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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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this week we wrote the system with a member of the board of directors. he says he understands that this is a big headache but the problem is you cannot fix a problem if you do know -- if you do not know what it -- causing it. engineers cannot find a problem with the track. now they are focusing on the cars and wondering if something is wrong with the electrical system of the cars themselves. that demonstrates a guessing and a trial and error situation. because of that, they have
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absolutely no timeframe for when this handicap system might be made whole once again. reporting live, >> onto the golden state warriors. their quest to make history. the best team in the nba hosted the portland trail blazers. just two days after that terrible loss. the mac it was hard to watch. it was fun to watch tonight. we watched the game from oracle arena with the warriors came home with the wind. a historic 73 win season. do you still have a voice after this game, that is the question? >> 54 game winning streak. it's in the rearview mirror. >> the warriors and their fans moved quickly on sunday to attempt portland trail blazers team and the continued chase to
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that ever elusive nba record, 73 wins in a regular season. is no easy task.>> with just six games remaining before the playoffs, a win against portland with strength and them in surpassing the 95-96 chicago bulls record for most wins in the season which right now stands at 72. >> a member of the apple squad hall of famer scottie pippen recently said in an interview that matched up against his warriors, a seven-game series. >> it will be a good match. it would be good to say that. >> warriors fans are used to this. the nba champions travels well. it appears outside the bay area. despite their exceptional play,
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the head coach of the month for back-to-back mvp and another strong close to a season. >> india and the warriors the portland trail blazers winning by a score of 136-111 avoiding consecutive loss. this team has yet to lose back-to-back which is never been long in the mba regular season. there 69th when, they are now a 41 vendors for making history. >> it just gets more and more exciting. will he stay or will he go. tonight the future of a quarterback is up in the air tonight. >> over the past 24 hours, there have been reports that he
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is headed to denver. at this point the teams are said to be still negotiating. >> san francisco calling cabinet is the love 49er at this point in the game. the ap reports that the 49ers and broncos are in talks over bringing him to denver. he was benched last season after going two and six as a starter. he had five games with a total court does quarterback rating which in simple terms is very bad. 49ers quarterback was all over magazines and entertainment shows. he is set to make $11.9 million this year. the broncos are willing to pay $7 million of that contract but no more. a $4.9 million gap. he spent his off-season with multiple injuries. a quarterback who led his team
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to a super bowl in 2012 and an nfc championship in 2013, now out of the trade market. >> the workouts start tomorrow. report showed that if he attends 90% of those he could make $400,000. the drama is just heating up if you are san francisco 49ers event. let's check in with a look at the weather as we approach the work week. it looks like some real heat is on the way. >> the drama is heating up and also the temperatures. especially into tuesday and wednesday. we might see 80s and maybe even 90s and some locations. up was colder today with numbers only in the 50s. there was a height of 57 and oakland. upper 60s for san jose. a little bit cooler.
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the clouds took a long time to clear. mostly clear and there is fog in place. high clouds over the golden gate and they are part of a storm system to our north. the storm as it goes bag -- goes by the pacific northwest will change the wind pattern. were going to have warmer wins coming out of the north and that's going to make for a big warm-up tomorrow. it will continue into tuesday and wednesday. by late week we have a chance for rain. for next weekend, cooler weather and also showers possible. a lot of changes in the forecast and i will have the details coming up. >> police are searching for a group of people who were shooting up our cars with bb guns. there now targeting people. were told exactly who police are looking for. >> they need the public's help
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in rounding up a group of shooters that have been targeting cars, buildings and now people. >> at first police called them vandals. a group suspected of numerous shootings with bb guns. car windows and businesses but now they say those crimes have turned violent. after several shootings of people with bb guns. >> everybody has to contribute and not say anything. you need to say something to the police so they can get the individuals off the street. >> this man was shot in the arm with a bb gun. he wasn't hurt but he doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. >> we have to get the word out. there are kids out there. take a look at this map of other incidents where people were shot with bb guns. here at this church, one man was shot in the head by a bb gun.
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members of the church say they're shocked to hear something like this is happened. >> this is a good neighborhood. this is never happened. i don't know. i hope the police can get the suspects. >> police say the shooters have cost at least -- cost at least $60,000 in damage. anyone with information, if the police are called. >> two people from salinas are facing several charges after they were caught in surveillance video stealing a package. these are the suspects. a 38-year-old and a 27-year-old for both taken into custody yesterday. they were caught on video stealing a package from a home. an officer spotted a truck matching the description of the when in the theft. the officer identified him as the driver. police searched the vehicle and found heroin, meth, and the
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stolen package. >> a young girls spotted the missing statue off the coast of monterey. it was during low tide. it was almost directly across the street from where the statues dance. last year vandals broke in and walked off the head of the statue during the raid. monterey police were investigating and tell us it is too soon to tell if the head can be be attached to the statue. the city of san francisco is looking to make family leave more affordable for new parents. supervisors are slated to meet on whether to require private employers to pay 45% of workers celebrate during the six-week family leave. san francisco's plan is to keep local parents from taking a bit pay cut while they are home with a new trial. supporters say it will help low were to nurse their babies.
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something the potential loss would be too expensive for employers. >> regulations under control are spreading. tenant demand for protection is shifting to others -- other city areas. the region has added nearly 460,000 jobs but only 50,000 new housing units. activists in alameda and richmond are pushing rent control. >> governor. jerry brown will join supporters from across the state to sign a bill making the california minimum wage $15. the legislation went to the governor's office last week. california will become the first state in the nation for the highest minimum wages ever been. the plans to increase pay overtime and all businesses
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will be paying the $15 an hour minimum. they can pause hikes if there is a forecasted budget deficit. >> much more headed your way today. one of the most well-known soccer players was arrested early this morning. we will tell you what police say happened and why this star says she broke the law. >> and and track crash leaves two dead. this video, if you haven't seen it stay with us to watch her. its of the chp officer escorting a chihuahua off the bay bridge. how it all started and where that little dog is now. >>
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retired us soccer star is in some serious trouble after being arrested for allegedly driving. she was taken to jail in
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portland oregon early this morning after police caught her running a light. she apologized on her facebook page think she made a poor choice to drive home. before her retirement she clenched two olympic gold medals and one cup title. >> a former 49ers quarterback has been arrested on charges of driving under the influence and marijuana possession. he was pulled over around 2:30 this morning. the 31-year-old was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence. when asked to walk a straight line, police say the former ohio state star. >> i did spend a lot of time in the south. >> we have our meteorologist back with this year. will talk about our weeks forecast. >> downright hot.
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is like a roller coaster. by the end of the week we will be back in cool and rainy conditions. it will feel like winter. >> you say i complain a lot but i'm not complaining about this weather. >> finally, if you're happy. please, >> it's going to be toasty around here. not so much for tomorrow but coming up on tuesday we will be and -- we will be in the 80s and 90s. is a time lasts from this afternoon. the rain from the system is up in the pacific northwest. a little bit of rain around your week up. none of the rain and. they area. the storm front will passed off to the east. as a goes by, the winds will shift and we will get offshore wind pattern. that brings is clear, sunny and warmer weather.
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that will be the case all the way through the wednesday. toward the end of the week, on shore with returned with the storm system coming up from the south and the chance for rain. here is a live view. the beautiful bay bridge tonight. is going to be pushing to the pay for tonight but it will clear out more quickly for tomorrow the what we have for today because of that developing wind pattern. san francisco, mid-60s for tomorrow. given that we were only in the mid-50s today, that's of about 9 degrees. san jose into the mid-70s. coming up on tuesday and wednesday is when the real he will get here. tonight tonight these are all high clouds from the tail end of that weather system. that will be low clouds pushing into the bay. because of the winds, low clouds get percent to the south and so i think the north bay will be cleared to start out. low clouds by the bay into the south bay. i 9 am that should be out of
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here and we will be looking at sunshine for the rest of the day. gusty winds possibly approaching or surpassing 30 miles per hour. temperatures going up into the 60s and 70s. san jose, 74 degrees. mid to upper 70s and we will talk about how much warmer and will be for tuesday and went date and the chance of rain coming up. >> is not the usual suspect. the california highway patrol was put to the test early this morning after having a high- speed chase with the dark. >> this poor little black dog care let the chp officer on a. pursuit across the bay bridge. they had a rough day together. officers were called out when someone saw the dog running in the middle of the lanes. the video has been circulating all day getting quite a bit of attention. officers say the suspect was taken into custody and is safe.
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>> how fast do you think they're going? >> i was impressed by that little dog. i don't think i could run that fast. >> the dog has been reported missing but no one's come forward to claim him. san francisco county animal care picked up the little guy and they're keeping him safe until someone comes forward. here is the officer with the dog. >> i'm impressed that he made it over.>> on to the next story. major problems as olympic tickets are not selling. fears surrounding upcoming games. the mac all the loopholes have been removed. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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is it illegal to ride bicycle with dual earphones?>> however, something many writers have little knowledge up.>> stop the presses. some san francisco bicycle is -- this was sent out. it did not work. where was i? i was asking this woman if she knew about the earbuds. >> you can't do that anymore. did you know that? >> why do you have me on camera? i had no idea. i'm from la. i never had a bike before.
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this is my first time.>> that what well. he had to come back to retrieve his lot. he has its own laws. >> then he said he thought bike riders can't wear earbuds or headphones it all. the fact is you can wear one, you just get with them both. even if you're not listening to anything. >> this writer knew the law. >> you can't wear to earbuds while your biking. >> what happened? >> this applies if you're riding a scooter over motorcycle. in san francisco, stanley
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roberts. coming up at 8:30 of fatal amtrak crash raises all sorts of questions. the latest on the investigation. the weather might be looking great here but that is hardly the case on the east coast. we will show you the wild weather.
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tickets to the 26 olympics are not selling as fast as they
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hope. brazil is scrambling to amp up demand. only half of the tickets are sold with just four months until kickoff. brazil's new minister of sports is looking ways to increase ticket sales. they're considering buying some to distribute to public schools which is also ensuring confidence. the brussels airport is reopening. we will show you the new tighten security in place. kids come to the rescue at a police chase in london. baseball season is underway.
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this is the bay area's new station. kron four news continues now. a plane crash in
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philadelphia. broken windows their this amtrak train derailed early this morning. passengers are describing a frightening scene. to amtrak employees are dead. the train hit a piece of construction equipment on the track. >> tense moments on board and amtrak passenger train sunday morning. after a crash into a backhoe on the tracks. >> i woke up to it. the windows were blown out right beside me. a nasty smelling smoke coming inside the train.>> the train was one -- with more than 300 passengers and seven crew members was traveling from new york to savanna georgia when the front engine of the train derailed. >> the train decrease the need.
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basically, there was a cloud of yellow smoke surrounding the train. >> with two, both amtrak employees. passengers described feeling of jolt and then saying flames. >> it was like a big explosion. there was a fire in the windows burst it out. some people work cut out. it was just minor injuries. >> 35 passengers were hurt. those who did not need to go to the hospital boarded vessels -- boarded buses. the question tonight, why was the fact cold so close to the tracks. >> we have recovered video from the locomotive to send to our laboratory in washington dc. >> amtrak has restored limited service in the area but it is
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under investigation. the crash comes less than one month after another train derailed. >> the brussels airport has partially reopened for the first time since the recent terror attack. this is video showing the first plane to leave the airport this morning. the airport says the ridges be three out on -- outbound flights. there will be no arriving flights. more flights will be added in the upcoming days. new yorkers have a big cleanup job to do after a strong storm pummeled the city today. happy with knocked down trees damaging homes and cars. here is the aftermath. >> reporter: wind gusts of more than 60 miles per hour were by murdock avenue. trees came crashing down across the road.
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>> we saw a huge tree was down. >> it crushed at least four cars. >> i did not know what you think. >> power lines got dragged across and will be on the intersection. light poles were instantly snapped. >> power lines are down across the property. he said everything was okay and not to touch anything. >> more power up -- water problems empowered beach -- howard beach. >> i heard a big loud crash. we went downstairs and we saw the neighbors house had fallen down. >> crews have been working for over -- hours to cut up the street. >> i woke up to a big crash and my house shook. >> power lines for sparking in the roadway.
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>> there was a ball of fire. >> power companies are working nonstop to fix the line. they need to heat their homes on this frigid day. >> we have spring with winter weather. >> it could take a few days to clean up the damage. meteorologists joins us. went to new york and snow in chicago. were breaking out the bathing suits for the weather that's the come. >> this is tough whether to live through. >> this is make you sad about moving to new york when you see the weather were about to have? >> i can't wait for that kind of weather. bring on the snow when winds. i will enjoy my last few days .@looks nice for the next couple of days. we will get some rain later in the week. earlier today, this is baker
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beach. there's finally some sunshine for the afternoon. i think icj are out there. >> he's busy at work. >> okay. a nice day for flying a kite with winds between 20 and 30 miles per hour. those high clyde -- those high clouds are a sign of things to come. as it the parts, the winds will turn offshore. things are going to warm up. now alive look. i'm not sure if you can see it, but if you look out over the control cloward -- control tower, there are clouds pushing into the bay for tonight. low clouds and also some high clouds. we will start off the day with low clouds but i think they will be person to the south bay. eventually out of here by nine
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to 10. a little breezy for the afternoon with winds up to 30 miles per hour. temperatures are warming up going into the 60s and 70s up five to 10 degrees. on tuesday this is when the real heat arrives. 70s and 80s and going up the mid-80s and the santa rosa area. even warmer still, another five to 10 degrees on wednesday. were looking at 80s all the way to the ocean. 90 for san jose. we could be breaking some records. for tomorrow, a few clouds with sunshine for the rest of the day. sunny tuesday, sunny wednesday, and then a big change starts happening thursday. there is a weather system that's coming at us from the south. it will bring the chance of rain on friday. this could change because the storm system may meander around it.
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but for now, it looks like friday, possibly saturday and even sunday. >> it was a tough week for donald trump. what the republican front runner is saying now for a series of political close. >> one of the most popular social media apps is going through a big change. users are very upset. i will have that story coming up.
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this weekend donald trump's campaign is in damage control mode after a wild week. next tuesday only one state is holding a primary. could it be a turning point for ted cruz? we are in washington with the latest. >> reporter: for a man who was used to winning, this past week donald trump did not have much to celebrate. >> the answer is that there has
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to be some form. >> democrats and republicans texas senator. ted cruz cannot help but use a trump tech make. a direct attack. >> the comment was wrong. it is the latest demonstration of how little he has thought about the serious issues. >> the latest poll shows ted cruz with a comfortable lead. cruz is sitting at 42%, 10 points ahead of donald trump and john kasich remains in a distant third place. >> senator. marco rubio may not be running but he wants to hold out his delegates. he sent a notice several party chairs urging them to ensure his delegates did not end up voting for trump. >> for democrats, all eyes are in the -- all eyes are on the
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empire state work >> i am proud that i was born here in new york city. >> for sanders winning new york was considered impossible but now polls show he has cut into hillary clinton's lead so much that clinton's camp may have to rethink their strategy. >> while senator. sanders is expected to do well, when you look at democratic polls nationally, clinton maintains a strongly. -- strong lead. may be you go for those food samples for paying for those massive jars of peanut butter in rolls of paper towels will be different at costco. the new way you will only be able to buy your favorite bulk items. >> see the storm before it happens. download the new zap today. -- new at today.
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take a look at this. for a group of kids outside of london, the afternoon was spent easter eggs cunning and it turned and two and different kind of fun. police were chasing meant on foot. the kids dropped to the ground and formed an arrow. pointing police in the right direction. police saw this and told the police on the ground. a short time later the men were arrested. officers tweeted about the story with a #not an april fool joke. >> a woman was able to get out of her car just in time before it went plunging 300 feet down a cliff in canada this morning. responders say the driver was ejected or jumped out of the vehicle before it took the nosedive. she did tumble 150 feet down the cleft. emergency crews were able to pull her to safety. she was hospitalized with serious injuries but it could
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have been worse. >> starting in june cosco says that will only accept visa our cosco credit cards. it will include 4% cash back on gas. there is a catch. cashback will be issued in a vouchers that can only be redeemed at costco. you have to have a membership to get a card. if you already have the american express card it will be replaced by a city visa cosco card. >> volkswagen is recalling about 900,000 cars with diesel engines because of wire ring. they can corrode and overheat and start fires. the week call cause -- the recall includes fagades. of dealers will replace the connector with new ones that are properly sealed. volkswagen will begin notifying
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people to bring their cars and starting june. the backlash continues for instagram on how photos are displayed. here's why this is happening. >> instagram currently display sure feed in chronological order. you see the post in the order they were posted. recently they announced they would be testing out a new way. it shows your content based on your likes. this has upset instagram users who wanted to stay the same. instagram says relax, there's no change happening. >> instagram is not making the change. it is staying in chronological order. are just testing it out with a small amount of users. nothing is changing with your feet. we promise to let you know when changes roll out. for
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now, let's say they do moved to this algorithm style. they say is to improve your experience and show you what you're most likely to like. the content, based on your inner josh your content and interest. there are definitely ulterior motives. change into the algorithm, the precursor to this system like what happened on facebook. this is an easy way for instagram to make money off of brands and businesses. they pay for their facebook post to be delivered to more users. all the marketers and retailers in anyone selling anything who dishes are content on instagram could lose the free right here. their content will get lost. when you think of it that way, it will be hard for instagram to avoid switching to this
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style. they will have to find different ways to make money. for now, it's not happening -- happening. a teenager in kansas city is getting it just giving a generous gift to you and cancer patient. >> the 17-year-old handed over three tickets worth $900 for the kansas city royals home opener tonight. here is the story. >> it started with a simple post. >> if you like this and give me a comment i will choose the winner. >> immediately the comments began rolling in.>> people were saying there on their honeymoon weekend. >> the 17-year-old was searching for the person to give his royals home opening tickets it away too. there were plenty of fans willing to take them but there was one post from emily that lorenzo could not ignore. >> her son has been battling
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cancer. he's been doing it for seven years and he keeps coming back. they said it will probably go away for good. >> lorenzo francis winner and on friday he gave them the tickets. lorenzo says he will never forget the feeling. >> the boys started crying. i just wanted to do something getting give back to the community. were saying goodbye to one of our family tonight. look back to the moments we have shared with ryan. that is coming up after the break.
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lots of news in the sports world. do you think a be talking about the war years? >> your pumping out scripts and stuff, i had to kick back a little bit.>> that's what grant does. >> we're talking warriors because they had a big game at home. to try to bounce back after that loss. i can tell you, they came back strong tonight. we're going to talk all warriors in the show. they tried to get the best regular-season record ever. they try to overtake that 95 bowls record. will also talk san francisco giants. will give you the latest
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because the last 24 hours has been about cabinet. is he here or is he going. we will tell you all about his future. i'm going to cut it short. vicki is there. because brian is leaving us. >> i am? >> you are. that's why your desk is all packed up. is going to take a big job in the big apple. were really going to miss you. >> you not off the hook yet. were planning to torture you before you go. we've dug up some video clips from the past. let's just say not only is he good with the weather, he has a thing for animals and he's quite popular with the ladies. take a look.>> i guess you can say that this storm is unbearably cold. >> throughout the northeast
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today there's been widespread pandemonium.>> thank you. >> he had a lot of girls following him around on the court. >> what about me? brian and i rolled up our sleeves and joined the oakland tribune for cooking demo called fun with the low joe. he had the ladies eating out of his hand. >> there goes a monkey. >> okay. you can let them want as long as you want. there's an inside story here. i love all of the animal stories that we do at the end of the show but none more than
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monkey on a dog.>> i appreciated.>> how long have you to work together? i think of something special. >> well, since the turn-of-the- century. like, nine years.>> it feels like nine. >> 29. >> that's the same for me. were going to miss you but we're going to have you back at least for the 11:00 o'clock news. >> we dug into the fold tonight. >> do i have to show up at 11?>> not really, we have all the incriminating video.>> i'll be going to nbc news to be a producer for the weather department and working with don rocher.
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>> thank you for joining us. stay connected on our app and on our website.
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the warriors try to start a new one against the blazers. while also still dealing with some doubters. a trade ofcapper kaepernick to the broncos. on the eve of the season openers. we'll discuss the upcoming season. >> april fools. sports nite live is next. well, good


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