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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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airport security checkpoints, at around 8 a.m. brussels time. >>grant lodes:survivors reported seeing pools of blood and severed limbs. >>grant lodes:as ambulances rushed to the airport, word came of a second explosion a few miles away. >>grant lodes:this one was even more deadly: a bomb inside a crowded rush hour subway train as it approached a subway station near the european union headquarters >>:i can't explain it looked like war. i saw many injures, i saw people dead everything broken. it's just terrible" >>grant lodes:army and police raided muslim neighboirhoods searching for the suspect in the airport photo. >>:officials herer are telling us they found explosoves, chemicals, apparently they found nails and they also found an isis flag. >>grant lodes:the attacks come just four days after the arrest of saleh abdeslam, the last suspect sought in november's paris attacks. >>grant lodes:belgian security sources tell c-n-n it's their assumption that today's attacks
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were the work of the same network. >>grant lodes:and that they might have acted now because they feared he would reveal their plans. >>grant lodes:isis has claimed responsibility. >>grant lodes:the state department says it can't confirm it. >>:".though clearly we believe that this terrorist group remains capable of this sort of depravity." >>grant lodes:president obama and security adviser susan rice were informed of the situation at the end of the president's trip to havana, >>:" the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium, and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning the attacks against innocent people. >>grant lodes:the terrori attacks brought this show of solidarity from france: >>grant lodes:tonight the eiffel tower is illuuminated in the yellow, red and black colors of the belgian flag. >>catherine heenan:around the u.s. and here in the bay area security is being heightened at airports. and transit stations kron 4's dan kerman is live at the foot of market street in san francisco with how law enforcement is responding to the
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attacks. dan? >>dan kerman: it seems to see more police officers in san francisco you're not imagining things the patrolling the minute station checking things out by foot by car and by motorcycle and marquetry the sf pd has stepped up its presence the to the brussels attack the point that we want to make people feel comfortable and safe who want to prevent anything from happening here. >>dan kerman: they're not the only ones with canines the u.s. coast guard are with canines and assault rifles across a very much present at the port of san francisco patrolling the ferry terminals they're not sure food typical but it was not it was also due to the terror attacks
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overseas despite this increase presence all law enforcement says the public as well must be vigilant. >>dan kerman: how long will this increase presence go on? we don't know as ftd says it could be several days possibly as long as one week they will have to take it day by day to decide. >>catherine heenan:with terrorists targeting a subway and airport. many people riding bart this morning were a bit cautious. especially those heading to s-f-o. >>catherine heenan:kron 4's
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terisa estacio talked with some passengers who say >>terisa estacio: they have increased patrols and have more officers in uniform today because of the brussels terrorist attack with a fine with the security programs manager there is no credible threat against our but just in case you want have a square sole asset control change there in uniform and deploy a strategic it brought the system and was busy areas. >>terisa estacio: this man is a
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commercial pilots in the bay area for a visit he factored in extra time to do with increased security with the terrorist attack he added that he believed morning could be done to fight against terrorism. kron 4 >>maureen kelly:a tsa
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search dog could be seen sniffing garbage cans and passengers at sfo's international terminal today. >>maureen kelly:an airport spokesman says flyers can expect to see heightened vigilance in the form of more patrols like this one. >>maureen kelly:they say they are reviewing the events in brussels before they decide if changes to passenger necessary. >>maureen kelly:travelers headed out of the country had mixed reaction about getting on an airplane in the wake of the bombings >>maureen kelly:brussels is close to frankfurt so i am a little concerned >>maureen kelly:im concerned for the people in brussels but when it's your time it's your time >>maureen kelly:this woman flying to mexico city says she realized how on edge she is when her bart train on her way to the airport stopped unexpectedly. >>maureen kelly:freaked least i am >>maureen kelly:one couple flying to spain for their honeymoon says the bombings have made them less giddy then they would have expected to be today. >>:usually i'd be we are thinking about how serious this is.not so much to make us's too important. >>maureen kelly:some weren't as worried about flying they were about the situation in
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europe right now. >>:these attacks keep on coming.we need to stop them >>maureen kelly:outside customs i spoke to people getting off a plane from paris.a former parisian now living in walnut creek says he's happy to be back home. >>:i feel a little bit more safe in the united states than i feel in paris because i think we take that problem more seriously then french people would take it. >>maureen kelly:those i talked to greeting their loved ones say they are relieved to have their friends or family members back on solid ground. >>maureen kelly:maureen kelly kron4 news >>catherine heenan:in new york , where terrorists took down the world trade center towers, security is considerably tighter. especially at major attractions like times square - and the subway and transit systems >>catherine heenan:which converge there. anti-terror patrols are in place at bridges, tunnels, and the original world trade center
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site. new york mayor bill de blasio says: "we will not be afraid." armed tactical units are also patrolling j-f-k airport and laguardia. also the newark airport in new >>catherine heenan:travelers to chicago are seeing increased security at o'hare and midway airports. >>catherine heenan:the mayor and police chief say there are no threats against the city.but they're taking no chances. >>catherine heenan:they've beefed-up uniformed and under- cover airport security. >>catherine heenan:also at public transit systems.and other high profile locations. in orlando florida. a flight that took off from brussels right before the attacks was searched when it landed. law enforcement met the plane on the runway. the 269 passengers and 10 crew members were screened on the tarmac and then put on buses and driven to the terminal. dogs were also used to check all the luggage before passengers could claim their bags.
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>>catherine heenan: continuing to show what a power surge in the east of developing it will not solve the problem the couple in the middle of a bizarre kidnapping of the vallejo police of was a hoax the couple a song with the demand next residents of a percent of the apartment near the edge of a cleft are fighting to stop the demolition of the homes.
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>>catherine heenan: the power surge crisis persisted transit agency and to plan new high-tech toolkit to the bottom of things. >>grant lodes: mart has opened its checkbook still try to figure what is causing a power surge is a damaging times this comes as bird offers up a train shuttle for commuters during peak commute times the rent every 15 minutes between the concord and pittsburgh the point >>grant lodes: hone in and a
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level that hopefully we can get to the bottom of this quickly minute romp the car, has really improved again even more so from yes to that we have for the extra cars repaired and available for service today compared to last friday. >>grant lodes:. >>catherine heenan: the police and to dismiss a reduction as a hoax denise hoskins has filed a
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lawsuit in sacramento today in claims that destroyed her reputation in the reputation of her boyfriend police had accused them of a fake kidnapping prosecutors did events in charge of turning map the mall with kidnapping them his pleaded not guilty >>catherine heenan:the building at 310 esplanade avenue is next to where another apartment complex was demolished last week. it's been yellow tagged and evacuated.
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the owner and a group of residents have appealed the restriction. they claim only the south end of the building is in danger and much of the rest of the building can be saved. city officials are >>:"the south end of the building, which is most in jeopardy at this point, that end of the building is where all the utilities come in, the electricity and the gas. so if that starts getting in danger, first there's the structural stability of the entire building to consider but without power and gas going into it they are no longer habitable at all. so then at that point it would become red tagged." >>catherine heenan:the city's objection to the appeal will be heard by the pacifica emergency prepardeness and safety commission tomorrow night. >>catherine heenan:in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal at berkeley's law school , the university today named an interim dean. >>catherine heenan:law professor melissa murray graduated from yale law school and joined the berkeley faculty in 2006. >>catherine heenan:in a statement she said she's "humbled by this opportunity " professor murray succeeds the former dean. >>catherine heenan:sujit choudhry. he resigned march 10th amid allegations in a lawsuit that he sexually harassed his executive assistant. >>catherine heenan:the search
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for a permanent berkeley law school dean could take at least a year. >>catherine heenan:san francisco is considering compensating sidewalk vendors who were >>catherine heenan:displaced during the super bowl festivities. >>catherine heenan:city officials met today to consider whether to give each of them 6- hundred dollars. >>catherine heenan:it's considered at least a gesture of compensation to the merchants and artists who suffered losses for nearly 3 >>catherine heenan:san francisco spent roughly 5-million dollars to host special events, including >>catherine heenan:"super bowl city". >>jackie sissel: >>catherine heenan:the city could potentially pay about 100- thousand dollars to 247 vendors. >>terisa estacio:san francisco supervisor scott weiner announced legislation today. requiring all new water sub- meters. >>catherine heenan:the water meters will track the water use of residents. the proposed law would apply to new buildings with 2 or more living quarters.
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>>catherine heenan:property owners will have the right to bill tenants individually for water. the idea behind the legislation is to make people more conscious of how much water they use. >>reporter: will continue to see the when the conditions as to go to the rest of tonight a live look outside a lot of the when the sky different from yesterday than with the few cloud as we had to small was another round of sunshine temperatures continue climbing which is nice as well the wind speed right now still gusting up to about 25 mi. per hour of to 30 to san francisco airport and
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21 and about the incredible city little more when guest to 21 mi. our that is one to continue it least through midnight tonight you'll start to notice a few forces inflicted on the map as far as tomorrow is concerned more savage and keep warm things up a couple of the critic for cash to let you know how one would get this weekend. >>catherine heenan: tonight in
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washington d.c. there is resolved to stock prices to increase the security at home finance the course on the mark for this joins us from our washington d.c. bureau with more on this. >>reporter: in this is a belief in these two of the suicide bombers have died and a potential third suspect meno security across united states and california with this airport and metro stations still but smoke and citizens alike down all belgian and major cities of on the world are in type of washington lawmakers joining in quickly condemning eyes latest or rampant not far away
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from the nation's capital and outside the belgian embassy after watson the massacre remains wary that more talks are possible there say they have no
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plans to cut the trip shall the said and grinned to increase security but because security reasons unknown to about the sec within going to be doing after tax and before even after 911 f. it will reduce curbside check- in >>catherine heenan:next at five.
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we talk to jahi mcmath's mother who says her daughter is doing better. and later. the event in san francisco that has microsoft apologizing. only on kron 4.
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>>catherine heenan:the mother of jahi mcmath says her daughter is improving. >>catherine heenan:this is video taken in the last month of the oakland girl. who after being declared brain dead in now on life support in new jersey. >>catherine heenan:kron 4's j.r. stone has been following this story. he says jahi's mother says she won't give up on her daughter. >>j.r. stone:this is what jahi mcmath looks like todaymore than 2 years after she was declared brain dead after a surgery at children's hospital oakland. her family has kept her on life support and her mother says she is improving.
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>>j.r. stone:in this new video taken in the last month it appears, in different instances, that jahi moves her hand and foot on command. jahi was declared brain dead in 2013 and given a death certificate that her family and attorney want overturned in a federal court. this is what jahi looked like before the surgery.this is what she looks like today. many have lashed out online saying the family should let her rest in peace. her mother says she refuses to give up on her daughter.
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>>catherine heenan:we continue to follow breaking news from belgium tonight. two deadly attacks in the capitol city of brussels. >>catherine heenan:what we're learning about the suspects -- next at 5:30. and today's attacks come as three u-s states hold primary elections today. how the candidates are responding to this latest round of terror.
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>>catherine heenan:we continue to follow the breaking news out of brussels. terror attacks at the airport grant lodes is following the latest developments. grant? >>grant lodes:right now.there's a widespread search in belgium and beyond for this of three involved in the airport attack. >>grant lodes:he got away. >>grant lodes:the other two men pictured here.killed in suicide attacks. the airport attack was first this moring. >>grant lodes:a short time explosion on a packed subway train.during the heart of the morning
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>>grant lodes:in least 31 are dead. some 250 injured.including at least 9 americans. >>grant lodes:isis has claimed responsibility. >>grant lodes:security at many major u-s airports has been increased. >>grant lodes:as voters go the polls in three states today, the presidential candidates are again confronted with a major world event. >>catherine heenan: hone their testing those who want to be commander in chief.
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>>reporter: this time it comes on the primary game when voters actually cast ballots in the race for president both major party front runners calling to network morning show to discuss how they would handle the crisis republican ted cruz is open to come to donald trump delicately the he argues the president obama has strategically below the from the terrorism and trump would make things worse john casey argues
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the presence she could his trip to cuba sure democrat bernie sanders left knuckle is much on international issues put out a statement calling for the international community to " come together to destroy a isis the pivotal moment in the richer president and a time when major parties are inching closer to selecting denominates.
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>>: if you believe we can all ride together if you believe we finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind as if you call them president clinton suggesting that the last eight years of the president obama administration was a terrible thing of course his
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wife was a member that administration for four years there was no mistake he talked a lot to seven years prior to that with a ribbon on the bush administration. >>catherine heenan:q 2. how is voting in utah >>reporter: the republican party and you toss collecting at least a portion of their balance online there were 40,000 utah republican there is a little bit
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of a concern that could be addressed for hacking this is successful in other countries including canada longways in a couple and in have been reports that you talk of some problems with this online voting situation. >>reporter: by easter weekend were track and lots of sunshine and dry conditions in will be pretty nice to live but the golden gate bridge not a cloud and the sky for the most part
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take a look at the fly is blown nicely again back on to see those when the condition satellite renshaw shown as a half of this purpose is often more fees and then with a few the scattered showers >>catherine heenan:president obama wrapped up his historic trip to cuba today having addressed that nation's leaders once more >>catherine heenan:he also enjoyed a baseball game.a pastime shared by both nations. kron-4's grant lodes joins us with a recap of the president's diplomatic journey. >>grant lodes:he's now left havana on his way to argentina. >>grant lodes:there president obama hopes to expand economic and political ties between the
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u-s and argentina. >>grant lodes:in a speech before leaving cuba.the president stressed the potential of the new relationship. >>grant lodes:that the future between america and cuba is bright. but not without challenges. >>:" i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas." >>grant lodes:the president urged congress to end the 54- year embargo against cuba. >>grant lodes:and in a message directed at cuban president raul castro. he said "you do not need to fear a threat from the united states".referring to castro's insistance on cuba's sovereignty and self- determination. >>grant lodes:afterward, he met with cuban dissidents who have fought for open elections and the freedom obama is promoting. >>grant lodes:the president.first lady.and two daughters.capped off his trip with an exhibition baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. >>gabe slate: >>grant lodes:it was a symbolic common ground for
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two nations_once enemeies, now becoming friends. catherine?? >>catherine heenan:rob ford the toronto mayor who made headlines for problems including using crack cocaine was found dead today. he was 46. >>catherine heenan:ford got international attention for public drunkenness, fights with other public officials and his confession of smoking crack concaine during a drunken stupor. >>catherine heenan:ford's office gave no details in announcing his death. but he had undergone surgery for a malignant form of cancer. still ahead at five. >>catherine heenan:why microsoft is apologizing for a party it threw in san francisco last week. and next. the new warning signs the f-d-a is putting on some pain medication. also - on wall street. stocks closed mostly lower as airlines, cruise companies and travel booking sites fell -- following the attacks in belgium. >>catherine heenan:the dow was down 41 points. the s and p 500 lost two points and the nasdaq added 12 points.
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>>catherine heenan:federal health regulators will add their strongest warning labels to the most widely prescribed pain killers. >>catherine heenan:the f-d-a says the new labels will be a so-called "black box warning" -- the most severe kind. >>catherine heenan:they'll stress the serious risk abusing the medicine.
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>>robin winston: >>catherine heenan:the warnings will be added to all immediate release opiod painkillers -- including 175 branded and generic drugs. more than 40 americans die each day from overdoses of the medication. starbucks says it's going to donate all of its leftover food from its 7-thousand locations in the u.s. the company says it will aim to contribute "100 percent" of the food to the "feeding america " organization. the idea was sparked by baristas working behind the counter. million meals this year.including salads, pastries , and breakfast sandwiches. still ahead tonight. >>catherine heenan:why kim, khloe, and kourtney kardashian are being sued for more than $200 million dollars.
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>>catherine heenan:tonight. microsoft is saying it's sorry. that's after the company hired some questionable dancers for an event during the big video game conference held in san francisco last week --- the g-d-c. critics say the 'dancers' - are another 'black eye' when it comes to gender equality. >>catherine heenan:reporter matt markovich explains. >>reporter:it was a meet and greet networking event, but the dancers that microsoft hired, - dressed as provocative school girls - that stole the show. >>:that was a mistake a really bad mistake >>:a short video and pictures that circulated on tweeter caught the ire of many. >>reporter:sandra persing was at the conference but not at the party. >>:it was a hot topic of conversation >>reporter:because it comes after many say microsoft has been improving gender equality following the that woman need
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good carma to >>reporter:it also comes after microsoft aimed at getting young girls interested in computer science. >>:things like this are just cryptonite to attracting women to come work at your company >>reporter:brianna wu calls herself the godzilla of tech feminists. >>:i myself have had more than 200 death threats in the last years an a half speaking out on these issues >>reporter:the threats to woman who criticized the event on social media where have been vicious as well - more reason why wu believes the tech industry has a long way to go. >>:when you have this frat house atmosphere it sends a signal to the public that you are not really believing the things that you say and it also sends that to the women who potentially work for you >>:many credit microsoft for responding quickly but it did not issue an apology. >>reporter: spenser wrote the event 'was not consistent or aligned to our values. it was unequivocally wrong and will not be tolerated". "we will do better in the future." >>reporter:especially the women who code organization we love hearing we love hearing an
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industry saying we are going to do better, we have to do better >>reporter:in seattle matt markovich komo news. >>catherine heenan:in an e-mail to employees, the head of x-box says the matter is being handled internally - and changes will be made to x-box sponsored events in the future. >>reporter: when the conditions will continue for rust and adding to tomorrow more sunshine and temperatures start warmer but ended the week and weekend we will still try and give seymour the dry pattern and after we got rid of the sudden fall from last night. >>reporter: just a few more
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spotty rains additional showers and higher elevations the future cash shows as as to go to the rest of tonight you will notice most intense aspect small lots of sunshine they're missing in the crosses the placenta thursday it will continue to see lots of sunshine.
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>>reporter: san jose with a strong lead to 70 degrees, the 71 and seven degrees and not but that is just the beginning of the one trend. >>catherine heenan:kim, khloe and kourtney kardashian have been sued over their make-up line. >>catherine heenan:and -- it involves twitter. the insider's louie aguirre is in hollywood with more. >>reporter:the kardashian sisters could be out some major kash. let's go inside the new 180 million dollar lawsuit! >>reporter:that was khloe last year - promoting a new line of hair products for their 'kardashian beauty' line. now,
5:51 pm
their business partner - hillair - is suing the k-dash sisters for breach of contract and fraud. >>reporter:according to court documents, 'hillair' gave the sisters 10 million dollars to save their struggling line, and in return the sisters were supposed to continue to be the faces of the company and promote the products via social media. hillair claiming their lack of online support lost the company 180 million dollars. >>reporter:but the kardashian's attorney is slamming the claims. michael kump releasing this statement to us today - quote: "the lawsuit is a disgrace. it is a jumble of false accusations which will be exposed as lies." >>: the kardashians have become not just a brand but a marketing and media and a huge part of that is their social media. >>reporter:our insider - branding and creative strategist david moritz on the k-dash
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crisis! >>: you would think that if a company goes into business with the kardashians that it would be fair for them to expect a lot of social media promotion i think this lawsuit could jeopardize future partnerships with the kardashians depending on what the details are that come out later >>stanley roberts:coming up >>stanley roberts:the bay bridge toll plaza >>stanley roberts:hey get off the phone >>stanley roberts:it's a cornucopia of bad behavior all you have to do is simply stand there and they will come to you >>stanley roberts:i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly tonight at 8 (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>>reporter:roughly 270-thousand drivers cross the oakland bay bridge and while many of them read all the signs and follow all the rules of the road, there are those who come up on >>stanley roberts:sooooo, let's look at what is considered behaving badly if you are waiting your turn to cross the bay bridge the list is so long but i will try to keep it simple >>stanley roberts:one of the biggest is the illegal use of cell phones, this this woman who is on her phone while putting on makeup and when she is done with the makeup the tissue goes flying out the window >>stanley roberts:there are many ways to use you cell phone and be out of pocket, texting while driving is a sure fire way now im sure that if she got pulled over she will swear she was looking at a map. >>stanley roberts:there was actually too many people holding their cell phones to show them all another form is putting on of the makeup although a recent
5:56 pm
study days those type of collisions are >>stanley roberts:but picture this you'r e putting on your mascara you hit something and your airbag deploys at what close to 200 miles per hour . now you do the math >>stanley roberts:crossing over the soft barrier is also frowned upon and could lead to a ticket, even if you have cash in hand. >>stanley roberts:nats: hey get off the phone >>stanley roberts:remember the toll plaza is till the freeway so no backing up because you didn't pay enough attention to read all the signage before approaching the toll booths >>stanley roberts:but the biggest and most expensive people behaving badly violation is drivers using the carpool lanes illegally you can spot them because they often cross over the gore point to blend into traffic >>stanley roberts: two passengers, on interstate 80 three are required t >>stanley roberts:hey are from modesto where there arent a heck of a whole lot of carpool lanes >>:i thought that the carpool
5:57 pm
was for two people and then i realized that it said three so i went back in otherwise im with my wife theyat whey i went back in >>stanley roberts:he as not ticketed for the carpool lane but did get a fix it ticket for the incorrect address. that ticket would have set him back 500 dollars >>stanley roberts:oh and one more issue, if you see a set of white lines side by side you are not permitted to cross them. ever >>stanley roberts:in oakland at the bay bridge toll plaza stanley roberts kron 4 news
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>catherine heenan: the deadly attacks and heart of europe at least 34 people are dead another at the city's subway system to memorial to victims are continuing to spread across the world a belgian prosecutors since police raids our on going right now run the country and the central suspect. >>grant lodes: the to men
6:00 pm
pictured in black you see them here on the backside to screen likely killed in suicide attacks at the airport each wearing one black love the may have been used to detonate the bomb to 30 guy on the ride. >>reporter: it started with two explosions and the departure hall as edmonton airport outside the airport security checkpoints along and a and brussels trine and our land and expose the mollen subway station
6:01 pm
close what number the european union officers to tear just four days after the rest of saw like a sitcom the last suspect sought in november's terrorist attack. >>catherine heenan: the morning for the victims of the attack the have been popping all over the globe including here in san francisco. >>reporter: people are here to
6:02 pm
show their support and also lent them love to belgium after the terrible and deadly attack that happened earlier today we got on the plaza in front of city hall the put them along with his paper here and perhaps markers people want to show his solidarity and strength of people in belgium and we've been talking with the top of what it was to come and visit by trying to be together during this time of great sadness.
6:03 pm
>>catherine heenan: bay area law-enforcement agencies they're stepping up their presence following these attacks the san francisco police department to pouring extra officers and sfo bay area transit system stepped up security. >>dan kerman: the plan to do that by increasing presence have more officers to be visible to everyone who was working and living in this town boasts might be trying to do something they say it is to decrease presence in chiapas city safe those not
6:04 pm
walking driving or cycling the coast are also stepped up enforcement canines and officers armed with assault rifles and they patrol the from the terminals to support of san francisco as to how long this is
6:05 pm
going to last s&p these tended to be a few days and as much as the week it won't have to see day-to-day just what enforcement presence than one-half. >>catherine heenan: some people flying to and from europe to attend to and the week of the bombing we talked to a sfo who were arriving from paris. >>maureen kelly: someone told the bombings and death toll when it landed this man says he saw miller or his phone and he is on the tarmac of this coming back
6:06 pm
from a visit are worried about what the effect of this latest air attack will be we spoke to this woman-in with our mother and grandmother to adopt the flight was also waiting to hear from france and belgium chooses is to reunite with her family and black for.
6:07 pm
>>catherine heenan: tip pitcher have dropped the ball hit in behind the scene to block out terrorist before the strike that is among the conclusions from on bay area expert of terrorism. >>rob fladaboe: the first question for san jose state terrorism was why russell's-- brussels. >>rob fladaboe: pull no punches professor guy said the authorities failed to back the
6:08 pm
information gleaned from the attacks and parents the attack in brussels to clear the work of crisis says prof. guy who was teaching the popular new class on terrorism and san jose state department of justice study this he sees no imminent threat here and u.s. the senses no time to let our guard down to the
6:09 pm
thread in terror can send people home you cannot given to something like that. >>catherine heenan: tracking down the problem brought official the testing a new tool open to figure out what's causing the hold up the bar and more problems for residents to pacifica as the yellow tax another apartment building the bay area bank robber shrikes two more banks in the senate.
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>>catherine heenan: more trains of the fix to help howe and a train shuttle is in place during the commit hours.
6:13 pm
>>terisa estacio: his very complicated we're having on what trouble are still without the normal service between two east bay station to buy centel working on matters as fast as they can and they're now using a new tool to try and isolate the issue for those who were forced
6:14 pm
to take the bus bridge that said that this is to wish an estimate getting old fast. >>catherine heenan: of california's top law enforcer wants to speed up public disclosure about shooting by police the attorney general says she is backing a bill to improve a citizen's ability to
6:15 pm
see informational plans involved shootings. >>reporter: a lot of disguised and the sunshine to see if you clouds in the distance the dry conditions a big difference from what we saw yesterday it was the drive high pressure will continue building the temperature is warm as ago and to the rest of your work week
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extended to hi second visor from 9:00 p.m. tonight all the way until for him tomorrow and higher elevations in the crb is still seen dusty wind speeds it will remain for us and mr. midnight tonight to 25 mi. from our in santa rosa up to 33 at the airport 21 and half monday
6:17 pm
to close look to 74 cats and we cannot look up to about 15 minutes. >>catherine heenan: the building at 310 and spend not avenue has been yellow tag evacuated.
6:18 pm
>>haaziq madyun: still photo surveillance video the land route this think enough to get on monday is a seven install the
6:19 pm
from the was robbery to show a white male about 6 ft. tall warrant a black baseball cap and some clear glasses in the currency he has a cleanshaven beard there was a car that a witness believes is associated with which is a 2000 model black ford mustang, replacing their working with the fbi. >>catherine heenan: the approved compensating a sidewalk vendor who was displaced and this will festivities this russified dollars to hold special events include an superbowl sitting
6:20 pm
paid about hundred thousand dollars to 247 vendors. >>catherine heenan: have the right to build tennis and eventually for what the idea behind the legislation to make people more aware of how much water they use in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal at berkeley law school and university today announced an interesting opera festival in the summer and graduated from menlo school joined the faculty and berkeley and 2006 she is, by the opportunity to resign march 10th amid allegations and the lawsuit that he sexually harassed as executive assistant
6:21 pm
to the search for an come at berkeley law school and the tech least a year the door for delegates is heading the rocky mountains as a dozen and what they're calling western tuesday.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>>catherine heenan: 3 states making their choices for president candidate often in the west to grant is here to tell us a was a stake. >>grant lodes: 10 cruiser had in
6:24 pm
the polls and you taught both for the delegates will be awarded for trump is more than half went to the crucial number needed to clinch the nomination and was on this po closed at 7:00 hour turned the to caucus states have no set time to end. >>catherine heenan: the terror attack in brussels search for suspects and the impact on travel to the bay area down the court that the to the fbi and apple has been postponed fbi tried to figure out how to unlock the phone without apple's help president obama wrapped it
6:25 pm
up a trip to cuba the potential future for relations between the two countries.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>>grant lodes: emerging from the broken nose with a following in brussels hundreds injured by these two again with his bloody near the three dozen killed some
6:28 pm
at an airport in some and a nearby subway station police and military searching for one of the three people believed to be responsible for the airport bombing they're wearing gloves and continues to detonate a bomb is unclear who was behind the subway bombing which happen on the pact trained marine park rush hour to nine. >>vicki liviakis: security has stepped up the night of the brussels bombing the airport is on high alert you not more police presence also checking areas infancy extra scrutiny on
6:29 pm
the passengers aviation experts tell us that this is the new era of terra soft harvest at officials are asking travelers to be extra vigilant. >>reporter: the stepped-up presence because of the terror attack in brussels this increase presence meant there more officers patrolling the station more officers walking down market street those not walking were driving a recycling the u.s. coast guard on the canines and saw rifles were also very much present at the port of san francisco.
6:30 pm
>>reporter: and in san francisco outside city hall people are here for a vigil this will start at 7:00 to remember the victims of the belgian terror attack with the sea a few people out here now the vigil is supposed to start at 7:00 with a moment of silence to 730 people have to bring the belgian flag or whether the belgian colors of red yellow and black to show their pride and support. >>terisa estacio: a neutral to try and isolate the mysterious
6:31 pm
power surge in the meantime of bus bridge is still in effect helping commuters get back and forth during the unarmed commute hours between the past by the current station in here in north concord. >>haaziq madyun: the man who run this chase bank in lafayette on monday the same man is one in connection back to multiple bank robbers they're working with fbi time to track this person down before he strikes again.
6:32 pm
>>reporter: the city over passage monument will walk out and a pleasant hill the said today there where the report and they believe that all three bridges are safe they said that bridge construction efficient and still be considered safe.
6:33 pm
>>reporter: a little better cloudiness and when dennis expected to continue as we headed to the rest of tonight as well niven of the bank is due to the system that continues to push off to the northeast across web wanted his ridge of high pressure continue building the future cash shows of the dry
6:34 pm
conditions this to go to the rest of my same thing as a push to small lots of sunshine expected a few thin passing called as head into thursday and into friday. >>reporter: will push and to seven instruments location but others defied a trip to the weekend and next week to track a few changes drop back down to the mid '60s on monday and tuesday.
6:35 pm
>>catherine heenan: fbi's is wanted in least a couple of weeks to know what it actually an alternate wet, and encrypted iphone use by one of the san bernardino attackers is centered on the fbi demand for apple to help unlock that foam apple has been fiercely resisting the order saying it the security of all the phones in jeopardy but again the government might not need apple's help the fbi will follow a status report on testing by april 5th president obama wrapping up an historic trip to cuba he says the future between the dress in cuba is a bright but not without challengers his accomplice and a 54 year and are all and deliver
6:36 pm
the message directly to rival castro the president will cap off the trip with an exhibition baseball game with in the tampa bay raised in the cuban national team. >>catherine heenan: the community finds the defendant..
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>>catherine heenan: their heart broken after the six your career than the carrot for for years was removed from their home on monday the dramatic scene happening at the santa clara home she does leave the with the family for years but because she is 1.5% net of america in the indian child welfare act says this she has to live with extended family in utah and
6:41 pm
harbor community members with their offerings support watching and she was taken away her foster family has tried unsuccessfully to adopt all the past several years.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>>gary: holophane basketball player involved somewhat in the brussels terror attack from the tarmac of the airport in brussels tree is a demand on of
6:45 pm
the turmoil on can't allow to the different descriptions of the events that have. there was another basketball player involved he now plays professionally in belgium but at the airport when the explosion occurred the blast in and 65 ft. into the air and he injured his leg in this tip is not
6:46 pm
recovering after undergoing to surgery this with you vince's going on today in brussels of boston's of south that once again for a baseball bat in cute but since 1999 there are 30 major the key is right now.
6:47 pm
>>gary: that when 10 of the last of him but that the schedule and at one is tired the season always had these natural flows emotionally when it is in a down cycle right now with all the games and played in the emotional to spurn the other night before the warrior unleashes home what do you want to have this when i visited some of and did you don't we're down
6:48 pm
to one team and post-season basketball represent the bay area the stanford women and sick marriage blow my mom said but the nit quarterfinal that is randy bennett of nothing owners
6:49 pm
meeting in florida the were is the 49ers talked to each and every team in the bleak and right now it appears as if capet will not be leaving san
6:50 pm
francisco bird or ease the high
6:51 pm
end at a $20 is their way to get an early warning before a summit for coastline the new system and tested.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>>catherine heenan: >>gabe slate: this to happen any day in the bay area we have so many soft target home security is asking to your help helping smaller test that might help people buy some time to get away from the salami that devastated japan five years ago this video of the monster waves following a powerful earthquake tomorrow morning in california emergency officials will try out a salami early warning communications system special of the clothes will be sent to the north the humble and menacing the county. >>reporter: right into the
6:55 pm
easter weekend where tracking report dry pattern we in the tracking a great chance of any rainfall for least the next weaker so. >>catherine heenan:have a great night see you t 8pm.
6:56 pm
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number "dancing with the stars" is back, but the celebs are already black and blue with the agony of the feet. >> my feethurt. >> our very own dr. joe is making house calls. but what did geraldo say that left him speechless? and the kardashians' new $180 million lawsuit. >> we work really and we really pride yourselves on that. >> arekim, kloe and kourtney guilty of fraud? and number three, what finally convinced harris force to return as indiana jones. >> did they finally come up with an idea that you love? >> yeah.
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plus will he be passing t whip to chris. the "batman vs. superman" hype train can't be derailed. except by ben's own children. >> they don't want me to take the mask off. >> do you get brownie p with the chicks? now, hollywood from th inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> hello, everybody, and welcome to "the insider." we're tracking the biggest stories in holltoday. >> jane fonda says it took me 30 years to get it. why it took her so long to embrace her feminist title and the stunning admission that she thought she deserves to get paid less than a man. let's start with the number one tracking story, "dancing with the stars." most of the celebs struggling right out of the gat so leave it to yo to discover the


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