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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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what's blue and gold and has some people seeing red? ikea's controversial plan to build its third california outlet in dublin. when he said, 'hand it over,' i said, 'i'm not handing nothing over." 85 years old and not about to give his wallet to a pair of armed robbers. his story coming up in a full jour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:now at 8. a convicted child rapist who decades ago committed his crimes in contra costa county has now been released.and is living in concord. good evening i'm catherine heenan tonight, kron-4's philippe djegal joins us live from police headquarters in concord. where police are warning the public about its new neighbor. philippe. >> reporter: catherine. what was once a nightmare for neighbors in oakley. has now become concords problem.
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like it or not, robert bates isn't just coming to concord. he's already here. sot- "we understand the public and why they're upset." the concord police department says allowing 51-year-old robert bates, who looks like this now, to move into it's city was out of their control. sot- "it came down from the contra costa county superior court." on monday, the department of state hospitals let police know bates was being released and taken to concord where he'll live as a transient. required by law to register as a sex offender with the police department every 30 days. concord police corporal christopher blakely says he'll also wear an ankle braclet and that a supervisor from liberty healthcare will be with him at all times. sot- "and, we will also be monitoring him ourselves." police say bates will room in local motels and hotels.
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and, every five days, rotate to somewhere else within the city. we're talking about a man who in the 90s was convicted of molesting multiple boys in ccontra costa county. last year, a judge approved his move into this home on dutch slough road near oakley. until the homeowner pulled the plug following an outcry from the community. for now, he'll stay in concord. sot- "and, hopefully, they can find another solution, because i know that the citizens of concord aren't happy that he is coming to our town." the police department reiterating that this move was out of their control. saying that bates has no outstanding violations in this city. live in concord, philippe djegal, kron four news. active house fire in rodeo near viewpoint blvd & california st. just south or east of interstate 80.
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>> grant: tristan to the kron 4 newsroom warehouse fire income east bay and then at abc seven days if we get the play seems to be frozen. you can see a lot of flames books to be going in superspeed bottom line a house fire and rodeo they're working to knock it down fire started before 7:00 tonight no reported injuries only one home seems to be involved in this is near for. boulevard in california street saw the interstate 880 you go to the spirit vacancy the home all the smoke if you see smoke in the east bay that is what is going on. no word what started it we will keep you posted. some train service in downtown
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san jose is being suspended until sunday for repairs. the closure affects regular and >> reporter: express light rail trains the the >> reporter: get ketchup the bus and all across the platform and cushaw train of they say will be awhile before full service is restored. there's a borders cannot take a short train between north concord and pittsburgh they point station. at this point they do not win full service will be restored between the two stops because trans it agency has a figure out a mysterious a chigoe glitch affected shankar's lasted until the problem is also reluctant to return to normal service. also still working to report those damaged cars hoping to have
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altering back into service in a matter of weeks rather than months. it is possible because alternate vendor was found who can supply these critical train parts faster than the usual vendor. and bart said thursday that they do not yet know how much services option will ultimately cost repair work on the trains over time for cruise bus bridges other expenses will be paid for by regular part meet its budget. overbudget that money may need to come from somewhere else. >> reporter: had special trains try to find out the electrical glitch will bring a fresh set of eyes with the new team to go in and take a second look to figure out what this problem is. >> catherine:if you live in the area.the v-t-a warns that the work could be noisy.
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and if you're planning to take the train.we have posted the routes you can take on kron-4 dot com. new counter terror raids in europe. new images from the tuesday;s bombings. grant lodes is here with what we're learning about the terror investigation in belgium. tonight we know there were at least five people involved. two suicide bombers at the airport, one more on the loose, and the metro suicide bomber, and now: surveillance video has revealed a second man at the subway bombing carrying a large suitcase. it's not known if he survived. nat french bomb squads in a neighborhood on the northern edge of paris. french authorities saying they were responding to an imminent threat. belgian police make six arrests
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in nighttime raids in brussels. reportedly unconvering signs of a plot to steal nuclear material to create a dirty bomb. european security forces are fighting a war with an invisible enemy. with few signs of success. "the odds are overwhelmingly high that there will be another attack."
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the belgian bombing suspects were all wanted men. interpol issuing red notices charging them with terrorism. one of them was even picked up in turkey and sent back to questions remarkable minister refusing to the system support reported included as of video outside the home of a nuclear plant director. authorites have increased security around belgium's two nuclear plants. belgian officials are struggling to identify the dead and the wounded. it's still not clear how many >> catherine:as cnn's brynn jin- grass reports -- many families are still waiting for some news of their loved ones. belgian officials are struggling to identify the dead and the wounded in tuesday's bombing attacks.
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with at least 40 nationalities being counted among those's still not exactly clear how many americans were hurt.or killed-- or whether "missing" americans will be ever be coming home. families who have yet to hear from their missing loved happened.and fearing the worst. my mind wanders into dark places but then i just see a glimpse of hope. hope. it's all families and friends of those still missing from tuesdays attack can do. emily eisenman couldn't wait to see boyfriend bart migom. he was expected to meet her in atlanta. the last message she got from bart- a text.on his way to the airport. i wouldn't be surprised if he as harmed because he was trying to save somebody else. siblings sascha and alexander pinczowski were checking into a flight headed for new york. they were on the phone with their mother. the phone sounded like it went under water and went dead. james cain's daughter is engaged to alexander. cain traveled to brussels
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wednesday night to search the hospitals. hoping alex and sacha's name turn up on the injured list. you can never imagine something like this would happen to your own daughter, to your own family. levi sutton had hope that his brother and sister-in-law, justin and stephanie shults were found wednesday but sutton posted a tweet saying his family had been misinformed. the shults moved to brussels in 2014, and were dropping stephanie's mother, carolyn moore off at the airport. moore, injured, was about to walk through security when the first explosion occurred. 79 year-old andre adam's daughter is still looking for her father, according to a facebook post. adam's wife danielle was found and hospitalized. the couple were reportedly traveling to miami. the latest from the u-s state department. at least a dozen americans are injured and with the names of those deceased not confirmed, for now families can only keep hope. >> catherine:many of the injured have undergone surgeries. like former basketball player seb bellin. and we've learned that the families of three american missionaries who were critically injured are now in brussels. by their bedside.
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a man's body was discovered this afternoon in a stretch of the contra costa canal. around 11-30 today police recieved reports that someone had spotted the body in unincorperated bay point. a dive team recovered the body and it's been taken to the coroners office. hunted by the f-b-i. now behind bars. the so-called bearded bandit wanted for nearly a dozen bank robberies was captured in the east bay last night. kron-4's dan kerman shows us new dashcam video of the takedown. >> reporter:you are looking home video of the arrest of a man believed to have committed at least 11 bank robberies in the last month and a half, most of which were in the bay area. sot cprl. christian buckley/concord police 11-19 11 at the sky in custody he may of done more burglaries' and we're very fortunately no one was hurt. " >> reporter:this is what kenneth ellis looked like when he was taken into custody wednesday night. but police say this is what he looked like he was committing those robberies "somewhat when he was seen as and when he was spotted able to get to the business out and it
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guidry terrific shape his face and head he did that to conceal his identity away. " >> reporter: to an alert brentwood resident, who after seeing these surveillance photos on the news, safeway. the resident contacted law enforcement, who found and sted out his vehicle in the parking lot 2 hours later police say eliss, now with his head shaven and his beard trimmed returned to the vehicle and drove off a half mile later police pulled him over at the intersection of claremont and woodsong, where he was arrested. for residents in this quiet tree lined neighborhood, it was quite
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coming up at 8.he was hard to miss. why police picked up a man painted head to toe in gold spray paint. also.a legal judgement that corinthian colleges. and next. months.crab season is opening this weekend.
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>> catherine: an asset that can cause serious health problems the health department says the local crabs are safe but some are doubtful. j.r. following the story joins us live on the wharf. >> j.r.: the baskets by nine dummy can be dropped starting tomorrow as the season opens saturday. there is some serious concern as this is not a state wide open but original open to
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the season for crabs. he concealed pods in the video are ready to go. those say that the croats have been tested at levels of the acid are not showing up in high numbers. the prison heard from there is an avid sports fisherman i spoke with her and some commercial fishermen say that at this point they do not know the rates of the crabs that are selling for you to find out until after the crabs have been turned over to producers there are fears that might not go for much also environmental concern this is the top of your crabs' and shed their shells fears that this could lead to future crab
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season but did not produce officials aren't advising that eat the crab butter collected still pose a health problem here. in addition to this serious concerns about the weather this weekend. >> catherine:a private plane was forced to jose's airport. this was the scene.from our
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helicopter partnership with abc7 news. the pilot had just taken off headed to seattle when he saw an indicator that something was wrong with the mechanics. he notified the tower that he had to make an emergency landing. the landing gear collapsed.causing the plane to crash on impact. the pilot and three passengers were able to walk away. the crash shut down one of the airport's runways for nearly three hours a man has been arrested on suspicion of d-u-i after hitting three cars and leading police onhe's been identified as 21-year the beginning of the mayhem and richmond when a tire fell from cook's car. against bankrupt operator of order can help former students the judge ordered 820-million dollars in restitution to students.
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toward civil penalties. 20-13 over illegal practices that left thousands of students with large debts. >> britteny: into sunday tar out saturday above average pushing into the '70s it will feel like springtime out there. closer look as high pressure stays and control the only thing we will have to deal with is the windy conditions as we don't the rest of tonight even to tomorrow in them by tomorrow we are staying warm. this see another round of
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windy nissen to its marron celebrate our shot shows quite conditions some clouds moving in from the north and a weather disturbance off to the northeast where it is going to stay the unexpected signorina snow showers associated with that system traveling and instead we will stay nice and dry once again was a portion the weekend and into next leak. temperatures in some locations 65 degrees and low 60's at 70 degrees and 58 currently in santa rosa the 3 day forecast shows assess the next couple days to buttress the above average once again on friday saturday 71 and then into easter sunday and eyes son john
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path. a little bit of a drop from 71 saturday overnight lows will stay in the '40's low fifties coming up we track and 70 forecast.
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apple's new iphone "s=e" is available for pre-order. with most phone manufacterers are focusing on bigger screens ---apple is trying to appeal to people who prefer a smaller, four inch screen. our tech trends reporter gabe how it compares to the older >> gabe:you can pre-order the iphone se will arrive in the mail next week on march 31st. or you can get one in person. the iphone se may seem small now. but it's packed full of power and new features. for anyone waiting for a new 4 inch iphone you're going to love it it has the new a9 apple chip making it about twice as fast as the older iphone 5s. the iphone 5 did not have the touch id finger print unlock so people upgrading from that phone will have that feature available to them with the se.
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it's got one of the best cameras rear and front in a 4 inch phone 12 megapixel rear facing camera. and facetime hd front facing lens for those selfies. it's got the live photos feature which brings your pictures to life press on a picture and it shows a quick video of the second before and after you snapped it. the iphone se will have the nfc technology built in for apple pay which let's you use your phone to make payments at a register. the battery in this phone is much better it will last a lot longer the batteries in the older iphone 5 or 5s. this might drive a lot of people apple's new popular rose gold color. the se is the most affordable iphone at launch yet it retails for $399. it's free with a 2 year carrier contract or you can go the monthly payment route which will be around $14 month. for a closer look at all the features of the iphone se it's strengths and weaknesses look for my tech page on kron 4 dot com or on our mobile app. wyttgs
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eighty five years old.and not how this man fended off armed and comic garry shandling died today. what doctors think is behind hiscoming up stay there i'll be right back there is one street in menlo the wrong time you could get a surprise i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving.
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shandling died in los angeles today. he was 66 years old. tonight doctors say they believe he died from a heart attack. although his spokesman says he has no history of heart trouble. the chicago-born shandling began in advertising before turning to comedy writing and stand-up. in the 1980s he began to experiment with t-v comedy with his first series, "it's garry shandling's show." and later created "the larry sanders show," in which he played an ego-driven late-night tv host. gerber is voluntarily recalling some organic baby food products over a packaging problem. the company says the food could potentially spoil during transportation and handling. they're recalling two different one of them has pears, carrots, and peas. and the other has carrots, apples and mangoes. three minor digestive problems have been reported - but it's not clear if it's connected to
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the baby food. there are street signs posted everywhere to tell drivers about what they with a surprise.
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>> catherine: ruins on board with putting a big store like ikea in that city. jaffa's life at the site of the store and has reaction from sony does not like the idea.
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>> reporter: only piece of undeveloped land here it hasn't been imagine if it has its way the furniture will be a part of the retail corridor. the city council approves the go-ahead for the e i are which will be paid for by the developer but the resident says that ikea will makes bad traffic it even worse. ikea is very popular especially the growing region like the east bay some say that there is plenty of room but it should go somewhere else anywhere but dublin.
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>> catherine: >> britteny: 2¢ plus about everywhere telling drivers about what they should dostanley roberts explains r pay attention to the suv turning left the driver actually ignored this sign which reads no left turn from 7am to 9am everyday except weekends and holidays in fact there are two signs, this one you have to see to turn left roll the video, now all i need
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is a cop but where would i find one. yea traffics pretty bad through the area we know that the driver complains she pay huge taxes to live here but she cant get to work i understand do you have your registration and insurance with you and while this menlo park police sergeant is dealing with this driver watch this. yet another driver makes the same turn the driver immediately pulls over and tells officer byers she knows she was wrong but why did you do it then she claims she is in hurry and while officer byers is get this drivers information her we go again . stay there i'll be right back another driver does the same thing. but he has an excuse i live in this neighbor hood it's still no left turn i need you to park sir so the driver parks his car and prepares for the worst . ignoring a not left turn if caught can put a point on your driving recored and cost you about 238 dollars total let's have a chat with this
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driver so you live in this neighborhood i do and you still made the ledt turn yea i understand why they have the no turn because they don't want people cutting through i support what their doing they put a sign and it protects the neighborhood the neighborhood dosent want cut through so i not going to argue so he gets to utter the famous last words i got caught behaving badly this is the intersection of bay road and del norte in menlo park and some days there are multiple drivers lined up getting cited but your attitude after you get caught can often determine your fate so what i'm going to do since you live here i give every resident one warning ok but when you turn nobody knows you live here so when you turn every one else is going to turn and do you know whey there is not left turn there? the reason for it is because especially in the morning we have bus stops then you just around the corner we hve all the kids that got to ma to the schools it's a pedestrian snd a bicycle it's a bicycle safty route for all the kids that go to school . in menlo park stanley roberts kron 4 news a 9-month-old tagged california
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fur seal somehow found its way to a fremont home today. leaving everyone wondering how she got there. she's named kumofur and is 9 months old. she was originally rescued in november after being found malnourished in capitola.and was released in bodega bay. a fremont family spotted her in their front yard this morning. at any rate she's ok -- and will eventually be released into the ocean 'again.' >> britteny: it will be nice next couple of days and into sunday less of sunshine slightly cooler sunday saturday and then dealing with somebody strong wind speeds of the next couple days we will stay nice and dry which is a good probably for all your easter plans freezing sleet now and then the trial began for
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us with a dry pattern continuing the chance of rain will be telmex week some models show monday tuesday a slight chance on wednesday so we keep you updated selling rate art shows a very quiet conditions and seeing a ridge of high pressure just off to the west here along the coast it will shift a bit closer to us entablatures it reached on saturday any notice the changes as we go into sunday temperatures dropping 45 degrees between saturday sunday and feature cast shows a few high as passing clouds as we head into friday saturday are temperature is right now 66 in napa 62 richmond 57 in redwood city 59 san jose, conditions pleasanton and then house from the region tomorrow get pretty close to the
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'70s specially for closer to the east bay. 69 vallejos 71 and will muckrake 72 concord 74 antioch and amateurs at 73 degrees close to the high 60s and san francisco 74 castro's warming conditions especially by saturday and then the people are temperatures into sunday we drop down a little bit even more monday and then by wednesday's slight chance of rain their wives have become a hot grant lodes is here with the choice words cruz had for trump today. >> grant: cruz is mad about all this when an anti the courtroom
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to pack feature of life a model posing nude. trump said cruzan to buy it. the ad read me mony in next first lady or supports had crews tuesday. responded by crews campaigning with his wife x primary said wisconsin said his peace.
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the prison >> catherine: inking gulf can he tangos see how you think he did next appleton fbi but manages to figure out that might have the share. after a breakif the f-b-i manages to
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hack the phone used by one of the sanit's because of a little known rule from 20-10. it kicks in when the government discovers a powerful hack or be a white house meeting to information to companies. the idea is to discuss whether the security flaw could put however - the meeting is kept glitches they find or how many a clothing store smash and grab in indianapolis.and the entire act caught on surveillance tape. it happened last week. a car rammed into the front of
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this clothing store - and then people dashed inside and began stealing things.. police say the thieves used the car as a battering ram -- after first moving some concrete planters out of the way. about a dozen people were involved. there's no word yet on the value of what was stolen.and police are still looking for the suspects.
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an 85-year-old man in florida is recovering after fighting off a man who tried to rob him at gunpoint. it happened right in front of his home. walter morris talked to the man - who simply refused to back down. >> reporter: this man has a few
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bruises and a story to tell. after fighting off for robert l. went down in front of his house that was west 64th street three men in a suspicious car followed him to the grocery start out store of from. all three jumping out at northwestern 27 avenue and want taser taken to
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hospital. police surrounding the area taking the other to the custody at a nearby apartment complex. >> catherine: the environmental safety agency says cans have high levels of bpa can be hard when the justice systems. they're not planning to simply post general warnings in stores instead for not all people arguing that is not good enough.
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. >> gary:the golden state nine wins away from making history. a sudden to follow the average warriors audience is to double what it was for the giants during their championship season. plus a number of people are watching the warriors. they're just checking their listings when they play. and now of some record is pretty enticing for the first time and of course with out the
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championship of the gulf or not competitive person all-time record moving past michael jordan you want both. and when the world title. >> gary: this get this so hot then they'll the today wax sculpture of the nba most valuable player from blacks vehemence san francisco four months creating this and the city is in position for three hours. 250 measurements on
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display tomorrow at fisherman's wharf. >> gary: neuron will be a statue of me. it will be lower on bass. it over godown bill, station a set the banner of the news team on their on the blow up the
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building by sculpture and a better. >> gary: jordan is doing his thing dropping 22.5 assists by 17363. . >> grant: organ within a point lead oregon with a clear lead. kansas and control up 14. duke
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is a 52 at 63. robert >> gary: griffon the third signed with the cleveland browns very successful. he got injured and believe that the rumblings he became a very sad to your deal worth $15,000,000.10999999 is guaranteed cleveland says we have our a veteran guy and finally a high-school basketball show you coach and bodyguard kevin they want he approaches
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the site prep down by as many as 125 girls titles there they go. 57 to 50 and play in the division five championship congratulations. >> catherine: and the president can dance.
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>> grant: see the present tense this is a state dinner in argentina the first of families spend their the president had
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meetings and had to be coaxed into doing this the dancer wanted to get everything going. >> catherine: that he's now a professional dancer.
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