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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> catherine : now at 11. a heart-wrenching story about a south bay family. a burlingame man is dead and his daughter fighting for her life -- after an *electrical shock* in the family swimming pool. it happened in palm springs on easter sunday. good evening, i'm catherine heenan. kron 4's kate cagle joins us live from the newsroom with what we know about what happened. > >kate: the man's 9-year-old daughter is still in intensive care.police say a total of seven people were shocked at the pool party. a burlingame family lost a father this past weekendafter he dove in electricly charged waters to save his daughter.
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palm springs police confirm jim tramel was hosting an easter celebration sunday at his home in the coachella valleywhen the water became charged. seven people shockedthe kids turning blue when tramel jumped into the water. tramel died at the hospital. his nine year old daughter is still in intensive carethey weren't the only ones hurt. a ten year old is in stable condiiton- doctors treated four others who have been released. in a desert resort town full of swimming pools.this is practically unheard of. >> : very unusual that we would have something like this happen >> reporter :swimming pool shocks are rareaccording to the consumer product safety commission. thre have been 60 electrocutions in swimming pools since 1990.
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the red cross says if someone becomes shocked in a pool - you should use a fiberglass hook to reach the victim and stay out of the water. >> : some of these homes are 25, 30 years old or older then they can deteriorate so maybe it is something that needs to be looked at. >> reporter :this palm psirngs pool repair man says pool lights should be checked frequently. >> : lights are required by national electric code to be grounded and bonded and that is one of the primary things that should be inspected at least twice a year kru >> reporter :jim tramel was a well known tech executive in the bay area.vice president at rev- jet a digital marketing company. he leaves behind a wife and three young children. a family friend has started a go fund me account to help tramel's wife and kids. it has already raised nearly 100-thousand dollars. back to you. >> catherine : it was a heated discussion about dreadlocks that became a physical confrontation.. in this video
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that's gone viral. it happened monday at the student center at san francisco state university. the video shows a black female student confronting a white male student about his hair. it began when the girl refused to hand him a flier outside... and then followed him inside. >>:she was about to hand me one but then she saw that i had dreadlocks and she said sari we do not want somebody with that hair here--sorry, we do not want >> catherine : cory goldstein admits to calling her rude in response to what happened. we've learned that the person who recorded the confrontation is pressing charges. saying that the woman later grabbed the phone and got into another scuffle. bart is getting closer to returning to a regular schedule. it's been nearly 2 weeks since some cars were damaged from a voltage spike on tracks in the east bay. the bus bridge between the north concord and pittsburg baypoint stations is gone, but
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passengers still have to transfer trains at north concord station. kron 4's alecia reid has an update. >> alecia :bart is working towards getting regular service back on track. a new team of engineers joined the investigation to provide a fresh set of eyes. they're trying to figure out if the train cars are the root of the problem in the area with the voltage spikes. >> : it's always upgrades. always things that can be done better >> alecia :in the meantime, shuttle trains between pittsburg-baypoint and north concord show up about every 10 minutes. and this will probably be the case for a while. >> : it takes another 20 mins out of my day >> alecia :to avoid aggravating his injury transfering from train to train, tony nguyen figured out how to make north concord his last stop.
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>> : i live in antioch but because of all this drama i drive and park my car in north concord now. >> catherine : >> alecia :unaware that north concord was the last stop, two women got locked in and almost found themselves wisked off to a train yard. >> : playing games on my phone. >> : i wasn't paying attention about the transfer. i haven't caught bart in so long. >> alecia :bart is in the process switching cars that are prone to equipment failure on the stretch of tracks with voltage problems. once that switch is complete, bart will conduct more testing on the tracks before any further decisions are made. damaged cars are still being repaired. there's still no time frame as to when trains will return to regular scheduling. reporting live in concord when there are problems on bart - we have you covered.
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>> catherine : kron-4's robin winston helps you get ready for your commute.tracking live traffic updates on the kron- morning news starting at four a- m. the dungeness crab season is finally happening in the bay area after months of delay. kron four's jeff bush talked to crab fishermen and retailers about what the delay means for prices. that's expensive. sticker shockout of town guests were amazed to see the current price of crab at fisherman's wharfup to $20 a pound at some crab bars. but, that price is sure to go down sooneven if by a little bit. crab wholesalers and fishermen agreed on a price and the boats were gearing up$2.90 was the final number and now it is time for those who make their living.
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jeff: he has heard complaints from customers about the high costs and he says that he thinks things will change as soon as locally sourced kravis available--crab is available >> : i think if you get them locally the price might go down in pricethat is what i think. >> jeff :those fishermen will be returning on wednesday morning and will be off loading their crab throughout the day. crab should be available for restaurant tables by the end of i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >> catherine : it's been a warm spring day. this is a live look outside at the embarcadero in san francisco.
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weather tomorrow. kron 4 meteorologist brittany shipp is here.with more information on a series of small earthquakes that hit san jose earlier tonight. brittany, what can you tell us? >> brittney : we did get a few reports into the newsroom with some of the few words with some shaking the strongest one was 3.2 and here is our show a greater--let radar earlier today we were still dealing with snow showers right now are temperatures have dropped down to the '40's and 50's i will have your seven day forecast coming up and about 10 minutes >> catherine : a reminder. for up to the minute weather
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forecasts and all your bay area news. be sure to download the kron 4 mobile app. it's free to download for apple and android devices. tonight we're learning more about the moments that led to a police shooting in fairfield that ended a three-day police manhunt for a gunman. an alert citizen called police after seeing james jarrard in the lowe's parking lot. he's accused of shooting an 8- year-old boy friday night. when officers arrived. they chased jarrard behind the store. police say he reached toward his waistband. and an officer shot him in the neck. he wasn't carrying a weapon - although police did find methamphetamines. jarrard is hospitalized in stable condition. new at 11. two people are behind bars -- suspected of stealing mail in morgan hill.
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it happened at the murphy ranch apartments along east dunne avenue. just after 1 this afternoon. when officers arrived - they found a suspect standing next to the mail boxes. and another one hiding behind a nearby bush. they arrested 37-year-old latasha judge. and 36-year-old myisha johnson. they're charged wih possession of burglary tools, suspicion of mail theft, and felony vandalism. the mail was returned to the rightful owners. no criminal charges will be filed in the balcony collapse in berkeley last year that killed six students from ireland. today - alameda county prosecutors said that a nine month investigation has concluded that long-term dry rot was the cause.and there's not enough evidence to prove criminal negligence. six people died and seven were seriously injured when the fifth-story balcony gave way during a party on june 16. most of the victims were college students visiting from ireland. new at 11. the university of california is
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coming up. a new way to detect skin cancer. how several new apps are helping. also - a dust storm causes a huge car pile-up in southern california. and a vicious beating caught on camera. new details on a lawsuit being filed against two deputies.
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>> catherine : two alameda county sheriffs seen beating a suspect in a surveillance video.are getting sued by the man's attorneys. attorneys for stansilav petrov' held a news conference today.saying that they're filing a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force. they also accuse other deputies of refusing to intervene.and of trying to bribe witnesses to keep quiet about the beating. the lawsuit says the county tried to cover up the incident. >>:this was probably the worst law enforcement meeting we have seen on video for a long time it is one of the most terrific things i have ever heard--a horrific >> catherine : the alameda sheriff says he learned about the bribery from the media. and claims the officers involved are trained to know when to stop using a baton. the county is now requiring all officers to keep their body cameras turned on. happening tomorrow. water officials will take key measurements for california's
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snowpack survey. the results will help decide whether to relax or stop emergency conservation measures for cities across the state. this is video from last month's survey. the snowpack usually reaches its peak near the beginning of april each year. melting snow usually provides about 30 percent of the state's water during normal years. a huge dust storm in southern california is being blamed for this car pile-up. twenty-eight people were injured in the crash monday afternoon. it happened in lucerne valley. the c-h-p says at least 15 vehicles were involved, including two big rigs. the national weather service says that winds had been gusting at up to 50-miles-an- hour. the highway was shutdown for several hours - and three of the people were taken to the hospital. back here in the bay area. another warm week is in store for us. brittany joins us now with the forecast.
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>> brittney : heading into tomorrow afternoon will see breezy conditions once again but not quite as strong as what we sight us today--we saw yesterday the '70's return as soon as thursday and are temperatures right now are already on the colder senide --cooler side is still breezy here in fairfield here's the storm tracker 4
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and you can see this system that will continue to push away from our region but behind it we are seeing a few lingering snow showers mainly to the east of lake tahoe here's your seven day forecast
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kathrynmark carpenter is here. with good news about the warriors. >> mark : the warriors entered tonight 4-and-a-half games ahead of the spurs in the west. barring any meltdowns against other teams not named san antonio, golden state seems to have the top seed locked in. so tonight, the run for 73 continues. --warriors hosting the wizards. --stephen curry dropped 51- points the last time these two met. and he made another statement off the top. ---gets the steal and shows the hops.finishes at the rim with the angry dunk. --but the wizards responded. bradley beal, led washington witn 17,.and helped build a 7- point lead late in the 2nd quarter. --and then came the flurry, curry, makes the one-handed catch, and bombs it from downtown. warriors took back the lead in the final 1:15 of the first half. --draymond green also had a big night. 15-points, 16-rebounds, and one assist shy of a triple double. --wizards tried to make a late run, but curry crushed their dreams. banks glass to put it away. curry led all scorers with 26- points, 6-of-8 from three. and the warriors triumph again.
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102-94 your final.and the record improves to 67-7. that is another step closer to the all-time record. eight games left.and only 6-wins needed to hit 73. they are still ahead of the bulls 72 win mark by one game they play utah at utah tomorrow the sharks back on the road.and that's a good thing because they have a hard time in san jose. --sharks up in vancouver. joe thornton. already has his playoff beard ready --2nd period. scoreless joe pavelski. scores right in front of the net. 1-0 sharks. the captain's 37th goal of the season --late 2nd period. 1-1 tie logan couture. wiith the wrister to retake the lead. 2-1 sharks --3rd period. same score. couture. gimme another, the slapshot to put it away final: 3-1 sharkies. they are three points back of the l-a kings in the pacific division
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turning to soccer, the us national team clinging to its world cup chances. america in a rematch against guatemala. the usa lost last week.and if it happened again, slim chance of making the cup. clint dempsey set the tone captain america gives an early 1-0 lead. then, graham zusi.makes it 3- nothing. usa wins 4-nil.and those extra goals help in the standings now to the cactus league-- the giants in their final spring game in arizona. kansas city won 16-10. but the giants auston slater stole the attention with this. a home run that cleared the grass embankment at surprise stadum. and the kids charging the hill to look for the ball.almost like a second easter egg hunt.
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mike moustakas drove in 5-runs for the world series champions as they came back from an 8-1 deficit with an 8-run 3rd inning. finally, a's against the cubbies. not a good outing for oakland-- bottom 8th. 6-3 cubs munenori kawasaki. with the three-run moonball to put this one away. jake arrieta pitched 5 a strong innings for chicago. giving up a run and striking out 5 for the a's. opening night starter sonny gray gave up two homers and eight hits over 5 innings 9-5 cubbies your final. still ahead. the new apps that are helping people to detect skin cancer. stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news.
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>> catherine : there's a new way to help detect skin cancer. students at the university of texas have developed several apps to help. one of them asks questions about suspicious moles. and then calculates the probability of it being skin cancer. it also stores photos of your moles so you can check for changes over time. another app helps document the self-examination. and reminds people to do it again in 30 days. the university says those apps have already proven to be effective. experts still recommend regular check-ups with a dermatologist. but they agree that the apps can help - in between visits. still ahead -- lyft is unveilling a new service for customers. how it's making it easier to carpool.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> catherine : new at 11. lyft is launching a new program to encourage carpooling. it's called "lyft carpool." it was launched in the bay area today. it allows drivers who are making a commute anyway - to pick up riders to join them.. it costs up to 10 dollars a ride. or up to 400-dollars a month. drivers will be notified the night before if someone is found who's headed their way the next morning.
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>> brittney : beautiful weather as we head into the rest of the week >> catherine : havoc and that everyone--not everyone--good night every9one
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the sudden death of a tv icon. >> they are cousins, identical cousins. >> what we learned about the circumstances of patty duke's death. >> the news broken by her son. >> it was really rough. >> then, donald trump's came pipe manager charged over this confrontation with a reporter. and the day ted cruz appeared on tv without a jacket. >> why aren't you wearing a jacket. >> why a trump employee says it shows he was having an affair. >> plus, dancing with trump? and plus size super model controversy. was she photo shopped? then-- >> i


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