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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 22, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a little bit of information. for example - he was last seen alive around 8-pm wednesday night. he was found thursday morning around 9:40 - unresponsive in a first floor elevator in his home.
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this is video of prince at a warriors game last month. the local sheriff won't talk about any medication he might have been taking.but 'did' say his officers carry a medication that can be given to someone suffering a drug overdose and it was 'not' used during the call. he says there's nothing to suggest foul play or suicide.and no signs of trauma on the body. no one's saying yet how long prince may have been in the elevator.but it was staff members who sounded the first alarm. an autopsy was completed today -- but no findings will be released until all testing has been completed, and that could take weeks. authorities today wouldn't comment on reports that prince suffered a drug overdose less than a week before he died. t-m- z has been reporting th he for pai3 while traveling from resident obama also weighed in on the death of the music legend.
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during a meeting with british prime minister david cameron, the president called prince. extraordinary, creative. and full of energy. it's a remarkable loss and i'm staying at winfield's house, the u.s. ambassador's residence. and >> reporter:
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>> reporter: kelly is with the collapse. it is with keno labs "the experience of the changes their lives. there are free
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online according courses students realize it's not as far out their reach as they may have thought really does change in its game trader for them.
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>> britteny: to the snow coming down a closer look in the east valley danville san ramon all seeing light showers it's pretty windy out. we continue to see a chance of showers 8 9:00 i 10 will start tapir 8:00 p.m. in the '60s >> pam: san francisco fire department to alarm structure.
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helicoptered partnership with abc seven. the fire was sparked around the same time the morning as today's blaze. >> pam: during a traffic stop he
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is reportedly found with a suspended license drug paraphernalia and stun gun. police discovered of metal pipe the bomb squad says it was an explosive device. but on several counts including a felon reckless possession of a destructive device. >> pam: homeowner chase after man after someone had burglarize his palm police hope the public can help identify the suspect. san mateo resident would hear strange noises inside his home.
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>> pam: case of sexual misconduct on uc-berkeley involving another coach and as st. sestos your reports that only about what allegedly happened what did not happen afterward. >> reporter: was quiet no one would talk to about the allegation that phelps including a team crew member. uc-berkeley officials issued a statement saying that the use the office is in the process could to the
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responsibility of any alleged form of assault or harassment so they can be investigated recently assistant basketball coach has violated the university's sexual harassment policy. and resigned earlier in the year after a former administrative assistant filed a civil claim against him.
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>> pam: allegations are false he quoted and confidence cut allegations last. especially the seniors who will be graduating. >> pam: joins us live from police headquarters with more. >> reporter: the start see some fliers around town put up their by friends of the victim. no one has seen carioca since likely february. adriana since february. co-worker state that
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nicole was vibrant work long hours to support her daughter and picking up extra shifts. other co-workers are posting about the case on social media. investigators have collected over 30 individual 30,000
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pieces of information in this case and still have no idea what happened to nicole or her daughter. >> pam: will set correctly this sunday a human tumor saying tonight at the nba says the arrest and wrong last night.
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with this the it was broken during report, the pipe to beat corey still under investigation. peace >> reporter: of equipment or help to clear up the mess caused by the cynical. h-p's wit to try. roughly 20 ft. wide 10 ft. deep amazingly this huge hole reported to the city yesterday when it was only a pothole. can
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repair a way. they do grow assess ocean. the year to a multi-billion dollar projects or play. . is that came out to make the repair the roadway gave way revealing the crater.and here you can see why.a broken sewer main. they don't know why it broke yet. but they do have a suspicion as to why the sewer pipe is quite old it's over a hundred years old so something could be said about that that's why we are placing so much effort into replacing out infrastucture the city is a few years into a multibillion dollar project to replace old pipes with new
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ones.they are currently swapping out 15 miles of pipeline each year. the sewer department says no one lost service due to the break in this incident. the street had to be closed to cars.people walking by were forced to stop and take pictures with their cell phones.because of the sheer size of the hole. people who have garages right here i don't know what they are going to do the city says a few residents have not been able to pull their cars in and out of a few garages on the street. the broke line is expected to be temporarily fixed today.the crews are waiting for an even bigger excavator to show up help them install the metal plates needed to shore up the dirt so they can then put in these new clay replacement pipes in. stand up once the permanent pipe is in the crews will be able to fill in the hole and then repair the roadway.once that is done they can reopen the street.which is expected to happen tomorrow. maureen kelly kron4 news >> pam:california lawmakers are hoping to raise the legal age for smoking tobacco. from 18 to 21. they sent six different bills. restricting tobacco use to governor jerry brown today, after a delay of six weeks. they include. raising the age restrictions for smoking, chewing, dipping, and vaping. democratic legislative leaders put to use. rare house rules to hold onto the bills after lawmakers passed them back in march. but big tobacco has threatened to target the changes at the ballot box, if they are signed into law. governor brown has not made a comment on the proposals. he has until may 4th to sign, veto, or send them back to legislature. ap-ca-xgr--california tobacco laws
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san francisco has confirmed the virus. according to the city's public health department.a pregnant woman has contracted the virus. apparently while she was somewhere in south america. right now the patient has no syptoms of zika.but she is being closely monitored and is receiving care. there is still no known treatment for the virus. however, officials are telling us there is no risk to the public's health. the first case of zika was confirmed in february by a person who had travelled to central america.that person has fully recovered. yesterday san francisco became the first major city to pass green energy requirements for all newly constructed homes. now new york is doing their part to cut greenhouse gas emissions. today mayor bill de blasio announced new york's new energy efficient measures. he is pushing for building owners to update their heating and power systems to help meet his goal of dramatically reducing emissions 80-percent by the year 20-50. the measures include requiring updates within 10-years. the city estimates it will reduce emission from buildings by two-point-seven milllion metric tons.
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>> pam:all of dub nation got a harsh lesson in life without steph curry last night. as the warriors suffered their first loss of the series against the houston rockets. fortunately-- there's hope the star will be returning for sunday's game 4. mark carpenter joins us with the latest-- mark, the mvp on his way back? >> reporter:he's still questionable, but all signs are pointing to a return this weekend. now that the rockets have made it a 2-1 series, it would certainly help to have the league's leading scorer back in the lineup to put this team away. and advance to round 2. curry has missed the last two games with a sprained right ankle. an injury he's been receiving
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treatment for every day since saturday. this is footage of him practicing earlier in the week, when he said he wasn't quite at game speed. after this morning's practice, steve kerr said his point guard was moving well. and reported no pain after a 3- on-3 workout. curry told reporters he could have suited up yesterday, but the team elected to be cautious. while fans can look forward to a possible curry return, they won't like hearing this. apparently-- james harden's game-winning shot last night should not have counted. the nba made the announcement today. in its review of calls made or *not made in the final two minutes. the report says that harden pushed off andre iguodala before taking this shot.and an offensive foul should have been
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called. despite this info, there will be no change to the games result. meanwhile, the san jose sharks have a chance to finish off their round one opponent tonight. the sharkies taking on the kings down in l-a. in game 5 of the opening series of the stanley cup playoffs. sharks are coming off a 3-2 win on home ice. and are placing heightened importance on this matchup, considering they blew a 3-0 lead to this same team two years ago. the puck drops at 7-30. rain scattered tonight and then clearing. great weekend. winter weather advisory until 11pm. the race for the white house heats up this weekend. after of another super tuesday of primary elections. >> britteny: and so we get things clear up images have to get through these scattered showers and want to show them to you because it's raining that the only mention which to there's a little bit of moisture lingering at the parts the east bay into a restless night that will clear up and still seeing snow coming down and be a winter
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weather advisory which will stay in effect 11:00 p.m. feature cast painted picture. and conditions will stay dry closer look at the winter weather advisory effect indefinitely on a careful when the evening was temperatures in the '60s 58 richmond 62 degrees oakland and your today forecast sunday coming up in 15 minutes. >> pam:the latest from the campaign trail is coming up.
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with this weeks news that intel is cutting twelve -thousand jobs. some are wondering if this is a sign of a bubble pop. our tech trends reporter gabe slate. shows us what the impact of the intel layoffs could be here in the bay area. and he talked to an expert about the possiblity of a bubble. >> gabe:intell has 108 thousand global employees. they are cutting 12,000. 6,200 work in santa clara the companies headquarters. most of the job cuts are coming from their pc departments likely assembly line. places where they are manufactering the pc components. from the anaylysts i spoke with it sounds like locally here there won't be to many layoffs. but still 12,000 that is a huge number and makes you wonder. is it a sign of a bubble pop ? sot - laura mandaro - usa today
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the pc is dying. it's all about mobile now so intell is having to shift their focus they are actually buying up companies and investing in research and development but at the same time laying off laura is with usa today she is keeping a close eye on silicon valley and the bubble she says there are still a lot of companies hiring other chip makers are doing well it's likely a lot of the intel laid off workers will scooped up quickly so the news of these intel layoffs is not a for sure sign of a bubble pop. but it is anotehr sign of the slow down that is happening right now in the tech scene tehre are less new start ups popping up on the scene monthly. and it's taking longer for startups to get funding. still ahead tonight. the latest on the investigation into the
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death of prince. next at 5:30. a live report from prince's paisley park studio. where dozens have fans have gathered to remember him. plus. president obama wades into the controversial bathroom laws. what the president says should happen is coming up.
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tonight as stunned fans continue to mourn legendary musician. prince. questions remain as to what lead to his death. cnn's chris welch joins us from prince's paisley park studio in minnesota where fans have been gathering to remember the music icon. >> reporter: people want, remember pay tribute his home town icon everyone around the world still asking what happened how did prince died we learned all little bit of information.
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the audience to that big question what is now resolved what we do now an autopsy it completed today pulmonary results will be possibly released and a few days athol toxicology report could take weeks. >> reporter: worked friday to try and figure out what killed prince rogers just one day after paramedics were called to his paisley park recording studios, after the legendary superstar was found unresponsive in an elevator. in the weeks leading up to his death -- the flu was blamed for postponed concerts -- an emergency plane landing and a visit to the hospital. it could be days or weeks before a cause of death is known. and the world - perhaps the universe even -- according to this tweet from nasa is doing just that. gathering. to mourn. to sing. and, of course, dance.
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the seven-time grammy winner's unexpected death thursday cast a purple glow from broadway to l-a to his beloved home state of minnesota. there was >> reporter: allocation the princeton is on life they are rolling this out at that point his body has been released to family following the autopsy and also share a little more in terms of timeline around 8:00 p.m. the last time officials believe prince was see a live drop off your estimate is the park studios residence abided clinton's just the next morning he was found unresponsive. >> pam: >> grant: plans to celebrate his life this week and there? >> reporter: there are in addition to what is happening here that will most likely continue and then last time we saw major dance party all night
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on the streets outside for a seventh club a club he helped run a and it appears to become the theme this week and happening again tonight and tomorrow then another thing we should touch on we saw a lot of landmarks are on the world have been no let up in purple and twin stadium home town baseball team will be doing a public viewing after showing of the film a couple rain this weekend as well should be its continue to abhor and continues that will continue into the weekend. everything on everyone's mind also asking themselves what happened wanting to know what happened and could take days maybe weeks.
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sister >> britteny: is racing to the east brae snowfall to sierra winter weather advisory which will stay in effect until 11:00 p.m. be very careful if you do plan the goddess hera axinite wait till tomorrow and will be better in terms of road conditions and then of the 28 m.p.h. fairfield's in the support of 35 mi. an hour same wind speeds livermore 22 oakland 22 concord when the conditions continue the next couple of hours to the chair's right now 63 net but and low 60s oakland 60 degrees in fremont more will be a little bit warmer '70s back on the map your seventh day forecast coming up in 15 minutes.
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>> catherine: hillary starting heard it early with an appearance outside philadelphia then on to the issue since the pittsburgh. bernie also began the day in philadelphia before campaigning with hawaii
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he says he is confident he will be able to prevent trump from acquiring enough delegates to "we are going to a contested convention, and one of two peope will be the nominee. either me or donald trump. it's going to be a battle at the convention to see who can winn the support of a majority of the delegates elected by the people." trump took his campaign to delaware, where he boasted about the states that have supported him. and one that hasn't. we won alabama, we won arkansas, we won kentucky and we won florida and we won south carolina and we won new hampshire. and we won connecticut and we won so much! so much, but not that much. trump hasn't won connecticut, at least not yet. it's one of next week's five primary states. trump is leading in the polls in every one of them. today president obama waded into the controversy over north carolina and mississippi's
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bathroom laws. while on a visit to london today the president was asked about the recently passed laws that restrict rights for gay and transgender people. "the laws that have been passed there are wrong. and should be overturned and they're in response to politics in part. in part, some strong emotions that are generated by people. some of whom are good people, but i just disagree with them." meantime. there has been a call to boycott target stores. that after the retail giant said transgender customers can use restrooms corresponding to their gender identity. more than two hundred thousand people have signed an online pledge to boycott target stores. the boycott pledge was started by the conservative american
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family association. target is just one of many corporations that have come out against the bathroom laws in north carolina and mississippi. a similar bill is being proposed by a lawmaker in minnesota, where target is headquartered. tease 4a: prince's money-vo + timestamp still ahead at five. who will get prince's royal furtune. tonight the insider looks at what will happen with the singer's 300 million dollar empire. and next. see what made multiple humvees fall out of the sky.
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an army training exercise goes wrong and multiple humvees end up falling out of the sky! cnn's jeremy roth has the story. it's raining humvees!!! a mishap in an army training exercise, resulted in three flattened humvees. and one hilarious video gone viral. the army was conducting airdrop training in germany that involved dropping in heavy equipment, supplies and even vehicles. well, something went wrong and it resulted in humvees free falling to the ground. not once.not twice.but three times! i'm sure the army was disappointed with the incident,
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but the guy behind the camera sure enjoyed it! coming up at five. the race to become the "foodie - in - chief"
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the tributes to prince continue today. and so does the question of what happens to prince's money. the insider's louis aguirre is in hollywood with more on this story.
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not just the money but his unreleased music! tonight we go inside the fate of prince's fortune. the fifty seven year old definately had money but his personal wealth may not be as vast as one might think. the highest way have on record is 2005 49.7 million dollars vo#2 rev but forbes magazine senior editor zack o'malley greenburg says in his last days prince's sold-out concert revenue was impressive. he was averaging well over a million 1:02:10 closer to 1.5 million dollars 1:02:19 he was one of the few acts that was able to do that. but fans of prince known as the purple army may one day hear countless unheard music now in his personal vault. are you ever going to release and let us hear one day someone will get to release them i dont think i will get to release them. and it's no surprise that it was in his minneapolis estate-- that he called paisley park-- where he spent his last days. yesterday the 10 million dollar
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price tag on paisley park just skyrocketed. maybe one day turned into a graceland type property we'll have so much more on prince tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm louis aguirre back to you rain scattered tonight and then clearing. great weekend. winter weather advisory until 11pm. >> britteny: firefighting night you can expect a few more showers over the next few hours or so and then we start clear things up as we go into the rest of tonight we see these shores and then sears' not thrill of and winter weather advisory between two to 6 in. at a likable drive a breezy when deconditions into tonight when gus closed its hong m.p.h. and then into next week right now san francisco 61 rare shot
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showing us the system quickly pushing to the east and single list of its coming down here like topcoat the feature cast shows into the rest of tonight a few other passing showers into saturday sunday we see mostly cloudy skies. also temperature's bomb been up about 5 degrees which will be nice. when gusts up to 35 mi. an hour and up to 33 vallejo 29 concord 31 at san francisco airport 22 san jose tomorrow all eyes are on the regent close to 77 degrees napa 69 to take off the weekend in oakland and 66 in san mateo 69 san jose 70 forecast shows we see the clouds lingering into saturday mostly sunny skies into
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your sunday and take a look at temperatures it really will not move too much into the next few days and into next week. also we have the return of showers that will happen and to wednesday also into thursday the good news is that the system will continue pushed out here all and we will see drying conditions with a dry starts here workweek wednesday thursday is the only track the next chance of showers >> pam: presidential politics, 2016 has been your year. but the candidates have shown us, the race for the white house and history shows us, food and linked. cnn's karin caifa takes a look at the contest to succeed the current "foodie-in-chief." presidential politics -- takes a certain hunger.
5:50 pm
the political calendar has now wound its way through the fair fare of iowa, the diners of new hampshire, the dairy of wisconsin -- and bites in the big apple. and there's plenty more to come. why so much food in politics? well, it's something candidates have in common with every single voter -- a chance to make them, a little more human. presidential candidate "i was going to take it to go, but it was like in front of me and i had to start eating it." and whoever wins in november -- will have a tough act to follow -- when it comes, to good eats. president obama has taken advantage of the thriving, d-c dining scene, often described as assuming the role, of "foodie- in-chief." but he's far from being the first foodie president. writer cici williamson says that's thomas jefferson -- who favored sophisticated, european- inspired menus. "in those days, the president
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had to pay for all the guests' entertainment. so he had to dig into his own coffers to buy wine and champagne and all the food that he served there." good foodies know, not every good meal needs champagne. and at martin's tavern in georgetown, the menu is low-key -- but the history, pretty intense -- and a source of great pride for fourth-generation owner billy martin. he says every president from harry truman to george w. bush -- has eaten here at one time -- most, during their pre- presidential obscurity. "my grandfather was very longtime friends with sam rayburn, who was the speaker of the house, and so sam rayburn would come down off the hill, and they would sit in what we call "the dugout." lyndon johnson frequented the dugout as a senator. richard nixon preferred meatloaf at booth 2, during his time on capitol hill. and a senator from massachusetts liked to pass time on sunday mornings -- john f. kennedy. "we have a little single booth -- it's called the rumble seat -- and he loved it. he loved to sit there." martin says they're waiting, for president obama. maybe -- they should name a burger for him, like good stuff eatery on capitol hill.
5:52 pm
"it's bacon, red onion marmalade, bleu cheese and horseradish mayonnaise." it's one of many places he's made lunch runs --- sometimes with the vice president -- but always attracting a lot of attention. so take note candidates -- presidential candidate i learned early on not to eat in front of -- all of you. those eats on the trail are just a taste -- of what's to come. in washington, i'm karin caifa. can you count just how many vehicles in the video ran the red light here is a hint chances are you will lose count, i'll show all the crazy stuff i found in the next edition of people behaving badly
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from time to time. our stanley roberts looks at intersections around the bay area. which viewers believe are dangerous, or just flat out crazy for pedestrians. this time he noticed on intersection in san francisco. while stopped at a light.he broke out his camera and filed this report. i going to show you the intersection of jefferson and grant where joggers ignore buses and make them wait its where driver use the dedicated trolly lane where there are no signals then cross sross the road with total disregard to cross traffic nats: ambiance
5:56 pm
where trollys are blocked for ectended periods of time because driver stop on the tracks then blame the auto in front for making them stop there it's a spot where passengers paly a gane of hurry up and load, for get that the other drivers hasve some where to go but the biggest problem i saw wat this nat: ambiance rampant disreguard for the traffic lights, there two sets of lights on permits driver to go straight and the other is a dedicated left only turn often you will see driver running both lights, here is an example you are about to witness upwards to 8 cars run the red arrow one driver had the green but then turned left even a big rig was part of the conga line of red light runners. nats: ambiance
5:57 pm
and if one ran the light others were quick to follow like this sightseeing bus notince the no turn on red sign asn the bus turns on red nats: ambiance now some of the driver do some i find amazing, they get the green to go straight then then will make the ledt turn over the solid with line i cant perdict the future but i see some motorcycles with radios and ticket books at this intersection in the near future. i hope i get invited to that party just out side pier 39 in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news
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>> britteny: checking out a good amount of snowfall coming down in lake tahoe area winter weather advisory to 11 heavy snow expected to 6 in. applicable slushy slippery roads and then again peculiar early- morning problem better than
6:02 pm
leaving tonight live look outside right now we are still dealing with most cloudy skies and as a push and the rest of this evening when dozens of 35 mi. per hour and then fairfield by 10:00 p.m. are temperatures tonight dropping into the fifties it will be chilly friday night out. authorities have released a detailed timeline. >> catherine:as c-n-n's ryan young reports. we could be weeks away from piecing together the details surrounding prince's death. >> reporter: "at about 9:43 yesterday morning, we received a medical call at paisley park in chanhassen. chanhassen fire, the carver county sheriff's office and rescue ambulance all
6:03 pm
responded to the call. that is our standard protocol. and it's not unusual at all for us to have everybody respond to a medical like that. they found an unresponsive male in the elevator. cpr was initially started but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. " among the questions authorities
6:04 pm
are trying to answer: energies. and so him well. he came to perform at the white house last year and was
6:05 pm
extraordinary. and creative and original and full of energy. and so it's a remarkable loss house, the u.s. ambassador's residence. and it so happens our ambassador has a turntable and so this morning we played "purple rain" and "delirious" just to get warmed up before we left the house for these important bilateral meetings like this." oakland's sheila "e". was a drummer in prince's band during the 1980's.the two were very close. today she reflected on their
6:06 pm
relationship and how the singer would want to be remembered. i think for him, he doesn't want anyone to mourn, knowing him, he wants everyone to celebrate. celebrate him, and celebrate his life. celebrate all the things that he has done for all of us. because he did it for us. everything that he did, he did for us. she says that prince would do things outside the box and there were no limits for him. while prince will be primarily remembered for his music, his friends say he was also a great humanitarian, who touched many lives, but did so from behind the scenes. kron 4's dan kerman joins us now with more on that. the the >> reporter: come annual events and also expanded new arlen's philadelphia "it could be technology." >> reporter: whites how easy it
6:07 pm
is a critic cutting its game changer careers and technology are not out of their reach. . >> catherine:we have a big section on kron 4-dot-com dedicated to prince. it includes a slideshow of prince pictures and some of his greatest hits. check out our special section, here in the bay area. san francisco city crews are still repairing a sinkhole that developed thursday. it's on sacramento street between lyon and baker streets.and the area is closed to traffic. kron4's maureen kelly reports that the crater developed because of a broken sewer main. >> reporter:this sinkhole started out as a pothole and when a city crew came out to repair it, the roadway collasped revealing this crater. which is 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. the sheer size of the hole brought out the gawkers. bite to repair the crater big machinery needed to be brought in to clear the broken pieces of roadway.
6:08 pm
the broke line is expected to be temporarily fixed today.the crews are waiting for an even bigger excavator to show up help them install the metal plates needed to shore up the dirt so they can then put in these new clay replacement pipes in. once that's done the hole with be filled in and the street reopened.which is expected to happen tomorrow. that can't soon enough for the operator of a dry cleaner on the street who says customers aren't coming in because of the distruption i lost the business i lost the money the sf public utilities commission says this is all because of a broken sewer main at the bottom of this hole. they don't yet know why the pipeline broke. but they do have a suspicion that it has something to do with the fact that it was put in over a hundred years ago. they are a few years into a multibillion dollar project to replace the city's aging infrastrucure.they are currently swapping out 15 miles of pipeline each year. but the entire system in a thousand miles it's going to be awhile before they are done. bite they say they try and figure out which pipes should be on the top
6:09 pm
of the priority list by sending down cameras to inspect them. the sf puc says this pipelien was inspected within the last 12 months and no apparent problems were detected. the health department has confirmed a second case of zika virus in san francisco. the patient is a pregnant woman who recently traveled to san francisco from central america. zika is spread through mosquito bites and through sexual contact. the victim of the first case in san francisco back has fully recovered and now lives in central america. health officials still insist there's no risk of zika to the public, and the disease is not circulating in the bay area. a developing story out of the
6:10 pm
midwest. police in ohio believe a killer is on the loose after finding at least eight people who had been shot to death. police say the victims had been shot 'execution style'. and were all members of the same family. some of them had been shot in their beds. the 4 homes involved were just a few miles apart. no arrests have been made - and it's not clear if the killer is among the dead. three small children survived - including a new baby whose mother was killed. developing story out of the midwest. killer or killers on the run. 2 stay and will the race trade california tough on a tobacco use.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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>> catherine: they say this is what arianna's mother would want if she was finding her daughter.
6:14 pm
coworkers are putting these fliers in san francisco and oaklandhoping someone will recognize arianna fitts. those friends are focusing on areas nicole would frequent: for example the best buy on harrison street where she worked and nearby food trucks.
6:15 pm
nicole's body was found in a shallow grave in mcleron park.she was covered by a plywood board with a distinct marking on one side. police say they've collected 30- thousand pieces of informationbut they still don't know what happened to nicole and her daughter. in fact.investigators aren't sure where arianna had been for months. coworkers say nicole worked long hours to support her family bree cruz/former best buy employee "even if you didn't know her personally, you knew her smilei never saw her sad." coworkers have been spreading the word on social media. nicole was last seen on april first - she was wearing her bright blue "best buy" shirt.
6:16 pm
investigators believe she took muni on the third street corridor around 9:45 that night. she wasn't reported missing for another five days. at this point police say they have no idea what happened to arianna. friends are hoping she is aliveand that someone will see her and call police. reporting live in san francisco. kate cagle. kron 4 news. a fire in san francisco's mission district this morning has left more than 20 people without a home. the red cross is helping those who have been displaced. the fire was at 24th and poplar streets. two firefighteres suffered minor other injuries were reported. it's not believed at this point that the fire was of suspicious origin. not far away - the site of yesterday's mission district fire that badly damaged two apartment buildings on 17th street. 27 people were displaced. it's believed that the fire somehow started 'between' the two buildings. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke and flames coming from the first building. two floors of the building next door also caught fire. it's still not clear exactly how the fire started. a convicted felon found with a pipe bomb has been arrested by santa clara police. 39-year-old don perdue was pulled over in a traffic stop. officers say he had a suspended license -- and a stun gun and drug paraphernalia were found. once at the police station - it was discovered that he had a small metal pipe which turned out to be an explosive device. perdue has been booked into the santa clara county jail and is being held on 308-thousand-
6:17 pm
dollars bail. tonight it's a race to the finish in the 2016 presidential race. both donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to close the nominee gap once and for all - but is it possible by next week? kron 4's national correspondent mark meredith has a look. >> reporter: on the road as the trend has macy's as possible. confidence and set of chaos paul tiller and pitching a plan for their convention and smote one of the nominee. the campaign all about the mat delicate wise 19930 delegates 450 away from capturing the nomination. bernie
6:18 pm
at 189 delegates of was next to impossible. they're competing in most clinical will be watching another state pa. the keystone sang the visor delegates a unique way they award less than a quarter of their delegates to the state's overall winner and leave the rest of the arafat. citadel later date possibly at the convention. . week and you can hear ted and ohio gov. john point out something other than delegates durability how they would do again salary clinton any democrat in the fall and alcohol numbers and of course they have that chance to win the nomination right now it is not in their favor.
6:19 pm
response to politics in part. in part, some strong emotions that are generated by people. some of whom are good people, but i just disagree with them, when it rights of all people regardless of sexual orientation. whether they're transgender or gay or lesbian. and although i respect their different viewpoints, i think it's very important for us not to send signals that anybody the laws have generated considerable backlash with cities canceling trips and musicians canceling concerts. rain scattered tonight and then clearing. great weekend. winter weather advisory until 11pm. >> britteny: angeles storm trackers zooming in for you when rainfall moves in. and the south
6:20 pm
bay you'll start to see more shower activity and for tonight's concern chars taper over the next few hours and then with the winter weather advisory in effect until 11:00 p.m. when it to travel in the sierra do so until tomorrow morning where tracking slippery roads and then into tomorrow dry breeze see they stick around and house differences " oakland in the low 60s. and then to the rest of tonight and then into saturday sunday mostly cloudy skies preconditions. both saturday and
6:21 pm
sunday. up to 26 in oakland 26 and fairfield down from 35 mi. an hour kaiser on the region 70 napa 69 oakland will not be until next wed. thursday we track another chance of rain before clearing up into next week. little later in sports
6:22 pm
will set the in game four and a fellow lawyer star in injured ankle.
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6:24 pm
>> pam: people in the world addressed the goal to do the whole journey without using a single drop of fuel although green awareness to technology advancement >> catherine: >> grant: >> catherine:it's part of an ongoing push to do more to reduce greenhouse gases. 175 countries have signed an agreement to fight the problem. dicaprio has been outspoken on the issue -- and referenced it during his acceptance speech at the oscars. he says it's time to take
6:25 pm
action. "it is time to declare: no more talk. no more excuses. no more 10-year studies. no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and policies that dictate our future." "we all know that reversing the course of climate change will not be easy, but the tools are in our hands, if we apply them before it's too late." dicaprio is a united nations messenger of peace. he says he's been traveling the world to learn about climate change. after a delay of more than 6 weeks california lawmakers are
6:26 pm
sending 6 bills to the governor - which restrict tobacco use. they include a proposal to raise the state's legal age for all forms of tobacco use from 18 to 21. the governor has until may 4th to sign , veto, or send the proposal back to the legislature.
6:27 pm
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6:29 pm
>> reporter: and have 10 of these cars in service by the end of the year. it made for what
6:30 pm
morning commute. >> reporter: here in oakland at the rowing center uc-berkeley officials say they're looking into hiring an outside investigator to find out if the crew coach failed to report a sexual assault. this all goes back to 2013 film crew member says she was a salted by another crew member and the coach knew about it and fill the speak up that responsibility the contact officials in a timely manner here in oakland.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: in san francisco a cynical at sacramento street. roughly 20 ft. wide 10 ft. deep but started as a pothole. why perot is under investigation but it there's a suspicion it's related to the fact is over a hundred years old. >> reporter: especially when it comes to technology back in 2014 prince help fund a collaboration and the meadowlands. police believe the
6:32 pm
two year-old daughter has not been seen since february since then and i believe our lyonnais may be a risk sports team and this is a tenured deal with under armor. and then up to now dealing with nike also internship's to students job opportunities part of the agreement and charitable
6:33 pm
programs of the deal makes call the 34 division 1 school and all school partnership with under armor. >> pam: begin see most of the moisture pushing to ease right now like tossing a decent of snowfall and that will continue the 11:00 p.m. and with winter weather advisory the planter over the next couple hours shows a chance of showers by 10:00 we start to see the shores tapering for most of the area temperatures drop down into the
6:34 pm
fifties the feature cast shows the a few passing showers heading into saturday sunday we drought nicely lisa a mix of sun and clouds precondition stick with us also up 0 windy night ahead for us temperature's right now in the mid-50s vallejo 60 concord's 5861 in san jose. . >> pam: we see mostly sunny starts under monday. >> britteny: temperatures decrease steady right around average and to take another look is and forecast at the end of the show. >> britteny: >> catherine: can lead to drivers mistakenly thinking the car is the theme park recall is covering 2012 through the chargers chrysler chrysler sedans jeep grand cherokee 800,000 of these recall
6:35 pm
cars and u.s. and various other countries. there have been 41 injuries related to this problem. the case could force the companies classified jobbers' employees and cut of cost over billions of dollars and it has the and 85,000 drivers to pay all expenses including those who work in new jersey fly also filed a lawsuit. in between fares as a driver in kalamazoo michigan and february 28th shooting investigators faugh say that for federal did
6:36 pm
undergo the evaluation. defense lawyers still can enter a plea by reason of insanity
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
you and the alcon is your the bay area tonight. study my over- the-counter sleep to a demand in class. they are sold over the counter and by prescription as sleep aids, to fight allergic reactions and for chronic a study released this week offers the most definitive proof yet that these drugs can increase your risk of dementia. using brain imaging techniques. researchers at the indiana university school of medicine found lower metabolism and reduced brain sizes among people taking anticholinergic drugs. the participants also performed worse on short-term memory, verbal reasoning, and problem- solving tests. a previous study from the university found the drugs could cause cognitive problems when taken continuously for as few as 60 days.
6:41 pm
for today's health minute. i'm andy rose the golden state warriors.
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>> gary: lost a one. the houston james in company doing it right at the finish. curry he looked pretty good bottom-line he
6:45 pm
apparently wanted to go last night in this ad not let's not rested once again right now 8:00
6:46 pm
we will surely the most famous khrushchev in nba history the last championship pushed off
6:47 pm
with a fellow of reiner assault utah nice the mba said that you do not see the benches go crazy and didn't hear a lot of complaining cocoa is back from the dead and then in limbo going down both up 61 bottom seven with oakland leading 63. gangsta
6:48 pm
gawps offer contract the woeful, the club and a concelebration
6:49 pm
they go off inside the stable center with a win their aunts the next round us here peter one when away from round 2.
6:50 pm
the meat >> gary: use session where is your the coaches and they said they're not saying too much. next thursday draft hear the talk loud "yes rightabout how good lamar and all these guys are has cannot not put pressure
6:51 pm
>> pam: >> catherine: still ahead big travel plans might want to wait before booking that plane ticket we tell you
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6:54 pm
>> catherine: nation's largest airline saying competitors' prices because of low-cost carriers bigger planes weaker business travel and stepping up by lowering prices all four major airlines have plans for lower fares next year that might lose some money all the breakfast giving a big financial boost their reported at sales earnings today topping wall street expectations that it surged 35%. changes breakfast items all day.
6:55 pm
all the >> britteny: began breezy conditions saturday temperatures stay in the '60s even into next week.
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theinsider, tracking the biggest stories making news today. ♪ >> number prince tributes rocked the world. spike lee's dance party at the apollo swarmed by fans and broadway's purple rain as hollywood good-bye. >> theinside prince's empir what will happen to his $300 million and his hidden vault of hits never heard. >> how manysongs? >> andumberthree, why prince gave kim k. the boot. ♪ >> plus our insider bonus. prince's fashion rain. >> tre setter that was not
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afraid to push the boundaries. >> the heels, the sparkles, ruffles. >> he really didn't care what people thought of him. >> ho hollywood from the inside out. it's the insider together with yahoo! >> hello everyone and welcome to theinsider. >> and we are tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> no bigger story right now than the un death of music icon prince as the investigation into what killed the 57-year-old legend continues his fellow musicians mourn while the world pays tribute to the loss of the purple one. >> in the afterward hopefully we won't see it. >> dearly beloved we are gather here today to make it through this thing life. >> across the g from london. >> if he hadn't existed the world would be a different place. >> t new york. and his


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