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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 16, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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hospitalized with injuries to his leg. >> when a child is involved it does not matter how long you have been an officer. >> reporter: lee highway patrol says they were able to identify him with items that was left in the bill after he ran from the scene of the crash. morris, had been on the run for nine days. now stable turn their attention to the ones that have possibly helped him evade arrest. >> we are looking into this as a separate investigation creek we are pursuing charges toward those individuals. >> reporter: i would patrol since they will turn the case over to district attorney's office tomorrow. as chp offices in vallejo, on 4 news.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam:breaking the east bay. >> pam:major delays on bart due to an equipment problem. right now trains are not running between north concord and pittsburg-bay point stations. >> pam:that means thousands of people will have to find another way to get home. >> pam:kron 4's jr stone is live at the north concord station with the very latest.jr? >> reporter: some of the trains were being damaged. that war began damage here. here to talk a little bit more about what is going on alecia, from art. --bart >> you have 14 buses to hear--here to serve you for free. >> reporter: know that we cannot get too specific on this but there has been a malfunction? >> some cars are being
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damaged by allied over the tracks. we do not want to lose anymore. >> reporter: sounds like the same situation that we dealt with in west oakland a few weeks ago. >> it is the same symptoms. we do not know the call for it is related we are just trying to do everything we can to fix it and get this trains back to surface. >>service >> right now we are trying to see if we can run trains on a slower speed between these two stations. if that is the auction will go that way. it is not an ideal situation and we very much apologize for it. and are trying to get people home. most >> and orderly for writers
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to pay attention and check the news to see what is going on in the morning. -- riders >> we will have trains that are shorter than usual and we know that is frustration and we are trying to do everything we can to fix the problem. >> reporter: from north concord of to the bay. chattel or station. they are not running trains at this point. 14 buses coming from here to there at times. at some point, and some people are able to get on the buses. they have been adding buses all day long. pam, now back to you in the station. >> pam:law enforcement in berkeley is investigating two separate shootings in as many days. in all, three people have been hospitalized. and so far no arrests have been made. >> pam: >> pam:frustrated and
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frightened drivers are concerned another shooting on the interstate- 80 freeway. the incident happened yesterday during the evening commute. >> pam:c-h-p investigators tell kron 4's haaziq madyun. why this latest shooting is cases. >> reporter:you are drving eastbound on i-80 near richmond parkway during in the evening commute and suddenly a car pulls along side of you. and >> reporter: that is when it happens... >>"she saw a vehicle occupied by what she thought was an hispanic male, point a gun at her and then fire it into the air several times" >> reporter:it's that detail right there, firing the gun in the air instead of firing the waepon at the woman in the vehicle is what separates from the previous 7-shooting officer daniel hill >>"the weapon was not pointed at a vehicle and fired, it was more of a brandishing a a little bit different than involved in" >> reporter:as a result investigators don't believe this incident freeway shootings. this overhead footage is from our
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helicopter partnership with abc-news. investigators say shootings involved persons who knew each other. officer hill says there is also another big difference in this recent case >>"the other unique thing is that the victim stayed and reported it to law enforcement" >> reporter:he says getting witnesses to come forward has been one of the frustrating aspects in tracking down the people pulling the triggers >>"what we think is causing people not to report is that they thing that the information they have might be too insignificant for our investigation when in fact the smallest detail may help us" >> reporter:the victim of yesterdays incident says the shooter was in the backseat of a green toyota >>"we are hoping for any information from the public, people were traveling at slow speeds, it's most to see some detail" >> reporter:on interstate- 80, haaziq madyun kron4news. >> pam:haaziq mentioned the trend.more than a half dozen interstate 80 in the east bay in recent months. grant lodes is here to map them out. >> grant:it is alarming. >> grant:now eight
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shootings.since november.on this stretch of interstate 80. from pinole to berkeley.with the majority of them near pinole. >> grant:investigators have said the previous shootings appear to be targeted.and gang releated. the chp saying last night's shooting.was more random.and air.rather than into another car. >> pam: san francisco police have now arrested a man.for eight car burglaries. 31-year-old kristen "jason" bell has been charged with stolen property, and having tools used to break into cars. >> pam:police say, they made the arrest based on several after gathering enough evidence over the course of several days. police obtained a search warrant into bell's home. >> pam:from the search, they found to the case. >> pam:a san francisco homeless man, who helped catch two southern california convicts. is now getting his reward. the orange county board of supervisors decided chapman. with 100-thousand dollars.
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>> pam:you may remember hay- chapman saw the two criminals in a white van, parked near golden gate park two months ago. he plans on using the money to start a new life and help his grown children. who have fallen on hard times. >> pam:new developments tonight - in the case of the firing of u-c berkeley's assistant basketball coach. >> pam:catherine heenan is here with the latest. >> catherine:this is assistant coach yann recently fired after a womanhad sexually harrassed her. now - school officials are reviewing whether the men's head basketball coach >> catherine:correctly handled those allegations. the athletic director says he wants to 'dispel any doubts' about coach cuonzo martin's role in the case. >> catherine:under campus policy, supervisors are required to promptly forward any sexual misconduct complaints they get to the office which investigates them. >> catherine:a university report shows the allegations against hufnagel were
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referred to investigators six weeks after the reporter says she first complained. coach martin has not commented. >> pam:there is much more ahead at five. president obama nominates the man he hopes will replace the late antonin scalia on the u.s. supreme court. >> pam:but will judge merrick garland get a hearing on his nomination? the latest from washington is next. >> pam:plus. why fox news cancelled the next republican debate. and next, the impact the early march rain has had on california's drought.
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>> pam:tonight, president obama is his nominee to the u.s supreme court. a fair shot at the job. >> pam:the president's decision to nominate merrick garland to the nation's highest court. came with quick reaction. for an in-depth look at what's happening in washington >> pam:we are joined live by kron 4's chief national correspondent jim osman. >> reporter:there was a lot of scuttle butt in washington over this pick. the president had his list to three and merrick garland gets the nod. >> reporter: a moderate, with an ivy league education who doesn't add diversity to
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the court but may force the hand of the republicans. who have vowed to block president obama's nominee. to wait for the next president. >> reporter:garland clerked for the late supreme court justice william brennan. president obama's nominee sits on the d.c. circuit court of appeals, where he's served since 1997 >> reporter:president obama announced his pick in the rose garden this afternoon. and garland was clearly touched. >>"thank you, mr. president. this is the greatest honor of my life. other than lynn agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. it's also the greatest gift i've ever received, except -- and there's another caveat, the birth of our daughters." >> reporter:now some of the republicans in the senate voted for merrick garland when he was appeals. >> reporter:but that doesn't matter. because the gop says it's about the overall principle of waiting for the next president to appoint a nominee..
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>> reporter:what's interesting about that. if this waits for the next president --- say --- a president hillary clinton of president trump the republicans may not like their choices either. reporting live jim osman news kron 4 news. >> pam:jim - while the president wants congress to act - with it being such a pivotal election year - will the public demand congress hear from the nominee, or will this be pushed back until november? >> reporter: the public already has a public opinion poll. there should be a hearing and a vote on the nominee. i do not believe the gop will but in the election year. some of the republican senators were competitors in the race may put pressure on beat republican to do so. >> pam:the 13-th republican debate of this election season. is 'not' going to happen as scheduled monday night. catherine heenan is here to
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for president. >> catherine: this is an odd twist.the race for the republican presidential nomination is down to three candidates. but who knows when they'll share a debate stage again. >> catherine:fox news cancelled monday night's debate because donald trump says he won't be there. and after the front-runner pulled out -- so did john kasich. >> catherine:trump explained by saying - 'how many times can the same people ask the same question?' the decision comes after another huge super tuesday showing for trump. >> catherine:also today - he suggested that if he earns the nomination but it isn't automatically given to him -- his followers might "riot." >> catherine:there's more fall-out from the rally in north carolina - where a protestor was sucker-punched by a trump supporter earlier this month. >> catherine:the cumberland county sheriff's office says it has disciplined the five deputies involved.who tackled the protestor who had been
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hit -- rakeem jones. >> catherine:the sheriff's office says the deputes had witnessed what happened - and did not take appropriate action. three of the deputies have been demoted and also suspended without pay for five days. >> catherine:the other two have been suspended without pay for three days. >> catherine:all five of them face one year of probation. >> catherine:the sheriff says they're being disciplined for what he called "unsatisfactory performance". >> catherine:governor john kasich held a town hall meeting near philadelphia villanova university. he's fresh off a decisive win in his home state of ohio last night. he sees that one win as an opening for new momentum.and argues >> catherine:that things could change at the party's convention this summer. and that his rivals, trump and ted cruz, can't win. >> they are going to look at someone that could actually be president of united states will of actions and
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not just talk. one that can win general elections. and when ohio. and they cannot pretend they do not have the right.. >> catherine:kasich is still way behind both trump and cruz in the delegate count. as for the democrats.exit polls from tuesday's primaries are suggesting that democratic voters are not willing to embrace the leftward shift that vermont senator bernie sanders is pitching for the nation. >> catherine:hillary clinton won four of the five states that voted.with missouri still too close to call. >> catherine:no more than a third of voters in any of the democratic primaries said they wanted a more liberal trajectory. >> catherine:that suggests that sanders is facing an uphill battle as he tries to narrow the delegate gap. clinton now leads by more than 300 pledged delegates. >> catherine:some encouraging news on the drought from state water officials. >> pam:grant lodes is here with the latest on california's reservoirs.
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>> grant: it is actually beautiful creek compared to the pictures that we saw a bone dry. take a look at this. lake shasta, the biggest in the state. rose about six feet in 24 hours. >> grant:another 35 feet and it will be at capacity. that's where the trees are. a year ago, the water was about 75 feet from the trees, >> grant:the state water board says shasta is actually above average for this time of year at 81 percent of capacity. lake oroville, the main source for the state water project, is at 72 percent, close to its historical average. >> grant:folsom lake, again a little bit above average. but the new melones reservoir, a vital part of the central valley water supply, is only at 23 percent of capacity, just about one third of its normal level. >> grant:overall the state's reservoirs are still about 20 percent down from where they should be.
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>> pam:the el nino storms that filled lake shasta. also caused problems in nearby trinity county. highway -three is closed indefinitely. because a cliffside gave way. forty- feet of roadway crumbled away. >> pam:cal-trans says. it will take months to reopen the highway. the road is the main route from weaverville to the lake resort of trinity center. >> pam: no rain showers in the next day or so patrick felt like spring today. brittany? >> brittany: let's take a live look to rid a lot of sunshine. high pressure stays in control it will only shrink as we head into tomorrow as well. something to keep in mind that we will stay above average. at the golden gate bridge the see the flag is blowing temperatures, and you would notice on the map woman with
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a 71 degrees and 76 in antioch, 72 and let the tent at los 70's and san jose. and 72 and nevada. pretty nice day as we get into the evening. our satellite radar shows quiet, quiet conditions with any ray showers or snowfall and the higher elevations are well off to the east of us. and the fact, that the high pressure continues to build here and locks out any clouds. >> brittany: 4 tonight, we see mild conditions for our inland temperatures. my knight can clear skies projected again between high 50s. a more accurate and tracking even more temperatures as we go into tomorrow. pam?
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>> pam:still ahead. a somber day for a south bay family. >> pam:as they remember the daughter who dissappeared 4- years ago today. and later. the warriors look for home- win number 50.
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>> pam: and east bay coupled that quite a scare when they heard noise in their kitchen derrick kron 4 terisa estacio rapport on what happened. >> reporter: it happened here in the mission valley neighborhood. police said it was on route 2:00 in the morning. where a female heard a noise with the cabinet and the kitchen she shouted out who is here. the berkeley the burglar answers and there was a language barrier and she could not hear what she said. next a man passed the one in the
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hallway in and out the front door. police believe that the suspect into the home by breaking a window. >> it is just crazy. it really is. >> they-family need to be caught and set up some type of skiing. and make happen. before it gets worse. the >> reporter: description of the suspect was vague. police also say it appears that the suspect took some cash found in a desk drawer. they thought that they were khamsin the entire area checking about 12 homes for surveillance. but nothing yet. fortney they say the couple was not physically injured and they are increasing patrol in the area.
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>> pam:the c-d-c has issued new guidelines for prescribing opiate painkillers. >> pam:the agency says, the risks from the drugs outweigh the benefits for most people. doctors are *now . advised to prescribe the lowest dose possible for the shortest amount of time. >> pam:this is the first time the c-d-c has issued guidelines for opioid painkillers. >> pam:this comes as a response to the rising numbers of americans becoming addicted to them. however, doctors are not legally required to follow the recommendations. >> pam:over the years, you have seen the high profile addictions and celebrity overdoses. now the effect of over- prescribing painkillers is hitting home. >> pam:kron 4's vicki liviakis shows us one east bay abuse. >> vicki:this is one way to save a life if you overdose. >> vicki:but another is to
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stop prescription addiction before it gets out of control. >> vicki: more people die from prescription pills than car crashes. this stuff can kill you. >> we are in the middle of that epidemic. replacing motor vehicles accidents. >>we're not talking heroin - but legal drugs. >> vicki:so big that health director dan peddycord says contra costa is now issuing a pubic health advisory. urging local doctors and hospitals to limit the opioid painkillers they prescribe. painkillers like oxycontin, norco, codeine and morphine. >> they will probably prescribe fewer in number and a limited time people will doctor shopping. so we want to be able to help
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them. >> vicki:dr. ken saffier is a family and addiction specialist who's seen the dangers in pill popping patients. and for parents, these experts say there's a way to help at home >> do not keep a stockpile all round of appeals. --of pills. >> vicki:in martinez, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >>former subway pitchman. jared vogel. is beaten up in prison. coming up at 5:30. what provoked the incidnet plus. shocking video that shows why you should never tailgate another car.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:today is the 4th anniversary of the disappearance of morgan hill cheer leader sierra lamar. her alleged killer is in jail. awaiting trial this spring, even though sierra's body has never been found. kron four's rob fladeboe spoke with sierra's father - steve lamar. about the case and about a new search set for this weekend.n >> missing her is the
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saddest thing. to be in limbo all of these years. it eats away at you. >> reporter:aside from from missing his daughter terribly, steve lamar says the hardest part years ago is not knowing exactly what happened to her. >> reporter:lamar's daughter disappeared from a morgan hill bus stop on march 16 2012 on her way to school. this man, antolin garcia torres was arrested and charged with sierra's murder. steve lamar is hoping to get some of those answers at the trail, which is set to begin next month. steve lamar -- this is when to be a hard thing to go through on one side but glad that we are working our way towards seen some justice, finally. >> reporter:lamar confirmed and is heartened by the newsthat the search for sierra, year, will resume on day. he says those searching for sierra are now like family.
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>> steve lamar -- seeing these people volunteer their time. we did not even know them before all of this but now they are friends for life. >> reporter:former subway spokesman and convicted pedophile jared fogle. has been attacked in a prison yard. >> pam: would continue to follow reagan embarked right now. that means thousands of people will have to find another way tonight. kron4 j.r. stone is live at the concord station with the very latest. >> reporter: they are
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working on it right now creek of we do have any updates issue, we will update you at this point, we do know that 25 different train cars were damaged earlier this morning. realizing that something was going wrong. a that is why we closed the track down,-- and that is why bart close to track down. i can tell you that within the last hour or so they did at an initial--extra buses. going to the north concord station and the bay. station. you can see some of the boss is directly behind me going back and forth. you may see in this video, the long line when the strange, and at a lot of them are very full. people having to wait outside and they were not happy to say the least bit of voicing their opinion and think what the situation.
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>> reporter: dan all round the clock at bart to try to fix this situation creek you have to keep in mind that this is something they had issues with just two weeks ago and the oakland station. eight train cars were damaged. they want to make sure that more cars did not become damaged as well by what ever is happening on the tracks. they are with the g and eat because they believe that this could be some type of the electrical issues. --pge >> reporter: will certainly let you know. at the concord station. pam back to you in the studio. >> brittany: it was a beautiful day with temperatures warming up and will continue to load up from the last few days. we
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are taking a light look outside with the shining bright sunshine and clear skies and expected. we are tracking a dry palin with warm temperatures in the mid 70. as we go into tomorrow and even to we had a chance of showers on sunday. showing how quiet our conditions are accurate we are not seen a lot of activity into the rest of the workweek, we will stay nice and dry. here are the temperature is right now what los 70's and fairfield, and so jose. -- san jose. this is our next system that we are tracking as we get closer to the weekend. with more details of what you get at that. coming out in my forecast! pam? >> pam: former subway
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spokesman and convicted pedophile jerry fogel has been attacked in a prison yard. >> catherine: >> pam:catherine heenan is here with details on what happened. return to it happened at the federal prison in colorado where fogel is serving a 15 year sentence. >> catherine:it's just been revealed that he was assaulted by a fellow inmate in late january. this is fogle arriving for a recent court hearing. >> catherine:the man accused of beating him in the prison yard -- a 60-year-old armed robber with a hatred of child molesters. >> catherine:the official prison report says steven nigg tackled fogel to the ground and punched him repeatedly - leaving him with a bloody nose and swollen face. >> catherine:nigg's family told t-m-z that he's angry about so many child sex predators being at the prison -- and fogel was the last straw. >> catherine:jared fogel is serving a 15-year prison term for trading child pornography and having sex with underage prostitutes. >> pam:take a look at this.
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a california liquor store owner fighting back against a wanna-be robber. >> pam:it happened monday night at a store in eureka. the wanna-be robber is seen trying to shoot at the store owner, but the gun malfunctioned. >> pam:the owner fought back, striking him with an object. the suspect was identified as 25-year-old aaron christopher king was then tackled to the ground by the owner and several others and held for police. >> pam:and take a look at thisstill ahead at five. >> pam: grant? >> grant: this is called a break chat. we will slow it down here and the video with the s u b across the medium. this has gone by roper it as you can see that as you beat
5:37 pm
loss control. in wisconsin the driver, who crashed for tailgating. and the driver hit the brakes.. boom! >> grant: did not stop. at least is looking for that person who did break check. people in that position please wait until someone can pass safely. obviously, i hit the bricks let that. pam? --hit the brakes >> pam:why google is asking congress to make special rules for self driving cars.
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>> reporter: late this afternoon we have learned that berkeley police have made in the rest. domestic a video look at what happened earlier today with a man and woman who was found shot at last check they were found in critical condition to rid
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the have not found a suspect in that shooting. a day earlier on tuesday morning, and then was found near san paolo and delaware st. with life threatening injuries. he would stick to the hospital. police searched that area for hours and came up empty-handed. i suspect did surrender peacefully to police because of the ongoing investigation that are not releasing the identity of the suspect. i do believe the two shootings yesterday and today are not related and probably not a gang related. >> at this point we do not a motive in either case. you bring the banks but we do not have anything to connect these two as gain related that it is too early to call and isolated.
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>> reporter: police, also said that the to the text did not appear to be a random attack. so far, they have not identified a suspect from an earlier this morning's shooting. charles clifford kron 4 news. >> reporter: watch is what about to happen. people are freaking out over the new virtual reality being shown off at will largely video conference. i will tell you all about it coming up at kron 4 news.
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>> pam: kaplan is here.
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>> catherine:commerce committee. and google probably isn't thrilled with what she's saying. >> catherine:missing cummings says that self- driving cars are "absolutely" not ready for widespread use, and can't handle bad weather. >> catherine:she says they can't yet handle weather problems like standing water, drizzling rain, sudden downpours or snow. >> catherine:and told the senate committee they certainly are not equipped to follow the directions of a police officer. >> catherine:g-m and google officials also testified before the committee -- and they want federal regulators to speed up rules to help them get on the road. >> catherine:virtual reality is invading san francisco. >> catherine: >> pam: the world's largest video game conference and expo for developers and the media. is running now this week in san francisco. it is called g=d=c.
5:47 pm
>> catherine:this year, the focus and all the buzz is over virtual reality. and as our tech trends reporter gabe slate found out. virtual reality is not just for gaming. there are many other applications in the works. >> gabe:she is walking through a huanted house. with scares around every corner >> gabe:that's the power of virtual reality it can take you anywhere even inside a horror movie >>nats girl scream >> gabe:it was the scary baby that fell from the ceiling that got me. >>nats - me sot paranormal guy >> and there was a woman that peak in her pants, and
5:48 pm
literally. >> gabe:i've experienced video games in virtual reality it's amazing it will forever change the way video games are played what i'm learning at this show is vr will have a huge impact on the way we watch tv shows, movies, sports, the way we interact with social media >> gabe:and there will be a lot of fun game type things for non gamers these headsets can take you places you will never go in life. >> gabe:right now i'm climbing mount everest. >> golden milestones. >>-- go through milestones. >> gabe:the sights the sounds i was there. a few times i really felt like i was a thousand miles up on the edge it was thrilling not in a scary way in a good way >> gabe:next i visited a warm sunny tropical beach in an experience called gary the gull. it was very relaxing.
5:49 pm
it's a short movie that you can interact with. >> gabe:with your tech trends gabe slate. >> brittany: mud the weekend, we are talking a few changes. >> brittany: a slight chance of showers on saturday and sunday as we head into monday. with low 70 in that bunch, and san mateo and 79 in oakland. --70 in nassau to rid-- 70 in napa >> brittany: watch the next system as we go closer to the weekend. sunday and monday we have a better chance to see rainshowers. i will not show a whole lot,
5:50 pm
we would not see cloud increasing until we get into thursday and friday. on saturday, and he would see partly cloudy skies ahead of the rainfall that could come sunday creek we will be nice and dry and mild plus above average. >> brittany: take a look at antioch, 77 degrees and same thing in santa rosa and napa up with all 77 degrees. showing, as we go into friday's low 70 expected. as we track the chance of showers on sunday, ice storm system on monday that will regulate the temperatures down into the '60s. had it into next week. --headed into
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>> pam: in about two hours, the golden state warriors will resume their run for 73. with 16-games left in the regular season, the world champs are ahead of pace for best record in nba history. >> pam: but, until they reach that point-- the warriors are taking shots from every team in the league. >> pam: mark carpenter spoke with players at practice this morning.and joins us with a status report-- mark, the champs getting tired yet? >> mark:that target the team had on its back for being defending champs.has only grown larger with each home win. the warriors say they aren't surprised these games down the stretch are turning into dogfights. >> mark:steph curry says it takes a toll mentally and physically, but he knows it'll pay off in the the postseason.
5:52 pm
>>curry "we play in great atmospheres every night. it's usually a physical game, it's usually a spirited game, so that's what playoff basketball is gonna be like and we get a taste of that pretty much every regular season game. how we respond to it will hopefully prepare us for when it really counts come april." (cheers & applause) >> mark:the unofficial theme for this warriors campaign-- heavy is the head that wears the crown. the regular season has morphed into an 82-game playoff series. and to only suffer six losses so far-- a testament to the team's tenacity. >>curry "it's just a weird kind of feeling, but once you get home and turn the page to the next day, you have to understand it's a long season. 82 games, a lot can happen, but we've been consistently playing well and winning games." >> mark:but they'll go through the wringer before the playoffs even start. they leave this weekend for a three-game road trip.and see the san antonio spurs three times in one month. >> mark:one player taking a bulk of the load-- draymond
5:53 pm
green.who'll defend knicks big man kristaps porzingis, dirk nowitski, and kawhi leonard all this week. >>draymond "damn, tough right? jesus christ. man i thought i was the only one thinking about that. definitely a tough week, but hey, i wouldn't have it any other way." >> mark:for all the warriors success, the spurs are only four games back for first place in the confernce. so getting to 73-wins may become more necessity than seal homecourt advantage in the playoffs. the run for 73 continues tonight against new york. >> mark:mark carpenter, kron4 news. >> stanley:coming up: >>so i pass the barrier and then i do it >> stanley:so you thought by going around the barrier its ok it didn't take long for tickets to be handed out in redwood city i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly return
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>> pam:when a city puts up a barrier to stop drivers from making a dangerous turn. it becomes nothing short of amazing, when you see drivers going around the barrier. >> pam:that was what the last edition of people behaving badly showed. the redwood city police department saw the same video. and they responded >> stanley:if you are perplexed as i am as to why someone would go around a soft barrier to make illegal left turn. in this case drive on the wrong side of the road to get to a gym you want answers >> stanley:well so do i so with the help of the redwood city police department i get
5:59 pm
a chance to get the facts you were going straight down road and that why it's all blocked no because you see now i have no ideal why that was there i don't know where turn into >> stanley:apparently her gps told her to make the illegal left turn but i was interested in taking to her why did you come down the wrong side of the road i really didn't i was actully driving on the right side of the road and there is like a entrence is but it doesn't say do not turn left or anything
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam:breaking news tonight. >> pam:a bart equipment problem is causing major delays across the bay area tonight. right now. trains are 'not' running between north concord and the pittsburg- bay point stations. >> pam:good evening, i'm pam moore. >> pam:thousands of people
6:01 pm
are trying to find another way to get home. kron 4's j-r stone joins us live from the north concord station. with the very latest. >> pam:j-r? >> reporter: there is one train going back and forth for it is running on reduce speed. but it certainly is an improvement from what we saw earlier today. and earlier this afternoon. nevertheless, i spoke with people thought this had evening were not happy. >> am very irritated. a very particular working all day and get lombardi. they not tell you any information creek no explanation or anything? then they have bosses of stairs waiting for you. this 300 people try to get on 23 buses. that is a shame. if they tried, what they need to do is keep the bart trains clamor asked outgoing up on the stair.
6:02 pm
that is what they need to do. >> reporter: they have 14 bus is going back and forth from these two locations. despite the fact that one train is going at a reduced speed back and forth the bosses are still out there. nevertheless, they are still there. all are talking to bart officials with this and this is what they had to say. --plus-- busses >> we pulled the service between those two stations until we get find the cause. a cannot afford to lose anymore train cars. >> reporter: just to sum up what happened earlier today there were problems between
6:03 pm
the two stops. 22 cars were damaged. this was just seen two weeks ago in oakland. at the point where 80 cars were damaged. the one train is now going back and forth between the two stops creek at a reduced speed. now back to you tam, and the studio. --pam >> pam:thank you. jr >> pam: kron4 dan kerman as live s c h p headquarters with more accurate. >> reporter: ease are saying very little as to how they
6:04 pm
track morris down for it they did make an hour rest and they are pleased that he is behind bars. >> reporter: was a week ago monday when two brothers were walking to school and castro valley. when this card jumped a curb. that figure rose suffered with minor injuries and a six year old when made in the hospital. with serious injuries. now this individual is behind bars. >> mr. daniel morris was arrested. >> reporter: highway patrol is convinced that he is the hit and run driver. >> were informational left in the vehicle to identify him as the driver creek. >> reporter: and searched
6:05 pm
for the auto thief is ongoing derrick as is the investigation into morris's friends and associates. >> did have an assistant into a bidding police arrest. and we are looking into that situation. -- evading police >> reporter: morris is expected to make his first court appearance friday afternoon. dan kerman, kron4 news >> pam: charles clifford is live in the east bay with the investigations.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: this afternoon one of the suspects in the shooting did peacefully turned himself and to police. >> reporter: investigators have not identified suspects in that case but when he gets just 13 hours earlier there was a shooting war and 28 year-old man was shot on delaware street and taken to the hospital what life threatening injuries. the search for hours looking for a person of interest but became-judge but came up empty-handed. >> reporter: also today, the police department went to reach the shore the public that they believe that these two cases are not connected and this is not the beginning of a trend. >> we had shootings they're
6:07 pm
not related accurate and i still believe berkeley is still a nice place to live. >> reporter: and berkeley charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam:although no one was injured in tuesday's shooting incident on interstate-80, drivers remain concerned. this recent shooting is the related incidents dating back to last year. however officials with california highway patrol explain to kron4's haaziq madyun why they think the public at- large has little to fear >> reporter:8-shootings on interstate 80-freeway, most of the rchmond and pinole, in 7-of the 8 cases the shooters and the victims knew each other. yet that is little comfort the bay areas busiest freeways >>"it makes me nervous and apprehensive" (cheers & applause) "you know it just concerns
6:08 pm
me now because i have a baby in the car and it could affect us" >>"we know the public is nervous about being on the freeway with all these shootings happening" >> reporter:california highway patrol despite violent images like these, interstate 80 is safe for drivers >>"we know that there is a danger when someone discharges a weapon at a to put that danger in perspective, 70-million vehicles travel on 80 per year, out of those 70- million we have only had 2 incidents where people who weren't directly involved in these shootings were affected, that basically puts you in a 1-in-35million chance of being involved in a freeway shooting" >> reporter:he says the odds are far greater that drivers will be involved in a injury collision >>"there a 1 in 15 chance of a person getting into a crash on the freeway" >> reporter:just in case if that does not make you feel any safer when driving, the chp has increased patrols along interstate 80 hoping to catch whoever is responsible before the next shooting happens.haaziq madyun kron4news .
6:09 pm
>> i am still looking for answers. i still miss her. we are still in the same state of mind, unfortunately. >> pam:four years to the day after his daughter sierra was allegedly kidnapped and murdered, steve lamar says the hardest part of his long nightmare is not knowing what happened to her. >> pam:as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now.a group of volunteers set to resume the search for sierra this weekend is hoping to find some answers. >> reporter:eastman canyon near uvas reservoir will be the focus of a new search for the still missing sierra lamar on saturday. organizer roger nelson. >>roger nelson -- my wishes and hopes are for them. hoping something major
6:10 pm
or complete closure and having sierra return to them. >> reporter:the sierra search center was closed last year but nelson and about 25 regulars have never really stopped searching for sierra, who vanished from a bus stop in morgan hill on march 16, 2012. sierra's father steve lamar is grateful. >> steve lamar -- seeing these people that the volunteer their time, and did not even know them before all of this and now they are friends for life. the volunteers combed hundreds of acres of back country around morgan hill and gilroy. they believe she is out there and >> reporter:say they won't quit until they find her. >>roger nelson -- hopefully we can bring sierra homered if not it will be another area cleared. >> reporter:prosecutors say the only person who knows the antolin garcia torres, who is charged with her
6:11 pm
murder and awaits trial next month. between the trial and whatever the search may yet yield, steve lamar is simply looking for >> having some answers will help but is something that will always be there forever. so, we always had to accept that and managed. >> pam:new at six. >> pam: what happened and what a couple confront a burglary suspect in their home. >> pam: a major announcement from the president, who he nominated today to the u.s. supreme court. ÷h,z/
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> >> pam: president obama made his new supreme court nominee official. merrick b. garland. >> pam:he'll be at the center of a ferocious battle between the white house and senate republicans-- to fill the vacancy left by antonin scalia's death. >> pam:tonight. kron 4's national correspondent chance seales introduces us to garland. >>today i announce my nominee merrick brian garland. in the white house rose garden. >> reporter:president obama announced his supreme court pick. >>this is the greatest honor of my life, other than lynn agreeing to marry me 28 year ago >> reporter:merrick b.
6:15 pm
garland is the the d.c. circuit court. he's a moderate, who's been on the bench for nearly 20 years - >> reporter:and originally came to prominence while prosecuting the oklahoma city case. fidelity to the constitution and the law have been the professional life. >> reporter:judge garland will begin walking the senate halls starting thursday - trying to get traction for his nomination. but at this point - both sides appear dug in. at the supreme court, i'm national correspondent chance seales. >> pam: senate republican leaders have not yielded in their insistence that they will "not" consider merrick garland's nomination. catherine heenan is here with that part of the story. >> catherine: it is a big part of the story. the ball is in the republicans' court -- and they still vow that judgewill not get a hearing. >> catherine:they're arguing it's not personal -- some even indicate they like garland -- but they're fiercely refusing to consider a nominee for the supreme court until the 'next' president nominates one. >> catherine:majority leader
6:16 pm
mitch mcconnell agreed to a short phone call with garland.but told him he doesn't want to "waste his time." >> and stet of spending more time on that issue that we cannot agree creek last word on the issues where we can and work on issues where can get our economy going again and make our country safer. instead of endlessly working on an issue where we do not agree. >> if garland can i get bipartisan support then no one can. --can't >> catherine:there's some indication that might meet with garland.but there's still a general refusal to hold a hearing. some senate democrats are holding out hope the republicans will "cave" on the issue and move the process
6:17 pm
forward. >> pam:fox news has cancelled next week's republican debate to participate. trump announced this morning that he would not participate in the debate because he had a prior speaking engagement. >> pam:after the front- runner pulled out-- john kasich's campaign did as well. >> pam:trump said he would consider doing future debates. but he declined to commit. >> pam:a gorgeous spring day here in the bay area. this was the scene from berkeley. >> pam: look at the flowers. kron 4's brittany shipp joins us now with the forecast. brittany, what can we expect tomorrow? >> brittany: that was a really pretty shot of the flowers. (laughter) >> brittany:great weather tomorrow. warmest day of the week coming. then chance showers sunday. >> brittany: here is a live look outside with a lot of sunshine and no clout in the sky. here is what to expect
6:18 pm
as they go into the wrecks of the night creek--as we go into the rest of the night. >> brittany: 70 degrees and san jose and los 70's and sunnyvale. quiet conditions so clear skies tonight, with a lot of sunshine today and as we hit into tomorrow another ray of sunshine. >> brittany: we head into the weekend, we do attract the system that will be stationary for a while, slowly transitioning into a chance of rain showers on sunday and monday. hi for tomorrow, merritt to los 703 it in santa clara, and then we will go all around and see what else to expect in- fill was 75 degrees. and
6:19 pm
concord. 71 degrees and richmond, petaluma ms. 704 tomorrow and san bruno as well. >> brittany: trek a chance of showers on saturday sunday and monday. monday with a chance of a 60 temperatures for monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> pam:an east bay neighborhood is feeling a bit uneasy after a suspect is caught inside a home early in the morning hours. the crime happened here - in fremont in the mission valley neighborhood just off of paseo padre. police say they received a call from a couple saying they heard a noise in the kitchen and saw a flashlight moving about. they suspect seemed startled when they called out to him and ran out. detectives say the man stole some money. >> grant: from a desk drawer. residents who walk in the neighborhood say the whole incident is alarming. >> grant:
6:20 pm
>> some think needs to be done about it and that is foreshore. i and when my garden work and now i'm looking at this, and i am like while?--wow >> grant:police have canvassed the neighborhood and are looking for any surveillance video - the couple was not hurt. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> pam: frank sinatra jr. died unexpected lead to cardiac or arrest while on toward he is the son of legendary entertainer frank sinatra. frank sinatra jr. was seven to zero years old. -72 years old
6:21 pm
>> pam: new s six. a fall in california highway patrol officer comes home today. officer nate and taylor was escorted from reno to roses today in the procession to honor his life. the 35 year old died monday. two days after and asked you the hit him as he was directing traffic on i-880 in the sierra. sarah brings us the latest from all run. -- auburn
6:22 pm
>> hearts are heavy on this sunny wednesday afternoon. >>sirens >> >> reporter: down interstate 80 a stretch of road 150 mi. brink and officer killed in the line of duty. >> i live right there. i can come say goodbye to him he deserves it. >> reporter: a procession started the medical examiner's office in reno as four california highway patrol officer nathan taylor to the chapel of valley in roseville.
6:23 pm
>> reporter:
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> pam:new at six. >> pam:low gas prices and high employment mean bay area commuters spend about
6:26 pm
75 hours a year stuck in traffic. grant lodes is here with a look at how we stack up compared to the rest of the country. >> grant:pam there is only one city where the traffic is worse. you guessed it. los are the country's most congested cities. l=a is tops, where the average commuter wasted 81 hours in traffic last year the bay area is tied with washington d=c for second place, with new york and houston rounding out the top five. >> grant:overall americans spent eight billion hours looking at the taillights of the carby far the worst commute locally is on 680 at mission boulevard, where the average backup on friday afternoons is 40 minutes. still ahead. >> pam:
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
>> the individual involved was driving eastbound
6:32 pm
accurate as she sought a male point a gun and her at fire several times. we were able to get a description of the vehicle accurate. >> reporter: year and c h p headquarters in vallejo. announcing the rest of daniel morris, the highway patrol believes that he is the one that was driving a stolen car with a jump in road and castro valley earlier this month. hitting six and a year old brothers as they walked to school. the eight year-old suffered minor injuries but the six year old remains in the hospital after having his leg amputated. >> reporter: as c h p headquarters and vallejo, kron 4 news >> reporter: the missing
6:33 pm
sierra lamar, the search is expected to last for one day only. this week. vanishing from a bus stop in morgan hill 2012, torres has been charged with her kidnapping and murder and scheduled to stand trial next month. the volunteer search effort will focus in east kenyan. >> reporter: here in fremont and under syncline were a couple weeks up at 2:00 in the morning to find a suspect inside their kitchen. they confronted the suspect and the suspect runs past them and out of the door creek they realize that the suspect had broken a window as those in cash while they were sleeping. police had come out here and cameras the area looking for surveillance video but
6:34 pm
nothing yet. the couple was not hurt. here in fremont, terisa estacio kron4 in this year it >> pam: trucking the forecast for us and telling us what will happen for the rest of the week. >> brittany: it will become warmer. as we get closer to the weekend we will attract rain showers. but a closer look with the three things to know. for the rest of the week and the beginning of the weekend. getting into the high seven zeros as we pushed closer to the weekend, we will have a chance of showers on sunday. not a cloud in the sky. >> brittany: temperatures are dropping to the 60 temperatures slowly to rid 63 at half moon bay, still
6:35 pm
low seven zeros in sunnyvale and that punt. tomorrow, we will push into the high seven zeros and i thought and same thing in san jose. --napa and san jose >> brittany: we are tracking a chance of rain showers on sunday. i have a better chance as we pushed into monday. i would take another look at charts for tests coming up at the end of the show. >> pam: researchers are coming up with a new way to fight the zika virus. hope the people are volunteering to get injected with the dengue virus and the
6:36 pm
experimental vaccine. researchers are planning to use the same strategy to kidder dengues cousin the zika virus. so far, the volunteers are highly promising in the fight to rid the fever comes from mosquitos just like zika and more than 2 million people a year is affected. >> pam: to seattle hospitals are advising over 5000 patients to get tested for hepatitis and hiv after a former surgery technician allegedly stole as well as to register it nissan leaf...
6:37 pm
what will you do? ♪ how far will you go? ♪ how much will you see? ♪ electrify the world. now with a class-leading 107 miles on a charge, the nissan leaf is the best selling electric car in america. ♪
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>> pam: news tonight at 8
6:40 pm
former player ray macdonald was talking to tilden about self control creek and people are asking why? that is coming up at the clock. >> pam:amazing video shows two kayakers riding over a waterfall. the men plummeted over the cumberland falls in kentucky over the weekend. >> pam:they say it was a ride that was the result of hours ofhowever. achieving that personal goal cost them a couple hundred dollars after being cited for trespassing. >> we did not expect the video to go by road or people to be there watching for it was a personal goal that we had said. --a goal
6:41 pm
that we had set. >> pam:the two men say they hope to do it again-- legally. >> pam: do not go away!
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:good evening! >> gary: kerr missed yesterday's practice but he was back at it today.
6:45 pm
>> gary: the knicks about to be torn apart! tonight-7 :40pm by the warriors >> gary: giants and marin hours, ross, ross ending. for indians this is a time where you cite is only summertime.
6:46 pm
questions >> gary: is what will johnnie kuwait will do that is the deal. >> gary:and how about the girls from tiny pinewood school in los altos enrollment 210 last night they beat the #1 team in the country. st. mary's of stockton 72-69 >> gary:the pinewood girls went off knocking down 16 three-pointers to beat the defending califonia open division champions who were on a 57-game win streak 72- 69 >> gary:coach doc scheppler and his squad move on the meet another national top 10 team miramonte in the noprcal open division finals saturday at sleep train arena in sacramento. >> gary: this young man standing next to me that the city program best of all program. was a great player. about 30 years, you have
6:47 pm
been there. >> since the eisenhower administration. (laughter) >> gary: we are here tonight, it is great to have you here and his beautiful wife. who once performed. >> gary: the great janet creek will brinker on in the event. --we will bring her on hand during the end. >>brad-i could ever do they have two guys that are great. the play and a bit tanker it has a chance. i
6:48 pm
think they will win it. they have won 13 and 14 in a row. great players, big time >> gary: will then axing why am i here at kron 4? i guess the same thing. >>brad-money. >>brad- unlike the way they play so that is my team right now. --i like the way they klay. >> gary: what is knight
6:49 pm
doing these days? >>brad-he owns a home in montana and killing some fishing. --and doing some fishing >> gary: at he is happy?-- and >>brad- i talk with them last week yes. >> gary: him, get made at any time you say anything about obama. -- i say, pam
6:50 pm
>> pam:not true, not true >>brad- janet does too. >>brad- i like the guy ... i don't love the guy. >>--brad: i like steve but justin will be better. >> gary:we will go back to
6:51 pm
pam and the nacional checks can ship will be?-- championship >> kansas
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gabe: tonight at 8 that will tell you what is going to get the best of the spirit is all about virtual reality. -- the best buzz >> pam:abandoned dogs are looking for a new home this st. patrick's day. the adoption deal that is being offered at an east bay shelter. >> pam:saint patrick's day may be tomorrow but the east bay s-p-c-a has come up with a new twist on the celebration. this is daisy, a sweet pitbull at the east bay s-p- c-a in dublin. >> pam:she along with bopeep are just a couple of pitbulls taking part in an event that the animal shelter is offering for the next three days. >> to show everyone how lovable they are and how many of them will be great companions did families. we have plenty of more than
6:55 pm
nneka for ever home. --that need a forever home. >> pam:for the celebration of saint pittie's day the east bay s-p-c-a has reduced the adoption fee to just seventeen dollars. >> pam:triple-a will be offering a free tow home for those celebrating this st. patrick's day. under the tipsy tow program. people can can a free tow of up to 10 miles starting at 6 p-m tomorrow until 6 a-m >> pam: thank you for being with us.
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6:58 pm
the "insider" counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, anna duggar in tears after seeing her husband in sex rehab. >> just got from seeing josh. i look forward to the future. >> but isugar-coating his
6:59 pm
past? >> the wrong choices that joshua made -- >> like hitting against the wall. >> and the hacker against the celebgate hack photo leaks is guilty. >> i was one of the people got hacked. >> will th conviction prevent further hacks? >> don' upload sensitive stuff? >> and jennifer lawrence olivia. let to war. >> our exclusive scenes from "x-men apocalypse." and "insider" bonus. waiting four long seasons and now only we can take yo behind the scenes of deacon and reyna's i do. but will she make it down the aisle? >> i can never predict wh future holds for renya and deacon. >> now the "insider" together with yahoo!. hello, everybody and welcome to
7:00 pm
the "insider." >> we arie tracking the biggest stories in hol kanye may be worth $150 million. we have amazing video coming up p. let's start with today's number trackingtory. anna duggar struggle with josh's molestation and cheating scandals playing out on last night's premier of jill and jess counting on. but her choice of words that has everyone buzzing today. let's go inside the new duggar controversy. is anna forgiving and forgetting? >> about six months ago the reports of the wrong choices that joshua made as a teenager were released to the media. and then a second huge media storm revealed that josh has been unfaithful. >> when an duggar was tal about josh duggar's molestation


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