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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 24, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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seems like justin's photo worked. the headlines today are all a possible reconciliation. but come on, sure we may be looking back to the days the couple gave us these relationship goals. but authorities tell us, selena and justin are real just friends. justin might not be completely over her, but selena's moved on. she avoide this potential awmoment. she ran in to justin's older woman fling, kourtney kardashian. honorable mention goes to kim, she an and kourtney partied with the couple. and this shot off her 42-pound weight loss in nearly four months. >> and check out what said about life before blake.
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she said i was dying. she told "gq" she womaned up saying you can't go down like this, you have to turn into music, have to try. while her trying has turned into winning, her album set number one on billboards and gwen snap chatting all the she's having with blake and her boys in oklahoma. . >> mommy, mommy. >> what? >> mo so adorable. okay, two more couples have been making news and this one is pretty ridiculous. donald trump and ted cruz are shots at each other over it all started with this campaign ad with this
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unflattering picture of ted ease wife. we were with trump's ex, marla maples and what she had to say about all this craziness. shetangoing monday night on meanwhile we all know that looks can be deceivin the wrong angle at the wrong moment can lead to a pregnantrumor. victoria secret supermodel heidi prince is clearly is mama mode. five months ago, she looked like this. last night, just two weeks after news broke of her pregnancy, mrs. adam levine revealing her little angel, at the height of the jessica couture could this baby maybe be voice related? >> betwethere's 18 children bac
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there. be careful if you're on the set. >> he doesn't consider that. meanwhile today on ellen. >> you're preparing for your next show, because i that you're pregnant. sparking talk that baby silas might become a big brother. >> i man, i thought i was doing good with my yoga practice, but no, i have a apparently. >> jessica, not pregnant. her new baby is her restaura o 5, she explains why she put a kid place at her eater >> they can have fun eating, learning, it gives the parents a little bit of freedom, and a moment just to take a breath and eat food. >> stop. >> by the way jessica and silas spend their mommy and me listening to music.
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>> last night this picture of bride-to-be julianne hough snapped at an odd angle sparked pregnantly rumors. after she switched into her crop top, it's pretty evident she's not pregnant. an hathaway t this story, her own little prince or princess is due very, very soon. >> no babies to anno on the talk this morning, but there was a lot to celebrate when i got backstage. they got to celebrate a lot 089 daytime emmy nominees and they found they might win a bunch well. the talk earned six nod including outstanding daytime talk show. >> so best host. oh, yes. >> you know, i don't ever expect to get nom and it was like a lovely surprise, really
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exciting. >> and we never take it for granted, so whoevervoted, thank you. >> "entertainment tonight." >> we are very honored to be nominated foroutstanding statement news program along with "the insider." we have won two in a row and we're hoping to make it a three-peat. >> i got read your name. >> congratulations. >> we're doing a little dance with you. >> judge judy is up for outstanding legal courtroom program. >> that's not an answer. >> those statutettes li and handed out may 1. the young and the restless iss the leader of the pack with 27 nominations. >> i don't think i can bear this. >> congrats and good luck to all the nominees. we just found out that will smith will receive the generation award at the mtv movie awards. duane johnson who's co-hosting
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with k hart made announcement. he says when he started out in the business, he wanted to have a career just like big willie's. and coming upnext, is ben affleckkthe hot et cetera batman ever? we'll see how he ranks against theclassics. and what's next for him after abruptly leaving criminal minds. >> i feel like i'm just getting started. find out oscar winning actress she was afraid was going to steal her part. >> all that and more still ahead. >> we'll be right back. >> but first, here's your first look at jada pinkett-smith back on set gotham. jada has been gone since last season so expect to see her before this season ends. and paul ruben back for
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another week as the tenuous father. >> do you believe i ghosts? >> we were invited to the set where paul ruben did this secret in vintage wardrobe. >> all the costumes were made in budapest, i wear some am things. this old thing, compared to this, i'm styling in everything.
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monday on "e.t" -- >> go.
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>> supergirl v the fla
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the highly anticipated "batman vs. superman" finally hits theaters tomorrow. you know there was some controversy when ben affleck landed this coveted role, so we're examining how ben stacks up to the caped crusaders who same before him. >> ben is following in val kilmer, g clooney and christian bale, but who's the sexiest, let's break i hottest voice, we're going with christian bale's growl, it's so over the he had to win.
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bbt honorable mention goes to lego batman. >> ju laying down some dope tracks there and didn't you see there. >> that's the voice of will arnet in the lego batman movie. but you got to wait unt 2017 to see it the batman costume? we like clooney's bat suit. because it's just so anatomically correct. >> and bat's eyes? we're giving that to michael keaton. his green eyes were one of the reasons cast. >> it's a very sexy movie. >> best kissing scene? kilmer and kidman were pretty hot. and that lick by cat woman b michelle pfeiffer. but we're giving this to
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george clooney and alexa for their passion. there is a lot of competition. >> ben really hit the gym so the nod goes to mr. affleck. >> the audience doesn't re expect thing a tortoise look the part. >> and what a the bat scene? we're going retro. >> the tv batman wins that one. >> you got to love the sound effects of traffic and the batman and ro type. >> hello, batman speaking. >> ben shouldn't worry about all the naysayers out there. the firstbatman movie was reportedly first considered gibson. the stars give us the real life romance secrets? >> what do you think the keys are to a lasting relationship?
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and shamal moore on his surprise criminal minds retirement. and shan is infuriating some folks in her neigh o cf1 o find out what's got them up in arms. >> that's straight ahead.
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>> being a mom has changed my life. from the minute i brough her home, i -- they keep all the messes in. they're so cute. and best of a all, they're safe for my ely.
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you know madonna is back in new york city after her world tour wrapped on sunday. >> she belongs to american. >> yesterday there was a report that the material mom put up fake parking spaces outside of her townhouse in manhattan. madonna apparently had painters -- madonna just doesn't
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want people blocking her driveway, and face it, who does. the has inspected -- >> we asked her to pour paint remover on it. >> can't imagine this being about you. >> sdon't. don't think about it. >> millions of fans were blind sided last night when it beca clear shammar moore has called it quits. >> last night was not goodbye. he didn't die so anything's possible and i'm not leaving to go be a big and try to make a lot of money. right now i'm leaving just to take a breath, you know, and there's things i want to do, i want to travel, i want to walk my dogs more. >> he's su a good guy and
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shammar has earned a break. >> you had a rough night last night, huh? >> i did, i'm not going to deny, i sta a little late, celebrating with mom friends and celebrating this transition, this elevator closing chapter, 11 years and it's a really proud feeling. i cried a little >> but you're still looking good. >> i don't know about this morning. i have had a little bit of starbucks. i'm a little raspy, this is my sexy voice. >> part of the reason he's stepping away fr criminal minds is to find a special lady. >> i want to get married, want to have little rug rats ru around going daddy daddy daddy, because all i h right now is my t bulldogs. and my mom is onme, i'm going
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to be the oldest grandmother in the world. so i'm trying to make room for myself, just to see what's there. >> i think a lot of ladies would like to see you peel that layer of onion, again and again . so ladies, start lining up. >> so are we still going to hear baby >> i've been saying baby girl since i was 10 years i want to come back guns blazing ann excited and ready to perform. >> you don't want to do this? >> oh, yes, we do. >> my big fat greek wedding 2 hits theaters tomorrow after the original one became the biggest box office surprise of all time. you remember this o right? and since this is throw back thursday, join mia to throw
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back the clock way to that first trip to the alter. >> okay. >> it's not you know what? because we have a 14-year interview, her first from -- with like a home perm. >> at the time i thoughts he rita were on the extension, she thshe's going to play the bride, what an idiot? >> the rumor that julia roberts was tweel the first choice play mia's big fat role. >> right before we went to shoot, i went through the wardrobe trailer and i looked for clothes in a size 2, to see if they were really going to julia roberts and put her in a fake brown >> i hope you know julia roberts isn't going to take all your pprts. >> and you ended up writing a movie for julia roberts.
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>> let me get that name in case i need it later. >> that click let you witness right there is the reason we fell in love mia back when we first met her on the set of the original. yeah, a lot of dress. i have six people under here. nobody needs to know. >> that's flattering. >> what helped turn that one it was able to capture the dysfunction in all of our relationshi the sequel keeps its real too. >> the only -- she was like, mom, she's almost 11, mom, get rid of kissing scenes, nobody likes kissing. >> keep your eye open now for a nice greek boy, so one day you can make baby. >> dad, you can't say that to her.
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>> i fought very hard not wear makeups in the opening scenes of the film because that's what i look like when i drive my daughter to school. i say i drag the same brush over my teeth and hair. i have gotten out of the car to put her band stuff into the and the panels of my dress are flying. >> obvio you play a long-time married couple. what do you credit long lasting relationships in real life? >> that simple being present thing and not having it go in one ear and out the other other. >> anything else you would want to add? >> i would say give presents, big presents. >> mia i always such a sweetheart too. in case you're wondering, she is married in real life, 22 years, to actor ian gomez and they have a daughter adopted seven years ago.
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>> what an amazing journey for her and her entire family. our "e.t" birthdays.
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next on kron-4 news at eight: a sexually violent predator out on release. the east bay community he's staying in. also - plagued by delays for months.crab season is set to open. but some are concerned it's still not safe. i'm catherine heenan. the news at eight -- is next. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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the city's" clip notes? find out the famous actor who almost got the role of mr. welcome back to the sho and tonight's "e.t" birthdays, big bang star was in a college
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fraternity. jim parsons who turns 43 today. >> thehe you go. we are out time. but we have one more thing for you to check out as we say good night. >> take care, everybody. >> we're all girl power. >> with jennifer garner's l after ben. and ho does j-lo ju vegas, family, and idol? >> i wanted to show the stronger side of wom . then kris jenner now at eight. a violent sexual predator out of jail and living in an east bay community. we have reaction from some unhappy neighbors. you are looking at what police hope is the end of a criminal career. the serial bank robber known as the bearded bandit. trapped after a tip from an alert resident in the east bay she said he was acting strange.
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what's blue and gold and has some people seeing red? ikea's controversial plan to build its third california outlet in dublin. when he said, 'hand it over,' i said, 'i'm not handing nothing over." 85 years old and not about to give his wallet to a pair of armed robbers. his story coming up in a full jour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:now at 8. a convicted child rapist who decades ago committed his crimes in contra costa county has now been released.and is living in concord. good evening i'm catherine heenan tonight, kron-4's philippe djegal joins us live from police headquarters in concord. where police are warning the public about its new neighbor. philippe. >> reporter: catherine. what was once a nightmare for neighbors in oakley. has now become concords problem. neighbors in oakley. has now become concords problem.


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