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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 15, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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of the area have not gotten the message in fact one person was arrested after he allegedly refused to heed officer's warning not to walk by the location. >>pam moore: new information regarding the firing of the uc- berkeley assistant basketball coach involved in a sexual- harassment case. >>reporter: she said as a motion turned down his advances he started to withhold a information to ship along with her job as what she got fired
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there is one example in the forefront great 2015 and after meeting in a barn berkeley for information she says toughness will drag a few beers and insisted that the reporter drive from home runs in his cross the report states led he closed the door behind them using a remote control and access to come upstairs choose the to question his intentions same issue was not interested in when the door to door was " she felt scared because he was controlling our ability to leave. >>reporter: if he made several
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specialists suggest the references to his apartment has bed and also has helped us also turned she recalls him talk about giving him oral sex, he denied her past a basketball game-one to cover a different port information for storing and a lead to a determination he is committed to these accents senate he was trying to track her and to go upstairs from the crisis incident and believed she was likely will--willing to have sex. >>pam moore: to centistoke
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police asking for the public's help locating a man involved in a fatal hit-and-run collision is in the photograph of the plan is very boring but was released today by the authorities the victim identified a 62 year-old he died at the same the suspect vehicle is to scrap a half of white van with no windows possibly a 1997 to 2002 ford econoline and one of information have to contact police. >>rob fladaboe: of police of a sudden plainclothesman seen going door to door here on rose mary sue cornerstone creek park
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asking residents for surveillance details last friday here on cascade corp. and will please say was an interrupter berkeley and other residents reported a man with the driver lurking in of that cash please recall our investment a similar accident in the earlier on tough are a circle. >>rob fladaboe: miller rest have been made in any of the cases the suspect and two of the three incidents were massed police don't think they're connected a sketch of home invasion suspect is in the works a surplus of now taken the unusual step of
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reminding residents to lock their doors and windows police and called are looking for a man who expose themselves to a 13 year-old from what she was walking her dog.
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>>pam moore: voters in missouri and illinois and north carolina and ohio and florida for all weighing in on the present to race again to the recanted and donald trump have different factories of the ninth it has been declared the winner and for the. >>catherine heenan: he gets all 99 delegates and of course this is a big blow to my for will be on by the end of the night of course, as open to lock his fourth on the nominations that have questions the scare about whether new at targeting him hurt him with his handling a gun to her or help some and not the case in florida john mckissick
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and hilum is fighting with down a marker will bill did not win in florida.
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>>catherine heenan: the protesters, to him to cancel a chicago rally wondering if that might hurt him we will be watching the numbers in he did not reference donald trump by name but we all know that a sleeve was talking about president obama calling the campaign rhetoric recall their. >>grant lodes: for the democrats
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the real battle to nine these three midwestern states especially ohio also have illinois and missouri more on the momentum and the the first returns and from n.c. and for him to return to and bill as a virtual lock to win still to seven states the pollen cannot live secretary clinton wednesday in the sunshine state. >>grant lodes: this is not yet been called the consent secretary clinton has a commanding lead in north carolina with 17 percent
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clinton opens and is upset when in michigan last tuesday was a midwestern floods all sorts clinton favored to win while and you sit early returns indicating the she adorned their well interests and the registered democrats in ohio county voting for republican john case to the ohio governor perhaps hoping to slow down traffic is a lot of maneuvering here hundred and 43 delegates all five democratic
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primary is on a proportional to meet no winner-take-all state the republicans went to call still at a five remembering all fallen off as a touching moment and friends and family members remember chp officer nathan taylor who was killed while on duty posner recent rainfall has brought some much-needed rain to drought-stricken california we know that would to a halt a suspect of the water levels of east >>: reservoir will continue in
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is basically as crews worked to restore guest residence.
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>>reporter: to visit the cs tree also nathan taylor died in mind doing to some of the spec and remembrances of line to the courtyard of the sea its feet academy was sacramento the 35 your was struck by a vehicle until the conditions in the old one area of fighting on sunday or respond to a car crash five and half years ago a graduate from the academy test * seven this history of san jose in the old one area where an outpouring of support during his life and after his passing taylor's
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family including his wife and three children to join for officers and cadets tuesday morning still too shaken to talk to the medium.
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>>: the reservoir levels are refilling we have a great amount of rain or open up the snow and and for we shall the have a lot so to come is a much official as a statewide california needs 150% decline in a normal year in order to reverse the extreme impact the drought as have over the last four years it was music to clinton but not his team but was on the song making him happy with the sweet sound of a pilot light being relieved by
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pg&e-rep he was one of five on the customer to have the cash restore on tuesday and on sunday a light pole crashed into a single-in a gas line and cutting as much a city to 2500 customers to customers remain without power and gas to do not home pcs will for some of them will continue to go door-to- door until everyone is reconnected.
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>>reporter: milacron and a sky of been for the fed attempts to drive down much one of the warsaw yes to wear 68 degrees in
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fact denied coverage of high- pressure this going to continue to build over the area of that is one-tenth as a protector was in any rain and snow right now even in the clouds will continue to see lots of sunshine for the rest of the workweek. >>pam moore: the lettuce on to the primary voting in five states cover clinton to has been declared the winner and four and has a big lead in north carolina central solace with of seven state the reasons are still too close to call in illinois.
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>>pam moore: construction could begin to notice next year and create more than 500 jobs once the new store openings police said they found more than 200 teenagers are being held in a vacant recently sold home in the killed rubble hills the par result in and punched out walls and plenty of cash left behind the new homeowners were slated to go walk through this once and is in of the people of the party had permission to be in residence.
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>>pam moore: loud noises of to to pick apart quickly that they detained 14 people in the incident or the inside of a criminal trespass and more charges could be on with the others.
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these are the hands that build the machines, the machines that sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity, identify patterns, and uncover risk. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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>>pam moore: in the is breaking news in the western white house five states wrapped up their voting in composite decide the race once and for all of a very late true to his life to the national correspondent mark parent.
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>>reporter: he expected to win the state of florida and once all of the votes are, if damaged, has this phobia market will be a said tonight he decided not to endorse straw or anyone else he wants to see what the stress continues >>reporter: a big night for
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hillary clinton's mother stays for answers and illinois and missouri the postal neck-and- neck between vernon sanders and her record some. >>reporter: the most leveraged the nominee will nominee would have enough delegates were in may not matter the does the rest of record to go several times and it's as if it to the commission in cleveland.
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>>catherine heenan: against its home turf and he'd gone into the ninth half until couple of hours a and insisting that he would stay in the race even if he lost in florida but again just a few minutes ago in a speech was a clear inference where he was going he did about people are saying the plot the sand
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approach, at this point n.c. the opposes shoat trump was a fairly comfortable lead with 24 percent of the vote, you come with the numbers at this point the 40 percent cruz's second place with 34% to reveal trailing with 10 percent >>catherine heenan: there hasn't
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been a lot: the tentacles of hope to do well here again on one person of the votes counted trumbull's a fairly comfortable lead at accrued in second place with 32 percent. >>grant lodes: as dumb as donald trump seems to be tonight for the gop and hillary clinton has a strong hold on the results so far not quite a doubling of
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bernie sanders and the tobacco state the certainly the south as were the secretary really excelled she does all san with the black vote and she can really broad support in the part of the country with clinton on a 10% reporting so far but she's dominating insofar and ohio this will be a big blow to bernie
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sanders if hillary clinton goes on to sweep of the five states on primary tuesday in the third which could be looking in an
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unofficial close inclination. >>reporter: 4 come to a survive this week and he appears to be doing very well for him to be doing this well alden negative news about the violence and disruptions that his campaign rally this ascension indicates
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that nothing can stop him to canada at the store had is one to get the nomination unless something unforeseen happens a
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little like either of them but what could they do month they try to stop the convention hammer into one of the fraser rubble with their own party
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frankly regardless of what happened to my party sanders will still be a long shot but he was still stay in the race he has learned an element of his been raising money of the past couple months of most of his bonus for small donors a bit of controversy on hold the next will get the back story from hollywood and digging yourself
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out of the sierra snow the challenge facing some mountainside resident.
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>>reporter: already this agreement people were shot the can was the new batch what they thought that she had an back a
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source who have so much on this story tonight at seven of the insider. >>pam moore:we will be back.
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>>reporter: really mersenne in a couch something rare still sentiment when speed identified as long been it was a beautiful bed and into the rest of tonight, and is expected, 71
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still on fire and those families on a saturday as we had into sunday ran on to see a slight chance of rain also spring starts on sunday and monday which have another chance of rain forest by the core temperatures. >>pam moore:.
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>>rob black: the gdp numbers were estimate cut by big banks to deficits of the retail sales fell this and expect income when the cell a sharp downward revision retells of the about one-tenth of a percent it
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represents the red and probably almost incessant at the highest level since the great depression and neatly timed in come before you can retire with a decent lifestyle or not the average american has ordered 55 years old as 14,000.
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>>stanley roberts: we revisited the red but city 24 confidence where britain was put the city in demand to stop illegal left turns.
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>>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: you cannot turn left their--there, there was their original segment where their bread nor no left turn time to get into the 24 fitness
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over a city on broadway to lawless city engineers had these very to the driver shall turn left with should solve the problem of their it turned out with nothing more than new some drivers men were simply turn left from the barricade is to address the stop and backup almost hidden in the car in the process this is frank rubble who works with the verve and by some broadway the interesting part
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about this at present to improve that no matter what you do for simply going to behave badly and was a ticket. >>pam moore: the campaign trail just that tighter one can deny our the race as the battle trout
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today's primary are still being tabulated what can they can support the end of the day cool when the most delicate as we are watching the return postage and at the coverage continues in seven seconds.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: we have the results coming in right now hello everyone here is a look at the state each candidate has won so
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far to early clinton has been declared the winner in florida and north carolina. >>: mirror voted to break down the barriers and hold the saw fact so has everyone of us can share and the promise of america you voted faugh because that is
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how america can double to lead to tension this may be one of
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the most consequential campaigns for lifetime the next president will walk into the oval office next january sit down at the best and start making decisions that will affect the lives and the livelihood of everyone in this country. >>: we've been listening to have a return to full and clear strong
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>>grant lodes: this, paul and leading into this tuesday however sector accounted one ohio and that was huge bernie sanders camp was really hoping he had shot them is to collect some the number starting with florida the results of n.c. you can see secretary clinton can in the tobacco state and convincing way over san and ascenders 38% reporting a she has been declared the winner for projected the whereby multiple media outlets meticulous as some of the other states to set tear clinton has also won women to know how i'll she also won florida by ohio was baked in the sanders camp was really hoping they could somehow replicate his michigan of said last tuesday and when another state in the region is the clinton has about
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a nine point lead also masuria as to stay in the midwest clinton with a commanding lead missouri for to noting in this important on like some of the republican states tonight the democrats do not have any winner-take-all state clinton and sanders will be splitting the delegates that is why clinton's bow out when and florida is so bed with 214 delegates up for grabs by far the most of any state today. >>grant lodes: if she keeps on and she's keeping on it will be howe five states with for secretary clinton certainly not projecting herself as the front
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runner the presumptive nominee for the democrats will have a long way to go secretary clinton will be a better life for her. >>catherine heenan: the bolland of the wish showing that sounded like he went prayer for the republican party if he ended a state of supporters a few minutes ago saying he is playing for st. for the gop meeting of the four numbers trump taking on 99 the evidence the sea with a huge amount and he won by here people said he beat up will his home state parlor because of the immigration issue partly because trump has huge name recognition
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a while is the other big winner take all state 66 delicate 19% of the pope's ring confident this point and john case it has been declared the governor he is the winner here in ohio this was the when he desperately needed after all he's the governor of this state and he had indicated that he would otherwise track all the race in illinois and trump has significantly and hear a big lead it had approved the second place but not a lot of the nomination and
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>>catherine heenan: that does appear to be happening and he has had a really rough week despite a with a very negative at this unfolding one screening of " regarding women he is doing well.
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>>pam moore: refined national correspondent mark marron if he's in our washington news from. >>reporter: the question is whether not in him shall to bay monday night in salt lake city you talk fox news host to men
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fantasy more the republican establishment getting behind for instance that run the kind of nominee was out with his guest today and ohio from his daughter endorse anyone particularly well with him to appear side by side and making it clear to the unlimited their it does now $1 come to the nominee.
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>>pam moore: and shut down the stretch to send out will have a for several hours this is video from our helicopt a partnership with a seven now the focus on finding the shoulders. >>reporter: we don't know how much longer they're going to be in this is somewhere near the
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crosswalk when a man opened fire on another police don't believe it was a random shooting witness said the 20 your victim was in clutching his bloody shirt and from of this liquor store is believed the suspect is inside the seven our of these officers armed with assault rifles.
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>>reporter: and destroying them in an effort to into the house we have continued coverage on tonight third super tuesday results.
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>>pam moore: is have a significant impact on water levels and east of a much of the four a lot of people wonder how much closer did forget to one of the tub and california's drought >>haaziq madyun: matter is because of recent in the water level raised nearly 6 ft. of the legacy that is barely enough shoreline for those during a little recreational fishing. she
6:16 pm
says some of the increase in water capacity can be seen right here at the utility's emergency reservoir lafayette center have a reservoir capacity increase 7% as well of the east and official said the reservoir is a functioning and 100 percent of normal systemwide do not stop the water conservation efforts just yet.
6:17 pm
>>reporter: off we do expect to see a giant atom and dry conditions expected for the rest of the week warmer conditions expected for smith semitism even high '70's but try as they were checking a slight chance of showers to be tried now 69 degrees and not the 67% to close in the '50s in daly city 63
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internal zip 34 cash shows the warming trend will have into the low seven by tomorrow hope phil clinton winning three item five contestants to it was lopsided victories of bernie sanders and florida n.c. and ohio and illinois and missouri the john mckissick has taken his home state is the governor and all of
6:19 pm
the 66 pelican stuff as a setback for the low trump and window kit the case a campaign going floor tussle winner-take- all primary contest 99 new delicatessen the trump column.
6:20 pm
>>reporter: he was open to the police to of those three states to make an argument that may fill the disenfranchised and she ignored them to quickly. >>: a young woman has been no
6:21 pm
moves toward her parents are rested on television and with his campaign has the ball or are
6:22 pm
you tired of a handful of demands of running our economy during and on to the right players. >>pam moore: nonetheless, the still on the gop side. broker
6:23 pm
convention and five have been established and still has a swim a pulled listen to any of the year historical figures and the republican party right nine sphene.
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these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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>>reporter: the sexual harassment the sicily's by uc- berkeley shows consistent lambaste more calls in the process of being fired in% of profit messages to a few analysts the reporter who complained about his actions told investigators the she felt she had to tolerance has on welcome advances because she needed him for information can
6:31 pm
berkeley officers armed with assault rifles have stays and from of a home down here on 10 straight the man who was shot as 20 years old, early in critical condition at local hospital. >>reporter: however official the east bay months and don't stop those water conservation efforts
6:32 pm
>>terisa estacio: and to pg&e has gone and and restored a majority of customers and gas and electricity 2500 people were put out gas and electricity for several days the bad news the city officials say they don't know what caused the cinco and this in a section of raymond centers want to be closed indefinitely. >>reporter: is want to shift
6:33 pm
over region is into the next of of the eighth aspect summit seven is a high 7 to return to us by thursday officials and has gone to the rest of the thursday of the warmest day on friday from 1 to send a 74¢ of the sun and temperatures start to drop into next week with a chance of showers sunday and monday. >>pam moore: presidential candidates competing for five states and the ninth super tuesday part 3 and. >>grant lodes: the senses live to macedo he's not going anywhere and generating excitement and phoenix however
6:34 pm
this is really a defining moment attention is going to need hi bernie sanders supporters to help her win and a general election a secretary clinton is a matching sum mansell wins tonight she had 214 delegates up for grabs should easily win short she easily winnable carolina another southern station was projected to win the big win for clinton's campaign in ohio clinton just
6:35 pm
dominating sanders and ohio we don't have projections officially opened to remaining states of illinois and missouri but you can see in clinton will well and illinois and she has the lead also a missouri and you see the republicans certainly every clinton has got more of a command of the republican and democratic field. >>grant lodes: this is the third super tuesday in rome. >>pam moore: marco revealed some
6:36 pm
of the ford has announced he is dropping out of the campaign suspended his campaign. >>catherine heenan: it cannot happen after a crushing loss to donald trump to nine who easily won floor the whole deal is out one of the four numbers drawn and the clinton victory and trees hours ago to nine track 40 percent approved 36 percent trump had not by a wide margin
6:37 pm
their 72 delegates and for grabs is not a winner-take-all state. >>catherine heenan: has opened up the win will give him that the needed momentum and more cash worth remembering at this
6:38 pm
point and then this is fairly tight there's another race where tenneco is putting up a fight with about 60 percent of the votes counted is still early trough 42% crude 40 percent off tile and floor particularly are often considered a bellwether state for how the race might receive from this point. >>pam moore: howe is connected to last year's terrorist attack in paris.
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how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪ >>grant lodes: on the ticket live to the east bay we yet another shooting has happened on interstate 80 this and call write an abbey in with a shot fired on 81 report of the have happened about 515 no suspect information you consider live burials courtesy of a helicopter partnership with abc seven news sees the machine.
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>>pam moore: one man was found that and of the compartment after rave linked to the november 13th paris attack the belgian police official says an antiterrorist turned violent when it is one of the suspect shot at police through a door for of should wanted it is not clear if this our fifth demand was found dead is the one place have been looking for a connection with those paris terror attacks opening round action in the n.c.a.a. tournament in jim black already busted.
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>>gary: 91 for the sixth time last year the first time this happens in franchise history more than half of the twins occur with law to fifth the all- time mark of 72 by the chicago bulls' curly and company
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>>gary: genesis want to bring in he takes along shattered and
6:48 pm
runs into the locker room that will move on and reluctant to them they're going to play north carolina and once again mike powell river and the word and they did not listen to him live
6:49 pm
on a delta of the strip commissioner of the delta of the disciplinary power in regards to off the field incidents with plans to pull all thomas and called again petersen to deflate it his all kamal if you believe could he signed an offer sheet
6:50 pm
with the miami dolphins but to carry on back chauffer matched by his count in the denver broncos is lamentably held on to receive all five men dollars signing bonus to belong to a multimillion-dollar deal. >>:riley singing happy birthday.
6:51 pm
>>gary: friedan yes today was his birthday anything the family touch the lives is pretty good.
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>>pam moore: now tom has one n.c. of course will have a complete wrap of the days of a of an event that is coming up at endicott amazonas five incompatible allow its customers to pay by taking a picture of the type in the cold and to check out that will hold off their phones not also have to you to perform an action such as smiling linking with no word yet when the technology might come to use.
6:55 pm
>>reporter: as we go on to thursday you will notice the temperatures on to push to the met seven days of the one mystery of the week as we approached the weekend where track a slight chance of showers sunday and a better chance of rain by monday. >>pam moore:we will be back at 8pm. see you then.
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"the insider"," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, the bachelorette's diversity controversy. >> please welcome our new bachelorette, jojo. >> abc comes under fire for the
6:59 pm
bacheloret bachelorette's whitewash casting. >> kayla spotted filming at her hometown in ohio. and carrie washington sounds off. and number thr gwen stefani's clip from gavin left for dead, inside her deva custody battle and how he's beginning to plus our "insider" bonus. ron goldman's father and sister relive their nightmare the people versus oj simpson. >> that's always haunted me. a days after her funeral, only we can take you inside the $33 million mans nancy reagan shared with her husband. >> this house is phenomenal. hello,everybody, and
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welcome to "the insider." >> we're tracking the biggest stories in hollytoday. hamilton star hauled in -- we have got hiss viral free style in abit. but let's start with the number one tracking story. the bachelorette diversity controversy. is their photo proof of the last minu casting change? this as bachelor ben and his new fiance lauren start their reality road happily ever half. >> i had to go to every in atlanta to find my wife, he just had one brought to him. are happily -- >>engaged. >> and so excited about it. >> at least i am. >> i am. >> already disagreeing, must be love. as ben proudly posed for the new "people" cover with his fiance, lauren. but the m shocking part for the bachelor


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