out they identified the victim early in this investigation. the case began with the discovery of a poor soul on territory 21st. the autopsy revealed current tech to on the torso audit such as shown to said it was his mother's. on that same day for hours after giving an interview just been drove his car to the bay bridge and jumped to his death. the next day he was
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named a person of interest in the case. later were body parts were found which matched the prints on file with the dmv. and on march 2nd they confirmed publicly the body and the husband was a suspect. they're not ruled out the possibility that other people may have been involved in disposing of the body the affidavit asks for the judge's permission to search the couple's three sons for further clues. disposing of the body. history of making illegal a brawl on a plane ready to take off at lax. >> britteny: tracker some of the
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heaviest rain moving to the south over san francisco conquered parts of san mateo livermore tracking how long the heavy rain will stick around what is in store for your morning commute coming up after the break.
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a wild chase early this morning in san mateo county.leaves a deputy injured.and three people under arrest. story.and a picture of the that car's front all smashed in. the deputy.suffering minor injuries.he's been released from the hospital. investigators say three suspects were in a dodge durango.leading deputies on a long chase before that durango slammed into the cruiser.
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this whole mess started in the parking lot of canada community college near redwood city. according to sheriff's were the parked durango, when a deputy tried to talk to then. reversed the durango.hitting a different deputy's that talk to injuries. from there.a lengthy chase. an el dorado county sheriff's deputy on paid leave has been arrested three times in three months on drunken driving charges. 39-year-old john broadfoot was most recently arrested friday after crashing into a parked car. his bail has been set at 250- thousand-dollars and he was released with conditions imposed by the court. the deputy was put on administrative leave following his first arrest in december. need to find a booking photo of the cop ap-ca--deputy-dui el dorado deputy on paid leave faces 3rd dui arrest eds: apnewsnow. sacramento, calif. - a california sheriff's deputy on paid leave has been arrested three times in three months on drunken driving charges. the sacramento bee reports that
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california could be the second state in the nation to raise the other tobacco products. adopted it's own city law. and now the state legislature has done the same. kron 4's haaziq madyun reports that buyers would have to be at what age did you start smoking? "16" 16? that's kind of young "it is!" the legal age to buy cigaretts is currently 18. but california state legislators have now approved a bill that will raise the age to buy cigarettes to 21. that would make 18-year-old anthony rios's california i.d. useless for buying cigarettes. he is not feeling good about the news out of sacramento "the main reason i got my i.d. so i can buy my tobacco products, legally you know, if state legislators are trying to change that to 21, i really don't like that" state law makers in favor of the bill are trying to address what they see is an emerging health crisis for california youth. "i've been smoking since i was 16, at this point it is almost like trying to kick a heroin addiction" brandon imada says being healthy is the reason he wishes he never pick up the habit of smoking now that you're 25 and all, do you wish that you never started smoking? "i do actually, probably better for my health it would be a lot that stuff" but some folks think law makers missed the mark on this one "i think more tools to help educate during school and get the world out would be more beneficial than just saying no you can't, because at that age you want to do want you're not supposed to do" governor jerry brown will have the final say on whether or not the age limit to buy tobacco products will be
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the bill now sits on his desk awaiting his approval. in >> catherine:california's right- to-die law takes effect in three months.
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it allows terminally ill residents to end their lives with medication prescribed by a doctor. state lawmakers adjourned a special session yesterday -- paving the way for the law to be enacted in 90 days. dying patients hoping to use the law have been in limbo since it was approved last year.
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it was passed following the heavily publicized case ofold california woman with brain cancer who moved to oregon to legally end her life in 20-14. california right-to-die law willthe dean of the u-c berkeley law school has stepped down following a sexual harassment lawsuit. choudhry's former executive assistant. the lawsuit says the dean acknowledged that he kissed and faculty of the city college of san francisco have voted to support a strike.setting the stage for the first in the decided to come together against the school. the union has been fighting for >> reporter: the price tag is a hundred and six thousand dollars. all the costs the city is more stan by the and tires tie barrier is are all up. which is only during of the
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downpour. sometime to one fall full of too fat over well in this area east of crete the brunt of it. the plastic barriers are not up in front of the auto shop on 17th street. this pilot program only involves two blocks and one side of those streets leading businesses on the other side to continue to rely on sandbags. that's according to the manufacturer they are worried that it will push feature flowers in their direction. it
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is only a matter of time to see of this solution will see if the people who work here will remain dry. >> britteny: more walnut creek conquered all seen heavy rain at this time. into the rest of tonight we continue to see these heavier and downpours even into the weekend we continue to see more and more heavy rain. tracking this system all lot of flash flood watches in effect for us. and we really go into sunday a closer look at what we expect to see into the rest of tonight. keep your umbrellas out
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with you because we will see all lot of rain and a short amount of time. that's life flash flooding is of main concern the flood watch in effect sunday what commute's not only tonight morning and to wind expectedmore heavy rain and flooding >> britteny: today morning we could see a flood stage of office would still and it the no. they will pick up and the rainfall we will see some of those rivers of there. the navarro river under a flood warning under adviser for a good portion of the north bay. and do not drive through roadways part of the reason why we are seeing it so much rainfall it is a lot of moisture pulling right into northern california a few systems that will interact with
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all that moisture dumping a lot of rainfall over the region in the next couple days satellite rare shot showing all the heaviest rainfall where it is right now in the north and east of san francisco into lake tahoe like tahoe will see a winter weather advisory into effect until tomorrow. more details coming up. >> grant: san bruno station part 20 minute delay there is an equipment problem on the track. this is primarily affecting people trying to get to richmond. a 20 minute delay at the san burnout guard station we keep you posted there. >> catherine: the dirty truth about what'sand what detectives are now saying - about the knife found at o-j simpson's
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a proposal to fine bart passengers who take up more than one seat. did not get support from the board of directors today. the board didn't vote on the idea -- asking that the proposal be presented with more specific details. at least one director says a fine should only apply to crowded trains. and the bart police chief raised concerns about enforcement. the board will reconsider the idea of fines for seat hogs at its next meeting in april. a new study confirms what many bart riders already fear. with so many passengers on board -- the trains are brimming with bacteria. kron 4's averi harper has the details. we contacted bart. and they tell us. all of the interior surfaces in the train cars are cleaned with disinfectant at the end of the day.
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but bart is far from the worst on the bad hygiene list. travelmath-dot-com reports. that new york city's subway has 4- thousand times more bacteria on its trains. chicago's "l" train is ranked third. followed by the metro in washington, d.c. coming up at 5:30. in miami -- another republican debate is set to begin in minutes. it could prove to be a preview of where this race is headed. and it sounds like something from a bad comedy. the ugly brawl between passengers.on a plane set for take-off from l-a-x. >> reporter: we did contact bart they tell us the interior surfaces are clean with a
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disinfectant and they do that every day. they apparently far from the worst on that hygiene list trouble now dot com reported the new york city subway 4000 times more bacteria on its trains help train a ramp third followed by metro in washington d.c.. >> catherine: other republican debate in miami and sounds like something from a bad comedy a brawl between passengers on a plane suffer take a set for takeoff from lax.
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before tuesday's big winner- cnn's ryan nobles is live at the university of miami with a preview. ryan? >> reporter: his stick his entire campaign on a big win collecting the 99 available delegates right now the polls show that is unlikely. is fighting to win his home state. polls show that he has a narrow
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lead over donald trump. today kasich picked up the support of urban meyer. the all but "go win this darned thing" as for trump. if the past is any indicator. regardless of how he performs in the debate tonight. presidential candidate "but i am far and away the frontrunner and and i'll be ready. but i think marco is going to be a different person. marco's been mortally wounded. the question is willand after tonight. it will be left to each campaign's ground game. as ballots are cast in five states. with the republican -ryan on cam- much like rubio's presence in the race could be hurting john cutting into rubio's support here in florida.
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he is aggressivley campaigning in this state. arguing that he to take on donald trump. q1: ryan, a reporter is accusing donald trump's campaign manager of physically assaulting her at a recent event. how is the campaign responding? >> reporter: the trump campaign continues to dismiss these repeated incidents that occur at the events and something out of their control and they're not responsible for. the rev.
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specifically pointing to what " dusky being responsible for this. the executive editor is looking for him to step down if the order happen it would be major news he is a powerful force in the trump and campaign. >> catherine: the democrats doing for tuesday's a vote. >> reporter: they are targeting the areas of on march 15th about where they now they are strong. hillary spending time in florida part of the day in tampa of tomorrow and florida as well bernie spending his time in the midwest states where he can
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perform better in: >> catherine: >> britteny: we have been tracking all lot of rain and straight through the weekend through tomorrow of the heaviest rain pushing to the east of san francisco where is on the way this weather disturbance will tap and moisture in place and all the rain will be staying another round expected into tonight storm trackers showing where the heaviest rain is not in san francisco no. 8 right now we're transitioning into
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places like a danville, creek closer to livermore seen the light rainfall you can see behind me here another round of heavier precipitation on its way the feature cast shows the golan to the rest of tonight more rainfall expected for us often on and have your pockets continue moving and this sets up for tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. with another round of heavy rain allow extra time to get to where you are going. in see how it will be on and off to 4:00 p.m. still seeing a great fall into the week and tracking all the details on the flash flood watches an advisory bring it out for you and another 15 minutes minutes >> catherine: not just the bay area getting heavy rain parts of the south really being blasted by storms flooding.
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>> catherine: the final results not expected for at least three weeks. . the label information on an islamic state might not might not be and western intelligence officials the federal police in germany say they have filed personal information on militants they believe it to be authentic.
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according despite news of a defector on the border with turkey stereo gave them a memory stack containing 22,000 state files. kate still from atop isis recruiter. even the names of those who sponsored and recruited them. a scary situation on a spirit airline jet and a loss angela's grant is here with video to prove. >> grant: this was awful on rumble people get their funds out and start getting video. a lot of hair pulling spirit airlines says that the plane was taxiing on the runway at lax from baltimore couple women
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appeared to be drunk decided to the boombox people carry those on planes. they were able to intervene and no injuries or arrests. a spokeswoman same as primarily a verbal altercation. >> catherine: we have more on, and papri a colleg
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>> reporter: crazy situation changing by the minute amazing how god was benched in the middle of the season becoming the most wanted person. this is
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the talk all all the leak it could come down at any moment yesterday ended the denver broncos as baker talked. other have emerged. jets and ground it joining the broncos and trust and number seven. the super bowl champions appear to be the front-runner like silver all of that and the 40 niner's agreed on compensation and just a matter of announcing it making it official. if he is it dealt it would before draft pick in the second the third round. earlier today experts on the network wait and on where is the best fit for him. meanwhile
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forty-niners in east bay rivals make some significant moves the oakland raiders struck a deal with former chiefs quarterback sean the 6 ft. 38 year veteran joined the secondary with a rebound of charles wilson smith joins other high-profile acquisitions earlier this week filed a long time see hawkers of bruce urban and bolstered the offensive line the raiders are not done yet talking that they are trying to get the veteran safety during this report: patrick still has not been traded we will keep you updated with new details as they emerge.
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>> catherine: this is the scene when two cars derailed after a mudslide we will keep our eye on the situation throughout the hour. it looks like apple set a new line of phones and tablets.
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halve its launch on march 21st. it can with the tagline was salute you and it comes one day before a federal court hearing and a fight with the government over the san 10 men locked phone. justice department pushing back against apple into court filing prosecutors arguing that the government excess to the phone and then must comply with an order at this stage for the 22nd hearing which lawyers from both sides will argue before a federal magistrate. >> britteny: if you're what
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creek, 30 see heavy rain coming down along with a like how light rain and livermore dublin with a light steady rain sonoma and napa same pockets of heavy rain with most of the moderate downpour's to south of annapolis and mattel. the league will see in the rest of tonight is a little bit more of this moderate rainfall pushing on shore. more moisture continuing to push in our region triggering some of the heavy rainfalls also expect to see the possibility of flash flooding. but a flash flood watch in effect until sunday afternoon. the concerns our streams and creeks and mudslides over your commute tonight it will be heavy rain warning and tomorrow night and this is also going to affect a week and plans a fourth of five to 8 in. of rainfall for some of the higher elevations in the north bay also attracting strong wind speeds to
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40 mi. an hour flash flood watches affecting everywhere >> britteny: watched the see of this storm will pass the flood stage along with advisories in effect until 830 navarro river pointing to the navarro river under flood warning. watch for friday morning to see if that will go a boat go above flood stage don't drive through these turnaround did not try to go through. one reason we see so much rainfall this the. a lot of moisture pushing off into san francisco then seeing weather disturbances moving in as well with a cold front associated with these systems moving through over the weekend with a combination of all the elements
5:52 pm
that's what we see this heavy rainfall. a lot of moisture in place over our region as we go into next 2448 hours more rainfall expected throughout the night by 7:00 a.m. with see pockets of heavy rain and it affects the commute this will continue through your lunch hour and then as a going to saturday morning another round of rate as expected later toward the afternoons. and then another rowdy get the picture a lot of rain in the short amount of time the want to be very careful the flash flood warning and flooded roadways 6. the three and at san jose and as we head into tonight more rain expected a closer look at your seventh day forecast and 15 minutes. . >> catherine: dallas lost five points in nasdaq lost while the s&p lost.
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we are tracking the storm that for flooding. and other road dangers. we'll update the situation. coming up at the top of the hour. and man verse machine. how google got pass go. some areas have been harder hit >> britteny: be careful driving with all the rain coming down in the short amount of time almost the entire area under some sort of a flood warning advisory and the bottom line is be very careful as we are driving around over the next couple of days especially right now we see some of the heaviest rain at today into tonight and tomorrow collider into the weekend. storm
6:00 pm
trackers showing the heaviest rain right now a batch of rain even heavier and that will start to push on shore in the next couple hours or so. we started to see a little bit in petaluma san francisco like rain north bay rivers are the most concerning we see the most rainfall. flooded by three in effect till 830 and then one concerning point is the navarro river under a flood warning.
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>> reporter: travel over the oakland hills masks here in the row and a everywhere. we have a clear and appear just now you can see through the city a very nice of you it cleared out the rain has let up all little bit for now and the big problem i go right over here mudslides another concern another all the areas are soaked and bringing that dirt down and the roadway taking a look at this this on tall roadie concede part of it had to be closed down because the flood waters preaching in there. we had reduced that area. natural water
6:02 pm
flow coming on the side of the hill all the water test to go somewhere and it did it is going right into the roadway you see sandbags trying to stop the water from going into driveways. that is what it looks like up here several different areas where parks coming down from the hillside and by going into the road a lot more we will show you at 8 with what it looks like up here for now it is holding the reins again late but it is going in spurts we see it come and go. another update coming up at 630 and at the clock in oakland hills. building
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inspectors checked the agreement x and inspectors check the stores to see this was safe it was reopened. >> catherine:the heavy rain has flooded a lot of roads and filled up a lot of streams in the north bay. >> reporter: the rain has picked up the last 10 minutes we had 20 minutes where it had stopped raining after a steady stream was brought the date right now is picking back up again seeing all kinds of trouble throughout the day. this intersection and
6:04 pm
north stoney point road has flooded so far that has not happened. the same can't be said for the expressway west of 1 01 the road was closed between redwood drive and stony point road due to flooding. some cars of the infidel attack the floodwaters but changed their minds and near sebastopol couple had to be rescued after a toyota is spelled out riding through waters. they were able to help them navigate their way back to safety. back live in petaluma the rain is coming back down again the roads are very wet even if they are not floodwaters' the general feeling would be to slow down wherever you go tonight.
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these big interlocking plastic barriers create a watertight seal when they are fit together. they cost 165 thousand dollars to buy.and more to staff.since entire time the flood barriers are up.which is only during the they are only a temporary solution to a problem that has cost the city plenty in the past. sometimes happened in the area of 17th and folsom during big rains.the city's sewer system gets overwhelmed and a river of water and waste comes rising up.fouling homes and's a frustrating problem for those who have experienced it over and over again.
6:06 pm
the owner of hilde brand furniture is on the other side of the street from where the barriers have been put. he's worried they might push future floodwaters in his direction. they dont' know if it will work or not.i wonder why we are spending on this money on something that is temporary.we already have a solution that there are other alluminum barriers that worked last year he's talking about the metal floodgates that were installed in the doorways of the stable café. he thinks the city should install them up and down the street. the city says they can't do that. can't make improvements to private businesses, there's a grant program. the city is also looking at a bigger.more permanent solution to address the flooding here but they say it will take years and hundreds of millions of dollars
6:07 pm
to complete. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> catherine: train no. 6 being held at from moderate now delaying service to stockton the figure 20 minutes the action comes four days after a mudslide causing a strain to derail and you're looking at the scene for a helicopter partnership with abc seven. nine of passengers injured in this derailment. service out for about a day after the wreckage was cleared. it links the central valley was silicon valley. track the storm is anytime anywhere with the kron 4 mobile application of free download for i phone and tried devices. it did not take long for jury to decide with police in a civil trial involving a college student killed and san francisco park
6:08 pm
rats is here with details >> grant: place showed up at the park reports of when they arrived they say it was pointing what looks like a gun turned out he was holding a taser that he had for his job. attorneys for the families say he never pointed at the sound on an officer's the call the witness who said his hands were in his pockets when police started shooting and they did fire as many as 59 bullets. >> catherine:the swat team
6:09 pm
surrounded the neighborhood. schools in the area were told to the child was surrendered to father, identified as 34-year- old thomas chalmes, has given himself up. the department is now in crisis. part of the problem -- chronic low staffing. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the entire department is facing mandatory overtime. saying staffing has hit an all time low, san jose police chief eddie garcia announced thursday that no one in the department will be spared from working mandatory overtime. sot eddie garcia
6:10 pm
chief garcia was joined by mayor sam liccardo and other city officials who pledged to fight a new legal challenge from the silicon valley taxpayer's association. the lawsuit seen as an effort to undermine efforts to invalidate he controversial, voter approved measure b pension reform, which sparked an exodus cops that continues to this day. the 839 street ready officers is an all time low says the chief
6:11 pm
that has led to slower response times and many lower level calls like burglaries going unanswered. morale too is suffering and the perhaps cancelling the next police acedmy altogether for lack of interest. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> catherine:still ahead. california could soon become only the second state in the nation to raise the smoking age. also, the dean of u-c berkeley's law school steps down.after a sexual harassment lawsuit. and another republican debate tonight.this one in miami. as donald trump's rivals scramble to slow him down. happening right now.
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>> catherine: francisco has the city law today the state legislature has approved a bill that states the buyers of tobacco products would have to be at least 21 years old. bay area smokers have a mixed reaction. supporters say that tobacco products are contributing to a health crisis among young people and the governor still pass to sign the bill. been on the uc-berkeley a law school has stepped down following a lawsuit filed by the
6:16 pm
deans of former executive assistant. >> catherine: they say they had been in talks for a deal in new deal for the past year union has been without a contract for nine months the in is announcing that they will be fighting for better wages the union president says that the faculty is being paid about 2% below 2007 wages right now.
6:17 pm
>> catherine: site could be all last stand for canada it's hoping to stop the march to the republican nomination they are facing off with another debate before the last debate during tuesday's contest in the big winner takes all states that could prove to be a pivotal might. ryan is a light at the university of miami and has the latest.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: get to bring together the republican party listen to what he said about his ability to you voter. >> reporter: attacks on democrats in a bomb administration so far that are holding out call and going after each other with sentiment we heard mark wrote say earlier regret how he went after donald on a personal he wished he could take that back we'll see if the oil continue a lot of canada its need to make a move it to make
6:19 pm
an impact on tuesday.
6:20 pm
>> britteny: the latest weather is we are dealing with oslo commute with a close look at the bay bridge like conditions vary crowded but it is slow going with the weather we are dealing with another live look right now at the san retail bridge same thing we will continue to see a light round of slow commute heading into tomorrow and heading home tomorrow even in the week and so the system is not done with us yet and are tracking rain throughout the area the storm trackers showing moderate downpours once again for parts of pamela nevada to the north of center felt this break in our faith in the last point that we saw more moderate rate francisco's seen light rain and we will see that pushing over again into more moderate
6:21 pm
downpour's what creaked danville dealing with a moderate rainfall at this time. san jose at seeing activity we see a few people on between 5 8 in. of rainfall. bring us up to 30 mi. per hour. this entire system will before sunday afternoon's again another
6:22 pm
round of heavy rain expected on through tonight and then as we will have to work tomorrow it will be heavy through the lunch hour heading home from work. 70 forecast and 15 minutes.
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machine -- the machine isa computer program built by five contest against the world's at the match-up. believe it or not.these are the final nail-biting moments of an historic contest between man and machine. today's game, it was a complete defeat," he says. "alphago the two opponents have been it as the world's most watson: "the computer just beat the human champion- again. how do you feel?" okum: "worse" computer called deep blue beat the world grandmaster gary
6:26 pm
watson: "are we one step closer to the robots taking over?" okum: "you mean it hasn't happened yet" designers insist alphago is a step towards something much bigger in computer science. demis hassabis, co-founder google deepmind "it is just one rung on the ladder towards solving artificial intelligence." artificial intelligenceor a.i. is something that continues to at this challenge matchthat science fiction fantasy.feels one step closer to reality. ivan watson, cnn, seoul
6:27 pm
still ahead.will the denver broncos restore colin kaepernick's career? also - tense hours in the south bay as a 3-year old child is caught in the middle of a standoff with police. and we'll ave an update on the ferocious weather. meteorologist brittney shipp joins us.when
6:28 pm
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6:30 pm
6:31 pm
the bill sets on gov. jerry brown's desk awaiting approval. . at the oakland and berkeley hills we have seen mudslides water in the roadway and we have seen and debris everywhere the rain has been coming and going all afternoon and very heavy at times. even see this waterfall that formed on the side of the road the tunnel had to be balked because of the water and the roadway also seeing sandbags up here trying to do what ever they
6:32 pm
can to keep the water out of their home with more rain on the way it will be a very long few days for folks who live here in the oakland berkeley hills. >> reporter: a steady stream of rain and petaluma crossing of variety of trott trouble. streams filling and farmland for spillover 1 01 the expressway was closed between redwood drive and. road due to flooding. your sebastopol a couple had to be rescued after a gray toyota stalled after floodwaters. rescuers were able to walk out and help them navigate their way back to safety but.
6:33 pm
>> britteny: the next couple of days we will have a few feet of snow above 7,000 ft. we have winter storm weather advisory or watch that will be in effect until monday satellite radar shot shows that we will see this rainfall which will go to snow a lot of moisture continuing can only
6:34 pm
tahoe but the entire area and also the north they will be double that for all of this rainfall.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: will cut the flood waters so high there house doubled as about house. 8 in. of rain and 14 and the hardest-hit areas. sandbags and being piled up a slow-moving storm system
6:36 pm
crawls across the south green even more rain.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
unusual spot in phoenix. under a police car. a patrol officer had spotted a pack of small dogs running in the street. he honked and some of them ran
6:40 pm
off. but a little chihuahua mix. ran under his car and jumped up into the undercarriage. even when tempted with a hot dog.she wouldn't come out. animal control workers later managed to get her out.and available for adoption.
6:41 pm
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6:45 pm
here's where we stand so far-- the jets and browns have joined the broncos in showing interest in number 7. however, the reigning super bowl champions appear to be the front report >> gary: say it will be a second round draft choice. earlier today the experts weighed in on where the best fit is forecast for 7. the best"it is to stay. people
6:46 pm
with credentials are saying that the lien is " denver for #seven. raiders >> gary: came up with the former corporate sean smith been in the league eight years.
6:47 pm
>> gary: the current broad " running back once upon a time played at cal can't for years 18
6:48 pm
million with miami dolphins know denver current employer has a chance to come back and match that offer.
6:49 pm
or a >> gary: when applied against the warriors an elegant dinners show.
6:50 pm
>> gary: back to the pitcher the file to 83 will exhibition baseball in the desert.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
checks >> catherine: caught by 2,500 lb. great white shark this week they had a fisherman used to carrying and catching great whites. only thing used to pull the shark and the fishing on and real. flower of entertainment
6:55 pm
news and then at 7 the insider we are back with kron 4 at picklock. >> britteny: into a week and most of the area under flesh flood watch was moderate
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
"the insider" counting down the biggest stories trending today. number one, the evol jennifer aniston. >> i'm thankful for this
6:59 pm
unbelievable life that i have. >> inside her revealing harpers bazaar intervie opening up on marriage, life in her 40s and stayingfit. >> i've known her 40 years. this is the happiest i've seen her. >> leslie jones is under attack. why paul feig is shouting "leave my cast alone." >> there's an ugly element that doesn't want to see women. >> has leo dicaprio gone from oscar winner to girl scout troop leader? plus, our "insider" bonus. how queen latifah helped jennifer garner go through her split. >> i've never seen anybody go through that. how queen survived her own personal tragedy.
7:00 pm
>> i needed to understand why it happened. it's the "insider" together with yahoo! >> hollywoods love a reboot. you have the "x files," "fuller house," could "rosanne" be next? we're with john goodman telling us what it would take to get the connors back on the air. >> let's start with the number one tracking story today. jennifer aniston said i g this. not afraid to admit she f her thrive in her 40s. body, mind, and spirit. inside jennifer finally free. ♪ >> what am i not thankful for? my god. i'm thankful for this unbelievable life i have. my partner, my friends, my health, my work. >> treasuring her inner circle trust, last night jennifer was snapped with her on screen and real life best friend courtney cox while out to dinin


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