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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 22, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>grant lodes: you can hear small child calling for its mother to five as described in body parts mix with the rubble as part of the ceiling collapsed almost immediately afterwards a second explosion roared a can of yet another bomb a few miles away this one even more deadly and when off the subway train as
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the train approached the station near the headquarters of the european union the military stood guard as medics tended to the injured all the into the night security forces raided homes in muslim neighborhoods clinton and no signs of the efforts suspect but did find evidence the time was moved up
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because they feared that he would talk to authorities revealing the plant. >>catherine heenan: the latest deadly attack bigotry but i since the comet itself in june of 2014 which allowed or inspired near the 75 attacks in 20 countries for the couple had developed extremist you said there were making plans as early as 2013.
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>>vicki liviakis: you notice a higher police presence balkans headed the international turmoil as well as outside in the past and the drop-off area travelers who spoke with stan to take in stride he was on duty at as a
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full on 911 we're not in a new era of soft targets in a product or is a scam to figure out how to deal with.
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>>catherine heenan: people have been gathering to remember the and its allies lost in the terror act. >>reporter: there is a huge outpouring of support on the plaza in front of city hall there were people who need to the in a crime just the future showing of support people stand in solidarity with the most touching thing was a little children the upper here writing messages it is sad for every one
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more group that was here they all got together and sing the belgium national anthem and that was followed by a moment of silent. off
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>>catherine heenan: wrapped of his historic trip in during his final speech before leaving he offered condolences to the people of belgium and pledged to help catch the attackers the
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president taking some heat for how he responded to the attack to do what he's been criticized in the east bay of muslim women as old and a community meeting tonight to tell us her religion does not pose a threat to public safety.
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>>reporter: what people can ask them out come at all what he said before that the u.s. need to have strong supporters they said there may be a silver lining task there are islamic extremist but folks that came
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with the questions ready now understand that not all muslims are terrorist the bay area bank robber his head again police asking for help from the public.
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>>catherine heenan: some people call the video shopping we're
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here with more. >>grant lodes: the community very divided to 9 after watching this video cash and that was the
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video we're live tonight in antioch with the school's reaction
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>>reporter: it is shocking to watch and listen to the substitute teacher yelling and screaming and waving his hands clearly of said and one of the students it clearly shows the composer reportedly over the disappearance of a box of our bands is unclear what the circumstances were that led to the out bridge but the behavior by any definition was extreme the was provided by a school employee who did not want to be identified out affairs archival they're frustrated by lack of discipline and the school and perhaps that is why the teacher lost to school that is no excuse
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for lack of objectivity and for behavior from adult who's supposed to know better. >>catherine heenan: after a beautiful day will be warming amid colleges bring the ship is here >>reporter: it is still good on the when deciding it was what to expect the high supervisory staff is a fact as an early morning hours you really careful by the ocean as we headed to tomorrow the temperatures will keep warming up above average temperatures staying dry wood lots of sunshine a nice easter holiday weekend the timber
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issues across the area 55 and pleasanton 56 in san jose low sixties in this city 65 santa rosa 55 degrees and novato as we go to the next couple days temperatures will keep warming up into the '70s by thursday was the low seventies friday. >>catherine heenan: and has rocked the world now fbi expert says for the u.s. is next.
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>>gabe slate: after attacks like this we feel angry and hopeless it can come any time there's so many soft targets in the bay area airports to bridge this very stadium shopping malls we can help: security setup ways group to report suspicious activity when you open it looks like the their three giant buttons submit suspicious activity report called all cursor or e-mail duty officer if you have to call the opposite 247 will be connected with a live agent the chain could
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become to california's minimum- wage how you to men.
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>>catherine heenan: the measure certified the secretary of state with raises buy a dollar every year over five years they're competing proposals still collecting signatures the plan would increase raises to $15 an hour by 2020 and provide six paid sick days a string of banks have been hit in the last month the suspect had been described as a white man in his mid-30s with a beard about 6 ft. tall and average build the weapons have been seen or used but a new model black ford mustang the bay
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area all passes in need of repair the day of terror and belgium a former fbi agent said the violence could be coming to the u.s..
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>>catherine heenan: the a security official said the death toll has risen to 34 attacks in brussels at an airport and subway station not clear how many cavities happened at each side of the official speaking on this is an eminent if the thais numbers and sent it to be announced early on wednesday i suspicion of them communicate taking credit for the attacks.
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>>catherine heenan: isis is also releasing follows this supposedly showed fighters and syria giving out candy to children. >>j.r. stone: we need to be prepared for an attack like this and the mayor come america's
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need to be ready as to what can be done smith believes that the fbi be granted access to information that could help them and carry cases to them and have been skeptical about four faugh. >>j.r. stone: rex smith has a
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private investigator he believes the mine said has to change and that this should certainly be a concern to americans after. >>grant lodes: there's some will think president obama should have skipped the in-store baseball game canceled his career trip to argentina and headed back to the u.s. to address the tariff issue oversees espn eye to the president today in the stands in havana this was a cuban national brush to the tampa bay are raised the rope or ask the president and he defended his decision for for for the only
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time that america did not have a problem with someone on live tv that is a tapper resilience in the toughest it could never have to continually shown >>grant lodes: it was joined in the crowd the cuban leader mr. castro there is yet another
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twist in the battle with the fbi over the from of an accused terrorist this is going to take a least two weeks before knowing whether there is an alternate way to unlock the foam used by one of the san bernardino attackers the fbi getting help from an actor the have and 50 resisting the fbi saying. >>reporter: angeles are still concerned eye center advisory staying in effect until for him on wednesday we're going to stay
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sunny and dry here was a close look at hansard rising--high surf advisory >>reporter: still breezy and when the conditions and have more than to stand along 21 mi. per hour wind speeds moving at 18 mi. from our san jose ought to attend and dr. mitchell's was quiet and dry conditions we just saw a few little light snow showers will have a really
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beautiful work week on talk temperatures 61 and out of 56 and haywood 57 degrees and fremont as we had to small 67 in redwood city will push to 60 degrees and auto tim will be a few degrees warmer 70 degrees and ample 74 cash shows with a warming things come back to los the minister of the friday into the weekend will track of your changes as we into monday tuesday was the drive to the next week or so hillary clinton
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continues to roll donald trump the vector for the gop hillary clinton when for the democrats being bernie sanders pretty handily and never saw the the two states in clay tonight also out west we have idaho and utah results and for those two states and angry diner deciding
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it is time for revenge when he threw into a restaurant that had people running away in a dog getting attention for creativity to call him dog the benching.
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fog >>catherine heenan: the police accused them of a stick kidnapping the lawsuit in the city of lille and two police officers as defendants prosecuted eventually charged in a tiny map to mahler with kidnapping her he pleaded not guilty emergency officials are going to try out a tsunami early warning him coming up next has three bay area bridges being called deficient in the structure of the basketball legend pfizer's of the middle of the breast of terror attack-- brussels terror attack
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>>reporter: will want to continue moving and until it continues to warm up we're going to stay nice and dry as to get a little bit closer to the easter weekend and the cool side and lay off 52 degrees 55 and san the sale to isn't received 56 in san jose 54 degrees currently in the war ended the high sixes a
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few spots 77 degrees 66 in richmond if the tech look at the temperatures where in the mid '60s for san francisco low 60s and ocean beach you're 74 cash so that as we go into the next couple of days will keep one of things up thursday 7 agreed friday 71 saturday sunday low '70's, above average about 5 to 67 the greens >>gary: the terror attack in brussels and boston sports figures in his mind back to
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united states after doing some charity work in the condo was napping in an airport lounge before the explosions occur his safety made out of the turmoil he gave his description of the events of another basketball player involved this players named sebastian now professionally in belgium he played in the united states for open university in michigan he
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was the airport when the explosions occurred the blasters and 65 ft. in the air severely injuring his leg in helps is not recovering after undergoing president obama receiving heavy criticism they have some heavy-
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duty upon a small net clippers already seem to play the warriors the golden state has the number but dallas, nine
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minutes in their advance final 60 to 44 because we have an incredible knowledge >>gary: just look on the drew
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family there were three to three in man that a coach the season opener cost you $20 once again
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when you spend $20 right now to
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drools if you know about the family follow me and the answer that i don't know maybe you can give it to me or grant will explain.
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>>catherine heenan: 25,000 bridges to 2000 of them are considered to be structurally deficient and the report identified three having used the
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bay area bridges. >>charles clifford: this report for the american road concession building identified to bay area bridges one more part of the bridge the first-ever is a list december is a list of the interstate 80 built in 1956 about to run the 30,000 crossings' per day this bridge is 65 years ago a bridge might
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be considered a stroke to the fashion that does not mean it is unsafe for example developed cracks the being billed back in 1998 the regular testing those cracks has no effect and no capacity of the bridge. >>catherine heenan: the guy was arrested on suspicion of making
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criminal threats the spec has been taken into custody by animal control he is known as the of the avenging he was scared of the stairs as ono was also in orders discovered he has a low for painting have a
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great night everyone.
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