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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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case to federal court. whoosh fighting the tax on tampons: the growing outrage that feminine hygeine products are considered taxable luxuries. whoosh and san francisco's crab fleet is back in business. we find out how the fishing ban will affect the prices you pay. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> catherine:now at 8. a tense confrontation caught on camera. this viral video of san francisco state students in a heated discussion and physical fight when a black female student confronted a white male student over his dreadlocks. good evening i'm catherine heenan. it's a story we first brought to you on our website and app.
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tonight, we're learning what about what led to that argument and the charges that could be coming for one of the people involved. kron-4's justine waldman joins us live from the campus. justine you talked to the student being confronted in the video? >> reporter: this video is getting some much attention because it has prompted the investigation at starting a discussion about cultural appropriation and the one guy in the video does not know the girl but does want to get to know her so you can apologize for this firestorm the argument has now started. discussion about and dreadlocks go from bad to worse in this now video taken monday at the student center san francisco state university the two students argue one pushes
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and grabs the other. senior is the guy with a dress tells me he has had her like this for five years he explains that this all started when the girl in the video refused to hand him a flier. he admits he called or written response. and then says the girl in front followed him to the staircase. even with no plans to change his hair. corridos understand where the girl is coming from would be open to a more civil conversation about her concerns.
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the person who recorded the fight is now pressing charges against the girl for grabbing the phone and " tussle what allegedly happened afterwards corey which is everything had put out a more appropriate way. we were not able to tack the girl and her name started going on the social media elite like to speak with her the university right now is conducting investigations to see if any student conduct rules were violated.
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>> catherine:thanks justine. you can catch the entire video of the confrontation on our website at kron-4 dot com. or on our free mobile app. bart is getting closer to returning to a regular schedule. it's been nearly 2 weeks since some cars were damaged from a voltage spike on tracks in the east bay. the bus bridge between the north concord and pittsburg baypoint stations is gone, but passengers still have to transfer trains at north concord station. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live with an update. >> reporter: are is working on getting those regular trains back on track. new team of engineers has joined the investigation as a figure out if the train cars are the problem behind it that high spike and voltage that happens two weeks ago. there are shuttle trains the go-between the pittsburgh a point north concord stations and they shall walk every 10 minutes. this will be the case for a while ball well bar is in the process of moving cars. the
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cars are being replaced at more protective systems once that such as complete a will to do more testing on the track before any further decisions are made passengers are still trying to adjust to this extra transfer. those in damaged cars are still being prepared now time for right now when trains will return to regular schedule. >> catherine:thanks alecia. when there are problems on bart - we have you covered. kron-4's robin winston helps you get ready for your commute.tracking live traffic updates on the kron- morning news starting at four a-m.
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berkeley police are asking for the public's help... in an animal cruelty case that has left three animals dead.and two injured. police found the dead and injured animals on the 100-block of seawall drive. saturday afternoon. a cat.a possum and three raccoons. they had all been shot with a pellet gun. anyone with information is being asked to contact police. no criminal charges will be filed in the balcony collapse in berkeley last year that killed six students from ireland. today - alameda county prosecutors said that a nine month investigation has concluded that long-term dry rot was the cause.and there's not enough evidence to prove criminal negligence. six people died and seven were seriously injured when the fifth-story balcony gave way during a party on june 16.
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most of the victims were college students visiting from ireland. >> catherine:a prosecutor is asking for the death penalty for the oakland man accused of killing 8 year old alaysha carradine in 2013. darnell williams is charged with two counts of murder in two separate shootings in 2013. that were both claimed to be forms of gang retaliation. the shooting at a home in east oakland that killed alaysha, wounded two other children and a 63 year old woman. if convicted. williams will face a possible death penalty. one of the lawyers representing williams presented opening statement's this morning. tonight we are learning more about the moments that lead up to a police shooting in fairfield that ended a three- day manhunt for a alleged gunman. kron 4's kate cagle reportsthe suspect was unarmed when an officer shot him in the neck. kate >> reporter:police say they followed the suspect as he ran behind the gardening center of this lowe's in fairfield. james jarrard is still in the
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hospital after one of those officers shot him in the neck. it all started at about 12:30 yesterday afternoona concerned citizen recognized jarrard from media reports.he's accused of shooting an eight-year-old boy friday night. that good samaritan called police who found jarrard in the parking lot of this lowe's - they say he had been driving a stolen car from walnut creek. when they chased him behind this building - more police came and headed off the end of this alley way. with a brick wall on one side and lowe's on the otherpolice say jarrard doubled back toward the officers. police say the man - who was wanted for attempted murder - then reached toward his
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wasteband - and a 9-year veteran on the force shot him in the neck. an ambulance took jarrard to the hospital where he is in stable condition - he says he was reaching to pull up his pants while running toward police. he was not carrying a weapon. while police say they did not find a gun on jarrad - they did find methamphetamine. once he's out of the hospital he will be booked into jail. reporting in fairfield. kate cagle. kron 4 news. coming up at eight. >> britteny: into tomorrow afternoon of temperatures right now wednesday 6 m.p.h. cerros of 12 in san jose 9 in livermore and then 14 and fairfield again a breezy night i had especially in oakland as well as the staying right around 50 mi. per hour satellite ritter shot shows the speculation of the area of low pressure storm system off the east still close enough to produce snow showers higher elevation sierra and
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scattered rain showers mainly to the south of our area earlier today in gilroy end of of that we continue to see dry conditions for the rest of tonight and the rest of the week. the storm trackers showing dry quiet conditions with little bit of a snow shower activity continuing through tonight and starts the timber of tomorrow morning temperatures drop on mid-50s vallejo 55 in fairfield 64 antioch 68 degrees and sunny though by tomorrow we see seven news on the map high 67 degrees a high in fairfield san jose low seventies and santa rosa 6376 cisco. 63 in san francisco >> catherine: warriors go for the 57th win of the season they need seven wins to get a record
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at j. aron joined the five at oracle. >> j.r.: that is certainly a case if he thought there expensive last year while last year was nothing compared to this year the talks with say they're 80 percent higher on the second resale market this year than they were last year. tonight offense " to get about them.
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milan paid for all their tickets the bottom line everyone wants to see stuff and see this team get that record coming out here. talk about some of the worst seats in the house calling for a hundred $200 average ticket on an average seek many games going for about $400 so katherine only talk about this got to work a little harder to get into these basketball games.
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some call it a tax just for being a woman. another state joining the effort to eliminate tax on feminine products plus. what a medical professional did that forced her to surrender her license. east bay sheriff's deputies being accused of bribery. the allegations revealed in a new lawsuit
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>> catherine:the case of a vicious beating of a suspect by alameda county sheriff's deputies last november - caught on surveillance video - is moving forward. as kron-4's dan kerman tells us. attorneys for the victim have filed a claim against alameda county -- alleging excessive force and the bribing of witnesses to keep them silent. >> reporter:attorneys representing stanislav petrov, the suspect this suveillance video shows being beaten by alameda county sheriff's deputies back in november in san francisco, are now filing a claim against alameda county. sot haddad this is probably the worst law enforcement beating we've seen on video since rodney king at a news conference tuesday morning attorneys said the claim is a first step towards a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging deputies savagely beat petrov without cause sot michael haddad/petrov's
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attorney 31-37 we can count approximately 40 or more blows , they're aiming at stanislav's head petrov's attorneys not only allege excessive force, but that other deputies "failed to intervene" to stop the excessive force. they also say there was a cover up. alleging the two deputies now on administrative leave filed "false police reports to cover up their misconduct", and a third just placed on leave, allegedly "obstructed justice by their bribes and attempts to silence witnesses." sot haddad after the beating one of the beaters went up to the witnesses and said i hope you enjoyed the show and one of them handed them a valuable gold chain and money they had stolen from stanislav and we believe they were trying to bribe these witnesses into silence. sot greg ahern/alameda county sheriff 120-126 my deputy sheriff's should not
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be doing that if that allegation is true it's one of the most horrific things i ever heard. at a news conference tuesday afternoon alameda county sheriff greg ahern announced he only learned about this bribery allegation through the media he says since the incident officers are now trained not only how to use a baton, but when to stop he also said he is now making it mandatory that the cameras deputies now wear are turned on. sot ahern they will activate and wear their body worn cameras or they will be terminated. doctors are pushing the public to take more steps to avoid dangerous viruses like west nile.and the zika virus. including eliminating standing water. people are being reminded to get rid of standing water since it's a breeding ground for mosquitoes. even open water bottles can be a problem. the zika virus is mostly acquired through travel and in
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some cases, through sexual contact. ."so if we have locally acquired cases of zika virus here in san mateo county chances are we will have um cases that are acqured through sexual contact long before we ever have any mosquito transmitted" it is highly unlikely someone can catch the disease from a mosquito bite. of the 5 bay area cases of zika virus since last may ,. not one victim caught the disease from a mosquito bite. condition >> britteny: their epic colmar than what they were yesterday still breezy and we will still see of the rounds as
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we head into tomorrow afternoon. a closer look at what to expect tonight slightly calmer winds compared to yesterday chile again a cold start forssmann morning and then into the afternoon the war in can trend continues and lots of sunshine '70s will be back as early as thursday right into saturday and sunday. tablatures out right now on the cooler side 62 degrees and then map a 66 in santa rosa 58 degrees in san mateo 55 redwood city 58 n. sunnyvale and then still dealing with a few isolated snow showers closer to this year we saw few isolated downpours today to the south of san jose all part of the system circulating here of the east slowed a pull away and is close enough to produce some snow showers and
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we're still seeing right now and the sierra near lake tahoe and even snow showers are starting to taper down as the system pulled away from the area of the east. the. 3 day forecast shows tomorrow mix of sun and clouds tablatures shy of 70 degrees 47 overnight lows and then for the bail locations also closer to the valley 41 to tomorrow partly sunny 70 degrees at friday's 71. we continue see a slight warming trend holding on as we get closer to a week and saturday sunday over might as well the seven day forecast take a closer look at the weekend outlook and about 15 minutes. >> catherine:in cleveland a group of women is suing the ohio department of eliminate the tax on tampons and pads. the lawsuit states that the taxation is descriminatory. it also states that the department collects about 11- million dollars a year just from women buying menstruating products. the group argues that women spen
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on average about 70-dollars a year on tampons and pads. boggs also said that feminine products are needed for women to participate in society. nationwide... 40-states tax feminine hygiene products... including california. new ahead at 8. crab season officially underway. how the late start is affecting prices.
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>> reporter: was arrested in may after investigation was found and taken photos the investigation was launched after co-workers complained text and photos to them pleaded guilty last year under deal the chair to give up her license and spend three years on probation. next a violent attack leaves local woman with a brain injurycoming
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up: siren wailing what does a big rig a honda civic and a bicyclist have in common, they all were at the very same intersection and had to have a chat with menlo park police officers. why you i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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san francisco police are asking for the public's help in a brutal beating that left a man with a broken leg and a woman with traumatic brain injuries. it happened february 23rd in the city's duboce neighborhood near the castro.
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surveillance video caught a man making a sexual remark to the woman. he then hit the man who was with her -- knocking him to the sidewalk. when the woman tried to stop him.he hit her in the head. the suspect ran away with three other men.who had watched the whole thing. a south san francisco teacher's aide pleaded no contest today to charges stemming from a sexual relationship with a 14- year old student. 23-year-old maria baca is accused of starting a relationship with a parkway middle school student. police were called to the boy's home.when he was fighting with baca over coming forward with their relationship. when police arrived.baca had already left. but police arrested her the next day before she was about to smoke marjuana with three 15- year-old boys. it's officialthe local dungeness crab season is on. and crab will be back on resturant tables soon.
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kron four's jeff bush is live tonight at fisherman's wharf with the lastestjeff, it's been a long time. had been a longtime prices set today at $2.90 a pound and fishing boats are heading up the see as we speak. crews getting more and the water down boat and taking advantage of what's left of the cubs season the fishermen had offices the prices set plenty of votes to follow. it was delayed for months because the official said the kron 4 not safe to eat earlier to two of bloom in the ocean. that has dissipated and the club and the crab season is on wholesale buyers other on tuesday morning deal done. the alicea as much
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money as they can before the season comes to an end. those boats come back out to the docks to our morning offloading crabs threat today. the ruling helps
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the d throughout the day crews were getting the crab pots hoysted up and loaded on the boatsready to go to sea and take advantage of what is left of the season. there are a lot of really dangerous intersections throughout the bay area one of them is in the city of menlo park. the menlo park police are responsible for enforcing the rules of the road --- as stanley roberts shows us marsh road and bayfront expressway a place where people behaving badly is common pay attention to this big rig although it is still moving the driver blocked the intersection siren . a motor officer attempts to pull over the truck which pulls on to highway 101. ill catch up to them in a bit while that was going on this menlo park seargent pulled over
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a bicylist for running a red light right in front there was so much going on i had a hard time keeping up this is a ghost bike it was placed here because someone was hit by a car and killed running a red light ok, on a bicycle so i was there for that i don't want to be there for another. stop for the red lights i know you're a bike i know this frustrating .but red lights apply to you just like everybody else it the same ticket its about a 350 dollar find for running a red light seargent paught give the rider two options either learn his lesson from the conversation or take a ticket . the rider chose option 1 the rider told me i guess i thought it was yellow that i was making it i guess i was wrong siren yelp the driver of this honda also ran a red light. but this not how the driver saw it actually a car came in front of me and he stopped the car he just stopped in front of me so if you missed that he said a car stopped in front of him that why he kept going
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it's a ticket for running the red light it's not an admissions of guilt and back to the big rig,that finally stopped on highway 101 .officer byers is trained in commercial enforcement found a few violations with this truck including tires out of compliance and this container full of water not tied down although the driver argued it was safe you wanna argue with me i'll give you a ticket needless to say he put the water in a safer place so it won't fly off and hit a car so im going to give you a warning n the bottle it not fair to the other drivers you're a big rig its going to fly off at some point and time and hit another car and these tires need to be replaced because if you don't their going to start flying off and hit another car but yhis ticket is for blocking the intersection you blocked all four lanes of traffic when their light was green lets just say the trucker was one unhappy camper alright, thank you very much in menlo park stanley roberts kron 4 news >> britteny: bichirs pushing into the '70s a live look outside when speeds died down we are seeing another round of stronger when speeds into the yesterday tomorrow. something to keep in mind. 14 of their field
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and san jose storm trackers showing us right now quiet conditions we were seeing a few light rain showers by san jose and starting the season all larger system of the ec and see the large circulations of this was a bit closer yesterday less close to the sepoy of thunderstorms and to the rest of tonight into tomorrow. things go down and continue. as and pushing the thursday another
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round of skies. tomorrow vehicles 540 degrees pleasanton and livermore 44 in sunnyvale and 41 degrees in santa rosa. into tomorrow noticed a lot more '70s for the south bay and tie over the east bay temperatures get up to about 69 in walnut creek 63 rich and 67 vallejo closer look pays law also solved by temperatures stay in the mid-60s the sunday forecast shows 70 their turn for most of the area by thursday continuing straight through sunday at one day of cool down back in the '60s on a monday. temperatures warm right back up again into tuesday. >> catherine:one week after the deadly terror attacks in brussels. dozens of victims remain hospitalized
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belgian authorities say 90 people are still being treated. 40 of them - in intensive care. foreigners make up half of the injured. they're from 20 different countries, including the u=s. the airport and metro attacks killed 32, not including the three suicide bombers. donald trump doubling down ,,, even tripling down. on his support for his campaign manager, now facing battery charges in florida. corey lewandowski was arrested on the basis of this surveillance video showing him grabbing a reporter as she tries to ask trump a questiion. trump originally insisted the incident never happened. now he says his aide was merely trying to protect him from an overly aggressive journalist. she's grabbing at me and he's acting as an intermediary to block her from doing that. the news conference was over, finished and she was running up and grabbing and asking questions. she wasn;t supposed to be doing that, and i told him you should never settle this case. you should go all the way. i think they really hurt a very good person." trump says he has no intenton on firing his manager -- who's due in court in may. - a concealed carry gun is coming out this year that can be folded into a box resembling
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a smartphone a feature that makes cops nervous. heineken's them i on the field and. as a good on the that a like it's pollees nervous.
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a gun fold into blocks resembling a store fan again follow here by startup and the name of ideal i feel. a two shot pistol fulton to palm sized where easily fit into pocket with one click opens and ready to fire law-enforcement do not like the idea considered
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dangerous there may be an effort to stop its sale. the city council asking the nba said moved that an all-star games of their cityit's part of the growing backlash against north carolina's newly passed law that prevents local governments from adopting anti-discrimination measures for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. also today facebook's mark zuckerberg and apple's tim cook joined a host of big names from the tech industry in calling on north carolina's legislature to repeal the legislation. north carolina's attorney general says he will not defend the law against any constitutional challenge. republican legislators are calling for his resignation. new tonight at 8.
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>> gabe:right now instagram is not making this change. it's staying in chronilogical order. they are just testing this out with a small amount of users.
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they sent out this tweet. saying. "we're listening and we assure you nothing is changing with your feed right now. we promise to let you know when changes roll out broadly" and it's likely if they did change to this new style there would be an option to turn it off and keep it the way you like it. but for argument sake. let's say the y do move to this algo=rhythm style of displaying why would they. well they say it's to improve your experience. show you what you're most likely to like content based on your interactions and interests. the change could help users catch clips and photos from events such as a concert or a fun moment in a friend's life
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that may have happened while they were away from the app. but there are alterier motives here. changing to the algorythm is a pre-curser to the boosted posts system. like what happened on facebook. this is a direct and easy way for instagram to make money off brands and businesses. boosted posts are when a brand or business pays for their facebook post to be delivered to more users. so all the marketers and retailers and anyone selling anything who dishes out content on instagram could lose their free ride. their content will get lost once the algorythm goes live because people would only see their posts if they constantly actively like them when you think of this like that. as a business decision. it will be hard for instagram to avoid switching to this style they will have to eventually. or find other creative ways to make money but for now it's not happening >> catherine:a woman is in legal hot water after authorities say she was able to board a passenger jet without showing i- d or boarding pass. authorities say naja eva haynes bypassed a t-s-a security checkpoint at nashville international airport without being screened. she reportedly told officials that her name and faith was her i-d. officials said haynes then got onto a delta air lines flight and sat down.
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police physically removed haynes from the plane when she allegedly refused to leave on her own. delta says haynes ran past gate agents and into the aircraft, prompting airline employees to contact police. haynes is now charged with violating airport and aircraft security, as well as resisting arrest. >> reporter:and the run to basketball greatness continues. the golden state warriors 7-wins away from best all-time record in the nba. and chances are looking good they'll stay the course tonight. the nfl draft is now a month away. and the san francisco 49ers will give themselves a closer look at a bay area quarterback. according to reports, the niners will be holding a private workout this week with former cal qb-- jared goff. earlier this month, san francisco head coach chip kelly attended goff's pro day at
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berkeley. and walked away very impressed. san francisco currently holds the 7th overall pick. goff will aso be working out for the browns.who are drafting 2nd overall. while one player could potentially join the 49ers, a longtime veteran could be leaving santa clara. free agent wide receiver anquan boldin.reportedly visiting with the washington redskins. >> reporter: it's got 2830 assess and houston wins 1 06 to 100. the nfl draft, one month away from the 49ers' thing a closer look at a bay area quarterback according to reports the niners will be hosting a private workout with the former cal qb jared. and then san francisco head coach trip attended pro day at berkeley. san francisco over it.
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near each of the three seasons with the team. the busy syndication he and the niners have yet been through any serious contract problems. team usa getting rattled copper america what rematch against guatemala. the u.s. it was plastic happens again possible chance of making a cut on it tonight. at a good
8:49 pm
outing for oakland 63 cubs a 3 run jack put this away but pitched five strong innings for chicago striking out five. for the a's opening night starter centigrade gave up two homers eight hits over five innings 95 chicago their final and will leave you with a startling image of from the nhl. >> reporter: what the right side of your screen the sabres player is to receive form of the tissue happen will cameras rolling on the right side is
8:50 pm
p.m. espn looking down dozing off the golden state takes the lead in the 4946 so the lizards do all they can to build a seven point lead and then look what happens that quickly.
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love trouble getting a seat today is a and to its ultimate way of advice that might help. >> reporter: lepus so essential to perform the airbus everyday unfortunately a lot of ostyak the rest are body needs researchers sought an alcoholic drink can lead to more shallow sleep puts you in danger of developing a negative sleep cycle reaching for sedatives to help you sleep or during the day your sledding down caffeine sugar to stay awake if you do want to drink a hot not halt beverage that does contain caffeine let's conference for
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foreign tablet can suppress melatonin a hormone that helps you get some sleep. exercise to it today can cause insomnia. fed to get the city needed is a fight indeed. >> britteny: >> catherine: spall season coming up the giants' fans expect a sequel the feature at&t part they announced today fans will get a chance to join a field with the help of a new virtual reality system. the firm helping launch this feature includes time on the field for
8:56 pm
spring training in the batting cages but a virtual reality and the team says there'll be an extension of the wife i system most powerful and the baseball facility. they begin the 17th season thursday april 7th against the dodgers but >> reporter: i did memo one time of this at stanford at the sound effects visuals a match and that the actual baseball coming at you. >> britteny: warming up 70 the back for a lot of locations
8:57 pm
concord san jose fairfield center rows of temperatures closer to 61 in daly city 7474 passengers stay cloudy. a little bit cooler monday watch for possible weather disturbance and then tuesday war once again. >> catherine: asset for us at eighth base for joining hopes you tonight at 11 have a good evening. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts.
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with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. are you eating lucky charms? no. this is a dream. they're magically delicious.
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