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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> grant:now at eight. a major meltdown affecting thousands of bay area commuters. >> >> since it since i am very irritated. >> grant:bart riders forced to take a bus after officials discover a dangerous problem on the tracks. >>we cannot risk damaging any more train cars at bart >> grant:tonight. what we have learned about the impact on tomorrow morning's commute. >>whoosh >> grant:former 49er ray mcdonald the center of controversy again. this time for something he did at an east bay high school. >>whoosh >> grant:a warning about two suspicious men who approached a little girl walking to a berkeley
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>>whoosh >>nat siren / nat siren >> grant:police on the peninsula step up traffic enforcement. >>we've got an obvious problem here. >> grant:people caught behaving badly in a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> brittany:breaking news at eight. >> pam:bart experiencing major equipment problems. causing a major headache for evening commuters. these problems could linger commute. impacting thousands of people. >> pam::good evening everyone, i'm pam moore. >> pam:the delays began this morning. and as of right now trains are 'single tracking' between north concord and the pittsburg- bay point stations.
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>> pam:kron 4's j-r stone joins us live from the north concord station. with the very latest. >> pam:j-r? >> it's so annoying and it's just not rightyou go up in fares and there's just no service >> reporter:outrage wednesday afternoon as hundreds of people packed into buses to get from the north concord bart station to the pittsburg bay point station. this after an equipement problem. >> it sucks >> it's a very long commute i work in san francisco so it's a very long commute for me so ya i'm very irritated so i hope they fix this. i hope they fix it. >> reporter:those with bart say that 25 cars were damaged by the equipment problem. they opted to shut down part of the pittsburg/ bay point line in hopes that affected. >> we can't have anymore train cars get damaged we are already extremely crowded and to lose another train car is not an option. >> reporter:two weeks ago 80 bart trains were damaged near the west oakland station. those with bart say this appears to be the same problem in a different location. riders tell us they don't care what went wrong. they want it fixed for good. >>workin' all day, get on bart, they don't say nothing on the loud speaker.that's what they need to stop doing. return to index of
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>> reporter: those with vs one train is being used during the rush hour from here to the station at the bay appoint his burke stopped is not being used right now. it could be used tomorrow morning on the coming if, this changes or this is still the situation. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> pam: principal in berkeley. is warning parents about an attempted child abduction a few days after a man allegedly tried to lure a little girl into a van. >> pam:this comes just months after reported in the area. tonight, kron four's philippe djegal is live outside malcolm x elementary school, where a police investigation is underway. >> pam:philippe. >> reporter:pam. >> reporter:we've spoken with parents shaken up by
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this. the incident allegedly happened monday morning. >> reporter:but the school didn't learn about it until yesterday. and, everyone is just grateful the girl got away. >>- "my thought immediately went to that little girl and how smart she was to just run to school." >> reporter:the principal of malcolm x elementary school, alexander hunt, wrote an e- mail to parents wednesday. letting them know about what a students says happened near the school monday morning. >> reporter:on her walk to class, hunt says a green van pulled into a driveway in front of her. there were two men inside, and hunt says they told the girl to move ahead. >> reporter:seconds later, hunt says the jump out and started to follow her to school. in the email, at some point, hunt says the man reached out to the girl. >> reporter:but she ran away. >> reporter:hunt says the girl didn't immediately tell anyone at the school about this. a day later, hunt says she talked about it with her mom and that's when the mother got in touch with the school. >>- "there's been a few incidents in the past few months and we need to tell our kids that they need to let a parent or adult know right away so that the cops can get involved, so hopefully these incidents
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don't happen again." >> reporter:this incident mirrors five others reported last september and october. when children reported a man in a green van attempted to lure them over. the berkeley unified school district is encouraging students to walk in pairs. >>- "if anyone every tries to grab you and pull you into a van you have to run away and scream for help." >> reporter:this case was discussed at a p-t-a meeting here at the school tonight. the police department also says it is taking the allegations very seriously. live in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam:also new at 8. >> pam:a special guest at an east bay high school. is causing an uproar from parents. >> pam:former 49er ray mcdonald, who will stand trial for on domestic violence charges, spoke with at -risk students in an assembly last month. >> pam:kron 4's alecia reid joins school, where parents did not find out about his appearance until after it happened. alecia.
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>> reporter:parents are not happy about this this pam. >> reporter:they complained to district that this is already a poor performing school, and using ray mcdonald as a mentor, was a bad idea. >> - all we can do is apologize to the parents, and set a policy in place >> reporter:a policy that shouldve already been in place tennyson high school has a 'drop out prevention' program where guest speakers motivate students that are at-risk for not graduating. luis renoso says with nearly 70% of the school district failing, someone with a questionable background shouldn't be used as a mentor to these students. >>- talk about respect and restraint yet if you look at his lifestyle it doesn't show either >> reporter:both the 49'ers and the chicago bears dropped ray mcdonald after a number of run-ins with the law dealing with domestic violence and rape. volunteers that take part in the school's program are normally vetted through a background check. yet renoso says mcdonald bypassed all that before talking to
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hundreds of students at an assembly. >> - i'm just disappointed at the whole leadership. here we condone violence >> reporter:parents are riled up about this appearance. but students were excited about the visit. eduardo lopez who's currently a quarterback on the varsity football team, and some of his friends sat in that assembly. none of them had any idea about mcdonald's current legal troubles but say they were inspired by his visit. >> - how he went through the hood and everything and how he made it to success >>- i learned that i go through hard times too but i gotta keep my head on and do what i gotta do to get to my goal. return to index of >> reporter:we reached out to the school district and haven't heard back, but they did send this letter to parents saying: >> reporter:that ray mcdonald has not been convicted of a crime, but it may have been inappropriate
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to have him as a guest speaker, although he was here to share a positive message. >> reporter:in the meantime there has been an internal review to determine what protocols were followed when bringing him in. reporting live in hayward. >> pam:we have alluded to the controversy that surrounds ray mcdonald..and we are not just talking about one brush with the law. >> pam:grant lodes is here with a quick breakdown. >> grant:it's the pattern of run ins with the police that's most alarming for parents and administrators upset about his appearance. in august of 2014.mcdonald was arrested for domestic violence.police say he was physical with his then fiance at their san jose home. >> grant:mcdonald was ultimately not charged in that incident. in december of 20-14.a woman who was partying at mcdonald's san jose house says he sexually assaulted her. >> grant:that investigation
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is ongoing.the niners released mcdonald that month.the bears signed him in march. and in may of last year.he was arrested for domestic violence, child endangerment, and violating a restraining order. >> grant:police say he was at a santa clara home where his former fiance lives. mcdonald was arrested again for domestic well as child endnagerment. after that arrest.the bears released him. but >> grant: i think the issue here is that he is set to go to court for one of these cases. >> pam:good point. grant. >> pam:in berkeley, police are investigating two shootings that occurred within 14 hours. the first was on tuesday and the second came early this morning. in all, three people have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds and one person is in custody.
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>> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in berkeley with the latest on the investigation and reaction from neighbors. charles... >> reporter:wednesday afternoon, the berkeley police department arrested a suspect in the tuesday morning shooting of a 28- year-old man near san pablo avenue and delaware street. that suspect had apparently surrendered to police peacefully just after noon on wednesday. siting the ongoing investigation, any further details about the suspect. the victim in that case was hospitalized tuesday with life threatening injuries. >> reporter:it was the first of two shootings within 48 hours in around 1am wednesday near the ashby bart station where police found two victims.. a man and a woman.. suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter:they were taken to a hospital and at last check were listed in critical condition. so far investigators have not identified any suspects in that case. >> reporter:at this point, police say that the two attacks do not appear to be random, gang related or connected in any way.
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>> you bring the banks but again, we do now have anything to indicate that either of these bart gang- related. or unrelated issues. >> well, i do think it is alarming. >> reporter:the news that three people had been shot in less than 2 days came as a surprise to many people in berkeley, a city that usually avoid the problems of some of it's larger neighbors. >> reporter:berkeley pd also took time on wednesday to assure the public that these shooting are not the beginning of a trend. >> for this year, we had nine shootings and all of last year we had a single homicide and none this year. i say, berkeley is still a safe place to live. >> reporter: and berkeley,
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charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam:there is a growing concern for drivers along interstate- 80. in the richmond- pinole area. as c- h-p is investigating *another shooting. >> pam:this recent shooting is the latest in a string of gun- related incidents dating back to last year. the latest incident happened yesterday. around 5-30 - during the evening rush hour commute. >> pam:the victim says, she saw a hispanic male. point a gun at her. and then fired the weapon several times into the air. investigators do not believe this incident is connected to the previous freeway shootings. . >> pam:the victim of yesterday's incident says, the shooter was in the backseat of a green toyota. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> it is a little bit different. the other unique thing is that the victim's state and reported to law enforcement. >> pam:there have been more than a half dozen shootings on a relatively short stretch of interstate- 80 in
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recent months. >> pam:grant lodes is here to show us where the incidents have happened. >> grant:it is alarming. >> grant:now eight shootings.since interstate 80. from pinole to berkeley.with the majority of them between richmond and pinole. >> grant:investigators have said the previous shootings appear to be targeted.and gang releated. the chp saying last night's shooting.was more random.and the gun was shot into the air.rather than into another car >> grant: pam? >> pam: we are tracking bart and delays. the problems the system is experiencing and whether they will linger into the morning. plus, a parking meters to change in san francisco and how people are reacting to the new plan. and, at east bay public up
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to an intruder in their home that is still at large. >> brittany: hour to purchase will keep climbing until tomorrow and i will let you know when that changes. i will go over all the details next! pet moments are beautiful,
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>> pam: happening now. >> pam: thousands of bart commuters. wondering how tomorrow moring's commute will be. in light of the problems this evening. >> pam: grant lodes is here with the latest on tonight's big story. >> grant:the lines have been painfully long for much of a trackside equipment problem is expected to cause systemwide delays this afternoon and tonight with the most significant impacts to sfo line. >> grant:train service has
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been suspended between north concord/martinez and pittsburg/bay point stations service suspension will partners have contributed buses to a bus bridge that is connecting the two stations, bart passengers using the bus bridge should anticipate crowded buses and additional travel time. >> grant:passengers on the pittsburg/bay point to sfo line are encouraged, if possible, to avoid rush hour trains by either leaving trains on this line will be shorter and less frequent than full service. >> pam: what is free now. might cost you in the very near future. we are talking about parking past 6 -at night in san francisco. >> pam: kron 4's justine waldman found out why this could happen. and what people think of this new plan. >> justine:when every nickel and dime counts.
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>>the thought of paying *more to park in san francisco is not getting rave reviews. >> not a great idea. >> justine:people might need to save their change parking meter enforcement could soon extend past 6pm. >>sot i like the 6 rule i know i can come get a spot and then have dinner without having to pay the meter >> justine:here is what happened. this week the sfmta voted to drop some towing fees in the city. from close to $500 to about $380, starting april 1st. and now the mta needs to make up about a 10-million dollar budget shortfall. >> justine:the idea of making people pay to park in the evenings could be a way to get back the money. >>sot it is a bad idea in areas where sf live and are running around trying to get things done. >> mark: >> justine:the longer hours at the meter could just be for busy, commercial district. but the mta is looking at several plans now.
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>> justine:the owner of curbside restaurant on california and fillmore. worries this will could cost him business. >>sot people always love to come out and eat and not pay to park so why should they pay for it >> justine:we won't know if you'll have to feed the meter past 6. and how much later at night until this summer. in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news. return >> pam:an east bay couple got quite the scare the other morning. when they woke up to find a stranger in their home. it happened on paseo padre parkway in fremont. >> pam:the couple says, they heard the kitchen cabinet being slammed. around 2 a-m. they say the suspect seemed startled when they called out to him. and he ran. >> pam:detectives say, the man stole money from a desk drawer. they are looking for surveillance video of the incident. >> pam:brittany with the weather! >> brittany: plaza's 10 has killed close to 70 degrees
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and antioch. san jose bart into the activities already in daly city and half moon bay. >> brittany: 75 degrees in livermore. >> brittany: really a beautiful and comfortable date expected. on thursday the warmest day and by friday. we will start to see clouds moving through and that is because of bay area of low pressure that is catching up to get was a chance of rain showers on sunday and by monday. it will break down all the details of the forecast in just a minute. pam? >> pam: tonight, the father of sierra lamar and is talking about what is ahead now. >> gabe: coming up one from 4 news i will talk to you about what is getting the
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most buzz at tonight's show is all about virtual reality coming up! >> gary: we talk about the knicks and the warrior spirit they are in action as we speak. >> gary: brett will tell you who will be the new coach we return!
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>> pam: and men of accused of fatally shooting six people in michigan between striking passages per school board is suing the company for $10 million. -uber >> pam: jason dalton filed a hand written complaint against the ridesharing company say his " is present because of the company creek police said dalton told investigators after the february brett paid in kalamazoo that " a devil figure on the oil were application was controlling him. boldin faces 16
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criminal charges including six counts of murder. --uber >> pam: stanley roberts is tracking down on people behind the wheel. that is later in this broadcast.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> pam: lee continue to track the system that is causing bart delays. these images courtesy up by helicopter partner should abc seven. jeff bush is live he helped on a border trying to see how pecked it was because of delays. jeff? >> reporter: best check some video and you can see there was a big rush of people getting off of north concord train station. the trains were packed and all evening long. passengers made their way on the train cars headed for the east bay. there was an uncomfortable ride for everyone using bart this afternoon. crews will be working on the problems throughout the night andword if it will be six by the
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morning commute. i am just bush. kron 4 news. --jeff bush >> pam: today marks the fourth anniversary of the disappearance of morgan hill cheerleader sierra lamar. lamar disappeared from a morgan hill bus stop on march 16, 2012 while on her way to school. >> pam: lineman garcia torres was arrested and charged with her murder. (cheers & applause) this is glenn to be a hard thing to go through on one side but i am glad that we are working our way towards may be seeing some justice. -- >> this is going to be a
8:32 pm
hard thing to go through on one side but i am glad that we are working our way towards may be seeing some justice. >> pam: aside from missing his daughter, sierra as father steve lamar says the hardest part of coping with her loss is not knowing what exactly happened. now he is hoping to get some of those answers at the trial. which is set to begin next month. >> brittany: near chance of showers may only be on sunday. but we will stay dry on saturday. >> brittany: satellite regression quiet, quiet conditions. we do have high pressure and control that is why you basically see nothing. she >> brittany: our highs along the region, hi 70 on the
8:33 pm
map. 78 degrees in certain areas, 76 in fremont, 77 and san jose. >> brittany: we would get up to 77 and antioch and 76 and union city. 74 degrees in san rafael, and not delegate to 77 degrees. --and napa >> brittany: we do see temperatures dropping back down to low 70. and monday 62 degrees. with a chance of rain showers. pam? spot >> pam: kelly clinton and donald trump has two
8:34 pm
powerful allies, momentum and mathematics. grant lotus is here to talk about the shrinking options for their rivals. >> grant: and sign of the new reality. the fox news cancelling a plant republican debate after donald trump said he had a prior engagement. the only question now is if people go to the convention in cleveland with the no delegates declined the nomination outright. today he one of what might happen if it was denied to him. >> if we didn't and we were 24 short of of it. if we are you know, 100 short and we are at 1100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400, because we are way ahead of everybody, i do not think you can say that we will not get it automatically. i think it would be, i think
8:35 pm
you would have for its spirit i think you have riots. i am representing a tremendous many, many millions of people. >> grant: the march 15th primaries to struck over the halfway mark in reaching a crucial number of delegates. to deny him the nomination, remaining rival stich cruised in junk case it would have to get almost every remaining prideful-- primary. --ted cruz and john kaisich >> brittany: >> grant: spot--politics as a crazy i don't know what will happen with it are
8:36 pm
going to look as somebody who could be president of the united states who has a record of accomplishments not to talk and secondly they are when to wonder about a general election who can win ohio and that to you those folks cannot. party leaders say they have not ruled out possibilities. >> of course, we will look and we are going to let the process work itself out. we crossed the 50% threshold mark last night in terms of the states that have voted and at 0 marty is reported there are three candidates now believe they have it have to the nomination so from and are in secret perspective we will continue to prepare for all contingencies including an open convention. --from an rnc perspective >> pam: costs of the
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democratic side. it hit early clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders. quinn and become for states and tied him in missouri, picking up about 100 more delicate state of vermont senator overall. send insisted he will fight all the way to the democratic convention. >> pam: supreme court president obama, says he shows and a replacement for the vacant supreme court seat merrick garland has been nominated to the supreme court. the 63 year old is the chief judge for the u.s. court of appeals for the district of columbia circuit. but the move sets up the dramatic political fight with senate republicans. they have vowed to block any replacement for the late justice. and there is a new president until there is a new president in office. since the justice
8:38 pm
death the court has been operating with eight justices for on a by democrats and four are republicans. garland's the nomination is confirmed, would shift the balance of the court's ideology lee for the first time in decades. >> pam: vicki libya this cooks of something delicious and she tells you how you can cook a meal as well. >> pam: female jogger is how you might want to get your hand on this new invention and how to keep you safe on the run poor
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> pam: is a crackdown on
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people behaving badly behind the wheel. and according to burlington police chief. the saturation of traffic officers on the street has critic a close to 50% reduction in traffic related fatalities. kron4 stanley roberts shows us. >> stanley: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: the driver in berlin tam is pulled over for three things. pressure driving with dual air but you cannot do that with the dole aerophones injured is not legal. it is illegal second to have a crack my shield and there, you have to brake lights up you have your driver's license and registration and insurance.
8:42 pm
>> stanley: this is officer g. gut of the city of hillsboro police department however we are in burlingame and you see is that time of the month on the peninsula but officers from all run the economy have come together. it is the step program, steps stamp for san mateo county saturation traffic enforcement program for it where any and all traffic problems are addressed. >> stanley: here is what is going to happen. i-- >> i am going to give you a citation for the ear buds. and i am not one to set you for the bright lights or the cracked windshield. >> stanley: and so maxim enforcement is selected cities this time is bharal again in hillsborough.
8:43 pm
sometimes this fetus like this lexus driver was blowing well over 25 mi. per hour residential speed limit in hillsboro here >> why did i stop you? an usher ok what is the speed limit down here, 25 and you are down 40 >> ok what is the rush. today >> work. >> stanley: amber and gang, stemming rubber's kron 4 news. -- in burlingame >> -- stanley roberts. kron 4 news.
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>> pam: tonight with vicki on dine and dish! >> vicki: at eight east bay hot spot! >> we did not expect to be nominated. we are very excited. (laughter) >> vicki: not only are the pictures easy to look are pretty to look back but choose to can prepare it.
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>> vicki: the cookbook even goes so far to show you how to make your own red wine vinegar. but in my case and that is too much of a challenge so they also sell their own house vinegar. >> vicki: another secret is the would occurred which she is right out of the garden. -- another secret is a the wood >> vicki: in oakland vicki libya august, kron 4 news. >> gary:the warriors are making it look easy. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with
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sports!. >> gary: cruising to their next man in oracle. --next win in orscle-- oracle >> gary: that is the michigan coach ready to go. coming right down to the wider current are mimics a triple giving the will ring the wind. the need to also. -- if coming right down to the wider. --wire >> gary: michigan beats tulsa >> gary: congratulations to
8:48 pm
pam and all of you from michigan. >> gary: thank you >> pam:thank you, gary! >> gary: he says kansas " when did all his sweeping team as west virginia. >> gary: brad is a good friend of the bobby knight. >> gary: what is knight
8:49 pm
doing these days just relaxing? >> he has a home and montana. he's doing fine. he's real happy. >> tel is really good. i have no doubt. --cal >> gary: rex walters? you have no feelings on that? >> they may now have a clue because they have not hired a coach and over 20 years. >> justin is better. speed is a good guy in november it would justin is better prepared. -- steve is a good
8:50 pm
guy >> gary: anyone can talk about their sport. but he goes up to grant and remembers grant last year at this time when he came and and you that just had your child. all right? >> grant: yes. he said you had a baby the glass your arm around this time right? yes good guy. >> gary: he has six players that will get scholarships. >> gary: to congratulate pam, if you did not hear me earlier michigan won against also. --against tulsa >> gary: i am-to-i am a good
8:51 pm
sport about all of these things. >> pam: so am i.. you just call me at a time where i was doing something like i can't use some time spirit. >> gary: and, how about the growth from tiny pinewood school and lost all toaster it and i met at 200 and tan last night they beat the no. 1 team and the country st. mary's of stockton would 72- 69. >> gary: the pinewood girls went of knocking down 163 coyness to beat the defending california division champions who were on a 57-game win streak. 72-
8:52 pm
69. coach don and his what move on the meek another national top-10 team. in the open division final saturday as sleek train coming in sacramento. >> gary: cactus league action between giants and mariners with the third inning. ross third, any for just. martin's hit a three home run creek army six runs in the third. giants lose 9 to 63 >> gary: they are not allowing the players kids in the clubhouse. we will say that chicago white sox first baseman adam laroche is retiring in walking away from a 13 million guarantee
8:53 pm
for his son. last week the team's president next 36 road to cut down the time his 14 year old son spent in the clubhouse. >> gary: the team believes laroche son is not a distraction but the ball club doesn't want anything to affect the team's focus. the white sox general manager had at his former national week to reconsider his decision. lassie's a laroche only hit 2 07 with 12 home runs. ♪
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