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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 11, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: and we're going to take the first live look outside from the embarcadero camera and we have showers over the
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weekend and a warming trend showers left for this morning and could impact this morning's commute. >>james: westbound 80 in the slight things are fairly well is mostly cloudy for the reason we have some pretty moderate temperatures out there right now a lot of fifties was what you will see but as a tech the live look outside the to verify with the radar we are picking up whole lot over the diablo range of matters and we're looking at the to the dry conditions that is what will expect drop the matter of the morning and to the commune most of it well to the
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south if you do catch a sprinkle it will be confined to the very southern portion of our area again most of the bay should be just fine edge is off to school take the kids to class ahead of the work yourself temperatures because of the mostly cloudy conditions we're looking at a pretty even mix of temperatures a lot of low to mid 50's we have san francisco 55 oakland 56 san would adjust the coupler agrees and the rest of the city on this list. >>james: the show's low to mid 50 degree range would have extended forecast coming up in just. >>robin winston: is off to a great start no major hot spots around the bay area is one to be
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a good ride a quick 10 minutes to check in the country on highway 92 in this is the ride is also in pretty good shape no major problems for now but when the peninsula in the east of time they were checking in trouble-free no trouble spot for the peninsular to settle to the trouble turned the old look great 50 minutes was for some hillcrest out to 42 in concord. >>anny hong: the top story this morning police desperately searching for this missing toddler to year-old was last seen in february her mother was found dead on friday and now police are treating the death as a homicide family members are speaking out and hopes that
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someone calling for with information regarding the disappearance of the child. >>j.r. stone: 2 year-old has not been seen since anywhere in in just two days after her mother was found dead her aunt is reaching out and asking for help in finding her friday her mother's body was recovered police will only say issue a victim of homicide her auntie
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says it is been a very difficult week she said trouble eating and sleeping and is just hoping that someone out there knows where she is. >>phillipe djegal: worked up
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some of the more setting the for thieves who don't care where they're ripping off livermore police lt. john heard some of the majority of the targeted vehicles are now says breck
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locks in the club are big sellers. >>anny hong: he is making history for the state the plan is to sign legislation and spends california paid family leave program this comes on the hills of mayor ed lee in closing the plan of some of san francisco and allows parents to be fully paid uc-berkeley
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remains a hot water over sexual- harassment claims against some of the staff members. >>anny hong: there on the verge of making history regular-
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season was back in 1997 but that was not the only straight that is not last night the stars had not lost when in 48 straight regular-season games awarded 92- 86 victory last night and officially tied the 1995 ninth is a chicago bulls >>: for us to get to this point got as good we have a great group of guys 6 mi. all those
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friends the warriors' final game of the season is wednesday night. >>anny hong: is a victory warriors would leave their mark in the history books breaking the record for the most wins and the regular season with 73 winners a chp officer is in
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critical condition after being hit in sacramento more on his ties to bay area we are tracking a possibility for maybe some little sprinkles james have the complete forecast coming up a little bit later.
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sure what to the diablo range that is just what should the radar are picking up high of the clouds the rest of the bay area looks nice and dry the clouds will to know a little bit we are looking for generally partly cloudy forecast for the afternoon temperatures are going to be mild low to mid fifties across the bay again those clouds we have 54 pleasanton and
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livermore and fact 54 good average temperatures monday tuesday wednesday temperatures holding pretty flat will throw into the dry conditions through wednesday. >>james: another chance a raindrop or to show that to you with 7 day around the bay forecast into the oakland area
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only 13 minutes into the oakland a's the nimitz freeway no trouble spots from the south back to the east bank 1 01 from the copper expressway only a quick to mature for the lot about ride with no lead to trouble spots, the south bank.
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>>anny hong: on interstate 80 near madison avenue police say the driver of the pickup hit ericsson with the trump
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erickson is in critical but stable condition at uc-davis medical center is a 17 year veteran the chp at a u.s. marine veteran. >>anny hong: criminal investigation into the deadly fire at a temple in southern india police detained five people for questioning and are seeking and least 10 more in connection with the incident authorities say of firework ignited the stockpile and the fire doors police say he was
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killed after exchanging words with the driver or and his car shot smith was shot several times his wife also should get hit twice in the leg and taken to hospital this spent the entire nine year nfl career include and help them win the super bowl in 2010 tisch.
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>>reporter: it was a time to let loose from arts and entertainment and letting the in the musicians shine there something special about sunny
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afternoon stroll that shoring different neighborhoods if you missed out the next time to enjoy sunday streets and the mission will be august 21st. >>anny hong: they're heading home runs and every game another huge the fact of and the giants to win at nine to six.
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>>anny hong: after a slow start at home against chicago white sox the a's on the rhythm on the road a couple chris had a two- out homer the intent and to help the athletics from seattle a philips hernandez there are the six in the western conference while the kings are the fifth seed that had plenty of
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surprises during the awards ceremony a recap of the show is next here is a live look outside the bay bridge toll plaza with could see a few lingering sprinkles the time now is for 23 back with more news.
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>>anny hong: good news for janet jackson fans. >>reporter: now we know what mtv chose the one above the backlog for the 26 and you move your award from host the when johnson and kevin hart mad max inspire interest to the galactic salute to move of the year when a star wars the force awakens the show would not have been the same and the usual arena. >>reporter: when the night tile
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as a salute to best comedic performance winner brian reynolds by crew building skeleton danson did pull and salt and pepper the janet jackson of the day the performer disappointed fans recently was postponed parts are on bird will toward citing plans to start a family with our husband she is confirmed a report that it will not be along the lane jackson of american tour will take place next year and ticketholders can use them than or get refunds.
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>>anny hong: 92 to 86 making it the 72nd when they're not tied the chicago bulls to the nba all-time regular-season win record sent to cisco police are searching for this missing toddler after her mother was found dead to your old area of that was last seen in february her mother and the call was found that just on friday and police and not investigating her mom's death as a homicide police have not said where nicole's body was found a warning for people in the more the result not targeting work trucks police say in the past six months in
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the two dozen commercial trucks had been stolen to the clean white ass to fifties and as 350 another model between 2002 and 2006 at the case of the themes or break into the sport truck and still in the tools. >>anny hong: we're waking up to all the conditions and and looks like the showers are almost done for now we're looking and
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they're really nice conditions not only for the scarlet hour. >>james: but well as to the afternoon here is what you need to know for today's guest is a cottage star we have a lot of mild temperatures ranging ride around 54 to 55 degrees we're looking for sunny and warm weather with dry conditions all around the bank.
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>>james: the 7 day around the bay forecast sea will keep things relatively flat in terms of temperatures write the the middle of the week. >>robin winston: if you look over to the left-hand side and see a minor weight in just a little bit 45 card the neman to slowdowns and look like it is getting a little crowded in hugely happens every morning at around 530 every week than no major slowdown right now definitely picking up the drive times as good or 10 minutes into
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downtown san francisco and no problems to those of you getting ready to pack up and head into downtown oakland california protect equal pay by gender and our race could be next a democratic state lawmakers looking to expand the toughest in the nation to protect workers from ricin discrimination it would build on law that requires care paint the car law allows employees so openly discuss their wages and requires
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employers to justify any pay discrepancies shift the weekend's big political story took place not about about what the republican party and, ron presidential candidate walk away with all the states plus delegates the fight over the kids off for the preview of what to expect of the gop national convention in july and. >>reporter: 10 cruz has been up front about his strategy to get the nomination of the republican national convention so far this trend and a delicate game has of the in colorado the woosy and the tennessee and north dakota and donald trump and the convention manager says it is not our organization but dirty
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tricks thread in delegates to change the comment raised eyebrows but a republican strategist of this rhetoric is than to the trump campaign but at a campaign stop in new york sun. trump issued a warning >>anny hong: bernie sanders picked up the when the wyoming caucasus and sanders 8 when it in the last night contacts over clinton in the 14 delegates of
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for grabs were split evenly the next primary for both parties is a new york like susan democrats will battle for 247 delegates 95 delegates are from ride for the republican vice from developments in the tear investigation of 47 terrorists to targeted brussels at the original plan to attack paris again please arrested more terror suspects over the weekend they're intended to head parts for the second time with the arrest of the team members forced them to strike closer home in belgium and to people were killed by a suicide bombers the heart of the european capital last month
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police said use of able to give them the identification and was later determined that they were missing out of oakland he was taken to hospital for further evaluation a staff member called police when if she found the shad and the of all the camping gear needed for the upcoming track last week employees say going camping is the highlight for people served by the group
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since the fact they have been dropping off new camping gear and donating money to health the organization of go and give his was the honor is saying. >>anny hong: after animal wandered into starbucks we're working to cloud the conditions it and maybe some sprinkles.
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extra coarse electronic foot file. >>anny hong: the ticket to the
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ronald park and a bushel to word of the wandering go back out to its owner who said the name is merely they live just around the corner from the mall she was seen roaming she is now safe and sound for the picture--family
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>>james: will look for pretty help the mexicans and '60s we have warmer temperatures closer to the water still cool but things will even out nicely come three the afternoon.
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>>anny hong: governor jerry brown is expected to sign the legislation that would expand paid family leave and state today this comes after mayor ed lee allow parents to be fully paid for six weeks after the child is born this comes as
4:45 am
before surface the students and employees have filed 99 sexual harassment reports since 2011. >>anny hong: here is a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera called a condition starting off this monday morning after some showers.
4:46 am
>>james: mid 50's pretty popular range 56 in oakland 57 in hayward 54 san mateo as well in san francisco 54 to 58 degrees
4:47 am
bay area wide as for this afternoon is given a tour the bay area's on forecast looking at the east bay shoreline with zero on expect to hear from 67 degrees warming up maybe a couple as you head down toward union city and fremont. >>james: otherwise when the knesset to 769 degrees for the san ramon valley she timber the
4:48 am
totting pretty flat there is a little pot on thursday will expect another system that come through not much below bed and as we head toward the weekend things drive out the sun comes back and look at temperatures during backup to the low and even the upper '70's by the end of the weekend. >>robin winston: number of the trouble spots in '92 there's also going to be a good ride in case you have to travel from the east bay in the peninsular and is looking good still moving at the limit not want to stay this way leave early while the top spot free.
4:49 am
>>anny hong: the state has been taking fire and facing lawsuits over the house bill they're telling state lawmakers to scrap the law the nation is watching to see what the state would do about house bill to although he has a different name for it
4:50 am
requires bathroom's and training facilities the building unit from biological and also the still discrimination protection but does not include language related to sexual orientation or gender identity the lawmakers there we spoken with this week's allot is a common-sense safety measure for n.c.. >>reporter: opponents to log
4:51 am
disagree. >>anny hong: the canadian posted a message on his website saying
4:52 am
that he cannot in the come to the form and as they were certain people are denied this the right the to the sexual orientation he was good for this thursday april 14th when al arbour michigan location is such opens in june and will employ about 50 people the research is a to already has a center specializing in driverless cars and bay area at stanford university is asking for change
4:53 am
in the rate setting process that allowed to dock steeper rate hikes in the future here is a live look outside at the bay bridge.
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>>anny hong: imagine getting to play with him this all day that is what animal keepers from all the world during china's conservation and research
4:56 am
center the animal is considered a national treasure in the country but they are still in danger only about 1600 still live in a while to the. >>anny hong: the original owner has not stepped up to claim the wayward dog the denarius and to what what is healthy and in great condition after this
4:57 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now. >>mark: crews of the standard deadly hip run on skyline boulevard and berkshire drive right into skyline college. >>will tran: the investigation is very early we do know that this fatality happened at 145 in the morning what you're looking at the skyline you concede it is a block off skyline between work shire and sneaked closed at this time often the distance you by be able to see some bright lights we do know that it will
5:01 am
be shut down for several hours in some of you more information will let you know what this fatality happened about three hours ago. >>robin winston: once again amid the delays belong to the stretch
5:02 am
not too far from 280 but not impact in traffic on the freeway if you're used to 80 and you get off you run to disclose a at skyline off of the stretch to avoid the major trouble spots approaching the toll plaza is wide open the late free. >>james: we're looking at temperatures that will stay right here in the low to mid 50's who was returned to our
5:03 am
right now you have to leave here before we have the next update to. shaw >>mark: there is not a criminal investigation were delhi to the fire in southern india and is 110 people died and more than 5 t of a truck engine misfire ash
5:04 am
the symbol did not have to listen for the fireworks display the call to defy an. >>anny hong: they are from san francisco but frequent the east of a peninsula fresno santa cruz in various places in southern california.
5:05 am
>>anny hong: in one is this is a little more police say at least two dozen commercial trucks have been stolen and the past six months police said 9 percent of the stolen car to lost at the time and half of the cases they
5:06 am
stole tools from the trucks and the laughter on the side of the road they said people opposed types of trucks and vans should purchase the steering wheel lock this, after san francisco approved a similar plan allows new parents to be fully paid for six weeks after their child is
5:07 am
born they're expected to sign the legislation and at noon and sacramento. >>anny hong: still ahead the
5:08 am
battle between ted crews and donald trump is heating up as they make the game on the republican front runner and the push to gain delegates had and into next week's new york primary.
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>>james: this is what we would expect for most of the morning is mostly cloudy and that is giving us the mild temperatures but we're looking pretty good speed and the oakland you're heading to the coliseum to test the oakland a's 7 05 first pitch to cost los extend from the internal partly cloudy skies here is a look at temperatures as you get ready to head out the door with a lot of low to mid 50's 54 to pretty popular number those three cities in the south bay san jose also come in
5:13 am
54 and san francisco if a severe pretty mild and the temperatures listed a quick look it what to expect in terms of temperatures and this what we will see. >>james: a persistent troubles pleasanton and livermore 70 in san jose will respect them the upper 60s incluse 64 into a hostel no. 3 was the upper 60s to the general forecast across the wide country.
5:14 am
>>robin winston: track in the ride on 11 the commit heading into and out of san francisco nafta come from the north bay is hot spot free we're still
5:15 am
waiting for update from the police the troubled time they still look good 50 minutes for was for from antioch to concord have it out of tracing the the problems on 58 west from bascom motorcycle also michael erickson was said on thursday afternoon
5:16 am
on interstate 80 in sacramento. >>anny hong: the driver left the truck and still another truck of the said ericsson was taken to uc-davis medical center all the
5:17 am
support my time like that these here and we know it will help them hills after and it before recovering. >>reporter: so far this strength and a delicate game has of the man carlisle louisiana tennessee and north dakota donald trump and the convention manager says
5:18 am
it is out of our organization but dirty tricks threatened delegates to change their vote to proves. >>reporter: the republican strategist of this rhetoric is standard for the trump campaign at a campaign stop in the your truck issued a warning that
5:19 am
from 54 percent of likely republican voters support from 22% just 15 percent went off the tentacles of the democratic side 53% of likely primary voters sent to kill the clinton
5:20 am
>>anny hong: the wrapped up the series against the mariners in seattle yesterday the first arm of the stanley cups playoffs in said and the san jose sharks attack on the rivals first and third the nine years video from
5:21 am
the regular season game when it beat the phoenix tile is one of the on saturday a shocking collapse and the final round by two americans in the and englishmen then it will who won his first major tournament beating george e. a five shot lead going to the back 90 to along with smiley kaufman. >>anny hong: find out when
5:22 am
prices are going pop + gas prices are on the rise.
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>>mark: will have more on the forecast in just a few minutes and is about to get more expensive to watch the subscription cost is now going up next month for 17 million subscribers. >>anny hong: two years ago that would be raising prices from 799 to $9.90 for existing customers were allowed to keep paying 79 to change will impact about 37 percent of the subscribers.
5:26 am
>>james: 1 get this cloud were often concerned about the laser at the airport right now we're looking pretty good average delay is zero crossed the border of three major airports the brussels was originally not supposed to be the target of a
5:27 am
recent terror attack the new information on the terror attack investigation. investigation. ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. while you're mastering life. frustrated with your overactive can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection,
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>>mark: we're at the scene now where drama live what is the latest. >>will tran: the police department recall about here and 145 morning we're looking to skyline boulevard we know that the victim was killed just off in the distance we do know that
5:30 am
a spokesperson should arrive maybe the next hour or so to give us more information in the meantime many people use this
5:31 am
and 280 >>robin winston: once again stayed away from skyline boulevard between college and sneak away not too far from sneaked and not too far from 280 in this crestwood is a residential area so if you're looking for alternate out of to flee would oppress would both get your from the closure and runs parallel skyline.
5:32 am
>>james: things are looking pretty good nice and dry on the road surface the skies on the couch beside this morning that is was given as the very moderate temperatures again drive the the important thing the storm track of live rats like to verify exactly know rain coming down with shifted gears we had rain over the weekend. >>james: by letter this afternoon we have few more sunbreaks it will be partly cloudy and tim to one of to the upper 60s for some credit that the 70 degree mark.
5:33 am
>>anny hong: a thorn said the terrorists to carter brussels was originally planned to attack paris began police arrested more terror suspects of the weekend including of mohammed cabrini was committed to being the so-called man and had they said the terror was torn tendon to his parents for a second time with their rest of the key member force them to strike closer to home in belgium 32 people were killed by the suicide bombers and attack the heart of the european capitals last month.
5:34 am
>>mark: police say as driver of a homer rendered him smith was shot several times with strife was also head she was hit twice in the leg was hospitalized the man accused of shooting him is now being held on $1 million the attorney says he's not guilty is in his entire nine year career with the since winning the super bowl in 2010. >>anny hong: a staff sam had gone to the shed last tuesday to take inventory of prepare for
5:35 am
camping trip on the staff person realized almost everything had been stolen the california lawmaker wants to spend california's toughest in the nation it will pay law to protect workers from racial discrimination. >>mark: the one to build a law which requires track pay regardless of gender the legal
5:36 am
advocates will a letter to senate leaders are giving back the gop blockade is injecting policy to the court the call chief judge american garland on the mall's outstanding judges in the country and said the senate should give him a hearing and a vote some top republicans have said that they won't consider him because it's an election year and should be up to the next president to decide on the nomination. >>mark: people snapped pictures of the expected customer and
5:37 am
provincial able to crowd the gold and taken to the room of park animal shelter. >>mark: their owners lived just from the corner from the mall was she was wondering if she has a sweet tooth and the of wonder to the coffee shop looking for treats several big-name musicians are cancelling concert as a response to an anti l g b t loss that has a no. carolina and mississippi killed but is one step closer to creating self driving cars the are maker's new push to develop the technology coming out
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>robin winston: a live look at the commune into san francisco and is packed at the bay bridge toll plaza nothing come on on the bridge no major trouble spot slocum it traffic is jammed for must grant to the pain gets a similar and very well across the of the back people are getting refunds the boss announced on friday it would not perform because of the and track eligibility will they're losing a hundred thousand dollars on revenue because of the canceled show canadian rocker bryan adams has on his show he was sent to
5:41 am
perform in mississippi this thurston. >>anny hong: the sixth weekend and roll business and minute family to tokyo came in third place with 14 million the texas
5:42 am
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>>mark: police in india had detained five people they're looking for 10 more connection with the fire and the temple of a starter by fireworks cute hundred and 10 people and injured 500 more. >>anny hong: her mother was fun than the two year old area on the fit was last seen in late february her mother nicole was found dead on friday police say they're investigating her death as,.
5:46 am
>>james: as for right now we're looking good nice and dry is a live look outside high with 92 people and in the red cross spent on the east bank temperatures also very mild mostly cloudy skies and is giving up from a blanket in keeping temperatures for the most part will look and low to mid 50's that include a pledge
5:47 am
to buy union city and fremont and should come in around 69.
5:48 am
>>james: the coastline to do was allow low and close to pull daly city in ocean beach and finish up one of the war have temperatures also expected to be in the opposite since the very close to the seventh remark for places like napa and fairfield. >>james:. >>robin winston: we're talking to how to pedestrians and
5:49 am
accident involving a car that struck a pedestrian the have the whole connector ramp shut down not causing a huge to lead the stress to avoid it and also use chris would drive no major delays didnt looks like it will block off for a few hours track is so traffic also on the nimitz freeway. >>robin winston: getting into fremont because of an accident to some of to the bay bridge heading into san francisco they're the backed up but as normal for the 5:00 hour and is beyond 880 just beyond what the
5:50 am
grand. >>anny hong: that would be allowed to give the oil and a loss to the store cabbage
5:51 am
patches that would not be allowed to smoke marijuana on campus opponents of the law were we could endanger federal school funding. >>mark: they've been researching the thomas cars for more than a decade they're ready have research center specializing in artificial intelligence they're
5:52 am
changing the will rate setting process to the can raise prices in the future. >>mark: from arson and attainment to letting the into musician shrine in something for everyone.
5:53 am
>>anny hong: is now looking for new home of the dog who's been nicknamed pont.
5:54 am
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>>mark: that animal keeper stars by learning how to cook meals for them the program lasts about one month and is part of the global panda conservation alone more than 30 giant pandas, lambrequin news of san bruno please us searching for driver involved in a deadly had long
5:57 am
will good of the live on the scene as the major roadways shut down in the area.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: cruiser at the scene of a deadly hit and run on skyline boulevard and berkshire drive this is happening there at the skyline college.
6:00 am
>>will tran: this is a different vantage from from what we showed you at 5 and 530 the accident happened right behind us of the will to men and you see the life that is what the victim was killed along one of 45 in the morning mrs. smith and scabland this is a grant for a lot of people think turned around.
6:01 am
>>will tran: it could be shut down for a lease the next three or four hours and they continued the investigation soon as the stars and writers we will live and you any more information on this fatal had run in san vermeil. >>robin winston: if you're coming from 280 pence to of course would drive no major delays or not because it's so early in the morning but it is definitely a stretch to avoid.
6:02 am
>>james: you're ready for school forecasts call for the endicott out to show much of the same clout in dry temperatures
6:03 am
and low to mid 50's when have noontime condition that will be gradually clearing it will start to fear from the crowd loved by 3:00 and his getting out of school look for to be partly cloudy.
6:04 am
>>will tran: does it appeared the victim was a matter of the roadway or walking on the shoulder.
6:05 am
6:06 am
>>anny hong: >>mark: on thursday he had died of the beacon they're investigating the shooting as a homicide police have detained five people for questioning and they're looking for 10 other people to connection with this fire of firework one off and moved several of the fireworks and the temper during celebrations about an hour
6:07 am
later one and one in the second person was shot and killed on sunny side street a third person was shot and killed kron 4 in the morning on imported avenue.
6:08 am
>>anny hong: the man went into cardiac arrest and died just moments after the argument and so far more rest have been made the suspect walked away with two other women he described as a latino man between 25 and 30 years old round a light blue t- shirt to the clean white bass to
6:09 am
fifties in three fifties uc- berkeley is still in hot water of the sexual harassment claims some of the staff members happen today to mourn victims are planning to come forward to people holding a press conference on campus and they're expected to file a complaint against the uc-berkeley professor. >>anny hong: report surface
6:10 am
dusted and employees have filed night teen sexual harassment reports since 2011. >>mark: now they have in 9596 baldric for singles and when it said it to the spurs had not lost home since march of last year. >>: for us to get to this point we have a great group of guys that sacrifice every single night we're competitive howe and hundred of the care but each other.
6:11 am
>>mark: $395 if you want to sit and love of those starts at 650 the most expensive ticket refund so far courtside are $6,316 to witness possible history. >>anny hong: the warriors and
6:12 am
not the only bay area sports team making headlines will take a look at the a's and the giants' big win a teacher slaps a student five times and the middle of class. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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>>robin winston: we will see if it happens out bombings will be closed little bit longer three to four hours skyline boulevard north between collagen and sneaked blind use tie with 280 as the alternate it bumped up
6:16 am
the drive time for about 30 minutes to get from to 38 out to 237 the crash cleared but a '80s out the commands are the jammed up a quick check of 92 heavy truck to come out and would direct flights was a bomb of the toll plaza starting just before the pays in is going to be off and on along the flat section.
6:17 am
>>james: is to jump over to the tracks and to the to give you a quick look at conditions and open and especially the bay park forecast for that city there was a quick look at the live you will recall the overhead is to take a look at the open approach.
6:18 am
>>james: a lot of ultimate '50s from the bank 55 in san jose 5455 degrees for san francisco and oakland respectively it will be ride around 70 degrees and
6:19 am
the cost and francisco and the bay shoreline it will be available to the '60s. >>anny hong: and sacramento areas hit the officer with ties to bay area is in critical condition after he was head of a full-size pick of truck he was head on thursday afternoon in sacramento investing is a yet come up on the truck the driver left the truck install another trump the suspect is identified
6:20 am
as 28 your office and scott. >>mark: we explain the final dyfed is offer a preview of will can expect of the republican national convention. >>reporter: 10 has been up from about his strategy to get the nomination.
6:21 am
6:22 am
>>mark: on the democratic side 53 percent of likely primary voters this happened last friday morning at a high school in beaumont taxes tasting was
6:23 am
arrested and later released in custody the school addition is condemning the action and administrators have placed on leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >>mark: trace thompson which is klay thompson brother a federal
6:24 am
accident and northbound highway 85 and highway in sentinel scowls from helicopter partnership abc seven we will have more on this stickler, of after the break. (vo) one hundred million pounds.
6:25 am
that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise
6:26 am
with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit >>robin winston: the ramp is completely closed. >>anny hong: there apologizing after a respectable or router masses on the customer's cup the
6:27 am
man says he went to a store in florida in order of ground white mocha when he picked up his cup he noticed the message that said " diabetes here i come the menaces was part of the joke fell flat with him because his two sisters suffered from type 4 diabetes they're trying to directly apologize to the customer they're taking steps to make sure that this incident does not happen again. >>mark: it is on to new
6:28 am
corporate quickly.
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
6:32 am
>>robin winston: that still have a close between college roberts declined cute looking for alternate they had a number of
6:33 am
vehicles and all this is not had run chp issued a special topic along is on the connector that the block all calls on my block off those who use 85 did off bascom avenue new the what of the parkway and hear this in the connector protection from of 85 to no. 87. >>james: 44 have a lot cloud but you can see the horizon getting nice and bright that time to filter in the clouds the bad luck coming on this afternoon.
6:34 am
>>anny hong: new developments on the brussels terror attack investigation the terrorists to
6:35 am
talk in brussels to set up originally planned to attack paris again the terrorists were intending to have parents for second time with the rest of the team members forced them to strike closer to home and those of 32 people were killed of by the suicide bombers and attack the heart of the european capital last month. >>mark: according to a new low for georgetown university in from some school district had a lover paperwork requirements the captain on immigrants and a school and the lack of translation services left many families and informed about the process and the education law and all 50 states all children
6:36 am
including those living here illegally must attend school for this the eighth grade. >>mark: 15 former american bar association president are joining the push to urge republicans to consider the senate should give some hearings and vote the republicans said they won't even consider garment because as an election year and should be up to the next president to decide the nominee a scary scene in oakland and lost the airport landing gear and and a guest to the afternoon because pictures of the scene from the oakland fire department this is the two
6:37 am
passengers were not injured and happened at around noon the plane had to have a citation from and of the plane. >>darya: he is healthy and in great healthy >>mark: ago and wrote a park wandering into a starbucks people snapping these bottles of the unexpected customer police
6:38 am
was eventually in the gold in the tech to go to the wrong part animal shelter davis to go back to the owners will cost you more to get to work if you drive will take a look of the rising gas prices several big-name musicians are canceling connoisseurs and states in
6:39 am
response to anti l g b t lolls-- laws.
6:40 am
♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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while you're mastering life. they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. >>robin winston: it happen
6:42 am
shortly after 5:00 this morning that is the no. 85 connected to know about 17 and pop up and move the vehicle accident with a pedestrian it is unclear how edition got on the freeway will of the detail of the estimated time for clearing but in this lower at the connector ramp where also track the fatal incident in san ramon is been almost 20 years since the first book was published harry potter and seems to be in no danger of come away that was a trailer to the harry potter prequel.
6:43 am
>>james: use a live look outside as the fall is clouding what is called the of sfo to see delays that is exactly what we have this morning.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: police's sentences are searching for this missing toddler her mother was found dead the to your class and in late february her mother nicole was found dead on friday the
6:46 am
investigating the mother's death a homicide she was reported missing last tuesday. >>anny hong: police a down vest getting the shooting as a homicide they're still looking for the shooter this the 11th homicide in san jose this year. >>robin winston: mendicancy chp right under that over crossing that is where a lot of the
6:47 am
activity is taking place right here several vehicles involved we don't know how this person got on the freeway is causing all minor deadline for folks on the 85 this morning with most of between bascom avenue and winchester is a block of between college and snake wine this is a hit and run we have a reporter
6:48 am
on the scene will have another of the coming up shortly and will have the northbound lanes open within the next and minutes that is the estimate from police is that the also to the east stressfree will install and stress on the new eastern spend it is not that it would take about 30 minutes to get from downtown oakland over to the sky way.
6:49 am
>>james: we wondered about 51 degrees temperatures will continue to climb we're past sunrise this one we're looking at conditions that will continue to one from the love they are now it is one to be a mild day along the waterfront here is what we can expect in the for the east a 78 to 72 degrees
6:50 am
respecting that in san jose and santa clara is the sickness of most of the south they will be hitting the 70 degree mark sentences the peninsula will start off of route 63 degrees for pick temperatures in san francisco. >>james: edition be gone by late thursday morning most of the day on thursday will probably be just fine.
6:51 am
>>anny hong: the concert was cut off last night more than 15,000 tickets the official said the losing hundred thousand dollars and revenue because of the cancellation canadian rock there has canceled his shoulder of the scheduled in mississippi this week to protest a similar
6:52 am
and possibly less on is what spicing he cannot and, to form in the state were 74 deny the civil rights to the sexual orientation he was sent to the form in mississippi on% this said the change will impact about 37%. >>mark: according to reports the karmic as such on for some of the university of missions in developing the technology.
6:53 am
>>mark: it was solid gains they're not up hundred and six
6:54 am
points it is sitting at 17,683 up 01% for the year to date.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> anny: today's chance to show your pet how much you love them. today is the national had date. these are flotow's from our viewers. we want to see your pet picture as well send us your picture of your pet and will share it on our newscast. all you need to do is download our mobile at and you can send it that way.
6:58 am
>> mark: that a meltdown at the. masters the. also we have details about the giants and the ace. we're also tracking some rain going to the bay area. we also talked about work week forecast at also hot spots and traffic there are several. will have more coming up when we come back with more news in just two minutes don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six.
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and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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>> anny: we are following breaking news at a san bruno. crews are at 8 scene of a deadly hit-and-run. >> mark: it is happening and the street is shut down. trans >> reporter: they're able to open the skyline boulevard at. if you need to get skyline you get to the top field and then make a left. it is available now from this direction. on the left side that is where the victim was hit and killed at 145 in the morning. his


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