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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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t he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. feel me lois? i'm feeling you. boom! look at that pie chart. the ready for you alert, only at this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now the with breaking news. >> the golden state warriors out stand alone with 73 wins taking their place in the annals in the nba with the greatest regular season record of all time! >> they are amazing. a record breaking win for the warriors, the doves making history tonight becoming the first nba team to win 73 games in the regular season. they defeated the memphis grizzlies at oracle tonight 125-104 and steph curry breaking a separate record
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tonight scoring 402 three-point shots this season. good evening, everybody. i'm pam moore. kron 4 sports director gary radnich is here now with more highlights from tonight's game. >> i hate to say it. you said it all. i'll see you later. >> i'm just seing you up. >> when you have a people that obviously winning is what people enjoy the most, but when they're fun and by most accounts a great group of guys, this is good stuff. here we go. this is the record surpassing michael jordan in the mid-'90s, his chicago bulls. curry, 400th three-pointer early in the 3rd quarter, broke his own record of 298 three's last season. that's what you call shattering a record, curry doing it one more time here. he ends the regular season with 402 threes. he had 46 points and the golden state warriors on this incredible night of basketball,
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they will open up to playoffs now. here's a little bit of a downer. there's the owner is at the premier game of the playoffs, again only the first one is sunday at 12:30. that's their biggest audience. they've put cleveland in there with lebron. warriors will open again. it's a minor things. the warriors announcers were kind of griping a little bit. they'll open saturday at 12:30. so it's saturday and monday in oakland and tonight you know what kobe bryant did? >> what? >> his final game scored 60 points. >> are you kidding? >> yeah. it was incredible. the warriors game ends and you flip over and see kobe bryant score 60 points in a season where he's been all beat up. this was a great night. i was reading grant lotus on twitter. grant low thus said it's the greatest night of basketball -- grant lotus said it's the greatest night of basketball he's every seen. i don't know if anybody asked grant. we'll have more when we come back with the earliest sportscast on any news program in north america in about 10
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minutes. >> with the leading sportscaster, though. >> that's what they tell me, pam. >> that's what i'm talking about. we do have team coverage tonight of the game. kron 4 kron 4's jeff bush is -- kron 4's jeff bush is in stan leandro, put first j.r. stone. >> reporter: these -- butter first j.r. stone. -- but first j.r. stone. >> reporter: these fans are saying over and over again best team ever! take a listen. >> beginning of the stephen i didn't even think about this, but now it's a reality. now it's all about the playoffs, baby, 33! [ cheering and applause ] >> i honestly cannot even speak right now. the excitement that is going through my body is ridiculous. i
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never thought we'd hit 73. thank you guys, warriors, thank you from the fans. >> nobody would have guessed 73, not even when it was 204. nobody would guess 73. >> when vegas was still against it, nobody was guessing that and if you were doing it, you were a really hard core fan that was deluded. >> been a warriors fan since i was a boy and you know what? it's great to win 73 and be the champs. it's the greatest team ever. this is the greatest regular season team ever. >> i've been a fan for a long time. i remember when they won 21 games in a season, so this season has been nothing but magical for me. so i've been very excited about it. >> reporter: you had this hat all ready. >> i did. i made it last night actually. >> reporter: certainly a myoff atmosphere in there and outside for a -- a playoff atmosphere
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in there and outside for a good while. a lot of fans say next up playoffs two more months of all this excitement. now back to you in the studio, pam. >> our team coverage continues tonight in san leandro where we find our own jeff bush who has been talking with some very excited doves fans tonight. jeff. >> reporter: well, it was an epic night tonight, pam, and everyone was so happy to see the warriors. let's get right to the video and you can see that it was a packed house. every time steph curry made a three-pointer the place went wild. it was so much fun and everybody says they will never forget this night, a night when the warriors made history. >> awesome, amazing, go warriors! [ cheering and applause ] >> loved it, loved every minute of it! go warriors! >> yeah, yeah, man.
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i'm just so excited. everything has been lit. >> 73, man. you know what it is. we made it. >> this is history. >> history. >> warriors! >> it means great pride for the city of oakland. for all the fans who stood by the warriors all these years. >> amazing 33 wins, go warriors! >> we're making history. we're the ones to beat now. >> now we're showing the real talent that we have. so this year, next year, three- peats are in our dna. >> it was fricking great, all those three-pointers, man. man, it was great. we're making history right now. >> reporter: history right now and it was so much fun to see everybody having a good time. i'm jeff bush reporting live here in san leandro, kron 4 news. meantime three lucky students from oakland won tickets for tonight's game at oracle arena. the once in a lifetime
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opportunity was extended to several underprivileged students with good grades in the oakland unified school district including 16-year-old joseph martin. he and his family came to the united states when he was 5 years old after escaping from a violent civil war in liberia. a high school senior and football star dillon house received a pair of tickets for the game tonight, all of them grateful for the kindness of draymond green. we have been asking viewers to send us their best pictures of their blue and gold spirit and fans did not hold back. here are just some of the pictures that we've received so far. there's still time for you to send us your warriors pictures. you can wet us or facebook us or upload your pics to kron 4 app under the report it feature. happening tonight a vigil held in san francisco honoring
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32-year-old murder victim nicole fitts and her 2-year-old daughter arianna who is fill missing. nicole worked at the best buy street on harrison street and tonight fitt's colleagues paid their respects. >> reporter: a somber gathering outside this best buy store where nicole fitts worked part time for nearly a year. you can see already former colleagues are gathered up remembering a beloved co- worker. at the close of business wednesday night fitt's former colleagues joined together after their shifts to share a few kind words about her, their hearts especially half knowing that fitt's 2-year-old daughter arianna has yet to be found. san francisco police say the little girl hasn't been seen since late february. police confirmed the fbi is now involved into the investigation into arianna's disappearance. her mother was found murdered friday near a playground in mclaren park. investigators have yet to name suspects in either case. family friends tell kron 4 that
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arianna had been staying with a baby sitter in oakland, but a search of that residence turned up empty. the uncertainty of arianna's whereabouts, heart breaking for nicole's old co-workers, devastating circumstances for this group still coping with nicole's murder. taking a look outside wet weather is moving into the bay area tonight, although it doesn't look like it's here yet. kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp will tell us when the rain will arrive. >> it's not in san francisco yet, but it's getting pretty close to our area. going into the next few hours you'll start to see that rain filling in. right now it's closer to clovedale and ukiah. we will start to see the rain transitioning closer to san francisco by 1 or 2 a.m.
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and then oakland, hayward into fremont. if you're an early riser in the south bay heading to work you may see a few showers and late afternoon we'll see more clearing and then we'll really see our temperatures warm up. i'm tracking a beautiful weekend on tap, but here's a closer look at the larger system as it continues to move in from the north. as you wake up tomorrow at 6 a.m., most temperatures will be in the low temperatures, 52 degrees in oakland, 50 in napa. coming up a dog thrown from a car onto the freeway, we have the latest on the search for the pet's owners. >> plus more and more flights appear to be arriving on time, which airlines have the fewest delays? >> and gop frontrunner donald trump coming to the bay area, when and where you can expect to see him.
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republican presidential candidate donald trump is coming to the bay area. trump will join senator ted cruz and governor john kasich at the state republican convention in burlingame on the weekend of april 29th. the party is expecting a large turnout, heavy media attention and protesters at the event. this convention has additional importance because unlike in years past the republican nomination for president is still up for grabs and california voters could help decide the winner.
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>> and now because it is contested and it's very much likely that california will possibly decide the outcome of that convention the excitement is at a fever pitch. we're very excited and i think that our voters throughout the state of california are very excited. >> california's primary for both the gop and the democrats is june 7th. new tonight at 11:00 a san francisco man pleads guilty to possessing point. and an illegal gun. 44-year-old ryan chamberlain pleaded guilty in court today to the two counts while agreeing to spend 12 years on supervised release. chamberlain has been in custody since his arrest in june of 2014. the case started when fbi agents discovered he had bought a poison called abram which is sold on the black market. upon searching his apartment the investigators also found materials which they claim were ingredients to make a homemade
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bomb. chamberlain is required to undergo mental health treatment, drug testing and computer use restrictions as part of his agreement. i'm kron 4 meteorologist brittney shipp. we are already tracking a few light showers moving into parts of clovedale and ukiah. this will continue to shift closer to us the next couple hours, but it will take a little while before this system continues to rotate and sag to the south bringing us rainfall into our overnight hours. that will start to clear up as we head into tomorrow morning. so a few lingering showers are expected as we push into your 3 a.m. hour and as you head to work closer to the south bay, that's where we'll see our best chance of lingering showers. as we get into afternoon and evening, we'll start to season more clearing. by friday high pressure rebuilts and our temperatures will keep warming up. we'll see about a 10-degree bump between thursday and friday and another 10 degrees heading into the weekend. rain will return starting in the north bay first and spreads
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to the south. for your sierra forecast we have part of the area under a winter weather advisory, 4 to 8 inches of snow expected and then a warmer weekend. we'll see lots of shine and 80s. here's -- sunshine and 80s. here's a closer look at that sierra forecast tonight into thursday. be careful driving those higher elevations because we expect to see 4 to 8 inches of snowfall possible. right now we're at 55 degrees in san francisco, 57 in oakland, 55 in san jose. highs around the region tomorrow 60 in san francisco, 61 in richmond, 64 in concord, 62 degrees in pleasanton. seven-day forecast shows that major warming trend as we head into thursday and friday. tomorrow will be a bit cooler, but by friday we're in the 70s, 80s on saturday. we stay there all the way until monday. gary is back with more on the warriors big win tonight. >> out to oracle where the golden state warriors set an
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all time nba record, 73 wins in a single season, curry, of course, leading the charge. he went after it right from the beginning, his three straight three-pointers in the opening quarter. he had 20 points, six three's in the 1st quarter alone. halftime the warriors were up 20 on memphis. halftime curry hit his 400th three. his own record was 298 last year. that's called shattering it. he leads with 46 points and we'll take you to bob fitzgerald's last call here. >> curry three! barbosa's got it, no longer chasing history. the golden state warriors now stand alone with 73 wins taking their place in the annals of the nba with the greatest regular season record of all time!
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>> like he's done it before and he has as a player on that bulls team in the mid-'90s. there you go. the warriors' first playoff game against houston on saturday at oracle and monday against houston in the evening time around 7:40. here's curry. >> a lot's gone into it, sacrifice from all the team, coaching staff. we have a great group of guys. everybody is trying to get better every single day, which is what pushes us. >> reporter: can you talk about what that really means for you? >> it means i'm part of the best team ever and not many people can say that. 15 guys can say that. >> i just told our guys i never in a million years have guessed that record would ever be broken. i thought it was like dimaggio's hit streak really and i was wrong, but i will say the same thing now that i said 20 years ago. i don't think this one will ever be broken.
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>> yeah. great, great, great season by the warriors. now they start the serious business of the post. here we go with the lakers. you believe kobe bryant? the headlines across the country as great as what the warriors did, going to be a lot of kobe bryant's last game. >> please put your hands together for kobe bryant. [ cheering and applause ] >> kobe! kobe! kobe! >> worst season in laker history, but they ended with something to talk about all time throughout the game, video tributes to bryant on the scoreboard. he scored 21 in the 1st half and in the 4th quarter he had 40 points. he took 50 shots, but nobody in the arena cared. they wanted him to shoot 60, if he could. he left with 51 points at this juncture and then comes back at the end to finish with 60. so there it is.
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kobe bryant, 60 points in his final game as the lakers beat utah and we'll just tell you that the giants lost in colorado and the a's lost to the angels. so this was a basketball night. >> it was a basketball night, yeah, a lot of fun. all right, gary, thank you. still ahead tonight a dog found abused and abandoned on the side of a local highway. we have an update on his condition. mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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a badly injured dog needs a lot of care now after being found lifeless on the side of highway 101 in the north bay. this is march that. she was found hurt -- martha. she was hurt on 101 and washington street in petaluma thursday. they're trying to find her owner, but she didn't have a collar or microchip. she's malnourished, has a broken leg, teeth and has road rash on her leg. if the owner comes forward in 10 days or does not, then martha will be put up for adoption. coming up tonight we'll tell you which airlines are most likely to be on time and which are most often late. those are some good looking tomatoes. yep. how long have you been growing them? for a couple months.
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new tonight at 11:00 a new report says more flight are arriving on time and airlines are cancelling fewer flights. the department of transportation says nearly 84% of flights on the leading airlines arrived on time in the month of february. that's up about 2% compared to last january. hawaiian airlines and alaska airlines were most likely to be on time. southwest had the best on time mark among the biggest four carriers followed by delta,
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united and american. spirit and jetblue were reported late most often. well, brittney is back and the rain is moving in for us later tonight. the big question is will it affect the morning commute? >> in the south bay most of the showers will be lingering around 5 to 6 a.m. in the morning. it's starting to move in from there to parts of petaluma, cloverdale and san rafael. our highs tomorrow will be a few degrees cooler than today, 66 in antioch, low 60s in livermore, 62 degrees in fremont, 60 in san francisco. things get really interesting in the seven-day forecast. look at how warm it's going to get. a 10-degree warm-up on friday, lots of shine and a beautiful weekend expected as we head into saturday and sunday in the 80s. we don't drop back down to the 70s until next tuesday and wednesday. >> that's a lot to look forward to. we're so proud of the golden state warriors tonight! congratulations to the entire team! that's it for us tonight at
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11:00. have a great night and we're appreciating that you spent some time with us. good night, everybody. ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too.
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to get involved visit % he was there to cut off the gas, then this happened. swinging a wrench at the family dogs. did he go too far? then, most obnoxious passenger ever? >> i make $4 million a year, what do you do? >> the insults keep flying. >> mr. bald, can't grow a set of hair. >> what the guy being called mr. obnoxious is saying now. and donald trump's secret summit with megyn kelly. >> the republican front-runner and kelly met at trump tower. and meet the trumps, ivanka, eric, donald, jr., even tiffany. >> my father's the best father. >> and -- >> leeza gibbons.


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