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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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will get out safely and monolithic inc. based in san jose and was closed little beat for three until the civil plan to be towed away. the spokesperson says that there would be no impact on other flights out traffic was diverted on the second runway. france's interior minister says a french citizen has been arrested in what he called the attack that country. outskirts of paris. links "at this stage" between grant lodes is here with what we're learning about the terror investigation in belgium.
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>> grant:yes there are now at least five suspected terrorists in the two suicide bombers at the airport, one more on the loose, the metro suicide bomber, and new today: surveillance video has revealed a second man at the subway bombing. he was carrying a large suitcase and it's not known if he survived or not. investigators say they have also uncovered evidence of a much wider and even deadlier plot. the new revelations come as carnage at the airport. a taxi driver records the scene. an infant crying next to her lifeless mother, a belgian army medic was among the first responders,
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crossing. help here, over here.the twin airport bombs were around. children with wounds, the attacks came four days after the arrest of salah abdeslam, a suspect in the paris terror attack belgian radio reports that he and two others planned a paris=style firefight. opening fire with automatic weapons on civilians in the streets of brussels in coordination with the airport and metro bombs. abdeslam's lawyer says his with belgian police, and is requesting extradition to"i think his explanation he has to give them there and not in belgium." evidence seized from the suspects apartments reportedly included ten hours of video outside the home of a nuclear plant director. authorites have increased security around belgium's two
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experts have speculated the terrorists could have been seeking materials to build a so-called "dirty bomb." >> catherine: to identify the dead and the wounded in tuesday's attacks. with at least 40 nationalities being counted among those's still not clear how many americans were hurt or killed. or whether those listed as waiting and hoping for some word. brynn jingrass with our partners my mind wanders into dark places but then i just see a glimpse of
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hope. hope. it's all families and friends of those still missing from tuesdays attack can do. emily eisenman couldn't wait to see boyfriend bart migom. he was expected to meet her in the last message she got from siblings sascha and alexander pinczowski were checking into a they were on the phone with their mother. the phone sounded like it went under water and went dead. james cain's daughter is engaged to alexander. cain traveled to brussels wednesday night to search the hospitals. hoping alex and injured list. like this would happen to your own daughter, to your own family. levi sutton had hope that his brother and sister-in-law, justin and stephanie shults were found wednesday but sutton posted a tweet saying his familythe shults moved to brussels in 2014, and were dropping stephanie's mother, carolyn moore off at the airport. moore, through security when the first explosion occurred. 79 year-old andre adam's daughter is still looking for her father, according to a facebook post. adam's wife
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danielle was found and hospitalized. the couple were reportedly traveling to miami. the latest from the u-s state department. at least a dozen americans are injured and with the names of those deceased not confirmed, for now families can only keep hope. >> catherine:police say the notorious bank bandit is now in custody. kenneth ellis was arrested last night in brentwood after he was spotted by a resident who saw his surveillance photo on the kron 4's dan kerman is live at the martinez detention facility behind bars a man painted head-to-toe in gold paint was arrested on >> reporter: police on top of this amid the rest last night.
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the man committed at least all of and a bank robbery is the last month and a half most of which were in the bay area. this would have looked like a news taken into custody wednesday night police say this is what he looked like when he was committing those robberies. alices captured due to an alert brentwood resident. spotted alice and then kron 4 sent to found and stake out ellises
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vehicle in the safeway parking lot. the police pulled over to the intersection of clear what would saw. he was arrested for the residents in this tree-lined community it was quite sudden >> catherine: suspicion of
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drunken driving after leading police on a car chase in the east bay. he was spotted by an off duty c- h-p officer who saw someone covered in glittery spray paint driving erratically. the officer who followed the driver says he then hit three cars on the freeway. a brief police chase on i-80 in richmond ended when a tire fell off the man's car. no one was injured - and the driver was identified as 21- he was arrested on suspicion of for two people they say stole nearly 3-thousand dollars worth of merchandise from an outlet store tuesday. the man and women seen here were in the saks fifth avenue store at the premium outlet mall in livermore around 1 a-m. security footage shows a woman stealing merchandise while a man waited in the front of the store. they were spotted leaving the parking lot in a white chevrolet impala with florida license plates. anyone with information is
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asked >> catherine: office address until one year in the line of duty the section of highway 87 normally busy with traffic briefly trapped down technician phone san jose police officer michael johnson lost his life one year ago today johnson spoke
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about what it would mean the travel down not bury her late husband's name. his mother shared about how when johnson was young they used to ride bikes. only phone chp officers
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received indications but officials say it was important honor johnson in this way. >> catherine:much more ahead tonight. but for some bay area crabbers. there's a new problem. where she was found - next. coming up. the warriors star modeling for this statue. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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crab season opens saturday - after being delayed for months. the concern was a potentially deadly toxin in dungeness crabs. now - as you might expect, the 'crabbers' are eager to go fishing. but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports - one local fleet will have to overcome yet another obstacle. >> reporter:the crab pots are piling up here at the harbor in santa cruz where joe tomasello and the sea breeze are ready to go amid reports the fishing is likely to be pretty good. sot joe tomasello/crab fisherman state health officials now say levels of domoic acid in crabs have abated and they are now safe to eat. but just as tomasello and the rest of the small fleet here is set to shove off, they must deal with shoaling, the build up of sand in the narrow harbor entrance which restrict and slow traffic. sot standup bridge sot lisa ekers/santa cruz port director
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a dredge has scooped out some far but new rules will require fisherman and other craft to radio the harbor master for the struggling to make ends meet, the crabbers say the last thing with a little luck, joe tomasello hopes to return with his pots full of fat dungeness and says crab lovers might be able to indulge their pent up appetite as soon as sunday.
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in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> catherine:a 9-month-old tagged california fur seal somehow found its way to a fremont home today. leaving everyone wondering how she got there. she's named kumofur and is 9 months old. she was originally rescued in november after being found malnourished in capitola.and was released in bodega bay. at any rate she's ok -- and will eventually be released into the ocean 'again.' concern among among marine sanctuary officials. they argue that drones are
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bothering protected wildlife. under the marine mammal protection act - they're not allowed to fly below 1,000 feet updated. heavy winter storms have been reservoirs. some lakes are holding more water than they have in years. been checking on reservoirs this week he visited folsom lake near sacramento - which has seen a dramatic change since just folsum lake, just to the east of sacramento. this reservoir reservoir has a capacity of about 1 million acre feet and it's currently hold aroundnow, i stood in this exact same spot last fall and it's was a the time, the reservoir was only holding about 15 percent of full capacity and the water line was far away from where i'm standing. this is how it looks now, the water has risen to the edge of these gray rocks. here's another look from back in november, you can see the water was barely touching the dam, and here's how it looks now..
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the level has risen almost to the top. now, all this water is not only aha good news for california's water supply, it's good news for the people who live nearby. this is a popular spot with bikers and people walking their dogs and water in the reservoir in years sot it's makes me hopefull. maybe we can get more storms and fill it up the reservoir is managed by the they have actually been doing reservoir in order to leave some room for incoming runoff from storms. but, they don't see any storms coming in the near future so they have actually been lowering the releases and they hope to have this reservoir at
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full capacity by late may. near precondition >> britteny: stylistic around once again and we will still see mild conditions temperatures above average for us this time of year. and then in control settle a raider quiet conditions not any rain and then and our area the weather disturbance up the northeast and that's where will stay we will stay nice and dry in the rest of your work week and to the weekend. 67 and san jose and then saw and seville but cooler close the half moon bay only in the '50s and bent oakland right now it's 67 degrees and to the rest of
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tonight you notice a few local patients will be in the mid-60s and and locations in the '60s for 7:00 p.m. high fifties long coast and then by 8:00 p.m. you notice most amateurs and delos '60s high fifties and then in the mid-50s by 9:00 p.m. cooler conditions of preconditions for saddam over the next couple of hours and up next tracking warmer conditions and a closer look your 3 day forecast and about 15 minutes. ha >> catherine:stephen curry got to see his own likeness in wax today the madame tussands wax museum unveiled his completed statue for the first time. the warriors star said he got a bit of a work out just posing for the creation. the likeness will go on display
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at the museum this weekend. bit busy to attend the debut. next at five. their skills to the test. next the drill -- that had some a local police hero. who is taking some bay area kids on a trip of a life time.
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an intense manhunt at san diego's largest military medical facility. after reports of an armed man on the base. fired. the hospital was put on lockdown it's the second lockdown at the naval medical center in the last two months. what happened in san diego this morning. and the most recent brings home the fact that law enforcement needs to be ready. kron 4's jackie sissel was with it was actually a drill -- but with some real life lessons.
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"aired a high-risk risible which is what we wanted. officers don't know what they have until it actually go land. next to a
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suite that has canada it's all riled up all set out another colophon between u.s. and mexico. next. a new war of words between ted cruz and donald trump.involving their wives. next at 5:30. the tweet that has the two republican candidates at war with each other. and where another drug tunnel has been discovered - between the us and mexico.
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>> catherine:a war of words on the presidential campaign trail has hit a new low. with attacks on the wives of the two top republican contenders. from our partners at c-n-n. sara murray explains.. but the race for the white housethere's still a battle for who >> reporter: i and calais route
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seriously these and so, after 39 twitter dispel the beans about cruz's wife even though the ad came from antitrust super pak and off the increase campaign. releasing this video and the
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senator's state of endorsement. >> britteny: another breezy day and some locations windy. take a look at the wind gusts at sfo 31 m.p.h. and bought out at 21 mi. per hour and then quiet conditions we continue to see high pressure and lots of sunshine for us straight to the
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weekend which is great for all eastern plans it weather disturbance off in the northeast of boston we will stay nice and dry and the next couple days next a big check the changes in terms of a week and everything looks good. temperatures are now 70 degrees and santa rosa 70 napa cooler in daly city at 58 degrees in the mid-60s read was city 66 and san mateo mid-70s for antioch and another one day to three forecast shows as a going to tomorrow another slightly above average day in same thing saturday debitors drop a few degrees and then another look at their 74 kassala changes that are in store. >> catherine: accused hackers linked to the iranian government for the websites of u-s banks from customers from accessing their
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the governement says more than 46 companies were targeted. costing victims millions of dollars. the indictments today. >> reporter: want services disrupted hundreds of thousands americans unable to get their bank accounts online there were relentless systematic widespread. >> catherine: arrested. and the f-b-i acknowledges that will be difficult. the justice department believes a 20-13 computer intrusion of dam in new york state. another huge drug-smuggling tunnel under the us-mexico border has been discovered. authorities say drug traffickers - in an attempt to hide
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federal officers raided a home calexico yesterday. smuggling tunnel - connected to marijuana was seized.and 4 peoiple were arrested. airport of cocaine in her carry-on bags. marsha gay reynolds ran from the selected for random screening. she turned herself in yesterday her bail has been set at 500- thousand dollars and she's been ordered on home detention.
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took flight for the first time it flew out of an arizona airport monday after restorationthe flight was a big test for the 19-48 aircraft. now workers plan to restore vintage fixtures - and leave it looking the way it did when it once powerful leaders. and kron 4 hero - who's taking stocks were mostlythe dow gained 13 points. u.s. markets will be closed tomorrow for good friday.
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>> catherine:a san francisco police of our "kron4 hero" proving once again.why he's worthy of that distinction. grant lodes is met officer jason johnson.and lerned all about this trip he started. officer johnson.everybody calls him jj.started a trip to ghana three years ago. he leads a group that includes a dozen high school aged kids from the bayview.
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today.with bags packed. they got ready for the long flight. 23 hours. final instructions. they organized things they're bringing to donate. most of these kids haven't left the west coast. >> grant: yet the get to start this trip made it happen now it's becoming a tradition. really is changing lives.
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>> grant: run use a big for ample it passed. a lot of people did this happen. he can just sign up to an african.
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why microsoft had to shut down its new twitter robot.
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new informational the capture of those of suspect. after comedian gary died today in los angeles chicago board that began in the advertising business before turning to a comedy writing a stand-up he later created larry sanders show eager driven all night tv host and has not been disclosed carey was 66.
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shandling's show." the cause of death has not been disclosed. garry shandling was 66. hollywood's female power players came together for an epic the insider's louie aguirre is drew barrymore and tyra banks our keltie knight takes us inside hollywood girl power db: i think women are on a real loud speaker to make sure that things are equal in all aspects montage of these women--drew barrymore, gwyn paltrow, tara good morning ladies! welcome aboard the power trip! gma had unprecedented access on board the female piloted flight --with over 200 women business coast to the west coast with marie claire magazine to meet hollywood's female power players banks and drew barrymore
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ready i made my first money when i wasentrepreneur drew who graces the current boss issue of marie passion! whatever it is that makes you just want to leap.leap! but work hard all the way through the gwyneth ,who runs her high-end company goop, took alot of heat jumping into the lifestyle business. the actress says women should'nt fear being first. i was in a way the first of my peers to jump into this space so i think i took alot of scrapes going through the brush with my dm: i feel most powerful when? i feel most powerful when i feel myself. >> catherine: at the cincinnati zoo died shortly after giving birth earlier this month. but her cubs are in good hands. the zoo's resident nursery dog has taken over comforting the cubs. the cheetahs were born by c- section at the zoo's breeding
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facility. staff members are bottle-feeding them - while an australian shepherd named blakeley is offering comfort - and a body to climb on. as the cubs get older.workers say blakely will become a teacher and role model to the >> britteny: supplants as we haven't set a sunday a live look outside britain now almost a clear a few high clouds in the breezy conditions right now " continue for the rest of tonight as well. we stay nice and warm and then here to stay over the next couple days. the key post
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on that satellite radar staying in control " weather disturbance in the to the north northeast of los and receipt recognitions noreen tomorrow. and definitely not into sunday a few more clouds making their way into the forecast into next week so record temperatures in store on sunday. lots of sundays on the map in the south bay east bay. 72 and walnut creek castro valley and 68 degrees as we chari the peninsula north bay
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panama's 73 in santa rosa 55 and december now we same milds marat had been saturday slightly cooler sunday and temperatures take another drop and a dip on monday we stay dry air next chance of showers will not happen overnight wednesday possibly thursday. >> catherine:microsoft's public experiment with artificial intelligenceup. the tech company designed a chat-bot to talk on social media like a teenager. and activated it on twitter wednesday. but after less than a day-- the racist and hateful comments. microsoft shut it down around midnight. and deleted the they haven't commented yet on apple customers eager for the new i-phone can order one now. it's billed as having most of the features of apple's bigger i-phone six-s - but in a smaller package.
5:50 pm
the phone retails for 399- dollars. apple has released its new software update for i=phones and it right away >> gabe: the bright blueness of the screen throws off the body natural for clark. these is your i'll us device in kiel location to determine a sunset location then cassius colors in your display to be warmer. it's more
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yellow and warm easier on the eyes the and just how warm the caller gets customizes and sunday hours fort activate turnoff. they consider the notes of the most personal info including medical information web site louganis. few for one of the duplicate a photo you can edit it without affecting the original icahn selected pitcher you may copy and one of the options is duplicate.
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ada ramp there is a problem in one hayward community and the only imple. i'll explain in the next
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5:54 pm
people who live in one east bay community claim the builders of their homes now - those residents say the
5:55 pm
thing -- and they want it fixed. stanley roberts says the problem in the city of hayward some residents of cannery place have a problem where having issues with the neighborhood for the ada ramps for accessibility ada ramps are these grey square thing on the corners of most cities they also come in yellow they are there so people in wheelchairs and visually disabled can easily access the sidewalk the problem parking in front of the ramps feel the ramps should be painted red so people know to avoid them and they think the city of hawyard is behaving badly by not painting them red people behaving badly are the people parking in front of an ada ramp that was that was the city of haywards offical response . well sort of here is the official official response the biggest issue is if you got people parking in front of an ada ramp on to the sidewalk that's the real problem you don't need a curb to tell you that the city maintains that there is
5:56 pm
no legal requirement to paint the curbs .in fact when asked why some curbs were painted and some were not sent an email if they were painted they were painted by mistake . ok civics 101. never send an email out that says we may have painted your curbs by mistake are you kidding me ummmm you painted them by mistake where having a sitiation here where people are litterey parking theit vehicles on the ada ramps apparently someone robbed a sherman williams store and painted random curbs in random places the residents say the city did this for example this curb was painted all the way to the gray ramp by mistake? and this curb was painted red to the storm drain then stopped and started again. by mistake this curb has no paint at all it's almost like a bunch of people got together and had a painting party and it not like people care about a red zone this driver five did not and now has a ticket to show for it. i was trying to figure out who to put on the behaving baldly list since they may have painted the curbs by mistake, common sense to not park infront of disabled ramps
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in hayward stanley roberts kron 4 news
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now at six. new dash cam video shows the moments the notorious bank robber known as "the bearded kenneth ellis was arrested last night in brentwood. after he was spotted by a resident who saw news.
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good evening, i'm catherine heenan. ellis is suspected of robbing nearly a dozen banks across northern california. a private plane was forced to today at san jose's airport. >> reporter: resident contacted law enforcement who found and stake out a vehicle assembly parking lot. two hours later police say let us now with his beard trimmed return the vehicle and drove off. the police pulled over to the intersection of lodestone where he was arrested.
6:01 pm
sextupled arraignment that should be in the next couple days and district attorney says that a formal charging should count sometime tomorrow. >> catherine: this was the scene - from our helicopter partnership with abc7the pilot had just taken off indicator that something was wrong with the mechanics. he notified the tower that he had to make an emergency landing. the landing gear collapsed.causing the plane to the airport's fire department responded.and used fire retardant foam.. the good news ---the pilot and three passengers were able to walk away. .
6:02 pm
other planes were delayed. big news we're following. raids around brussels - after this week's terror attacks. police found a large stash of explosives and other bomb-making material earlier this week in an apartment believed to be used by the suicide bombers. residents described hearing blasts during the police raids. it was unclear if they were explosions or controlled detonations. authorities now say there was another person who took part in tuesday's attacks in brussels. based on surveillance video -- they believe there was a second man at the site of the metro station blast.
6:03 pm
they don't know if that person from our partners at c-n-n. steve nannes has the latest on the investigation. belgian authorities now think tuesday's attacks in brussels -- that killed 31 people and injured 330 three at brussels' zaventem airport -- isis bomb maker najim laachraoui ibrahim el bakraoui and an unidentified third man who they believe is on the run and two at the maelbeek metro station -- khalid el bakraoui and another unidentified man. belgian media say surveillance video from the maelbeek metro station shows a man holding a large bag at the station -- but no one knows whether he survived the blast or not. belgium's interior minister offered to resign thursday, saying one of the terrorists -- ibrahim el bakraoui -- was detained last year in turkey before he was deported to europe, where he was set free. bakraoui actually was sentenced to 9 years in prison by a brussels court in 2010 for opening fire on police officers after a robber but he didn't serve much of the time. given the facts, i think it is justified that people ask questions, people have asked how is it possible that someone was released early, and we missed a chance when he was in turkey to detain him. i offered my resignation to the prime minister. he this morning, asked me to stay explicitly given the situation and conditions we are in.
6:04 pm
meanwhile, paris attack suspect salah abdeslam -- who is also suspected of being involved in the planning and set up for the brussels attack -- is no longer cooperating with belgian police. abdeslam's lawyer says he wants to be extradited to france as soon as possible. i think his explanation he has to give them there and not in belgium. in washington, i'm steve nannes. >> catherine:all of the belgian suspects have been linked to the 'paris' attack. they've avoided capture for months. one counter-terrorism expert says europe's security forces need to do more. the odds are overwhelmingly high that there will be another attack. the entire weight of the european security services and intelligence services came down on that network, and yet it was still intact and was able to carry out the brussels attack. the belgian government acknowledging today that all of the known suspects were on terror watch lists. but apparently were able to live unmolested among brussels' large
6:05 pm
muslim population. new at six. a man's body has been found in unincorporated bay point - in contra costa county. a dive team recovered the body. which was first found around 11- 30 this morning in a stretch of the contra costa canal. the body has been taken to the coroner's office. another warm, sunny day here in the bay area. this is a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco. temperatures are expected to stay warm this easter weekend. kron 4 meteorologist brittany shipp is tracking the forecast. a reminder. >> britteny: they're far above average right now and a few degrees cooler a gorgeous forecast staying nice and try live look right now almost as a disguise of my thin clouds and reconditions. that will be true in the rest of tonight. and then politics backed question tomorrow and that above-average temperatures tapering off by sunday and then try pattern no.
6:06 pm
another chance of showers to next week. and then up to 24 haywood and then through the rest of tonight i celebrate our shot showing the we will still see a high pressure in control no rainfall no snow although a little bit of moisture it near to the north of our area and that will be the weather service and mainly to the north's northeastern said for us as we go into the next week and only see through the rest of the night the temperature is state and the '60s and cerros the 69 in sunnyvale and then we still a
6:07 pm
three day forecast and easter 67 degrees you notice local down between saturday and sunday and then a few changes as ago and set at the cluster day forecast and then in the next forecast x 50 minutes. >> catherine: forecasts and all your bay area kron 4 mobile app. and android devices. new at six. a sexually violent predator will now be living in contra costa county police say robert bates was taken to concord monday. after a judge released him from custody. bates is now living in a short term rental unit.
6:08 pm
he was convicted of several crimes, including having sex with a minor by force or fear. police have arrested a man suspected of assaulting people along the iron horse trail in alamo. the first incident happened yesterday afternoon. police say a man was riding his bike and randomly hitting and blocking people. at least three people were hurt. the man was arrested near ridgewood road. he's facing charges including false imprisonment, misdemeanor battery, and assault upon pedestrians. (glo) bart service latest-ots now to the latest on the bart break-down.which started one week ago today. grant lodes is here with the disturbing news for commuters. we learned timeline for when normal service will be back between the north concord and pittsburg stations. and today.bart's assistant gm admitted that quote.we're a little perplexed right now." >> catherine:the source of the mysterious electrical spike on the tracks which damages about 50 cars has still not been found. bart has brought in high tech equipment and industry experts to try to crack the
6:09 pm dice. during commute hours.bart shuttle trains run every 10 minutes between the two stations.but in the morning.people have to get off.and board another train. bart officials will be closing the fremont line for track maintenance over the next few months. the line will be closed during certain weekends between march and june. crews will do repair work on equipment and tracks - between the san leandro and bay fair stations. they'll replace more than 2- thousand feet of worn rail.hundreds of railroad ties. and switches, and other track components. >> catherine:v-t-a light rail service in downtown san jose has been suspended today through sunday for repairs. crews wll replace part of the rail line between civic center and saint james stations. a shuttle is being offered for passengers.and traffic will be detoured on first street in both directions. for a full list of street closures and detours visit kron- 4 -dot-com a man covered head-to-toe in gold paint was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving
6:10 pm
after leading police on a car chase in the east bay. he was spotted by an off duty c- h-p officer who saw someone covered in glittery spray paint driving erratically. the officer who followed the driver says he then hit three cars on the freeway. a brief police chase on i-80 in richmond ended when a tire fell off the man's car. no one was injured - and the driver was identified as 21- year-old damaj cook. he was arrested on suspicion of d-u-i and hit-and-run. bcn19:berkeley: man in gold arrested after allegedly hitting still ahead. el nino is filling up reservoirs. what it could mean for water restrictions. and we're learning new information about the zika virus. why it could have been detected sooner. and a major recall for baby food.
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new at six. gerber is voluntarily recalling some organic baby food products - because of a packaging problem. the company says the product could potentially spoil during its transportation and
6:14 pm
handling. gerber is recalling two different kinds of organic food pouches. one has pears, carrots, and peas. and the second has carrots, apples and mangoes. minor digestion problems have been reported by 3 people, but it's not clear if they're related to the baby food. some california community groups are upset with a decision to delay health notices for some metal cans. cans containing higher levels of b-p-a. are supposed to get warning notices in california starting in may. studies show the chemical can harm reproductive systems. but now the e-p-a is planning to delay specific warnings. fearing it will drive canned vegetables and fruit off the shelves in poor neighborhoods. the state will instead require stores to post general warnings. just when crab fishermen are being given the all clear to go fishing saturday ---- the santa cruz fleet is facing a new problem. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports -- el nino is partly to blame. r sot joe tomasello/crab fisherman veteran fisherman joe tomasello
6:15 pm
is happy that crab season opens on saturday but no one here at the santa cruz harbor is laughing about the recent el nino driven storms that scoured the ocean floor and mountain rivers, causing shoaling or the build up of sand in the harbor entrance. a dredge has managed to clear a narrow passage, until the next storm arrives, but boaters must now radio the harbor master for conditions before setting out. tomasello says the dredging is too little too late and also scoffs at the delays imposed by the state over worries about domoic acid in crab. sot joe tomasello assuming he can make it out of
6:16 pm
the harbor, toomasello says the only question now is where to find those crabs and salvaging what's left of the season. another recall for volkswagon has been announced.along with certain porsche models worldwide. around 800-thousand cars will be recalled after potential problems were discovered in the pedal system.. volkswagon touareg car models from 20-11 through 20-16 might have a part that could become loose. porsche says the recall affects the cayenne s-u-v's made in the same years.
6:17 pm
quiet conditions for us and a warming trend into easter weekend. >> britteny: next week wears its sharpness the chance of rain and we see quite conditions a see a mix of sun and clouds into tomorrow as again this saturday evening in see few clouds make their way on shorts lots of sunshine expected for us and at 71 degrees at napa and 71 and
6:18 pm
then set as and 57 have monday 56 degrees in livermore and then temperatures and said rosa at 7374 care shows that we still mild on friday and saturday and then were the coolest days of the 70 forecast and we see the conditions stang pretty close average
6:19 pm
>> catherine:a fallen san jose officer.honored year after he died in the line of grant lodes is here with the new johnson's honor. at a special ceremony today, family, friends, officials and fellow former officers paid tribute to fallen officer michael johnson. johnson lost his life one year ago today shot in the line of duty. now, a section of highway 87 near downtown san jose and close to the san jose police department will bear his name. althought it took some time, johnson's mother got her wish and as you can see the stretch is now named after her son. the stretch was closed for awhile for the unveiling of the new sign.
6:20 pm
>> catherine:new at six. campbell police are looking for two bicycle theft suspects. it happened last month at the revere apartments on bascom avenue. surveillance video shows a man prying a door open to the complex. while another man stands watch at the top of the stairs. then. they head to the parking garage. and enter a storage the suspects take 4 bikes - one of them worth at least 3- thousand dollars. a san francisco superior court judge is awarding california a nearly 1-point-2 billion dollar default judgement against corinthian colleges. corinthian filed for bankruptcy last year. and it's unclear if the state can collect. but attorney general kamala harris says the judgement can
6:21 pm
help former students pay off loans through aid programs. the judge ordered 820-million dollars in restitution to the students. the rest of the money would go to civil penalites. corinthian operated everest. heald. and other colleges. still ahead. a new poll pits the two presidential frontrunners against each other. we have the results. a surprising discovery. and where the zika virus was present before it was first detected. it's been confirmed that zika
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
was present in brazil at least a year before it was first detected. some experts had figured the virus came to the americas sometime in 20-14. but a new study says it was earlier. they're also working on understanding how the virus causes disease. it's not clear at this point how zika is linked to birth defects and other health problems. a university of texas researcher and his team are hoping to fight the virus. they're trying to come up with a mosquito-killing algae. the mosquitos tend to breed in standing water in back yards -- in places like ponds and swimming pools. they say attacking the insects in those spots -- is critical. the idea is to combine algae with mosquito-killing bacteria. researchers say it has the potential to cut the mosquito population by up to 90 percent. wildfires across the states of kansas and oaklahoma have charred more than 600-square- miles of land as crews finally get the flames under control. crews say they have a hold on things but the blaze is anticipated to last through tomorrow. thick smoke from the wildfires
6:25 pm
has traveled hundreds of miles. two bridges have fallen in the fire and thousands of homes and structures have been threatened. the strong winds are complicating efforts to fight the fires that have consumed over 625-square-miles of largely rural land. el nino is helping to relieve which reservoirs are nowspring is here. take in battling allergy season. the bearded bandit is behind bars. where he was finally caught by police
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
his way to seattle when he saw wrong with the mechanics. plausible >> grant: lisa the terrace and been trying to get nuclear material to make a so- called 30 bomb and also the start shooting people in brussels streets. authorities
6:29 pm
still searching for another unidentified suspect and surveillance videos at the subway station holding a large back just before the deadly explosion. >> reporter: and the custody after brentwood resident spotted him in the safeway store. and they tell the suspect a half mile away. >> reporter: airplane and the san jose national airport pilot has just taken off and is at seattle and he sought an indicator 7 was wrong the limit your collapse caused the plane to crash on impact out to the
6:30 pm
people on board were able to walk away one of the airport's two runways was closed for three hours until the disabled plane could be towed away in the airport spokesperson says no other planes were delayed as a result. >> reporter: and san jose's special dedication to a fall on officer michael johnson section of highway will bear his name
6:31 pm
with a special senate unveiled thursday his family told us that he would appreciate a dedication growing up in the area. >> reporter: partisan note a full-service will be up on the line they don't know the mysterious glitch that was up on the train cars that to repair all the cars in a matter of weeks instead of months as they originally estimated. >> catherine:
6:32 pm
what would happen if the november presidential election a new poll pits the current frontfunners up against each grant joins us with the results.grant. >> grant:a new c-n-n poll found most voters think clinton would win in a match up between her and donald trump. overall. 56-percent of those surveyed say the former secretary of state would beat out the billionaire businessman. the poll also found voters gave clinton an edge over trump when it came to several potential attributes. 51-percent believed clinton was more in touch with middle-class problems. versus 36-percent of voters with trump. and 48-percent said they agreed with her on the issues that matter most to them. with 40- percent siding with trump. both candidates were about even when voters were asked who is a strong and decisive leader. a warm weekend is in store for us. brittany shipp has been tracking the forecast. brittany, what can we expect this week? >> britteny: changes in this
6:33 pm
easter weekend is finely see lots of sunshine and temperatures above average pellicle of a few degrees as a push into eastern and is still really nice out of wedlock, but the sunshine reconditions and to the rest of tonight still on the breezy sigh closer look and you'll wind speeds sustained at 17 m.p.h. half moon bay 16 san jose 17 a word and sustained a 30 m.p.h. in fairfield. satellite great art quiet conditions over the area and a weather disturbance off the east few clouds of the coast and we will see comparable conditions and to the rest of tonight and tomorrow and into the weekend. temperatures of 58 vallejo 62 in hayward 65 in san jose sixties for half moon bay and then into tomorrow another round of above-average
6:34 pm
temperatures expect conditions in concord get the low '70's 73 in santa rosa 73 net but 69 will be the highs tomorrow in san jose presents my mild conditions for your 7:00 hour and then by 8:00 p.m. most locations in mid- 50s by 9:00 p.m. " conditions by tonight and then another look in 74 cassette then the show. intro- today california's two biggest reservoirs went through major water releases--its gradually getting over the but the state isnt quite ready to say the drought is over-- which means restrictions on water use are still in place. joe khalil joins us live from the oroville dam. joe what are water experts saying there?
6:35 pm
dam releases--lot of water here different rainfall--water reserves. some lot of water--others more drought hardship. it's been four years since most even with the increase -- the to ease restrictions on the way and in found in capital. early sundaystill ahead. she will be released in the ocean again. actor comedian gary died today in los angeles. the chicago board actor began advertising before turning the comedy writing and stand up. he began to experiment with tv comedy for series the shote he created he played an ego driven
6:36 pm
tv host. >> catherine: allergies this spring.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
spring is here. while many will enjoy the warmer temperatures. others will be battling spring allergies. from our partners at c-n-n. holly firfer has some preventive measures you can take in today's health minute. >> reporter:while you may be enjoying the beautiful spring view millions of americans are in misery with watery itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing. yep, it's spring allergy season.
6:40 pm
the most common allergen in the spring-first we see tree pollen, and then following the tree pollen we see grass pollen so that's usually the way the progression is. although it is near impossible to avoid all pollen, there are some things you can do to limit your exposure: keep the doors and windows in your home and car shut to keep the pollen out. take a shower and wash your hair after outdoor activities so you don't bring the pollen inside with you. wipe off pets when they come indoors and don't let them sleep transfer any pollen. and if you know you suffer from spring allergies, start taking medications before your symptoms begin.
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some >> gary: of continuing and right now 64 and 7 until the mid 90's this swept the clippers four seasons with just can't handle.
6:45 pm
chinese >> gary: wax museum madame in san francisco will do all wax sculpture of the most illegal player the team spent four months creating this person
6:46 pm
is in position for three hours of the toughest things he's had to do and not move for three hours it took toward 50 measurements on display starting tomorrow at the the fisherman's wharf and staff and i "knew there would be lifelike figure of the besieged teen pictures at practice amid a joke" >> gary: this is an all-time record championship teams before. but not as many on the set. introduce you to the golden state belleek youth hockey team.
6:47 pm
>> gary: 20 your ear here eight years ago. here in california we have hockey 50 over for these guys coming from
6:48 pm
"we're good to plan the top speed in the bracket #5 #6
6:49 pm
>> gary: this year could be good for your for the sharks. and one
6:50 pm
girl: stately new hockey team in new york picking them to go all the way.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
>> gabe: capaneus napm everything need to know how it will compared the older i found. >> catherine:a washington d-c zoo panda is certainly enjoying the warm spring weather. workers gave "tian tian" a tub of water filled with non-toxic bubble bath soap. and he really soaked it up! you can see him sitting in the tub. and rubbing water over his
6:54 pm
pandas don't bath regularly in the wild. but "tian tian" is expressing behaviors assciated with breeding. so he is acting especially playful. news is on the way. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment then we're back with kron 4 news >> britteny: it will be a great looking 70 forecast as ago and the weekend temperatures stay continuing to monday and then we separate cover to next week only chance of rain looks like colin next wednesday and some walls were suggesting tuesday it looks like wednesday will be the best that as of right now. temperature is definitely on the warmer side a bit crazy fairly nice comfortable evening ahead for us.
6:55 pm
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6:59 pm
. >> "the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> numbone, hollywood's most influential women go on a star fueled power trip. >> if i can,know, a lot of great going through the with my ma sheetity. >> women are on a real loud speaker to make sure that things are equal. and asmadonna's custody case gets uglier, what record did the material girl just break? and number three, teresa
7:00 pm
giudice's new normal. >> i'm not even thinking about that. >> how will she survive now that her husband is in prison? >> joe and i just always live in the moment. plus your "insider" bonus. it's throw back thursday with '80s pop star tiffany, inside her shocking run in with an obsessed fan. and she confesses her biggest fear. now, hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! >> we're tracking the biggest stories in holl today. is shonda rimes created it's own economic empire? we're going to get to that, let's get to wh


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