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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 30, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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is your wedding singer and none of your 600 guests post video on instagram, how do you prove it even happened? ♪ ♪ >> well, we've got your proof right here. more than three outfit change e a booty shake in the face, a hair flip and old school performances like "waiting for tonight" that cut jennifer a reported $1 million paycheck for a set that likely lasted under an ♪ ♪ >> j. lo wasn't alone. sting was also there. he sang "desert rose" surrounded by desert women. >> and enriquing lesias performed two, but not sure hi t-shirt and trucker hat were proper wedding atti so it had awesome entertainment, fireworks and a nine-tier cake that probably wei almost as much as the bride, but how does one wedding rake up a billion dollar bill? first, let's talk about the
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dress. the 20-year-old russian bride wore eliie saab haute couture and was importe paris. the train was so long she needed seven people to help carry it and t a reported million. compare that to celebrity wedding dresses only one to come close was princess kate's $400,000 al mcqueen. her tiara rakes in at $7 million. she's outcrowned by celi dion massive seven-pound wedding headpiece and then there's flowers. oh, the flowers. you think you like kimye's of roses or joe and sophia's cascading wonderland of white blossoms? well, this is th spectacle that $1 billion big ones will get you. according to russian blog, the wedding celebration will continue this weekend in england. rumor hassit that beyonce will perform. i wonder how she compare to j. lo. >> the no limits. >> seemingly.
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>> in case you missed it j. lo is the featured a tradition in james corden's carpool karaoke as they rocked out hits. ♪ ♪ >> and here's the best part, j. was checking out the star friends on j. lo's phones. and then this happened. >> shall i send leo dicaprio, i'm kind of feeling -- >> no! >> i'm feeling like i need to cut loose. >> he'll get the wrong idea. j. lo, you know, from the block. >> i'm n going to sendthat. >> wait! it gets evennbetter. it seems that leo actually responded. >> what's he said. > mean tonight, boo, boo club life? >> you see? all celebrities each other. for the record. >> of course, she's hot and heavy ag with caspar smart and we have the dish on other
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pop divas in love and is taylor swift ready to tie the knot with calvin harris? ♪ ♪ >> a new report taylor a wed, a lorraine schwartz and engagement ring and kids after only a year together. >> we know calvin has her fammly and good friends. source they won't be walking down the aisle tomorrow. >> is taylor's bff selena hooking up charlie puth? >> gomez just instagramed this video working on new music two months after collaborating with puth on this hit..o cf1 o ♪ ♪ >> now "us weekly" reports the pair is mixing business with pleasure. >> in january we put puth on spot about his collaborators. uju got steamy. >> i love what you're getting at. >> i looked into this and charly is joining selena's tour kicking off in may. >> she's a really good person
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that i can turn to and ask for advice. i like her a lot. >> now to katy perry's blooming romance. ♪ >> kabloom hit the happiest place on monday and while orlando wasn't on his phone, they really did disneyland. >> i am told they stayed there for five hours with friends and there was a lot of pda, kissing and holding hands and katy spent time on the it's small world ride and this romance is getting serious. >> we all know how serious things are getting between blake shelton and gwen stefani. he's taken a little bit of heat for casting a hottie that appears to be a whole hotter than gwen. ♪ ♪ >> i know i'm so lucky, whether it's a divorce or my new girlfriend. i have an outlet. ♪ ♪ >> you know what's happened with me in the last, gosh, eight
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nine months. it's all on there. it's all on the record. >> blake's new ballad about finding love w gwen is generating plenty of likes and as for sexy beach babe in the video, sorry, she's way too young fo39-year-old country superstar some fans posting and others love the so cal vibe. shot on the sand i malibu and in a beachy bar, the black and white video features a much younger, scantily-clad free spirit catching blake's eye. ♪ ♪ >> gwen's new video features mostly dancer, skaters and her own doodles, but blake is all his own. >> my job to sing about experiences of mine, and so i did that. ♪ ♪ >> yesterday we brought you the news that oscar winner patty duke had passed away. her son sean astin who we know from "lord of the rings" was by her side and sean shared
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mom's final moments in his only on-camerr interview. >> she had been suffering terribly, just -- so unfair. it was in the middle of the night and it was a race to get there. it was a very powerful experience. in her last moments she was at peace. >> it's rare someone speak so eloquently after losing a parent, but sean wanted to talk about patty's legacy. speaking from her adopted hometown of coeur d' alene, idaho, the more she opened up and the more she shared of pain was very constructive for people and the mid 1980s bipolar diagnosis was a watershed and she had identity and a whole new mission and a whole new sense of purpose and that was to share what she had gone through with other people. >> she often shared those battles with "e.t." by so
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open she helped countless others. >> i happen to prefer calling my disorder manic depression. it is known asbipolar disorder now. if that works for other people, fine. i prefer calling it manic depression because it sounds like how it felt. >> sean set up a fund-raiser for the patty duke mental health project which will continue his mother's campaign of awareness. >> the thing that gives me such joy and reverence for her is that above all else she is a warrior. know, sean hadn't slept all night and he wanted to remember his mom told us that the family is planning to hold a memorial for in the next few weeks. >> we have another star talking about his family in just a minutes. proud dad ashton kutcher tells us cute stories about his baby girl with mila. >> it's great to have someone t share it with. >> child birth from a man's perspective. here's seth meyers' hilarious story of his wife in labor. >> wow! >> and what are the kardashian
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girls really think their family being in the middle of the people versus o. simpson. >> have you been watching? >> that and a whole lot more when returns. >> closed captioning provided by --
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tomorrow on "e.t.," top gun mega-producer bruckheimer breaks sequel news. >> will (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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♪ ♪ >> that is a first glimpse the baddest bad guy in the history of the walking dead,ing
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megan, and t barb wire bat. >> the fans are jonesing for that and he's played by jeffrey dean he's so great at everything he does. and we know him from "the good wi wife." we were just with jeffrey and here's what he told us about megan. >> i don't know what the fans will be ready for. i'm f prepped for hate mail and everything else, so, bring it. >> i love that his bat's got name. lucille. >> on netflix, fans of "that '70s show." danny has been my best friend and has been s moved her. >> it was a crazy thing like on this show we got back on the stage again, it was the same that we had from '70s. >> "e.t." was on t 70s sst in the late s and now they play
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brothers on the ra >> you're my little brother amigo. i'm proudyou, too. >> for what? >> i really didn't think there would be a follow-up question. >> they got '70s support and kutcher's wife mila and another alum, wilmer valderrama. >> is there a possibility that we could see "that '70s" co-stars on the show? a high likelihoolikelihood. >> it's like saying who would die on next we "game of thrones". >> both guys are dads to baby girls. >> and they'll run up and down and sometimes there will be a dramatic scene being shot and my daughter at prep service, i want that! we'll talk about what they're going through and what we're going through as parents. it's great to have someone to share it with. >> will you force to be friends? >> bffs. >> they just kickit. >> really? >> they're terrors. we actually had calm them down one day because they were budgetering t set next door.
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>> thank god for those tw >> here's another reason to watch the ranch. deborah plays the mom. >> we are talking to hollywood moms and which one these very pregnant stars. >> i'm t trimester. >> plus more from our exclusive interview with chris darden sharing crime scene evidence you haven't seen. what these rare photos reveal next.
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. setting meyers has found a home s a late-night but
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there is nothing late about his baby. his wife alexy gave birth two wee and panic set in and here's whht hav baby is like from a man's perspective. >> on sunday wife gave birth to our firsteverybody. [ cheering ] >> it started that morning when alexy felt back pain. >> i'm bad at recognizing patterns or i would have realized those were contractions. >> it was shortly after alex's water broke. >> wow! rushing to the hospital had the craziest uber ride ever. >> we had to roll the window down and she was just screa out an open win i don't like men! and i feel like new york eers we saying we're in new york, nobody likes anything! nurses were wearing bunny ears. >> could not change mood. look, bunny ears and she was, like, [ bleep ] up. don't. >> chevron. when a patient comes in fully
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dilated no amount of bunny ears will help. >> fully dilated alexy went into delivery immediately. >> it was another 20 minute away she could have delivered in the uber. >> it was weird because i didn't know how much i would watch everything going down. >> and sunday evening alexy gave birth to a named ash. >> which is my mom's maiden name. middle name is olson which is my mother's m name and it just -- to be able to name him after those two women. >> there are a lot of other famous wome in the coming weeks and months including e blunt, her second with husband john krasinski. during this one, i forget i'm even pregnant. during the first one she was more self-indulgent. you get mass and prenatal yoga and hi therapy cds. she'll be delivering some time summer. >> during september a source tells "e.t." is supermodel behati prinsloo out shopping
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yesterday with her hubby adam levine. looking very due on "american idol" last month was kelly clarkson who will be for the finale next thursday. >> she's still seven weeks out, she says. >> that puts kelly's due date in mid-april. chrissy teigen. >> i'm third trimester. >> have you picked a name yet? >> we have a running list on our phone, but we change it every day. >> but the very next to rush to the delivery room should be ann hathaway with hubby adam schulman. one source says they were due this month so any day now. >> while there are are so many star babies on the way, j. wow and melissa rye kroft and so lay moon fr is having, hold on to your hats, her fourth >> he framed that was real success for the defense. >> that is the big moment last night on "the people
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o.j." when robert cashkardashia realized simpson could go free. it seems so strange to be watching this. >> did you imagine? because they lived this and not all of his actually rushed to see this, cameron. we talked about the family when i sat down exclusively witho.j. prosecutor chris darden. >> did you meet the kardashians? >> of course, i met back then. of course, i knew i recall one day, i believe it was one day when she brought the children wiher. >> to court. >> to the d.a.'s office, as i recall, early on in t trial and they were little kids. >> those kids, kourtney, rob, khloe and kim lived through the celebrity trial of the century. imagine what it must have been like. their father, robert kardashian was o.j.'s confidant. their mother, kris jenner was a good friend of nicole brown syst simpson who o.j. was accus murdering and now the case was back in the spotlight. >> just quit the >> the kardashian family's struggle and robert's internal
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conflict is the theme in fx's "the people versus o.j. simpson". >> i feel like it feels like yesterday sometimes because it's so things are still so fresh. >> chris and kim have both said they like the show, but kourtney didn't start watching it until this week she posted a screen grab of david schwimmer as her dad. finally watching o.j. episode 2. this is weird to watch. it's uncle if rob has watched the seary, but khloe appears to be holding out. >> he was my uncle that's always what i called him. i hear david schwimmer did a phenomenal job and they play him form so i'm grateful for that, but just i don't know, it's not that i won't watch it. i have reservation. >> in time. >> yeah. >> after our sitdown, darden shared something remarkable, documents and evidence from the simpson trial. there is an image of nicole at a police statioo reporting domestic abuse and this,
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never-before-seen booking card with o.j.'s handprint. for darden it seems there is no escaping the case or the kardashians. >> i lived across the street from khloe and lamar for a while. >> you did? >> yeah, up in tarzana, and my son jason and i met lamar down the street at the doughnut shop one day, the morning before game seven. what i think about the kardashians, god bless america. capitalism at its best. >> yeah. oh, yeah. i ain't mad at them. >> neither am i, chris. neither am i. he also doesn't begrudge the fact that the plans in situation made a little money off of their connections to o.j., nicole ron goldman because kris did, too. remember his best-selling book, "in contempt >> a lot of money to be made there. >> great job on the interview. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> which singer's first-recorded so was written by her
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>> pam:their young son died during a routine dental procedure now a bay area family is demanding legislative changes to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> pam:plus.neighbors on edge following a series of strong arm robberies at east bay parks. the pattern you need to look out for. >> pam:i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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this throwback. the answer is at e.t. primal consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everyone. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, pierce morgan is 51. warren beatty is79 and which singer's first recorded song was written by her mom?
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that's celine d who turns 48 today. >> or dion. >> tomorrow night on cbs, the hit rush hour movie's becoming a tv series. that's right. it's not easy to fill in the shoes of jackie chan and chris tucker, but john fu and justin hire showe they are up to the challenge. >> good night, everybody. >> i'm carter. >> carter? >> detective carter. carter. >> the chinese accent a doing that consistently was one of the most difficult things i've ever done. >> i do t majority of my own stunts. weightlifting to keep fit during the process. >> i don't look as good as john, but i to hold my own. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> grant:now at eight. he lost his son to a terrible mishap in the dentists
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office. father tells kron four why he's launched a campaign for caleb's law. >>whoosh >> grant:a pair of drifters accused of leaving a trail of bodies in two bay area counties. tonight a prosecutor's surprise decision has some victims advocates outraged, >>whoosh >> grant:in the east bay. armed robbers preying on people in public parks. tonight we are live at the scene of the crime. >>whoosh >> grant:a florida woman has a frightening encounter in the middle of a swamp >>oh my god oh my god >> grant:find out what happens next in a full hour of your prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:the death of an east bay executive in an


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