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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 23, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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taken monday at about 2:30 a.m. at the carl's junior fast food restaurant in san francisco near the westfield. their mother says a nearby burger king restaurant around noon that day. she says she left the children at that point with a woman known as "jacquita" who you see here in this surveillance video. they were supposed to meet early tuesday morning but this "jacquita" woman never showed. their mother didn't report the kids missing until tuesday at 10 pm. a day and a half later. police are looking for the kids and this jacquita woman. >> reporter:the mother of the children 26-year-old shanyce jones is felony child endangerment charges and narcotics charges. if you have any information on the whereabouts of these children police urge you to call 911.
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>> catherine:names to go with the faces of the killers. identities of three suicide bombers responsible for the terror attacks in belgium. one of them - also suspected of making the bombs used in last year's paris bombings. >> catherine:many new details are emerging tonight in the investigation into the brussels bombings. grant lodes is here now with what the latest attacks have revealed about the war on terror. >> grant:the first lesson is that we are a long way from eliminating the threat. >> grant:security officials are telling the associated press that isis has trained at least 400 followers and sent them into europe for terror attacks. the officials say the fighters have been given
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orders to find the right time, place and method to carry out their mission. >> grant:and as we learned this week european efforts to detect them have not been enough. >> grant:forensic experts have been collecting evidence from apartments linked to the bombers. two of them have been identified from airport surveillance videos. this man may be the most significant. najim laachraoui, 24 years old, a belgian citizen born in morocco. >> grant:he is known to have traveled to syria in 2013 and is is believed to be the bombmaker behind last november's paris attacks. >> grant:his dna was reportedly found on suicide vests worn by two of the terrorists there. >> grant:next to him at the airport, 30 year old ibrahim el syrian border in turkey. turkey says it deported him to holland with a warning that he might be a foreign fighter. >> grant:despite that he was
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allowed to enter belgium without any problems. >> grant:ibrahim's younger brother khalid el bakraoui blew himself up on a metro train. the two brothers were known to have had links to the paris attackers. >> grant:bot had reportedly escaped after a gun battle with police last week. still at large and unidentified. this man, >> grant:investigators say his suitcase bomb was the most powerful, but that it failed to go off as intended. instead police detonated it in a controlled explosion. >> grant:what the suspects have in common is that all had been on the radar of europe's counterterrorism effort. all had been picked up at one time or another and released. >> grant:the toll from tuesday's bombings: 31 victims and more than 60 others critically injured. the u=s government issuing a travel alert for americans going oerseas.
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>>. frankly it's just looking at the prospect that there could be additional attacks, terrorist attacks in europe. >> catherine: today. president obama president obama pledged support to belgium and europe. the president said the us is committed to stopping isis. >>as i told belgium's prime minister yesterday, the united states will continue to offer any assistance that we can to help investigate these attacks and bring attackers to justice. we will also continue to go after isil, aggressively, until it is removed from syria and removed from iraq and is finally destroyed. >> catherine:the president is in argentina. hoping to forge stronger ties between the south american country and the united states. >> catherine: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area tonight. this afternoon, as kron four's rob fladeboe reports -- she called out two of her republican rivals
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terrorism. >> reporter: focused on the recent attack in brussels. >> reporter: for a small group. before a small group. she laid out her process on terrorism. an intelligence surged to rule out terrorism. >> been the brightest minds here in silicon valley creek to more effectively track and focus on g hottest networks on. --jihad >> reporter: calling for
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strengthening ties in europe. when she says to cruised the meaning--donald trump's intent approves calls for treating american muslims like terrorist. it is long as it is counterproductive. it is dangerous. -- it is wrong >> reporter:before a small group of invited guests and students here at encina hall, hillary clinton laid out her plan for countering terrorism in europe and around the world with what she characterized as 'an intelligence surge' to root out terrorists before they strike. >> reporter:citing her experience as secretary of state, clinton says she is best qualified to lead the fight against terror, called for strengthening ties with europe she chastised donald trump for his criticism of nato and ted cruz for what
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says his demonizing of all muslims. >> reporter:the bombings in brussels are still on the minds of travelers. no matter where they're headed. as kron 4's will tran discovered this morning - cautious.' >> reporter:san francisco police and the c-h-p have finished their investigation into the tour bus crash in union square last november. >> reporter: the state department travel warning any at people traveling to europe. people only troubling and the u.s. are still fairfield accurate-- fearful >> have to be cautious as march. much cannot think to stop doing things. that is the whole thing about terror. that is what they want you they wanted to stop doing things in when you do this. --have to be cautious.
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>> reporter: did it cross your mind about flying tomorrow once you saw all of the footage coming out of brussels. >> yes. i thought about it. just pray to god and hope that things be ok. >> reporter: perhaps the most important to it, make sure to stay in contact with your family and friends during your trip. a lot of times when you go on vacation as you did not hear from them until one day return. but please stay in touch with your families in france just in case there is an emergency and let them know your last location creek and just as importantly that they know how to reach you. reporting from s f o, will trend. kron 4 news. --will tran >> catherine: kron4 the
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first reporter on the scene of that collision that fateful day. and was there today. when results of the investigation were revealed. >> catherine:--maureeen kelly >> catherine: >> reporter:police are calling the calamitous series of events that caused a double decker tour bus to go speeding down post street.hitting a bicyclist. 14 vehicles.and injuring 19 people.was simply operator error. >>speeding basically was the primary factor for this collision >> reporter:the driver has claimed that he heard a popping sound while stopped at taylor street and then the bus excerrated and wouldn't stop no matter what he tried. >> reporter:for the past four months sfpd and chp inspectors have been examining and testing the city sightseeing tour bus.and couldn't find anything wrong with it
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>>our inspection did no reveal any pre existing mechanical conditions or failures that would have effected the safe operation of the highway >> reporter:police say they found no evidence that the driver stepped on the brakes.but data from the bus's black box does show he stepped on the gas. >> reporter:he wont face any criminal charges.he's merely been cited for going 45 in a 25 mile zone. >>we couldn't proof any kind of intent that this was a malicious act he likely panicked after he struck the bicyclist and mistook the excelerator for the brakes >> reporter:that driver kenneth malvar is still recovering from the accident.he spoke publically from his wheelchair for the first time, he maintains he put his foot on the brakes. >>now people will think it's my fault. im not the type of person to run over people i did the best i could. >> reporter:he is planning on fighting that speeding ticket. his lawyer says they still want to get their own expert to examine the bus to see if they there was a product defect. coming up at six you'll hear why he says the law enforcement investigation may have made that hard to prove. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news.
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>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> catherine: this afternoon a citizen came to headquarters with which he believes to be a fake bomb. but they have determined that this may be real. they have to people in buildings nearby to stay inside while the device is being investigated. it was at a senior citizen at a single apartment and a library where they are keeping an eye on the situation creek we will let you know when the police is that this emergency situation is over. >> catherine: the latest on bart power problem is next. and a teacher, having a meltdown in the middle of a classroom. >> brittany: and, it was another beautiful day accurate tracking warmer temperatures. i will let you know what is in store for
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the weekend. coming up in my forecast after the break.
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>> catherine: train service between north concord and pittsburg baypoint is slowly getting back to normal. bus bridges have stopped for the evening, since trains have been added to help get passengers to their destinations. kron 4's alecia reid joins us from north concord -- where passengers have mixed reactions. alecia? >> reporter:the bus bridges are gone for now, and some people feel they were actually faster in getting
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them from north concord to pittsburg/baypoint. >>- it's an inconvenience that's what it is. >> - the bus gets you there in like 2 minutes. the train keeps stop stopping so it takes longer. >> - sf here, pittsburg over here >> reporter:the trains are back passengers now stand on the same platform at the north concord station to switch over to shuttle trains instead of walking outside to get on buses. >> reporter:last night mario bonilla missed the last bus to antioch by the time the shuttle bus got to the pittsburg/baypoint station. he had to shell out 30 bucks for a cab ride. >>- i missed the last bus at 12:03 and when we take it straight we catch it easy. >> reporter:bart passengers have had to deal with shuttle buses between the two stations for a week. an electrical problem damaged a
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number of cars. some need to have a part replaced that typically comes in every 5 ½ months. fixing them will be a lengthy and expensive process. it could cost an estimated $100k. >> reporter:in the meantime, 2 trains will be shuttling passengers from the north concord station to pittsburg/baypoint from 3-8 this evening. then it'll cut down to 1 train until midnight. tomorrow morning from 4-9am there will be two trains. then from 9am to 3pm customers will have to use the shuttle buses once again. >> reporter:while those shuttle buses are back tomorrow, bart will be performing extensive testnig on the tracks. no word on how long this will last. >> reporter:the cause of the voltage spike is still being investigated.
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live in north concord. >> reporter:a one-thousand- dollar bonus being paid to bart employees is being questioned by state senator steve glazer. >> catherine:more than 3- thousand bart employees are scheduled to be rewarded for the fact thetransit agency is experiencing increased ridership. >> catherine:but senator glazer thinks the money could be better spent improving the system. >>"bart is in both a financial and maintenance meltdown, got old train stations and all kinds of problems on the system itself, and financially they have no money to pay for it, so this disclosure that the highest paid transit workers in america are now getting a thousand dollars bonus, every one of them, is an outrage and shows a lack of priorities for the important needs of the system" >> catherine:bart officials say they're contractually bound to pay out the extra money -- as a result of its 2013 negotiated settlement. it followed two contentious labor strikes that same year.
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>> catherine:the f-b-i has released new photos of the so-called "bearded bandit"... connected to 11 bank robberies in northern california. >> catherine:photos show the suspect disguised with dark glasses and baseball caps. the latest sighting was this monday - when he robbed a chase bank in lafayette. >> catherine:and then about an hour later -- a bank in rio vista. police say he always passes a note to a teller demanding money. he's described as white, in this 30's.and about six-feet tall. >> catherine:we're getting new information tonight about the teacher caught on camera behaving badly in a school students. it's a story you'll see only on kron four news. the classroom was in a contra costa county school.
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>> catherine:as kron four's terisa estacio reports - parents are upset about the video and some are wondering if this has happened before. >> reporter:this exclusive video obtained by kron four news shows the teacher losing his temper in a classroom - kron four news showed parents the video as you can see, they were visably upset about hearing the teacher yell at the middle school students - seemingly angry about some missing rubber bands. >>aurelio diaz/parent that is awful. >> reporter:this father says he wonders if this has happened before and what the school is going to do >>i am going to talk to my child and see it makes me upset. >> reporter:amalia garcia has 4 children including one that attends antioch middle school - where the incident happened. >>amalia garcia/parent i am alarmed. >> reporter:kron four reached out to the school - the principal declined to go on camera, but said the teacher involved, was a long term substitue and has since been let go. >> reporter:as for the district we reached out to
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the them as well. we wanted to know if there had been previous incidents involving this teacher - they would only tell us the case is under review and the human resources departemnt is conducting an investigation >> reporter:this parent who did not want to go on camera believed the teacher was wrong, but also thought the students were behaving badly. >> reporter:you don't go to play, you go to learn, they were not respecting the teacher. >> reporter:kron four obtained the video from a source- who alleged school officials were upset about the video and wanted it deleted and certainly not given to the media. we will continue to follow up on this story - you can follow along with our mobile app for the very latest on this story and other news. in antioch, te >> catherine:busy southbound mission boulevard in fremont was closed for about three hours this afternoon. when a taco truck overturned >> catherine:with its roof caved in. the truck was totally demolished. the truck driver was taken to the hopsital with non- life threatening injureis. two other on on board were not injured. >> pam:no word on what caused the taco truck to flip over. it was the only vehicle invovled in the incident. >> catherine:quiet
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conditions for us and a warming trend into easter weekend. >> brittany: it looks a little bit cooler for easter and into next week but still dry. for the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine and some clouds. you could see the reconditions coming in. for the next couple of days. just >> brittany: a few clouds moving into our area. weather disturbances are staying low to the north of us. i work temperature today is just a few degrees cooler than yesterday's. with 70 the grease average pyrrhic 66 in fremont, at 66 in livermore. we will continue to see some temperatures climb as we go into the rest of the work week. we do see minor conditions still in
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the '60s as we drop down into the mid to high fifties by 8:00 p.m.. >> brittany: would continue to see breezy conditions over a next few hours. as we go into tomorrows; 70 in oakland and 73 in santa rosa. i will have more in just a few minutes. catherine? >> catherine:next at five. new concerns tonight about east bay over-passes. the report that says they're in serious need of repair. >> catherine:and later. how a man climbed an iconic tree.refused to come down. and has become a star!
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>> catherine:the company behind the bay area bike share program is expanding. today it announced that 85 new stations will be installed. with several hundred new bicycles to be made available in san francisco and san jose. >> catherine:san francisco will get 72 of a thousand
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bicycles. san jose will get 13 new stations with a total of 250 bicycles. >> catherine:it's hope that the new stations will be open and the bikes on the road - by the end of the year. >> catherine:across california there are more than 25 thousand bridges. about 2 thousand of them are considered to be structurally deficient. >> catherine:a new report has identified three heavily used bay area bridges that fall into that category. kron 4's charles clifford explains. >> reporter:this new report from the american road & transportation builders association identifies 3 bay area bridges that are considered to be structurally deficient. that means one or more parts of the bridge are in either poor or worse condition. all 3 bay area bridges mentioned in the report are in the east bay. 1 in contra costa county and two in alameda county. >> reporter:the first bridge on the list is the 680 overpass above monument boulevard in pleasant hill. it was built in 1998 and 235,000 cars pass over it every day. the second bridge on the
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list is the interstate 880 crossing over whipple road in hayward. built in 1956, this bridge handles about 230,000 crossing per day. >> reporter:and the third overpass on the list is this span of 880 over san leandro creek in san leandro. this bridge is 65 years old and more than 200,000 cars use it daily. >> reporter:now, caltrans said tuesday that all three bridge are safe for travelers. they note that just because a bridge might be considered structurally deficient, that does not mean it is unsafe. for example, according to caltrans the overpass over in pleasant hill developed cracks when it was being built back in 1998 but regular testing of that bridge has shown that the cracks have no effect on the load capacity of the bridge. >> reporter:and finally, caltrans does admit that califronia's bridges are aging and that a major investment will be needed in order to save them. in hayward, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> catherine:new details tonight about the manhunt for the bombing suspect in the brussels attacks that's next at 5:30.
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>> catherine:also - why uber is actually offering lots of money -- to hackers.
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the man on the right and the hat is subject to a mass of research tonight. two brothers, each died creek carry out attacks yesterday. not at the airport and the one at the subway explosion. and then on the left, deck yester day during the suicide attack was a bomb maker. behind the paris attacks. 31 people died yesterday in so many others injured. we will talk about the victims that we are learning all about.
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>> catherine:president obama calls it his top priority --- defeating isis and stopping terrorists around the world. it's the focus of many -- after the attacks in belgium. our congressional correspondent alex schuman has more from washington. >> reporter:the terror attacks in belgium are still reverberating around the world. vice president joe biden stopped at the belgian embassy in washington to sign a condolence book for the victims. >>--"they're mobilizing all community as well as their capability to begin to crack down on and eventually eliminate these terrorists." >>the best to eliminate isis terrorists is still up for debate. ohio republican - congressman bill johnson. >>--"this threat - threatens not only our friends and allies abroad, but it threatens our very way of life here in america as well." >> reporter:right now congress is debating a 3 billion dollar cut in military spending. something house republicans call a mistake - especially in light of the belgian
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attacks. mississippi republican - congressman gregg harper. >>--"we have to make sure we stand up for the men and women in the military." >> reporter:president obama pledged to keep going after isis - calling it his top priority. >> grant:--"there is no more important item on my agenda than going after them and defeating them." the president plans to keep attacking their finances, killing leadership, and disrupt isis' ability to communicate. he says the plan cannot include treating muslims different from any other religious group. >>--"any approach to single them out for discrimination would be counterproductive." >> grant:security is on high alert across the united states. here in d.c. you can find extra security at federal buildings, the airport, and at our metro stops. in washington, congressional correspondent alex schuman. >> catherine:a utah teenager survived the attacks in brussels --- and it was his third brush with terrorism mason wells suffered second and third degree burns to his hands and legs. >> catherine:and injured his
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achilles tendon. the 19-year-old missionary was inside the brussels airport when the bombs went off. >> catherine:mason was also only a block away when the boston marathon bombing happened. and --- was on vacation in france last year -- when the paris attacks happened. injuries in a belgian hospital. >>--"i think this is a good wake up call for not only citizens of america, belgium and france but the world, that we need to come pull ourselves apart." >> catherine:the family says their main concern -- than mason will still be able to pursue his dream of joining the u.s naval academy. despite his injuries. >> catherine:spring is officially here - but it doesn't look like it in denver. check out the blizzard-like conditions. >> catherine:more than 135- thousand residents have lost power across colorado. schools and businesses were forced to shut down because of bad driving conditions. >> catherine:and denver's airport also closed. forcing hundreds of flights to be canceled. quiet conditions for us and a warming trend into easter
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weekend. >> brittany: we are going to see quiet conditions not what we are seeing happening in denver. >> brittany: as we go into the rest of tonight, quiet condition setting up for us at our lead dust and half moon bay is about 22 mi. per hour with breezy conditions and other locations pricked but that is probably the windiest spot in our area right now. mount conditions on the breezier side headed into tomorrow. a little bit warmer than what we saw today. the rest of the weekly average temperatures as we get closer to friday and the weekend. if temperatures dropping as we head into easter sunday. forecasts showing that to this will be processed in
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zero degrees. dropping down on sunday. tracking cooler weather creek and a chance of rain showers. >> brittany: will have that for you and another 15 minutes, catherine creek-- catherine? >> catherine:the navy says it has found one of its ships -- that's been missing for 95-years. it announced today that the u-s-s conestoga has been found near the farallon islands. just off the san francisco coast. >> catherine:the navy tugboat disappeared in march of 19-21 with 56 crew members on board. it's believed it sank while trying to dodge a storm - on its way to pearl harbor. the conestoga was the last navy ship to be lost without a trace in peacetime. >> catherine:the navy says the wreckage will remain undisturbed. >> catherine: the fbi is investigating a computer hacking at a hospital in henderson, kentucky. they say hackers locked patient files and demanded money for re-opening them. >> catherine: the hospital refused to pay the
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ransom.and instead shut down the infected parts of the computer system,. relying instead on back-up copies. it's not clear which documents were affected. >> catherine: investigators say they're not sure how it was done.but they have some leads. no patient information or records were compromised. >> catherine: uber is launching a program to pay hackers to find bugs in their app. the ride sharing company will offer hackers 10 thousand dollars for each critical problem they solve. >> catherine: uber will also fork over 3 to 5 thousand dollars for hackers to fix small glitches. lots of tech companies have similar programs, but none that are paying out as much as upber >> catherine: still ahead at five. a strange stand-off between police --- and a man in a tree. >> catherine: how it all played out - coming up at 5:45. and next. >> catherine: getting kids to have a more positive body image. and on wall street. stocks ended lower today, led by declines in energy and mining companies as prices
5:37 pm
commodities weaken. >>the market is now on track for its first weekly loss since mid-february. the dow lost 80 points. >> catherine: the s&p was down 13. and the nasdaq lost 53 points. return to index of (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> catherine:experts say children are being bombarded with images that suggest your self-worth is tied to how you look. cnn's jeremy roth has tips
5:40 pm
from researchers on how to show them -- that it's what's on the inside that counts. >> reporter:studies have shown children as young as five don't like their bodies. how can we counteract such trends -- experts say it begins at home -- and it begins with positive discussion. >> reporter:researchers say be on the lookout for negative stereotypes in the media your children are being exposed to. >> reporter:when you do see those stereotypes -- challenge them. and ban quote "fat talk" in your household. >> reporter:display a positive attitude -- experts say that will rub off on your children. discuss health and healthy habits -- not weight. >> reporter:talk about how great you feel when you eat right for example. no matter what -- children are going to hear harmful body talk somewhere. >> reporter:prepare your young ones with role-playing where they give responses
5:41 pm
like "i don't care what she looks like -- she's friendly -- and that's what matters to me!" for today's health minute! i'm jeremy roth. >> catherine:he was an internet sensation for more than 24 hours.but the guy who wouldn't come down from a tree in now down. grant lodes is here with the new video. >> grant:here he was overnight.cold.huddled for warmth. around mid-day today.the arborist came down from his perch near the top of an 80 foot sequoia in the middle of a downtown seattle shopping district. >> grant:police had been trying to coax him down.on and off.since late yesterday morning. once at the bottom.he ate some fruit.then police approached.and loaded him into an ambulance. while in the tree for all those hours.the guy at times yelled things. >> grant:this was on stewardt street near the macys in downtown seattle.
5:42 pm
the 28 year old has not been names.he appeared to be trying to make some kind of statement about saving trees. >> grant:police say he does not face charges.they're working on getting him some mental help. >> brittany: 7 day forecast is right after the break!
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>> catherine: and about two hours the defending champs will face the clippers and resume their quest for the best record in the nba. >> catherine:a preview of their western conference showdown. return
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>> reporter: >> reporter: defending champs are back on the floor at oracle tonight. last slowly pushed into some of the crew up tonight. for one up spirit and grain is down working on his post- game turkey is the only one out here right now. --grain that is the only one counter working on his-- green is the only one working on his postgame >> reporter: still aiming for the seventh to win this season. tin and two down the stretch the record will be theirs. staff curry admitted that they are finally starting to think about it
5:47 pm
st admitted earlier today. >> containing what we have been going derrick-- continuing what we have been doing. >> reporter: curry, and over the last two games his shooting has been off corporate with three of the three. lying. which is very un terrorist accurate as far as we know he will be playing tonight. --as far as we know. he will be playing tonight. >> reporter: we will have
5:48 pm
highlights later on tonight at kron 4 news. it marked a carpenter at oracle growing up. --mark carpenter at oracle arena >> grant: this morning we ask for you to send in your photos of her puppies. >> grant: this is actually my favorite. >> catherine: you do not even have to say anything we would discontinue rolling through the post. --we will just continue rolling through the photo. >> grant: you can do the
5:49 pm
same on our web site or e- mail us at breaking news at kron4 dot com and we will continue to and the photos. >> grant: no chocolate! no chocolate. >> brittany: that is correct. no chocolate for the docks. --dogs (laughter) >> catherine: he is kind of smiling,grant! >> grant: at the national... >> catherine: puppy day! >> brittany: are going to
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keep warming things up with high clouds right now. as we go to-through the next couple of days. here are three things to know. we did see a few locations and the 70 temperatures today. as we pushed through the next few days with a dry cataract continuing. with a chance of rain showers. --with a dry pattern >> brittany: 50 now when the dust in oakland. --15 mile wind gust in oakland >> brittany: do have a weather disturbance staying to the north of the spirit with high pressure building over our region. giving us
5:51 pm
more sunshine as we go into the next couple of days. we will not seek any more changes until next week. cooler in half moon bay. closer to 60 degrees. antioch, at 74 and 70 at livermore will stay on monday 70 mark. thursday through saturday creek we will drop down a bit closer to easter. >> brittany: as we push into sunday monday tuesday you will see the temperatures dropping down a few degrees with a chance of rain showers. catherine? >> catherine:quiet
5:52 pm
conditions for us and >> catherine:the tax deadline is just a few weeks away. and if you got married last year -- there will be some changes in how you file this year. cnn's mary moloney explains.. return to index >>it's so exciting to be a newlywed. >> reporter:but one of the least romantic changes -- filing taxes.
5:53 pm
if the wedding was in january -- june -- or on december 31st -- the irs considers you married for the entire year. >> reporter:tax practitioner isaac mcrae says couples should research how to file -- especially if spouses don't make the same amount of money. >>: "in some cases you may have a high-income spouse, and a low-income spouse. it would be more beneficial for you to file jointly because higher income spouse's income at a lower tax rate." >> reporter:but if you or your partner has past tax debt or a default on federal student file separately.
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>> catherine:next --- how kate middleton is following in the footsteps of the late princess diana. return to >> catherine:kate middleton takes us inside her royal life for "our queen at 90". which honors the upcoming 90th birthday of queen elizabeth. >> catherine: is in hollywood with more. >> reporter:catherine, it's no secret that kate is constantly compared to her late mother-in-law, princess diana. >> reporter:but now more than ever before she's following in diana's footsteps! charity kate with kid 00:36 wow-
5:57 pm
thank you so much >> reporter: kate, who had 342 years younger than diana when she died there is a difference. = = at 32. two years younger than diana. in its >> reporter: a tough job anyway. >> would have been extremely proud of the work that cake is doing. >> reporter:--kate >> catherine: art is getting back on track but is it enough for east bay commuters. good news to
5:58 pm
toddlers have been found but the question remains were have they been?
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>> catherine:now at six. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> catherine:it's been a headache for bay area commuters for the alst week, but tonight there's some good news for bart riders. service is gradually getting back up to speed. >> catherine:good evening everyone, i'm catherine heenan. >> catherine:bart train service is slowly returning to a route between two eat
6:01 pm
bay stations that hit with an electrical issue that damaged dozens of train cars. kron four's alecia reid joins us live from north concord. with an update on the situation. alecia? >> reporter:all of bart's troubles comes californina state senator and long time critic of bart is crying foul. the transit agency is planning to give their employees bonus checks. while simultaneously seeking billons of tax dollars for much needed upgrades and repairs. >> reporter: the shuttle buses will be back tomorrow morning what they do testing on the track and no word on how long this will last >> catherine: the barge troubles comes as california state senator and longtime critic of bart is crying foul because the transit agency is planning to give their employee bonuses jig's out. while simultaneously seeking billions of tax dollars for much needed upgrades and repairs. >> catherine:kron4's haaziq
6:02 pm
madyun reports news of the bonuses is sparking mixed reaction. >> reporter:service disruptions, bus bridges, stations in need of repair, these are conditions that bart passengers say they have had more than enough of >>"ridiculous!" >> reporter:with that in mind, california state senator steve glazer says his costa county were a little less than happy to learn that bart is giving each of it's 3,330+employees a $,1000 bonus >>"they are pissed at what's going on, these bonuses are going to cost us 10's of millions of dollars, they would be enough to buy us a new railcar and certainly enough to get real security cameras in the cars to replace the ones that have been fake along" >> reporter:senator glazer says that these bonuses came about as a result of bart's last labor strike that brought the transit agency to a halt >>"they didn't get it for performance, they got it for turnstile, so it wasn't makes bart better for us" >> reporter:bart riders impacted by service the disruption in baypoint say the money could be better spent >> reporter:so when you're
6:03 pm
on that bus employees getting a thousand dollar bonus huh? >>"it sure is! please give the track a thousand dollar bonus" >> reporter:but some passengers say bart employees deserve the extra cash >>"i think that they do a great job, i ride this all of the time but the system also needs some updating" >> reporter:officials at bart say these bonuses come directly out of revenue from the increased ridership which they say is employees hard work. in orinda haaziq madyun kron4news. >> catherine: new details on yesterday's terror attacks in belgium. >> catherine: authorities say the suspected bomb maker in the 'paris' attacks - was one of two suicide bombers who died in the airport blasts in brussels. >> catherine: his d-n-a was found there - and also on the suicide belts used in paris. investigators say two brothers carried out the suicide attacks yesterday. one at the airport and another at the metro station.
6:04 pm
>> catherine: karin cay-fa has the latest from washington. >> reporter:tonight we're learning more >> reporter: it is a high- tech no city wanted. >> the mayor of brussels and all of you stood with us when it was hit. together we will be much stronger. >> reporter: the day after explosions rocked the brussels airport and the european capital. the attacks that were ices and claimed credit. >> they know that their response must be your team because of the terrorist threat and the challenge throughout europe. >> reporter: east brothers, were among the suicide bomber spirit one at the airport and the other at the
6:05 pm
subway station garrett also, this man placed a bomb at the airport before leaving the scene. a manhunt is on the way for him and others. police raided certain areas and the country remains and high alert. >> the world has to be united against terrorism and we can and will defeat those who threaten the safety of our security of people all around the world. >> reporter: washington, kron 4 news >> catherine: tonight we are learning more about the victims in the attacks. grant lodes is following that part of the story. >> grant:authorities have started to name victims in the wake ofa married mother of twin daughters was the first victim identified.
6:06 pm
adelma tapia ruiz, a peruvian who had lived in brussels for nearly nine years, was among 11 people killed at the airport when two bombs detonated around 8 another bomb later detonated at maelbeek metro station, more than 30. >> grant:three american mormon family among injured in brussels adelma tapia ruiz, a peruvian who had lived in brussels for nearly nine years, leaves behind her 3- year-old daughters and a husband ruiz, a chef in her 30s, was traveling with her 3- year-old daughters, maureen and alondra, to new york to see her mother, the new york times reported. they were at the airport with her belgian husband, christopher delcambe. >> grant:ruiz's brother, fernando explosions, the twins had gone outside the gate area to play and delcambe followed them. after the blast, he was unable to find his wife. maureen suffered shrapnel wounds to an arm, while alondra was not hurt, according to reports. is very complicated to describe this pain that we are feeling at home, but as the older brother, i know i have to try. tonight.two americans are feared to be among the dead. >> catherine: stephanie and justin shults.who currenly live and work in brussels. stephanie's mother had been visiting them.the couple dropped her off at the airport.the mother was headed to security when the bombs went off.
6:07 pm
and transit centers. >> catherine: san francisco police are patrol s-f-o, the port of san francisco, and bart police also beefed up their presence throughout the entire transit system. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton says the war on terror will require tapping the best minds in silicon valley.for what says will be 'an intelligence surge.' >> >> catherine: that was part of her speech on counter terrorism this afternoon at stanford. clinton called for stepped up tracking of terrorist activities on-line and on social media. she also wants more cooperation with foreign governments to keep track of suspected terrorists. >> catherine: and referencing the feud between apple and the f.b.i. over access to the san bernardino terrorists i-phone, clinton says the war on terror won't succeed unless the government and the tech industry put their differences aside. >>clinton's democratic rival bernie sanders - is also campaigning in california. he spoke last night at a convention center in san diego. and addressed the recent attacks and isis.
6:08 pm
>> catherine: >> let me simply say this spirit we will stand as a nation as our aies and people all over this world, we will stand with them and we will come together crash and the start isis. >> catherine: meteorologist is here with us. brittany ship. >> brittany:quiet conditions
6:09 pm
for us and a warming trend into easter weekend. >> brittany: tracking changes as we pushed into next week. as i look outside with the satellite radar temperatures showing a few clouds and the region. sting to the north of us with high-pressure and control. which means a lot of sunshine and dry conditions. 70 degrees and 64 in hayward, 680 in san jose and close to 70 in sunnyvale. temperatures warmed up since yesterday and that will be the trend. >> brittany: by 8:00 p.m., we would drive down to meet 2-50 derrick mild conditions also a bit breezy tracking warmer
6:10 pm
conditions as we head into the end of the work week and was take a look at the three day weekend. >> catherine:still ahead. >> catherine: j.r.? >> reporter: these two kids arrived at the hospital in the last few hours and the woman did or what is now being questioned by police the two toddlers that have not been seen since to 30 monday. nicosia those children--you can't see both of the children are arriving at a hospital this afternoon derrick.
6:11 pm
>> reporter: tuesday night, the mother reporter she has not seen her children for one day and that have and did not know where the word. -- and , did not know whwere --where the toddlers were. >> reporter: again the two children are ok creek the woman is now being questioned by police. and the one of the two toddlers is now in jail for narcotics and child endangerment charges. life is at francisco j.r. stone kron 4 news. --live in san francisco, j.r. stone
6:12 pm
>> catherine:new details in the november tour bus crash that injured more then a dozen people inpolice release information as to what led to the crash. >> pam: >> catherine:also -- the video causing lots of controversy at one east bay middle school. parents react to this teacher's outburst during class.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> catherine:after a four month of that tour bus crash last november in union square, san francisco police and the c-h-p say they couldn't find anything mechanically wrong with the bus. was a result of the driver going too fast. kron4's maureen kelly got reaction from the driver and his lawyer. >> reporter:it was a scene out of an action movie.a runaway bus careening down a busy downtown street.ending in a dramatic crash that sent 19 people to the hospital. sfpd and the chp say their careful examination of the wreckage did not turn up any the systems that the
6:16 pm
driver says failed. >> reporter:the chp also sent their motor carriage safety team in to check out the other buses in the city sightening fleet.and while that company were given an unsatifcatory rating by that the chp says the company that they found nothing to suggest wrongdoing on their part. >>-- it was determined that proper maintence was done on this vehicle from the point this company acquired this bus >> reporter:police did say the driver did a good job steering the control.but they found no the brakes.but say they have data from the bus's black box that shows he did hit the gas. now he's been hit with a speeding ticket. >>--i know the difference between the gas and the brake >> reporter:kenneth malvar was injured in the crash.he says he did everything he could to stop
6:17 pm
that bus. >>--i was there i know there was a mechanical failure. >> reporter:his lawyer says he wishes sfpd called in an independent expert to examine the wreckage.he says it's going to be hard to proof otherwise now. >>--disappointed that destructive examination done of the bus disassembly of key parts >>--now be very difficult to determine what really happened here >> reporter:sfpd says they could have handled the investigation on their own.but called in the chp to be a second set of eyes. maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine:new information tonight about an east bay teacher. caught on camera having a meltdown in front of students. it's a story you'll see - only on kron four news. >> catherine:kron four's terisa estacio says parents are upset.and some of them wonder if it's happened before.. >> reporter: this video is showing a teacher, kron4 news show parents.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: wondering if this has happened before. >> it does not look like this has happened before you need better communication with children. >> reporter: at antioch middle school where this incident happened. >> it does not mean that you have to get to this point to deal with children. >> reporter: printable declined to go on camera but the teacher was a long time substitute and has since been let go. --the principal declined to go on camera but the teacher was a long time substitute and has a sense, been let go. >> reporter: at investigation has been launched. >> reporter: parent, did not want to go on camera believe that the teacher was wrong
6:19 pm
but i also believe that de children was behaving badly. >> the teachers cannot barely teach because of how badly the children are behaving. >> reporter: you can follow along on our mobile application on the updated version of this story. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> catherine:the eroding cliffside in pacifica is continuing to cause problems between the city and its residents. city leaders are asking a san francisco safety commission to reject an appeal by residents of an apartment building that's been yellow-tagged. >> catherine:the tenants were forced to leave earlier this month. the city of pacifica wants to uphold the evacuation.arguing thethe commision is reviewing the appeal today. >> catherine: and weather, it is pitiful and sunny at it look like it is going to be beautiful for easter. -- in easter
6:20 pm
>> brittany:quiet conditions for us and a warming trend into easter weekend. and live look outside right now, sunshine and low pressure systems. >> brittany: tonight, we will be mild and brief the condition spirit tomorrow, a bit warmer. we are expecting a above average temperatures through the easter weekend. >> brittany: satellite rate are showing us a system toward the north of the spirit that is where it will stay. we will stay nice and dry as we go into the next couple of days. pressure over our region preparing us for a lot of sunshin and warmer temperatures. we will be dealing with passing
6:21 pm
clouds for the rest of tonight and same thing for tomorrow. you get to expect another round of sunshine. >> brittany: again, we will see beautiful conditions and our temperature is right now on the mild side. especially if you are in antioch. 64 in fremont, and temperatures in daly city is a little bit cooler right now. i am tracking slightly cooler temperatures as we get closer to the weekend i " all over the four of forecast. coming up and 15 minutes! catherine? >> catherine:nfl commissioner roger goodell. doesn't dismiss las vegas as a potential nfloriginally , the nfl strongly opposed the idea of a team moving to the "gambling capital". nfl officials changed their minds when oakland raiders owner mark davis showed
6:22 pm
interest in moving to sin city earlier this year. >> catherine:each nfl owner would have to vote for las vegas as a potential landing spot for a team to make the move possible. >> catherine: francisco 49ers' officials are seeking a multi-million dollar reduction on the rent the team pays santa clara for levi's stadium. kntv reports wednesday that the team has paid the city $24 million a year. but under their lease, the team is entitled to the lower rent of $20.25 million annually moving forward. >> catherine:bob lange, a spokesman for the 49ers, said that number was reached after months of discussion with the stadium authority of santa clara. but santa clara vice mayor teresa o'neill says she is not convinced the city should lower the rent. >> catherine:o'neill is asking for a second audit to examine at how much the city has had to pay for the stadium's unexpected costs, including public safety expenses. she says the council needs a clearer understanding of how much money it really needs to cover expenses. >> catherine:after the break. no parking at the golden gate bridge this weekend. what you need to know if you're planning a visit. >> catherine:also -- a mountain view officer saves the life of toddler. their reunion -- after the break. >> reporter: mark carpenter
6:23 pm
is checking and from the oracle will reno. --oracle arena
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine:personal vehicle parking will be closed in the lots at each end of the golden gate bridge this weekend. >> catherine:the idea is to ease the on holiday weekends. the restrictions are set for between 11 a.m and 5 p.m. visitors are being urged to enjoy the view from the welcome center and the south end of the bridge. tour buses , taxis , and ride sharing services like uber. will still be allowed to park at the welcome center. >> catherine:new at six. >> catherine:it was a happy reunion. as a mountain view police officer got the chance to visit with a toddler he helped save last week. >> catherine:grant joins us now with the remarkable story. grant? >> grant: great ending!
6:26 pm
>> grant:catherine, it was all smiles this time. as this photo shows officer curtis lau visting with 2-year-old eduardo earlier this week. but on march 14. it was a different story. >> grant:officer lau responded to a mountain view home. for an unresponsive toddler. when he arrived. he found eduardo staring blankly and lau quickly went into action. and began performing c-p-r. after a few seconds. eduardo gasped for air and started moving. >> grant:the 2-year-old was taken to the hospital. and on monday, a week after the incident, officer lau visited the recovering toddler at his home and gave him a stuffed blue teddy bear during the reunion. >> grant:police say eduardo's family thanked officer lau. for saving their boy. >> catherine:still ahead. have the el nino storms
6:27 pm
drought-stricken california? >> catherine:after the break. we'll take a look at local reservoirs. >> catherine:and. >> catherine:now that western tuesday is over. which candidates are closest to a presidential nomination? also - supreme court justices weigh in on another legal challenge to obama- care. >> catherine: and, we have been telling you about national puppy day. you did send in your follow up your little puppies. celebrating here at kron4. and, your friend could be posted on the new spirit all you have to do is send in your pictures to breaking news at kron4 dot com.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: in solidarity with belgium. here at the site as travelers had to be airport at 4:00 a.m. and the morning with spectacular colors showing the colors of the belgium black. --flag. >> reporter: among many tips, make sure you stay in contact with your family and
6:31 pm
friends throughout your trip just in case of an emergency they know where you are and know how to reach you instantly. >> reporter: at stanford university. presidential hopeful, hillary clinton makes a speech about counter-terrorism. >> it is real, urgent and it knows no boundaries. >> reporter: tell what was she says it's an intelligent search to track terrorism on line. calling the tech industries to set aside their differences on a world of terrorism. >> reporter: 2 toddlers seen early monday morning and then reported missing late tuesday night has been recovered. they are saying that the two children are in good health and the mother
6:32 pm
is being questioned by the police. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> reporter: this reservoir is holding more water that it has since july, 2013. currently holding over thousands of water. it started to slow down as it was released from the dam because they did not see any big storms on the horizon. they are hoping that this lebraun will be completely filled by may. >> reporter: soundly off his displeasure with a chart giving out 3000 of their employees and $1,000 bonuses each. while they are in a mist of a financial crisis in terms of funding much- needed repairs. --a
6:33 pm
displeasure with the bart >> they have no money to pay for this is shows a lack of responsibility. >> reporter: in antioch parents are reacting to this expo is the video. showing a teacher having a meltdown in the middle of class. >> reporter: the school has fired the teacher. and they are questioning if this has ever happened before. the district said an investigation is under way. >> reporter: the driver behind the wheel of the tour bus that became out-of- control and crash print has been cited for speeding and the accident. they could not find anything mechanically
6:34 pm
wrong with the bus to cause the crash. there is no evidence that he stepped on the brakes. they think that he panic and hit the gas by mistake. the director says he knows the difference between the gas and brake pedals and will fight the tickets. lawyer like to bring in their own export. = =expert >> brittany: will keep warming up as a the week continues. we will see nice and dry conditions but comfortable. cooler temperatures and expected by next week. however, it is a little breezy out there right now. looking at half moon bay what went to stay. brown 20-25 in concord. and san jose. >> brittany: you will notice most of the blame falls
6:35 pm
stained to the north of us would pressure in control with the north disturbance staying to the north of the spirit--you will notice most of the rainfall stain to the north of us with the pressure in control and the services are staying to the north of us. temperatures and half moon bay was state in 60 degrees. >> brittany: on easter sunday, expected to see more sunshine and as we go into monday, tuesday and wednesday we will see some cooler temperatures trekking. >> catherine:in the race for the white house we have some new delegate counts for the contenders in both parties. >> vicki:
6:36 pm
>> grant:donald trump and ted cruz each made sizable gains: trump now has 741 delegates after claiming all of arizona's 58 votes. cruz took all of the 40 delegates from utah. john kasich did not campaign very hard in either state and came in a distant third. >> grant:democrat hillary clinton now is more than 70 percent of the way to clinching the nomination. she won 63 delegates, most of them in arizona. bernie sanders' total went up by 75, with wins in the utah and idaho caucuses. the next big contest for both parties is two weeks, in wisconsin. >> catherine:the little sisters of the poor. took their case back to the supreme court today. at issue. is not whether religious groups must cover contraceptives. instead, the nuns. and six other groups. do not want to tell the government who provides their insurance--- fearing that the companies will then cover contraceptives. >> catherine:our national correspondent chance seales
6:37 pm
has the latest in d-c. >> reporter: kristin college students rallied in regards to religious freedom. >> reporter: do not want the government to force their insurance to cover their birth control. >> we would not continue to support the mass genocide of abortion creek >> reporter: the idea of the government hijacking the nuns and other religious organize patience came out in court. with liberal justices dismissing at hand. they say that this comes down to discriminating against women. >> all had a right to make
6:38 pm
personal decisions to our own beliefs. >>--we all >>chanting >> reporter: room next expected toward the end of june. -- a ruling if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:coming up people behaving badly are the people parking in front of an ada ramp
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. steph curry warming up for tonight's game against the clipps at oracle arena >> gary:klay thompson draymond green >> gary:andrew bogut participated in the shootout and was upgraded to quesionable with that left big toe problem curry and the warriors still on pace for a record 73 wins >> gary: will have to go 8-2 to set the all-time record. >> gary: believe me, if you are competitive and you see that jordan's score is right within your grasp you want to go after it. >> what ever it takes to motivate us at this point.
6:47 pm
what ever it is, it will be a big push on the last 12. >> gary:green... think before you press send! >> gary: a picture showing him going 180 mi. on his- and-or in his bmw. >> gary: see the same card, not sure if it was shot during the same ride, possibly? he has since been deleted it.
6:48 pm
>> gary:right now at 63-7 they are still a game ahead f the '95-'96 bulls 72-win pace >> mark: let's take a look at the video. we would never say that he was struggling as of late derrick with three of 21 with 14 percent bridge-- >> gary: >> mark: he is not resting tonight. curry, feels that it is not to not think about. >> i want to play. and every opportunity i want to take advantage of it. i do not
6:49 pm
like watching things that i know that i could be playing in. >> mark: starting to make every turn, with a knee surgery creek he would not be played tonight. but he did address the media today and the plant as to come back a few regular season games before the playoffs. >> if my stamina states intact or consistent. other than that there are things that i still need to work on one. i do feel well.
6:50 pm
>> mark: we know that another player is close with an injured 32 his toll. -- with an injury to his toll. he was so it up. andrew bogut will be out. tonight derrick (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> gary:sad day for baseball fans. legendary broadcaster joe garagiola senior dies at the age of 90.garagiola had a 57-year career as a sports broadcaster. garagiola spent the last few years battling health issues >> gary:the st. louis native worked for nbc for 30 years. he was the play-by-play baseball co-host garagiola left nbc in 1988 and became the angels and diamondbacks commentator until he retired in 2013 >> gary:in 1991 he was
6:51 pm
awarded by the baseball hall of fame with the ford frick award for his major contributuions to baseball the former st. louis cardinal played nine seasons in the majors and helped his hometown cardinals win the 1946 world series as a rookie garagiola funeral will be in st. louis. the date of his burial is yet to be determin. >> gary: johnny dawkins is off the market. ucf appoints the former duke point guard as their new head coach. stanford fired dawkins last week after finshing this season 15-15 and placing ninth in the pac 12 >> gary:the 52 year-old was in charged of stanford men's basketball program for the past eight seasons. and only took the cardinals once to the ncaa sweet sixteen back in the 2013-2014 season. dawkins ended his tenure with cardinals with an overall record of 156-115 >> gary:earlier this month ucf fired donnie jones. after being >> gary:the niners resigned nose tackle ian williams to a one-year deal. this deal replaces a five-year deal williams was given a few weeks ago
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>> catherine: it is national puppy day and we have been asking you to send in your pictures. and you have
6:55 pm
really been responding naturally, you to send it and you can do it by sending your folks to kron4 dot com. --photos >> brittany: beautiful temperatures than warm to the weak get accurate nice and dry. in a lot of sunshine. a chance of rain showers will move in monday and the rest of next week. >> catherine: hope to see tonight at
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the "insider, counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, jennifer garner sounds off on herson's paparazzi crisi >> he hate them the most. he hatesthem. >> why can't gwyneth keep cool with her kids? >> it's where the worse the part of my personality comes out. >> how the s handle motherhood under hollywood's spotlight. >> remind your child that they can be in control. >> then bridgette jones iback. and with a baby. but who's the father? behind the scenes for renee's big return. and number three, is sarah palin com tv courtroom? >> are you ready for that? >> but what qualifies the
7:00 pm
thrilla from with a sit wasilla to be a ju >> she has in legal background at all. >> plus "insider" bonus, can kate midd ever live up to the beloved prince diana. >> i think i still have a bit more to learn. >> how the duchess is following in her late mother-in-law's foot steps. >> she would have been extremely proud of the job kate is do >> is now hollywood from the inside out, "insider" together with yahoo hello, everyone. welcome to the "insider." >> we're tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> ben affleck's hes get candid on raising kids in hollywood and while it is of the homework variety, jennifer garner's are more serious as she opens up about her children's an moss wit the paparazzi. >> i have a 4-year-old son and of all my kids, he hates them the most. he ha thm. >> jennifer garner who rarely


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