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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  April 28, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now news of unrest. >>mark: the couple's son was arrested. >>reporter: that was said there arrested someone in connection to the double murder but we do know that the son of the couple the two to three road was booked into santa clara county the have
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been working to find a person responsible and have been reports that the note from the crime scene from whoever is responsible but police are remaining tight-lipped the couple has two children a 17 year-old and a 23 year-old yesterday police have been trying to locate the two to three you are questioning although has not been named the person of interest on the gel was either are no charges twisted according to the jail in may data base is being held without bail.
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>>james: right now it is nice and sound a little corn spots it was the quest headed to the endicott our which adlai's the ready for school forecast would have the complete forecast will talk more about the weekend he in just a few minutes.
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>>robin winston: no estimated time for clearing but it is definitely a stretch to avoid will check in on the bay bridge and checks on travel time for the east than. >>darya: we have the details from the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: the former boyfriend is suspected chilled his name is ricardo and the victim is larissa johnson to the picture near the shoulder of and johnson's work place yesterday and tried to kidnap our she refused to go with him and that is when police said he got violent it was last seen
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speeding away in the great whale the camry with license plate number 6cgn644 he is not to but he's not believe to be the father of the child. >>mark: the san francisco public defender's office released a new video the repairs to show the share of that is taking a chain from the beating victim here is a close look at the video the officer appears to have a change in this and the victim to show that it begin with the matter of time and away in san francisco mission district after he led them on a car chase last of member.
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>>darya: before they know that he was the suspect in gilroy high school teachers behind bars accused of having an early go on
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my relationship with several miners. >>mark: jolson was arrested monday and i always was on the to home in the 18,000 block of san marks avenue after some call them say their concern for child and a suspected abuse also was on the same his sexual assault to a girl they're asking the public to come forward of the have any information on other possible victims.
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>>darya: they did not win without steph curry they killed the rockets to win the series 114 to 81 bid on them by 33 points.
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>>mark: oakland raiders owner mark davis is expected to hear proposals but move the raiders to las vegas. >>will tran: mark davis as a betting on lost vegas we know exactly where he is the other nfl owners of chicago not mark davis plastic and oakland for
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one more season they're not very happy we've done this for years they've looked everywhere for new homes and into los angeles then open for one more year on but there aren't trampled than the naming rights of the co fog and not providing them with a new stadium and that is why and the owner he believes that many laws they this is the place for the team we do have a crew in
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las vegas this morning the meeting with the leaders with mark davis have to endicott this morning as soon as he's done all crew would jump all over to get reaction. >>will tran: as well as the people try to woo him to send sitting if your friend at least they're in town for one more season after that is anyone's guess. if >>darya: everyone else is in chicago for the draft tonight the nfl kicking off the big event a couple blockbuster trades hist both teams host and
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jack paar did the nine as part of the redwood amphitheater and saddled with america and the writers are having their jack are from 4 to 8 entire the fox theater in oakland. >>mark: was handsome wife of the bill from yesterday's storms will table the waterspout can down the bay area the sixth service was to make the warehouse more secure.
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>>darya: he says this to the largest of five waterspouts that they saw a waterspout is essentially a non super cel torment over the wall and. >>james: a live shot behind in walnut creek sunny bright beautiful colt at the moment and
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this will have been afforded to places like pleasanton and livermore 51 of san jose 53 in oakland 50 in san francisco or light jacket is all you're going to need. >>james: would enter the we can with the warming trend continuing to move up with the bombers by sun aware talk about the in one high approaching the 90 degree market might be a great debt to have to the beach.
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>>robin winston: attacking the hot spot along the peninsula and your traveling to samba, avoid the northbound welcome in riyadh and wrapped to east are committed that is for the bank rate to a covert and the 6:00 hour. >>robin winston: over to the bay bridge arise into san francisco
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is packages will no surprise on the bridge start off with a some incidents but every and all the way it is jammed from the foot of the man is all the way out to fremont. >>darya: the ball fire season is not supposed to be as bad as was last year than this is that while fire that could face
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severe fire because they had dry winter and a few days will have the federal government and their official wildlife out law while five out of the summer season last year nearly 16,000 square miles burn. >>mark: the new train car crashed into the sand burn but the testing facility in hayward last five and they said cable connector the testing equipment on board shorter out the cab was passed in the cabinet door and that is able the cars of recon system and cause the crash the held a news conference yesterday and said they've learned from the test and they're making changes so does not happen again sh.
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>>mark: and on the republican side the move to try and regain momentum after been mathematically eliminated from winning the gop nomination to head a cruise is picked former presidential candidate asked got to respond to this announcement. >>darya: told supporters that he cannot win and so should not be taking a vice-president to
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happen today donald trump was what to spa according california voters he will the here and try to get a goal to is kicking off the campaign with in the past nine east. >>mark: no word on how much the new fence recalls the white house has been dealing with the recent spike in attempt to climb the fence they announced the
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decision because it was impractical to told the mass of stinking carcass back out to sea. >>darya: it will be done by an emergency contractor it will take a couple of days to come up the will of off about $30,000. >>mark: the death of former w.w. ease start china the manager said she believed the former wrestler is the daughter of an accidental overdose of prescription sleeping pill and the tranquilizer she started to serve medicaid after she began working with the psychiatrist about her emotional issues that posted the on line was to the confused and disoriented days before death her manager five robotic in redondo beach home what it is one of the have not
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release the cause of death and the toxicology results. >>darya: the lawsuit also says some of the ingredients have not even been addressed of safe to human food the on this company was on the same the former law is cleared by the fda last year the on this company was sued for alleged false labeling of the use of natural on some of the other products.
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>>mark: the loss was filed in georgia again snap chat and the team driver and a to your with john and a major highway by using a filter that shows how fast she is going over a picture declined to teenager was trying to the 100 mi. to our she crashed into a man who suffered brain damage and did from the car accident as of right now, the have not commented on the lawsuit. >>mark: don't leave the driver when were you could be forced to pay the car services is tested and approved or were cut to the charge the fee if they're still waiting to venice after arriving at the thick of location the past is in five and a window they're charging a cancellation fee if the customer cancel the pickup to minutes after a request the program is
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happening in finnic dallas new jersey and new york city and can range from 5 to send out the and on the city and john driver manages to hit the helicopter.
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>>mark: an alligator to kiev residents is the home under construction and louisiana, on a spot of the data which the construction after a tussle on the get expert was able to get the data out of the house he was probably looking for make when he was stuck inside of home. >>darya: in oregon teenager is facing charges for hiring a prostitute after his mom call the police to report a burglary here is the survey was video that showed women entering the house about 10 minutes later she leaves the home on a called 911 to report cash was stolen from her home and after investigating the case that at to determine the woman and a video was a prostitute that was hired by home on a son they charged the
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18 year-old with the filing of false report and using a prostitute. >>mark: drawn driver and four crashes into a life like helicopter and 20 your driver tried to drive from the road block of from a separate accident will be at the tail rotor helicopter and was waiting to transport and the pedestrian the man's blood alcohol level was 0.1 a to more than twice the legal limit he told them that he's been drinking at an orlando apple bees it was arrested at the scene and charged the helicopter had to be told away from the scene. >>james: 04 to to the forecast of the look of what an will be like when we had to pick temperatures as to concede the commercial use we will see widespread 70 will have the we. cannot look we.
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>>james: for places like the delta and some of the south back amenities' down in your were morgan hill were pretty likely
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candidacy some pretty hot temperatures the sun is out we're looking pretty good on. >>james: here is what you need to know today it will be most sunny and warmer than it was. >>robin winston: it is not on highway 3 at the el camino is always pretty visiting it is fairly early it is not to plan the north about help command in riyadh on ran to east creating.
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>>mark: new details are emerging this morning in the death of france will follow the lead is on the breaking news desk. >>anny hong: he had open your medication on him when he died the of prescriptions for the panel that also found outside of the home they are commonly used to treat different kinds of pain to the 57 year-old icahn was found that one week ago and is paisley park compound invested is expected opioid reaction for emergency landing
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of the prince's plan about a week before he died a former bass guitarist says that the musician lived a very healthy lifestyle. >>anny hong: numerous reports say that the agency is coming to help the investigation but eckart recounted the petition of discounted those reports on wednesday san the the id and is not part of the investigation at this time invested is a cell with an autopsy and toxicology reports for determining an official cause of death. >>darya: it is heartbroken by the death of an employee in who was found in the conference room at the company's headquarters in cupertino index like it was a
7:33 am
suicide the police told about a 30 yesterday morning and found a man the report to the he was bleeding from the head he may have shot himself they're all missing the they're working with the people who worked with him supporting them to this and they did not identify the employee and said he was young and talented co-worker. >>mark: colors are to find the man who was shot and killed a massage parlor in the east by the two to nine year-old worked at the super messiahs parlor and the southern center on the right avenue the gunman walked into the business and demand has about a third son that i gunman identified with employees and he shot and killed the people live in the area said they did not consent of the shopping center
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the gun must allow list this morning in police have yet to release a detailed description. >>darya: them believe that he is the one who shot and killed the 20 you're on monday afternoon police said they got to fight and shots were fired the other person as listed in stable condition please did recover a gun during the rest that and that is the gun that was used in that shooting the sea its pieces of 40. old man was killed in the six car pileup crash debris covered live it was on interstate 580 were told about this odd yesterday morning six cars involved in this fiery wreck in the back of that lasted for hours.
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>>darya: a big red rear and a bmw and that cut off the chain reaction of the bmw was crushed and trapped the driver in the car was killed the other drivers were able to get out of the cars the county coroner has not released the driver's name to happen today that will be out to start the repair of more than 125 your to remind in san francisco. >>darya: that the vocal line that called the giant san jose (sacramento st. it will be closed between baker and lionel all calls are work on but the end of each work in the district will be open.
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>>mark: >>darya: and a report from our insurance so that the car accidents and california happen as some of the fastest speeds in the nation and oakland that the accident happened at an average of 64 mi. an hour than the third highest accident speed average in the country san jose ranked no. 7 did the axes along that route after 60 mi. an hour this day as people get old but they start to slow down.
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>>mark: a man was looking to buy a motorcycle parts and have been robbed and carjacked it happened as a parking lot of san ramon valley road in san ramon the victim brought morning with him for transaction this is the safest way in to make on-line transactions is to organize a meeting in from the police department will was hawaiian it might be the perfect time for you to buy your airline tickets from the confer some attract the warriors had to the second round was talk to gary about last night's statement when and what could be next for the team.
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>>robin winston: it is the commitment to live stop and go traffic waiting for stop and go from harvard for the toll plaza to the east end of the bridge at the ethics of if you're planning a summer trip now account a good time to buy airline tickets. >>mark: it dropped to 363 hours in the last three months of 2015
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will the did not tell you the average price is three months to dollar the lead to price has gone to the dollars each way. >>reporter: drugging and sexual assault at berkeley.
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>>reporter: and that is the hard part >>mark: it is like that every day in this sunday at 9 party on kron 4--9:30
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>>: would please me the most is increasing the diana ross their. >>gary: you watch last night and you said it was noted to russia back >>darya: he is a fantastic cheerleader.
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>>gary: if you could read some to you get to san antonio or oklahoma city could do would.
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>>darya: draymond green and the best description 15.9 rebounds a densest he is a human swiss army knife.
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. >>darya: the know what she did t's stock tumbled from being a born rebel law he was born to tattoo on his back so she says something is wrong with the way you spelled it she saved and. >>darya: the stenciled about and the extent i think in the back
7:48 am
of your mind salt. >>gary: and or to wait and see where it goes which could be the number-one passion of the same
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labor and i hope what happens in vegas does not stay there. >>gary: i don't think the have the population to pull this off in about a few years ago when the biggest one of the hard head will have the recession.
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>>: you couldn't have been the
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biggest seahawk fans as i got here six years ago. >>darya: he's given an answer i cannot believe that happened but richard sherman to get away with an unsound and kirkpatrick i don't and so will be an recognizer go by and what and when he said i know where this
7:52 am
will have the same face as the girl on china for. >>darya: he says i don't watch the news in this terrible when you see me in person they say you sure the look on tv so on tv i am older and fatter and taller i don't know what that says about our show.
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>>darya:ok see you later
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>>mark: the to what home
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rentals no owner can afford to claim can't drive his day in into san francisco animal shelter after they gained national attention hundreds of people from all of the mentioned when to adopt an after reviewing all of the application that fog and was perfect for him to the new guardian chose to remain anonymous will be headed to a new home at 1:00 this afternoon this is the rescuers will be at the shelter for sendoff. >>mark: here is the picture senses of his officers helped protect the little pump until rescuers arrived this is still appears to be very young the malnourished wearing 15 16 lbs. the rest about the marine mammal center last year bid to the high number to of normally.
7:57 am
>>darya: an arrest is made in a double homicide in san jose a live report with a breaking news.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>darya: an arrest in the murder of the san jose couple of this is the picture and and there were found shot to death on sunday in their home on lucas court that the rest to someone in connection with the murder of that couple in san jose and their son the 23 your son is named was booked into santa clara county main jail last night to cook the picture that we have there were found shot to death in their home on sunday
8:01 am
investing is have been working they are remaining tight-lipped the couple have two children a 17 year-old yes to the police have been trying to locate the two to three your for questioning probably has not been in the person of interest in this case but this one of we know that he is waking up in santa clara county main jail. >>reporter: he's been held without bail out we do have calls out to san jose police department for update systems begin in the of this will be sure to bring them to you. >>mark: a quick update on bay area weather and traffic.
8:02 am
>>james: sunny skies you may see it outside the window and that is what we're saying barely in the when you see the flight of the right hand side not moving at all the when will pick up litter on this afternoon will be from a strong as we can discuss the above a thousand people of the currency when strong enough to want a when a bottoming. >>james: recess outside not a problem sunny skies mid-60s where one up to the med and of the summit is for some of our once in the locations. >>robin winston: loss of habitat of squeezing through the bay bridge toll plaza we had a number of minor problems this one either on or near the bridge the back of stretches to was through the maze on to all approaches of the major but the
8:03 am
average drive times was a five to 30 minutes from downtown oakland to the sky when san francisco. >>robin winston: it is still close to for the notice have to do the big rental trucks to get the tractor trailer of bright and clear. >>mark: the meeting to start about five minutes ago when my boss side of the raiders' headquarters with tomorrow on the law's biggest proposal. >>will tran: we're all over we have a crew and cost date is best known as mark david's and the other people involved in this meeting are done to get reaction from them in the meantime with a still call them the oakland raiders but he is hoping in a year from now could be called the las vegas raiders.
8:04 am
>>will tran: they want to win him to move from oakland to los vegas it probably would not take a lot of effort is the looking everywhere except oakland for new home for the raiders their proposal of one current $3 billion the dome stadium or just off the strip to move the raiders to send sitting this signed a lease for one year and two of the years after that they want to.
8:05 am
>>will tran: hot we need a new stadium now laws of vega's as soon as the meeting is done awfully when we got the crews to get the reaction from mark davis as well as tourism leaders. >>darya: as it watches his teammates beat the raucous that won the game by 33 points without stuff ever was picked up the slack is good to have a few
8:06 am
games on the bill without him so we get a feel for everyone had a big contribution to have to wait and see who they will play in the next round will either be the trailblazers or the l.a. clippers at this point in the tech the trailblazers who beat the clippers last night/ >>mark: the race for the republican nomination turned ugly the violent threats there may adopt some supporters to intimidate delegates an upcoming
8:07 am
primaries the new molding is a history of some controversy find out why the son of the former president said the committee is to be ashamed of the cells.
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>>robin winston: it is still slow out there and this is considered a slight improvement compared to what we saw about an hour ago from richmond park or to the toll plaza. >>mark: he said a friend ronald reagan and political satire that made last year as black as the hollywood best of produced screenplay but now the son michael of raise the tech
8:11 am
twitter same alternative not a joke killed you should be ashamed is producing the film has not commented we're track in the weather forecast for today will be back with the full for cash and.
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>>james: the activity that we had yes able to the wall of the area nothing heading in this direction it was a relatively calm and the for the foreseeable future by saturday everyone and
8:15 am
should be in the '80s and eventually pushing grow close to the 90 degree mark a son than. >>robin winston: traffic still creeping along can come out of hand with over to the reich respond commit direction is jammed from the nimitz freeway
8:16 am
from that point to the golden gate it will be a good buy the 37 minutes to give him high with 37 across the bridge into san francisco the south bay if you have to use 280 make sure to lead carling series said and done with a number of crashes not imagine the top of the but the problems that is traffic again to pick up and cannot before something else pops up as a heavy traffic. >>robin winston: through the 1 01 split to northbound 280 is jammed getting into cupertino expect at least a 40 minute trip is that el camino real out
8:17 am
on a ramp to east on 380 it is not cause and amid the delay because it is not on the freeway. >>darya: >>anny hong: the victim's former boyfriend is the suspected children the victim as marisa
8:18 am
johnson they saved their picture of him showed up at the work place yesterday and tried to kidnap her. >>anny hong: she refused to go with him and that is when a got a violence and shot her in the head, she was taken to hospital she was listed in fair condition the doctors say the unborn child will be ok. the neighbors say that this is not the first time that he has acted obsessively. >>anny hong: he defaced the car when she broke up with him. >>anny hong: he was last seen speeding away in a gray toyota camry with license plate number 6cgn644 he is not to believe to be the father of the unborn child. >>darya: new this morning this
8:19 am
year's about fire season is not expected to be as bad as the one have last year to this is coming from the next stop wild fire fighting official and that u.s. servicemen denounced a guest of the southern california overall would not be as bad as last year and a few days the federal government would issue its official while five out look for the summer. >>mark: in it as a model state prison and are trying to move away from crime get into the business world.
8:20 am
>>: rep your answer or not will be in prison we're thinking about how we could do better >>darya: 2 delegates to support john case except have received dozens of threatening phone
8:21 am
calls and e-mail is one of the delegates say is he has will the 33 demands just after he made it clear if there is a contest the convention another the biggest since he has won the fifth different messages >>mark: the president campaigned as cutting hundreds of people from the staff the campaign spokesperson said the have more than a thousand staff members in january
8:22 am
>>mark: taken a live look loss of sunshine a lot of attractive we will get an update on weather and traffic we will be back in just a moment.
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8:25 am
>> mark: the president has instituted a new program to help students pay off their loans. >> mark: scientists treated a forecast map showing the potential spread of the the zika virus throughout the u.s.. san
8:26 am
francisco is not even listed on the new map. >> darya: apple has released new health care apps for your iphone. this helps you what manage your own the medical conditions. apple says these apps are easy-to-use and will help even send reports your doctor. >> james: it will be nice and comfortable today and the upper 70's and low 80s. >> averi: more investigations
8:27 am
into the death of prince.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> darya: a second arrest has been made for the murder of a san jose husband and wife. >> averi: this is in great this is information we just got two minutes ago. here's the picture of the oldest son. we've been reporting that he's been arrested overnight. in addition to his arrest the 17 has been arrested. because he is a minor his name and picture are being withheld. initially police could not find the old son but they're
8:30 am
able to find him in tracy where he was arrested over nine. his brother was arrested here in san jose. both had been booked into santa clara mean that the jail. >> darya: we will update you on weather and traffic. but james >> james: we have temperatures climbing to nearly 90 degrees this week and. the weather story for today is that it will be mostly sunny and warmer than yesterday. many locations will be in the mid to upper '70's. by
8:31 am
sunday will be pushing to the 90 degree mark. this weather will continue all the way through next wednesday until we have more chances of rain for thursday. >> robin: lots of heavy traffic going in to san francisco. the backs in to the toll plaza into the maze and back to the east shore freeway. the nimitz is packed. but the traffic on the left-hand side of the screen. we have had no major incidents or hot spots just a lot of little things here and there. you might
8:32 am
consider carpooling. >> mark: new details are emerging about the death of prince. >> anny: prince had opioid medications on him when he died . prince was found dead and investigators predict an appeal later--opioid opioid overdose. >> prince eight very helpfully and you always wanted to be held be around him.
8:33 am
>> anny: investigators are waiting on autopsy to determine an official cause of death before officials say anything. >> mark: of this officer appears to have a chair in his hands. to shares of the ham in a the mission district in an alley of san francisco. the deputies were placed on administrative leave.
8:34 am
this new video could lead to criminal charges against the deputies. >> darya: a san francisco police lieutenant is charged with interfering with their rates investigation against another officer--interfering with rape. the messages came to light after a woman said officer jason lai had it raped her. >> mark: at gilroy high school to the teachers were taken to jail after having illegal relationships with miners online. one of the victims came
8:35 am
forward at the san jose police department. the science teacher was the head coach to the track and field team and passed the test when he was hired. >> mark: a 69 year-old man is suspected of child molestation. officers responded to a home after someone called police worried about a child. >> darya: apple is heartbroken by the death of their employee was founded one of their conference rooms in their
8:36 am
headquarters. police got a call about a man bleeding from his head and possible gun wounds. the employee has not been identified. they just call them the young and talented a co- worker. it appears to be a suicide >> mark: a man who worked at the super massage parlor was killed after being gunned down by robert. people who live in areas say they do not feel sick that shopping center at night. >> i do not shop here i go to other areas. >> we don't even know our neighbors here because they're
8:37 am
coming from other parts of the bay area. >> mark: police have not received a description of this man yet. >> darya: a man is behind bars to join a deadly shooting near a park. after a fight multiple people were shot but no one died. >> mark: the bullet train being
8:38 am
built in california has now relocated after a $64 billion contract. the mark >> mark: christina brown is sharing her experience of dr. fell about her final moments with her husband. >> mark: also talked about going to mars and how feasible it is with her husband. >> mark: also talked about going to mars and how feasible it is to put people there. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> robin: if you have to use of the nimitz freeway there are no major tosspots--hot spots. from hayward to downtown oakland is about a 60 minute ride. >> mark: the first mission to mars could be two years away. x one supply it in an on mars on
8:42 am
2025 and send as the ship to mars and two years. >> james: nicotine fit--i will have more on the weather had
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> mark: for the first time since body of christina brown's death. >> darya: the man was a relationship with christina brown is going to be on a two- part interview with dr. phil. >> let me tell you there was a
8:45 am
lot of surprising that we're going to learn. i talked to him about everything that that went on when he lived with body christina and whitney houston. dispose of the brothers' sister relationship and then it turned to romantic. why were you there ? you said your positive influence but why did it, members file a tro against two? he said he was there the night with the houston died of family members say he wasn't khmer. he
8:46 am
describes how she spiraled down and to have read drug use after mother passed away. i wanted to hear what went on everybody saw the hand. >> mark: bobby christina's death was eerily similar to whitney houston's that--death. >> he says he got there at 4:00 a.m. in the morning and he admits he had an altercation with our. i started at ask him did you murder bobby christina brown? the depot et a drug
8:47 am
cartel together that put her in a coma? i asked him if he murdered whitney houston? i asked him all of those questions. and i had him put together a time line of black and--what happened. >> darya: thank you dr. phil will be watching for that show. >> james: it will be toasty her round of they at this weekend. we have nothing less sun and sunshine and clear skies for
8:48 am
saturday and sunday. this is a great pictures and by our kron 4 viewers. please keep those coming interrupted a--can throughout the day. we have really come looking forecast at least for the next sample days. san francisco is in the '50s right now which is cool but not bad. our eyes today--highest to date--today we will have in the
8:49 am
low 80s and mid-70s. conceded temperatures here. you can see the temperature is he here. >> james: and the no. there not wine county--no wine country we're looking at good temperatures. doug james >> james: we might even have the
8:50 am
temperatures to go to the beach this weekend. >> robin: we have heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. the fast-track plans are slow. from the mideast to downtown that is also backed up. the freeways are all back up even if they're not hot spots. no. 87 is always says loews bought by a a
8:51 am
motorcycle crash at capitol expressway has blocked two lines. >> darya: crews will be out repairing a 125 year-old sewer line in san francisco. they say it this single line is what caused the giant sinkhole. the 22 ft. sinkhole has been repaired. history will be closed during the day but at the end of the they will be reopened. >> mark: at a testing facility
8:52 am
in hayward last friday if bart trains conducted a crash test. bart officials have learned from the test and will not make those mistakes again. >> darya: h what what that crossed the bay bridge is now having a new home. this story in that national attention and hundreds of people from all over the country wanted to adopt him . officials say they picked the perfect group to take am. >> darya: a malnourished seal
8:53 am
pup is now being nourished in captivity. the seal pup looks very long at 15 to 16 lbs.. officials say this is because of abnormally warm sea water temperatures and lack of food. >> mark: this it year-old girl was planning on snap chat and went over a hundred miles an hour as she crossed into a man who now has brain injuries. >> darya: why do people even
8:54 am
dosnapshot? >> mark: uc out everything calls it to gather and comes together on kron 4 notes. >> averi: we will not be welcome when we get here. it does not hurt to try even if they reject the.
8:55 am
look at 'em!
8:56 am
they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. the mark to the >> mark: and alabama family has celebrated over finding merit a dog which was missing for 10 years. he is too weak to undergo his surgery for his tumor but
8:57 am
well have been. >> mark: the dow was off 31 points and is now about 18,000. >> darya: we will continue to track the weather coming our way. plus breaking news out of the south bay as we have learned to people have been arrested for the double homicide of this couple in san jose.
8:58 am
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>>darya: it is expected to bolster the defense of lineup the forced the raiders are picking up 14th.
9:05 am
>>darya: the crowd goes wild and from the bench steph curry it is just all smiles and shares for his teammates to pour off without him they killed them and
9:06 am
33. we're not going to be satisfied with this he is setting foot in baghdad this morning. >>mark: in an effort to help with the country's efforts to feed prices the political
9:07 am
turmoil has become a distraction and has the lead the resources and a surprise visit by vice president joe biden a motorcycle crash caught on camera find out what caused the crash after the break and severe weather slamming parts of the u.s. will show you the latest video coming up. in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe
9:08 am
made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country.
9:09 am
>>robin winston: the time now is 909 #to hot spots a lot of slow traffic like here at the richmond san rafael bridge is still back of the have had any major problems is a lot of stock to attractive from castro to the toll plaza if you have to use it is not clear yet is about 10 minutes coming up with track the travel time to the east that will check back then on the bay bridge as well. >>mark: to your survey is video from the scene of five your girl seen running away just before the motorcycle crashes into a parked truck and catches on fire american couple was riding on a motorcycle when they hit the pickup truck they said the truck driver had driven her right through the stop sign the
9:10 am
wife of a motorcycle survive but her husband did not the trouble was the restive in a previously but not arrested for drug offenses theft and disorderly conduct.
9:11 am
9:12 am
9:13 am
>>mark: several drivers were stuck in the high water and national weather service confirming a tornado touched down in advance yesterday and. >>anny hong: it is far north to given as to the area we're done
9:14 am
with all that stormy showers will talk about sunshine right in sunny making a word to oakland good morning to you when the upper 50s which is a bit of that number low 60s and the couple next hour and will be warming up to 07 days.
9:15 am
>>anny hong: is a nice day to be outdoors a lot of seven days a couple spots potential to reach low 80s and you can see the coast generally staying in the '60s for today here is how high is backed down for the afternoon mid-70s in pleasanton and livermore nice and
9:16 am
comfortable low 80s potentially for fairfield in antioch. >>anny hong: mild this afternoon of the two breezing up tomorrow sunny and warmer we will talk of mid to upper seventies is a gradual warming up will wrapped things up and to lower '80s and for the bay shoreline and we will get even one on sunday if you want to go hit the beach it is a good day to do it will be hard for some locations when we come back with
9:17 am
talk more about. >>robin winston: it is a nice improvement is a lot stop and go traffic from the nimitz freeway from hay wud to the toll plaza is going to be of the crowd the average drive times 25 to 30 minutes number of the problems come from the north the bay if you have to use op 101 not the major in the way right now less than 20 minutes from central san rafael. >>robin winston: it is still a nice commit off to the travel
9:18 am
time southbound 680 it is always the so-called new. >>robin winston: it was northbound capital expressway if you have to use 87 expect off and on slowing back from 85 if. >>mark: police identified the man who was shot and killed in a massage parlor the 20 year-old michael john worked at the super massage parlor and a shopping center the gunman getting into a fight with employees and he shot and killed him place to live in the area said they do not feel safe at the shopping center. >>: i do not shop here and there
9:19 am
often a lot of people come from different areas to do not been fair locally or aren't raised, here locally. >>mark: the dumbness to lose the police have not released any detailed description of the shoulder. >>darya: 01 and from police after a man was looking to buy a motorcycle parts was robbed and carjacked it happened in the safeway parking lot on san ramon valley road in san ramon. >>darya: the victim was supposed to meet with the people saw on the part instead of getting the motorcycle party was carjacked and they took his wallet as money in his self from the carjacker and of showing up in a vehicle that was stolen.
9:20 am
>>mark: >>darya: new this morning this year's about fire season is not supposed to be as bad as it was last year it just came from the top what fire official but they do say that southern california and other parts of the united states like alaska and montana could still face severe fires because they have such dry winters in just a few days the federal government is one to issue the official wildfire
9:21 am
outlook for the summer season last year's 16,000 square miles were burned. >>mark: they would consider a new $64 billion business plan down to the center for napa valley and then, up in our direction. >>darya: and in that at the solano stake presence in vacaville are trying to move away from crime and get into the business world inmates and the venters entrepreneur program have been working on business ideas for months as part of the program and they are mentored by business executives and in the in the get a chance to win money for their own ideas they pitched the ideas yesterday in front of the venture capitalists in this came up with
9:22 am
everything from our programs for the elderly to technology. >>darya: >>mark: teen usa at this can choose between the red white and blue but now polo shirt and red
9:23 am
what tack insurance and a cut in chrysler their desire and have in them and her on the designers the company was criticized in 2012 for making the team usa office in china but this year they're made in america. >>darya: still had the--ahead we will be right back after this break.
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>> reporter: if you thought the return of kelly to to live with kelly michael was crazy then michael going to a good morning america will be even more shocked.
9:27 am
>> darya: tucana what hollywood today on kron 4. >> mark: will ferrell has written and produced a political satire about ronald reagan and his alzheimer's disease. ronald reagan's son said that is shameful because alzheimer's is real and kills people.
9:28 am
>> anny: of the next few days will have temperatures coming up to 90. will have more after the break.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> darya: we're taking a look at whether in traffic. >> anny: over the next couple of days will be into the 80s and 90s. it is also a beautiful start your thursday. mostly sunny today and our highs will be in the lower to upper 70's. this weekend to get ready for higher temperatures close to the '90s. next week we will cool
9:31 am
things down. temperatures are in the '50s and '60s right now. you can see the temperatures on the screen. >> robin: if you have fast track he will save a little bit of time. getting into san francisco traffic is still backed up into the maze. the travel times are still high. from castro valley to the mes is 30 minutes.
9:32 am
>> darya: bart has not put up new cameras to collect a license plate information. people are concerned about their privacy and there is a meeting to discuss that. >> behind me is one of the cameras has been installed here. take a look here any conceive for yourself. they can capture and read license plates . bart has said that the cameras have not been turned on yet. there is a bart board meeting will discuss the privacy issues of these cameras. bart has said
9:33 am
that these are part of a pilot program and a is possible they could be installed at other bart stations. if you have any comments or questions you would like me to ask bart officials send your questions to kron-4- dot-com. >> mark: police are looking for a man who shot a pregnant woman in the head. the man is a former boyfriend. the man tried to kidnap her and then he shot her in the head. she is listed in
9:34 am
fair condition and her unborn child is ok. he is not believed to be the father of johnson's the unborn child. >> darya: a former san francisco police lt. is charged with interfering in any investigation of rape against another officer. the messages came to light after a woman said officer j. senate ally had raped her. >> mark: a gilroy high school teacher is behind bars after
9:35 am
having an online eagle--a legal relationship with miners online . he was posing as a woman on line and received photos. he was a science teacher and was the head coach of the track and field team. the school said he it pass a background check when he was tired and they're now making sure students are all safe. >> darya: the battle for delegates is ugly. >> to delegates to support john kasich have had dozens of iraq's, death threats, if there
9:36 am
is a contested convention. >> one person said that of donald trump does not get the delegation we should kline's america. >> mark: donald trump is now courting delegates in california which could put him over the necessary limit. >> mark: bernie sanders has now cut hundreds off of his staff. the spokesperson said they were
9:37 am
a thousand in january and have now gone down to 350 people. this comes after bernie sanders lost all but one that primary on the eastern seaboard. >> darya: just cut out was honest company is being sued again. the senate to abridge it looks like traffic is growing well.
9:38 am
9:39 am
jessica alba's honest company is
9:40 am
being sued again. >> darya: some of the ingredients have not even been assessed even though their being labeled as organic. last year her company was sued for putting natural on her products even though they worked. >> mark: apple has released new health-care apps. it will help
9:41 am
patients record symptoms can get reports of the doctor. >> darya: the fbi has just served warrants on to southern california residents who were connected to the attacks in california just months ago. >> robin: that drafted the bay bridge toll plaza heading west is taking a long time to thin out. your average prime time from that that mrs. skyway 22 minutes.
9:42 am
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to the >> mark: it is now time for the
9:45 am
pact of the week. you can visit her at the san francisco filmore location. >> anny: we're starting to see it today but nothing drastic grain now. we will especially feel over the weekend so get ready for that. our high today will be in the upper 70's. we
9:46 am
have the showers country yesterday and it cleared out quickly for some locations. even taught how about a little snow out of that. what seems plenty of sunshine. some places could get close to 90 degrees over the weekend. the temperatures are right here. the
9:47 am
coast will generally be in the low 60s but also when the. warm- up will continue into friday and weekend. plan those hikes and
9:48 am
pick next. sunday is even hotter and maybe you'll want to go to the beach. >> anny: starting on monday and tuesday we cooled down until thursday when we might have some showers. enjoy the he while it lasts especially this weekend. >> robin: on 92 this and mateo bridge there was a minor crash and it traffic has been slowed.
9:49 am
twinjet--20 minutes from that mimics to skyway. eight minutes it takes at 2101. hercules to the mes 26 minutes. >> darya: the chp says a 43 year-old brentwood man was
9:50 am
killed in a big accident covered live yesterday. the crash involved six vehicles. a big rig and a bmw that sent to of the chain reaction. the bmw was torched and caught in the middle and he it was killed. >> mark: we are learning that the cause of the crash of one of bart's new cars. at a testing facility in hayward they found that cable was pinched and caused the crash. the bar
9:51 am
companies making changes. >> darya: apple says it is heartbroken to learn of the death of an employee in a conference room at headquarters in cupertino. it appears it was a suicide as the man had gone and head trauma. everyone says he was young and talented co- worker. >> mark: there is now an investigation into prince's death and he had prescription painkillers on him when he died . >> a lot enforcement official
9:52 am
says prince at opioid to prescription pills on him when he died and they were within the prescription. taking them with other medications can be medicate deadly is what we have been told. investigators said he was given an overdose treatment but that was standard for any emergency situation when they are not responsive. >> it around prince made everyone else around him what to be helped the. >> reporter: investigators are waiting at toxicology results before they're determining the
9:53 am
cause. >> darya: the back story is back and here's a sneak peek >> reporter: when these guys get up they are not going to be happy that we are here. we will not get stuff from them about will be able to talk to people on the road perhaps. >> reporter: we try to talk to people even though most of it fails. darya you can watch the back story here in 930 on sunday.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> darya: a second arrest was
9:56 am
made of the murder of a couple in san jose at the second aspect is the other side of. >> mark: mark davis will decide whether the oakland raiders will move to las vegas. >> darya: the golden state warriors are moving on to the second round of the nba playoffs. even without stephen curry the team smashed the houston rockets. >> mark: with a big warmup on the way with sunday being a really high day with temperatures approaching at the '90s. >> darya: the brave little to
9:57 am
what which is running over the bay bridge with a chp escort is now at home that was picked because there were a perfect. that's it for this morning. our next newscast is at 5:00 p.m. and dr. phyllis next.
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