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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 29, 2016 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: again breaking news out of the south of it we have police all the same with the cost of shooting it happened just before 1:00 this morning and just off of interstate 680 and calaveras that try to blow our driver the driver did not stop however all to believe the officers will force opened fire on that this house would were down we do not know the condition of the person who was shot but we do have a crew on the way. >>james: we have part of interstate 680 close in san ramon a car ran into the plan
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and was hit by another car a second victim was expected to bill came. >>robin winston: it happened last night at 1125 because it is so early in the morning this is not causing any major delays but if it sticks around the and the latter part of the morning commute it may start to back up traffic in both directions it is
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looking pretty good for now over to 92 track and the ride on the san mateo bridge a pretty good shape we have seen in the major problems it will be a good connection come our san leandro have a union sitting. . >>anny hong: 12 and oakland is breezy and despite that we will see some strong winds especially later on tonight temperatures right now fifties
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across the board to 04 is unpleasant and antioch the mile's walk as 60 degrees above four is for santa rosa and novato in the fifth try our friends in the san jose area this morning temperatures today will be very mild once again by 10:00 will see generally 6 is across the board and then by lunch time we will see sixties. >>anny hong: and some seven this by 3:00 p.m. with a for plenty of sunshine and low 70's for places like livermore we have a high wind advisory that goes into effect late tonight and tomorrow morning this is primarily for the hills of the
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bay area and also for the higher elevations. >>james: the 21 year-old was arrested as san jose high school and we explained how would lead to the arrest and the relationship she had with the 15 year-old boy. >>phillipe djegal: 2 members of the program telling us that with this 15 your boy allegedly involved in a dating relationship with his assistant coach is in fact a teammate of there's the san jose police department's says he was taken into custody on school grounds wednesday shortly after the san jose unified school district says it learned of the inappropriate relationship
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district spokesperson said they were hired a few months ago and only for the spring that midseason distress to the district from of all standard hiring procedures before and therefore brought on board. >>phillipe djegal: the nature of the and approve your relationship was brought to light this week resulting steep face of mr. minute charge of molesting a child under 18 years of age it was booked into santa clara county main jail and is now awaiting official charges from the district attorney's office. >>james: 64 your teacher is behind bars on suspicion of child molestation and was arrested in roseville he is accused of a series of child
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molestation cases this started in the 1980's unless and until 1997 what he was living in santa clara and sunnyvale to the rest of on five of the thousand or warrant along with six counts of molestation he has and booked into santa clara county jail. >>james: a prayer service will be held today for the san jose couple those found dead in their home over the weekend that arrested the two sons on suspicion of murdering will force broke the nose of the rest yesterday the 22 year-old and his sentencing your brother or behind bars is morning tutors and has was a your brother had and the problems however at those of the evergreen is lot center said this has come as a total shock to them if the
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service will be held today at the muslim community association for the santa clara will be a 2:00 this afternoon and after that the body will be taken tomorrow with bill will be buried. >>james: donaldrump rally turned violent in southern california look at the video to teach people were arrested as protesters clashed with supporters and blocked streets just outside the rally and on counting the protesters vandalize one police cruiser before officials there at the same route and police in riot gear they were able to push the protesters some demonstrated it can to protest the idea on illegal immigration.
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>>james: off a republican president to attend this are expected to speak at the convention this weekend it will be at the hyatt regency we spoke with one of the groups is planning to protest outside the event. >>charles clifford: this weekend on the trump is expected to be the keynote speaker at the 2016 california republican convention in burlingame and organizer with the call is to defend affirmative action integration of immigrants rights and by the accord by any means necessary when it comes to donald trump in that does not mince words the
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california republican party and now is that trump was speak weeks ago and they knew this convincing all republican candidates would attract a lot of attention at this law is unclear how many troops supporters and protesters will actually show up a secure is expected to be very tight local order sequence service and postal security all on building. >>james: protests are expected to gather outside the hyatt regency and coming up next hour we will be live at the convention with a preview so will join them and watch donald trump was campaigning in california a suspicious potter was settled new york in an
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office six people are and isolation the connection no one appears to be sick or injured with five civilians and police officer are being monitored right now by a produce the envelope was addressed to trump was opened by an intern last nine so far the cab and had not commented on that incident. >>james: coming up while the raiders were drafting the next hour on the mark they was looking for new city for the team to play it was and how fans felt about the potential plans to move the silver and black and eastman families seeking help to pay medical expenses for the young child does been diagnosed with brain cancer.
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>>robin winston: south 686 still have the two right lanes blocked
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off for an image of the lead and for the event is a little bit of good news fast. >>robin winston: 11 minutes out to 1 01 track and the ride on 101 from live look at the golden gate bridge in the sky trafficable the well at the limit in both directions.
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>>anny hong: we have clear conditions for this friday morning here was a live look of sfo this is basically for the hill you could see is outlined about thousand feet and a strong as when 48 in pleasanton 50
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livermore 60 in antioch low fifties in san jose. >>anny hong: 72 in san jose a little " for san francisco 63 not a bad them will talk about.
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that. >>james: mark davis is making it clear that he wants to move the team to los vegas he told officials to wonder million will come from the nfl loan the raiders have a one-year lease and oakland for next season and the indicated the team will likely stay there until a new stadium is built in the bottom here in the bay area the fans were unhappy of course about hearing the team could be moving. >>: celebrating the draft pick
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of spacing. >>reporter: this time to los vegas and had harsh words for the city and oakland the timing
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of this to this announcement did not sit well neither does it want to see the 2016 draft pick hist. >>james: this is the second straight year they have drafted a defensive and out of oregon law also traded up the 28th overall pick after that take little office of guard jostle
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garnett from stanford they're asking for your help in identifying a sexual assault suspect we have surveillance pictures to show you take a good look in have been about 130 in the morning of the to a of 24 and sent to cisco for net two district. >>james: the fire rigid rent
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some structures in the area but most of them are not safe no injuries have been reported to investigate the time the figure will call the fire. >>haaziq madyun: earlier this year her family received the worst possible news therefore your little girl was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer there is special medical
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treatment for the stone brain cancer offered in england and the cost is $80,000 to much for the the technician enough for martina's his often appear playoff tickets after learning about the condition the family
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had received help from others as well. >>james: the toll plaza camera and of course, is the writer was bound 80.
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>>robin winston: there is no estimated time for clearing i
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will update you as long as this is blocking an impact in the commuter. >>reporter: the formation kick off the miami wednesday night she perform 37 songs were she sang and she dedicated to of her husband and said she loved him no word on what rebecca with a good hair thinks of this brooklyn the is making news that
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she was sitting on the plan and told the she can get off because she needed to pump breast milk of course is * a played another republican president on saturday night live something tells us that hillary clinton wednesday would not pledge himself that are critically to play her. >>anny hong: clear skies getting
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ready for some strong wind to impact us coming up after the break. p?p?o?gv
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>>james: a section disclose the san ramon after a deadly crash involving this car the second
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victim was taken to hospital but is expected to bill came. >>robin winston: is pretty quiet
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coming out of oakland heading into san francisco is less then 20 minutes from the total drive from the nimitz on to avoid a
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stretch if you can and now we're going to send it over to. the weather to >>anny hong: clear skies cool conditions for the friday morning looking for to weaken san jose good morning right now we are in the '50s at this hour and a clear conditions hist as well as someone looking at when the conditions nor the wins we
4:34 am
have house decorations when you bring the man the close not too bad at this moment temperatures come to fifty's including 55 in richmond 53, the low fifties in the the more jakob whether the witnesses said is and '70s including 50 if alameda 74 oakland. >>anny hong: 4 our inland locations will see some '70s include ms 7 is incomparable 7 is the san ramon 71 and the
4:35 am
more for fairfield looking at 75 degrees this afternoon check out the storm track the 7 day around the bay forecast the bridge will pick up this afternoon of your up in the hills to keep in mind is really going to get going. >>anny hong: with unwanted
4:36 am
caller from the '80s for sunday afternoon is still looks like it will be the warmest day the beach to look right out for pacifica in the mid-70s go to the beach if you want. >>james: a homicide investigation is under way after a man was fatally shot in the gas station at happened at the blair a gas station on boulevard police a looking for surveillance video but do not have a description of any suspects one woman at the scene appears to be in handcuffs is not clear she's connected to the shooting no one else was injured in that incident classless of martinez teenager who died this past weekend held a memorial for him at the high school. >>jeff bush: he was known more
4:37 am
for his big heart and his sense of humor than any of his athletic accomplishments both to him say that he was a loving and supportive member of the class and trade everyone he knew with kindness at,., >>jeff bush: just about everyone who is a student or teacher a faculty member was at the track to remember on driving the had similar stories about him and how he would encourage people to be themselves and the better versions of themselves simply could he was adored by his classmates you can hear it over
4:38 am
and over again the classmates were saying what a wonderful guy was in said he will be missed.
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narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes.
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dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything. >>james: we have entered a slowdown in the bay area when the emerging industry is thriving and hiring.
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>>gabe slate: when i walked into the world largest ever terrell the conference this exhibit immediately grabbed my kind detected anywhere in the universe to explore more physically limited to the space in your room in your house they're hiring every single person the skills are in hot demand to hard-pressed software development is one of the next big thing for silicon valley.
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>>robin winston: a special chapter colored for saab 680 in san ramon a federal accident to vehicle still have the two right lanes blocked number of the delay is a will continue to update this incident and the rest of the bay area traffic after the break.
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>>james: it happened at 1130 last night it was a chain reaction with a car hitting the klan and the second car heading into the accident. >>robin winston: this is not impacting the committee and is
4:46 am
blocking much longer we have more commuters on the road we will keep you updated of a to the richmond san rafael bridge a live look at 580 west wide open the no major problems getting into the north to i that is also looking good to come from that stretch to connect to 580 over to the golden gate bridge a nice ride on a one-to-one no problem leaving the not been it is about last another 20 minutes of the southbound ride on one leg when the boss of from 37 to get across the bridge and over to the toll plaza side no major trouble spots leaving the north than just be careful if you're out their watch out for the activity. >>anny hong: partly cloudy conditions across the bay area here was a live look at the bay bridge approach in this call a lot of fifties and forties a quick check of the school forecast the kids heading to the bus stop look for low fifties
4:47 am
all across the bay area jacket is not a bad idea once again by lunchtime the kids to hang out for recess temperatures are in
4:48 am
the fifth is this morning. >>anny hong: 50 is for oakland and san francisco across the bay bridge will see a mixed bag of '50s 4/7 the warm response will be competent and to out in the mid to upper '70's mostly sunny skies and will be a little breezing low seven is a pleasant open 72 and san jose 65 in redwood city 60 in downtown san francisco i was still said go
4:49 am
out to close on sunday it should be a fairly nice afternoon overall we won the quite nicely on sunday it would cool things down once again. >>james: the person was bid by mosquitoes while visiting central america and there is no threat of those mosquitoes and the council whatsoever and that the skills have been found in 12 counties throw california and new of forcing stanford and uc- berkeley has the highest crime rate per student in the state in the bad numbers from 2012 to
4:50 am
2014 steffan average about a crime if per 1000 students restock to build schools for response is actively doing something to cut down crime in the rate has gone down sharply in the past of of years his statistics are high to the campus is big in many of the faculty and students live on campus. >>james: the proposal will make california the first to require background checks at the point of sale for ammunition he said supporters will start submitting signatures to state election officials the measure also require them on a to turn in large capacity ammunition magazines and report also storm of gunsels local police the state senate was to permanently extend the law requiring
4:51 am
employers to pay domestic workers overtime pay the tab for 2013 law applies to nannies and caregivers and housekeepers in said they must be paid overtime wages for work to more than nine hours and a single day the measure cleared the senate on thursday is designed to requirement terminable next to the assembling babysitters are exempt from that mandate.' >>james: the father of the man who walk into baltimore city's is about a third bomb is speaking about his son he says his son alex what the to w b f f yesterday dress and an animal costume he claimed to have a bomb strapped around room about an hour to be fake and is not in the hospital in serious condition after being shot several times by police. >>james: he is going to a bad time read now he lost his job and vocal with is your friend and was having a nervous breakdown but despite his injuries he is not holding grudges against the police.
4:52 am
>>: they have to do their jobs they cannot assume that is not real the knicks like he will be ok that is the main thing. >>james: the device that he was worm around to it was actually made of chocolate candy bars with the wires attached to a motherboard a program reminder you can catch in of the soul of the back story right here on kron 4 with a behind-the-scenes to show you how the newscast come together each day and here's a sneak peek. >>reporter: 446 will also set a frat house.
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>>james: you profess an episode in this sunday at 930 right here on kron 4 we will be right back.
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>>robin winston: a fatal accident have two lanes blocked on highway 680 the southbound 6 a did not too far from the exit from a of a couple of vehicles it was moved into position for construction.
4:56 am
>>james: the partnership will be the first to match all maker with a seven year-old thomas car project it has not been released yet but they said a does not intend to mix of driving cars itself and will prefer it is trying to transport across the atlantic ocean to brazil for the summer olympics it will be live strained what is a massive undertaking.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
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>>darya: part of interstate 680 is close because the board did crash involved a claim this is just into the news room a car were in the the crime and was then hit by another car one person died at the same.
5:01 am
>>darya: this is out of the south by police on the scene of an officer involved shooting lasted a look of the video and eventually an officer opened fire no word on how the person who was shot as doing. >>james: pitcher perfect day for
5:02 am
you mid-80s inland that is what we're thinking out in a clock ready for school forecasting a low 50s. >>mark: it is outside of adana
5:03 am
to rally in southern california who was set to visit the bay area today in this weekend for the california republican convention this to the same in all this attention turned to the bay area without saw added to hire reducing for the california republican convention. >>will tran: dollars of the loss could to speak until noon
5:04 am
already which can tell you there is a list one protester driving around blasting his musical choice words you can see right behind us will assure local authorities them on to step up to insure everyone is safe they will be on full force they know what a let them rot donald trump is he is said to speak and
5:05 am
known many people process' and they have been waiting for him to arrive in fact in the days leading up to the grow by any means necessary they're encouraging people to show up to process' donald trump protesters are expected to arrive one already here and will monitor the situation and reese out to local authorities on what they're doing as far as traffic and make sure everyone access.
5:06 am
>>darya: he is due in court today and they run found a dead in their home on the score on sunday afternoon police told us yesterday that arrested the couple's two sons we first brought this news here on the one in the news of 22 year-old and his 17 year-old brother are behind bars non the 17 year-old classmate said in a boy had and the problems in the past always vote with it will act and a green islamic center who knew the family and save it all comes as a total shock is sentiment
5:07 am
his first court appearance sometime this afternoon a service for the couple is going to be held the muslim community association in santa clara at 2:00 this afternoon the body to detectives a little more would be buried >>anny hong: this comes as the release of more transcripts of racist attacks messages exchanged between former officers they found the text messages on the personal full of the officers then criminal probe chief provided additional transcripts and copies of photos with racist actions ever found
5:08 am
on the phone to the associated press is set to announce the new anti harassment training and under the l of the steps he is taking to combat bias in the apartment will continue to keep you updated and bring you more information as it comes to the news room. >>darya: the 221 year-old who was arrested and sent was i score on wednesday she is the assistant batman cult of high- school and police believe she was dating a 15 your boy i was on her back man team she was hired as a few months ago and only for the batman season the did the full background check and a follow protocol for bring her and.
5:09 am
>>mark: they have a one-year lease extension for this upcoming season in the indicated it will likely stay in oakland until a new stadium is built in nevada while he was not logic is there back in the mirror held draft charter to celebrate the first draft pick and gathered the fox theater and cheered when they selected defensive back todd was a genuine he tore his a sealed as four games last season but he is expected to be ready once training camp starts the for the niners he was the path to a defensive player of the year last year and the second year they have drafted a defensive of oregon that also trade data for
5:10 am
the 20 if overall pact with that they chose offensive guard jostle garnett from stanford the quarterback jerry goff second number-one overall by the lost angeles rams,. >>darya: he is the second quarterback to be selective with the no. 1 overall pick in east with family needs help and medical expenses for the young child was cancer how the warriors and stepping in to help + of the rawness of the weather tornados and flash flood we're tracking the storms we're following the fatal crash in the east of san ramon southbound 680 the two right lanes are still blocked to investigate the fatal crash last night more details coming up after the break.
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>>mark: tornado siren sounding as severe weather move through the state the from the cloud was family and of harm you can stay in touch the ground and became a tornado the national weather service confirmed to tornadoes headed or how one cause minor damage a rescue caught on camera and mississippian firefighters
5:15 am
in southern california can do some when the red 50 at the fire broke out yesterday afternoon and hilda and sarah the buildings with red but the wind shifted and the fire is spreading away from the building the last of a 50 percent contained no one was injured.
5:16 am
>>james: we have some of the most intense activity going on this is the second storm system that will be impacted not only the midwest alternately the east coast again last night lasting for today into it is the first half of the weekend you can see how intense it is there is the high probability and high risk for super cell to thunderstorms and tornadoes possible strong wind as this system plaza's way through portions of texas oklahoma an offer to louisiana that part of the country will be under fire for quite awhile >>james: pretty an active you consider the cows come at a seminar that is one to be the trend is headed to the weekend the northern when that will be warm things up as we get into saturday and into san the winds are born to be strong that could
5:17 am
mean you may have some trees down with this the possibility of power losses as well be prepared in case it happens in your neighborhood we're waking up to a performance and low fifties around the bay this morning a visually we will warmer to upper 60s and low '70's we expect 66 and hear with 59 in fremont a mix of low to mid '70's 63 in san francisco look for ride of 70 degrees in downtown oakland fifth fifth
5:18 am
fifth. >>robin winston: an accident involving a construction crane and a couple of vehicles will have crews on scene still investing and a lot of debris scattered across the road no exact estimate a time of clearing the to write a mental block so far is causing a minor and of life is to have more commanders on the road started to back up right at the same average drive times on some 680 from car to the scene and out to dublin to just under two to five minutes now to are the opposite side no delays at all 16 minutes
5:19 am
the average live from hayward over to san mateo. >>mark: the brother of one of the san bernardino should is a behind bars this morning off for a prosecutor said the three people were involved in the merits game was a lot of the shooters to stay in the u.s. illegally they uncovered the khmer rouge during the investigation into the december shooting massacre 14 people were killed and 22 others injured when the couple opened fire at a service building in san bernardino if the to attack and died in a shootout with police shortly after the investigators
5:20 am
said a fire started when the tree can be content with the pg&e par line they said the issue properly maintain the trees along the carpeting their sinking $90 million from pg&e to reimburse them for the cost of fighting fire. >>mark: we found a gold as the warriors fan who was stepping into health a little girl with the tradition needs. >>haaziq madyun: this as melanie earlier this year her family received the worst possible loose the for your girl was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer there is special
5:21 am
medical treatment for this form of brain cancer offered in england but the cost is $80,000 to much for this is a technician and nurse for martinez the season-ticket holder in the city of presence and he is auctioning off a pair playoff tickets after learning about the condition when someone
5:22 am
like this happens to your family and people step up and help you to start to feel differently about how good people are the family has received help from others as well as the sea from the gulf on the page if you like to the commission you find all the information >>mark: the tickets will be available on even until 1:00 this afternoon tsk fist fights the official song for the upcoming summer olympics web want to listen to it after the break.
5:23 am
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>>mark: the jungle book keeps cruising along the top of the box office ebola is waiting for cap the american civil war to hit theaters with a cyclical the movies coming out this weekend
5:26 am
this is the latest holiday theme movie after valentine's day is an advocate for something different try ratchet and clank is the sci-fi video game series about catlike and and robot the perfect movie some say for families with young kids the ban perry had these olympics spirit and the olympic fame the use of nicotine and chosen to live forever as the official song for the summer games in brazil than they did hear a lot because band members say they're on to rio to see the first of the game. >>james: he was a glimpse of what it will be like this optimal 6 is out of the coast
5:27 am
the seven is already as head inland the full four castrate had.
5:28 am
5:29 am
>>darya: we want to get a look at weather and traffic.
5:30 am
>>james: if we had dinner with some of the handsomest and slight fall but you listed the same thing to do have the door this morning to cook quickly the we're expecting sunny and warm temperatures in the maximum to a for seven is this we can still looks great love for really strong winds especially in the hills of complete forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >>robin winston: surely before 1130 in san ramon southbound 680 south of berlin to can involve the construction crane and two vehicles one person did not survive the crash they're still on scene investigating there was no estimated time for clearing
5:31 am
the two right lanes blocked so far it is causing a minor delay right at the scene there is no need to look for alternate route it is understood to five minutes to get from concord to wall muckrake danville san ramon through the scene of the crash and how to the dublin and to change will continue to update the drive times >>darya: clear from a broken nose out of the south to the police are on the scene of and also in washington to milpitas. >>reporter: standing right near the 680 eggs and their dozens of police officers out here still very active scene from an officer involved shooting the investigation seems to be centered on a hotel parking lot that is just across the street they're keeping us back a second
5:32 am
of the bill would look a bit earlier with police at first got here please it is all happened about 2 in the morning officers attempted to make a traffic stop with the driver did not stop we're hearing that i have is some sort of altercation if you're going to be in this area this is some place to publish a avoided we're working to get more information about what exactly happened where not sure if the shooting at the to place. >>mark: police a looking for the person who shot and killed a man had written a gas station where from the store from the breaking
5:33 am
news desk. >>anny hong: here is video from the scene the victim was identified as 26 year-old reginald anson he died at the same police are looking for surveillance video of the shooting is showed woman who appeared to be in handcuffs but it is not clear if she is somehow connected to the shooting but have not released the description of the shoulder no one else was also injured record to continue to follow the story and bring you updates. >>mark: we have surveillance pictures to show you the person of interest police believe the person has information on what happened the sexual assault have around 37 morning and san francisco's financial district the victim says she told her his name was sergio and it was the
5:34 am
25 in 30 years old san francisco police also looking for the person who section of salt to a seven for your woman the surveillance because of the person of interest that happens and after long pacific avenue police said the attacker went into the woman's apartment a soft her and left investigators and now looking into whether the musician died from a drug overdose in nonprescription open vacation on him and and his minnesota home so far they have not found about prescription for those medicines they believe the health scare about a week before his death was likely the result of a reaction to the pain medication he was taking it was
5:35 am
founded in the swimming pool at a home in contra costa county police a time to fit what exactly will happen with people who gathered last night vigil said he was a loving person who treated everyone with kindness and respect the shoe department is conducting toxicology test to try and determine the cause of death risk, to made available to students at a high-school. >>darya: the have been found in 12 counties in california but health officials say there is no
5:36 am
threat is an accounting is spread the mosquito bites and sexual contact and has been led to serious birth defects they will hold a free trip and then rally on all the street between santa clara and san john st. if there will be a be is a loss of giveaways face painting and even the slapshot to bay area universities have highest crime rates on campuses all over california and they're right here in the bay area home a little too wall ran across the bay bridge has a new home with
5:37 am
wanted to you were about how he founded the family.
5:38 am
5:39 am
>>robin winston: tracking a hot spot in the east bay south about 680 and the two rutland's are still blocked to investigate a fatal crash last night involving a construction crane into vehicles in this the come is a minor delay right at the scene it is not causing a major backed up the average return for stocks to 80 to five minutes out of concord for dublin or into dublin getting word of the crash on wall the creekside the main vault overturn vehicle. >>mark: changes may be coming out to a job application process that once to stop federal agencies from asking the questions about the criminal and credit history early in the job application process early screening for criminal history
5:40 am
and the proposal likely want to apply the positions of the last of security intelligence the are chrysler and our advanced tops this said a does not intend to mix of driving cars will prefer to license the self job is acknowledging.
5:41 am
>>darya: >>mark: our road race and said they did out of control when a man is left claim donald trump wanted to know the is not spend a fortune on his hotel rooms will have to say about his staying at a holiday inn.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
>>mark: part of interstate 680 close in san ramon after the deadly crash involving it happened just before 1130 last nine and also involve shooting them at happened before 1:00 this morning.
5:45 am
>>james: will have some reason
5:46 am
this is not run again it will not be quite as strong as we saw yesterday tekakwitha of what we see here and turns going into tonight a different story the best return we have a wooded rise in the tech stock 11:00 tonight and through today and tomorrow the overnight hours to get really windy will respect exactly 70 in oakland this afternoon low 7 is for presence in san ramon of your house in the delta that is when you get to 79 today in the south bay
5:47 am
will talk about san jose 72 it will be of the upper sixties to low 70 degree range and the most sunny skies. >>james: you will want to the upper 60s down there paulo out so up near the upper 50s with david city coming in right around 58 degrees the north the wine country is a mixed bag low 70 for places like santa still a perception is the santa rosa and mid-70s if you will be out and they're still today in conditions are expected to warm up as your head into saturday and sunday instead of pushing up against the 90 degree mark we will settle in the mid '80s which is on to the fantastic. >>robin winston: south to bomb
5:48 am
680 in her sea its feet wrapping of the investigation of how trends during some to the road as well this happen before 1130 last night the cigna address a estimated time the two right lanes blocked no major delays a slow right at the st. northbound traffic is moving well of you have to choose not to arm 6 in the coming out of dublin into san ramon does nothing blocked is just a minor attack on the brick with the have to the trouble spots the walnut creek size of our 680 is another accident with injuries involving the overturned vehicles. >>robin winston: the car ended up on the shoulder is not in a block of stock and to back up, not a pleasant hill south on 680 is a walnut creek to drive times is brought up to two to three minutes total from concord to danville you have the oven and seven in san ramon calls in just a minor delay the normal
5:49 am
stopping the traffic coming out oakland as are the backed up a little heavy at the new eastern span the average drive times 17 to 20 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco. >>darya: get ready for the glaze of your writing, trying cruel beyond repair and a century old real bridge on the couch remind that means delays for writers and all to train schedule the temporary changes are needed for the construction crews replacing the quince tree real bridge within the instruction deficient to work on the bridge runs through the weekend until monday for the train service were not returned to normal on sun and. >>darya:.
5:50 am
>>mark: they have the highest among the come crime on the campus the stanford university came in and of a one stamper officials say they are high because the campus is dead and many faculty members and students live on campus the
5:51 am
supporters was the submitting signatures to state election officials one emerging industry is thriving in hiring the visit of the silicon alley virtual reality expo which is now a san jose day and he found. >>gabe slate: when i walked into the world's largest for to reality conference this exhibit immediately grabbed my mind the content you anywhere in the universe to explore but physically you're limited to the space in your room in your house could help that it is
5:52 am
hiring every single person at the expo the skills are in high demand hard rest offshore development it is definitely one of the next big thing for silicon valley the harder you peddle the better your character performs in the game. >>darya: going into the weekend and going back to the backed storing apparent on sunday..
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>>mark: the dog lessee is he at over. >>darya: bid from the right family the couple will adopt the said is the more tv and love with him they're not one to change his name the oakland zoo
5:57 am
and the golden state society at timmy up to help save birds a have fallen from the nest and on to streets in downtown oakland 75 nest and identified. >>darya: many young black crowned night herons and snowy egrets has been rescued this nesting season they retrieve the verge provide treatment in the seventh transport the animal to the international bird rescue in fairfield for rehabilitation we're tracking warm weather across the bay area here is a live look from san francisco's sutro tower.
5:58 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: this morning i to the south of a bear on the scene of an officer and abroad shooting in milpitas. >>darya: it happened at 1:00 this morning in calaveras boulevard. >>reporter: that tell us to investigation is centered on the hotel parking lot police officers the keeping us back at this time this all happen at
6:01 am
about to the morning and also attempted to make it traffics from the driver of the vehicle did style will be hit of did you back here in the studio would total about the shooting right away but alert the request out
6:02 am
of 445 this morning. >>mark: police say a car wreck and a crane now and then it was hit by another vehicle one person died at the scene the second person is hospitalized this morning.
6:03 am
>>robin winston: that is also an attack in the drive times topped by 680. >>james: can get your cameras out tech the picture of the sun rise in your neighborhood.
6:04 am
>>mark: as many as 20 people were arrested after protest happened and or is counting donald trump is now set to visit the bay area for the california republican convention.
6:05 am
>>darya: dozen people steadily into the night but they clear the scene around 11:00 p.m. >>will tran: off reading will be in attendance presumably they
6:06 am
did not know what was happening outside a lot of the agencies and the bay area they monitoring they knew what was gone, and that is why this morning there and four patrol near when for process' tori regard install 14 to answer his been driving along a blaring his music have a choice words of to donald trump specifically released out will able to live off the system
6:07 am
every agency from san mateo county image of everything goes peaceably. >>will tran: our intention is to and respected and highest wishes of the people out the proper at the same time if you wish to come on to demonstrate do so would do so in the public area you're allowed to do so we do know the down some will be speaking at noon and tonight at 730 while governor will make his presentation a lot go on not just for today but as for tomorrow. >>mark: the south and accused of
6:08 am
murdering his parents in their home of the weekend is to court to than ever found dead in their home lucas court on sunday afternoon as we told you yesterday by the breaking news police arrested the couple's two children and will show the picture of the oldest son the 22 year-old and his 17 year-old brother are behind bars on the 17 your classmates say that he had and the problems in the past a service to the couple is going to be held to the muslim community association at 2:00 this afternoon and then they will be buried and the more the oversight and cassettes of his first court appearance sometime this afternoon. >>mark: plethora canada as
6:09 am
follows the story. >>anny hong: this comes as he released a more transcripts of racist attacks messages exchanged a train former police officers the mayor released an open letter yesterday in response to the best of the recent scandal the people commit these acts do not deserve to be san francisco police officers he
6:10 am
is set to announce the new anti harassment training today and at on a belt of the steps he's taken to combat bias and the police department. >>mark: she was arrested as san jose high school wins and she's assistant coach of the high school and she was dating a 15 your boy who was on the team that did a full background check and from all our call before bring her and if she was booked as santa clara county jail and is waiting for for so chargers. >>darya: he does move the santa lost vegas he met with someone
6:11 am
of battered tourism committee yesterday during the nfl draft he is willing to spend half a billion dollars to be part of a deal for new stadium in vegas and joseph had torn his a seal just four games into the season but he is expected to be ready when training camp starts the
6:12 am
also traded up 428 overall pick of that issue for us to guard jostle garnett from stamford he led the golden bears to a first full game for years and to the second cal quarterback ever to be selective with a no. 1 overall pick. >>darya:.
6:13 am
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>>james: we could be looking is
6:16 am
a down trend depending on where you are listed as a fog camera little cloudy at the top of hazy as well as images right now not bad pretty mild 50 in said francisco 51 in san jose looking at some correspondence. >>james: you're either in the 04 is a your in the low 50s not terrible temperature is not terrible either looking pretty good 74 oakland 72 in san jose
6:17 am
76 for concord warm to 79 degrees out and see what the brand would in the delta. >>james: to will have the before pass coming up on this head of the to track the center. >>robin winston: pollens are open on 680 south the fatal accident just clear the crews are wrapping up in cleaning up there some couch and work it happened last nine always opens up on 680 in this is the commute expect a little bit of residual the laid-back from crow canyon.
6:18 am
>>robin winston: it includes the on an offline from six aiding this is for police investigation if you're looking for alternate and tries to the to the freeway i so far as my backup reproaching the activity will have the full weight at the pain is a lot of folks heading to san francisco no problems on the bridge with the back of extends to the foot of the mess it is just under 20 minutes from
6:19 am
downtown oakland to downtown san francisco. >>robin winston: no major problems between the nimitz and the bayshore freeway the drive time will be less than 20 minutes to get from hay with over to the peninsula. >>mark: the wind shifted the fire away from those buildings the last of that the content was a 50% no injuries have been reported. >>mark: amend the lawsuit against pg&e the company was responsible for the delay didn't fire last summer it was the seventh most destructive in california history two people died and nearly 71,000 a. near sacramento more than 500 homes destroyed the city fire started when they came in contact with the pg&e power line the company to a properly maintained trees
6:20 am
along the side of propping the fire is now seeking $90 million for pg&e to reimburse them for the cost of fighting the fire. >>darya: the brother of one of the san bernardino should this is behind bars this morning along with two of the family members of the three-year or involved in a marriage scheme which allowed one of the shoulders to stay in the u.s. illegally they're all pleaded not guilty of door is on cover the sham marriage during the investigation into the december a terrorist shooting 14 people were killed and 22 others rep injured when the couple opened fire and health services building and san bernardino the two attackers killed in. a shootout with police shot in >>mark: the friend of the charleston man who shot nine churchgoers to that in the bible study will be in court today he will plead guilty to lying to police and fell to report a crime he did not tell
6:21 am
investigators all he knew about build and plan to shoot parishioners that the emanu-el in the church lejeune the 22 year-old was charged in a kind of charge and through court he 69 counts of murder in state court in the death penalty trial second of january san francisco police need your help to identify a person wanted in connection with the sexual assault the cyclical surveillance picture dispersals interest police believe if that they have information on what should happen. >>darya: it happened and 130 in the morning on sunday at the financial district to the woman would into hotel command and he sold to her the victim said he told her that his name was sergio and his 25 in 30 years old. >>darya: san francisco police are looking for the person who sexually assaulted a 74 year-old woman he was a surveillance and the fall of the person they're looking for in this picture
6:22 am
happened sunday afternoon along the pacific avenue near stockton street the attack a went into the elderly woman's apartment assault to turn and then left the area. >>mark: a woman in handcuffs she's been hit by a rocket florida police officer the officer has been fired and now face a battery chargers the jacksonville sheriff's office release of a lot of it as it happened wednesday right in front of the duval county jail. >>mark: the officer who arrested a woman for trespassing and resisting arrest when they tried to score on an hourly or she became belligerent refusing to hand up and try to kick in by the officer with their ride until the woman began kicking officer and that is when he hit back he had a multiple times he was fired yesterday. >>darya: new this morning one of major league baseball best hitters have been suspended
6:23 am
after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs he won the national league batting title and signed a $50 million contract extension back in january he tested positive with haydn normal levels of testosterone the hitting coach in miami the four real growth martinez to the indictment to bring cancer and a fan is stepping up to helper try and pay for medical expenses. >>mark: this is melanie sullivan not what she has been diagnosed with brain cancer in january there was a special medical treatment for this type of cancer was only offered in england and the cost $80,000. >>mark: when he heard about the condition he started an option on four pair playoff tickets
6:24 am
when it comes down to it than you cannot compare that to a child's life. >>mark: if you like to the the mission the compiling information on our website >>darya: donald trump want you to know that he is not spending a fortune on hotel rooms while his own campaign trail will tell you he had said about the place to the stated in the raids into that is out of control of land is left clinging to the hood of the car.
6:25 am
6:26 am
6:27 am
>>robin winston: the drive time on the 30 minutes to counter to the dublin and to change. >>mark: adopt some stake in holiday inn express and he wanted to know about he talked about how he stayed in cheap hotels on the campaign trail.
6:28 am
>>darya: surveillance to video captured in to happen on tuesday during rush hour the intersection a college campus if there was an argument between the passengers into cars and the argument escalated he got out of a black sedan and he stood in front of the white car refuse to move this on the driver of the wide car said ok and you send roland toward him slowing the of the driver started lifting you turn in the middle of the land as of right now they're still looking to find the two drivers
6:29 am
6:30 am
6:31 am
>>mark: is sent to london tim finds yesterday and this is down another 60 but a sinking below the 18,000 mark. >>james: he was a breakdown of
6:32 am
the with the store looking a mostly sunny and warm conditions in the middle of the seven is this weekend temperatures in the mid '80s especially on sunday evening down the beach mid-70s along the water it will be great to get out there and when the conditions we need to mention that it is high when the advisory to the overnight hours into tomorrow morning because he 45 mod our guest especially up in the hills.
6:33 am
6:34 am
>>mark: police released a sketch is early this morning three men went up to a victim who was walking near central street from 520 in the morning they beat staff and are the victim all three of these men are on loose there described as hispanic the first 25 to 28 years old the second and his late 20s about 5 ft. 9 in the third in his early thirties he is a 6 ft. 2 and weighs about 190 lbs. with black hair. >>darya: major developments to tell you about in the death investigation apprentice they're looking into whether he may have died from a drug overdose they found a prescription of we would meditation on him and his home in minnesota the have not found in nevada prescriptions to those medications they believe health scare about a week before his death was like the results of a
6:35 am
reaction to the pain medication. >>mark: the 15 year-old who was on the football team in wrestling team he was found dead in the swimming pool at a home on sunday morning police and try to figure out exactly what happened to people who gathered last as visual said he was a loving person interested in the with kindness and respect. >>darya: the sonoma county department confirm someone tested positive for the virus
6:36 am
did not get ahead the person was bid by an infected mosquito of visiting central america there was no threat as an accounting they spread through mosquito bites and the sexual contact and is willing to sears for defects. >>mark: yesterday was officially he was adopted the couple will doctors said they saw on tv and fell in love with him the seized he named him punch after punch a rally on the tv show chips. >>darya: the sharks opened a second round in the playoff
6:37 am
series the national predator tonight for the s&p said that it drops at seven starting with the fun begins outside of the shark tank at 5 a dear little boy takes action from the burglar as the into the home to take what he did to fight off a warning on to bay area college campuses to to you which ones are the highest crime rate of the highest in the nation take a look outside wall of a creek they're ready for the sun, on the east bay hills traffic.
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>>robin winston: the average drive time 20 minutes from downtown oakland and to downtown san francisco.
6:41 am
>>darya: that is when the chris the boy 10 years old grab the hand of government and started firing at the man as he was trying to get away is not the first time that the san guy has tried to rob the house.
6:42 am
>>james: we're talking about the weather not only for today but the weekend ahead will start to see the sun trying to get to the calls this morning.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>>mark: involving a crane that happened just before 1130 last night to visit also was forced open fire we don't know the
6:45 am
condition of the person who shot dead. >>mark: the protests turned violent at a downtown rally in orange county least 20 were arrested as protesters clashed with some supporters and now people are watching the bay area a donald trump will be entire region sing for the start of the california public of convention as people already planning protests the expected to start at 9:00 a.m.. >>james: we will have a vested
6:46 am
attention only 5 mi. out wins at the moment not that bad, the 17 fairfield went to the corridor to when this week it will become a from the north that is the warmer weather and that is what temperatures on saturday and sunday will be on the suddenly warmer side back to the to the '80s 50 afforded us will see on the color temperature page it
6:47 am
will want to condition that look like this to the east and shoreline temperatures for the peninsula the bay shoreline of the cycle to mid-60s the coastline of the fifties to low 60s were expecting ride around 50 degrees or so for places like ocean beach. >>james: looking for a wide spread 07 is 1014 mill valley all week to around park getting into the of the seven is for santa rosa ultimate seven is dropped sonoma and napa valley
6:48 am
and efficient to make plans for that will have that coming up in the next hour tim just began to fall as we have another storm system with potential rain for thursday. >>robin winston: we have to stop and go traffic heading to the east bay the san mateo bridge 92 come out of hey were packed come over to the peninsula no major problems on the bridge or on the bayshore freeway it would take about 23 minutes to get the right out of pay would into san mateo check in the ride across the golden gate bridge in this knowledge of problems it is
6:49 am
recovering from an earlier overturned in walnut creek is about to use it you will notice this have become an accomplice and deal will increase the average driver to two minutes from concord and danville the fatal accident on the san ramon side it is clearly growing activity on the shoulder you will it slow the traffic approaching the canyon right at the scene 17 minutes from south 680 from dublin to fremont remembered near 680 of milpitas police are investigating a shooting. >>mark: consider alternatives this summer in an effort to try
6:50 am
and cut down the number of spend the air lurked this is single occupancy vehicles are the largest sources of ozone pollution a startling new report fine to bay area universe is have the highest amount of crime on campus in the entire state stanford university comes in at number one with about eight crimes per 1000 students. >>darya: uc-berkeley is at no. 2 on the list that's collected
6:51 am
more than half a million signatures supporters was the to getting signatures to state election officials the measure will also require a gun on a to turn in a large capacity ammunition magazines. >>mark: early screening for criminal history for prematurely described by applicants without agency is the proposal will likely.
6:52 am
>>darya: the partnership will be the first two matches are made with the seven year old autonomous car project it will prefer to license itself drive technology the chrysler will make is on of thomas' car is expected to test the technology in.
6:53 am
>>darya: you contented this sunday at 930.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>>mark: here is a look to some of the new movies in the theater you before to see than
6:57 am
he was one for the kids decide five video game about a cat like alien in robot captain america civil war is often a big star in the box office.
6:58 am
>>darya: from the former police officer surface will have details on changes the department is making watching weather and traffic not just moving will watching the wind and weather forecasts will have that will talk what the biggest news coming out of the nfl draft and the only thing we can about watching.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: part of interstate 80 was closed in san ramon after a deadly crash involved a crane the crash happened as a 41130 last night a car rented a crane in was hit by another car bomb person is dead the second person is hospitalized as expected to recover


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