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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 31, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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here. that's just a jealous me talking. after all, the girl does work out. but the fact is jess was on a girl's vacationnin cabo. my fave is this insta groom, jess's yellow dangerous curves ahead swimsuit. by the way, it cost $325. now here's how is like us, she's got her favorite piece of co clothes, hers just happens to be those teen daisy dukes, she's instagramed herself in that same pair several times in the past. how she's not like us? that private jet. how she's not like us, able to leave the kids at home with hubby for a few days. >> car pool karaoke with the kids. ♪ >> she's also in love with a face swap app like us.
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their little kardas -- because we sure don't instagram topless photos of ourselves in a public bathroom. the kim swarmed by paparazzi and fans wanting selfies last night. here's a stud like us moment can all relate to kaley cuoco in a fender-bender. the crash happened yesterday at 4:20 a.m. in front of her home. then the big bang star went to work. >> i think it's safe to say that justin beieber is not like us, backstage getting massaged by
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three people. leonardo dicaprio is not like us, not only because he gets to shake hands with an arrest an tang, britney spears is not like us, and the rock's like us too, showing off his bay watch spot on instagram. i totally want to hang out with that cutie on the right. here's one more star that's kind of like us that's misha barton heading into her dancing rehearse sal. we are just five days away from the last episode of people versus oj mini series. the cast has got a lot to celebrate and they did that last night in new york at a special screening. john travolta brought wife kelly preston out to celebrate the episode that fans and critics
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are dying to see. >> that's the highest critical acclaim i have ever gotten. i would say really? >> plus, shocker, there's one person not watching the playing oj. >> no, no, i don't watch it. i have to step away from this. >> this scene had viewers go crazy on twitter. was really a relationship between the members of oj's prosecution team. >> i have my memories about what i thought was happening there. >> we talked about it in our book, i think it's just the agreement they came up with between the two of them. >> we never had any confirmation from either one of them. so we were not going to g it to the audience as if it were a fact. >> that's good. i'm o with it. >> tina fey was fan girling all over the cast. >> it's so goo i need to fill out my paper work
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for the emmys so i can vote for sterling and john travolta. >> unbreakable k schmidt, "snl's" seth meyers new baby. >> i came in and i sent a present. >> tina fey, speaking of fan girling, i'm fan girling over some of my favorite actresses and by the way we have solved the mystery behind this epic selfie. she's not spilled the beans of why she posed with so many famous women. this issue wi out in june. now there's another powerful woman, beyonce, she's tapping into the hottest new star business tr fitness fashion. i can vouch for this, this is nothing that puts a smile on a girl's face, even when it's sweaty, like an oh, cute pair of yoga pants.
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the beehive this morning, run and sweating in a surprise video for her own fitness line. >> it's more to convey the lifestyle than really the individual pieces of the 200 item collection. >> the highlight spor bras and matching leggings these low rise waistbands, these go on sail in mid-april and start at and top out at $300. they do say imitation is best form of flattery. lu lu aside, the singer is now part of a booming celebrity trend. >> they said we're just a week away from the exposurexposure. >> i can't stand it? >> "e.t" was another kate
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hudson's side at the opening of heworkout line. >> if you get your workout clothes, hopefully you'll work out, but if not, at least you'll look cute. >> i didn't live a lot of life in fitness apparel. we are on our own journey. >> a lot of people are diving in, but the products have to be of a certain quality. >> you can walk down any street anywhere in the country and you'll see women wearing these & types of thing all day long. >> carrie underwood is right, in fact i walked in to work this morning in my yoga pants. sometimes we all feel like our world has flipped upside down, riling? you know why we love th it's because ttey sculpt the body. coming u next, luke bryan
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country stars go on the "e.t" stage. >> i have learned that just add whisky. and later, ce wedding dos and don'ts. >> we have some advice from hills star turned wedding planner lauren conrad. >> oh, my god, weddings are crazy. >> and jerry bruckheimer breaks big sequenews, when is the next bad boy and top
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tomorrow on "e.t," debra winger and her terms of all legal action he is not taking. a crackdown on skier the local travel safer next at 8:00
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welcome back, everybody. i have true news co-hostshere. there's bentley and luke bryant. you're going to be at the emmys.
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luke here is the veteran, do you have any advice, anything? >> i'm going to bring in the heat. >> this year, you know, you guys did kick blake off a host, but you are going to let him perform, >> we might. we might give him little opportunity. >> i thinkhe's going to come and perform your song. i love it, it's a beautiful song. do you know if he's bringing a platinum belonged with initials gwen stefani? >> he wouldn't let me know. i try to find out things like this. >> how does she fit into tte country music. > think when you date blake shelton, i just hope it's affecting her iq? >> it's positive -- >> miranda lambert also going to perform, she's also up for vocalist of the year, she won
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six year a row. i think miranda is miranda because she brings so much energy, she brings so much, is it estrogen is right word? >> it is. >> that's whatshe's always amazed me by? >> this is the warm for your tour, both of you are going to go on tour, correct? >> i have alread a few dates for my i require more practice and more warmiup. >> can you do me a favor, please try not to fall off the stage. >> there's no word around. >> what happens then? >> when you're on stage that much, it's going to happen. >> thank you guys for coming. but stick around with me, okay? because we're going to be talking to one of country music's co-horlts. then stars without makeup. see stars we saw ah natural.& >> i like women without makeup
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on. >> i'm getting some secrets about the new top movie from producer jerry bruckheimer. >> i'm mad they're doing it. >> we don't have it down. >> we'll work on that. >> they tried to steal the scene, all that's coming up, stay right here. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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now it's stars without makeup. cameron diaz had to p without makeup. clearly she's doing something right. >> i've got to see myself. i would rather see my facine agg than a don't recognize at all. >> what we want to do is look our bests we age gracefully. >> yesterday gwyneth posed for this picture.
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last night nacho posted their dinner date eating argentinean, in where else? bu buenwaynbuenowaynbuenos ares. i know one place you won't see a woman not wearing makeup, in her wedding. >> are you going go into wedding mode? >> i'm not going to give a thought it. >> we don't have wedding plans yet, but are so happy. >> i said i don't mind doing the little white chapel thing. the question is, go big or keep it small. gaga and taylo kinney want intimate i dos. while mariah w a wedding in tahi tahiti.
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rumor is that she wants a carnival theme. now what about the sticky issue ofexes? will nick cannon be invited? and in bride-to-be julianne hou hough. lauren conrad recently released her ninth book help celebrate. >> kind of unwritten rule of wedding is that you're not allowed to invite your ex-boyfriend. all rules are made to be broken, whatever's going to represent you as a couple whatever makes you happy. >> how does a britd avoid break bank? >> the moment you saywedding, the price triples. important to do your research. meet with several different people and compare clothes because you can get reasonable prices, you just have to a little hunting. >> lauren is kind of pro party planning since her 2014 walk down the aisle with william
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tell. we caught up with her in new york where she dropped one final wedding tip, planning before hand using pintrest. >> i heard you were really real about what a lot of women do. that you had a wedding pintrest board and then you unveiled it. >> i id it at the table he had just proposed and i was like, i have some thoughts. if youulove movies, this next guy is one vl reasons why, jerry bruckheimer is the master mind behind guns, pirates of the caribbean, if you want me keep going, i can, he's produced many blockbusters. >> when they tell you we're going to honor you for an entire month, w do you say?
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>> many, but not too many, jerry, after all, your hits have totaled $1.2 million in box office openings. >> i'm always looking forward to the next one, so we just finished another pirates so i'm always looking to the future. >> also in the works a new top gun. >> you posted a picture of you and tom cruise on twitter will he come bag? >> of course, you do have top gun without tom cruise. >> there were all those rumors that tom and val didn't get along on set. is that true? >> no, that's nottrue. >> there's also a new bad boys in the mix. >> will wants to it, martin wants to do it. >> so will martin will be
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bag together buone minister tim. >> next may, johnny depp his fifth go round a captain jack. >> he goes to the hospital a visits the kids as jacksparrow. he carries his costume in the trunk and whenever he goes to a city, he makes sure he visits the children's hospital. >> i said, so i had this meeting and there wouldabn't be this seismic activity. that's kind of what jerry told us when he visi set in 1998. >> this set is barreling twarz earth. >> also on the set that day, 25-year-old ben affleck. >> jerry was real helpful to
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me. i didn't know anything about big hollywood movies and i was very intimidated and he helped me along and it really thrilling movie and experie for me. >> another thrilling movie for jerry and was pearl harbor. >> you wanted to honor the men who died there. just the joy they had watching the movie. >> jerry really lit up when he was talking about making movies honoring the men and women of the armed forces is really a passion of his. he's an amazing tv producer as well. all the csi shows, without trace and cold case, and j has won ten emmys for "the amazing race." whi "star wars" actor used to play the french horn? the answer is next.
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the video >> pam: stirring conversation around the nation we talk exclusively with the ma'am man who filled film this conversation. prescription needed. but it is raising some concerns. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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>> it's all on nmplgts tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which "star wars" actor used to play the french horn? >> happy birthday you and we have unfortunately reached t end of the show, but we have one more thing for you to check
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. >> we're on the set of hot country newcomer peter pan, quizzing her on a new bff. >> you know, i have to ask about your most famous friend swift. >> i met taylor in a meet and greet situation, because i was a fan, still am. but then she tweeted, whe it first came out before anyone even heart it. >> now kelsey is up for an acm award. on the show, she'll be singing peter pan with nick jonas. >> i have never driven a stick shift until today. >> i now at eight. the viral video that spread from kron four around the world tonight an exclusive interview with the student who recorded the confrontation over dreadlocks, whoosh san francisco's d=a says text messages have given his office
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new evidence of police racism and homophobia this problem is systemic and needs to be addrresssed in a more deeper fashion whoosh starting tomorrow, you won't need a doctor's prescription for birth control pills. one provision in the new law is raising some eyebrows. whoosh they beganlining up at dawn. tonighth we are just minutes away from the unveiling of tesla's eagerly anticipated model three. we are live at a tesla dealership. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. it is the video that still has a lot of people talking. things get heated between two san francisco state university students. over dreadlocks.


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