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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 18, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now at eight. nat the terrible toll of a heartless driver. only on four the heartbreaking story of a little girl struck down on an east bay street whoosh bart under fire for its crippling mechanical problems. it may be months before its fixed and that's scary thousands of bart riders facing an indefinite future of riding busses instead of trains. whoosh in the east bay. he's got a cap and a gun. and the police on his trail. tonight what we know about the suspected serial bank robber, whoosh and kron four's grant lodes shows us that what goes up. must go down. nat this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. .she's gonna recover a young girl walking with her mother when a car runs them over. leaving this child from
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the east bay. in a wheelchair. good evening, i'm pam moore. in an instant, the accident has changed their familys' lives forever and through tears, they have a message for all drivers tonight slow down. the berkeley family spoke only with kron 4's justine waldman. justine is here now with details on fromn exclusive interview. justine? lil-le-ah is as sweet as she is tough. and what this 9-year old is going through heartbreaking. while she is not angry at the driver who hit her she is sharing her story to make sure no other little kid feels her pain. one bright spot li-le-ah and her family are huge cal basketball fans. and to help cheer them all up the cheerleading team came to their house to visit see it here! li-le-ah told me the best was.
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they gave her her own pom-pon. there is a fundraiser to help the family both parents have stopped working because lillia needs 24/7 care. and medical bills keep coming. >> reporter: 60 hit them both well in the crosswalk and the car crushed the fourth grader. "shoes on the ground assault her broken legs. . the the >> reporter: " fort her father does to the family and so much pain lilies on many pain
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medications and will be in it is co-chair for a year. she tells the pros to walk again,. she cannot wait to get back in gymnastics. a there is one bright spot: early in her family's huge, basketball fans the cheerleading squad can to their house the
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best part the gave hurt current pompoms of. fund-raiser to help the family. .and you can find that information on our website kron >> pam:the man arrested for allegedly crashing into two young boys in castro valley. appeared in court today 29-year- old daniel morris is accused of hitting two brothers. while they were walking to school with their grandmother last monday. kron 4's dan kerman was in court, as morris faced a judge.
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29-year-old daniel morris made his first court appearance friday afternoon prosecutors say in castro valley hitting six and injuries the six-year-old had to have his lower left leg amputated. an accident that resulted in permanent serious injury, reckless driving, child abuse, receiving stolen property and car theft. prosecutors say after the crash morris abandoned the vehicle but a backpack found in the car had several pieces of identification with morris' name. court documents also indicate he lived just three blocks from the crash scene and was positively identified in a photo lineup morris did not enter a plea he is due back in court on tuesday bail set at 465-thousand dollars. at the hall of justice in hayward, dan kerman, kron 4 news bart. " >> pam: crash and russia about we know right now the plane from and to buy clashed trying to land at an airport in the city. cnn reporting all 55
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people on board were killed no word yet on if this as a result of mechanical malfunction or a terrorist attack the continue to monitor the story and bring you any updates. >> pam: the bus bridge between the pittsburg- bay point station. and north concord. will continue through the weekend. and into monday. team coverage tonight. philippe djegal spoke with a state senator from the bay area. who is furious over all the problems plaguing bart. charles clifford. he is live atcharles. has bart been able to pinpoint the problem? it's been a rough week for commuters here on far end of bart this week and looks like these bus bridges wil contine for at least a few more days nats >> reporter:friday afternoon, bart employees handed out snacks to the hundreds people who had
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to wait in line to catch shuttle busses in north concord. after three days of dealing with this, commuters seem to be getting used to the disruptions. bart said friday that it expects the bus bridges to be in place through at least monday. meanwhile, work continues to try and fix the mysterious glitch that damaged 50 train cars on wednsday and forced the closure of the tracks between pittsburg and concord. bart says a team will work through the weekend. we have a one car train that has experts on board and it's equipped with special meters that measure voltage and it's going back and forth trying to pick up the trouble spot and what it is.
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there is also a chance the tracks could open before monday, but bart want commuters to be sot if we can get service back we will. we're not going to run buses if we solve the problem. in concord, charles clifford kron 4 news. increasing frustration for riders stuck taking the bus bridge to work or appoinments in the east bay. many having to get up an extra hour or two earlier. just to make it on time. now they are wondering how long this commute. >> pam:they want answers as to why things are not getting fixed. kron 4 spoke with some commuters effects of this power surge problem on bart.
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to give you a sense of how much of a hassle this can be. usually it takes about 6- minutes to take bart between the two stations. the bus bridge takes 30 minutes or more. state senator steven glazer is also chimming in on the ongoing bart problems. today, the democrat out of orinda says, bart is solely to in part, because of neglect to the systems aging infrastructure. by the bart board and management. kron four's philippe djegal is live at the north concord bart senator. senator glazer says the didn't happen overnight.
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the making. and, he's blaming that on poor sot- "this has been a disaster in the making for years, if not more than a decade." and, state senator steven glazer is pointing the finger squarely at bart's leadership. sot- "this is a system that's under-funded, its old. it's in comes to negotiating compensation for their employee and their manager, you don't hear any conversation at all about it, so they give them giant raises out of one pocket, in the other pocket they say we glazer referring to the contentious negotiations between bart and it's employee unions back in 2013, which resulted in strikes and traffic gridlock. he contends that bart should maintenance, track, technology and train improvements, rather than increasing salaries. on top of that, glazer along with others, have signed off on expressing concerns about the bart board's consideration of a multi-billion dollar bond measure for the november
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sot- "and, they want this breakdown in the system to be proof they deserve more money, and i say to them no, no, no, no." alicia troast speaks for bart and disagrees with senator glazer, saying maintanance is a priority for the transportation sot- "we take operating budget capitol needs. that's been going on since the early 70s, its not ignoring. last year, we shut the tracks down many times, multiple weekends to replace all of that track infrastructure -- we're doing it again this year. we have a rail replacement program up this year, and then what we billion bond to fund those passengers just want the problems fixed. sot- "they should have been more, better prepared." sot- "all i want to do is just get back home. people probably tired. its the end of the day. sot- "they need to prove they can be financially responsible in the meantime, bart has yet to figure out what has actually riders hope the problem remains here and won't pop up anywhere live in concord, philippe >> pam:kron 4 has got you
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covered on everything you need to know about the equipment problem crippling bart service. on our website. kron 4 dot com. we have more video of the damaged train cars. plus, video of the new cars that are currently on the way from the east coast. we also have the complete interview with state senator steve glazer. kron 4 dot com. an arrest warrant for an alleged child molestor. ended in a fatal officer involved shooting. the standoff started last night, when police tried serving the warrant for the 49- year-old man's arrest. he refused to surrender and barricaded himself inside for nearly 12-hours. this is a picture of the gun, investigators say, the suspect had in his hand. when he came out of his home on hoffman lane. and approached deputies with the contra costa county sheriff's office.
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ultimately the man was gunned investigators say the arrest warrant was an amount of more than 1 -million dollars. for 12- counts of child molestation, that allegedly occurred over a 3- year period dating back to 20-12.
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the man drop of four people detained
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the f-b-i says, the student who >> reporter: decker's nine of whom on the spot more than a few days of authority is one of whom they knew they wanted to find this man not quite early knockout picked up by two men dragging him back to belgium. stop at the border in question but police did not know who they had and let him go. in december. apartment appearing in the northeast part of town. one man
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dead according to police to manciple lay once again the fund dna evidence to tell them the men had been there very recently. in the lead the final big clash
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>> pam: storax c turning our way and told us what comes to short >> reporter: will be different story when it gets here it will fizzle and we see little bit of light rain sunday afternoon already seeing some effects from system helping to increase onshore winds and the plot winds at done quite a bit today 10 to 15 degrees and all of of fog it took time to clear '60s but a bid to seven installments and even a couple of '80s we see the numbers about the same tomorrow low clouds that will move back in this evening and will have a great start tomorrow and if he
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breaks of sunshine will take awhile for the close a clear and at some places may have a hard time seeing the sun all day. the weather system mainly for the afternoon and then another system and behind that for monday and then future test notice of the cloudiness into the bay there's also a chance of peace sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge for the day. this is the rain by the north bay reaching their rice the bay area right around noon tell you how much rain to expect coming up a little bit.
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>> pam: and a matter crewa second run-in with the law in because if a big breath and let him buyers.kron 4 news
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comics, celebrities, costumes. the first annual silicon valley comic con is happening this weekend at the san jose
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america's two greatest technology. our tech trends reporter gabe slate gives us a preview of what will be happening this weekend and talked to the creator of steve wozniak who said he always comic con to the bay area. >> gabe: hope there will be all kinds of collectible memorabilia a tough as authors artist will be here to sign autographs as liberty's giving federal cops. he can visit
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stanley is a museum on hundreds of amazing collectibles from comic books and movies. it runs saturday sunday to 6:00 p.m. at the convention center and $20 for kids under 12 for more information and a full list of the schedule of things that are happening with dirt court page >> pam: businessmen like be responsible for several robberies and our area and it is surveillance of a breeze and home invasions in the south bay.
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comingcocaine is bad repeat after me cocaine id bad what do parking illegally, blunts and cocaine have in common? i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8
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a suspected drug dealer is behind bars after two separate traffic stops in antioch this month. 41-year old deon culberson was stopped for a traffic violation
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on march 3rd when police found a firearm in his car. over again yesterday. culberson led police on a short chase and then was taken into cutody. after searching his home they located a large amont of methamphetamines. coacaine and ammunition. antioch police are still investigating the case. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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police in a state appellate for steel bank robber. a bank robbery in pleasanton saturday for a bank robbery in dublin tuesday the authorities believe that the same and is responsible levin dublin or where the crime was committed.
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>> reporter: dublin police released this photo to kron four news. you can see the robbery suspect in the imagewearing a yellow ballcap and sunglasses. dublin police bank that is inside the safeway around 6:30 on tuesday to the teller and demanded in an unknown direction. across the freewaysay there was thursday afternoon. you can see wearing similer clothing and dark glasses. he is suspected in the wells fargo bank robbery that happened around 2:45 on both robberies had similer circumstancesand the suspect wearing similer clothes. police say both robberies could be the work of the same robber. fortunatly, no one was hurt but the fear of violence is always a
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real concern. selena fegray says she has noticed more crime in the area lately and wants something to be done about it. people been gettingmen been climbing in people's windows. there's been bank robberies, hit and runsjust a lot of stuff other agencies to catch this bank robber. i'm jeff bush, live in dublin, >> pam:a new lead has surfaced in a brazen home invasion robbery earlier this week in morgan hill. investigators were able to find surveillance footage showing what is thought to be the suspect's vehicle.
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these images were released by police showing the car. dark colored toyota avalon, which was in the vicinity of the victim's home about 9:30- last police say, the video shows the car speeding away from the pictures might jog someone's memory. r two other attempted burglaries from last thursday and friday may also be related to this home invasion. police are reminding residents to keep their doors locked. remains closed.and caltrans is not sure when it will reopen.
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damage from last weekend's el in the road.that continues to caltrans says it will begin during that lane will be open to traffic. repairs are underway to highway a huge section of that road rain. the collapse has cut off access to a tiny community, leaving emergency officials to scramble for workarounds. officials estimate the damaged stretch of highway is about 500 they're also working on a nearby an alternate route. the highway is expected to remain closed for at least two months.
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>> reporter: removing of the north coast read eureka we could catch a couple sprinkles on the north bay and a lot of clubs for the entire bay area that will take wall the clear next batch coming in to the front sunday afternoon at a north today spreading self into the rest of the bay area it will really come unglued as it moves onshore and the best will be light and spotty south and east of the golden gate. this spring and autumn here monday afternoon and takes the two systems on the monday slightly more into the north bay clouds and drizzle and jules no. a partial clearing in
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the afternoon and a cloudy starts for sunday morning with rain late morning and then early afternoon wraping up by evening around 5 6:00 for monday. and a mix of sun and clouds in the morning coming up in the afternoon a light rain afternoon evening. partly cloudy for tuesday. and then we finally system moves out on short for the rest of the week and then it sunshine more ought. over san
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mateo county tell you how much to pay this man is getting not one but three separate tickets, pay close attention and i will explain all of them. crackdown going on in any particular city don't park spot for starters this man in handcuffs did just that, with a few additional he was sitting in his car in burlingame on the day a step crackdown was in full effect saturation traffic enforcement program there were 22 traffic officers patrolling the city looking for people behaving badly officer bayers of the menlo park police department .patrolling on an all electric motorcycle rolled up in the driver rolling a blunt while sprinkling a white power on said blunt the driver sees the officer and tosses the weed, partially rolled in a swisher and the while powder on the car. he claimed he had a medical cannibus card i can't find you medical marajuiana card but i found a bunch of baggies with some white substance in it alright so his response was his medical card was in the center console i went through the center console that where i found your white baggies and these aint weed he denied any knowledge of the
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white powder in the baggies the white power was tested by a san mateo county sheriff duputy and came back positive for meth however after being read his rights he admiteed it was cocaine i hade a brief chat with him about the cocaine you didn't realize you had bages of cocaine umm no i knew but you know i thought i was hiding it pretty well obviously i didn't you're going to leave the habit alone not right you know that's a bad habit yea i know so last time im not going see you again promise me promise you fist bump comanin is bad say cocaine is bad in the end his car was towed and he was issued three tickets parking in the disabled spot $350 possision of marajuana by a driver $367 with a point and possission of a controlled sustance which normally carries a 20 thousand dollar fine. but because of prop 47 it's been reduced to 75 hundred i got caught behaving badly
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just think has he simply parked illegally he probably wouldn't have brought all that unwanted attention on himself # just saying in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: gop establishment from getting the presidential nomination. and the grit rappels from one of san francisco's tallest
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>> pam:former presidential candidate mitt romney threw his support to texas senator ted cruz as the best choice for the republican nomination. romney posted the announcement
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on facebook. he said cruz is the only candidate who can take enough votes away from trump to prevent his nomination. political analysts say california may hold the key to stopping the candidate who has aleienated many members of his own party. "he is the most flawed candidate the republican party could put up as its standard bearer." the possible loss not only of the white house but control of congress has added urgency to the stop=trump movement. former presidential candidate hopefully there is still time to prevent a trump nomination. former bitter rivals now joining forces. south carolina: "i'm going to be
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doing a fundraiser with and for senator cruz." trump now has 683 delegates, more than half of the 12=hundred 37 votes need to secure the nomination. most predictions say he will have more than 1=thousand delegates by the california primary on june seventh. the state's 172 delegates are awarded winner-take-all by congressional district. if trump beats ted cruz consistently across the state, even if it's by just a few points, he would win a huge windfall of delegates and very likely clinch the nomination. if not. get ready for a contentious convention in cleveland in july. if trump is short of the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination - a fight could breaks out among the three contenders. if, in vote after vote, no one can seal the deal, some new arrival could emerge from nowhere to become the nominee. "sure, it absolutely can happen." "anybody could be brought in at that point." trump himself has warned of riots if he is denied the nominaton. his campaign manager accused party leaders of plotting to deny the will of the people. i want to tell you, if that's the path they want to go down, there will be consequences for that kind of thinking.
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coming up. gary is joined by his lovely wife alicia to read viewer emails plus. the warriors visit a former warrior in dallas. see if the dubs were able beat the mavericks. as they try to continue their historic season.
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>> grant: this was all for the third annual skyline challenge event.
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>> pam: nearly $300,000 was raised in the course of today's we talked eagerly what this and the earlier forecast this is all fogbound. . >> gary: and was walking down
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and to talk to grant's wife castilian and go up there. justice his life insurance. the great justine. la performance but the warriors with the golden state david lee the surprise of the whole deal tonight how well david lee played the former warriors hanging a and and getting it done when things have to be done curry there he goes the golden state warriors' offense rolling again. preclude thompson could not be stopped on this evening they were again the
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greatest shooting of all time 41 from self and one of 31 and to improve the 62 and six small night national television david lee and self incredible and team underway to the best record in the history of professional basketball. 78:
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this 56 cal bears the highest seed ever given to the cal basketball program and also the talk from the commentators nobody with the exception had more talent and cal's season is over now check to brackets
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"art college player? " you fill out player? >> gary: simple i enjoyed the games in like to watch yet to fill it out.
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"what you waiting for curry is better than magic or jordan. >> gary: what i am waiting for
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the chicken jordan it is for 10 years each a think it's a smart move if you talked about the all-time data is with length of service. >> gary: if you're good at it
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you can inspire the audience is. if you just in for one minute a question at a good one can make it worthwhile. "you seem to think it's funny when aldermen that their hair. i did it and i love it.
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>> pam: all eyes on apple the big event of monday. the product get the and the.
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apple's spring conference.set for monday is expected to unveil smaller products for the new year. the headliner of the conference is expected to be a smaller version of the i-phone , followed by a smaller version of the i-pad pro. the event will take place at apple's cupertino facility. the conference starts at 10 am pacific time. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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