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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>>:the train stopped in its tracks and the lights went out everybody dropped to the ground and never knew immediately that it was a terrorist attack--i knew immediately >> catherine : now at 11. a series of coordinated terror attacks strike in the heart of belgium. at least 34 people are dead. and hundreds are injured after two explosions hit the brussels airport. and another ripped through a subway station in the belgian capital. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack good evening, i'm catherine heenan. tonight. a suspect is still on
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the loose. from our partners at c-n-n. mary moloney has more. >> mary : inside a crowded airport -- an explosion sends people running for their lives. the terminal filled with smoke. terrified passengers drop to the floor and huddle together. >> : i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable it's really hard. >> mary : minutes later a second blast inside the airport. >> : i saw many injures, i saw people dead everything broken. it's just terrible. >> mary : prosecutors say these three men may have contributed to one of the worst terror attacks in europe. right now -- there's a massive manhunt for this man in the white jacket. police say he left the brussels airport shortly before the attacks. investigators believe the two men in black -- were suicide bombers. the black gloves on their left hands may have concealed the detonators. during a raid at a house connected to the men -- investigators found a nail bomb -- chemical product -- and an
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isis flag. the terror group claimed responsibility for the airport attacks -- and a similar explosion at a metro station. the metro station is a short distance from where police captured salah abdesalem last week. one of the suspected ringleaders in the paris attacks last november. now police are searching for anyone who might be involved. as the people of brussels mourn the lives lost. i'm mary moloney reporting. >> catherine : people around the world are mourning those killed in today's attacks. in belgium. people placed flowers and lit candles in honor of the victims. and famous monuments around the world, including the eiffel tower and one world trade center. were lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. there was also a memorial here in san francisco. people gathered tonight outside city hall - showing their support and sympathy for
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belgians. city hall also carried the colors of the belgian flag - with red and yellow lights. >>:for us it was very important to come to san francisco and to show support >>:it was such a horror but as others were saying it is not unexpected as it is becoming the norm and saying that it is inhumane is not strong enough of a word kathrynmessages of peace, love and strength were written on a large white banner. >> catherine : about one-hundred people were here to show their support. bay area law enforcement agencies are stepping up their presence following the attacks. s-f-o is on high alert and is beefing up security. there's an increased police presence both inside the terminal areas. and outside at passenger drop off areas.
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other major airports across the country, including in new york and chicago are also stepping up security. bart also increased security today after the brussels attacks. bart has activated what it calls "critical asset patrol teams." they're specially trained and strategically deployed throughout the system.mostly in busy areas. the agency says there have been no credible threats - but they don't want to take any chances. a former f-b-i agent is speaking out on the terror attacks in brussels. today we met with rich smith here in san francisco. he believes that americans should be particularly concerned after the latest attack. and says he believes the f-b-i should be granted access to information that could help them in terror cases. >>:we are faced with a threat that we have not seen in a long long time and is a third world war in my view and is coming here to this country soon folks so be awake and be vigilant
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>> catherine : smith spent more than 20 years in with the f-b-i. the muslim community has seen backlash from the recent terror attacks both here in california and abroad. in the east bay, a muslim woman held a community meeting tonight to tell others that her religion does not pose a threat to public safety. kron 4's alecia reid has details from the meeting, where people were asking tough questions. >> alecia :a panel said that no question was off the table >>:we are ordinary americans we are no different >> alecia :that is part of the reason the "ask a muslim" open session is happening where people can ask anything. moina shaiq says muslims have faced backlash because of all the isis related terror attacks. >> moina shaiq : we are victims as much as anyone else. we need to stand together to face an enemy. >> alecia :soon after the attack
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in brussels, senator ted cruz ted cruz called for special patrols in muslim neighborhoods. and donald trump echoed what he's said before. that the u-s needs to have stronger borders. >> : they might as well just put us in internment camps. we're going so many years into our dark history. we call it dark and now we're trying to do the same thing again today. >> alecia :there are islamic extremists, but folks that came with their questions ready now understand that not all muslims are terrorists. >> : i think it dispels some of the fear. not all muslims are like that. here are wonderful people who we would love to have in our communities. >> alecia :she has been holding these sessions for a couple of months now but has since spread across the bay area >> catherine : our coverage
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continues online. on our website. there, we have full interviews with terror experts. and more video of the attacks. it's all on kron-4-dot-com. an antioch substitute teacher is in hot water because of this meltdown in a middle school classroom this week. kron four's jeff bush shows us more of the video and explains why the teacher was so upset. it's a story you will only see on kron 4. >> jeff :this video was provided to kron four news by an employee at the antioch middle school. you can see the substitute teacher is upset and raising his voice during sixth grade lessons on monday afternoon. the video was shot by a student and captures the meltdownwhich was about a box of rubber bands. the teacher, who's name has not been released, was reportedly irritated because the rubber bands were missing and you can
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hear on the video, that one of the students was accused of misplacing them. >>:you said you put them somewhere, then where did they go? thin air? was it magic? did you put them here? go through this garbage and put them in my hand. >> jeff :it is unclear what the circumstances were that lead up to the outburst but the employee who provided the video says there has been a growing frustration about the lack of student discipline at the school and, perhaps, this incident was related to that issue. still, by any standard, the behavior is not what you would expect from a middle school teacher who is assigned to look after and educate middle school students. the district says the teacher has been a long time substitute and there have not been any problemsuntil this incident came to light. the school district issued a brief statement to kron four that says that teacher was escorted off of campus immediately and will not be returning to class. i'm jeff bush in antioch, kron four news.
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>> catherine : the antioch unified school district released a statement regarding the substitute teacher. saying his actions "in no way reflect the values of our schools or our district." the district says it takes student safety seriously -- and will take appropriate steps determined by the outcome of the investigation. new at 11. the santa cruz county board of supervisors has declared a local emergency because of the recent storm damage. rainy weather earlier this month resulted in floods and downed trees and power lines. there was also a lot of damage to nearly 2-dozen roads. it's estimated there's more than 11-million dollars in damaage. the local state of emergency can make it easier to get a 'state' disaster declaration. which would help bring in money for repairs. some bart service modifications to report tonight. as bart techs try to fix the electrical problem that's disabling train cars. the bus bridges between north concord and pittsburg-bay point is won't run until get riders through the trouble spot. and in the early morning.4 to
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9am.and later evening commutes. shuttle trains will travel between those two stations. the train shuttles will run every 15 minutes and are expected to be faster than the bus bridges. coming up. hundreds honor the memory of a c-h-p officer killed while on duty in the snowy sierra last week.. plus. a proposal to raise the minimum wage in california. how much it could increase over the next few years. and more primary action today. we have some of the latest results from 3 western states. >> gary :and later in this broadcast we have sports highlights >> brittney : i am tracking a warming trend and it will take a look your seven day forecast
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for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. >> catherine : tonight. voters in three states are deciding who should be the presidential nominee. results are just coming in for the utah caucuses. bernie sanders is the projected winner for the democratic caucus. but no winner has been declared yet for the republican party. here's a look at the big wins in arizona tonight. donald trump was the declared
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the winner of the arizona g-o-p primary. with this win -- he takes all of the state's 58 delegates to the republican national convention. hillary clinton won arizona for the democratic primary. she now has a delegate lead of more than 300 over bernie sanders. she talked about her win tonight.. >>:understand that this is not just a contest between different candidates this is a contest between fundamentally different views about country and our values and our future >> catherine : results aren't in yet from the iowa democratic caucuses a proposal to raise california's minimum wage to 15-dollars an hour has qualified for the november ballot. california's current minimum wage is the highest in the country at 10-dollars an hour. the proposal would raise it by 1 dollar over the next five years until the year 20-21. a competing proposal would raise wages to 15-dollars by 20- 20. and would provide six paid
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sick days a year. governor jerry brown says a steep wage increase would be "incredibly costly." a spring storm is bringing lots of fresh snow to the sierra.. this is video from north star this morning. where they got a foot of snow overnight. heavenly and kirkwood got a little over a foot of new snow over the past 24 hours. here in the bay area. more warm weather is on the way. kron 4 meteorologist brittany shipp is tracking the forecast. >> brittney : it is going to keep warming up as we headed to the rest of the weekend which is good news and we are seeing in dry pattern setting up warming this week. we're still seeing wind gusts closer to 35 mi. from our and we
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have the high surf advisories in effect until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and tracking what the sunshine and recognitions on the way to easter sunday here is the closer look at our high surf advisory in effect for another couple of hours and make sure to look for beach erosion which is always a possibility so be careful our satellite radar shot shows quite conditions right now --quiet instead we're going to see high pressure building over our area and dry air moving in so as we go into the next couple of days are temperatures will continue warming up heading above average
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for a change expect temperatures to mainly be in the high 60s and lows '70's in antioch and then will fly you over to the peninsula and the north bay you have a more comfortable day temperatures climbing into the '70s and on thursday and friday heading into the weekend it will still be nice and above average with much sunshine the then the temperatures to drop back down closer average >> catherine : sports director gary is here--gary radnich someone said i had to say his full name >> gary :thank you chephreat--
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catherine the san jose sharks aiming to lock in a playoff spot tonight. --sharkies hosting the blues.and looking for a fifth straight home win. --the game was scoreless until the third. robby fabbri lights the lamp with a goal past martin jones. --some drama to close it out. sharks need to tie. had two power play opportunities in the final minute. but no one can break through brian elliott. --the blues goalie preserves a 37-save shutout. sharks lose 1-nothing.and a chance at the postseason will have to wait. the st. mary's gaels in the quarterfinals of the nit. --randy bennett and the boys from moraga taking on valpairso --first half, the gaels flexing their muscle. dane pineau gets the steal.and
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layup. st. mary's took a lead into the half. -- the crusaders stormed out of the break with a 16-nothing run. gaels were held scoreless for more than 9-minutes. --valparaiso wins 60-44.and st. mary's postseason run is over. the terror attacks in brussels shocked the world today.including--many figures in the sports community. among them-- dikembe mutombo, who was at the site of the destruction. the nba hall of famer posted these pictures on facebook this morning. from the tarmac of the airport in brussels. mutombo, who was flying back to the us after doing charity work in the congo, was napping in an airport lounge before the explosions occurred. he is safe and made it out of the terminal unharmed. earlier today, he gave his description of the events to cnn. >>:they're saying everybody out everybody out we have to go we
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have to go and then i dropped my bag and i started running >> gary :the attacks left hundreds of people injured. including-- a former basketball player for oakland university in michigan. sebastian bellin.who now plays professionally in belgium.was at the airport when the explosions occurred. the blasts threw him 65-feet into the air.and shrapnel went into his leg and hip. he is currently recovering after undergoing two surgeries. while brussels is in crisis, president barack obama is taking some criticism for attending a baseball game in cuba. the president and the rest of the first family were seated next to cuban leader raul castro. for an historic exhibition matchup between the two countries. the tampa bay rays faced the cuban national squad. marking the first visit by a major league team to the communist nation since 1999.
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the rays won, 4-1. finally, the season hasn't started yet, but the atlanta braves concession is in postseason form. now going to bed catherinestill ahead. hundreds of people remember the c-h-p officer killed last week as he directed traffic over a snowy sierra highway.
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>> catherine : hundreds of
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people honored the memory today of the c-h-p officer killed march 12th while on duty in the sierra. officer nathan taylor was hit by an out-of-control driver last saturday as he directed traffic following an accident on i-80. california's governor and attorney general were among the hundreds of law enforcement officers and other mourners at the service. taylor leaves behind a wife and three sons. still ahead. soon - uber will do more than take you places. it will also bring you your
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>> catherine : uber is launching a food delivery app. it's called "uber-eats" - and will be available in 10 u-s cities this month. including san francisco. uber is hiring more drivers, adding bike couriers, and partnering with hundreds of restaurants. customers will usually be able to order from a restaurant's full menu. and they'll be able to track their orders by looking at their driver, or biker, on a live map. existing customers will have their payment information automatically transferred over from their uber app. that's it for the kron 4 news
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at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning! ♪
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'cause on march 30th, this deal is history. world terror alert. total chaos. scenes of carnage. >> moment by moment the coordinated attack. >> and beefed up security across america. >> what you need to know. >> then, little lexi. outrage over the girl taken away from the only home she has known. >> we love you lexi. >> and, it's the controversy that won't go away. >> we teach success. that's what it's all about. >> what was trump university really like. >> the ratings from the better business bureau was a d minus. >> inside trump university, from a former top executive. what he is saying about claims thatho


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