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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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mudslides of usgs from the sponsor in the new storm. texas woman sho shocked when she gets back. to her bac to her home. >> catherine:a manhunt is underway in concord. after a little boy has been shot. grant lodes is here with the new details. >> grant:right now police are working the scene, and looking for a shooter. the 8-year-old boy's condition hasn't been released.but he is being taken by ambulance.from john muir medical children's hospital oakland. the fact that they're not air lifting him is encouraging. and within the last 30 minutes.police confirmed that this appears to be a drive by shooting.
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it happened around 6:00 tonight on lasalle avenue.just west of highway 242. no one else was injured in the drive by. you see this is a densely populated residential neighborhood not far from buchannan field airport. right now.kron4's jeff bush is gathering police look for clues that may help them find the person responsible for shooting and injuring and innocent 8 year old boy. jeff will join us with a life report at 8:30. and we first told you about the shooting with a push alert at 6:29. stay connected on breaking news by downloading the free kron- 4mobile app and opting in for push alerts >> catherine:the stabbing of a british tourist in san francisco has now turned into a homicide investigation. surveillance video shows the man being stabbed repeatedly. the victim died last night at san francisco general hospital the attack happened last month. and now the search continues for the suspects wanted in
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the murder. kron four's philippe djegal joins us live from police headquarters in san francisco, where investigators are asking for the public's help. philippe. >> reporter:catherine. the 44-year-old victim fought for his life the night of the attack. and, at san francisco general hospital has been fighting his life ever since he was attacked. but unfortunately, it's a battle he lost last night. sot- "san francisco's known for tourists to come here all over the world and we wanna make sure that they feel safe." which was not the case february 18th on post street between gough and franklin not far from japantown. when a 44-year-old man from the united kingdom, visiting san francisco with another family member, was attacked by a man seen in this surviellance video. sot- "as you can tell the suspect doesn't care whether or not he kills you or not. he's gonna get what he wants to get - that's what makes him very dangerous." and, what the suspect wanted,
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officer carlos manfedi says, was the victim's bag. in the video, you can see the suspect stab the victim multiple times in the upper torso and head, before police say he ran off with a woman. the man described as 5-foot-10, heavy-set african american man waering blue jeans and a dark hoodie. sot- "the female which you don't see in this video is 5'8" in height and she had dreadlocks or breads but it was tied up in a pony tail. now, i'm not asking if you remembering seeing the incident on february 18th, but if you visit that area or work in that area, and you've seen two people that fit that description, please let us know. any little information could be paramount into solving this case."
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the san francisco police officer's association is offering a 5-thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of the suspects. this is the city's eighth homicide of the year. live in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. "this is a crisis moment for our communities." the l-g-b-t community is taking a stand against a new north carolina law.that allows discrimination against gay and transgender people. one of the angry voices against it -- san francisco's mayor. kron 4's kate cagle is live at city hall tonightwith how the city is trying to push change on the southern state. with some >> reporter: very bold move from the mayor today he it banned all city travel from san francisco to n.c. because tax dollars would not be going to that state unless it is essential to public health. at the lesson of carolina chain themselves and block street signs acting out against the new law russia and the state legislature. the law: eliminates
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all local ordinances banning l- g-b-t discriminationcritics say any company in north carolina is now free to fire someone simply for being gay. the law could be bad for business - after anti-lgbt laws passed in indiana and georgia in the past yeartop companies promised to take their money elsewhere. in factthe n-b-a says the law may jeapardize the 2017 all star game. today north carolina native steph curry said "the right things need to happen" for the game to stay in charlotte. it was all sparked by a city ordinance that allowed gender neutral restrooms. republican lawmakers said it put women and children in danger. "allow grown men to share bathrooms and locker facilities with women and children." now anyone in a public building must use the bathroom for the gender on their birth certificate. sasha buchert/transgender attorney "the law that was passed on wednesday is the most sweeping anti-lgbt, anti-trans law in this country." sasha buchert helped write san francisco's gender neutral bathroom ordinance. she says choosing a restroom can
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be extremely stressful and wonders if transgender people in north carolina are now expected carry around their birth certificates.just in case they have to "go." "ridiculous. transgender people just want to do what anyone wants to do in the bathroom. pee in peace and get out!" this backlash matters. last year for example indiana passed a religious freedom law that allowed discrimination against gays. experts estimate it cost that state sixty million dollars in tourist revenue. lawyers i talk to say this law in north carolina is even worse. reporting in san francisco. kate cagle. kron 4 news. >> catherine:hope has turned to heartbreak for some american families waiting for word of loved ones missing in brussels.
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a sobering confirmation today - from secretary of state john kerry. two americans are among the 31 people killed in tuesday's attacks. their names have not been released yet. there are still two americans missing. greant is here with an update on the challenge facing doctors treating the dozens of serously wounded victims. >> grant:you are looking at an m=r=i of one of the bombing victims. you can see right here where a bolt has lodged in the skull. the bombs were packed with metal fragments to maximize their lethal power. tonight we are hearing from some of the survivors. nat an emotional scene at the hospital as the parents of a wounded mormon missionary are reunited with their son.
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19 year old mason wells says the blast lifted him off the ground, tore the watch off his arm and one shoe off his foot. a large part of the left side of my body got really hot and then really cold. i was covered in a lot of fluid, blood, a lot of that blood wasn't mine. doctors treating the bomb victims compared them to war casualties. stefaan nijs/doctor "all of them have burns. all of them have shrapnel injuries. metal pieces, blown away by the bomb, entering the body in different locations nat three days later, sirens and soldiers have become the new normal in brussels. transit riders are personally searched before they can board trains and subways. "we all know we are not safe anywhere and it can happen anywhere and at any moment."
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belgian police have arrested six people in the past 24 hours. one of them was shot. nat neighbors recorded the incident and posted it on twitter. on the left, police have just shot and wounded a man who was reportedly holding a woman and child hostage. the two hostages are freed. police back off because the injured man still has a bag that could contain explosives. another video from a different perpective. you can see the man lying on the platform. a car blocks the tracks. at a distance masked sharpshooters keep their weapons trained on the suspect. finally on the right. a police robot approaches the suspect and the package, the man was taken away with a leg wound. local authorities say the man was tied to tuesday's airport bombers. raids also took place in france and germany. another alleged member of the same isis cell was picked up in argentoy outside paris, and one more in a town north of frankfurt. the german suspect's cell phone reportedly revealed that he had been texting the suicide bombers right up to the time of the explosions. the pentagon says u.s. special forces have killed the man considered as the second in command for isis. it happened during an operation in syria. the man was killed within the last two days in syria he had a seven million dollar bounty on his head. >> catherine:a special forces team had planned to capture him - but something reportedly went wrong and they had to open fire
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and kill him. u-s officials say he handled finances for isis.and would have had crucial intelligence information. the pentagon is expected to increase the number of u-s troops in iraq in coming weeks. but a final decision hasn't been made yet. the idea is to provide more back-up in fighting isis. u-s defense officials say recent strikes have managed to begin to wipe out the group's cabinet. there are now roughly 5-thousand u.s. troops in iraq. >> catherine:the first case of sexually transmitted zika virus has been confirmed in california. the department of public health says the case is in san diego zika is mostly spread by mosquitos -- but it can be transmitted through sex, and that's more common than initially thought. most people infected won't develop symptoms. but if they do - they can include fever.rash.joint pain and eye redness.
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>> reporter: area home burglary san francisco and the 300 block of tollman ave. during the investigation of several law- enforcement and then i got a 17 pistol similar to this bombast sheriff's department duty belt and san francisco police department badge. some law
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enforcement weapon was used in the murder of k last year on pier 14 that was the first of two federal officers that have their guns stolen out of their vehicles. this incident differs dramatically. they said they're hoping for the quick safe return of that weapon. to predicting dangerous mudslides. also - a veteran police officer is facing time in prison. accused of running an illegal and next. a busy east bay bart line is shutting down for repair.
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how long the work will last
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starting at 6 a-m tomorrow morning until 4 a-m monday passangers between the san leandro and bay fair stations will have to take a shuttle. bart officials are working to replace the aging track.where some parts are up to 45 years game this sunday.riders are
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kron 4 spoke with bart officials and riders today.niether looking forward to the closure.but agree it has to happen at some point. in addition to this weekend, there are five other closures expected to take place those dates are april 9th and 10th april 23rd and 24th may 7th and 8th may 28th through 30th and finally june 11th and 12th. new at 8, a team of geologists at the u-s-g-s say they're getting closer to being able to predict landslides. >> catherine:heavy rain earlier this month actual gave them one of their first opportunties to test out a new detection system. kron 4'charles clifford explains. as heavy rain storms moved into california in early march, usgs geomorphologist dr. johnathan stock says a small network of ground moisture sensors set up around the bay area detected a dramatic increase in the water saturation of the ground and in the amount of water pooling
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above ground. two signs of a potential landslide. sot and then boom. there's that water pressure spike right there. sot in the time we have been monitoring, i don't think we have ever come this close to having shallow landslides around the bay area. alarmed, stock and his team contacted the national weather service which did issue a shallow landslide warning but fortunately the incoming storms were not as strong as predicted and the danger passed. sot no new landslides that we know of but plenty of activity on places that humans have changed and made steeper. road cuts and things like that. just as it has a rainy season, california also has a landslide season which normally peaks in january. stock says it appears that california is in the clear... for now. sot unless we get a very large storm, we are through the historic window of when we get landslides during january and february. stock and his team are hoping to use their experience from this past winter to refine usgs's landslide detecting system something that could take
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several more rainy season to perfect. sot although this year was a return to the wet weather that people remember from before the drought, we don't have enough information to tell folks when that incoming storm is going to be a threat. in menlo park, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> britteny: it will be beautiful easter temperatures drop down a few degrees starting sunday and monday. still less slightly above average not quite as warmly see tomorrow it will be the peak architecture is a live look outside right now dealing with preconditions at this evening and it miles out and then another warm comfortable day summer when speed still breezy close the center rose the same thing half of monday and when speeds around 10 m.p.h. hayward and then 13 san jose celebrated shot shows a larger high-pressure agency you
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can see. temperature >> britteny: 62 in santa rosa 57 redwood city then 66 degrees in pleasanton. we asked ourselves some lisa and stocks 59 fairfield what range right now. coastal airy easter planner as we head into sunday. the jockeying for a recent saturday in most locations in line to start off by noon and
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4:00 p.m. was locations into mid-'60s it will be comfortable sunday coming up we will be tracking well lisa the cool things down and then up monday to drop from sunday the monday we tell you why in the 74 cast in 15 minutes. >> catherine: - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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the showed gave what they're up to the very inexperienced their offering free.
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kron 4 has always been there 60 years in the bay area the team is going to the old films from 56 season 73 mastering it posting it on the web site for free to watch. alex uses sophistaked hi-tech " nats - film they have it organized into collections like ceasar chavez the time around malcom x and the black panthers. the rise of the civil rights movement all the protests nats - van ness building. the famous berkeley riots of 1970 in sproul plaza the 1971 occupation of alcotraz by native americans. all the classic sports moments
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are here all the john madden stuff. and footage from when the warriors in 1975 won the nba championship. nats - there is a special kron collection featuring our documentaries on the bay area birth of a city. >> catherine: near fort that the class change could be affecting the taste quality of your favorite wine next alicia the south bay's busiest highways getting even more traffic to more x.
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>> catherine: than 60,000 cars trucks a day travel over highway 17 number of crashes in 2016 most in a decade and then 95 accidents reported worth three times higher than last year and the return of the what whether considered to be contributing factors. and then laughter making or recovery bay area of rain sitting has and the energy it send a message to students.
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>> reporter: a boy playing out of his house when he was shot and then with the current police department will tell us what happened to us the details here "about 6:00 this evening we received calls from citizens in this area at hearing a gunshot and and then at the scene she transported a hospital here. and then as some of the witnesses obtain some information on the suspect which is to white males
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driving and the child was transported in oakland. >> catherine: update on that it's on going investigation and a long time very respected bay area police officer now arrested charged with felony this after prosecutors say they were involved in a stolen car parts trade carries back with details on maps. >> grant: now the favorite the minister of lisa. in what and seven b5 thousand dollars car part. before teen
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and trying with the dollar customer the vehicle id numbers have been partially destroyed according to officials up to five years in prison if convicted of operating a chop shop proceeding and then possessing stolen property.
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>> reporter: pictures flash of before and after after san francisco's giants game was tangelos and then watch in silence the fact that brian clark is nothing short of a miracle his long recovery he is a very forthcoming about how lucky he is.
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>> reporter: attire audience participated it's incredibly moving. stowe's mom said they hope to bring this campaign to other states at some point. >> catherine: a hearing him
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speak clearly it's been amazing. a beautiful day it hopefully will stay that way through easter. >> britteny: temperatures will remain above average and early above-average tomorrow here's what to expect and to the rest of tonight preconditions also mild conditions expected by tomorrow and we are staying warm for a stay in the '70s and then by easter few degrees cooler 45 degrees cooler and then even more on monday also seeing when speeds back up along the coast temperatures right now at 67 degrees in napa 69 vallejo 71 at antioch and then fremont and 58 in san jose a daly city 55 in nevada. and then the low 60s write nonsense arose us celebrate our shot shows a larger high pressure keeping all the storm systems away from us. we see lots of sunshine
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associated with the area of high pressure and track and other weather disturbance will move closer to us as ago sunday that alicea to see some of the passing clouds and also slightly cooler temperatures. and then the high from the region tomorrow beautiful 76 in santa rosa. 73 in san jose and in fremont that feature cast shows us into the rest of tonight tomorrow again lots of sunshine a few high clouds within overnight saturday. lobov rainfall that may move into parts of the sierra and we will stay nice and dry highs are on the region tomorrow 70 degrees in almandine valley and also 69 vallejo's 72 concord. interested
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you we can recycle things down on sunday and 68 before few degrees above average into monday you notice the difference another drop about 6 degrees cooler to start work week and then lay recover back the '70s by the end of the week. >> catherine:today fishermen were dropping pots into bodega and san francisco bays. they'll be out on the water tomorrow. sellers will wait until monday to test the domoic acid levels to see if the crab is safe. they say they won't sell it - unless the quality is good. a bronx woman's pet was shot and killed by an n-y-p-d officer-- and now, the devastated woman wants the officer held accountable. as valerie castro reports, the woman said the officer had no reason to open fire -- the entire episode was caught on video.
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the the upside and shoot as telling him how nice the dog is. wagging his tail the officer ignored her opened fire. yvonne rosado relives the moment please as and. still ahead officer in front of the door i'm a crowd burst into an unexpected. because because amazing of hair. and global warming inequalities
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>> grant: stay focused on the popular french wine in the region and the mobile warming is global. bottom-line the warmer weather has made higher-quality wine. if temperature trend holds true keeps getting warmer it will negatively impact. scientists studied how harvests were affected by climate looking the past 400 years that included since 1980 great stirrup less reliant on late- season warmth because it's already warmer and drier earlier this season the findings
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published in the nature plan change magazine. when it made an unexpected appearance at a bernie sanders sanders first noted the bird he was beginning to comment when the bird actually landed on his podium the vermont senator said it was symbolic. suggesting that it's "really a dove asking us for world peace,"
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a texas woman got the shock of her life this week. when she arrived home to discover that a demolition company was tearing her mistake. reporter gabriel roxas has her diaz says she is still hopeful the company will help her.otherwise she will be talking to attorneys rap legend snoop dogg. is >> reporter: she declared the home starkly sound and mistakenly torn down she met with the demolition supervisor read of toward explain what happened. as of tearing down the
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duplex a block over the demolished the home the supervisor fired her to accompany president the serving pieces. providing commentary for a
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basketball coach is over. his skills as a major post on jimmy campbell and a petition title get him to narrate a planet earth season people responded 75,000 signatures. defending >> reporter: chance going for win no. 65 gives you an early update. the timid after
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starting his career in new york and contributing to the championship traded to boston in the off-season and then they waived earlier this year yet sysop's the night and then stanford search for new basketball coaches over the announced that jerry will be taken up the program and they will be taken with alabama's birmingham teamed up with cal. in the regular-season conference title and a trip to the nfc but tournament so far with the exception of michigan state ruling march badness more high seas and moving on it begin with
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no. 1 virginia i was states and then cyclone starr jordan finished with 30 points. 36 and the regulation bucket this pretense 53 all and mental haynes icicle from laid-back it was not over yet. they would get within one and then this happened. >> reporter: kopeck that same game jackson starts the ball and come to play the irish scored
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6156 and that is alexa's pursuit of perfection altman highlight. stanford eliminated last year. cargill had double-digit lead. the one position game a van der gently for 3 and then said nelson checked that out to extend lead the win by six 18th trip and school history. and fred is but that the dollar is usually a national deaf nfl stadium costs. enough to make mark davis will keep looking for new home for the raiders heat and coliseum authority recently agreed to one-year lease extension however lateen tripled
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from last week's season for the use the raiders will pay $3.5 million from 925,000 in 2015 davis has been exploring several offers for new stadium location was recently lost biggest the that the sports caster arizona for the scramble for aids and angels and not many highlights for a little fence but here's one of them. the bottom fifth five to. the first home run of the spring not enough hillas when up three. shyness that shining star best outing of a
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don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. >> catherine: chocolate continues to raise some prices. the demand for chocolate is growing by leaps and bounds in asia there result, the mixture is keep hiking up the prices. t ingredients 10 percent over last easter. witnesses >> catherine:
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timekeepers photographers all on hand to certify what world- record attempt of 805th piece creditors the entire student body in union city the they " begin making an attempt after practicing for months the previous record was 800 dancers and assistant head perform for more than 5 minutes 30 seconds and the faculty members from the physical education news department came together to prepare them for this. if you're a fan will do our. last night at this time we did the president with the tango. as a dance team.
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. >> grant: the two months and a half year-old baby she is local. a great head of hair gone national. you cannot create a baby with hair like that by trying. no product is involved in making the hair salon post a
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picture with a perfect here. celery are shot shows a big ridge of high pressure off the coast moving closer to its moral
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and we will see the warmest of the 70 forecast before surgical things down easter will be a bit cooler 76 the highest pharaoh's up. reduce state trial to a week and even cooler monday tracking a slight chance of rain on wednesday and one right back up again into thursday friday.
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