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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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also gave free parking to commuters to say sorry for the inconvenience there were with that and happen to other parts of the tracks this process is tedious and the problem has a ripple effect in may traffic worse today in the east bank and losing some of the trains and a congested works on other parts of the bart system.
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>>haaziq madyun: so far so good about as bright as trains leaving the north, the martinez station and for the pittsburgh they point however it in the official said the three car train also being tested did not perform as well that had been taken out of service due to some type with the ethical problem
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according to the officials there is some good news.
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>>reporter: will start to try things out the storm track for showing us where the rainfall is right down some locations as drive but is in close to the san francisco near san jose will seem like rainfall to santa rosa, san like shower scene toward the here was a broad picture for you cash and and and and and it will have more
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details and hyacinth revisory and closer look at your 3 they forecast. >>catherine heenan: it might have found a way to unlock the phone and use by one of the san bernardino attackers apple the federal government and outside party can for this week in with a way to possibly on walk from the day before the new product announcement apple ceo tim clark reiterated his pledge to resist government demands of the company's health and unlocking and cryptic phone both sides
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will expect to face off in the california court room to grow pac-man what actually went. >>gabe slate: is in the years as the watch was unveiled here because it would of been the scene of the show was smaller and cheaper than the old the
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price of the entry-level that is down from $350 the giant i had as a little sibling the ninth and 7 in. and one to be filled with the latest new features the
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same form factor and the iphone 545 as it keeps the box score but however it is lighter and filled with a to the hands as a token to cameron and and has a the will flash to the rear camera it will have the full of features again looking to boost sales.
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>>catherine heenan: his meeting with cuban president they will be topped off tonight in the state denied it was pallas a revolution cnn's scott mclean has this report from havana.
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>>reporter: the it has to show what can at the palace of revolution were by math when president roh catchline closed doors after receipt said relations can only be normalized on the embargo ends and the west bank is guantanamo bay pahang.
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>>reporter: president obama noted his visit is proof of new fund respect between the two countries but experts say it is not without its challenges. >>catherine heenan: america was behind the public can new details tonight about several brothel's discovered and upscale apartments in the east bank and after what might have been the worst we've ever.
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>>dan kerman: and in to sink in the press to print the payment and i happen this in my bill there but your car is broken into a block away what will oppose the convict and of those family also hop and the search
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now reckons ahead.
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>>catherine heenan: enough skill ease benevolent been targeted a thief. >>grant lodes: the woman getting
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out of the to oriole succumb pickup truck she walks up to the home brush against the plan then the woman disappeared from the view of the camera. >>catherine heenan: it was taken from home and antioch in as a wide box track and has a blue lightning strike taken sunday morning the chp hoping for some help from the public in tracking down after it was stolen in the spotted their white concord in antioch and anyone with information hot.
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>>reporter: investing in the sake of the locations and sam and joe hayward and oakland and here in san the tale also searched connection with this case the streak shower so the san mateo or apartment building where prostitution was allegedly going on account laid out here
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in this criminal complaint bench to the police conducted into it phone number the alameda county is offices and i left a commitment to addressing and trying to in himself trafficking including helping the women victimized police said the victims in this case all taken to the women and is rich
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>>reporter: hear three things
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you should note to go to the rest tonight and to the overnight hours dangerous surf and saw the high set by is reached if cirrus know you to see anywhere between four to 10 in. of snowfall for elevation above 4,500 ft.. >>reporter: >>catherine heenan: forced the was a sexual harassment scandal and a pound from and to determine now more bad news for the program.
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>>catherine heenan: madonna's
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with the latest >>reporter: the bears to another blow this if can have topped amid heightened has been returned from his letter of intent to lead to more laws and headlines the bear is quickly becoming an was posted child program and the stress. >>reporter: they're no plans to
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make a move with the head coach but the situation where is his reaction and an inclusive one and the scorn the coach and the team and so forth a problem but declined down from the coaching ranks yesterday's their requested out of this letter of intent because the program uncertainty also.
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there is dispute of how much rent the team needs to display >>catherine heenan: the team should stick with their original contract.
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>>grant lodes: elliott and the day of every clinton warned a pack about what she called trump's divorce of rhetoric
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clinton membranous and his face softened three republican nominee is fixed moral compasses in idaho and utah in the primary vote in arizona last recall some matter of this rift warned of fraud. >>reporter: we're still the light rainfall and windy conditions you concede fly boeing and on the bed of blue
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skies mean the raw data with a gray skies and also clouds and light rainfall and then when you are will have more details on the 74 cast coming up.
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>>catherine heenan: he was with the union from north carolina this fire this will be the devil's a portly operational only a matter days before the attack at they're still at least
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one suspect on the rhine they say that he don't correa has been set out in the military muscle in response to the giant military exercise.
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>>reporter: military routinely shows the tone and military muscle the problem is this an
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annual show with force which includes simulated amphibious assaults carried out by u.s. and south korean marines has not stopped area from testing nuclear bombs. >>catherine heenan: it will not consider the fight nebraska and
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oklahoma challenging it is safe for now but they said nebraska and oklahoma officials could pursue other legal challenges later this means the state level marijuana regulations will stand until on the supreme court justice is children.
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>>reporter: the deadlines argument is getting stuck in traffic for chambly their simple ways to ease the discomfort i said i spent our great relief for muscle soreness and to work well for migrants to the compression of the helps reduce the proping or piercing pain caused caffeine into a king a cup of coffee can help provide mild relief with the careful not to overdo and.
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>>catherine heenan: where track to another round of light rainfall has led to the rest of the workweek.
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>>catherine heenan: were getting details of how happen on the news room at 6:00 by all measures the new musical about alexander hamilton is a huge hit in not committing any schumer is also a big head of the theater after something she did at a recent performance. >>reporter: and mention that for the second round seven is $7.50
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other britons were working so the split among the seventh bees collect about hundred and $60 the bartender said that she has been to him to before and some of them are aspiring actors and comedians think it could be a king ship.
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>>catherine heenan: climate change action the improving the quality of some lines the study by harvard and is looking at 400 years with the harvesting information from western europe and information indicates that the higher temperatures and
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trying out for the most promise san francisco san another bond of life shower same thing in concord hot. >>reporter: remain in the fifth
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is 60 degrees and they this city 57 1/2 on bay in 67 in san jose 57 of more honest and later shot shonas but to the rain falls pushing to the east of san francisco. 62 on san jose's 74 cash shows the will continue warming up would have back to
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the '70s by thursday and friday ease the weekend of fantastic seven is forced above average. >>catherine heenan: >>reporter: is clear the enjoying being a grandmother and she seems to lift the failed to spend time with her ninth team of grand our model this is to
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the manner different perspective on mothering malo. >>stanley roberts: people behaving badly coming up next
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>>stanley roberts: this man is
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getting not one but three separate tickets pickle sentinel explain all of them, you're a detective and a crackdown going on in a particular cy down park illegally and the disabled are thin spot for stock-- starters. he sees the opposite and then tossed the weed he claims he had a medical can discard.
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>>stanley roberts: the in his car was told and it should print tickets parking and disabled spa and a $350 for this of marijuana and drivers to recover the 67 of
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the lack of a point.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 news weekened starts now male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>catherine heenan: the trains back on track between account in the past. they point station >>reporter: during off-peak
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hours the writers will have to get off guard a bit on the bus then try to promote good will of commuters they're handing out free snacks free parking for everyone they're still sorting through every potential course of the problem once again
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commuters to come from this part of the east bank plan for the leas once again tomorrow. >>haaziq madyun: part of the
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confusion was connected to bar testing compare trees between here and this bird back with station the passengers would like to feel good about the sixth part of a string successfully making several roundtrips without any technical difficulties.
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>>catherine heenan: their escalating in san francisco there of 30% in 2015 in the previous year. >>dan kerman: everyone is a victim by this is for those whose car is broken into by the get something or not it is still on the hook from in with a 23 to $400 they're trying to get ahead of this kind but so far not so much for sniffer hurt
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these missed all of them and instead took a folder filled with papers again, these things
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seem to be helpful but it is still rampant throughout san francisco. >>catherine heenan:
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>>gabe slate: is doubling down as a commitment to strong secure devices and the new iphone will keep the lead to going is just as a cricket as existing iphone that will have the cheapest
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price of any phone yet to have launched its stars to $399 to 9.7 it is the most popular size of the type at the apple want no new apple watch as the lower the price of the existing one we ask what is it stands for this and
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nothing to stand on this on this is on the nickname. >>reporter: here is about for one of the cameras you can seize
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from the rolls are still wet and to continue to see these on and off showers in were between 104 into an elevation above 4,500 ft. the pretty for cash of the sea when the conditions continuing into tomorrow. >>reporter:.
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>>catherine heenan: the california golden bears basketball program led this continue to be mired in trouble news this of another setback this weekend and could have ripple effect in recruiting and and even time line is now raising questions about.
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>>catherine heenan: the mother of it teenager declared brain dead more than two years ago as released an update on her dark who remains on life-support the father of american hero finds itself in trouble with law spencer stones fought a fierce and more than a dozen counts of fraud the popular san francisco park and a $2 million makeover
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>>catherine heenan: we're here and there is a new fall of our and the message from her mother. >>grant lodes: is posted on facebook called keep her on life-support the poster read in part the she is healthy and beautiful as ever approving a warrior of the child in " a subsequent fiscal post-with negative comments to delete the gestapo to them she went into a coma back in december of 2013 after surgery to remove the procedure done a charge of hospital or she was brain-dead
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element, to corner tied her death to tibet month the family has fought to keep her own life support. >>catherine heenan: investigators said they provided consultant services people
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should misapplied tend to trafficking is going on in the suburbs. >>reporter: the committee kennedy's office said five women have been put into the sex trade if she something in was
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unusual when should of been happening in the hotel where you're working of the apartment complex a lot of traffic at strange times. >>reporter: not respond to see
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light rainfall dry conditions in san francisco if you take a look at livermore we're still dealing with lightning fall to the sophomore north san jose to
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the east of the area and snow still coming down in the lake tahoe area and also in this year will part with a 53. >>reporter: we stayed in prague
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next weekend and into next week. >>catherine heenan: the cause of the french and to steer into a tree i have the fire chief and the driver was likely it is because the tree stop the car from and dig up and often comic.
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>>reporter: good news to commuters tonight as part begins running subtle trains between here and could spark station.
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>>gabe slate: his lighter into a good in the hands the stone made to people who do with the big screen there is a big market
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united states and china for the smart phone side of the believe the have not upgraded because they don't want to be discreet forced. >>reporter: we will start to see a little bit more sunshine when speaking on to state protesting
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a decision to affect the to tomorrow 1/4 to 10 in. of elevation above 4,500 ft.. >>catherine heenan: in least one suspect in the run and last years of terror attack as we have the identity of the new suspect >>grant lodes: they're looking for this man they say he and install office, who captured last week map and fighting future attacks french president
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francois lomb said paris prosecutors will seek the extradition of belgian born french citizen to france for trials his lorises they will fight the extradition. >>catherine heenan: there is a state dinner tonight of the palace of a revolution >>reporter: and first divisions of jose market warrior the
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official welcome cave into the palace of the revolution or president obama noted his visit is proof of new-found respect between the two countries
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experts say it is not without its challenges the 20 for the white pass told the thousands of people who visit every week park uses have been complaining hot.
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>>catherine heenan: no illnesses
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have been reported just a week after announcing is ending this kid will breeding program
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>>grant lodes: she said into a brick from and some accounting the we were painted from in the mission earlier this month to the animal control limit her tenant the cave people chance to clean her and you see an animal control officers a lot of people apparently asked about the doctor saw no shortage of love for the head who somehow lost away.
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>>gary: working as we speak many turn off the game just to send
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and what the challenge of that madness of king well 8381 nearing the end of the third course come of the 44. he is a poster child for good enough sand to the pro out of high school but that and run for one year and then cemented official
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on the callusing talk a lot of different people you have to wonder if they will be retained his post it does not have a contract if he may not be retained the basketball coach he designed a pair of football cleats made to look like cash
6:48 pm
one of the all-time great players and usf and a time is on the program and it's better and better if there.
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sit. >>reporter: is the normal 35 and james scott cousin hit the first home run at at&t park will have
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one last.
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>>catherine heenan: this was the first see section anyone can remember the immune system on the developed apparently the cannot actively fight off infection but again the do round-the-clock care.
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>>reporter: when is the high sixties to have for that is will to carry us all the way into easter weekend to think and act and is for joining us hope to see tonight at the clock--8pm.
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one, gwen stefani hitsbottom. >> i was down all the way. you don't go down lower than >> her new candid interview her divorce and while the label almost pulled the plug her musical therapy. and a new celebrity hacking scandal hits hollywood. >> the attack is another in a series of celeb hacks. >> are they planning l action? adele an intensely private celebrity. and number three, rob kardashian celebrates his 29th birthday with mily, but wh did big sister kloe bailou >> gina rodriguez sounds off on
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hollywood's pressure to be thin. how she's slamming the body shamers. >> if you look the swimsuit models and you're hot and everybody's going to want you, that's just -- >> hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! susan sarandon opens up about the three generation of the sarandon girls. >> she is not one to hold back. we are going to tthat. but let's five right into the number one story we're tracking today. gwen stefani's labor of love. gwen celebrating the release of her album, this is wh the truth feels like, which by the way is already dominatin charts. and now stephani fap stefani is more candid about her high profile divorce. >> this is actually happening


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