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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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as raiders fans watch the draft night, stunning news that the team may be headed to sin city. local reaction to the threat of losing the raiders again. he captured the bay area's heart as he scampered across the bay bridge, punch the two-hour has a new home tonight. breaking news coming out of the east bay. an active homicide investigation going on at a gas station in richmond. details on what we know at this hour. >> reporter: we know the shooting was at a gas station on cutting boulevard in richmond, that's near jfk high school. this was just before 5 pm tonight. an adult man died at the scene, nobody else was injured, police say they do not have a description of suspects that
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the woman in the 10 top, it appears she is being handcuffed. investigators are currently looking for surveillance video and we will keep you posted as we learn more about this breaking news out of richmond. one man shot dead at a gas station.>> for the second time in two days asap a school employee is under arrest accused of a sex crime against a minor. he is accused of having an appropriate relationship with a ,15. we're joined by tonight by the coach. >> reporter: the suspect was an assistant coach and this is where san jose police took her into custody yesterday. here's another look at her mug shot. it's difficult for students to see. we spoke with some of them, the school district says the 21- year-old who also lives in san
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jose was hired a few months ago and was only hired for these ring badminton season as an assistant coach for the coed squad. police say she was taken into custody on a misdemeanor charge of listing child under 18 years of age, investigators say the victim is a 15-year-old boy and as they were walking out of practice today, to members of the badminton program say the victim is a member of the team. the school district says it had learned about the inappropriate relationship of the student just this week and call police immediately resulting in the rest wednesday. the district says it followed all standard hiring practices when it brought her on board. that includes the department adjusted and the fbi clearance. the suspect has been fired. >> we have a lot of support. we make sure it there is tenders and support staff available. we will support our students anyway we can. we are aggressive when we
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receive information like this we want to make sure to protect our students and need to be -- having play removed from a campus. >> the suspect has been booked in the santa clara main jail and is now awaiting official charges from the district attorney's office. live in san jose tonight, this arrest comes one day after a game or teacher was arrested for allegedly enticing minors. san jose police say the doctor post as a female and tricked kids into sending him to the photographs online. the teacher and gilroy high school has been placed on administrative leave. police say he sent messages to as many as 500 minors through facebook, 30s believe some of the minors may be current students at dover high. >> new at eight, a arrest sex offender is back in police custody after being accused of
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assaulting someone. santa rosa police say the suspect was arrested after an altercation with the placed there to help them. it all happened at america's best value in mattel, msu say he got into an argument with the employee, hustle to the person and refuse to allow them to leave the hotel room. he was arrested for battery, false investment and parole violations. >> to san jose brothers are locked up, police say they are responsible for the murder of their parents. the bodies of their parents were down last weekend in the family home in east san jose. we have new details on tomorrow's plans for a person is. >> friday afternoon a funeral prayer will be held here in santa clara. after that, the body suite of the victims will be taken to livermore with a be buried. they were shot to death in their home on sunday. their son
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who you see here is behind bars the seating on murder charges. his younger 17 your brother is locked up in a juvenile facility in connection to the card as well. students say the 17-year-old had anger problems in the past. today i was at the install center and they knew nothing about that. saying this has come as a shock. we talk all the time during regular prayer. he was always his smiling self i never sensed anything behind the scenes. that is a shot. >> i can't believe you did. >> the funeral prayer will be held here. the muslim community association in santa clara will start at 2 o'clock. tears down chrampanis.
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we told you about those arrest this morning at 816 with a push of it. still collected on breaking news by telling our free mobile app. >> on the same night as the nfl draft the definitive evidence to data that raiders owner was to move the team to las vegas. his back now, he follows developments with the story wrestling -- ruffling feathers. >> the time is bad. he appeared for the southern nevada tourism the structure committee. he said he wants to move the team to las vegas. he said he will kick in half $1 billion. we have village video to help pay for a new $1.4 billion domed stadium that would be shared with you now baseball team. uc davis there. even with the raiders during an half $1 billion, to remain a $750 million gap will be needed
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to front the new 65,000 seat stadium. backers want the money to come from increased taxes on tourists and that would take a recommendation from this committee and approval of the nevada legislature. with dr. -- soccer greats david beckham by his side he told the committee he is ready to make it happen. >> this is a goal in my lifetime. my father passed away to continue his legacy, we would put it on his fastrak as we possibly can. we are committed to this project if they are committed to us. >> in the past the nfl has found on locating a team and gamma capital but they think attitudes are changing and he knew the necessary support of his fellow nfl owners. we last night in oakland at the raiders draft party and fans of the silver and black this must feel like a punch to the gaap them. >> you combat raider fans were
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have -- unhappy about hearing a possible move. directive says he wants to turn the silver state into the silver and black state. where fans are saying this is exactly where the team belongs. >>'s following the raiders draft pick, fans cheered on a good mood for the future of this silver and black. where this team will play is uncertain. >> i want the raiders to stay focus i can go to games and they go to vegas i can't go to anymore games. >> at the fox theater, raiders fans danced and discussed other potential move present possibly to las vegas. they had harsh words for the city oakland and team owner mark davis for the >>
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>> i don't see why he would pick oakland over here. we are the raiders. >> >> >> the timing of the announcement did not sit well. as fans want to see the 2016 draft pick in oakland for years to come. this is not a gamble they want to make. >> will follow the team anywhere they go. >> diehard raiders know the champions in the next year or two is because of right here at home. >> the raiders have lisa the
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coliseum until 2000 the raiders have lisa the coliseum until 2018. for now they feel confident the team is not going anywhere. live in oakland, and justine waldman, chrampanis. >> a lot of the city leaders were not happy to hear about the potential move by the raiders because the customers called it frustrating especially after they approved a lease extension for the team just a few weeks ago. >> we as oakland's are ready and committed to work with mr. davis to keep the readers here. his fans going to las vegas doesn't help the discussion. city councilman says he this is is being insincere by telling local fans you want to stay in oakland while he will not sit down to discuss a new stadium to keep the team long-term. with the first pick in the 2015 nfl draft, los angeles rams select jerk off quarterback
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california. >> a big night for marin, the former order back was the first overall pick in the nfl draft. he says the 22nd quarterback taken with the first overall pick in the first cal quarterback: the first round since the green bay packers took aaron rodgers at number 24 back in 2005. he grew up in novato and attend marin catholic high school. our sports director will join us at 845 with morton's drafted so stay with us for that. >> in 2016 california gop convention is happening right here in the bay area starting tomorrow. all three republican candidates for president are expected to speak at the event being hosted at the hyatt regency in birmingham. organizers are expecting a strong turnout but not everybody will be there to support the candidates for the ground for strauss is live tonight in berkeley and charles, you talked with at least one group planning to
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protest tomorrow. >> >> the republican convention is one of the first big events in california before our primary in june. on campus they said we want to do we can to disrupt his speech trial. >> this weekend, trump is suspected to be the keynote speaker at the 2016 california republican convention in burlingame. >> kind of a spokesperson for the >> the organizer with the coalition to defend affirmative action immigration and immigrant rights and fight for quality by any means necessary or bam for shorts. it comes to dollars -- he is one of the most hateful racist individuals for the >> she says he has reached out to hundred supporters asking them to protest this weekend's convention and in particular trumps speech on friday. >> we are organizing and calling for lots of people to come out tomorrow to have amassed militant profile to shut down donald trump.
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>> reporter: trump enough to speak weeks ago and the new this convention would trust -- attract a lot of attention. >> this one a state and national media a lot of protesters. >> at this point it's unclear how many trump supporters and purchasers will actually show up but security is expected to be very tight at the convention with local authorities, secret service and hotel security all entity. >> will be prepared for it but you never know what's going to happen so it's going to be interesting. >> a lot of people shop to shut him down. trgovac life, kalapuya primary scheduled for june 7 in berkeley, our news. >> tonight at 8 pm, the states utility company facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit. accused of triggering and massive wildfire. recording as you come as you go. some people expressing privacy
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concerns about license plate readers. frightening moments for one pet owner when a man with a machete approaches him and his dog. what police say set them off.
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the men working aggressively toward the pet owner was a 24 inch black metal machete. california seeking $90 million from pg&e after winding the deadly butte fire with spotify tree that hit line. cover says utility company removed to pine trees, exposing a weaker tree which fell and hit line. the fire burned for three weeks. it killed two people and destroyed more than $500. the fire caused $300 million in damage and is the seventh most destructive wildfire in california history. >> we have a warm weekend ahead, a meteorologist is here to tell us how warm it's going to get. >> will push into the mid-high
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80s sunday. our temperatures a great time for warming trend right over the weekend as we go into tomorrow it will be a few degrees warmer but you will notice heading into saturday and sunday. satellite showing quite conditions, high pressure going to stay in control. we had this one area of low pressure pushing away from us and we are going to see another ridge of high pressure building in because we are in between those systems we you are going to see when the conditions for the rest of tonight and stronger when guests having into friday night and into saturday morning so some of those leftover rain showers over lake tahoe but they should be tapering off as well. >> wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour , at the san francisco airport, things are for coming down will see breezy conditions tonight and was sitting up tonight and saturday. temperatures of 70 degrees, 57 and hayward and 58 in fremont.
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benefit 61, as we head to the 9 o'clock hour lots of locations up and down windy conditions expected in a few clouds will linger by night and 10 o'clock at night as well. as far as tomorrow, we will see a high of 66 degrees in redwood city, 69 and palo alto, 68 and set it up. posted to the ace city seven and castro valley. 69 in union city. as her closer to francisco, 60 for ocean beach in the 60s and 78 tomorrow in santa rosa. coming up next i am checking your three day forecast we'll see how warm weekend as we head into saturday and sunday and how the warming trend will stick around. i have all the details coming up in my next forecast and 50 minutes. >> there's no reason for this kind of intrusive data to be
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there and chp held a pattern articles last. >> that person was singing privacy concerns at a board meeting today or the installation of new license plate camera readers. the cameras have been installed but not yet turned on. but says they are meant to capture the plates of cars using the parking garage in hopes of making the grudge safer. officials say before the record they want to study the cameras and create up to clear policy on what will be collected and who will see that information. >> the little dog main ponch rescued on the bay bridge earlier this month has found a forever home. of course shows at the lucky couple who got stick them home. >> would go further. they're holding him they are being congratulated by chp officers the couple says they immediately jumped at the opportunity to adopt him. you may number seeing this video of the 10 pound chihuahua darting across the bay bridge.
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motorcycle officer trying to corral him. he was quick, it's tough to get him. the others there came forward to claim them. weeks later he has a forever home. animal services say he has been recovering from the trauma of possibly being abandoned. even today, you can see, he looks a little nervous. his new owners say they are welcome to help -- welcomed into their family they say he'll be a little brother to their other dog. >> i knew i had an east bay 20 comes together to remember a teenager who tragically lost his life. one industry is driving and hiring, i'll tell you all about it coming up. who the 49ers bay, who raiders stick and the news
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is an emerging industry thriving and hiring. our reporter visited the silicon valley virtual reality expo burning now in san jose. he found there's a huge demand for those with developing skills. >> when i walked into the beer, the world's largest virtual reality comments this exhibit and neatly grabbed my eye. >> this is an omnidirectional treadmill. the architecture a relievers to explore but physically, you are limited to the space in your room in your house. the infinite that could help that the >> take away the walls we have now, you can see the room for the >> it's hiring every single person here at this expo is hiring an looking for people. if you experience a virtual reality you have no problem finding a job now. it's not the case in most industry but in virtual reality, you can totally find a job if you're looking for one. >> skills are in hot demand,
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hardware, software, it's one of the next big things for silicon valley. we graded exercise program that goes along with virtual reality. the harder you paddle, the better your character performs in the game. >> that's a fun way to motivate yourself to move to the different virtual words and a fun way to get a workout. it's a we dance revolution where you play these games for side effects as you get a notice benefits. >> still ahead tonight at eight, the word, and art teacher said in class that got her fired. next, the california university lady's estate for crime on campus. public transportation for the public. however, there are some people who believe there's such a thing as a free ride. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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a startling new report says stanford and uc berkeley have the highest campus crime rates per student in the state. the information comes from a report by the us department of education. a look at #2012 to 2014. stanford average about eight crimes per 1000 students from uc berkeley with second on the list. carol averaged a little more than three crimes per 1000 students. both schools district we
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reached out to both schools, kaus is actively doing a number of things to cut down on crime and as the rate has gone down sharply over the past two years. stefan says it's a statistic are high because the campus is large and many of its faculty and students live on the campus. the calvinist state senate want to permanently extend the law which requires a burst to pay domestic workers overtime pay. the temporary 2013 law applies to nannies, caregivers and housekeepers. it says they must be paid overtime wages for working with a nine hours in one day and more than 45 hours in a week. the measure cleared the state senate today is designed to make the requirement per minute and it goes next to the assembly. babysitters are exempt from that mandate for the >> harsh words for presidential candidates ted cruz , why he is being called the devil in the flesh. plus a warriors and is stepping up for a local girl battling a rare
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form of cancer. a teenager trevitt -- tragically drowned over the weekend. tonight, how he is being remembered. with the conditions expended for the rest of the night plus a warming trend in store for the weekend. full forecast right after the break. >>
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a 15-year-old martinez boy died over the weekend in a swimming pool accident. he's been rumored tonight at the high school where he was a freshman. we're live tonight in practice, and just talk to classmates who shared memories of their friend. >> and when i talked to tonight say the student was one of the friendliest and nicest guys they ever met. they see the school won't be the same without him. hundreds of his classmates and teachers and coaches gathered at the track to remember him. he played on the football team and was on the wrestling team over and over again his friends said his covenants and good nature were positive influence. >> he was a great guy, very funny and easy to get along with. everyone loved him.
8:31 pm
>> he was one of the funniest kids we knew. he made the football season great, made it fun. >> he was a good guy, who i could look up to. he always taught me to never give up on myself or change my personality. he was a funny guy we all loved. i wish i could say goodbye to my best friend one more time. >> reporter: the memorials full of stories and memories of the expenses shared with entrie and a short amount of time he was here. it was clear his presence will be missed for a long time. >> he would always light up a room. here failed to put a smile on my face. he was a very funny guy. >> and never saw him sad. he was always smiling, laughing. >> >> reporter: he turned 50 last week, a he will be missed here at the high school. presidential candidate ted
8:32 pm
cruz says is just proof that he is the candidate that the establishment fears. grant is here to tell some of the extraordinary personal attack on the texas center by a former republican speaker of the house. >> reporter: john maine are free to say what he wants that he left that post and it's really not often that a presidential candidates is compared to the devil incarnate. that's what former speaker weiner made news with when he talked at stanford university last night. we have exchange and response. >> the audience loved it, ted cruz is not laughing. he is angry with me. he is standing with the american people. checkout the primary winding down, time is running out for cruise to lock transformation. >> he was saying i'm the only
8:33 pm
one that can beat donald trump. by have proved time and time again. it was a oh please. and killing him. >> reporter: 80 and has turned into head-to-head contest after john kasich decided to stop campaigning for next week's primary. to kasich supporters say they are being told to switch to trump or else. >> this message is for tom, i too hope and pray he does. >> reporter: thomas jones says he has gotten voice messages and emails. >> tom, hope the family as well. your name and info was given to be on a list that's about to go public. good luck becoming a delegate, we are watching you. >> reporter: another delegate says he's been bombarded with more than 50 threats. >> the last one i got was the most disturbing to the person said it donald trump doesn't get the nomination, we should cleanse the delegates.
8:34 pm
took up the devil you made an appearance. >> you're a traitor to our nation as well as the people of indiana, a truck delegate should be loyal to trump and reflect the will of people. you are the two said. >> reporter: campaign officials say they rejected the for any attempts at intimidation. >> reporter: john kasich campaigning in oregon. that statement was on may 17. like ted cruz, he's mathematically eliminated from acquiring enough votes for a first ballot nomination but he says he believes he would be an attractive choice in a contested convention.>> a four- year-old golfer martinez has been diagnosed with brain cancer and now, a where's that is stepping up to try to help pay for her medical expenses. this is melanie, she was diagnosed with brain cancer back in january. there is a special medical treatment for her type of cancer but it's only offered in england and the costs $80,000. when wells season ticket holder heard about her condition he
8:35 pm
started an auction on ebay for a pair of playoff tickets. he says when it comes down to is, it's just a game and you cannot compare that to a child's life. >> i don't feel special. i'm just helping. it's a child. life is hard enough without having this trickle your four years old.>> it has given us hope. we're going to take her to wear we can get the help we need. >> the family has received help from others on the gofundme page. you'd like to make a donation to help, you can find information on our website. the bay area rapid transit district admits it has a problem with people writing bart for free. they are looking for new ways to combat the problem besides listings only conducted to catch people in the act. r stanley roberts says a closer look at the problem.
8:36 pm
we found people behaving badly. >> reporter: patent to the man with the bicycle at the emergency exit in san francisco. he was the escalator and heads down to the platform. here's another man with a blanket, he jams the door open with his back. he's a garbage can to toss something away and heads into the emergency exit. debbie escalated to the platform. the businessman in a suit and tie. he also entered in the emergency door and start to take notes. she later that he also heads down to the platform. these people are very -- they are not paid to use public transportation. i say almost because there are a few exceptions. this man with his bicycle and
8:37 pm
is the emergency exits. he beside the door and exits to michael's route and uses a tickets. now that is acceptable. other bike riders simply carry the bike over the gate. if you carry your thousand dollars bike was like a cigarette, there are a couple of issues. your evasion is being noted. bart makes 500 district $5 million per year melissa's countless millions due to people who don't pay. employees have to check into the booth. i was there for an hour and watch as dozens upon dozens of people walked in or out of the emergency gates evading the fares. the fine is around $250. plus you have to do committee service. with partly under the age of four or have a bart card from act up a card or a fair
8:38 pm
voucher. these are the only ways you can ride bart legally, everything else is questionable. a partnership is here are meteorologist says the real world is coming up to maybe 50 degrees. some spots will be 50 degrees warmer by sunday. and what we're seeing today and tomorrow. tomorrow begins the warming trend. tonight we'll see a few clouds develop and when the conditions will remain such warm things up tomorrow heading into the weekend. much warmer you should make plans for saturday and sunday. temperatures will be so nice and comfortable and above average. san francisco, mild conditions, close to 60 in oakland, 61 in san jose, temperatures in livermore, 58 peter closer to santa rosa it's a mad evening with conditions around 60 degrees. satellite radar shows we are continuing to watch the system
8:39 pm
push away from our region. we saw a few scattered rain and snow showers in the sierra and the next thing we will watch for is high pressure rebuilding from the coast and transitioning over the region as we get into the weekend. >> futurecast shows as we go into the rest of tonight those clouds will develop near the coast will see lots of sunshine for your friday to end your workweek will see whether to spread the -- to serve its move to see her but that won't affect our weather. the only thing that will bring us is stronger wind speeds finite heading into saturday. our highs tomorrow in the mid- 60s and san francisco 78 in santa rosa 71. in livermore, 69 in fremont temperatures in san jose at everyone degrees as well. the seven-day forecast shows a big-time warming trend as we go into the next five days or so so take a look at what happens as we go into friday, 70 degrees then we start to push
8:40 pm
into the 80s on saturday same thing sunday. that will be the warmest day of the entire week will cool things down as he pushed into monday. will stay in the 80s all the way through tuesday, wednesday is mostly cloudy, by thursday will see a slight chance of showers and temperatures start to drop back closer to average. >> still ahead tonight at eight, why caitlin jenner is saying thank you to donald trump. wonder what noah's ark look like, you could soon get a chance to see it right here in the bay area. dressed as a panda, a man makes a bizarre threats and is confronted by the swat team. b? ...why settle for this? enter the sleep number bed, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. save $1200 on the i10 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base.
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hurry! ends saturday. know better sleep, with sleep number.
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police shot a man dressed as a panda threatened to blow up a television station in baltimore . it turns out the bomb he had was really a replication device
8:43 pm
stuffed with chocolate bars. another man is recovering in hospital in serious but stable condition, police say he walked into the lobby of a new station and handed the security guard a flash drive insisting the station broadcast the contents on air. investigators are working on the case will not least the identity of the man until he is charge. >> caitlin jenner took donald trump's were too hard this week when she visited trump tower. the transgender reality star posted this video on facebook. >> a transgender woman in new york. my god. trump international hotel, i love this place. >> donald trump said caitlin jenner could use whichever restroom she would at trump tower. that after criticizing north carolina's new bathroom protection law. trumps rival ted cruz has the size trumps statement saying the law protects people from
8:44 pm
quote predators. jenner had a message for ted cruz when she left the restroom she quipped, by the way ted, nearly got molested while she was inside. coming up in 60 seconds a teacher gets the ax. what she said in the classroom. next, what police are revealing about the drug has had on him when he died. coming up we are told you about cal quarterback being the first overall selection in the nfl draft but would at the 49th and raiders do with your selection? we'll let you know plus we bring you the bizarre story of a player who stock plummeted after a video of him smoking from a bong was posted on his social media page. that story coming up.
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from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. 30s and minnesota are investigating the death of a rock star prince and they are releasing new details about the
8:46 pm
investigation. the 57-year-old singer was found dead here and his paisley park studio last week. law enforcement officials say prince had opioid medication on him when he died. he probably have prescriptions for the pills which were also found elsewhere in the home according to dr. drew the host of dr. drew opiates are commonly used as pain medication but taking them at other meds to be very dangerous. the theaters are waiting on autopsy and toxicology results before determining an official cause of death for the beloved music icon. they say could take weeks for those tests to come back. and mexican teachers said she was fired for using the word vagina in class. a substitute our teacher says she said the word to a room will of eighth graders trying to explain the historical interpretations of certain paintings. school officials said she
8:47 pm
crossed the line and violated school policy according to that policy a teacher has to get approval before discussing any issues regarding reproductive health. she said she did not know about this policy and would have approached the lesson differently if she had known. on this nfl draft that it all began with a kid from the bay area. the university of california. he begins the second cal quarterback to ever be the number one overall selection. the other if you are a fan you know his career began with a one when 11 loss first season. then he went to establish
8:48 pm
himself as a number one overall selection and he will be with the rams, all the excitement of starting football again in southern california, he'll be the poster boy for that franchise, jared got those number one to the rams. >> it was well worth the wait. was an unbelievable moments, once-in-a-lifetime experience. i can't think of the words right now. i'm happy and excited and want to get on with my career. >> the 49ers for the number seven pick overall. they like big fellows from oregon. the force to buckner, 617 290 pounds he is a packed while defensive player of the year. 49ers say he can play every down, not just a run specialist or a passive specialist. this guy can come in and do the job. last year they took a 6 foot seven kid from oregon who has
8:49 pm
yet to catch on in just a few months ago the 49ers with the 28th take in the first round traded up to get joshua garnet go he's an offense of guard from stanford. i was listening on the radio, the 49ers station set a great pick. espn said they didn't have to trade up to get him, he would have been around in the seconds round. it's buckner and garnet the two pics on day one. check out the raiders are picked up a defensive back at a west virginia. raiders secondary needed some help especially with the retirements of charles woodson. here you go. the guys name is charles joseph west virginia. >> big football night, give me
8:50 pm
the wires clay thompson who had steph curry going wild last night as the golden state warriors eliminated the houston rockets in five games. moyers will either play sunday or tuesday depending on if the clippers lose to portland tomorrow night. it will be a portland and the wires on sunday the way we understand it. back to the draft. it's funny, a couple weeks ago on all these charts, this guy was considered maybe the best all-around player in the draft. three minutes before the draft, this appeared on his twitter account, smoking out of a bong with a gas mask on. he did not dispute the person in the video was him.
8:51 pm
he and his agent said the account has been hacked and this was from a long time ago and his so-called friend kept the video. >> at the end you see a confederate flag which is also just another >> i was concentrating on the bong. this guy went from one of the potential top picks, still going to have a shot but he lost a couple million dollars. he goes in the 13th overall pick to the miami dolphins. if i didn't say this, my friend would be disappointed. i'm going to say it again. i'm going to follow him and i hope he does well because i want -- mike grant went to hang everybody. i'm saying when you are a kid, you make one mistake and now is pictures before the first game happen with the mask and a bong,
8:52 pm
forget it. pam and i always want to help the children. [ laughter ] >> he says he was hacked. >> it's not like you post that himself. >> who thinks you do that with a camera running to take the thing off and show your face? >> i have one more story. mark david in vegas today. it's one of those, he's sitting next to david beckham. beckham and mark davis side-by-side. you never figured it. beckham is there. they want to get a major league soccer team they want to have unlv football and mark davis is raiders playing at this new stadium, he has five -- 500 million on the table. they need to go up to 1.3 billion, they want las vegas to find it and welcome them with open arms but we will see. >> still ahead, a voyage of
8:53 pm
biblical proportions, literally how you can see noah's ark in the bay area. >>
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8:55 pm
8:56 pm
something you don't see every day. if you know the bible a little did this make sense. there is a dutch carpenter who is built noah's ark. he is trying to get it across the atlantic ocean to resolve. in the summer olympics this year. the way to be live streamed obviously. here's the thing, it is a huge, bigger than a football field, can carry more than 5000 people at a time. after visiting brazil for the games, the hope is to bring the ark to several different cities including san francisco. my question, would people in
8:57 pm
the city be able to visit it? >> we had a whole joke. two of a kind -- ├▒time, to what kind and two at a time. we don't know if they'll be animals or people. we have to sort it out. that's it for us tonight. will finish the discussion later, have a nice night everybody.
8:58 pm
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t conversations, siren wailing in distance) (indistinct police radio chatter) ohh! (patrick) what's the fuss? (cho) slept through lisbon's briefing in the van, didn't you? like a baby. yeah, the victim's name is kristin marley. she worked at the state capitol for some lady senator, went missing three days ago. rumor is she was having an affair with the senator's husband. (inhales deeply) my bet--she's a jumper. i hope not. if she's a jumper, job's done. yeah, the senator's husband dumps her, she wants to make him feel bad, she comes out here... (whistles) splat. don't talk that way. okay, not splat. bam. there's nothing worse than suicide. human life is sacred.


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