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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 19, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: hist >>james: keep it tuneful more
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pictures than jefferson biggest heroes would receive live from the creek from showing is pretty nice conditions 680 traffic moving to san ramon valley and a brilliant conditions this morning as to the traffic find out from robin in the second half but in pretty good as the ready for school forecast the weather forecast coming up and just about 15 minutes. >>robin winston: is all the way through the maze five a be a solid from 24 the ensure freeway if heading westbound out of hercules from highway 4 and a stop and go traffic heading of
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the treasure island this would be expected 71 and 1 the image problems on the bridge loan to commit traffic average drive time is about 20 minutes from the mayor's. >>jackie sissel: 25 you will carlos as the victim and the
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crimes of his only living in this area for about a week and a mountain of adolescent the corner of when the incentive plan to drive as far as what causes it is unclear right now the san jose police department and mention some subtle confrontation before the incident took place one or another brother he says that if they had no enemies that he knew of the stars suspects in this case they really don't have much to another as the public's help in not sure if it is a single shooter obviously would
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continue to try to gather details a century a new information about this case. >>anny hong: police killed one of the attackers of them looking for two more people who they believe are involved the attack which include a suicide car bombing was followed by and saw the buyers are a militant the area now surrounded by government forces and dozens of ambulances if practicing u.s. embassy spokesman said a heavy attack near rhyme.
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>>darya: to the body was found last cancel the death toll as a 45 as a rescue workers are digging through a side messrs. and ecuador racing against time try to find survivors of a powerful 748 magnitude earthquake.
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>>mark: is a blood testing started as been accused of faulty testing and an accurate results. >>will tran: i have not gotten
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any one that say yes play him in game 3 had the most talked-about ankle and america certainly in the bay area this could write to the video we have incredible fan reaction let's show you the video if you work early in the morning ended at one in one big 161 06 they're still in the bay area this morning.
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>>will tran: you guys are die- hard warriors fans when you play him in game 3. they said brings
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him because it makes a great cheerleader on the sidelines.
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>>mark: that would be a 11 until the end of regulation and then we went into overtime to liz
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organization showing san francisco of a yearlong.
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>>mark: official cruise testing people from an apartment authority said 500 people had died and the storms. >>james: pretty intense weather and on the surprise of more video comes in we expected to
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the coast of the bay will fill that is granted digging in here in the valley still on the warm sun but not as has tested and a lot of myths of '80s for some the delta 86 and to walk a careful pleasanton and livermore.
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>>robin winston: lot of slow traffic was down living hey with into the peninsula is never any fun sitting in committee traffic for both sides heading into on out of san francisco to commit direction we have to deal with the slow and leave novato offer not to 37 in san of them
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the problem of san francisco if you have to use not 101 intercross wrapping up or down vermont street but it is going to be stop and go almost back from the 280 split in the northbound direction. >>mark: but in the unusual election year and they will be extremely important. >>reporter: politicians of all
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stripes abegging supporters to show open vote in new york's primary no independence along the empire state of the 291 delegates to the candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote then he gets on donald trump. >>reporter: did not have a chance to make their voices heard in the presidential election.
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>>mark: 1237 delegates are needed for the republican nomination to 95 its stake in europe today >>darya: here are the two student who died of wayne and grisham the two of them drowned
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out in accordance facebook they were in the 11 to grade engineering academy there was what got to see on saturday with the group friends there was a lot of crying and classism always just the same after they found out what happened.
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>>mark: it will remove an open air york and dolores park the chinese christian union in san francisco filed a civil complaint commanding the concrete europe from the lawrence park is out of the openness on the only by plans as on sanitary and offensive.
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>>darya: you see the man was hands of the surrendered and was a rested about for the afternoon the did go into the car you concede they found a suspicious device and that native this comes after sex harassment cases filed against the uc-berkeley astronomer the law school an assistant basketball coach among others.
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>>darya: and all started and when he hung up the from his uncle if he was traveling from los angeles back to bay area and in talking to his uncle and arabic and tell them the united nations event he also the and the conversation said ices the sea was talking in this one woman heard internment and when he hung up he saw the woman looking strangely at him and he was humiliated once a public apology with the airline said a statement of regret what happened with the have no other option but to remove him from the flight into grout was on.
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>>mark: she died of natural causes she was 90 years old he betray them as liars out to the publicly came out and said he read them 50 women accuse him of rape he to his attorney denies wrongdoing. >>mark: the fbi is pushing for access to a corrected data and terrorist and other criminals investigation is starter when
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the fbi requested apple unlock the san bernardino shooters from that case was resolved on the fbi hired private company to have open the from the continues over the? the phone and in new york federal drug case. >>darya: the san francisco minutes with transportation agency is considering drivers will still be along the western side on the parking lot where just a day away from the infamous for 20 celebration in san francisco golden gate park
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how they're cracking down on this year's festivities.
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>>mark: about three-quarters of serious retail price will be available to pick up the curb the to talk to go inside depicting a prescription drugs wall street reacted poorly to the news yesterday.
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>>james: the cyclical when you need to know the weather story and there's several and all the computer model disagreed temperatures nice and mild to
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write that in the ultimate seven is very comfortable for everyone. >>robin winston: the castellanus-tackling all bathtub and the stretches into the maze 58024 come from the insurer freeway that is one to be a slow ride back to hercules just beyond high with 458 minutes from patrol through the maze across the bridge into downtown san francisco.
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>>mark: and dr. steven m. own works and optimal chiropractor on to a low one of the pit session was touched in a sexual manner during a visit to happen on march 9th conscious of the doctor was given her a massage treatment the event draws
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thousand people each year and this celebration all things marijuana. >>darya: 50 don't want to take and go to the windows rolled up. >>mark: and the man walk away
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with a cane and the bike the 11 woman or mostly african-american were on a book club outing going to winetasting of the train passengers said and that they're being too loud and reported them to train operators remove them from the trainer and the middle of the wine country excursion there were humiliated by what happened and they filed and a 11 million-dollar discrimination lawsuit a months later the two sides agreed to a financial settlement but they would not disclose with civilians.
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>>mark: the goal was not to raise online content and a statement released last night she pauses for should call the series of missteps more than 650 were injured a truck bomb was detonated an anti-government militant timothy mcveigh outside the building the site to resolve
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installed after the bathroom law was passed in requires it to use bathroom's based on their biological gender that is on the birth certificate of of an agenda they identify with. >>mark: may issue the statement yesterday on the band's web site in the rock group boston also cancelling the upcoming counters as well and made the announcement on the facebook page is on the list of all the slivers and cluttering will star bruce springsteen and distillates will cancel the upcoming shows and n.c. because of the new y'all--law. >>darya: governor rick snyder said the water and plant is improving its debt for several
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places yesterday and he says he will prove that the drinking water coming from excellent attack the safe the ultimate in a slab of the tongue mistakenly said 711 instead of 911. >>mark: did not correct themselves but then introduced in the door to presidential candidate he reached the nfc championship twice but lost both
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times. >>darya: an important recall to tell you about why there is a warning about certain fruit cups did in the ever to do your shopping at cbs without getting out of the car will tell you how after the break.
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>>robin winston: is packed loss of slow traffic into the east
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end of the average number of the trouble spot getting to the north are lots of heavy traffic getting word of a stall at the west has the road this coming out of pittsburgh heading into concord and the right lana's blot lots of heavy traffic expect delays come out of pittsburgh and to conquer faugh. >>mark: senators approve the bill in a unanimous vote yes today will the to does this have and then introduce the productes called paul all the offices it could be snorted or added to drinks that already contained on they would not vote on the proposed ban if the milky way
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international trading corp. the nice pizza slices and extra cups and an ounce jars was sold of walgreen's nationwide so the 1 digit the throwaway protect the map for refund >>darya: amendment will affect employees to work in the big seattle headquarters and other regional offices off this and they're very few floor sales jobs affected their turn to get this online sales of around the
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wal-mart in macy's also just announced it will cut thousands of jobs. >>mark: it will boost wages to $10 an hour this year as well >>james: mosasaur a little breezy could gust up a to low 20s during the game a tree during the jacket.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: good morning gary. >>gary: is a onetime and they were they down to mere guilt to much of your opinion. >>darya: no steph curry no problem if he will not for about
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five ministers and warm them off tissue the vast debt thursday on the system we don't know about. >>gary: they're more outside shooting with these guys to could write to the basket.
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>>darya: he was happy and encouraging. >>darya: the decedents' teachers they're wearing the wrong as greta and it will win his ring
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did not put that out there. >>darya: 5 track to the with the sports my eyes already glazing over this long there was a video from the nice one of the rebels this was sunday's game in the ball boy it meant a great catch.
7:50 am
. >>gary: he left the ground. >>darya: know we don't know how old he was he catches the ball and then he hit the wall. >>gary: the ball boy and the stuff you have to sit there for
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three hours >>darya: when we ran out the one guy that is one to catch my eye and he said we talk about a hot goalie we said of his heart is in. >>darya: why is he playing talking if you cannot have your teeth knocked out to just make
7:52 am
money stand in front of the camera i don't this. >>gary: you don't want that if you have to. >>darya: they have to be given him a hard time seriously. >>gary: we've been working on the same team for 20 years i don't care. >>darya: you don't hit him because he is beautiful? >>gary: no >>darya: he is attractive but
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the sharks lost last night and all you're ride is getting the guy with a smoky eyes on their. >>darya: i am not the competitive types. >>gary: ok and we will see you tomorrow. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious.
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>> mark: we have some interesting information on tiny west. these people are being sued. west transit spending for the streaming music service. he said that allow what never been for sale on nine apple port or by and store. >> darya: the governor asian says that the water in flint is
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safe to drink right now. uc- berkeley student who complained is now talk about what happened when was kicked off the plane for speaking arabic. the warriors beat the rockets without steph curry are they going to do it in the next game ?
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get to know us at >> tran: >> jackie: have been reports from witnesses of the shooting in san jose. >> anny: we are breaking news at afghanistan or an explosion rocked the afghan capital. we'll have the latest coming up. transport >> tran: we have more information about the warriors' wayne and will the bill to win without steph curry in the next day?
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>> mark: were looking at weather and traffic. >> james: i have nothing but great things to show you. here's a great picture that was sent in this morning. i could not decipher the e-mail address beat your deli the names like and give credit. we consider a show you the picture that. as a great looking shot a lot of folks around the bay saw this also. >> james: miller is the right now. the islamic cameron. it's a great start to the date. here is ready for school forecast. were
8:01 am
seeing widespread mid-50s and it's pretty comfortable offside. by the upper 60s the low seventies will be nice lunch time to have outside. temperatures average school were looking at mid-upper '70's in also is someplace with a least. we will have all the cooler than was just take. and as the days go by the level more cooling in the week. >> robin: we have no major hot spots and we do have some traffic. here at the bay bridge ride in the seventh disco at the tall applause of. the carpool lanes are wide open. all the other lights are backed up. fides jam from the easter freeway. 20 to 25 minutes for the maze to downtown. it's not a bad drive time for this time a day. it is backed up and the spade. in the state is a new problem eddie shore coming out
8:02 am
of hercules the west about 80 ready for high wafer split. we have an emergency crisis screen scene there is a two car accident there. there'll be a 31 minute trip to get for. hercules to for a new problem popped up the peninsula and the senate to add to lady it's a crash between a motorcycle and another car it backing up all directions in that area. surpass its of cleared now as a crash, in pittsburgh going in the concord and a slow and west bound direction. >> darya: police in san jose are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in the middle of the street. we have a report about police investigations. >> jackie: has a friend of the victims 25 wrote prose and keep them showed up at the scene.
8:03 am
this is where he was gunned down late last night. police are still looking for the suspect who pulled the trigger in the dili shooting. this all happened last night at around 1030 in the san jose police department received phone calls around 1030 last night. there had been a local shopping fired in the area in crimpy that's where they discover the body. he was next to his vehicle to the windows had been shot out the do not have a suspect information right now. they say they're looking for any help they can get. we did have a chance to speak with president she describes what she saw. >>: did the dixie was was the passenger side rear view was all shattered. as we realized that somebody got shot. we did see the body. basically that's it we
8:04 am
heard the shots we did not hear in the commotion or fighting or yelling. all we heard was the shots. >> jackie: it's it's an emotional scene. friends and family have arrived at the scene right now there are no suspects information. as soon as we get that from the police department will pass that along. >> mark: least 20 people are dead were the 300 others injured in the terrorist attack in cobble afghanistan. >> anny: the job and his claim responsibility for the attack this morning. afghan police say the gallivant was targeting a security team that predicts government vips. instead most of the victims were civilians including women and children.
8:05 am
they say that they have killed the least one of the attackers and looking for two more people with a believe were involved in the attack. the attack included suicide bomb and also as an assault by armed militants. right now the area is surrounded by government forces. dozens of ambulances have not rushed to the scene. the u.s. embassy spokesperson says they could hear the attack near the embassy. the embassy was not affected. will keep up as we have more for asian. >> mark: the warriors had another strong showing against the houston rockets in or " arena. steph curry was that there. >> tran: people are talking about the warriors i told them out so they could talk to to me about the warriors. everybody says they believed the warriors
8:06 am
should say the staff. he should sit staff here of the highlights because they're up to zero thanks largely to andre lee woodall. he was on fire daily and up winning by 9 points. as boys were very valuable. today everybody please staff will get to rest. will travel tomorrow to houston the. the question is will staff flight. should he played. that is the action that we're seeking from. your reaction to the game last night. >>: that was the killer game. it was a close one compared to all the other games. in my opinion
8:07 am
as a former athlete and bass player if you feel you cannot wonder percent effort out there sit down and let your team go. if you believe in them i think the warriors gillette on trade to play and he could turn the team around they could really use his help. >> tran: staff said he's got this. >>: it staff believes himself i got this than i would go by get it by. guess as i believe my man i would put steph curry in the game. if he tells me i and a coach may be that i would tell no dissent on the bench. if he's ready and confidence i would put him in their. >> tran: steph curry made the decision easier for the coach. steph curry said he did not feel
8:08 am
good and people themselves that. it is not played in three and decide to plead for the gears of five full days to rest. he has the most talked- about inkle in all sports. >> mark: we'll 7 freshman >> stanley: cup playoffs. the sharks lost against the kings. >> darya: the charge cannot find a fitting. >> mark: they did score this goal to 30 seconds of the game. it was later tied by the kings with fiscal. that would be all the scoring in the entire game. that was and dealt with overtime and then scored the goal. the final is 21 loss angeles won the game. they'll have another game tomorrow night. >> darya: we have another batch
8:09 am
of frank lloyd houston tx as you can see they have plenty. also information on a delicate run in redwood city. we have details of the car that investigators are looking for the sporting.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> mark: been no information about the deadly hit-and-run in redwood city. they averaged about the vehicle that play begins with for a wide white. it is a light brown minivan in
8:12 am
happen on april 6th and the northland a high 11 and that none southwest side drive. picture a man was killed. he was sure ended. the car slammed in the medium and overturned he dilator. the diver who read never stopped. >> james: whitmore from asian about the weather would. britain and the forecast. as a look at the forecast for at&t park tonight for the giants game when they play against the diamondbacks. the timber doodle will be in the mid-60s the start off with and will get plenty so you will want to jaca jacket.
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>> mark: flooding is continuing houston. is a range of more than a foot. power's not suffer tens of thousands people. here's a cruise rescue people. the least five people have died and more than 1200 water rescues have been performed. more rain and flash flooding is expected.
8:16 am
>> james: houston will be dealing with this for the most the day and then later it will aesops. i would rather build stakes than spiders. this law looks of a wider view. this is what this thing in texas. the gap clusters of thunderstorms ready for the area. that keep the threat of flash floods to riots. they'll strong winds and hail and that is not helping matters. it is spreading beyond texas with oklahoma and louisiana dealing with the same thing to. bbc video coming out of those seats later. looking
8:17 am
great and california high clouds and that's about six. the visibility is fantastic. concede that at the bay bridge camera. thank you for sending in the pictures. we have some pretty mild temperatures and to start debate. with upper 50s and we have 60 already in san jose. these temperatures will continue to climb. here the highest for this afternoon. oliver bait or bay shoreline will be in the mid to upper seventies. as to go inland for the most part you're looking low to mid '80s was to go to delta and they could be looking upper 80s. eventually you will get some relief it will take a day or two for you to finally feel at. tomorrow we should be tempered in the mid- 70s and low '70's by thursday. that will be when the storm system goes through and giving us a chance of rain thursday night and also friday. we hope to get as much as we can before
8:18 am
leaves. after that we do not see much rain on the horizon. that is what the forecast holds all. have more information later. >> robin: there's a lot of slow traffic out there. is sematech of bridge is backed the coming from the state. for the peninsula about our go it was slow but now speeds are digging up. the drive time is about 2325 minutes from any 211. the promise on the bridge just heavy traffic. the opposite at 92 a motorcycle crash happened on the san mateo side at least 92 at the 280 split a comfort to lady to lease 92. its backing up on the two lady mostly in the southbound direction. after commit its be at a crawl with and as a motorcycle accident that is and the clearing
8:19 am
status. we have other problems which will spot on the shore freeway the map is frozen one every go. it's coming from the east shore freeway the west and 80 and 81st but there's a crash blocking two lanes of traffic is backing up coming out of rodeo normally it's are tightly for both the crash looking to land its heavier now after you get through that after the split the take of 30 minutes to get from hercules to the mace. this sluggish all the way through. we have no major tosspots. >> mark: with the election all eyes are on the york with the polls and the primary going on. normally the primary design gets most attention. normally is set during the election cycle. the shrub and hillary clinton cast votes they lead the polls for
8:20 am
their party's. year conte's is offering a big delegate hole to give the front runners a chance to get closer to their nominations. today there 95 avail for republicans and to over 200 for the democrats. hillary clinton as a lead will include the superdelegates over 400 and siding with hillary clinton. she is almost 1800. bernie sanders is one last seven contests but still trails the to buy more than six veteran official delegates. 2383 that is the number that they are looking for. other republican side senator tankers is closing in on dollar drop from the 758 cruzeiros 553 and basic as 145. 1002 and a 37 is how much is needed for the republicans. >> darya: people baltimore are remembering freddie after his controversial debt. he died of a spinal cord injury seven days
8:21 am
after it day he was arrested on weapons charge. the video was arrest led to protests and rioting in the city. police say that he was not buckled into the seat which was put on the prisoner transport than. he did not receive timely medical. six officers were indicted in his death. the first trial ended in mistrials. the others are pending. baltimore police have made some changes including requiring police chance to have required that have cameras inside. >> mark: we morelos of friends are mourning the loss of friends to drowned last weekend. the two teenagers both drowned officials say the step up and found. and they're posted faced a terrible and the 11th grade engineering academy. they're swept out to sea on saturday when their with a group of friends. the other
8:22 am
traders who were without labels when backshore. stay there as long crying in the hallways. >> mark: the national park service's will issue a warning as to how dangerous the beaches are in a way to the saxons. they can be dangerous even on and i stayed. those experience servers sometimes the problem of the rough waters and cold temperatures. tempest in a law to be the low 50s and allow before her bithynia hyperthermia said sen. the warm weather the whole beachgoers will be cautious when going to the ocean. but eric >> darya: this religious group
8:23 am
as for the urinal to be removed. it is out the open and surrounded by a few plants. they say it's unsanitary. and unsanitary the attorney office says the 60 a. park is one of ford's counterculture and the people live there advocated for the year and a. sales stop people from urinating on walls bush's. >> mark: offense separated a tiger in the zoo will talk about what she jump for the fence. will have more about the drive time what's going on with the traffic
8:24 am
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but he >> mark: to officials and tropicana are investigating the city of. it shows women jumping over the first of two fences that separate the zero doors from the tigers. it appears the woman cop the bearer to retrieve her hat. the video was posted on the tube on saturday. the tiger was clearly agitated. to sue rep
8:27 am
one was not. >> darya: after an hour-long standoff one man is injured after barricaded sulfide by the capital. it was so schizocarp was part on a street. there's a to ready from the gas tank into the truck several businesses were closed people had to leave the area of. capital was not evacuated. after two hours the man finally surrendered and was arrested off for the afternoon and police detonated a suspicious device of the found inside a vehicle. >> mark: and the state chiropractor faces charges after a patient says the doctor of sexually assaulting her. this is what the wife is saying about the accusations. pleaser
8:28 am
cracking down on festivities for the 420 still festivities. we're waiting for " answer rain later this week what more details the 420 still festivities. we're waiting for " answer rain later this week what more details about the weather coming ahead. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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>> robin: we have no hot spots but it is packed. >> james: the weather looks great. this the view as seen from our studios. it shows a clear skies and a lot of blew out there. that is will we expect for most of the day. here's a what a story. that weather will be warm and sunny. it will be like yesterday but not quite as hot. if you're on the coast you'll enjoy slightly cooler temperatures. in the valley will get in the action. later on this action we may have some rain thursday and friday of. it also assured cooler air for the inland valleys. as we can rolls around we switched
8:31 am
gears temperatures will climb back up and the sun will come up and try things. it will be comfortable in the valley is a leap into low '70's. >> robin: we have no major traffic " or try now. the traffic is heavy and the commute isn full swing. and this richmond saturday abridge going up the castro 5 a u.s. patent broaching the toll plaza and going through the pain gets its a good ride out to the bridge into the arts play. the travel time 80 is recovering from the accident. here is a 35 minute trip from or hercules' oakland. it's looking a lot better here in the dublin interchange to mission south africa but. this bridge there's a lot have trouble going to the peninsula into the south bay expense
8:32 am
because of an earlier stall. across the bridge in the menlo park it is not bad. have blazon 92 because the cemetery bridge had a crash. >> mark: a chiropractor as ben and arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in concord. the patience is seamless touch an essential matter back on march 9th. the chiropractor is getting a massage trade treatment. >>: she was offered a full body massage. the doctor perform that and the victim alleges that while she was inside document touch her breasts and her buttocks. >> mark: the doctor is is facing one charge of sexual
8:33 am
assault. >> darya: searches looking in an area in southern japan where earthquakes triggered landslides and they have found a better body. the death toll is now 45. as the rescue workers are digging through the mud slide where they believe they're buried. they are still looking in ecuador to find survivors after the equate. the death toll there is now above 400 and rescuers are searching the country's pacific coast line for people were still listed as missing. there was a hope that workers with stiffer dogs were able to get eight people toward shopping center. >> mark: that house will also hear about the battle between apple and the fbi. house members
8:34 am
were will hear their defenses. the fbi once included data in terrorist and criminal investigations. apple says that the fbi would infringe on user'' privacy. this all started with december 1905. solved when the fbi was able to get a company to help them, >> mark: people are want to see about cars not driving on the side of twin peaks. of vehicle traffic on that looks over downtown services co would not go drive. that could drive a wedge in size and the parking lot would still stay open. people say that they're trying to keep the pedestrians safer.
8:35 am
>> darya: 7 cisco police and park rangers are stepping up security for the 420 celebration at golden gate park. event draws thousand people every year. they celebrate all things of marijuana. they're offering officers. there'll be extra park rangers and probation officers on duty to. this year it planned to install temporary restrooms on state street and will put out more garbage and recycling bridges. they'll be closing off streets if you need a job lyric " west side on also on the web site at kron 4,. >> mark: the seven stage works theater in sources go. the man was walking with a cane he reached over and pulled and sparks flying. people are just
8:36 am
walking by is looking at. nobody did anything. the man to see what we obtain. >> darya: debra women settled their racial discrimination suit against the train company. they're mostly african american women and others trainmaster said there were too loud the trains. operators remove the women from the train in the middle of the white country excursion. some say that they're humiliated and they've filed 11 million discrimination lawsuit. way to do not know what it will get out of this. did not release
8:37 am
details of the settlement. >> mark: uc-davis as dowry spawning to chrism to online image consultants to ensure that they showed the achievements rather than the pepper spray incident. that officer was caught spring as someone dissidents protesting back in 2011. uc-davis analyst hundred $75,000 on the consultants. the goal was not to race online content and she apologized for the series of missteps. will hold a series of public forms of what happens. godard >> darya: uc-berkeley student was kicked off after speaking arabic. he will speak out about what happened. if you're watching to wait for your credit card to go through it and here's what vises doing to speed up the
8:38 am
process for data go through. here's a live look as we look to the center filled bridge and there's a lot of sunshine will have more we come back. the e-class has 11 intelligent
8:39 am
8:40 am
driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. >> mark: these is trying to
8:41 am
improve a smart ship in the cards. customers of complaining how long it takes to do a transaction with the chips. the cards have been a headache for high traffic retailers especially. the sis says they're working on a new program that will let customers in search and remove their chip cards within two seconds last. this will be deleted not have to wait the purchase to be finalized. >> darya: cbs will expect to announce a new curvet service. will not need to get out the car. customers will build to
8:42 am
order their items and immobile at and it will be brought right to their car. it's called cvs expressed this prices will stay the same. orders will be ready in about an hour and the service will be available and really in california. most other states allow the service by the end of the year. three quarter of cbs retell products will be available the curbside pickup. you still have to go to get your prescriptions. >> robin: this here's the rich and self revell bridge. if people here at the toll plaza. there's no ceiling on the stand and is packed to the bay bridge and heading to the san may take a bridge. i'll have more details coming
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> james: this'll latest view picture from sunnyvale. the sunrise was spectacular. this was a great looking image that grant sent in he used our mobile apps. this about the fit or 61 that we put on the air. we appreciate you letting us have this picture. here's a look like right now here's a picture of the golden gate bridge. the blue sky and will buffets. we'll slight breeze and the eerie to see the flag flapping over there. with our expected pick up this afternoon with nothing major. it will be a little dusty from time to time. we'll have temperatures slowly warming. we have temperatures mostly in the
8:46 am
'50s. this afternoon will be nice and comfortable on the east bay shoreline with 70 in oakland and up into the 80s in fremont. the lint malaise will be a little warmer than that of a low to mid '80s. the south bay will have 83 insensate and looks like most the committees will be in 8385 range throughout the santa clara valley. in december cisco and the peninsula looking seventies downtown. the coastline will be in the low 70's. as you have in the palo alto in the '80s. in wine country before care forecast looks great. look for 81 in santa rosa. the forecast calls
8:47 am
for continued cooling as we head into the next couple days. you see the inland temperatures continue fall it good news for the inland valleys. we also enters the chance of rain thursday and friday. will not be a big system but hopefully we will get some raindrops before leaves. the weekend looks fantastic. temperatures will warm up as a going to saturday and sunday. >> robin: its traffic is looking better. here at the bay bridge toll plaza it looks pretty minor the accident does. chubb continues to improve it and over crossing. the carpool lanes are wide open. down the middle of the backup end of the oakland a's from west grants is jackson denies improvements.. is not as bad going the toll plaza . it should be about 20 iterate
8:48 am
from a may eased to the sky with. as at the san a steel bridge it looks better. the cleanup is walking up at 92 is also backed a but the nimitz freeway. it is crawling at san leandro all the way over to the west and connector. as it through the toll plaza traffic will pick up it is not bad and getting into the peninsula. from castro valley is to the maze is normal. if you crash is here and there from 238 to downtown oakland. if no major problems going into the peninsula is just packed. a sure you fill your gas tank top. we and others ranch in stem a tale with a drive time is still high. it beetle flight to
8:49 am
catch you may want to hop on march. >> darya: bit sad news doris roberts the actress has died she died sunday in their sleep in a loss and loss. she's been in several tv shows and movies. she was then everybody loves raiments and won four emmys. what if it's demi for her work in st. elsewhere. she was also in remington steele. she died of natural causes and was the 90 years old. short well into were age. >> mark: experts say that an earthquake is due for that in california and nevada state line. there is not been one in six years. seismologists are
8:50 am
describing an earthquake dropped. say the magnitude of 6 or log in usually crosses of the sierra nevada across system. but eric the system >> darya: the system is making changes. this after the accusations at uc-berkeley. the entire system is being investigated. they spoke and say that campus officials would not file a respective tests is about harassment cases. a permit files will be capped on any faculty member who is disciplined for sexual harassment. as is after claims are made against a uc- berkeley astronomer and a law school dean. it was all semitic and say at a system that will coach. >> mark: a uc-berkeley student
8:51 am
who claims that he was removed for speaking arabic is speaking out. he says the incident all started when he got off the phone with his uncle. he was traveling from loss and less to the bay area and speaking in arabic. after getting up the phone he knows the woman would get and strangely that's when he was escorted off the plane. >>: it was something that i cannot explain. the treatment i felt i had done something they've. eight suspected i might have a bomb with me. >> mark: he says he was humiliated and wants a public apology. the airline says they had no choice but to remove them. but area >> darya: please leave the
8:52 am
believe that they have found debris from the plane crashed in malaysian air. the plane that some are changed back in 2014 with two and 39 people on board. >> mark: mission been governor says that the water in flint michigan is now clean enough to drink. he is proving a by drinking the water. he says the water safe to drink and will prove that by drinking tap water he will trigger for a month. he will show that it's safe. but iraq >> darya: the state senate has voted to ban pattern of golf. they do not want out there on the market was. and two dozen states have already banned it tottered alcohol. it was invented by an arizona man. the
8:53 am
offer the bill says potter alcohol to be sorted and to be added to drinks that are the of alcohol without your knowing. the possibilities are endless. in some way is scary. they want to stop it and the system will vote on the ban. the and maybe it will be a legal. >> darya: a variety of fruit cups are not being sold in more. daises because glass could be in them. they're called nice piece slices or nice fruit. there were sold at walgreen's asian wide. if you have it they want to take a back and give refunded or just rode away because they're afraid because have tiny pieces of glass. >> mark: the giants lost to get the diamondbacks and a long game. it lasted more than 4 1/2 hours at at&t park. the pitcher
8:54 am
pitched five innings and gave up more than four runs. the giants tonight and in the game with a one run lead. that was broken up by jake lamp with the one run homer. the game's high as 7 and 1 in extra innings. two innings later the diamondbacks secure the victory with scoring two runs in the top 11th. the giants could not come back. the loss at one and will play against the diamondbacks later today. the a's took to a three against the kansas city royals. they will play against the yankees and next. the first pitch will be a 4:00 our time. >> darya: but take a peek at the current temperatures. they seem to be hovering in the '60s that will tap out may be in the '70s the. it will be a perfect day
8:55 am
and then later it will get a little chilly. we'll talk about the possible rate later this week in a few minutes.
8:56 am
get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. gandhara >> darya: prism obama and his wife will be spending some time with the royal family. they'll
8:57 am
be doing it this friday the president will travel to windsor castle. she was she with he was sick with elizabeth. they also have a dinner at kensington palace. i wonder what they're going to wear. when you go to britain you need at so she laughed at that. >> mark: there are some pictures from the northern lights and also the satellites from the space station. the aurora borealis can be seen as high northern latitudes and the other is in the southern latitudes like and are to get chile and southern australia. >> darya: we're also looking at the weather and also rain coming
8:58 am
later this week. at breaking news about the gunmen who is involved in a deadly shooting in settles a. talk about what led up to what. syrupy boy dead after it hartack in the capital of of gas and. will talk about who is claiming responsibility after it hartack in the capital of of gas and. will talk about who is claiming responsibility for the. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>anny hong: it is not a huge
9:01 am
oil down but will see more like '70s and '80s the cost of a more '90s and the forecast no more a record-breaking heat like we had yesterday and the day before. >>anny hong: in the most part this is like half moon bay and was still some eighties and seventies and along the bay shoreline still above average for a lot of locations as were stepping up the door is 59 in san francisco and oakland a 65 mid-60's in san jose to livermore is 59 and for the
9:02 am
santa rosa area of we're in the mid-50s. >>robin winston: it is still back of this beyond a city of across and about a 20 minute drive from the maze into downtown for a crowd in slow on the bridge getting over to the sky went over to the map avoid amendments freeway we had some in the minor issues and banners that is a crash lack of know about at tennyson that as of hayward off to the shoulder of 1.9 to block in both directions if you have to travel north bomb is jammed come out of union city is about a 43 minute trip
9:03 am
just to get from hayward into downtown oakland. >>robin winston: to believe early or give it some time to denounce. >>darya: police in san jose looking for a gunman who shot and killed a man in the middle of the street. >>jackie sissel: is a very emotional scene friends and family of a carlos almeida so sewn to mourn the loss of the 25 year-old who was shot and killed late last night here from the streets of san jose according to police this their rotten 30 last night they started receiving phone calls of shots being fired and content and sandy point drive the windows had been shut of and he was pronounced
9:04 am
dead at the scene is far suspects the police saying they don't know if it is one shooter or multiple shooters they don't know whether not hew was targeted in this attack would then have a chance to talk to witness who call the police when she heard the shots being fired. >>: the only thing i did see was the passenger side of the mirror was all shattered devilry realize said some of that child. >>jackie sissel: in been living with him for about a week about a block away for when the shooting took place. >>mark: 10 these 28 people are dead and 320 injured after a
9:05 am
terrorist attack in afghanistan a television camera responsibility for this attack the police will targeting a security tinder protect government most of the victims were civilians including women and children police have killed and is one of the attackers brush looking for two more people who are involved it included a suicide car bombing it was filed by an assault and on the militants the areas on by government forces and and this is is rushing to the same a spokesperson said a heavy attack near the embassy but it was not affected. >>darya: searchers are digging in the mountains area of southern japan for biggest earthquakes happen and trigger landslides they found another body and into the bodies of from less nice to the death toll is at least 45 days of rescue crews are digging through site would they believe are mudslide buried several people.
9:06 am
>>mark: for the golden state warriors another strong showing in game to the playoffs beating the houston rockets without steph curry and with an injured ankle. >>will tran: they're so good there's talk so maybe step should not play at all because they believe the warriors could go four to nothing against the rockets swept them and then he will have a lot of time to
9:07 am
reach the have the famous ankle in sports today the to the right to the pilots before we get the reaction andre iguodala and was a teen-able points the war is won by nine points of those funds were priceless is percent off the bench of course one half of the splash brothers klay thompson came out with 34 points his record matches his record for the playoffs now the warriors to nothing against houston the have no practical rest tomorrow they will travel to houston for game 3 on thursday if he is good to go on
9:08 am
thursday the you think he should play? >>: i would say if he could he should but i think he should hold out and missed one game and see where it goes and then come back in the next game. >>will tran: if he does not play game 3 he gets five full days to rest that and go and i believe that he should but someone reached out on facebook income and and and someone who is always an ensnare says the fans pay good money to watch him and if he can play he should.
9:09 am
>>mark: donald trump makes a big mistake during a rally here what he said to have some yorker's upset.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>>robin winston: still bathtub is not as bad as we saw a couple hours ago track and a high drive time for the nonce. >>darya: it was a terrorist attack that happened during the
9:12 am
evening rush hour on monday in jerusalem and it is still unclear who was behind the massive blast hours after this the prime minister and his 21 people and injured in that attack on the bus.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>robin winston: 880 hot spot the drive time so high because all the early of minor problems
9:15 am
the crash is out of the way but the traffic is still slow and will be jim of union city and hayward off and on into san leandro you have to jell with the use of the act of getting into oakland take a look at the drive times in the middle 68 minutes to get from selling and the 238 out to 237. >>robin winston: now that the
9:16 am
crashes are the when they finally made it over to the toll plaza and that is why it is slow down if you have to use the san mateo bridge and image problems on the spur and as jan 880 off and on headed to a high-rise 25 minute trip from the nimitz over to the bayshore freeway. >>anny hong: temperatures are a little cooler but not by a whole lot would definitely feel equal conditions or when the one where it's 65 degrees mild reading are ready at this hour.
9:17 am
>>anny hong: in the '60s in downtown san francisco and the others will feel the most called for today by 3:00 we will see tim thompson not generally in the '70s and also '80s.
9:18 am
>>anny hong: the cooling continues through tomorrow and will see seven is in the and for the bay shoreline. >>rob black: comes to room a
9:19 am
nice number of and come 28 million they're raising the prices above the other getting closer figures the amazon time and say we're going to the videos a cheaper and then there's also in new service come down from facebook executives that one of those they did not
9:20 am
talk about stocks, we're talking to the free press about hundred million subscribers. >>rob black: they run from 60 to 150 since 2010 is edition largest wholesale club offer is 680 memberships 7 1 million members.
9:21 am
>>rob black: it pays 1 and 1/4% to bay area housing and the taunting him they're building more more homes to meet the demand is not as easy as it sounds.
9:22 am
>>rob black: the young urban people are the ones of this article is about as a great fascinating read the five models a month for rent of 11 proposition consensus about a november 7th are indirectly, home prices keep building is the title of the article be highly recommended because is anti- establishment keeping cash at a
9:23 am
banquet and discover allied capital one of the of a 1% which is a nice to keep cash.
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>>reporter: the disney movie the jungle book this fall the competition at the box out of this weekend it took an abc $103.6 million to place first barbershop came in second with 20.2 million and the loss placed third with 2.2 million. >>reporter: she said the entire pregnancy so now she seems a little bit lost sign on all know what to say this is concord the question everyone wants to know it is what exactly was you
9:27 am
whispering in her ear. >>darya: you can watch hollywood to dave on kron 4 is on weekdays at 1:00 p.m.. >>mark: knowledge on making an unfortunate slip of the t'ang 7711 instead of 911 have happened yesterday what he was campaigning in buffalo york he said he was the great coach who won championships in new york and one can never won championships.
9:28 am
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>>robin winston: will subroc that on the peninsula. >>anny hong: here is a live look from the embarcadero cameras and we have sunny skies across the bay area things are looking of the more comfortable is the ninth is a little too hard which we know it is for a lot of folks don't have a see we have cooling conditions for today and
9:31 am
will continue for the rest of the week will call a sunny and warm inland but cooler specific the coast this afternoon in the next grand arriving thursday night and into friday and we've also had the giants for past as well the time now is 931.
9:32 am
>>robin winston: 92 this is an san mateo east 92 at fashion island a mother duck and her ducklings in the right lane they were trying to cross the freeway when driver stopped to let them go by and it caused a chain reaction. >>robin winston: one lane open had injuries reported a tow trucks on the way and traffic is at a crawl 92 east back of beyond a commitment now it is impacting both sides 101 north and south approaching the 92 connector this is the come to combat direction caused a canasta backup for folks on 101
9:33 am
and 92 from the main to the sky way. >>terisa estacio: that is the public your behind as bad as getting a lot of attention here is a close-up look for you this public, was put in as part of the 20 million restoration project here at the 16th after dolores park some people in this area had complaints that there was not enough restrooms for people who come out here to use the park this outdoor european style facility was put and some people in the neighborhood are plotting and some people are saying that it isn't eyesore and is causing more problems than it is worth and there's also a loss of deaths.
9:34 am
>>terisa estacio: of the stores were following the chiropractor's been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and concord he works and optimize our practical clinton road 1 office patiences she was touch
9:35 am
and a central matter during recent visits to happen on march 9th while she was with the doctor in their give her new messiah treatment. >>mark: he is chasing one count of sexual battery has been released on bail and spoke to the wife she said she believes her husband is innocent. the two students who died they were in the 11th grade engineering
9:36 am
academy and there was swept out to sea on saturday while they were there was a good friends five of the boys will not to the water a big wave knocked over three boys swam back with those to cannot make it and they drowned. >>darya: that when you to be very careful when you go to the beach in the bay area officials said that the waters and san francisco ocean beach can be dangerous even on a nice than the most experience surface sometimes has trouble with the rough waters and with the cold temperatures they range in the low fifties and only have a minimum of time before apple thermosets and sneak away some of comes also constant danger to the park service says no one to turn their back on the water. >>mark: a group of women who were kicked off the napa valley wine train for being too loud settle the rest of us will miss a lawsuit against a tree company operates a letter remove
9:37 am
them from the trained in the middle of the wine country excursions there were humiliated by what happened in default under the million-dollar discrimination lawsuit eight months later the two sides have agreed to a financial settlement with the did not say for how much money. >>darya: san francisco police and park rangers are stepping of securing for the annual tortoise celebration the golden gate park chelicera adding more officers in the park in the surrounding neighborhood will be extra park ridge in juvenile probation officers and the city is one to install temporary bathroom's on staying a string of lies on its par price will be more garbage cans and recycling bins to keep everything nick in typing to brazil captured a man
9:38 am
using a power tool to still a bike in the middle of the dank and and one walk past did not do anything. >>mark: sparks were flying and a people walking by a disturbing fine on the college campus rainbow colored nooses hang from trees were to your happened.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>>darya: it happened at all sticky state university and thomas steen and there they are some people complained when they saw these new system in the fine arts building on campus and a some are claiming that it is targeting the gay community in police immediately remove the new system now they are investigating.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
>>mark: sledding homes and major
9:45 am
highways knocking out power to in the thousands of people in this five people have died of the 1200 water rescues have been performed in more rain and flash flooding are expected to and. >>anny hong: it is still going to lead to more funding for the houston area as the scattered showers in the bow of the storm and the moisture has moved north and east and west of the law was what was the for the houston area known.
9:46 am
>>anny hong: temperatures are a little cooler today is a live look at sfo this morning we have basically most to clear skies san jose good morning to you 65 degrees. >>anny hong: here is a quick check the temperature is right now have no '60s in downtown san francisco 68 in sunnyvale 65 in oakland 63 in antioch and 59 and the the more checkout high in the east bayshore lot of mid sadness from berkeley the
9:47 am
peninsula one of the to the upper seven is if you're in redwood city 73 and downtown san francisco. >>anny hong: here is the storm track a 7 day around the bay forecast and continues until tomorrow several degrees in the mid-70s and lintel some is in the bay shoreline still sunny and dry to my rent and the rest
9:48 am
of the bay area on friday. >>robin winston: breaking news on the peninsula where the word of a major hot spot in berlin games by seven live over the scene right now this is an injury accident involving of garbage truck and a bicyclist. >>robin winston: you could see the garbage truck that just the backed out of the intersection and this involved a struck the bicyclist no word on the condition of this person there
9:49 am
was a report of a mother duck in six ducklings trying to cross the freeway when driver stopped and that caused a chain reaction now have a major crashes involving several vehicles with 2039 to block. >>robin winston: spaetzle tropical and friends the trucks on the way a quick check of the camille and the san mateo bridge to show you the backed up come from the east of them.
9:50 am
>>darya: it dissidence acquisition said yesterday from now on the official notify the respective chances immediately about harassment cases and she also says permanent files will be kept in a faculty members for discipline for sex harassment this comes after sex harassment claims were made against the comet uc-berkeley astronomers the law school dean and an assistant basketball coach among others. >>mark: a tutor who claims he was a fairly remote from the southwest flight is speaking out he said the incident started when he got off the from office on 0 was speaking in arabic.
9:51 am
>>mark: he was humiliated and once an apology. >>gabe slate: the new month the amazon prime video streaming services offer for $9 a month and is $1 less the standard plan to dollars edition services offer a lot of the same movies and tv shows it does have more
9:52 am
content of robert and the sun is catching up will offer their original tv show and movies right now have higher rated a more popular original but they've been going along with them getting better amazon to started doing their originals. >>gabe slate: if you commit or travelogue amazon could be destroyed yttrium if you have a big family or roommate and more than two people when to watch something through amazon streaming. >>mark: cbs is expected to announce the launch of the no
9:53 am
curbside pickup service customers or items and have them brought ride to the car in the parking lot the services cost cbs expressed and it was not in at prices used to have to go in a storage and cash description we're looking at a cooler temperatures today than yesterday as a beautiful shot as a look at the bay bridge san francisco we are in the 60 degree as high today will be 73.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>darya: the big stores where been following police a san jose are looking for someone involved in addition to sears for 11:00 last nine off and
9:56 am
rolled up the victim was to define your carls' zero had a sore toe he was of with his brother and said was that he was shot and killed. >>darya: in the third again in this series which is on watching bay area weather and the 74 cast.
9:57 am
>>mark: as we head toward the weekend we are looking for cool weather for saturday and sunday with the warmer ties near 70. >>mark: the a's in new york tech and on the yankees, of the to the brick have taken to item 3 from the world champion kansas city royals. >>darya: >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am..
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