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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  April 20, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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it was not a eulogy, people. >> he tha viewers but he didn't mention kelly ripa even once. we learned that the ripa omission was pointed to strahan during a commercial break and just before sign off he circled back as an afterthought. >> kelly, i thank you. i love you. everyone else here at "live" and i'm not going to cry on tv. not crying on tv. >> a source telling us that kelly was thrust in drama at the last minute. she was called last night after 10:00 p.m. by a proddcer to in. anna's instagram places her a victory party at the time. she was told michael's exit would not be menti on the show but that changed minutes before going live. >> anna was great. >> audience members told us there was no official explanation about kelly's absence. >> i was thinking she was emotional and maybe couldn't handle the show today. >> people were a little disappointed she wasn't there. >> we thought she might be a little heart broken.
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she's probably so depressed she cou come in >>well, maybe. as we reported yesterday, blind sided abounews. source tells us that ripa may return next week to avoid being in breach of contract. we reached out to kelly's re who didn't return our calls. on g.m.a. they had a shout out to the new >> we're thrilled to say that michael strahan will be joining us every morning. >> very natur michael in and just started. >> so excited about the addition of straa. >> i call him s i'm already, hey. >> back to kelly for a second. she work alongside regis for ten years on live until he retired in a lot of people were stunned when he admitted to hoda kotb last year when he admitted he
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doesn't see her. >> she lived downtown and now i hear she's onnthe east side. >> you haven't seen her since the show ended? >> no. i haven't. >> wow. >> wow. yeah. kelly didn't learn about this until after the showyesterday. so there were weeks or even months secrecy and the host was left out in the dark. >> if did that to me, i would be so mad at you. >> i'm never leaving you. >> bnot, my friend. i would have shown off. i need t paycheck. i have two feelings. okay. she should have been professional and sup. but it is live and maybe knew she needed to filter herself and not show up. she could have said anything. more drama. what we're learning about gwen steph nanny. >> gwen caught a break t divorce settlement with gavin. we learned that the singer may be less than happy with the situation, especially with the
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fact she has to sell herhome. which means she's have to uproot her children. >> and she boug that house that was once owned by jennifer lopez in 2006. sheupgrades adding a guest house and a new wing. she moved in when her oldest song was threeoldd it's the only house the children have known. >> last night there was no bitterness when gwen hit the stage at "the voice" for a performance. ♪ >> with her braids and feathers debuting her s "misery" while blake watched. what you saw was pretaped an hour before the show. here is what you didn't see behind the scenes. e though they didn't share screen time. they weren't shy being seen assa couple. they would talk to each other. blake whispered something in her ear. >> where are you going?& >> i can't do anything -- >> it's a family affair for
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couple. twins had ashow. and even blake's dog. ♪ it is like a family dynamic on "the voice." all the coacces are so close. even christina was totally rocking out. we saw blake give g standing ovation. she didn't seem to look at him much during the performance except once to flash a smile. what happened after s the stage? she high-fived adam she was walking off the stage and blake waste no time to meet her. they walked out of the building together where her assistant handed her son to her. blake then d come back for about another 20 minutes until the live show started. >> blake appears to be so good with her thr boys. they told us it's too early to start talking about kids o their own. the hollywood baby boom rolls on. with news that we broke on "e.t." online. a back street baby. >> welcome to the world, odin
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carter. back street nick carter and his wife lauren welcomed their boy around 11:00 p.m. last night and sent "e.t." the first photograph. so cute. lauren was a total champ. her labor lasted 30 hours and she gave birth at home, naturally, in wa as for the name, in german mythologist molgs odin is a widely revered god. >> a very strong name. >> we like it. >> enjoying life with a little one chrissy teigen and john legend. chrissy debuted luna on instagram yesterday revealing her nick name is lu lu. >> chrissy is being candid about her recovery. one told me i would be coming ho diapers, too. plus, a look at the baby bump mrs.--
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instagramed this shot. we're hearing she is having a girl. >> any baby names? not yet? >> and finally, some royal cuteness. four british royals and add a stack of books and the most adorable pho of prince george yesterday. queen turns 90 tomorrow and ten new stamps released including cut out. the prince of wales, the duke, and prince george will each get their own postage stamp. it's not hard to guess w stamp will be in high demand. just look at that face. no doubt about that. oh, my goodness! he has his dad's chubby cheeks. so cute. "people" magazine has picked the world ea's most beautiful wn and it's jennifer she made it during the last season of "friends." this time it's sweeter. she has her happiness, her man, and another most beautiful cover. >> i feel beautiful when i
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finish a great work out. >> it takes work keeping bod beautiful. on three different covers of "people." and confesses never loved her what she calls a bubble butt when she was younger. now she can't believe people want to get inject make their bbtts larger. >> she shared of her healthy indullagains. hot water and lemon when she wakes up a homemade prot snack. hard boiled egg and string cheese. "e.t." watched her transform from ferris to friends. she was just 21. >> i tr make it my own. and unique. >> she tells "people" her hubby is her be without -- ld never leave home >> never leave home wit my wedding >> good answer. >> good answer. >> jennifer is also known for her hair. everybody loves herhair.dying t
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hair into a pixy cut but chickens out because long hair is her security blanket. i know thefeeling. take a look what we did here. what do you hink, jennifer? look at the transformation. >> i like it! i like it! >> i love herhair. >> i don't think i like it. she looks like tinker bell. okay.ou got say that? >>. >> coming up celebrity birthday bashes. ♪ >> from kate hudson's magic mike moment to david bowie. >> former d mom star maddy ziegler on the first day of her new gig. time magazine is about to reveal the lis of the most influential people and we have an exclusive sneak peek. >> i'm not throwing it away! >> author and star of the broadway smash hit "hamilton" is one of the honorees.
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>> what am i doing? >> and leo is the list. dicaprio making the cut after finally winning his first o others are charlize they are ron, arianna grande, and melissa mccarthy. the full time 100 list wi revealed tomorrow morning and issues hit stands on friday. closed captioning provided by --
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tomorrow on "e.t." want to
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other deadly caracara shooting on the highway will pleaser now revealing. at a new face was to appear on the $20 bill it is and the other currency changes coming next eight.
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♪ >> i want to that. >> all right. >> last night he was joined by gwyneth paltrow as they worked out with those fitness instructors. too cute. >> they're not easy to keep up with, but maybe one of those dancers will become the next maddie ziegler. ♪ i'm going to swing from the chandelier ♪ ♪ >> just 13 years old but tiny dancer is making big money. reportedly worth $2 million in four sia music videos. who can forget her with shia lee buff. >> after this season, maddy is not going to be on the team anymore. she's leaving dance moms and lee miller to be a judge on "so you think you can dance. next generation."
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i'm not competing. i'm giving feedback to the kids. i' be honest and give them my feedback, in a nice wathough. because i'm not an adult so i can't be rude to them. i wouldn't be rude anyway. >> maddie is the youngest judge to appear on the show. she'll sit behind 53-year-old paula abdullah. maddie additioned for a part on paula's show on 7. >> this is the first time i -pher. she's so sweet. i think i'm taller than her, too. that's great. >> she's cu well, coming up out how britney spears embarrassings her kids. and goldie hawn ashamed of her wild child daughter kate hudson. they love each other on camera but you won't believe the stuff that appens behind the scene. >> it made me want to slit my wrists. don't go away.
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♪ that was britney spears embarrassing her boys. my wife loves to danceein front of my boys. that driv crazy. >> it looks like britney was ignoring them. >> what is great is embarrassing your parents. that's what kate hudson did.& that's not all what happened at kate's wild birthday party.
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>> it's my birthday. >> the big day all started with an early wake up. >> 27 -- i don't remember what i was doing at 37. >> we know what you're doing. surprise! three shirtless presents showed up at kate's living room. ♪ >> so what about the trio? we thank you. the shirtless singing telegram. 10: her baby posting mom dropped off something with her ex-husband matt bell me. >> egyptian healing rods. a zen thing. aad perfect for the 4:30 p.m. girl squ meditation. at 7:30 kate glammed it up for seaside sushi in a paisley blue maxi dress. love the flo her hair. eight beasties there includingt. another wil birthday.
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we see james james celebrating his big 3-8. hii entire squad got the memo including his look alike brother. we're told that james loved the disposable c had an ente radiology of at least eight and snapped away. look atthis. disney land last year sameride. i totally get it. i the teacup! when i don't get sick. meanwhile it seems like spinning out of control live witt michael strahan departure. cameron joins us now. we've seen the hollywood feuds bubble up before. you worked with kelly. >> i did "all my children." right here right now i loved working with her. everybody did. i also worked with good morning america and he's a great guy. it makes it especially surprising for me.
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back to your poin makes it fascinating the way the celebrities reportedly hide the tension from the camera. so secret co-star feuds. they smile, they hug, shot big epic love scenes. what happens behind the scenes? you can't write this stuff. >> there has to be some kind of drama. >> yeah. that's the most recent shocker castle co-star nathan fill began. monday it was announced she was leaving after eight seasons. rumor about why? budget cut the gossip. the source tells "e.t." they hated each other. didn't speak on.o cf1 o and it got so bad the two were reporte sent to couples therapy. >> none your business! >> you talk around and around and it makes so crazy. i have to walk away for a second. [ expletive ]. you expect the claws and tears the real housewives.
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what about charlize theron. >> it's an elated feeling when you get to go to work every day and work opposite actor like tom hardy. what. >> what? that's called doing press. she got real on working on mad max. they bleeping went at it. it was like a family road trip that never went anywhere. they drove each other crazy. how badly does it get between enemies? remember these tears. the animosity between ann curry and matt lauer allegedly got her fired from the today show. she still doesn' have a new job. >> matt is influential in many ways behind he sce >> and katherine heigl had a falling o seth rogan after she sort of knocked a comment. she talked about it on howard stern. >> i ran into him in a restaurant like hey. they were like, ugh.
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and they were really mad. >> what stars are good at faking it? come on, they're actors. except when they're dancers. >> my least favorite ian -- >> it made me want to slit wrists. >> cheryl burke went off on what it was like having ian zearing. >> the fact his name is ian and ian makes me w to throw up. it changes the notebook forever. yes. those on screen fights is because they didn't like each other. it took a turn around and we know how it turned out. #ryanandrachel forever. we thought they were actors before hearing that. here is an old school feud. susan somers and joyce fought for years. it was announced a remake of the classic sitcom is in the works. >> i got this. listen to me here.
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jessica simpson as chrissy. come on! >> in entertainment tonight dancing with the stars solo on the tonight show. joey lawrrnce, aaron carter, or donny os >> donny the violence inside east have away what they say the danger is to the public. and then water restrictions some say the drought is over others say not so fast twerks and
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oliva munn laughs so hard she cries!
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dancing with the star alumni saying solo on the tonight show? that is joey lawrence who turns 40 by the way, if you muwatch e pteve harvey show, she loves to play match maker. especially with michelle turner. he set he up in the past. it didn't workout. >> her mother told me do what i do because she tired of you. now at eight. it's scary horrible reaction to yet another murder on an east bay freeway. tonight we ask the highway patrol about the epidemic of shootings on bay area roads whoosh will he or won't he play? what kron four is learning about
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the warriors' plans for steph curry tonight. whoosh bay area air quality officials react to the news we are breathing some of the dirtiest air in the nation. whoosh and you might have seen it live on kron four's facebook page. stanley roberts finding plenty of folks inhaling badly on the day devoted to celebrating marijuana. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. now at 8. bullets fired on an east bay highway take a deadly turn. the latest happening last night pittsburg on highway 4. good evening i'm pam moore. we have been tracking the violent trend for months. and tonight we are demanding answers about what's being done about the problem. grant lodes joins us with a timeline of the shootings. but first kron-4's j-r stone joins us live from richmond tonight. j-r you spoke police there and community leaders. >> j.r.:pam, 18 ee


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