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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 28, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: thank you for joining us this morning not want to begin with the check of the forecast this morning.
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>>anny hong: we're looking at cool conditions we had some showers yesterday and thunderstorms will north and south it was not the battle around the bay area guest of them clear skies all across the bank and we are looking at more sunshine for today temperatures will be one of quite nicely. >>anny hong: mid-40s in sunnyvale low 50s and san jose and 51 and downtown san francisco timbuktu's popping out
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in the '60s and some of this is one to be warmer and quite a few locations a lot more comfortable on the sunny conditions breakdown like this we're looking at 17th for oakland 79 an accomplished to close the low 80s expect mostly sunny conditions low seven is 67 and san mateo mid-60s and downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: no major hot spots track in the ride into san francisco if you plan on using
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the bay bridge is looking good approaching the told awesome it is not impacting trucks moved from the maze into downtown san francisco track in the ride on live look at 92 is a breach of the walnut creek into oakland to ensure freeware westbound no major problems from hercules and traffic is looking good on the macarthur freeway and the
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knicks. >>james: steph curry and not in uniform but going crazy on the sideline as well the warriors moving on to the second round of the nba playoff klay thompson who led the way 27 points for him they won by a final 114 to 81 the game talk about what will be like to add on to the next line without steph curry.
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oakland raiders owner mark davis is expected to your proposal that will move them to loss biggest the sentence channel as well as laws biggest city officials will be pitching davis on a 65,006 stadium that would house them and the raiders the team's recent agreed to a lease
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extension that keeps them at the oakland coliseum for one more year and called. >>james: we have the videotape of look the officer appears to be a change in his hand he would be metal batons on the san francisco street paulo car trade that began in the he's bent to this bill could lead to criminal charges against those deputies to the south of a police have arrested a high-school teacher for having an illegal online relationship with several miners the 25 your was of arrested at his home on tuesday
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and. >>jeff bush: but to fight your was having several relationships with - 3 internet tree was posing a was a warm and receive multiple illicit images from the minors on of the victims came forward to the son of a police and detectives and that did the fact the determine there is enough evidence to arrest on tuesday they located him and to convince the customer and your high school. >>jeff bush: he worked as a science is a for the last of a years he was charged with two counts of felony child and tyson and booked into county jail he's sort of the school since 2013 and taught several signs prices as well as serving as the head coach of the track and field team they issued a statement and said he had passed the back on track when he was hired the superintendent said miller
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working kron 4 lee with the sun was simplistic are meant to continue to ensure the safety of all students and the district and a complete investigation into this matter it was split on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. >>james: police are looking for the man who shot a pregnant woman in the head of this was in pursuit of the victim's former boyfriend is the suspect the children he showed up at her workplace and tried to kidnap her or she refused to listen he got by in the edge of a shot of the head she is listed in fair condition and unborn child is ok residents live in a complex the she helps manage said is not the first time the act obsessively when she broke a was a heavy the face of a car was
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passing syria when the gray toyota camry the license plate number 6cgn644 he is not the father of the unborn child no worry is called police. >>james: 5 prescription painkillers on his body he was found dead in has paisley park studio on at the two firms. >>reporter: all law enforcement official says prince had medication on him when he died he did have descriptions which also found his home now the d a has been broad and they're coming use to treat pain but he explains taken the will of the medications can be dangerous and
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less get a suspect a reaction forced the emergency landing of the plan about a week before he died he was given an overdose treatment but he says that standard a formal bass guitar says the musician lived an exemplary life style their wedding autopsy and toxicology results before determining an official cause of death for the beloved music icon. >>james: how the announcement went over with the appendix a body found on the campus will tell the details on that
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>>anny hong: is been chilly we didn't the umbrella the when the
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light of considerably but the weekend the winds of the strong winds again looking at sfo this morning if you have trouble plans and and out of the airport until son sean bergman stern mid-60s woman to lure seven is by three and 4:00 today look for western winds tend to turn to miles from our for the evening ride home things look pretty nice of the '60s 64:00 no need to worry about the rain we saw the show was come through guest didn't we're on track for warmer temperatures in this way you start to feeling this afternoon it will be a
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pretty nice and mild afternoon if you will be unpleasant and in livermore very comfortable of the sadness and called the 721 oakland low 70's and the south bay this afternoon along the coast of this sitting expect a breezy conditions. >>anny hong: less check out the
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next couple of days we are checking out temperatures to the and the low 80s to get ready for a nice warm we can headed in to man. >>robin winston: no major problems with track and the commute on the richmond san rafael bridge live look at five it was approaching the toll plaza no major problems come from the east bank is this the committee with that you like it is also at the met into mountain view and along the peninsula.
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>>james: listen to the south the reports of a man with the gun mention of deputies to the main campus chilling emergency dispatch or recording posted online the makes reference to a man possibly with the gun and the second-floor conference room session of that is scrambling to the headquarters here and one and financial early when some.
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>>reporter: they would not say anything about the gun all the weapons of the cause of death at the time that this or any of the employees or neighbors of this can present any danger there known for not speaking to the press except through official channels but one man did say the atmosphere inside appeared to be business as usual. >>james: office announced an outside investigation will take place to determine whether a
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violated university policy in she was criticized on officers pepper sprayed a student demonstrators it was a protester was going on the university also spent out of dollars hiring outside consultants to improve the image after the essentials of online she was criticized for the nonprofit colors come closer in trouble for larger thousand dollars a year. >>james: the new trend car slowly crushed into a sand bar and testing facility in hayward officials say the cable connected to testing equipment shorter out when it was pinched in the cabinet door and is disabled the brick system causing it to crash it was not damaged and one was injured that
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is the latest in this is in 2016 he is not trying to change the conversation and the rest of president will try to change the course of the election. >>reporter: speaking to a modest carter he meant an effort to regain momentum she accepted
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the new job she decided to send arms trade guard sean conway and circles in this video appearance on cnn he said one word agreed even with headed his and a better position sweeping all five states holding elections tuesday is the only candidate who could mathematically reached the number of delegates needed to win the nomination go into the party convention toronto and rental people will get far about the it hit about some kid coupling.
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>>reporter: she is not fazed. >>james: hist the sharks finally have a second round playoff opponents after creditors defeated the ducks san jose will open at home against a president dole referred tonight and dropped 1/7 burden when we come back when it is michael living lies in what are the plans for his home
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>>robin winston: track and the
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ride into san francisco looking did at the bay bridge toll plaza the man tobacco in the crash land on the far left-hand side. >>james:. these stories and more in today's hollywood today live in the. >>reporter: if you thought the return and not with a bit and the daytime drama and again he announces his leaving live on may 13th about four months earlier than the september date will told she was forced to back
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it as the woman who are husband cheated with but one resources and refers to the composite of people them to get you can watch it and with that and one clock
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set to slow investigation will have the list detail on the case
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>>james: police of looking for a man who shot a crime melodrama he is the former boyfriend he showed up to her job and a shot her and she doesn't unborn child the title can of
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>>anny hong: the warming trend begins today use a live look at the san mateo bridge clear skies
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ticking off thursday morning your and the low fifties right now in the '60s by 10:00 this morning low seven is expected by the afternoon across to some of the northwestern went 5 to 15 mi. or our 71 and hit 72 in fremont and divinize a persimmon is in town from the creek 76 in san ramon. >>anny hong: in due respect to
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the judge will be in the low 60s for the bay shoreline we expected reason conditions it was the a little bit court and may is also warm start.
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>>robin winston: no hot spots no major problems on the a bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza on the fast find it is a minor delay storm system in some sale no major problems, from the eastman to pittsburgh bed 0.50 to from hillcrest 580 and looking good 22 minutes to the dublin and to change and a measure problems from morgan
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hill into downtown san hausen >>james: we report them back to work at the business >>phillipe djegal: and on the system does not feel safe shopping and atlanta plaza and a more the senate would not remains unsolved murder who knows of the person behind the we can assign the most large parlor fits in the category but thomas's the demolition of and has resulted in a more visible security presence could berkeley said ron a tortoise on the night
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a gunman walked into a massage parlor and demanded cash before getting into a tussle with employees and eventually shooting the 29 you're wrong they have to reopen since the shooting men while thomas's for the mayor future she will shop elsewhere until this case is solved >>james: >>george: some sort of altercation >>james: they both were hit that
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second victim is in stable condition the gun police believe in using this shooting was recovered when he was arrested a former san francisco police lt. facing criminal charges after an to ferret in central osaka investigation the digital turns office charged curtis with a felony count of lying to investigators and to mr. minute charge of obstruction the messages came to light after one report last august that former officer jason richter and is accused of discussing the report of the investigators knew it was a slut and denied discussing the acquisition and file reports said and the suspect was and now that a truck got all the at the upcoming california republican
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convention. >>james: the lettuce on the republican race for the miles president obama is set to visit different michigan for a firsthand look at the talks in water crisis the post of the eight year-old note to online asking president obama for meeting when she visits the nation's capital she's doing her best to represent all the kids to have an effective by the water in flint he responded and said he was proud of her it was hard the first to know that he will visit flint on may 4th new report from the ottawa insurance centers in a deadly car accidents we will get more
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details coming up
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>>gabe slate: we want to see the other thing is that they're working its way into what else can offer us it was fun but some people zone now been immersed of experience that help domestic the frenzying intact of the rule there play chess on the moon and give some while to that
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brought together to the weapon vs. trans they're all in the same room with the convict in with a plan to gather pain bad loans convict if the cause a lot of stress. >>james: back with more news weather and traffic.
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>>james: they said that no one else was in danger he was the only one that died mark davis is expected to your proposal of move them to lost this they need the leader to sign off on that as well this town prescription
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painkillers. >>anny hong: by the afternoon
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the summit is on the senate conditions western winds and you still the of the reason right now the winds not to badr's still brazil but. >>anny hong: 47 pleasanton and livermore the higher this afternoon we will see low seventies for had been in fremont led seven days and
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pleasanton and livermore petitioning low 80s and antioch 07 is an san jose very nice and mild film centers fell looking at the was 7 this platina of for seven is to look at these in on the coast will expect meant seven is the saturn and the when smith tackled also this weekend we have to keep that in mind get ready for a hot day on sunday. >>robin winston: that had over to the richmond san rafael bridge track the ride on five in the westbound from the east bay to the north to the it is looking good for a quiet that is
4:49 am
a zipper trucks watching around the lan configuration to accommodate the traffic is just
4:50 am
another 10 minutes from 85 to 11. >>james: the democrats is a california court had the fastest speed in the nation of on fatal accidents it was 14th on the list with an average speed and did accident this happened and a set free parking lot on san ramon valley aware police said
4:51 am
the victim. >>: with other fans will people buy things on line and they want to do in a safe manner tell people conduct business with someone dedans no come to the police department the two cases and not an act according to cliff
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>>james: a baltimore police also shot a 13 your boy it was a replica pesto it was neck amenity center in southeast baltimore when they identified themselves the boy ran a new risk for casses have added up to dangers of the virus across the west symptoms include fever
4:53 am
rise in japan the illness as mild infection the lighthouse is locked in battle with congress for funding to fight the virus.
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>>robin winston: approaching the
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pain is on the right side is already backing up what is moving very well and to downtown san francisco he appears to be very young a malnourished he is 15 16 lbs. and best miller 32 for still listed.
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>>james: that would choose between a red white and blue button-down publisher and the rhythm with the khaki shorts and access arise with shoes and conversely, the next hour the warriors one step closer to repeating an nba championship where track and warm temperatures it will be hot this weekend we will be right back. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: 11 outside golden gate bridge looks agree clear cool temperatures in the upper '40's and '50's that will be the case that and talk this morning and
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jackets for the kids will see a bunch of mid 60 degree temperatures around the bank of the and this afternoon on the of sunshine a warming of the to men 7 this. >>darya: the crowd goes wild and steph curry was on the bench and the rest of the players are
5:02 am
playing their hearts out and moving on to the second round of the and the all nba playoff they pulled off a 33 point victory over the houston rockets the killed and steph curry watched klay thompson led the warriors to victory with 27 points that one by a fine of one 14th to 81 after the game they talk about what would take to win the next round--114-81
5:03 am
>>mark: oakland raiders are expected to hear a proposal that would move the team to las vegas. >>will tran: you will hear the proposal in three hours amount we do know for fact and then they will plan at the coliseum for one more year he's been trying for long time to get out of oakland is still has lost angeles on the table,' >>will tran: he will meet with them so far the decline to
5:04 am
comments he wants to move to a brand new coliseum mark dividend trying will will will try to track and down as soon as this is over
5:05 am
>>mark: the whole the seventh all ross selection the team is expected to boast of offensive line with i. the oregon defensive and force barker or helps the defense the raiders will be picking porting to live experts have the tech and ucla mild jack others have been targeting florida quarterback bernard hargreaves for the third in the pact
5:06 am
>>darya: please some of the man who shot a patent woman and had an us to come >>anny hong: the victim's former boyfriend and the suspect the children if his name is ricardo and the victim is marisa johnson here was a suspect from he had by then shot her and and she was hospitalized was listed in fair condition they say he
5:07 am
defaced the car was a broker with--and when she broke up with him >>anny hong:6cgn644 >>mark: the san francisco public defender's office releasing video that appears to show a share to deputy taking a chain from of victim take a closer look you can see the officer with what appears to be a change in his hand the victim become of metal batons in an alleyway in the mission district of to him that the authors of on a car chase the bidding left with
5:08 am
permanent disabilities the official said this new bill called the to criminal charges against he is one of the for all persons implicated in the most recent attacks and scandal. >>darya: the text messages can july after a woman reporter the officer had raped her he is accused of talk about that report before invest in this new the officer and was the suspect
5:09 am
he worked as a science teacher in gilroy high school according to his pays he also served as the head coach to the track and field team it has the background check on it was hired >>darya: the response to a home and $18 a block of st. mark's optimal after someone called san them concerned about a child of suspected abuse new san
5:10 am
hundreds of demonstrating fires in california because of the severe drought plan are this year fire season is expected to go + widespread damage after severe storms with the the u.s. the edition weather across the nation and here in california we will be right back.
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>>mark: on the bottom right hand side of that this omaha nebraska.
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>>james: we have 15 or so to men as reported throughout the midwest since tuesday enough to scare a lot of people here was a quick look at the national view is we keep watching the area it will get a brief but we have another round of severe thunderstorm activity not just for taxes but across the nation's midsection starting tomorrow and lasting through saddam.
5:16 am
>>james: we have the richness of what we have a vested and-- remnants of what we had yesterday and. >>james: the camera and on looking out across the bay bridge approach looking toward the not a bad start to this one of temperatures in oakland as a head and the mets' seventh met 80 as a matter of fact near the east bank in the south bay you will be the penultimate 7 if.
5:17 am
>>robin winston: if you use the san mateo bridge a good ride coming from the east bay no major problems to slow down the ride on west 92 no construction on the span no problems in the north that that is sure free with come from that direction connecting from five aiding over to the travel time the ride on highway for the contra costa county fairly smooth and quiet from hillcrest and antioch to 42 in concord a quick 15 minutes looks much better compared to yesterday. >>robin winston: no problems hi
5:18 am
one on one for more good will to downtown san jose to the north about ride a quick to to one minute trip. >>darya: apple says it is heartbroken by the loss of an employee who was found dead in the conference room at headquarters despite a call it dirty yesterday morning the dispatcher and a man was bleeding from head possibly with a gun wound have now officially said how the man died is working to support the people who worked with that man the have not identified him of the company did call him a young and talented co-worker the death was an isolated incident and no one else was involved. >>mark: the new cars sold crashed into the sand burn at the testing facility last week the officials told cable
5:19 am
connected the shorter the was exit package and the cabinet door and this at this able to break a system called the crash and held a news conference and said they learned from the test and they're making upgrades so it does not happen again. >>darya: the wild fire season is not expected to be as bad as last year several california and other parts of the u.s. like alaska at montana could face severe fire the day had dry winters this comes four days could federal government would issue the official wildfire out for the summer season. >>mark: his campaign as cutting hundreds of people from the staff the spokesperson said the head with 1000 staff members
5:20 am
should now that commitment down to more than three and the 50 after he lost all but one of the five democratic primaries in the eastern seaboard cash he made the announcement in a rally in indiana he must win to keep his word house hopes a lot speaking to a modest crowd that made an effort to regain momentum she expected the new job trumka told an arena filled
5:21 am
with people what he thought about the cruise:.
5:22 am
>>darya: the is one to kickoff the campaign with a rally tonight and orange county and tomorrow is a just and the california republican convention that is umbrella name all three gop it will be at the event this weekend + deadly car accident in california some of the faster speeds in the nation will tell you about the bay area. you about the bay area.
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>>mark: it will help in finding a payment option that ministration once and roll and additional 2 million people into a payment programs it would not
5:26 am
raise the key interest rate the last time they raise rates was in december and that with the first time in a statement they said economic activity appears to have slowed despite gains on the job market. >>darya: to drop to three pungency $363 and the last three months of 2015 the lowest average price since 2010 and is largely due to cheaper will for
5:27 am
lunch 66 of opus 66 in san jose will some is in the east of the and the no. the complete forecast coming up in just a minute. hi dad. uh huh.
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>>robin winston: you can see a lot of headlines said it was a minor accident before the pay date is.
5:31 am
>>darya: will live at the san jose police department is to explain the latest arrests in the case we just learned. >>reporter: can they said have a rest of someone in connection with a double murder here in san was an many reports are saying that person who's arrested is the 23 your son of a couple but the have not confirmed take a look at the picture-and there were found shot to death and the home on sunday the have been working to find the person was possible police are remaining tight-lipped about what it said the couple had two children 17 your role and to secure your and the have been trying to locate the 23 your question men
5:32 am
reported that person or rest it was the son the 23 year-old will have cause of the san jose for more * assumes you the updates. >>anny hong: the 57 your music icon was found that one week ago he had medication on him and he died in a prescription for the panels also found in cytostome they're coming used to treat different types of pain a former bass guitar says the musician live a healthy lifestyle administration is not
5:33 am
a system in the death investigation that are waiting on an autopsy and toxicology results before determining an official cause of death >>darya: the 29 year-old worked out the suit, scarlet and a shopping center and its bird and a gunman might can to fight the completion and shot and killed this man they do not feel safe and to some consensus at night
5:34 am
they believe the shot and killed the 20 year-old on monday afternoon that got into a fight in shots were fired their
5:35 am
weapons to get out of the card the corner have likened the least the drivers 9 >>mark: new report from the all insurance sentenced to death in the car accidents occur some of the fastest the to the nation that the accidents happen at an average speed of 64 mi. per hour that is the third highest average accident speed in the nation it was evolved animals
5:36 am
than the high-speed accidents. mom >>darya: apple wants to help people manage their medical condition the new application in the u.s. olympic committee revealing of the new outfit and for the upcoming summer games
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5:39 am
>>robin winston: no major hot spots the drive time about 15 minutes from the nimitz of the 2101. >>darya: apple is out in the health-care application it can help it will manage this on medical condition and diabetes to pregnancy and depression that developed a set of software tools the complaint was headed by cecil e. lott moscow said that a plant and unmanned spacecraft on mars.
5:40 am
>>mark: he wants to send first people to mars a rumpled 25. >>darya: they've been a desirable to deal since 2008 the company was criticized for men
5:41 am
in the u.s. eight times out for term but they're made in the west and. >>mark: the honest company is in trouble again with a loss to said they're being dishonest about baby formula back with more news weather and traffic
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5:44 am
>>darya: more oakland raiders owner mark davis will hear a plan that will move the team to los vegas.
5:45 am
>>james: we have mild conditions 51 and san francisco 52 on san jose of the east of the mx some men 40 to places like pleasanton
5:46 am
and livermore, in the delta antioch we're at 54 degrees less take a look at the forecast beginning with the east bay shoreline not run from 73 degrees 72 for union city and fremont. >>james: a pair 71 for mountain view and sunnyvale for the sentence as the peninsula in will be mostly sunny to 66 degrees warming up to redwood city low 60s along the coastline to the.
5:47 am
>>james: we will start on next click on and i smiled know the '80s and into the cooling down by midweek. >>robin winston: over to the bay bridge toll plaza traffic continues to pick up and slowed down is backed up into the maze of red at the foot of the maze if you're about to let this drive into san francisco no major problems this is the normal back of a does less and 20 minutes and is considered the drive times over to 1 01 track and the writer in san francisco pretty quiet 50 minutes from
5:48 am
central san were felt to san francisco the ride to the south the checking and hot spot free 11 minute trip from san jose to cupertino kick >>darya: if sacramento street
5:49 am
will be closed near baker and line and all the repair the line but it will reopen at the end of each working-. >>mark: man was looking to buy a motorcycle parts was wrapped in a car jack it happened at this a parking lot the deck had brought more with him for the transaction but it was carjacked and robbed of his wallet money and sell from he showed in a vehicle that was reported stolen from oakland and left in the victim's car was a white chevy malibu the safest way to make an online transaction is or revise your meeting in front of a police department. >>darya: symptoms include fever
5:50 am
rash and joint pain and pregnant women to call series birth defects san francisco was not listed on the newmont several of the cities are on the map but they're all at a low risk for the virus spread in. >>mark: we walked through the show and on virtual reality is working its way into everything. >>gabe slate: it was fun
5:51 am
watching people zone on with the use of the muscle experience this happen next if the frenzy and chaos of the real world
5:52 am
>>darya: 10 last and only two innings they gave another three runs lost by a fine of nine to four oakland has not lost for the last five games.
5:53 am
>>mark: a wrong 50 degrees, the round of a 52 san jose 53 note from 51 and san francisco will have details coming up.
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mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. >>mark: to the braves a doll called randall's on the bay bridge is finally had to hid
5:56 am
them home no owner came forward 10 to claim them but after his story getting national attention on tv hundreds of people from all over the nation want to adopt him the sea its rescue was will be at the shelter to wish him well and some off. >>darya: track and the big one of that is coming this way to can a live look at the bay bridge and more on your neighborhood forecast + bacchanals out of the south and the rest is made in a double homicide and san jose and stuff.
5:57 am
>>darya: traffic is rolling the we will be right back. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a suspect as been arrested and conducting with the murder and the couple of san jose >>darya: we have more
6:00 am
information on what happened to them. >>reporter: police said have arrested someone in connection with the double murder in san jose it of that couple are reports that the person or rested is this wanted three year-old son but the have not confirmed cyclical that we have of the couple police are remaining tight-lipped on that one the couple has two children the 17 year-old and a 23 year- old police a been trying to look at the 23 year-old question of the phenomena been named a
6:01 am
person of interest in that case are reports of a 23 year-old son the couple was taken into custody. >>darya: make sure your down load the mobile are concerned that when you get the very latest information. >>james: here is where temperatures argosy it is nice to my lot of forties and fifties with core temperatures dipping from some of those boxes getting down into the mid-40s in
6:02 am
is like at the foot of the maze is a lot of how the. >>robin winston: 17 to talk to men as amazed the skyway bar and a stranglehold on time.
6:03 am
>>darya: steph curry knew they could do a lot of him and so did the warriors then picked up the slack klay thompson with 27 points meantime the war is move on 33 point victory that was a statement.
6:04 am
>>darya: the warriors have to wait and see who they play in the next round of live report control laser's or the loss angeles clippers sphere >>will tran: for the other teams today it is a huge today in this draft today for the raiders and is she today for a different reason we do know that the
6:05 am
reagans will be in oakland for least one more season that they did sign a new lease. >>will tran: it could happen years down the road but mark davis of looking for revenue the nfl rights to the dell the commissioner not given the blessing but the have the right to set up our tonsils will have the crew in vegas this morning as soon as is done with that meeting will will track and down to get comments from him and
6:06 am
from the people trying to will that hold the seventh overall selection the team was expected to bolster the defensive line without a difference of and for the box 9. >>mark: the have and targeting florida quarterback the third of the chains will be hosting draft articles assorted-part and pull
6:07 am
some of the man who shot a pregnant woman impossible. >>anny hong: police sent the potential of at johnson's work place guest and and tried to kidnap our when she was not cooperating with him he then got violent and shot her in the head he was tossed but she was hospitalized was listed in fair condition doctors say her unborn child is ok and the never say this is not the first time he has acted obsessively hall in
6:08 am
was lasting speeding away in the great terror campaign 6cgn644 the is not the father of the unborn child >>mark: the public defender's office not releasing the video that appears to show a share deputy taking a change from the beating victim officer appears the victim is dennis to share of deputies to beat him with metal batons in san francisco mission district of the debt to do for is only in at all the days and surface-install the gold chain to use it to bribe to homeless
6:09 am
people would witness the incident is of the deal could lead to. >>darya: the messages came to light after a woman reporter that the officer had a right turn and he is accused of talking about the support before investigators knew that the officer was the suspect. >>mark: the 25 year-old was arrested in his home tuesday police say he was posing as it received images from miners one of the victims came forward in
6:10 am
this and determine that it was not enough evidence to arrest them he worked as a science teacher for the passover years according to his patience also in the head coach of the track and field team he passed the background check on it was higher and there were for the san jose templates are to mature all students are safe, >>darya: the also was arrested monday night of officers responded to home and a 10,000 block after someone called us and they were concerned about the child a suspected abuse police believe that he assaulted a girl and asked the public to come forward with any other information on potential victims. >>mark: what her manager says is
6:11 am
likely because of her deaf tatter cruise does not have the nomination but he is already packed the room may with donald trump as saying about the fear in the ticket. look at 'em!
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>>robin winston: of the direct have been on the rams took over is on inside the police on the scene and the chp issued a special track other avoid the stretch if you can once again not impacting traffic on 380 just get. >>darya: the company is being sold again accused of being dishonest to claim the company's labels primula and informal as pedantic when they say it is not for gannett the form and content 11 synthetic ingredients that are not allowed by federal law
6:27 am
and organic products and also says the ingredients have not been assessed. >>mark: the home owner of a spot the the id to which economic construction that expert was able to get the kid out of the house they say is amazing season it was going around looking for make when it got stuck inside of home.
6:28 am
>>anny hong: will tell you when investigators found inside of the musicians home that story coming up after the break.
6:29 am
6:30 am
>>mark: without the features are down zero hundred and 50 points right now. >>james: we are at sunrise this morning here is we do need to know the high should be right there in the lower to upper 80s a few spots like it to the 80 degree mark looked of the '70s this weekend sunny warmer still scattered in a lot more community getting into low 80s
6:31 am
>>robin winston: it is in san ramon overturned a big red so far no made to the latest episode early it is on the on ramp so it looked at the map will have an arrow pointed toward the scene on pretty a census shows and still no estimated time for clearing the sea its feet issued a special.
6:32 am
>>anny hong: he had prescriptions for those killed also found inside of his home the emergency landing with the plan now about a week before he died the form of is the towers for prince says the musician lived healthy lifestyle will
6:33 am
continue to sell topple the store to buy the of the past. >>darya: 4 call came into the police about a third yesterday morning in the dispatch all yellow there were fraught is made about a man bleeding from the head possibly with a gun police have not given an official cause of death for an ample office said in a statement they're working with the people who work with the man and his then-second by this.
6:34 am
>>mark: a gunman walked into the business and the magic has about a 30 sunday night he got into a tie with employees he shot and killed the people live in the area say they do not feel safe at the shopping center at night. >>darya: police said the to the
6:35 am
got into a fight and shots fired and the other person who was hit by gunfire as listed in stable condition the fiery crash happened just before 6:00 a.m. was to copy our road 6 total three of the cars caught fire and clean the bmw and with the driver of the bmw was killed the others live away with to get out of the car's unlimited come to court has not yet released the driver's identity. >>mark: the of the plan now
6:36 am
calls for station and merced of the for stretch to go from the central valley to the san jose area is a change to previous plan to call to the book trying to force connect high-speed rail to the central valley to the sentiment about the fifth in southern california. >>darya: it showed that a car accident in california occurred and some of the fastest the east in the nation san jose write number seven at 61 mi. an hour interstate 580 in the east bay was also highlighted in the stabbing death accidents along that route average 68 mi. an hour for the san jose sharks
6:37 am
when will the reply in the second round of the stanley cup playoff match in on the national creditors in the morning the top-seeded ducks in the first round the 211-9-off to a strong start. >>darya: hot coming of the olympic still a few months away the will now find out what the team is going to be wearing a lawsuit filed against not had time because of one of the filters will to it what is wrong with them we would explain why this woman was calmly walking through the explosions in a mine field.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>robin winston: weather track in the house and to conduct the map in this is that the el camino real on ramp to east bloc and the of the great football for a while driving on the rapid is completely closed to traffic number of the delayed getting through the stretch chp on same way for special heavy- duty tow truck that will topple the to send gonna have the tech
6:41 am
that over to 11 instead welcome and a rebound it all wrapped east. it is closed as been overturned big red. >>mark: choose walk into explosions the deputy prime minister releasing this video the woman an explosion proof suit their testing and active minefield you consider walking through a series of fire and explosions and we're getting the first of what the american and
6:42 am
the dance will be wearing in the closing ceremony. >>darya: in rio de janeiro next and choose between red white or blue and a button-down publisher a stick look paulo to wear khaki shorts shoes and copper bracelet beautiful
6:43 am
sunrise shun the does not compare to the werfel we just got in the last five minutes.
6:44 am
6:45 am
>>mark: the rest of the maid and a double homicide in san jose they were found shot to death on sunday in the home look to score the older son has been arrested in connection with the murder the oakland raiders owner as expected to hear proposal today that would move the team to los vegas you had a proposal for 65,000 stadium that the house vote u.n.l.v. in the raiders'.
6:46 am
>>james: thank you so much for sending this and the sun is out there this morning we are drawing the pretty nice conditions were warming up about
6:47 am
72 it will be nice when is five to 15 come out generally from the ocean. >>james: temperatures at the moment when have 50 in san francisco 45 across the bay in pleasanton some of the east valley of the chilly side as it is in the north bank not to
6:48 am
their final stop 72 for places like san rafael 75 and ron park 84 santa rosa 80 as well for napa the panel where you are. >>robin winston: it finally
6:49 am
cleared the to stop and go traffic on the left that stretches all the way back to union city it goes way back from san leandro skiff i or. >>robin winston: is about 10 minutes from the packet to get all the 211 and san the federal. >>darya: 1 about making on-line transactions after a man was looking to buy a motorcycle parts was robbed and carjacked it happened a sixth meeting
6:50 am
place instead he was carjacked and robert then made off with his wallet and had all this money inside the cell phone the carjacker showed up in a vehicle that was reported stolen from oakland scientists created a forecast maps on the button to spread the virus the southern and eastern parts of the u.s.. >>mark: san francisco was not listed several other cities were
6:51 am
but they're all at low risk for the virus >>darya: know all looking forward to claim can't when he was at the san francisco animal care and control so now he's been adopted out after each and all of the attention and the video when viral. >>mark: the klan at the speed of the attempted a teenager to drive too fast and crashed into a land of also was found in
6:52 am
georgia against not have the team driver the girl was driving down amid the for a while using the filter of vessels of fascism over a picture also claims the she was trying to the 100 mi. our ship crashed into a man he suffered brain damage from his injuries from the accident as of right now the have a comment on the lawsuit. >>darya:: don't leave the drive
6:53 am
you're waiting or you could be forced to pay up the car service said the testing and the program for customers will be charged a fee if the drive has to wait more than two minutes after they get to the location.
6:54 am
>>mark: we will be right back in tech and a live look outside along the embarcadero to remove the camera outside the studio of you to start today a big one on the way we will have more and. wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you
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>>mark: the first pitch of for tender and the a's are still struggling after getting off to a hot start ticking on the tigers in detroit the long road trip this for four rounds in the second inning and they cannot
6:58 am
recover the lost land fine of nine to four states play again this morning reckon news out of this is a of a pregnant woman shot in the had the gunman still lose will have the details the police are looking for.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now news of unrest. >>mark: the couple's son was arrested. >>reporter: that was said there arrested someone in connection to the double murder but we do know that the son of the couple the two to three road was booked into santa clara county


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