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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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protesters tight -- tried to disrupt donald trump speech. >> we don't want him to have another platform for his rhetoric. >> supporters are forced to run. >> smashing through police barriers. >> they have taken over the entire outside of the hotel. >> trump is worsted detour through a rear entrance. >> that wasn't the easiest entrance i've ever made. >> a bay area visit by trump triggering chaos. the protesters clashing with police and clashing with each other. some got violent. were joined light from where the california gop convention is happening this weekend and burlingame. let's go to grant lotus here with how this got messy even before the event began. >> you heard trump was coming and you knew there would be protest but as you can see here
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the fireworks did start while before he was in the vicinity today. by the time he rolled down one- to-one into burling game hundreds of protesters had blocked the entrance to the highest. you can see the motorcade flanked by secret service and they walk between these barricades and fencing and had to hop down into that ditch and climb up out of bed. eventually heading into a back entrance of the hotel. trump is adamant that he will build the border wall to mexico and he said this as soon as he took the mic. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. my wife called and said there's helicopters following you. we went under a fence and through a fence then oh boy. it felt like a was crossing the border. >> after he trump for 25 minutes his entourage left the hyatt the same way it came in.
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trump may have to get more accustomed to such maneuvering and protesters continue to block his path to events. >> more than one trump supporter got into a pushing match. >> the demonstrators are doing everything in their power to disrupt trump stopping anyone who supports him. they broke through barricades, they confronted officers, were joined light from burlingame where it all happen. charles? >> earlier this week a protest organizers said they wanted a militant protest outside of trump's speech and they did their best. at times things got very chaotic . friday morning hundreds of protesters gathered outside the hyatt regency in burling game hoping to disrupt trump's keynote speech >> we don't want him to have a platform. >> a lot of people are appalled
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by the campaign. at one point protesters scuffle with the trump supporter. they also try to keep this man from entering the hotel. the crowd block bayshore highway and the entrances to the hive -- hyatt in an attempt to keep him from getting in. upon hearing that trump was inside the crowd surged past police barricades and move towards the hotel entrance. officers from the wall to keep them out. protesters dropped the banner from this walkway, smashed a window and hit an officer within it. five people were arrested and was europe's deputy received minor energy -- injuries. trump speech lasted one hour and then the crowd started to thin out. by midafternoon the stragglers were cleared out. governor john kasich was scheduled to speak tonight at about seven tax 30 but i have not seen a
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protester since 4:00 o'clock. inside the hotel trump delivered what some considered a rambling speech calling for party unity and outlining his strategy for beating hillary clinton. >> i can tell you, just give me the name of the person and i will tell you what state she's going to win and what stage is going to lose. i'm different because i'm going to win states that nobody else can. when i can focus on hillary, cricket hillary, when i focus on hillary she will go down easier than any of the people we just need. >> afterwords that trump motorcade did speed back to sfo. it's plane was waiting there. the republican convention goes through the weekend with john k- 6 speaking tonight, senator ted cruz is scheduled for tomorrow. we have more video from the protest at kron4 and coming up at 8:30 stanley roberts house
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people behaving badly. >> new at eight a disturbing crime in san francisco's chinatown. people are on edge tonight. a stranger reportedly raped the 74 woman in her own home. we're live in chinatown with details on what happens.>> reporter: people in this neighborhood are telling me the type of person who would sexually assault a 74-year-old woman is sick and discussed the. tonight police are looking for the person accused of this heinous crime. >> i thought i was safe but it's scary. >> in both english and chinese apartment buildings near the rape -- where the rape happen warning people about the crime. on pacific impound the suspect entered the apartment building of the 74-year-old victim and allegedly raped her on sunday
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at 1:30 in the afternoon. police did not offer a description of the suspect but shared this image of a person of interest. a man wearing a blue shirt and pants and possibly classes seen in the building. this person may have information about the rape. >> this is a safe neighborhood and i'm surprised something like that would happen. i feel very safe here and i'm by myself all the time. >> she will now watch her nine- year-old daughter closer until the suspect is behind bars >> that terrifies me. she wants to walk to school by herself. that scary. >> i did talk with building management and they told me that this is an isolated incident and the building is secure. they are urging people who live here to not let strangers in behind them when they enter through the gates because
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that's how they think the suspect got inside the apartment building. like tonight in san francisco i and justine walter and --. kron4 a double murder shocking the community. to san jose brothers accused of murdering their parents. as kron4 reports from the hall of justice, the evidence includes a confession.>> the 22- year-old and a 17-year-old brother were each a range of two counts of murder on friday. they sat quietly with his head bow low while his brother to be tried as an adult in his hallway away from the cameras by order of the judge. court documents he confessed to killing his parents and that omar help to conceal the crime. the bodies were discovered last sunday in their evergreen valley home. deputy district attorney backbreaker. >> they were murdered inside
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their home by their two sons on saturday by their two sons on saturday, april 23. omar was shot more than one dozen times. she was shot once in the head. >> the court documents for the revealed that after the killings the brother travel to oakland to attend the convention. the documents say they play in the killings on an intruder but was later contradicted by omar who told police that he shot both parents. despite the confession both offended entered not guilty pleas. a key piece of evidence will be those telling messages left at the crime scene. investigators compared the handwriting on those messages with found in the sense rooms and they affect you believe that the two sons are responsible for those messages. and san jose, kron4 news. >> another breath of racist
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homophobic text has surfaced and the growing scandal facing san francisco police. the text was ugly bigoted difficult to look at. the latest messages were exchanged between two on-duty officers and they included racial slurrs homophobic language. the chief called the remarks of betrayal. >> 2000 members of this police department and the actions of these two officers however reprehensible and discussing was not only a betrayal to the city but to the other 2000 officers who are out there every single day upholding the oath that they swore to serve and protect everybody. >> new workforce training for every member of the department where it will clearly described unacceptable behavior and the responsibility of officers to report such conduct immediately. the protesters who were on
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a hunger strike to call for the removal of the chief and the mayor. they are on their night day and tonight that protest is expected to get bigger with a rally. we're live outside the mission police station with the latest jeff? >> catherine that rally is just getting started right outside the mission street safe there station to support the protesters calling for the removal for the place of chief. the hunger strike it's been going on since the 21st. the protesters are called the frisco five and they're protesting numerous issues. several high profile officer involved shootings and a racist text messaging scandal are at the top of the list of grievances the group has and say the chief must leave his post. the protesters say they are weak but determined to get their point across>> it's nine days in. i did not think we would be out
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here this long but the spirit of us trying to get justice and change our city, keeps us out here. we want justice more than food. >> the protest is mostly quiet and reserved but earlier things got heated and the streets were shut down by protesters for a while on tuesday. protesters hope to do the same again on friday night to keep the attention level high. despite nine days without fruit the group says they will remain camped out in front of the mission station for as long as they can hold out. nine days without food will take its toll. >> this has been quite the experience. we are on day nine here. we have to conserve as much energy as possible. just trying to relax. >> everything is still quiet out here in the mission and the chief has said repeatedly he will not step down. reporting live in san francisco. we have breaking news. bad news if you're a warrior spent luke walton has just agreed to become the new head
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coach of the lakers. earlier this season he posted a remarkable 39 and four record as interim head coach with steve kerr had the back issue. the king started 24 renault under walton. the best start in nba history. he was drafted by the lakers in 2003 and won two titles. walton who has been the son of hall of famer bill walton will begin his new duties after the warriors season ends. he will be with the team for the playoffs at the multi-gear deal for walton but the terms of not been released. gary will offer his take coming up tonight at 8:45. >> coming up a worker arrested for distributing child porn and that was not all police found at his house. heroin, marketed with staff scurries image. certainly not endorsed by the end be a star. a drunk driver crash after a
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wine festival. what organizer doing -- what organizers are doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. breezy conditions continue. a major warm up as we head into the weekend. all the details right after the break.
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in the east almost one year ago police say a drunk driver going nearly 100 miles per hour slammed into a sidewalk killing a mother and daughter. the man had been at a wine festival earlier that day. this weekend more than 150,000 people will head for the white country downtown street festival. last year that celebration marred by the crash and the tragedy. the family will also be holding an event this weekend. >> reporter: the family of that mother and baby girl killed in
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a horrific crash will hold a memorial service on sunday morning right here where the crash happened. mothers against drunk driving will be here meanwhile just a few minutes drive away the wine festival will continue without any significant changes from last year. >> the staff members are getting ready for their biggest event of the year. this weekend about 150,000 people will pack seven blocks of downtown livermore for a wine festival. >> it's now called the downtown streets as. >> the director said she planned this year's festival and she has been following the lead up to a murder trial. it was almost exactly one year ago that da says brian jordan -- brian jones drove his corvette up to almost 900 -- 99 miles per hour. he had been at the festival earlier that day and his blood alcohol content was .14%.
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paralysis family has been active in the case confronting jones at his court hearing and keeping the story in the headlines as they had to trial. >> we go over and beyond.>> just one else for wine and 3 ounces for beer. she believes john visited other establishments before he got behind the wheel. volunteers are trained to limit and keep the event tasteful not intoxicating. >> if we get a yelp that some is upset that they got cut off, i will be proud of myself. that is again the right clientele here to enjoy the look for quality. >> i spoke with livermore police today and they say they will be out in force at the wine festival and they will be riding drunk in public citations . the idea is to catch someone who is that too much to drink before they get behind the wheel of a car.
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reporting and livermore kron4 news. >> jones has pled not guilty to all the charges. a man shot by a milpitas policeman is expected to survive. police said they tried to pull the man over in a traffic stop at the executive in. the man got out of his car and ran towards the transition rate . in the conversation that followed an officer shot the man. no officers were injured. a man being arrested for downloading child pornography was found that the -- with a large cache of job -- guns. johnathan wells on vista drive yesterday they say computers and external drives were used to download the illegal content and also took 39 guns including assault rifles. investigators are looking into whether he broke any laws regarding the guns. he was employed as a metal shop worker in san jose. a big warm-up coming for
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the weekend. are meteorologists is hereby bottom line it looks lovely. >> we're going to warm things up about another 12 degrees heading into sunday. most locations will be in the mid-80s and even the high 80s for some of our inland locations. it is breezy tonight and we will see that overnight into saturday and throughout the weekend we will see gusty conditions. 17 and oakland and 17 and hayward. around 20 miles per hour at half moon bay. all the areas here highlighted in this brown cover under of wind advisory until tomorrow morning. trees and power outages are a possibility mainly for some of our higher elevations. you want to be careful driving around as we go into the rest of tonight or if you're getting
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an early start tomorrow morning.>> i satellite radar shot -- we have weather continuing to move away from our region and another system getting closer to us. this area of high pressure will slide right over our region and help warm up our temperatures. because we are caught between two systems it will be strong until tomorrow morning. temperatures are 71 in napa. 58 and hayward. a cold night ahead in daly city in the low 50s. are afternoon high for tomorrow, a lot more 80s on the map. 79 the high in sunnyvale. toward the east bay we will see temperatures at 82 degrees. walnut creek 77. 79 in hayward. a really nice way to kick off the weekend. mid-70s in san francisco and 82 and pedal luna.
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your three day forecast shows we're going to work things up on sunday even more. we will slowly start to cool things down into next week. i will take a closer look at your -- forecast. new ahead and disturbing detail about a south bay teacher arrested for a crime against minors. how many students police say had been victimized. coming up i'm going to show you a new way you can pay for your gas that is quick and convenient. you don't even have to touch the pump terminal with your hand. it's all done to your phone. that's coming up on kron4 news. >> showing up at a anti-trump rally. is like jumping into a shark infested take. i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it?
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mobile payments are catching on with retailers. the restaurant industry for example. now in the bay area there's a new way to pay for something, and with just a tap of your phone. dave slate explains. >> chevron gas stations in the bay area are adding the ability to pay at the pump with your phone. i think this is very convenient. you don't have to mess with your wallet or take out a credit card. you don't have to touch that dirty german -- germy keypad. just fuel. >> here i am at the pump. i'm ready to get gas. at the front of the terminal is the fast pay. this is where you pull out your phone. i just happened here. and never goes. and brings up my apple pay and it was my fingerprint.
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i have authorize the payment. no messing with the wallet or credit cards. i just pop out my phone and tap into this past the terminal. that worked really smoothly. that was nice. this supports our credit card types and all payment services. apple pay, android pay, and anything else that may launch in the -- future that uses an fc. in many ways it safer than using a credit card. you can set it to only authorize the payment with your fingerprint. considering all the problems we hear about with gas pumps and the card reading skimmers that can still your credit card info, it's this payment to phone option is not a bad alternative. >> there are 25 stations in the bay area offering this payment.
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if you want to see when near you, look for my tech page on our website or our mobile app. still ahead and teenage -- a teenager say she was unconscious when a boy forced her to have sex. coming up alecia is on the scene. were taking a break from watching the sharks and we will have a little fun here with the emails on how the sharks look tonight. >> they're looking great. shark time at the giant and get ready for the warriors. were going to find out tonight whether they played sunday or tuesday. the sharks are looking okay. a little bit later in this broadcast.
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drug dealers in philadelphia are marketing their top-of-the-line heroin stamp with the likeness of steph curry. police tweeted this photo showing some packets of hera went featuring his face and name. the curry brand hera went first discovered by authorities earlier this week. police say they've never seen drug will -- drug dealers do something like this before. pennsylvania is known for having some of the most potent hera went in the country.
8:28 pm
it will be available to doctors in the us as early as next week. right now people who suspect infection can only be tested through a network of cdc labs. coming up, what donald trump called hillary clinton. why technology means you might never lose a piece of luggage again at least that is the aim of one particular airline. stanley roberts has no problem finding people behave -- behaving badly at a trump protest. it's a quiet evening now but we will see winds conditions overnight. warming weather for the weekend and i will have all the details of my seven-day forecast coming up .
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no shortage of police as you can see at the trump rally today. they were ready for pretty much anything. law enforcement from all around the bay and including the secret service were and burling game to try to prevent the crowd from getting out of control. stanley roberts has more. >> stanley roberts found people behaving badly.>> there's a party and burling game and everyone showed up. some are not supporting the
8:31 pm
guest of honor. but yelling trump in the crowd of anti-trump protesters is tantamount to jumping into a shark infested take wearing brought me around your neck. in the end he was rescued by a police officer. most of the partygoers did not want to get others to attend so they set up their own barricade. some process created something i just found -- i felt that is called the dragon still. these dragon tales are set up early in the morning. they get to the point where no one can get in or for that matter out. case in point, they had a serious problem. he had to catch a flight home.
8:32 pm
where was home? >> japan. >> sorry about that. >> so i did what any good journalists went to an offered absolutely no solution. i'm kidding. >> make a left and drive down this parking lot.>> i showed him a way to get out. >> while everyone caught up, trump managed to sneak in the back by walking through a hole in the fence. oh the irony. >> not to mention he also snuck out the back through the very same bands. and then the party was over. except for these protesters chasing another protester who egged them.
8:33 pm
and burling game, stanley roberts kron4 news. >> here's reaction to today's event on social media.>> people were probably reacting to stanley also. a lot of passionate comments for sure on twitter, instagram, you name it. it's hard to remember when someone and politics was so polarizing. our page was lit up today. so he's against people crossing the border and he wants to build a wall and now he got to experience how it's that's what aside across something without being caught.>> pamela says chicken. he should've walked through the crowd. not such a tough guy after all.>> debbie disagrees and so many others, she says people like this just secure my vote for trump even more.
8:34 pm
we always welcome your two cents. keep it clean but join the conversation. the candidate himself turned to social media to unload on hillary clinton on twitter. calling her cricket hillary clinton. saying she is perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency. trump said she is also one of the all-time great enablers. clinton told cnn she knows how to deal with people like trump. >> i have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave. he can say whatever he wants to say. i could care less. >> for the first time, a poll has showed them in a dead heat among voters nationwide. this is the rasmussen report that says 24% of voters now say they will not vote for either one. they say they will either stay
8:35 pm
home are cast ballots for somebody else. >> the sharks are back on the ice tonight. their hosting the national predators in game one of round two of the conference playoffs. were joined light from outside the fap center were fans are pulling for a win. >> it is definitely a madhouse in there. there is no shortage of energy out here tonight. sharks fans are pumped up and they say for good reason because the sharks have been off for a week and fans say that will bode well for them tonight and throughout the series. >> fans lined up early hoping to soak up all about the playoffs had to offer. >> i'm looking forward to this series.>> pregame the sharks fans are hoping to for the national predators while the sharks haven't played a game since wrapping their series up
8:36 pm
against the los angeles kings last friday. the predators are coming off a hard fight game seven win on wednesday over the anaheim ducks.>> we're going to win the stanley cup. >> they had some time to relax and hopefully that will benefit them. >> go sharks. >> they're happy to see their team move on to round two. >> i'm super proud. they're looking great. >> wouldn't it be nice if the franchises 25th year to make it to the stanley cup for the first time. >> you know what. displaces loud. we've always been enthusiastic. this is the time for us. it's going to be rocketing here. >> sharks fans are definitely a confident bunch. as for the game, we are an intermission after the first.. we are scoreless. i'm going to head back and so i will see you
8:37 pm
in a bit. if you thought today was nice, get ready for saturday and sunday. a great forecast. >> both days will be nice. sunday will be a little bit warmer. you can't go wrong with either day. if you're making plans it will be great outside the only thing is we're tracking strong winds. lingering until the morning and we will see strong wind gust especially for higher elevations. they could be at to 45 miles per hour. 20 miles per hour, six in san jose. 16 in fairfield. we will stay windy. warmer temperatures this weekend . a dry pattern and warming into sunday. sunday will be the peak and our temperatures. we will start to cool things back down.
8:38 pm
right now a cold night at 54 degrees. san jose, 61. we were so close to 70 degrees and santa rosa. we do have a ridge of high pressure starting to develop offshore. that's why we will stay dry. were not tracking any rain fall. we have another system that continues to move off to the east. we are stuck between the two and that's what's giving us the stronger wind speeds. as we go into tonight and tomorrow we will see clouds clearing up. high pressure is in control so lots of sunshine. we will see a disturbance move into the sierra but that will not bring us any rainfall throughout the bay area. just a few rain showers in the sierras. most of the clouds will stay off the coast until we get into monday. i went direction changes in our temperatures start to cool down. tonight 54 in richmond.
8:39 pm
50 in daly city. highs around the region tomorrow, a lot more 80s on the map. mid-to high 80s. seven-day forecast shows the warmest day of the week will be on sunday. we will drop-down each day as we get into next week. i next friday were back into the 60s. entrance of rain thursday and friday of next week. the back story returns with a brand-new episode to this sunday were going to follow sports director as he gets ready for the giants opening day. >> better make a fast. i'm headed out to the ballpark. a subject of back roads, back story or whatever it is. i'm being followed around today. >> behind-the-scenes, i love it. >>[music] >>
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you would not have one those titles without me. i really want to get along with you guys.>> back story is sunday that 9:30. still ahead by a judge said for sex with an unconscious victim was not a crime. also, a pizza box made of what? she attacked a pregnant -- attacked a pregnant woman and cut her unborn baby from her wombshe will spend in prison. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic.
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cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan.
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a colorado woman has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for attacking a pregnant woman and cutting the woman's baby from her womb.
8:43 pm
she was sentenced today after being convicted in february of attempted first-degree murder and unlawful termination of a pregnancy. she picked her pregnancy in 2015 and then attacked michelle wilson who had answered her craigslist ad regarding baby clothes. wilson survived, the baby died. lane was not charged with killing the trial because of colorado law. in oklahoma a court has upheld the decision to dismiss of force sodomy charge against a teenager because his victim was unconscious. prosecutors say it happened after the two had been drinking . the boy claimed the girl consented but could not remember after she left the park. a judge dismissed that casing under current law and was not a crime because the victim was so intoxicated. lawmakers are working on a bill which would change the language of that law to address unconscious or intoxicated victims. coming up in 60 seconds and
8:44 pm
ivy league professor teaching a lesson of failure by publishing his own failures. a teacher under arrest accused of trying to entice minors. police say it is not the first time this has happened. and sports weren't showing to read fan emails with his wife alecia and more on the warriors big loss as luke walton is going from the bay area to los angeles. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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new developments in the case regarding a schoolteacher accused of enticing students into cindy canute voters. police say he message more than 500 minors through social media. here's the latest. >> 25-year-old douglas late has been arrested. he is accused of posing as a young girl online in order to convince minors to send him
8:46 pm
sexually explicit pictures. the crimes against children task force that they found new evidence to upwards of 500 children back in october 2014. he was disciplined by the school when a parent came forward saying he sent us sexual text to her daughter. he was allowed back into the classroom.>> we thoroughly investigated the matter and we took the harshest disciplinary action we can take these out while we learned about the incident. it was not about minors which is the current issue that were dealing with. >> the current allegations against him and fall both current and former gilroy students. investigators are trying to determine whether he was after pictures or wanted sex as well. the school district has brought in counselors to help students
8:47 pm
those -- deal with issues around the case. a princeton professor has put together a resume of his failures. he says he's doing it to give students perspective. he does it to help students who may feel discouraged. the professor says he borrowed the idea from a journal article and he wanted to point out that most of what he has tried he has filled out and he wants students to know the failures are usually invisible to other people and simply move on. the warriors find a lost something tonight. assistant coach luke walter is the new head coach of the los angeles lakers. it's a multi-geared deal. no one throwing around the price tag, but he did not come
8:48 pm
cheap. a hot, hot assistant. he was at 39 of four with steve kerr was trying to overcome the problems he had from back surgery. he's from southern california, he played for the lakers with kobe, has to championship rings, so it's a pretty nice bit. he will stay with of dash with the warriors until the end of the season. >> we'll have to wait and see if the clippers will advance. we will know when a couple of hours. we will know whether they play sunday or if they have to wait to play tuesday to begin round too. what about the return of curry?>> i don't know if i will wait. i will wait until 100% because there's a sense of urgency. i will not russian to weren't putting myself in danger. >>
8:49 pm
i thought you were injured. hopefully, they will have just as much joy but not as much of a display physically of that joy. >> sharkey scoreless with nashville. just beginning the second period. the eighth and astros and oakland have two-1 lead in the sixth inning. giants couplets. he started out okay but then bombs away on the entire giant pitching staff. neil walker, made it a three do nothing and then mike broadway comes in and there's broadway. a grand slam. mets beat the giants of final of 13-1. >> while, 13-1. >> thank you for the follow-up. >> alicia has been offered --
8:50 pm
has been offer a few weeks. she made a decision, her family over crime. >> as much as i love it here, kron4 has put food on the table . >> have of this marriage belongs to kron4 . >> number one. the 41 -- you say the warriors are the bay area's most exciting team ever. >> that's a long email. the fact remains i can watch five minutes of a warrior game and just enjoy myself. i've said this before, i don't want have to sit and think our tweet during a game. i don't want to argue with somebody.
8:51 pm
all i want to do is put my feet up and have a blast. when you watch the warriors, there's never been a team in the 30+ years i've been covering this, that made me feel good. >> it makes everybody feel good. >> i would say your second. >> it's nice to know where i stand. >> i putting you ahead of reggie jackson.>> i'll take it. >> is warriors, alicia, -->> mister mister don't quite understand why luke walton should leave the waltons for the doormats like the lakers. >> let's make it simple. grants and i were having fun with it earlier. if you get an offer from your home area, the team you one to championship rings within they throw when anywhere from 30 $30- $40 million you got to go. >> betty i love the memory.
8:52 pm
white of the giants build him a statue. >> if that's the way statues were, that's back in 1987 and then a couple of years later he lost his left arm was happened to be his pitching arm. they built the statute that's willie mays and one day bonds will get one. it's a hall of fame caliber player but certainly to a lot of people this guy means more than any of the big studs. he was a great guy before and certainly. >> you were so excited, why don't you move to la? >> what are shot. a kid for marine catholic. a bay area native. we had a place down there for five or six years. i'm just telling you, i'm excited for the sky. it's a brand-new franchise. if you river somebody who's not from the bay area team you're a bad guy? that hurt my feelings.
8:53 pm
>> alecia where have you been? i'm tired of working with your husband. >> never tired. love this guy. i was taking care of the kids. ├║catherine. touching. still ahead, a pizza box you can enjoy as much as the pizza itself.
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delta airlines unveiling a program that could in the problem of lost luggage. they will start using backers tax with radiofrequency id technology. letting customers their luggage in real time. for example if a back is put on the run conveyor light -- belt a warning light goes off. i like it.
8:57 pm
nothing worse than losing your back. check out this. there is a pizza box that is made out of pizza. zero waste pipe. in brooklyn new york they came up with this this week. >> do you eat the whole thing? >> you can't. he thought of the idea out of boredom. my concern is will the delivery guy put that on the seat? >> it could be on the subway. >> i don't know.
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brennan: you'll be meeting with agents from the faa, the ntsb and local police. usually booth handles those people. plane crashes don't belong to the fbi. why not? faa stands for "federal aviation administration," the ntsb stands for "national transportation safety board." that sounds federal to me, and fbi stands for federal... zack... it's the third time in a row we've investigated without booth. i don't like it. why? he mostly ignores you. ignoring me is booth's way of acknowledging my presence. it's a guy thing. here we are. ( indistinct radio transmission ) ( helicopter whirring ) ( camera shutter clicks ) dr. brennan? yes. i'm ian dyson with the ntsb. this is my assistant, zack addy. at approximately 0400 last night, a private jet with five passengers on board


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