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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 6, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the team covers include will talk in the heat and castro valley and it was track of the heat in the weather center. >>anny hong: you concede this is like oakland of the more concord will part will listen to new records for this come close to a son was it will be flooded with record high of 93 santa rosa will probably set new records before has ties 89 gold record on the state is 81 degrees.
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>>anny hong: to the to on to be in the '50s turned and caught our eye is not as chilling he did not up for a dish for the bay and low eighties for the coast when we come back will break down the high for you less coming up later track of a chance for some showers as well. >>will tran: it is still chilly
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a little bit breezy right now the sun as of and is a little bit warmer than what we saw an hour of all we expect the next time you see as it is going to john they're talking possibly 80 degrees may be at around 9:00 this morning do you adjust your workout maybe not as hard as opposed to the 90 degrees but.
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>>will tran: your some tips to want to pass along but it is worth reminding don't leave your children and pets in the vehicle when get about 95 degrees teletext about five minutes for the interior of your car to be hundred and 10 degrees on a hot
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day stay away from hot food. >>will tran: you get the point during something called tough task 75 years old and as is alleged fictitious ready to go --olympic t-shirt. >>darya: the contract hot weather and it's time anywhere with the mobile application. >>rebecca: track now hot spot
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for your drive along the san mateo bridge this is the approach is on the right hand showed as westbound 92 and call weather and the car is causing some tension sitting on the shoulders history is there with them that is causing a slow drive across the span. >>mark: after to the school students some berkeley say a man tried to lure them into his car this is just the latest in a string of similar answers and the berkeley area in september.
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>>reporter: police said on monday a man tried to get to boys into his car and asked them if he can give them a ride home they said he was screaming from a parked car the boys ran away and they were not hurt in this case because the encounter with him was so brief the cannot provide a description but they said they know that he would drive up faded blue sedan will able to talk to some kids at the school this semester to walk on to list what they had to say police said the on aware of this incident is tied to the previous attempt kidnappings and around schools and berkeley they have
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installed by supply readers and up patrols no word yet on if they're going to be doing that after this incident. >>darya: more trouble for uc- berkeley new documents released by the university revealed 11 cases of sexual harassment and cannot yet been disclosed as come after uc-berkeley astronomy professor of vice chancellor the dean of the law school in the men's assistant basketball coach rolla queues of section inappropriate behavior and the documents include complaints against an assistant diving coach the council for disabled students in prof. and assistant prof.. >>darya: to high school students were attacked both attacks
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happened monday afternoon at the conversation please think of the same group of three teenagers that attack is to give the students one student had his backpack and what it was waiting for a bus outside the station berkeley said that they think that the victim's actual know the attackers but neither of the one to press charges. >>mark: his campaign said tanker crews is " worse than a puppet is a trojan horse on the
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democratic side bernie sanders with 56 percent compared to her records and 43% sanders is trailing significantly by hillary clinton and the delegate race mainly because of the delegates he says he's not quitting any time some then add to the next primary in new york on april 19th decimal the lead in the contest left in the primary calendar aside for california was june 7th on the
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democratic side hell clinton leads 1007 on the 78 delegates over 400 of those to the delegates to side with hillary clinton run central would 1097 delegates to thousand 383 needed to secure the nomination. >>darya: the secretary of state says he wants to make sure the sufficient staffing in plenty of solid so he's reaching out to the governor and legislative leaders and county government for money and support the primary is coming up on june 7th and best of how close to election is the california primary which can be deciding the nominees for both parties. >>mark: white house official
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said the president will attend democratic national committee and democratic congressional campaign committee on friday president obama recent visit to bay area in february when he attended fund-raising events in palo alto. >>darya: the total problem 23 what the timber wolves back to the game and the warriors outscored by 7 in overtime and lose 1 to 4117 percent loss a home in the past five months for their sustenance seasoned the warriors need to win every remaining game to back to chicago bulls regular-season.
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(vo) one hundred million pounds.
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of
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making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit >>mark: could to go to the weather center whenever you see the bay that calm. >>anny hong: 9 these and high and for the and and spots a
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little more also antioch the no. when at 5 tamayo's our our temperatures 61 in downtown san francisco with a 12 degrees warmer and oakland now and were this time yesterday pretty much everyone coming in a little bit milder. >>anny hong: opera is an oakland 89 in concord and pleasanton 90 in fremont 92 in san jose low
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80s and downtown san francisco was increasing clouds and a chance for some showers the system come in from the south this time it is a little unusual in the type the south bay will be the first to see some other shower activity in most of the shower activity should be fairly light. >>rebecca: a bus caught fire on south to a nearby & hill road exit his resume to the map to show you that happened right in this area the bus was on fire
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their ride on seeing the extinguished the fire with the to violence that had to shut down-4-3 this freeway the two left regiment opened the car is a screaming buy in the to the planes because the two rivals are shut down to see things over to the bay bridge now wears and prepack all morning long it continues to be this went on to five minutes going over to the 11 connected that is one to take you 25 minutes a couple of hot spots approaching the atolls goes to suspend clear but the slow traffic has not to 12 minutes to get you up to the north they so far the west
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about 580 will get bridge has been perfect it remains the west and install all morning long sought 11 all the way from sausalito into san francisco the family said the police department escalated the competition was someone the plane was the health issues. >>darya: behalf and on highway
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680 near the north main street off ramp it was about 1:00 this afternoon when the sudan across all the divider and went straight into oncoming traffic and into this motorcycle he was not able to avoid the car and he was sent in the southbound side of highway and died at the hospital there try to trigger a job shop operator will and the crash. >>mark: the little fire department is conducting a training exercise starting around 9:00 this one of smoke visible and mckay's lawyer loud bangs some living gunshots. >>mark: the new cards are set to acquire the coal and more comfortable than hoped for more than a thousand of these new trend cars to replace the 40 your fleet they will start heading the tracks this fall.
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>>darya: it happened at the canyon on the ground oil storage facility official said a partial shutdown of the facility could lead to short-term power outages lasted as long as 14 days that now operate at full capacity since the massive leak was discovered in october a teenager is dead and another is injured and home middle-market rocket explosion the blast happened outside an elementary school and the tour counting the rocket exploded while one of the teenagers were holding and a tin your student died at the hospital and 17 your friend is
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recovering from injuries to his arm the american flag is now flying in a man's apartment complex after his managers told him he had to remove the american flag or face eviction his sister got a letter last week from the park manager said some of the plan about the american flag. >>mark: a local tv station called office as well and a spokesperson e-mail come back apologizing for what happened to this incident result of an unfortunate misunderstanding and the flap was put back up yesterday afternoon--flag.
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>>darya: to pick were behind bars to the fact employes are looking for a third san francisco mayor when to make a wish himself in yesterday in san francisco to deliver the good news is delivered to school and told about the rest is the very same schooler the of the swiped from him in the first place he bought a new one and that he found that one and donated to charity.
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>>mark: the singer announced this video of a cabinet change to hurt or she did not say she was frightened but she had to arrest the sheik has not forgotten her fans to continue them as soon as possible to was scheduled to perform in concord mid-19th a man hits the ball eagle with his truck we will show you what happened was a mom and her four children driving around with the roadway collapsed under their esteeming ask you very.
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>>darya: he was driving a pickup in the bird swooped in and how and when right in front of san and crashed into the windshield the call for napa weighted with the bird and the cab when he saw them for more than an hour and hear that brought the eagles and jews were so severe that they had to put him down a mother and her four kids driver into a sinkhole in vegas. >>mark: is something of her as
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she drove down nose first into the ground city officials in water from broken pipes we can and call the sickle more details on how forecast to bay area he had to bay area coming up after this break.
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>>rebecca: the have not of they
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did it to a similar chp now telling us because the two bright lines and south to 80 in san hill has been shut down. >>anny hong: today will be equal to mile star the show was a
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possible starting in the south bay tomorrow night will see some increase in cloud and the rest of the bay area looking as a light shower activity for friday into the we can right now. >>darya: we live this morning to supply what they're doing and what they're looking for.
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hi ke >>jackie sissel: they're using ground penetrating radar to examine the walls and ceilings of the bay bridge tunnel to run through the year borland island and wanted to almost a car in the person inside and i had that said they did on inspection but it was more full of visual inspection and not one to use his ground penetrating radar to really did a good look a what is going on underneath the concrete cook caltrans keeps
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saying that they say that the tunnel itself is safe to dump and then in a structural, to the one to find out why they could follow the with the inside of the tunnel mykonos calculations as the week goes on obviously if you see them and a slow, around area of caltrans opened to have the work done by the end of the week. >>mark: starting next year new moms and dads with the six weeks of full pay after the baby is born of the stable continue to pay for 55 percent of the new
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parents and come and players want to pay the remaining 45% the senses of border supervisors voted unanimously to approve the new bill they're expected to sign into law >>darya: 0 the last several officers had exchanged racist and sexist sweets to the second time this such taxes as surface between officers appear immediately move to fire the officers involved. >>mark: it was the result is
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supposed to move to a hotel a column last week but they rejected him that now looking for new plants and to stay he served time for sexual battery and child molestation the perot only loss in the stable and some accounting the such offer man who tried to sexual assault the santa cruz student while she was like a huddle room police said the man tried to assault the student left when she confronted him and don't have any detailed description of the man. >>darya: there about a dozen inmates involved one had to be hospitalized in needed stitches and his disseminate fight this year at the jail at it to 78 so
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far no word yet on what sparked yesterday's fight a state lawmaker wants california to bid for state to allow people to use care when crack and other drugs and supplies facilities to do with the nation's first illegal drug injection site. >>mark: keeping our eyes on wall street were we saw the dollar fall over hundred points down 28. the dow was sitting at 17,00574 about hundred and four. cause a for the year to date.
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>>rebecca: persson earlier sky 7 did the behalf of our partnership with abc seven in the fire crews on the scene they extinguished the fire you to see in the video the to guidelines remain shut down in the car just whizzing by and go to the flange traffic backed up for miles and the site where backed up near the edge with a road accident near emerald hill we monitoring this and bring the latest details coming up. >>mark: the sadder than the business on the association the businesses to the bank had been on the lake is 89% for the were
7:41 am
told businesses in the area are looking to hire hundreds of new employees. >>mark: the drought has forced the county in southern california to declare a state of emergency the alameda county fire department has three new fire trucks there were shipped from top to wisconsin but before the to be out and the phil dent got to be serviced the text on the 25 hours of work from the team of mechanics.
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>>anny hong: life friday '60s and chance for some showers will shower chances will stick with us to the weekend.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: it seems like for the warriors is gone from fun and exciting in two grueling.
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>>gary: lose half today in the pressure will be there is a good paying people who never played sports thank too bad but if you played sports you know that you've won 69 games you have a confident and about yourself.
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>>gary: the point is i will try to talk a little bit about the yukon women and she said they
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were near you, it was a goodwill gone but everyone knows. >>darya: you kind of retirement are not the coach how great they are not as the cause plena it brings people love the tigers is up everything but the debris on a single bond were peaking at when she when she went to
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seattle to go pro. >>darya: the sea grow the plants in his backyard that is what i want to dump the reason we
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stayed said is we don't listen to them. >>darya: the chapter on an affair of the one to get apparently it is pretty easy to get near the basketball stars and norland and we missed this last week this kid got down on the floor and hold carmelo anthony they showed in the video
7:51 am
for monica seles the stock for each of on the court. >>darya: tech listened to pay to manning at--peyton manning.
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>>darya: his veneti amount he is still dressing like he's running for president. >>gary: while he was well dressed. >>darya:see ya gary.
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>>darya: to cut the cost of thousand dollars or jail time cheapo's the disposal of a carving and has her name and was on valentine's day and the
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couple on the left and here they are people stop and snub the dog someone painted a swastika or receive disbared 2007 for his work on the rally showed the apprenticed retold everyone your fire and has become increasingly popular spot along the walk of fame since start a campaign for president.
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>>mark: is set for august after the seven red hat is one of the headlines with the first out sideman's festival single-day tickets cost $144.
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>> will: live in castor valley it is starting to get really hot. in coverage in just a few
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minutes. >> averi: someone is trying to alert school children into their car. >> jackie: they're more inspections and the tunnel on the big bridge. >> darya: the top story this morning is the heat. >> mark: that in highs will collide in the '80s possibly the '90s. we have a team coverage of the hot weather today. >> anny: its already heating up
8:01 am
this morning. we are saying fifties' out there for the most part now. but the coast including half moon bay is saying temperatures in the '70s . at noon it was the temperatures in the '70s and '80s. and 3:00 p.m. that temperatures will be in the low 90s. you can see the temperatures on the mapping out . we'll talk more about the highs and the changes in the weather and that few minutes.
8:02 am
>> will: i wish it could stay like this all day. we do know it will stop now and we can expect eighties 1890's for the weather . these are too young ladies had been named to high school. i remember being in high school and i could not say when it's this hot. >> we go to starbucks and get cold drinks if we are hot. we make the teachers kicked open the doors. >> that there is air conditioning at our location.
8:03 am
>> will: what you do after school when it's really hot? >> we go to the mall and get our nails done. >> will: book your screen right now. for today, make sure that you do not leave your children or your pets in your car. its bid is 95 degrees outside then it will be 110 degrees inside your car. >> stay hydrated >> will: stay away from what hot
8:04 am
drinks will increase your internal temperature. i was first 28 when i first said coffee drinks like that. >> mark: you can track whether any time with our mobile application. >> reporter: because of an earlier bus fire we're treading a hot spot on southbound 280 near sand hill. fire crews on the scene have put the fire out but to what plans are still blocked. about 15 people were on board. no injuries were
8:05 am
reported. they were backed up almost to highway 92. you might want to jump off 200 e and get onto 92. avoid this area if you can because the back up will last for some time. >> darya: awarding for parents and the east bay after to middle school students and middlebury where blurred to get into someone's car. >> averi: this is the latest in a string of attempted
8:06 am
kidnappings in berkeley. these were to middle school boys. this man tried to get to voice again to a van to give them a ride home but the boys did not give in and they ran away. he was driving a faded blue sedan. >> he tried to and have them get their car and get a ride to their house and they ran. i don't really want to walk home anymore. i heard from them that
8:07 am
it looked shaky and they did not like it. >> averi: please do not know whether this is tied it with other attempted kidnappings but it patrol has been increased around schools. >> mark: r train riders in the east bay station were attacked while waiting for a bus outside of the station. bart police say they have no idea of the attackers set but the victims are not pressing charges.
8:08 am
>> mark: barney sanders is gaining momentum. we will talk about a monster gator that was tracked down and killed in florida. it is pretty calm around the bay and we're expecting a hot one.
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>> darya: a massive alligator and several hunters tracked down in florida. this guy named lee was hog hunting with his son and they came across this big gator . they shot and killed on their very on farm. look talladega's. it looks fake. you see down here and it looks normal but upright it looks that. >> it was almost as tall as the tree. >> i get to that size is probably a hundred years old and
8:12 am
they're few and far between. >> darya: experts say this is a once-in-a-lifetime kill. it was 780 lbs. and one of the biggest on record in florida. >> anny: all of their belts-- alligator belts? you can see the temperatures on the screen right now and will talk about the hot temperatures and get back.
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the mark >> mark: is before i now and will see a hot temperatures later on. >> darya: in san francisco the '80s and '90s are, complaining whether.
8:16 am
>> anny: will have a cool smile start and we will see a lot of the '80s and '90s throughout the bay area whether it is the coast, the bay shoreline, or inland. tomorrow night we will see clouds coming over as from the south bay atropos ability of showers. if the kids are here for spring break take them to the coast. it will be a warm day for years since the temperatures we're tracking our so warm. >> anny: by 10:00 temperatures
8:17 am
should be well into the '70s for most locations of the bay area. by lunchtime we will see temperatures in the '80s. by 3:00 will see temperatures and '80s and in the '90s. 96 and jack in livermore and you can see a the other temperatures on the map. enjoy the he if you like it because only last for today. temperatures will drop in the '70s tomorrow. on friday will see 60s across the bay area
8:18 am
with fifties on the coast. >> reporter: this special traffic alert has been cancelled for the south than 280 a sand hill road with the robust fired . the back up has not cleared. if this is your community will have to add about 25 minutes. if you are before sandhill road you can get often take highways parallel to 280. san mateo bridge from hayward to send a
8:19 am
tale is 25 minutes. from richmond parkway exit to north bay is just under 10 minutes. the golden gate bridge is a problem free. sausalito 105 south into a san francisco is a few minutes. >> darya: berkeley continues to be a in trouble as uc-berkeley has been found to have alleged in a sexual assault cases that have not been revealed. the new complaints are against an
8:20 am
adjunct professor, an assistant professor, an assistant diving coach at, and a counselor for disabled students. dating back to 2011 this is 19 sexual assault cases. >> mark: ted cruz won the wisconsin primary by far. donald trump called ted cruz or worse. >> the hard working men and
8:21 am
women of wisconsin made sure tonight was a victory. >> mark: sanders' one the democratic debate. sanders has won the past seven of a primaries but he is still far behind clinton. on april 19th, there will be the primary and at new york. donald trump has 743 delegates and ted cruz has 510.
8:22 am
clinton has 01 thousand 700 delegates and bernie sanders says 1000. >> darya: there'll be new features on facebook. the hind concord is 89 i now.
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>> darya: there are some changes to facebook on the mobile application. facebook is trying to get the use the live video feature. the icon is now or the messenger icon was. messenger notifications will move to the top near the search box. the application that they will be rolled out or look over the next few weeks.
8:26 am
>> mark: janet jackson is starting her unbreakable toward . but her tour will not begin as planned. she said she is not pregnant but she has her doctor saying she needs redbreast. >> anny: here's a quick check up on temperatures are now. you can see the temperature is on the screen. more details next. >> will: if you have seen
8:27 am
genentech's and performing know she sweats. i'm at a coffee shop and will get reactions a few moments. p?p?o?gv
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>> darya: the big story is the heat. livermore and san jose are in 90 and 92 with all the other places and the high 80s. >> anny: here's a look at our sfo camera. no fog no clubs all morning long. new records are likely. oakland with 88 and the record is 86. livermore's going for 90 an old record is 89. concord is supposed to get to 87 and the record is 79. santa
8:30 am
rosa and san rafael could also set records. you can see on screen the temperatures for the other areas. >> anny: everyone is feeling the weather and now including half monday. we will talk more about the showers they couldn't pack the bay area. >> will: at this pace i will probably change. i feel like
8:31 am
mariah carey at a concert i will change a lot. i have asked my sunscreen. i would say s p f 3245 at a minimum. >> when it's hot at school my teachers put out water play and we go to the field. >> we put water in her lunch she, where school close. >> i stay indoors and drink lots of water. stay in the shade. i
8:32 am
work at home. i do not work out at home. >> will: we do know probably 80 may be 90 in certain parts of the east bay. drink plenty of water and where your sunscreen and enjoy it while you can because any has been telling us for several that it's that we will be dropping a lot to.
8:33 am
>> mark: they see spf 30 boxed 97 deg% of the the sun might so anything of that is not really helpful. >> reporter: traffic is thinning on the peninsula. the special traffic alert issued by the chp has been cancelled. we have 10 to 15 minute delays because all times are open and traffic is beginning to move again. antioch to concord 22 minutes. nimitz freeway from san leandro to up
8:34 am
milpitas to 237 interchange is almost 45 minutes. from san jose to sunnyvale is 37 minutes. >> darya: their crews in the bay bridge expecting the tunnels. >> jackie: that is exactly what they want to figure out. is there something wrong with that? in fact what we are hearing is that all week long the federal highway administration will be using ground penetrating radar to evaluate the ground and the site in the ceilings of the thomas.
8:35 am
this comes right in the wake of that he the year-old chunks of time of falling off. caltrans says they have the visual inspections but they need the ground penetrating radar. >> sometimes there will be problems that are invisible on the outside but the radar was about 12 in. and. so we can see problems the within the concrete. >> jackie: they want to make sure it and it ensure to the public that the tonsils are safe and so continue inspections. >> mark: san francisco is the
8:36 am
first city to mandate the companies have to pay for maternity and paternity leave. this applies to all businesses and nonprofits. the board of supervisors had unanimously sign that this bill. >> darya: we have to remember that the record is secondary to the chinking ship. >> mark: the warriors will lose in overtime to the timber falls --timber wolves. when it against
8:37 am
the spurs to on i would wrap up the west. >> darya: connecticut wins at the women's ncaa basketball tournament. the huskies are amazing. they continue to roll on. the seniors are moving non so it will change things a lot. the mississippi governor signs a
8:38 am
controversial bill into law. proponents say it is religious freedom and opponents say it is discrimination. we'll also talk about the peak temperatures.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> darya: the white house is getting a complete technology upgrade. they are using computers from last decade and black-and-white computers. president obama is holding up as blackberry to show off his outdated technology. the new computers and printers and everyone will get an upgrade. however president obama likes is blackberry because of all the
8:42 am
buttons. >> mark: president obama will come to california this week for fund-raising events. he will be staying 9 san francisco. >> darya: still had is our team coverage on the hot weather. it is just for today but it will really be heating up this afternoon.
8:43 am
8:44 am
but >> darya: hit the big story is the weather. the san to bridges all sunshine. san jose will be hot spot. just after we survive
8:45 am
this we will get a major school there and. >> anny: we will have a short he spiked the will be dealing with . temperatures are already in the '70s today. this is money now it will be a hot day. on the screen you can see it the temperatures around a bed--the bay. we will probably see some
8:46 am
new records today. >> anny: it will cool down very quickly tomorrow with temperatures in the '70s. this will have increasing clouds and showers thursday and possibly showers for friday and saturday . with temperatures in the mid- 60s. summit also has cool
8:47 am
temperatures and a chance for showers. >> anny: here is a look at the ski report. saratov has a base of 122. there is good spring skiing and boarding in front of the. >> reporter: on the nimitz and northbound 880 as you go through union city the right shoulder is blocked but it is causing problems on the southbound side as well. the bay bridge toll plaza is planning an output as
8:48 am
you can see on this live picture. from the maze to the pay gates and to this ban has five minutes of improvements. on the bridge i have reports of a possible fender bender. the richmond san rafael bridge is thinning out is backed up a little to the richmond parkway exit. >> darya: we're going to get our look at parts first train of the future--bart. bart trains is
8:49 am
looking to order more than 1000 of these trains. >> mark: caltrans is providing real-time data for millions of users is going to oppose the bid on the quick map application. in los angeles alone there are warm 0.7 million of this software from kugel googol. >> darya: the mississippi governor signed into law what
8:50 am
proponents say is freedom of religion and opponents is discrimination. >> reporter: gov. bryan says that the measure does not discriminate against people. >> this simply protects religious views from the stake. >> reporter: this says that belgae bt people can be fired by religious organizations and not have to give them any of their property. many major organizations have that denounced the measure. businesses are threatening to leave the state.
8:51 am
>> we wanted to assure that the expectation of privacy and our i schools and universities would still be a respected. >> mark: shasta lake is filling up with wal-mart so that is good for businesses. a few months ago shasta look like a desert. but now it is 89% full. >> darya: alameda county now has three new fire trucks. before
8:52 am
they can match to go in the field, there has to be 125 hours of work from the mechanics. >> mark: there is an investigation of the in inmate fight in san jose. this is the 78th fight in this jail just this year. no word yet on what sparked this latest fight. >>martha shade: >> darya: a scooter was torn
8:53 am
from hundred pence and then from the make a wish foundation and the people have been found and put in jail. an officer recognize two of the men in this surveillance video. under intense as any scooter and a wish foundation has theirs back so hopefully everything. >> mark: the san francisco giants are on the road and have had to win zero.--two games in
8:54 am
our row. the giants are 2 and 0 on the season. >> darya: the oakland lazed lost the last 13 of 15 games. >> mark: oakland is at record highs. of high degree at 88
8:55 am
would break the 86 degree weather record.
8:56 am
>> darya: take a look at this. there is a rescue from the alameda county fire department. they found a little kitty and rescued it. it was trapped under
8:57 am
the house. >> mark: will talk about the heat around the bay area. we'll also talk about rain that is on the way. on the bay bridge tunnel seatmate notice cruise inspecting the tunnel. parents in the east bay need to be on alert because of an attempted inspecting the tunnel. parents in the east bay need to be on alert because of an attempted carrierringringco0
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: we're watching the outside and the eastland is editor of they from tanning.
9:00 am
>>anny hong: right now and a 62 on san francisco this is an oakland san jose 58 and 61 in concord.
9:01 am
>>will tran: tie enjoy any time i can wear flip-flops' one goes work until what time but your
9:02 am
brain like today and does a cardinal sin is much like the job of the dead turned down and high-school mature you reapply in this case reapply sunscreen.
9:03 am
>>will tran: i applied to a fast-food place and i got turned down. >>darya: 10 the heat never leave the kids and pets in the car for a few minutes when it is 95
9:04 am
degrees outside a cart and which hundred and 10 and five minutes. >>rebecca: the drive times and about 25 minutes pretty rare but a lot of folks having to the city is one to take that long to get along the fremont street exit into downtown is still back into the macarthur maze approach in the auto 45 men and
9:05 am
so far this point in the morning. >>darya: police and firefighters are investigating this bus fire on interstate 280 is between will decide a menlo park this is video that we got earlier from the scene from a helicopter partnership with abc seven news. >>mark: ted cruised is the big one of the wisconsin primary inflicting top loss of our firm, donald trump and helen clinton.
9:06 am
>>reporter: he one wisconsin wisconsin voters tadpoles eat chicken their pick for president donald trumps and much of his time in the badger state in the and the state whatever proves--ted cruze. >>reporter: every canada has a shot of winning was caslon delegates even the man trump and cruise one out of the race john hasek mechanical of fortitude
9:07 am
that is up for grabs bernie sanders celebrating wisconsin sanders all the winning wisconsin has a an uphill climb to at of hillary clinton and the delicate rates he is not winning any time soon. >>mark: with tentacles bening of to 510 delegates of the 1237 needed for the nomination donald
9:08 am
trump of 743 john mckissick at 145 at this point the does become harder for donald trump to the delegates necessary to secure the nomination was to ensure it is significant staffing company about. >>mark: president obama will be
9:09 am
visiting the bay area this week attending the president will attend democratic national committee that action need that
9:10 am
went to still the west to conference.
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>darya: everyone is in the mid to upper 80s to hold on to get ready for the hot weather and the reason she said she and her husband are planning a family and her doctor ordered her to rest the 49 your sender announcing this and this video club she was scheduled to the format, a pavilion next month on may 19th no word on when or if our risk at the concert will take place. >>darya: they are changing and notification panel the reason for it is time to get you to click on the live video feature
9:13 am
will be checked and all the bridge commute coming up after the verdict.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>anny hong: can your and 69 degrees at this hour going for high of 88 this afternoon for
9:17 am
the warmest location that will be around 3:00 i topping out in the upper 80s to lower 90s to them here is how things are shaping up as far as the showers are concerned of the court down
9:18 am
friday the: continues we will see 60 generally and a chance for some shower started early friday 1/5 and also to the we can potentially. >>darya: mention unless they hydrated you completed all so warble but you can't make and drinking.
9:19 am
>>rebecca: 25 minutes from the macarthur maze all the way across the span into the city.
9:20 am
>>mark: police said a group of three teenager to customers backpack while he was waiting for a bus outside the station he was able to is that babbitt was cut on and by a broken bottle after that another student was approached by the same group he was able to fight them often get
9:21 am
away the summer through a metal object of his had yet to be treated at a hospital the police say both the victims may know the identity of the attackers but neither is pressing charges. >>darya:.
9:22 am
>>terisa estacio: that is the new train this is a one of 775 new transited want to be put in a systemwide-.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>>mark: welcome back will follow some containment new security rings to engagement rings in the latest entertainment news. >>reporter: her brother and black china might have done and with this foam that confirm the announcement congratulation there was an acceptance of reason to eat your we these the move by the senator come shortly after fans start an on-line petition an hbo documentary
9:27 am
about louganis won the first prominent athletes to come out as homosexual. >>reporter: he gripped fell in love and decided to have sex with came off he says the rain did teach him the value of and to missing. >>mark: you can catch hollywood today live weekdays at 1:00. >>will tran: we are following the temperature of we're in the east today already more than 71 degrees, the we will have reaction to into your how hot it will be a live report.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>darya: the top story is the weather and how hot it will be in. >>anny hong: the forecast hi comparing it to the record high the city's here have the best chance to set new records for shut with those record high as oakland 88 the record high on this day 86 degrees live more within for high of nine did the
9:31 am
record on this date in 9 degrees concord 87 san jose getting close to record highs and deal for santa rosa. >>will tran: did you tell her
9:32 am
this walk the dog now.
9:33 am
>>will tran: cash thank you so much door early or later today because we know is continuing to climb this is from the book of will sunscreen and sunglasses.
9:34 am
>>darya: issue additional stock richard doing call 911 and get into a shady area. >>rebecca: we're looking at some travel times around the bay area and the start with the west to bomb for and got to concord caught in a to 4 minutes the nimitz freeway.
9:35 am
>>jackie sissel: it's a little better technology they've used in the past they're using technology provided to them by the federal government here is video of some pitches that they provided to us the federal highway administration is using ground penetrating if you
9:36 am
remember it was back in january that we started to see chunks of concrete fall off the walls and ceiling of the tunnel in one case asquith hit a car and almost a person inside the vehicle caltrans said they have done if inspections of the tunnel as the most visual inspections but they said this new technology provided to them by the federal government is a better way to look exactly what is on.
9:37 am
>>mark: the state would need to enter the fact some of the new parents but employers will pay for the remaining 45% will show
9:38 am
you why it has a lot of people going to hollywood walk of fame some ways to improve health and does not involve exercising
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>>darya: it is going to be 92 san jose will be in the low 90s this afternoon right now check out these numbers 75 1/2 monday
9:46 am
and the producer will be heading out to santa cruz there was intense and a this is going to be a hot one along the coast the kids on to other debtors for sure. >>anny hong: best bet down high for you today and the east bay shore were talking 84 in richmond to 87 and hayward low 90s in fremont heading for the inland it is one to be in the low 90s the walnut creek 89 in san ramon 90 in the the more and antioch also low 90s some locations and it even harder may be mid-90s heading over to san
9:47 am
matell looking for it will be hot in san francisco 82 is one to feel like some low it is also and 84 half moon bay. >>anny hong: 07 for the bay and the calls dropping from the '80s and to the '60s tomorrow it will start in the south the bay and then move part of north and will stick with the shower chance for saturday into the weekend but was the crown and the '60s as well to the to wise if you like the heat enjoy it today. >>rebecca: be aware that is what
9:48 am
looks like in is going to remain busy probably for most of the morning the switching over to the san mateo breasting doublet and out on the westbound and to ride over to the 11 connector out of heywood 20 minute drive times you're not one to have an issue so far this as forgive the what we saw earlier just 10 minutes was to pass those pick it up and over the span into the north bay the golden gate bridge this is the flawless it remains that way and is in this all morning long five minutes out of sausalito and south won 01.
9:49 am
>>darya: there are investigating another inmate fight it happened yesterday morning on the second floor of the jail and downtown san jose about a dozen inmates were involved one had to be hospitalized in needed stitches for cut is the 785 at the jail this year to the data perspective on all of last year there only 225 fight no word yet on what sparked yesterday's brawl. >>darya: jack is asking the attorney-general to open the program and figure of the police procedures and policies a flawed this was the second time the type of messages has surfaced between office of the police chief says he immediately move to fire the officers involved.
9:50 am
>>mark: is described as an asian man about 30 years old they're treating this incident as a missing persons case. >>reporter: gov. phil bryan denies that the measure discriminates against eligibility people under the new
9:51 am
law or religious organizations can fire or refuse employment to eligibility people refuse to sell the property even employers and schools also make rules about back to access and established in the specific standard of dress which employers like to yield at&t and ibm had denounced the measure this is north carolina coast of fallout from its so-called religious freedom bill the canceled plans to open local operations center in charlotte of the businesses are also threatened to leave the state at the press and sports franchises major corporations and movie studios to withdraw from the
9:52 am
state. >>darya: much economic here at the people that want to tap dance take pictures but people also left the marks on swastika's dog feces trump got to start to cause some for as were all the relatives of the printers to start become an increasing the popular along the walk of fame since he began his campaign for president.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: it was arrested in the mecca was burglary in they're arrested the shock man of the school was stolen from san francisco office was autographed by hunter to other people are behind bars this to the second time outside lance dawson the line of the sound system and lionel richie and the music festival is set to run august after the seventh includes lionel and ran the red in the pop acts. >>darya: take a look at this a massive alligator the several
9:56 am
hon to track down in florida where they do this this giant the gaiter is anything but common in fact when you see it stand next to the nine year-old boy and see how massive it says what it took the measurements it was 280 480 lbs. the dust devil was spotted on mars the stitches were sent out by the alameda county fire department their rescuing the kitchen and he was trapped in a wall and some of house they heard the fired armed
9:57 am
had these thermal imaging cameras to find in them bridge the wall and floor to get to. >>mark: if she posted a total of a carving them her name in austin on valentine's day with shikar the u was for service land that was a misdemeanor punishable after six months in jail and $5,000 fine this is she has some options the she agrees to accept and pay a fine and possibly some restitution. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
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