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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> catherine : now at 11. another chaotic commute for bart riders. some relief came this afternoon. when some trains were allowed to run between the north concord and the pittsburg bay point station. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. bart has been plagued with electrical problems since last wednesday. kron 4's jeff bush joins us live from the embarcadero station. with more on what you can expect for tomorrow's commute. jeff. >> jeff :the trains will be operating during the morning and evening commute but the writers are going to have to use a truck bridge during the nonpeak hours until they get this problem fixed
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bart made the announcement around noonservice would be restored to the line between north concord and pittsburg/bay pointbut, only for a few hoursand a limited amount of carssome relief coming for the weary travelers who have endured the disruption in service.caused by some mysterious electrical problema spike in electrictityorigin unknown. >> alicia trost : even though we are returning some train service, we still have not pinpointed the exact cause of this spike in voltage we are seeing. over the weekend, we were able to confirm that there are very short, like micro seconds, that shortvery high spikes in voltage. we know that because it is so short that we are close to the source and it's not coming from some external factor but we still have to find out why it's doing that. while bart engineers try to figure out where the bugs are in their systemnormal, every day riders say the overcrowded trains and the longer commute is taking a toll on their quality of life.
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>>:it has been a long day and getting off of here this disrupts your day we were getting on the boss and now we're getting on the train so it keeps changing--bus >>:will return do everything we can to come early so we can be on time--we are trying everything >> jeff :trains will be running tomorrow between 4am and 9amthen the bus bridge will be in place from 9am to 3pmthe trains will be back in service from 3pm to 8pm then thee bus bridge will be in place i'm jeff bush, live in san francisco, kron four news. >> catherine : our bart coverage continues tomorrow on the kron 4 morning news. we'll be tracking the morning commute and delays. it starts at here at 4 a-m. nearly one hundred new affordable housing units are opening at oakland's macarthur bart station. the long-awaited opening of the 90=unit complex marks a step toward transforming the station
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to a planned housing and retail hub. the plan has been in the works for more than 20 years. the units are set aside for people making 50 percent or less of the median area income. they'll cost around 46-thousand dollars for a family of four. demand has been steep.but they're the only below market rate housing planned for the station so far. >>:we are just getting started now and then we are really going to start pressing the city of san francisco >> catherine : it's been 2 years since alex nieto was shot and killed by police in san francisco. his family filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers. just 2 weeks ago, the jury ruled excessive force was not used in his case. four officers had fired nearly 5 dozen shots, hitting him 10 times. they'd been called to the park when a dog walker spotted nieto with a taser - which officers thought was a gun.
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kron 4's alecia reid was at tonight's memorial and has details on the family's demands. >> : we carry him as an icon, as a symbol of the struggle >> alecia :the mission cultural center was packed with people celebrating the life of alex nieto . loved ones say the recent verdict clearing the officers involved in the shooting, sends a message to their youth that their lives don't matter. they didn't get the decision they were hoping for, but they did consider how far they've come as a successsaying the case brought awareness to what happened that night. >> : they feel we have a momentum on change and that's the real goal >> alecia :nieto's parents and the justice and love for alex nieto coaliton is asking the board of supervisors to make it legal for a permanent record of complaints filed against officers to be made public. they
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want the city to establish a special prosecutor's office that independently investigates cases involving police misconduct. and they want a permanent alex nieto memorial at the bernal heights park where he was killed by police. >> : alex was essentially a martyr for a much larger issue that is being brought to the attention of the greater bay area and the world, and that is police brutality >> alecia :the family wants to continue the momentum. they tell me they have already built an alliance with families of other high profile cases in the city. reporting in san francisco >> catherine : only on kron 4. the mother of jahi mcmath. who was declared brain dead in 20- 13. says her daughter is improving. jahi was declared brain dead after surgery at children's hospital in oakland. in this new video taken last month. it appears that she moves her hand and foot on command. the teenager was declared brain dead and given a death
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certificate nearly 3 years ago. her family and attorney want the certificate overturned in federal court. her mother says she refuses to give up on her daughter. >>:she just looks so good that she does not look sick >> catherine : jahi's attorney - chris dolan - says he'll keep fighting for an open and fair trial in federal court. with all the rain, we've had more than a few rock-slides in recent weeks. but look at this. a huge rock smashed through a car's windshield and landed on the front passenger-seat in sonoma county. it was a very close call for the man driving on casadero highway near guerneville. the rock grazed his right shoulder.causing him to flinch and steer into a tree. but even then his luck held up.
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the monte rio fire chief thinks the tree stopped the car.and the driver.from ending up in a creek. a spring snowstorm is making its way through the sierra. many people are heading up to tahoe. to check out the fresh powder. but caltrans officials are warning drivers to slow down and be alert. slick roads sent a car rolling into a ditch. and back here in the bay area. a high surf advisory has been in effect. kron 4 meteorologist brittany shipp is tracking the forecast. brittany, what can we expect this week? >> brittney : as he headed to sierra clearer and use thethe winter weather advisory ex fire but the high surf adviser will stay in effect as we head into even wednesday for some locations --expire we're still dealing with dangerous surf in some locations
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with a high surf advisory until wednesday with swells between 10 to 15 ft. yond be really careful traveling at some of our higher elevations as well and here is the storm tracker 4 a few scattered showers to the south of san mateo and that has been the trend with off and on showers expected to continue even into the overnight hours and as a transition to the east you can see the snow coming down so that is why we have a wind shear advisory in effect--winter weather advisory here are temperatures for the next few days and all have the full forecasts later >> vicki
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>> catherine : weather models are showing that el nino is weakening. experts predicted a strong el nino. or warming in the pacific ocean. that would bring enough rain to subdue our california drought. but the el nino hasn't turned out to be the so-called "godzilla" rainmaker some expected. it 'has' helped some - but water districts want customers to keep conserving water. we'll find out in may if the governor will change or keep the 25-percent mandatory cutbacks we're now following. new at 11. an off-duty san francisco police officer helped to take down a suspected purse thief in half moon bay. francisco lopez-rava was arrested on suspicion of robbery and carrying a concealed knife. it happened earlier this month. along the 400 block of main street. police say an off-duty officer saw a man stealing a woman's purse as she was walking on the sidewalk. the officer chased the man down and took him into custody after finding him hiding behind a tree. the f-b-i may no longer need help from apple in hacking into the i-phone used by
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one of the san bernardino attackers.. a court hearing scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed - since the fbi now says an outside party has come forward with a hack that might work. the f-b-i originally wanted apple to create a special software to let it bypass the phone's security protocols. apple has been fighting that order. saying it would create a "backdoor" that could potentially allow hackers to break into similar i-phones. coming up. a controversial custody battle in southern california. why two foster parents are losing their little girl. also -- the photo that became a viral sensation. an update on the man who simply wanted to share a meal with his grandchildren. and the presidential candidates are up for another round of >> gary :and coming up a little bit later in this broadcast we have the warriors highlights and
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snoop dog has come up with a new shoe that is sure to get your son or daughter beat up in school up next >> brittney : and i will let you know the weather
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>> catherine : donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in
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delegate counts in their respective parties. but their rivals are hoping for some upsets in the next round of contests tomorrow. three states are up for grabs. clinton will compete with bernie sanders in the idaho democratic caucuses. 27 delegates are at stake. and sanders is expected to do well. both democrats and republicans will vote in arizona. trump is ahead there - and 58 delegates are at stake. and - ted cruz and bernie sanders are expected to do well in utah. earlier today at the aipac conference. trump and clinton declared their support for israel >>:we have a strong and enduring national interest in israel's security >>:we will move to the american embassy to the e eternal capital of the jewish people jerusalem >> catherine : fellow candidates john kasich and ted cruz also delivered speeches today. all of them promising to act in the interest of israel on a number of issues.
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chelsea clinton is in the bay area for her mother's presidential campaign. she was initially scheduled to make an appearance at a controversial start-up called "theranos". but the event was moved to a private home. when asked which of her parents would make a better president. she said her mother because of hillary's time in both the senate and the state department. chelsea says her dad feels the same way. hillary clinton will be back in the bay area on wednesday. >> brittney : here is what to expect as we go into the rest of the ninth with showers expected on and off with windy conditions remaining but we will stay nice and dry towards the afternoon with some sunshine moving in and this week this sunshine returns along with warm temperatures by tomorrow it will be a few degrees warmer as well and here is the storm tracker 4
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we have more showers starting to push into the peninsula and then in san mateo a few showers winds at 13 mi. per hour the satellite radar shows all of this moisture that continues to fall off the east it is moving through lake tahoe and into the sierra some more snow is expected to fall but the weather advisory is still in effect until tomorrow in the early hours by 9:00 a.m. as you're driving to work you know this mainly dry conditions--no ifs--you will notice of you notice that the temperatures will be climbing
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and the air at 54 in redwood city and then start to push back into the low to mid 60's in napa and san rosa here's the seven day forecast and will have a beautiful easter with what sunshine expected >> catherine : and gary is here with the warriors highlights of gary >> gary :the warriors trying to bounce back from their loss in san antonio. steve kerr doesn't look happy as this one came down to the wire 4th quarter andrew wiggins hits the jumper
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91-89 t'wolves then draymond green took over green with the follow 101-99 warriors tied at 101 steph curry nice pass to green for the dunk 103-101 warriors 103-101 warriors green off the inbounds play put the warriors up 4 105-101 final: 109-104 curry: opnly 6-17 for 19 points so the warriors still remain a game ahead of the bulls pace to 72 wins next up if they're flying against the clippers'--they are playing against the clippers' kawhi leonard and the spurs blew a 23-point lead tonight in charlotte jeremy lin was on fire burying the 3-pointer to charlotte their lead since being up 2-0 73-73 hornets last chance for the spurs down three
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the inbounds is intercepted spurs lose final: 91-88 hornets spurs: 59-11 4 games behind the warriors with 12 to play we almost did not have a bay area representative in the n.c.a.a. tournament lili thompson drives makes the tough shot and is fouled she would make the free throw 66-65 stanford last chance for south dakota state erica mccall blocks marcy miller's shot the follow is no good stanford survives! final: 66-65 stanford mccall: 20 points thompson: 19 points giants vs a's in cactus league play.despite a hunter pence home run. the a's take it 6-4. as jeffsamardzija gave up 6 runs in 6 innings to up his spring era to 8.53 check out these kicks from the snoop dogg collection. as part of his partnership with adidas, the rapper has designed a pair of football cleats.made to look like cash.
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the shoes are plastered with hundred dollar bills. and marked the phrases 'mind on my money' and 'money on my mind.' a single pair is going for 120- dollars. we have been laughing all night some kids can wear them and get away with it but i think other kids to show up to school with them might get beaten up >> catherine : yet be careful still ahead. a heated custody battle in southern california. what two parents are doing to try and keep their foster new at 11.
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>> catherine : of new11new at-- new at 11a southern california couple is pleading to get their foster child back. their 6-year-old child "lexi" was removed from them today under a court order that concluded her native american blood requires her to live with relatives in utah. lexi was 2-years-old when she joined her foster parents. an attorney for the family says they're appealing the order. and will go to the california supreme court if necessary. still ahead.this grandfather has become an internet sensation. how he's reuniting with his whole family.
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>> catherine : the oklahoma grandfather featured in a photo that showed him sadly eating a now a viral sensation. and he's throwing a cookout for everybody. his grandchild kelsey tweeted this photo of her "sad papaw" last week. and many people said it made them miss their own grandparents. harmon had invited all six of his grandchildren over for
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dinner. but only kelsey showed up. now "papaw" is inviting everyone over for another cookout this weekend. the family will sell t-shirts and hamburgers.and say they'll give the money to pawpaw. >> brittney : the bird looks good to--burger >> catherine : he made dinner that night so it's no good if they showed up later but okay so it is trying out-- drying out? >> brittney : years of for the rest of the week--clears up
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>> catherine : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our we'll see you tomorrow
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hulk hogan's ex. >> even she's stunned by the $115 million verdict. >> ka-ching. >> her exclusive reaction. then -- >> come on! >> donald trump sing-along. ♪ donald stand by me and spring break hero. the teen pilot flying back from spring break with his girlfriend. >> we've got an engine failure. >> their miraculous emergency landing, on a golf course. >> got a couple of cuts and bruises. >> the black eyes here. then, charged with shooting his wife. he says it was suicide. >> my wife just shot herself in the head! >> but was she really murdered? >> i didn't shoot my wife!


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