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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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live tonight showing the latest storms pounding parts of the bay area. more rain on the way for sunday. good evening everyone i am vicki liviakis. the worst of the storm has passed and law enforcement is warning everyone to be on the lookout for standing water. >> we are between systems so the rain is not heavy but it will pick up quickly. the rain is currently in the
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east bay and parts of the south but things have been drawing out look at the east bay from concorde to antioch to the san ramon valley. he gets heavier around pleasanton there is a cell moving from west to east going down 580 heading to downtown livermore the rain will pick up and also an area of moderate rain east of hayward along mission boulevard and as i mentioned this is going to pick up because the second round is offshore. look at the big plume of moisture. this is going to push through the bay area overnight and into the early morning when we will get they have the a strain from our next round and when is all done, we can see another 2 to 4
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inches across the bay. we have had three days of rain, any additional rain is going to increase the threat for flooding. a flash flood watch and effect. this goes through tomorrow afternoon could be some minor flooding on streams and creeks and i will talk about the chance for a winter weather has a go into next week. some of the east got hammered that did not keep folks from enjoying their weekend. here's how people try to stay dry in walnut creek. >>reporter: the rain has been quite heavy. sometimes it will lighten up and then you get these big downpours passing through all day long. take a look at this on highway 24 just past lafayette you can see treacherous conditions with people slowing down and turning on their headlights because the
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rain was heavy people in walnut creek heading out to enjoying themselves and i want to show you this from last night in. you can see and 80 that eucalyptus tree that came crashing down on top of that home. it came through his subpar alliance and no one was hurt so i just talked to people in walnut creek and i asked them about the nasty conditions and the rain. they did not seem to mind. >> i don't love it to live in it but hopefully it will in the crowdãdrought soon. >> city crews will be on standby throughout the evening. select the demolition of the red tag department began today pit heavy equipment service to
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take away chunks of the building. it has been unoccupied for more than five years just to the wording see world below. the demolition crews started to buildãbring down the building from a budget already strange. smith the city is using taxpayer money to solve a private property issue. we're concerned about public safety.>> the city is in -- with a--clearing of the rubble will take another three or four days. more snow is expected this weekend, by sunday, 4 feet could fall in the highest elevation. this is a huge relief for california. the state gets one third of its
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water supply from snowpack. we are getting closer to where we need to be to replenish our resources. the new snow will make a good weekend for skiers and snowboarders. make sure you download the mobile lab, your number one source for news and weather. gunmen fired shots at a party bus in oakland injuring four people in shutting down interstate injuring four people in shutting down interstate 880. the limo buses crossing the bridge at 2 am one gunmen pulled alongside and opened fire. three people suffered injuries, one is expected to survive. investigators believe the shooting was targeted and the people inside the bus were not cooperating. >> a deadly shooting at a crowded restaurant. a master, walked into the restaurant on totally red in san jose opened fire on two men.
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one of the victims died from his injuries and the other is expected to survive. it appears they were specifically targeted but if it is unclear if it was gang- related. command (three san jose police officers in a subway parking lot before 3:30 am. officers were responding to a 7- eleven or a man opened fire on people of parking lot and drove off. they followed the car to a subway parking lot at order the driver and passenger to get out of the car. the driver got out the punches his rifle at the officers and shot at hand. >> the officers returned fire and the suspect was wounded and taken into custody. i cannot state and not the bravery and heroism of the officers.>> the 25-year-old
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suspect was stephen pedrosa. several shell casings were found on the ground near the suspects mustang. all three officers have been placed on paid administrative leave. strength university of california president taking action. regarding the handling of a sexual assault case. more chaos outside a dental job rally. what police did to try to keep that the -- piece. we will look at sea when sunshine will break through in the area? -- we will look at sunshine that will break through in the area, coming up next.
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>> a sexual harassment review process ordered by university of california's president. this comes after the outrage over berkeley's handling of misconduct claims against the law school dean. this week the dean resigned
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after his former executive assistant father lawsuit say her boss received a temporary pay cut as punishment. following an investigation that confirmed her allegations that he repeatedly kissed and touched her. start facebook receives more than 1 million reports everyday of users violating its policy. the company's head of the policy management say the reports include allegations of hate speech. the company usually draws the line when a post attacks people based on individual characteristics. a post of siding physical violence will be reviewed first by trained employees. they cannot say how many posts get removed.>> more fireworks at donald trump rallies.
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the rain did not stop people from partying in the streets of san francisco for the st. patrick's day festival.>> more rain tomorrow as it is going to be a stormy sunday. the forecast will be coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> pushing and shoving at a
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trump rallying kansas city. police moved in and pepper sprayed and took people into custody. this has been the latest in escalating violence. trump receiving his fair share of backlash after scuffles break out at a chicago rally and video of a protester being hauled off in ohio. john lawrence has the story. >>reporter: cheers from the crowd as the front-runner trump stepped off of the plane in ohio. a different scene less than 24 hours earlier. supporters and protesters clashing during a reality -- at a rally of the university of illinois. trump's campaign canceled the event amid security concerns. scores of protesters spilled out into the streets. five people were arrested and two police officers were hurt.
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>> the people that came there, thousands of people, they caused no problem. they were taunted, they were harassed. >>reporter: the republican counterparts spoke out about the violence. send this man told the reporters to beat up people in the crowd. since there is no place for a national leader to pray on the fears of people.>> democratic candidates weighing in. >> trump has to be loud and clear and tell his supporters that violence is not what america is about. >> one protester was escorted out after he tried to rush the stage. obama weighed in on chicago. he set the gop set conditions was frederick.
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>> the reason many are responding, this is what has been fed to them through messages they had been sending for a long time. but you make assertions that don't go to facts. you deny the evidence of science. that compromise is a betrayal etc. ted cruz disclosed long-term sleep. today he won the most delegates in wyoming. the senator one nine out of 12 delegates up for grabs. the associated press is not because of the order that the party's state convention on april 16. trump leave the race with 460 delegates and crews back -- ted
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cruz has 169. today rubio one gop caucuses in washington dc with 37% of the vote. he picked up 10 delegates. if the third presidential contract victory. he won the gop caucuses in minnesota on super tuesday and puerto rico. the primary in several key states are up for grabs on tuesday. the need video of a prison riot . inmate captured it and posted it on facebook. we are told the warden and a correctional officer were stabbed. their injuries are not life- threatening. violence started when guards responded to a fight. inmates that escaped from the new mexico prison are backing custody tonight. they arrested cloth and crews. they picked the locks on their handcuffs and managed to get away.
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they were convicted of shooting and wounding two police officers during a high-speed chase back in 2007. >> we're in the middle of a wet weekend. we had the first round of brain and now their between the first round and the second-round and we're getting relatively dry weather. the condition verse in the east bay and south bay. it will intensify after midnight and the snow is starting to pick up. there is cisco. the snow level is relatively high they're going to lower it to 4000 feet for tomorrow and an abundance of snow expected through midday monday. could be 5 feet of new snow over the higher elevations and we have seen a lot of rain in the area, especially northbay paris picked up over 4 inches
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in some places. just to the west, close to 9 inches of rain since thursday morning it -- the soil is saturated. any more increases the threat for flooding. notice this is what out here but no rain at this point. we have a flood threat for tomorrow. it's been not as much of a threat in east span south victory we will have early rain before sunrise and the rain will continue but it will not be heavy for the afternoon. i don't think the wind will be close enough -- notice yellow and red and orange showing moderate to heavy rain through the early morning but watch what happens. we don't see any yellow.
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this is going to stick around through monday morning with the showers before comes to an end. it's going to clear out pretty quickly. so the heaviest rain is in the morning and light to moderate in the afternoon. a few showers monday morning and partially clearing monday afternoon. lots of sunshine that will warm up by midweek to be talking about temperatures reaching the low to mid 70s and we're back into a dry weather pattern through next week in. some of the annual st. patrick's day parade kicks off at market and second street causing street closures and backed up traffic but this shows us the rain did not stop people from partying.
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parting and the rain from irish dancing to walking with the band through saturday st. patrick's day celebration was not leading in the loose in the downpour. >> it has not stopped anyone from coming out. it has been a great party. no one is running for cover. >>reporter: this band had people on their toes. >> it's nice to hang out and come together. >>reporter: the civic center whistled with things to do. the party carried on. >> the traditional festivities. i love everything about it. >> i love the culture. i love alcohol. i love irish dancing.
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>>reporter: reporting in san francisco, alicia read challenges. >> remember to spring ahead tonight. starts at 2 am sunday morning. hawaii and arizona do not observe the time change. >> one more round of rain on the way. brian is back with the forecast.
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sunday, we will take the sun out of sunday. >> the sun comes up one hour later. we won't see any of it.
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>> batten down the hatches. right now it's not bad with a few showers around the bay area and the life -- dublin in livermore same light to moderate rain we have another batch offshore near eureka. this is what is coming our way tonight and tomorrow to see the heaviest but light to moderate rain continues throughout the day perhaps that because the additional 2 to 4 inches for the northbay and given that we have had three days of rain that introduces a chance for a flood risk. flash flood watch in effect. this goes through tomorrow afternoon. >> a silver lining.
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that's it for today when news at 11 pm. download one of our mobile apps or go to kron4 news at 11.
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>> sucker punched at a donald trump rally. wait until you see what else happens behind the scenes at trump rallies. then, hulk hogan's ex-wife in tears. >> i gave him everything that i had. >> the shocking letter she wrote to her ex. and ... >> i just can't take it. >> the hit oj simpson tv movie portrayal of prosecutor marsha clark. how real was it? plus, what is it like running 12 miles a day with a full blown baby bump? training for the olympics and she is eight months pregnant. >> then, the splash mountain ride. >> you look really not


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